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Right Wing Trolls Trash A Small Business — For Welcoming Obama

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Right Wing Trolls Trash A Small Business — For Welcoming Obama


Scott Van Duzer, the Florida restauranteur who lifted President Obama off the ground in a bear hug when Obama visited his pizzeria on Sunday, thought that he was just creating a lighthearted photo-op. Unfortunately, Van Duzer underestimated how rabidly the right-wing fringe hates the president.

Republicans have organized a boycott of Big Apple Pizza because Van Duzer had the gall to greet the President of the United States. Additionally, legions of right wingers have flooded Big Apple Pizza’s Yelp page with hundreds of negative reviews, ranging from insults about its pizza to outright racist attacks against Obama.

Evidently the right wing only likes right-wing small business owners. Ironically, Van Duzer himself is a registered Republican (not that that has ever stopped the wingnuts from grabbing their pitchforks in the past — just ask Dick Lugar.)

Van Duzer’s Yelp page has since been flooded by five star reviews to counterbalance the attacks, and several of the nuttier “reviews” have been flagged and removed. Some remain however — here are eight of the craziest:

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Daniel Jones September 12, 2012

    If anyone ever doubted that the republican base worships, promotes, and inculcates hatred and prejudice, this article should go a long way toward getting the point across.

  2. old_blu September 12, 2012

    Sounds like some of the trolls that troll around here, same tired shit they say.

  3. rconaway September 12, 2012

    And this would be from the party that can get sealed divorce records opened to destroy Obama opponents yet hide even his birth certificate.

    1. frivolous01 September 12, 2012

      Dog peter morph regulate mister awful dead rancor. (Example of a sentence that made more sense than you do).

    2. MRD1056 September 12, 2012

      You must be another genius teabagger! You just made the point for all the comments listed above!!! MORON!!!! Get educated, get a life, and come back and post a comment then and only then will you be taken seriously!

    3. old_blu September 12, 2012

      That Don birther crap is old get over it and move on, then you can come back and tell us and America how sorry you are for being a “DICK”.

      1. neece00 September 12, 2012

        Well said

  4. wizemann September 12, 2012

    This removes all doubt to any reasonable thinking person that the republicans are devoid of reason and rationality. Above all they are blatantly rasist. Brace yourself America and the world for the rise of the NAZI party American style…People need to pay attention at the extremism of the republican party, it almost equals that of the Taliban and Alqaeda???? Blowing up abortion clinics, shooting doctors, calling women sluts for using birth control, rationalising rape…What a well organised hypocracy

    1. Pam Buzbee September 12, 2012

      well these people are lowering my choices. I think I’ll voteObama because the followers of Romney scare the sh== out of me !

      1. Joel Sorenson September 12, 2012

        good call and tell others of your revelation…but also don’t forget to vote Obama because he really did spend the last 4 years TRYING to move forward and was completely blocked by tea baggers and spinless norquist worshipers. We can move forward and we will and I don’t worry at all about Mitt winning it won’t happen. But thanks for joining the sane crowd Pam.

  5. bcarreiro September 12, 2012

    Small minds are the problem not this small business…hey, Scotty beam me up! so Pizza, Pizza THANK U,THANK U for being on the right side with Obama.

  6. Sanescared September 12, 2012

    How do these people evolve? It must take a lot of hate & self-loathing to stoop to such inane, disgusting talk. It turns your stomach to think they are citizens like me but with such horrible minds. Can’t they see how awful they appear?

  7. Dominick Vila September 12, 2012

    The attitude of these thugs, including the statements they make, confirm that qualifications, character, vision and accomplishments are the last thing they have in their minds when they attack President Obama and anyone who dares support him or welcome him in his business. This pizza owner became a RINO the moment he demonstrated a sense of fairness, an attribute that is a sacrilege for Tea Party enthusiasts/hate groups. As I hav said in the past, most Republicans are not racist, but there sure are plenty of them in the Tea Party.

    1. justme6263 September 12, 2012

      the stupidest remark was” If he likes Obama,he can’t possibly make good pizza”….

      I believe the Prez was there to thank him Van Duzer for helping the community?

      1. Dominick Vila September 12, 2012

        That is not surprising for people who denigrate community work, helping others, learning what is important to the average American, and then applying that knowledge to do good.

      2. Wokeup flared up September 12, 2012

        They wouldnt know a good pizza, just as much as they dont know a good leader, champion of the people “all the people”. I am afraid they are so blinded by the fears someone is going to step on the well oiled campaign to make 2 ckasses in America, the rich and the poor, them and us! Pay miniun wages, take benefits, take right to organize, take afforadable health care for the massses, take or make unpopular the choice of favoring any person, thing or idea that does not meet they lofty platform. Seem similiar to what we have been fighting in Afaganstan and Iraq for years. MY WAY or else. Like a spoiled kid “play my way or no way” I’ll take my ball and go home. Ti them I say GO HOME TURN ON THE CARTOONS OR SOME OTHER CHILDISH SHOW AND STAY AT YOUR IQ LEVEL and leave grownups to make desissions

      3. onedonewong September 13, 2012

        Riggght…As far as barak is concerned only Government can help people

  8. AFV September 12, 2012

    The mind of republicans are pea-like.

  9. Terry Royer September 12, 2012

    bunch of ignorant,racist,terrorist morons…let them continue… it shows their true colors!!!!

  10. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2012

    The vile, despicable Tea-Bigots are running out of people to hate. There is nothing — NOT ONE THING — that the Tea Party stands for that isn’t either a lie or bigoted hate. They have done absolutely nothing whatsoever to help America. These sordid characters have slurped up public benefits for years, but froth and squeal over anyone else receiving any help. So far they’ve expressed their hate for women, Latinos, African Americans (especially the one in the White House), college students, schoolchildren, the poor, gays and anyone else who isn’t a white public-benefit-slurping bigot or outright nut-case.

    So now they are hating Republicans who have the gall to act human. Can hating themselves be far behind? Hmmm…perhaps that is the REAL underlying problem. I guess that’s one area where their hate might make some sense — I wouldn’t like myself much if I were so vile and bitter toward everyone else either.

  11. William Deutschlander September 12, 2012

    Ignorance and Intolerance are grave dangers to Democracy.

    Scott, thank you for welcoming our President to your establishment, I understand how you would be excited and proud to have the President of the United States stop in and say hello.

    While we are at it we all owe the Obama Administration a GREAT BIG Thank You, for saving our country and all of us, from the Republican Great Recession of 2008. The Obama Administration stopped the perilous financial collapse, built a floor and foundation, is Re-Building our ECONOMY.
    We are considerably BETTER OFF today than we were on January 20,2009 and the ECONOMY IS IMPROVING day by day. Be MINDFUL that it took 20 hard years to fully recover from the Republican Depression of 1930 and it will take many years to recover from the Republican Great Recession of 2008.

  12. Richie T September 12, 2012

    How much more proof how screwed up this country has gotten, the place to do it is at the polls, not by screwi$$ you neighbor because they have different political opinions.

    1. DurdyDawg September 12, 2012

      It’s not their opinions Richie, it’s their attitude. I can say I like the Dallas Cowboys, you can say the N.Y. Giants.. Do you say that with an air of arrogance? Did I say that because the Buffalo bills said Dallas was a slum? No.. But listen to these baggers and you’ll understand our opinion about them.. Their nothing less than Nazi militants just itching to goose step into our lives.

  13. Howard September 12, 2012

    My wife and I went there last night for pizza, wine and salad. We shook van Duzer’s hand, and the place was full of well-wishers who came in for food and drinks. This man has done so much for Ft. Pierce, hosting benefits for kids with injuries and illnesses, raising money for their families.

    What have the haters and T-Party thugs done for their communities? Time and time and time again Mr van Duzer has supported those in need; it is a way of life for him, and the good people of Ft. Pierce and St. Lucie County know it, be they Republican, Democrat, independent or just plain sick of politics.

    1. onedonewong September 13, 2012

      the good people of Ft Pierce gee that means what 5??

  14. producerdude44 September 12, 2012

    I, for one, have never seen a time when there are Americans out there who will believe the silliest of things (in this case about the President) and no matter how much proof there is that it isn’t true, will keep believing it. They apparently do not want to allow themselves to believe the truth! It’s also such a shame that some people have allowed themselves to hate another human being this much – one who hasn’t really harmed them directly. And we wonder how a lunatic could walk into a theatre and shoot innocent people….those individuals are all around us apparently, their minds can’t obviously comprehend reality.

  15. Pam Buzbee September 12, 2012

    okay i live in ms i think we all who disagree with this should call this man and ordr 1 pizza and pay for it. have it sent to nearest hospital for staff or nursing home for residents or homeless shelter. It wouldcost about 10 to 15 dollars but let these thugs know that there tactics are not appreciated. Jack==== should not be allowed to get awy with this.

    1. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2012

      Great idea. I’m going to Google a shelter or veteran center in Fort Pierce and have a pizza delivered. Anyone else?

      1. Joel Sorenson September 12, 2012

        They are already fielding lots of these calls good idea I ordered a combo and they will deliver it to a local homeless shelter. lets spread this idea I also posted this idea in my yelp review.

    2. WhutHeSaid September 12, 2012

      I just called in and ordered 2 large pies for a local homeless shelter — 1 cheese & 1 pepperoni. What a tasty way to fight bigoted hate!

      1. old_blu September 12, 2012

        Good idea, I’m going to order a pizza also.

  16. rconaway September 12, 2012

    So when the statement is factual and you can’t argue the facts, you attack the messenger. I will ignore the ignorance since I know the sources, the Democratic liar party. Axelrod and the Democrats in Chicago are thugs and Cook County is probably only second to New York in Corruption. That’s the Democratic party at its finest and the fiscal state of California and Illinois prove it which is now the problems the rest of us have to deal with at the national level.

    So argue this point, your teachers in Chicago, which are the highest paid in the country now and in the worst economy you have seen since the great depression, which Obama has made worse, wanted a 30% increase over 4 years. Oh but wait, since only 55% of the students actual graduate and your 4th graders are the worst readers in country, they shouldn’t be paid on performance or even get evaluations of their performance. They are terrible teachers and they don’t want oversight that proves they need to get rid of the worst ones for the sake of the children. But it’s not about the children, it’s about the unions squeezing the taxpayers and keeping control of the local crooked politicians. Call me when you balance your budget and get rid of the billions of unfunded liabilities. You now spend more on teachers pensions than you do your own kids and I’m sure that has nothing to do with your high-school graduation rates.

    Or just attack me, ignore the damage the unions are now doing to the country through the teachers unions, and don’t argue an intelligent point. Please, go for it because it reinforces the fact that Democrats have to attack the messenger, AKA David Axelrod, because you have no idea how businesses and budgets work when based on a foundation of integrity and honesty. BTW, look up all the corruption in Cook County over the last 30 years and tell me that’s gone away.

    1. Teh Misseh September 12, 2012

      Don’t forget George Ryan, REPUBLICAN Guvnuh, of the State of Illinois who currently sits in prison. Goes both ways, bud!

      1. rconaway September 12, 2012

        And I agree but this is an individual, not that their aren’t a lot of them. The difference is that the Democrats tolerate corruption in their leaders, the Republicans kick them out of the party. Kennedy killed a woman and the Democrats celebrated him as a great leader. That makes me puke.

        1. mynx1 September 12, 2012

          Well looking back at the history of the GOP, you must be puking an awful lot, it’s a wonder you have the strength to type, LOL

        2. Blake Faulkner September 12, 2012

          Out Teabagger Republican governor in Florida, Rick Scott, spent 73+ million dollars of his ‘own’ money to buy the governor’s office he now sits in. He made his hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars as CEO of Humana (Columbia)/HCA overbilling Medicare for many years. They finally got caught and fined over a billion dollars by the Feds. The corporate board of directors just removed Rick Scott as CEO. He was never fined or prosecuted personally for his corrupt business management practices. Now, as governor of Florida, his totally corrupt mismanagement continues. People are resigning from his administration in droves. He is considered by every reliable government official, business leader, journalist, academic across the nation who can fairly assess effective state governors…to be the worst governor out of all 50 states. He would be recalled immediately…like Wisconsin voters tried to do with another corrupt, heavily funded teabagger governor, Scott Walker…if Florida law only allowed for a recall vote. No one now will admit voting for him…there is that much ‘buy
          er remorse’. And embarrassment that all that expensive propaganda duped them into voting for him. There is a recall petition making the rounds anyway that will probably help change Florida recall restrictions.

          Our Republican sheriff called Rick Scott a crook back in 2010 and endorsed the much more qualified and respected female Democratic candidate. But she spent far, far less on her campaign, relying on the wisdom of the majority of Florida voters. Republicans have learned that with enough money, they can fool enough voters to squeak out a win, just by overwhelming the media with their heavily-funded, constantly repeated lying messages. Yeah…you teabaggers sure know a thing or two about corruption and lies and distortions. But chickens are finally coming home to roost. Enjoy your Chic-fil-A Teabgger.

    2. ObozoMustGo September 12, 2012

      rcon… welcome to this septic tank called “The Memo”. You will find that the collection of leftist turds and useful idiots that float around in this septic tank will not take a kind liking to your common sense posts and rational thinking. After all, most of these people, with minor exception, are just plain stupid. Remember, you can’t argue with stupid… but you can have fun mocking it.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      “Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party that has a convention focused on abortion, contraception, and so-called women’s rights, AND has as their big speaker and hero an admitted sexual harasser and accused rapist that was impeached for lying in a court of law about it.” – ObozoMustGo

  17. Melvin Chatman September 12, 2012

    “HATE” is a HELLAVA DRUG – This is PROOF!

  18. ForO2012 September 12, 2012

    the old white people will be dead soon
    just not soon enough
    their brains are shrinking as well as other things so they have nothing better to do with their time but to be old white and angry is as ugly to read as to look at They should be ashamed of themselves and I want to apologize for them and their mental illnesses

    1. highpckts September 12, 2012

      You are an arrogant bastard without an ounce of knowledge in you brain! God help us if you vote!!

      1. Joel Sorenson September 12, 2012

        We are going to vote enmass and you are going to come along for a ride to the future. Have a nice day! Mitt is going down…and every time he opens his mouth he adds another step to his going down ladder. The debates are coming..the debates are coming….the debates are coming…MITTENS is toast.

  19. Matt Higgins September 12, 2012

    The party of civility! That’s what they would say if a liberal had trashed Yelp, anyways.

  20. Doreen September 12, 2012

    now thats the kind of patrons you dont want in your restaurant !!!!!!!!!!!!!! sham on the gop!!!!!!

  21. Leilani Burns September 12, 2012

    These people make me sick. These people are Nazis

  22. Andrew Welsh September 12, 2012

    obvious troll is obvious

  23. R.T. Castleberry September 12, 2012

    So go to the site and send him a supportive email. I just did.

    1. Joel Sorenson September 12, 2012

      and order a pizza for a local homeless shelter…i just did …and leave a yelp comment suggesting others do the same …this guy could be the be the busiest pizza guy in Fl if we just chip in 20 bucks and feed the ft pierce homeless to boot.

  24. ladyj September 12, 2012

    Now you know why I won’t vote for an Republican and tea party candidates.

  25. mysay500 September 12, 2012

    The republican haters and t-party Idiots have been hateful and evil. They started the day President Obama was inaugurated. They are racist punks who hid behind their lies and comments.

    Most are void of common sense and rational reasoning. They have very little self esteem; fail to qualify for high level positions and generally have had very little education.

  26. Mary Thompson September 12, 2012

    Rise above the ignorance…intelligence always drives us forward. It is like some of these people are taking us back to the days of intense hate and racism. We worked so hard and together to move beyond those dark days. What has happened to the respect for the highest office of the land? Heck…what has happened to respect for our fellow man? There was a time when a difference of opinion was allowed. Now we are hated, shunned, threatened, called names and on and on. Oh dear…what have we done to our world!!

  27. phantomoftheopera September 12, 2012

    and yet the the republicans supported that chicken place and said anyone who boycotted it was wrong. are ‘republican’ and ‘hypocrisy’ synonymous?

    1. ObozoMustGo September 12, 2012

      [click image to enlarge]

      Have a nice day!

      “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

      1. highpckts September 12, 2012

        Again!! Go away! Your mindless drivel means NOTHING!!!

  28. ObozoMustGo September 12, 2012

    Barak Hussein Obozo: Destroying businesses everywhere!

    Doesnt anyone find it odd that whatever business Obozo goes to, it ultimately fails? He’s the kiss of death to business and by extension the economy. And the businesses that turn him or Biden down do phenomanally well… hmmmmmm….

    Have a nice day!

    “Rule of thumb… never trust what comes from the mouth of a socialist politician. They are only lying so they can spend other people’s money to build up their own power.” – ObozoMustGo

    1. highpckts September 12, 2012

      Please site some facts for your assumption!! I love it when you spew hate without facts!!

  29. highpckts September 12, 2012

    If it’s such a septic tank why do you keep coming back?? Must like being in a septic tank with your bretheren the GOP!!

  30. rconaway September 12, 2012

    Yea, drive by hit attacks without any basis in fact or reality amaze me. As a business owner, I personally would not boycott any business that is legitimate. You people that support Obama need to sit down with CEO’s and qualified investors to actually see the damage he and Dodd-Frank have done. It’s almost impossible to find investment funding between $500K and $10M for new businesses because the amount of paperwork necessary costs at least $1-$1.5M. Anything less than $500k has to come from personal funds, friends, and relatives, and they are scared because of the economy. Now throw in the fact that without a federal budget, business can’t plan internal investments based on year-end tax liabilities. 3 years without a budget means 4 years of no internal investment.

    Now, if you are an investor that is willing to put up $10M or more, you are expecting to get to at least 50 employees. Oh wait, now you have another tax liability, Obama Health Care which means 49 employees returns a greater dividend back to your investors so more no growth. The really stupid part on all you people that support him is that these are the businesses that pay for your welfare, your food stamps, and your social security. If you want to live like a pauper at Obama’s whim, please go right ahead. But when I can’t hire people, and I laid off 6 out of 8 people over the last 3 years, then you can’t get your checks unless the government borrows more money. That means higher inflation, lower dollar value, higher gas and food prices, etc… He’s still out their campaigning with 1,000,000 high-paying defense industries hanging in the balance. If those people go unemployed so he can stay in office, then you will see our economy collapse.

    That’s the reality of our economy whether your pea brains understand it or now. I’ve laid out the case, you now decide if you want to follow a guy more interested in learning how to improve his golf game than learning how an economy works. It’s far more complicated than organizing a community to hold a picnic and he is totally over his head in this fact having been brought up by Communist and radicals. I know you have other issues with the Repblican party such as abortion and birth control and I get it. The hypocrisy there is just as bad but fix the economy and I guarantee abortions go down because people have jobs, self-respect, and education. Personal choice is important but our countries economic survival is even more important.

  31. Lela22 September 12, 2012

    Typical of Romneys clans. They will stop at nothing
    what is this country coming to.

  32. Peter7701 September 12, 2012

    Although I’ve never been there, I’m sure the pizza is at least as good as the next one down the street and maybe even better. This pattern of extreme right recruiting practices is becoming more of the norm than the exception. So I put this question back to the Republican Leadership and want-to-be republicans. Are you sure this new so-called target audience seeking campaign is not just an excuse to market the real extreme far White side of the Republican party that seems to be creeping out of the closet more and more everyday?

    President Obama is the smartest president we’ve have in a long time and anyone that can’t or won’t admit that has some other person agenda and not the true good of the American people in their SO-CALLED-MIND!

    1. rconaway September 12, 2012

      Intelligence has nothing to do with incompetence and having the wrong extreme view. When everyone told him that evil countries can’t be negotiated with, he held out his hand and they slapped it. Iran, Russia, and the Muslim extremist treat him like an idiot and he keeps thinking that his Nobel Peace price means anything. He is a child in adult position of responsible.

  33. Landsende September 12, 2012

    Never have I seen such hate and divisiveness shown by the teathuglicans if you don’t agree with them. Even moderate republicans have been targeted by them. Is it because President Obama is black and they are bigots or because they are trying to divert attention away from the republican president that is never to be mentioned by name in case voters are reminded of who got us into this mess in the first place. Even though he’s not mentioned by name, we are reminded every time we see an unemployment report, retirement statement, foreclosed home, or injured soldier with missing limbs or horrible burns, who is responsible. Not mentioning or letting him attend the republican convention will not wipe memories clean. There are to many reminders of the damage George W. Bush caused and now Romney has the same Bush political advisors and is already saying he would support Israel if they attack Iran. Most Americans are sick and tired of war and want a president who thinks before he speaks and is willing to try other means before committing our brave men and women to war.

    1. rconaway September 12, 2012

      You are so wrong. We don’t care if the President is black, green, or purple with polka-dots. You need to think we are racists because that’s the only way you can justify your ignorance in world affairs and economic ignorance. He is incompetent and playing your followers like fools so he can keep giving billions to his contributors.

      1. Landsende September 12, 2012

        Notice you don’t deny trying to divert attention from GWB disastrous policies and the fact that Romneys political advisors were GWB advisors. Romney will be Bush redux. Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.

        1. rconaway September 12, 2012

          GWB wasn’t a true fiscal conservative and our deficit reflected that. He is ;probably the biggest reason the tea-party came to power. However, seperate the facts concerning his policies and legislation that led to the housing collapse. Bush’s mistake was not firing the incompetent beaurocrats that ran the Security Exchange Commision and not vetoing legislation that let any idea with a pulse buy a house they couldn’t afford. Of course that was Dodd and Frank’s signature legislation but Bush should have vetoed it along with a bunch of other spending pork.

          Romney will not be a Bush redux, Ryan’s appointment guarantees that.

  34. Jim Myers September 12, 2012

    And to think they act like this towards a Republican small business owner. Imagine if he was a Democrat? I used to be a moderately conservative Democrat. I even made the mistake of voting for George the first. One reason was his take on VOODOO ECONOMICS. Didn’t make that mistake with George the second. At one point in time, I would have voted for John McCain. But the last decade convinced me of one thing. I will never vote for a Republican in a Presidential election again.

  35. Kitalaq September 12, 2012

    As an American Citizen with the supposed freedom & right to express and be; who, what, when, where, why and how we like to be. I can not help but; see, hear, read and remember what someone said,”If we do not learn from history, we are bound to repeat it!”

    I am no; politician, historian, anthropologist…but I am continually fascinated, awed, perplexed and continually question the very natural part of being one of many interdependence of this Worlds Human Nature(s). It does not matter what origan, class, race, status we are all HUMANS. Historically, present and future.So when I read in search of answers through historical, anthropological, nonfiction books, I am doing it in an attempt to understand me?!?

    The more I spend time reading, thinking and attempting to understand the Republicans use of; disinformation, misinformation, exclusionary policies with outright “lies” in attempts to mislead the American Public to gain their political footing. I can not help thinking comparitively of the historical with todays characters, although I continually attempt to not think about it and disregarding it. But this daily use of constant Lies, use of violance(verbal, physical,socialetc.,), wars created with other country to gain financial gains out of other countries resources. It is not Democracy, but plutocracy!!! Colored with flashes of what I read from, “The Theory and Practice of Hell” by Eugen Kogon. It is an interesting read to think that I see and read about those characters from history in todays Republicans Far Right Campaigns, radios, articles, public statements…

    Why use “negative ads, campaigns based on lies???” What is wrong with “positive ads, campaigns???” Negative ads, campaigns require no use of critical thinking and get old and repetious right away. Why not use and practice positive ads, campaigns that are factual, where we all can readily see and compare the choice(s) between the political choice?!? I enjoy and rather see, hear and repeat what is factual other than repeatly see and hear what is an “outright lie!!!”
    Thank you!!!!

  36. Ralph September 12, 2012

    Republicans are showing the Country more each day that all the care about is the Rich and that they have no respect for the middle class and that they would destroy our Nation if it will help them get back into office .

  37. Patricia Hughes September 12, 2012

    There are no other words to describe these hate-mongering, racist thugs, who’ll jump at ANY chance to attack our President and anyone connected with him. We do not need any of these trigger-happy, peanut-brains in control of our country.

  38. rconaway September 12, 2012

    I haven’t done the research on Rick Scott but if that’s the case, then he should be thrown in jail. Unlike the Democrats who worship at the alter of Ted Kennedy the pregant woman killer or any number of crooked tax cheats like Tim Geitner or Charlie Rangel, we believe crooks should go to jail regardless of party. The tea party does stand for value and integrity.

  39. Jim Myers September 12, 2012

    Regarding the comment by rconaway about the Dodd-Frank legislation. It would have been difficult for George the second to veto the Dodd-Frank Act. The legislation was signed into law by President Obama on July 21, 2010. This was in response to the financial disaster created by George the second. Next time, you should Google the subject before spreading more lies.


    And they have all of the “DITTO HEADS” falling into line with them. THE ONLY REASON OBAMA WON THE ELECTION THE FIRST TIME WAS BECAUSE OF GEORGE THE FIRST AND HIS BAND OF THIEVES. Of course, you and all of the “DITTO HEADS” will bury your heads in the sand, and blame all of this on Obama. If you can’t trash the President with facts, just make up your own version and spread it around as long as possible. Repeated often enough, and the lies start to sound like they must be the truth.

  40. hollier7 September 13, 2012

    It is very simple, These type of Republicans are bullies and haters. They are also very childish acting. Be it Democrats or Republicans, there is no grounds for being spiteful and hateful because you don’t agree with some ones politics. From what I understand Mr. van Duzer has much good in his community. If I am ever in Florida, I will make it a point to eat at his restaurant. G. Hollier

  41. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan September 13, 2012

    These people were probably the bullies in the playground at school. I haven’t read such hatefulness in a while. Grow up and quit acting like children. I believe Mr. Van Duzer does a lot of good work in his community, where are the republicans helping him?????

  42. Dave Kruse September 13, 2012

    Republicans claim to be Christian. There is Nothing Christian about a republican.

  43. David September 13, 2012

    I am getting tired of being Republican. The Tea Party SUCKS! The Hatred SUCKS! I want my Great Country back, a Country that loves It’s People and care about everyone, not just the Rich. Van Duzer needs to keep being a Good American and keep on running a Great Pizza Joint!!! I hope to visit Florida and the Big Apple Pizza Someday.

    We all must work together and stand up against this Hatred! We all must Vote! Are there any other Republicans out there that will vote with me for Obama!

    “Republicans for Obama’s Re-election 2012”

  44. Mike Mcgonigle September 13, 2012

    These low IQ people will hate on our president, who is trying to help the middle class survive, and even thrive by demanding more from the wealthy, elite among us. They will vote for a candidate who will rip the heart out of the middle class, which is most of us, destroy any attempt to get us all covered by health care, at a cost we can live with, strip our social security, and shred the safety net for the neediest of us. All because they can’t accept a president who doesn’t look like them. They don’t understand the concept of working for the common good of all citizens.

  45. onedonewong September 13, 2012

    as the left piles on Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage or the Iman

  46. xphild September 16, 2012

    I will probably never get to try the pizza but i am sure it is fine. I commend you for your actions as it shows that you just don’t follow the party mantra blindly like others in your party. You have assessed the candidates and found “Mitty” to be lacking. We in MA found him to be sererly lacking when he was our governor. You should post “NO REPUGNICANS ALLOWED” on your door for their attempt to screw up your business. Typical action from the party of the uninformed headed by the Tea Baggers & Tea Bagger Lovers. If those of you who read this are in that class I will be glad to provide you a dictionary as I know when you use words of more than one syllable you need one>

  47. Russell Byrd November 13, 2012

    Maybe the title should be “Right Wing Trash Trolls A Small Business”


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