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New Poll Reveals A Frightening Truth About Trump Supporters

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New Poll Reveals A Frightening Truth About Trump Supporters

Right-wing, Trump supporters

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

The American right is rife with internal contradictions, perhaps none more pronounced than its attitude toward the mainstream media. For proof, one need look no further than a new Suffolk University poll, which suggests most viewers of America’s most popular cable news network distrust the very news network they’ve made the most popular in America.

According to the poll’s findings, two-thirds of people who identify Fox News as their most trusted news source agree with President Trump that the media is the “enemy of the people.” That percentage dwarfs the number of CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS viewers who feel that way.

Credit: The Washington Post

As the Washington Post’s Philip Bump observes, there’s a semi-rational explanation for this phenomenon.

Despite being the most watched cable news network in the country for the past 15 years, viewers still don’t consider Fox News to be part of the mainstream media — a testament to the evil genius of Roger Ailes and the Fox News marketing team. (Although it bears mention that the question in the Suffolk poll makes no distinction between the two.)

Far more unnerving is the new American reality this polling data reflect: Fox News viewers will agree with whatever the president says, even if it means directly contradicting themselves. “This is partisanship, not media criticism,” Bump notes. “Fox News is on Team Trump, in the eyes of its viewers, not Team Media — despite it literally being media.”

H/T Washington Post

Jacob Sugarman is a managing editor at AlterNet.

IMAGE: Supporters of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hold their hands to their chest as the national anthem is played at a campaign rally in Concord, New Hampshire January 18, 2016. REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl



  1. ray March 9, 2017

    It just proves Fox news is the propaganda arm of the GOP.

    1. Martha Bartha March 9, 2017

      Allah be Praised!

      1. dbtheonly March 9, 2017

        Whichever way you choose to worship.

        1. Martha Bartha March 10, 2017

          God Damn Right!????

    2. Independent1 March 9, 2017

      It’s become clear that Americans who vote Republican these days, just like the Republican politicians they elect into our government, have essentially turned into nothing but puppets. People who will parrot the precepts of a failed ideology just for the sake of the ideology itself; clearly caring nothing, or even attempting to discover anything, about the damage their failed ideology is perpetrating on our nation.

      1. pisces63 March 10, 2017

        You know the most amazing thing? trump said republicans never grow jobs and never balance budgets. I like his caveat about ACA. IF the repub’s plan fail to pass, let ACA stay. Was that the real end game.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 9, 2017

    A frightening reality of the state of Trump/GOP supporters is described here. After watching the film “13th” which documents key events in America’s history and the current discourse and the major factor in the White/Black divide, there is a point where the film industry’s “Birth Of A Nation” became a major engine in creating the dystopian view of the black male. The film highlights events, directly and indirectly, which contributed to this primeval image of black males on the big screen, how conservative(and later certain “liberal” and other entities) helped cement this stereotype of the black male into the minds of citizens, fashioning laws and systems to perpetuate the atavistic fear of black males, the money made as a result of the crafting of such an image, and how FOX, Trump, and various industries and private groups, have taken advantage of this stereotype for profit and to gain notoriety. The thread that runs throughout the film, from Nat Turner’s slave revolt, the film industry, to the formation of the KKK, to policies and a penal system that treats people guilty of petty crimes as though they were infidels deserving to be treated as Al-Qaida and ISIS treat their perceived enemies.

    And all along the way, the undercurrent is power, the money derived from dehumanizing a particular segment of society, and a way of insuring that power is held only by a certain group of individuals.

    The average FOX addict would appear to have stepped right out of the seething sea of hysteria and delirium which the film spawned and which gripped the hearts and minds of sympathetic viewers then. As the film was created according to the false premise of the inequality of humans based on race/skin color, and has since been amplified by the Right Wing in particular, we have viewers being silently indoctrinated by the seductive messages daily emanating from FOX, Breitbart, and other outlets.

    After all of this is reflected on, to me, we there seem to be a few key ingredients:

    1) A materialism that is an outcome of the breakdown of the institution of the status quo Religions of our times, and the impact on human society, including an inordinate hunger for money and power, in order to forcibly influence the affairs of others.
    2) A development of an abnormal sense of fear of other humans not of one’s self-defined group, as a direct consequence stemming from the false premise already mentioned.
    3) And as a result of the 2 factors above, we have a callous and a detachment from others with little if any sense of a shared humanity, which outlets like FOX reinforce daily like a steady drumbeat, never changing its cadence; hypnotizing its viewers into a deep somnambulant state of mind, unable to connect with those beyond our self-defined comfort zone from being hammered into submission by images forced on the viewer, the constant use of “dog whistles”, and the use of repetition.

    The result being a Pavlovian response to anyone and anything that counters their imposed dark and satanic perceptions of other humans.

    But, I encourage you to look at the film, which is only available online for the time-being, to draw your own conclusions.

    1. 788eddie March 10, 2017

      A very impressive analysis, Aaron.


    2. Tellthetruth March 10, 2017

      I have always believed the color is not black or white, its GREEN. Always has been and always will be. GREEN can be defined as money, power, and/or resources.

      1. idamag March 10, 2017


  3. Ken Walker March 9, 2017

    What’s more frightening is that anyone considers FOX News a news outlet at all. They’re among fake news outlets such as Breitbart, Alex Jones, and the Drudge Report.

    1. EMS March 9, 2017

      A petition to the FCC (re FOX news) dated almost exactly 2 years ago. I need to find out (if I can) what happened.

      1. idamag March 10, 2017

        They were accused of false reporting and they then used the excuse they are NOT a news outlet, but entertainment.

        1. dpaano March 10, 2017

          I find little of entertainment in FAUX News! What they say and do goes along with GOP politics….if you can scare enough people and lie enough, you can convince them you’re being truthful!

        2. plc97477 March 11, 2017

          The word entertainment should be in quotes when talking about faux noise.

    2. dbtheonly March 10, 2017

      But doesn’t this just fit into the “Liberal Media” meme that’s been floating around the RW for some 50 years?

    3. dpaano March 10, 2017

      But, these are the news sources that our illustrious minority president listens to and thinks are the ONLY truth! This is why he’s such an idiot, along with his uninformed followers.

      1. iamproteus March 10, 2017

        I am “blessed” with a couple of neighbors who, when I asked about their source for news, responded immediately that they refuse to watch any source but Fox because they are the only ones who “tell it like it is”.

  4. Thoughtopsy March 9, 2017

    Next Week:
    Fox viewers agree that humanity is the enemy of humanity in a surprise poll….

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 9, 2017

      I see the same scenario unfolding.

  5. bobnstuff March 9, 2017

    I have said this before but we have a new movement in out country, the Tabloid Conservatives. These are the Fox type viewer. They need a simple message to believe in. It doesn’t have to make sense as long as it’s presented by the right people. This movement started back in the Reagan era and really took rout while Clinton was president. Do you remember the Fox count of days America held hostage. The leaders were and are people like Russ, Glenn and Hannity. There have been others added along the way and the movement has grown into a force powerful enough to get a president elected as well as a large part of congress. The thinking people of the country wasn’t paying attention to them till it was to late and now we have to find a way to take power back from them. These people are zombies and logic and facts can’t stop them. Their brains are dead and they no longer have hearts. They are the walking dead and it will take a lot to stop them.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 9, 2017

      Indeed—They are the Walking Dead, zombie-like under the spell of FOX.

      1. FireBaron March 10, 2017

        Aaron, the really scary ones are those who believe FOX is too liberal!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 10, 2017

          Putin also believes liberalism should be stamped out. Is Fox News thus a Putin spinoff? Is Trump? Are American Conservatives? Are they conservatives? or are they really closet Putin Comrades? When you align yourself to a Russian dictator who hates liberals as much as American CONservatives do, how much more proof do we need that these CONservatives are as dangerous as Putin?

      2. marriea March 10, 2017

        With their eyes clearly on the pockets of Donald Trump.
        They actually think this man is successful,
        Yeah, he knows how to sucessfully cheat folks.
        And they actually wants to emulate him?
        They think getting over on someone else is good, because there is no law that says you can’t?
        And if someone tried that on them, they would hollar like a banchee

    2. pics fixer March 10, 2017

      The reason that Mr. Trump and so much more of our governing bodies get elected is because we didn’t go out and vote but Conservatives and Republicans did. We were too busy, got things to do so we don’t vote. This past Presidential elections was a low turnout (50% or less) and this is what we got. It didn’t mater that the average Republican voter was voting against their self interests (I believe Bush called them ‘Walmart Republicans’) because the news failed to do it’s job of informing. They didn’t know. If only 10% more people voted, none of this would be happening now. Not even Trump expected to win. As Pogo said…..”We have seen the enemy and he is us.” Vote, don’t bitch!

      1. bobnstuff March 10, 2017

        54% turn out which is up by 25% over the mid terms. If you want you could blame the polls for the turn out, they had Hillary winning so her supporters didn’t think they needed to vote. You can also blame the fact that things weren’t bad enough to get the moderates moving to the polls. What we ended up with were the issue voters and the republicans did a better job of instilling fear.

        1. pics fixer March 10, 2017

          Ya’ ain’t wrong. I spent lots of time making phone calls to get out the vote. You can’t believe the reasons people gave me for not getting out there. I’ll bet ya’ that they are less happy now and it’s because of them. The two most evil things you can say: “What if?” and “If only!”

      2. idamag March 10, 2017

        There are other factors to figure in. Gerrymandering. Our state should be the leader in such practices. The census, taken in 2010, said they should redistrict to ensure that representatives were representing people instead of cows and sagebrush. It hasn’t happened. Other states are guilty also. Voter restriction is Kansas should be investigated. It is overboard. People who live in a backward state, such as mine, have no vote. They let us go to the polls so we will think we have. It is a winner take all by the electoral college. There are isolated communities that you think you can hear “Dueling Banjoes” playing in the background and it is not even a southern state. Taker Red States, like mine, are dragging down the nation.

    3. Dominick Vila March 12, 2017

      Fake news is a product of Trump’s imagination…until he hears them on Breitbart, at which time he appropriates it and, in the mind of his cultists, becomes fact.

  6. I of John March 10, 2017

    wonton stupidity is its own reward.

    1. dpaano March 10, 2017

      Seem a lot of that is going around lately, especially in our Congress!

  7. Leo Greenberg March 10, 2017

    If Fox News is on Team Trump, the what team is CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC on?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 10, 2017

      The “American Team!”

    2. The lucky one March 10, 2017

      Same as all major media, the corporate profits team.

    3. idamag March 10, 2017

      During the campaigns, all of them emphasized e-mails so much that if we say Hillary is a criminal enough times, the masses might believe it.

      1. dpaano March 10, 2017

        That’s 45’s mantra…..if you tell a lie often enough, your followers will believe it even when you tell them you lied!

    4. dpaano March 10, 2017

      The nation’s team!

  8. Eleanore Whitaker March 10, 2017

    It occurs to me that there was a very interesting bio on Vladimir Putin written by a former Bush White House Russian Ambassador. In the bio, he explains why Putin and Trump are likely to be kindred spirits.

    For one thing, Putin hates the West. Not just the the U.S. But all of the European countries that predicate government upon freedom of speech, thought and democracy. It also is notable that Putin loathes any free press he can’t control. Sound familiar?

    But, the real reason he and Trump are kindred spirits has a deeper pyschological link. Both are men who believe in autonomous control. Putin has many times expressed his opinion that the West is too heavily embedded in “liberal” ideas. So, Putin, like Trump detests liberals and anything remotely tied to liberality.

    Now, we come down to it. American right wingers also hate anything remotely tied to liberality. Perhaps, it is time to place narrow minded, right wing conservatives in the same league with Putin. After all, they also hate liberals, don’t they?

    1. Alain Vercammen-Grandjean March 10, 2017

      OK let us do that and see the results. Trump and Putin waltzing to Mathilda…

      Why do you use the words “hate”, “detest” and the likes?
      You seem to know more about them than they do. How is that?
      But your paradigms might be wrong. They have no rationale foundations.
      On the other hand it does not matter! As long as things move and go forward.
      Funny times ahead.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 10, 2017

        All anyone has to do to prove why hate, detest and loathe are part of the regular vocabulary of the narrow minded of the right is to listen to the disrepectful names they call President Obama and Hillary. All you have to do is see them hang a figure representative of Hillary in effigy.

        My paradigms are correct. I’m well read in Russian history since it has always interested me as a writer and lover of famous Russian writers like Dostoevsky, Chekov, Tolstoy and Pasternak to name just a few. When you study Russian history, you realize there are 2 Russias. There is the Russia of Chekov raised in the more rural areas of that country and the Moscovite Russia of Pasternak and Tolstoy.

        As you can see, my ratonale foundations are based on those who actually were born in Russia. I also have a high regard for Americans who served as ambassadors to Russia who know more about the Putin and the Russian government than you do.

        Things are not moving forward. Wake up and smell the coffee, friend. If the Russians hacked into DNC and some RNC emails in 2016, you have NO clue what other information they’ve managed to get their hands on that can further weaken our democracy.

        Ambassadors like Bush ’43’s Beyrle and McFaul know more than you do about Russia because they were tied more closely to Russian government and its operatives.

        The next time you try passing judgment and asking how I know about the narrow minds of the right, I would give you only the clue: I’m a freelance writer. All writers are heavily invested in politics. This was true of Dickens, Virginia Woolff and Coleridge.

        As for your need to play your superiority act, it seems that is a sign of gross insecurity borne of patholical inability of self control.

        1. idamag March 10, 2017

          It would have been interesting for someone to take a notebook and put it in two columns. One for Liberals and one for Gop-ts. Then they could take key nouns and verbs and adjectives and write them down as each used them. They might learn what hate words look like.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2017

            Because I have been a professional freelance writer for over 3 decades, I know how to identify the dimwits use of language that proves how limited their educations are.

            For example, listen to any one of the Republicans on healthcare. The one word you hear is “disaster.” They copy that word from the Disaster in Chief and then pour it over every speech they write or present to the public.

            They have to. By repeating themselves over and over, they know that those who supported Trump are the first to fall for their lies. How many times can a Republican use the word “disaster” before it boomerangs right back on them?

            Trump doesn’t want his healthcare package we know is a “catastrophy” to be called, “TrumpCare.” He knows why. It will be a massive failure on so many levels and as usual, Trump only takes credit for the success of others, never HIS own failures.

          2. David March 12, 2017

            “Limited education”? Well, you fit that mold exactly, now don’t you?

        2. Alain Vercammen-Grandjean March 10, 2017

          Well there is a little more cultural content here!
          Superiority is in the mind of the beholder.
          Everybody is playing the one-upmanship game (as you do too in this text) and it is useful in a debate.
          Don’t ad hominem. It is never interesting.
          Yes I “loathe” simple-english! It is not arrogance it is desire.
          I just love this language which is not my mother tongue, its intricacies and specific idioms.
          So let us Keep to facts and logic development based on solid paradigms indeed. Triple checking them is paramount.

          I see you in a sort of one way street not trying to look at the many alternatives the situation we deal with (your POTUS elect and its diverse influences on various mind sets) offers a scrutineer. What a shame.
          I take for granted that the Russians have ALL the pertinent informations on anything they wish to get as do your domestic and foreign secret services adding to that the NSA who gathers and owns every piece of word we express here at the moment for whatever reason they see fit.
          This therefore becomes a trivial state of being as far as classified and sensitive material goes.
          They all know everything. They have spied and lied as usual for years. So what? Waste of time.

          The most important issue is. What is on their mind to do from now on?
          By this I mean of all the putative belligerents.
          The arrow of Time moves forward. Civilisation can go backward which is what we are doing now.
          A new Galileo is needed.
          Putin does not present himself as your enemy nor accepts the many provoking propositions to become so.
          He does not need an enemy as formidable as you are.
          He can not do anything against NATO, he does not have to and does not want to.
          His country is immense and virtually untapped.
          Why should he invade any body unless he is choked as he was in Ukraine.
          The problem is not there.
          YOu however NEED an enemy at all cost to precisely justify the costs of that formidable military power you have developed since 1961 (end of Ike who warned you).

          No matter what you did, the arabs did not show much promise and the North Korean is just to occupy the Asian Pacific nation’s minds and fear monger those sensitive to it.

          For us European (not the Brits leaving the ship and who are your first sycophants) the Liberal and Republicans are both labeled right wing. Bernie Sanders might be considered as a soft socialist. In fact there is just NO real left there.
          As for Russia it is united and as multiple as was the Soviet Union but under another economic form which is more dangerous than communism established with the complicity of Marx and his cousins (google it) and planned as far back as in the 1870’s. (Read Bakounine about that!)
          Yes economic Liberalism is there to replace State Capitalism.
          Putin has even successfully called the Orthodox Church back in the game.
          As for now.
          Should we be wary of Russia and its leaders? Definitely.
          Should we lose our self control? Definitely not.

          There is a lot to say, many facets to consider.
          It is just simply not straightforward as will not be the catharsis you are beginning to experiment your country now.
          Interesting times ahead surely.
          Dangerous too for you and the world.
          Our real enemies are mostly very close to us (even in us) but we tend to invent them further. Bizarre.
          Reconsider your paradigms sometimes.

          What you may find as pompous in the way I write is due to the fact that I love this exquisite English language very close to French in its choice of words and grammar. Let us keep it alive.
          Please forgive me. That is not the most important.
          I would definitely like to meet an ex US ambassador to Russia. If he can speak freely that is.

  9. Leo Greenberg March 10, 2017

    That is a very lame response. Why do you think Fox is so much popular than the other news networks? The answer most Americans agree with them, and not with the biased reports from the the fake news stations. The country is divided because of 8 years of Obama’s leadership not because of 1 month of Trump.

    1. pisces63 March 10, 2017

      Of course they do. Lying FOX. I do not watch it and do not intend to. They have lied through their teeth about Obama since he ran. Lied about ACA, Lied about their mamas, Any lie to be told they told it. Now the lie about Obama by the liar in chief, trump the habitual liar. They loved his SOTU but he lied through his teeth on every subject. Yet, white man lie, make it true. Black man tell the truth, make it a lie. typical bigots united. Spare me!! they even have that sorry Carson lying about slavery.

      1. 788eddie March 10, 2017

        I do watch Fox (keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer), but I also watch other networks. It is amazing to witness many of the lies that Fox personalities promulgate, but then see the more accurately presented stories in other places. It is also amazing to see how quickly they can bury a story that does not support their right-wing philosophies.

        1. jamcrky March 10, 2017

          That’s exactly the reason I watch it to…..I have been amazed at some of the crap they get away with, but then again look who watching Fox faithfully

          1. pics fixer March 10, 2017

            At times I also watch FOX. It’s like sitting alongside a narrow road waiting to see a car wreck. Yo never know what you’re going to see. FOX knows that. The more eyes it has, the more money they make. It wouldn’t surprise me if allot of those talking heads didn’t believe a word they said but do believe in those big bank statements they get every month.

          2. idamag March 10, 2017

            That is profound: “Look at who is watching Fox Faithfully.” We know them and maybe even have some in our family. They are so ignorant they are pathetic.

          3. Mikey7a March 10, 2017

            They get away with it because only their name is news. They said in court, that they are not a news network, they are an entertainment network. This way they can tell the most ridiculous lies, and claim it was entertaining.

            True story. My primary physician usually has Fox on in the lobby. As I go monthly, I see a lot of the same folks waiting to see him. One day a couple months back, they had the tv on a game show. The mood was brighter, happier, and more upbeat than at any visit that I can remember. Take this as you will, but I watch less than 15 minutes of Fox News, and get very agitated.

      2. idamag March 10, 2017

        Carson is one of those who hates his race because of what they had to endure. Instead of blaming the fascist bstrds he turned his hatred inward and tries to act white so they will think he is white.

    2. bobnstuff March 10, 2017

      In fact Fox isn’t more popular, They are the largest CABLE news network, not the largest news network. The main stream media still dwarfs them. More people watch 60 Minutes in a normal week then watch all of Fox News combined. Their highest ratings ever are less then 1% of the population. 82% of people get their news from their local stations. Fox views make lots of noise but are in fact are not that big a group.

      1. idamag March 10, 2017

        If I was the epitome of stupidity, I would watch faux news because it would reinforce my stupidity.

        1. dpaano March 10, 2017

          And that’s probably the main reason we DON’T watch FAUX News…..we’re not stupid! If that was the only channel I watched, I’d have a brain like pudding!

          1. idamag March 10, 2017

            I think I read a study, once, that said stations like faux would lower one’s I.Q. I do blame cable tv for the dumbing down of America.

    3. Gerry Francis March 10, 2017

      I think the nation is divided because the majority of Americans did not vote for him. He is simply not the type of person any decent human being would want their children or grand children to emulate. Not to mention the policies that turn the clock back on important issues like the environment.

      1. idamag March 10, 2017

        I wouldn’t even want him in the same room with my granddaughter.

        1. dpaano March 10, 2017

          I’m not sure I want him on the same planet as any of my relatives!!

          1. idamag March 11, 2017

            Oh, heavens no. There are some people who are blinded by money and still have values.

        2. David March 10, 2017

          Maybe you would prefer Bill and a cigar?

          1. Gerry Francis March 11, 2017

            I rest my case. You must be a Trump supporter…….no decent human being would even consider making a remark like that.

          2. David March 11, 2017

            What’s the matter snowflake? Truth scare you?

          3. Gerry Francis March 12, 2017

            Where’s the truth in your vulgarity?

          4. David March 12, 2017

            Lol!!!! You mean you regard your demi-god as “vulgar”?

          5. Gerry Francis March 13, 2017

            No. I regard YOU as a vulgar, mean spirited barely functional middle aged Republican who voted against his own his own best interest because of his anger over the failures of his life. Failed marriage, failed business/employment failed friendships. In general, just a complete failure who thinks that electing another vulgar, lying, philandering, bully will somehow make him happy success. Post anything you want in response – a person of your low caliber isn’t worth responding to again. Good luck climbing out of your hole.

          6. David March 13, 2017

            Hmm….”vulgar, mean spirited barely functional”, “middle aged”? You guessed wrong. I am retired after 35 years of practice as an attorney licensed in two states. My wife of 33 years will be surprised to hear that our marriage has “failed”. Please don’t tell our two beautiful daughters about that!
            I assure you that my “success” is not contingent upon the election of any particular candidate.
            I hardly think it would have been in my “best interest” to vote for a lying, miserable enabler. However, look at the good side of the election. She now has more time to travel with Bill to ‘pedophile island’.
            Be glad you can communicate with me through the anonymity of your computer. Otherwise, you would soil your panties.

          7. Gerry Francis March 14, 2017

            Speaking of anonymity – you can write anything you want – retired attorney, married 32 years, not middle aged. If after 35 years of practice you’re not middle aged then you’ve lied about everything else. Further, despite the fact that you have 2 daughters (probably a lie too), you accept and condone the “locker room banter” of a lying egotistical bully. That you think your response implying a phallic cigar was funny makes you vulgar.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 6, 2017

            David, your depraved comments and sensibilities are not only satanic, but show a profoundly blasphemous attitude towards your Creator. Is there not an ounce of civility left in your desiccated carcass of a soul??

          9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 6, 2017

            David, are you on-board with the recent O’Reilly disclosures? You’re probably a groper as well, right? Or maybe you prefer having your women-folk sexually assaulted, and derive gratuitous pleasure just from the idea.

    4. aboonaj March 10, 2017

      Stupid statement, Leo. These constant polls re FOX viewership being vastly larger than any other network is WORSE than stupid: it is SO RIDICULOUS! With CNN, MSNBC, along with — at the LEAST — NBC, CBS, and ABC sharing viewership, FOX is DWARFED when compared to the aggregate of the others! Sheesh!

      1. dpaano March 10, 2017

        Goes to show that Leo is one of those FAUX News fanatics! I read that people that watch FAUX News are less informed politically than those that watch other channels, and I tend to agree! I can’t make myself watch FAUX News, even for a minute….it’s just too ridiculous to hear all the BS that they spout! Those of us with some intelligence can see through them!

        1. InformedVoter March 11, 2017

          Hello racist and bigot; Typical lefty response, close your eyes to the truth. Even your comment that those that watch FOX are less informed is a FAKE MSM poll. Gee, aren’t these the same FAKE pollsters who said HilLIARy would win in a landslide?
          And you have the low information presence of mind to say FOX viewers are less informed. That’s a hoot.
          Try this video about how dumbed down and brainwashed the left crowd is.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 6, 2017

            Still as clueless and witless as ever.

    5. idamag March 10, 2017

      Not because of anything the President did. Because of the low I.Q. hateful, racist bastrds. Proof of that is when Obama became President the hate groups doubled. This is not the nice country we all used to think it was. Trump has brought these deplorables out in the open. There have been four attacks on Jewish institutions since he took office. Even in a state, like mine, where hate was minimal, a Black student in a a high school was sodomized, in the locker room, by three white prcks who should have been aborted.

  10. FT66 March 10, 2017

    I never buy it when I hear Fox News is the most watched News Network. No much logic in it. Think this way: The country is divided into two halves. Republicans and Dems. Almost all republicans watch only Fox News. Dems can’t watch ABC; NBC; MSNBC; CNN etc. at the same time, they are scattered. If you put all Dems watchers together (of different networks), you will find there are more Dem watchers than republicans who watch only Fox News.

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 10, 2017

    New Poll Reveals A Frightening Truth About Trump Supporters / the most scary part is 1 thy truly are brain dead 2 thy walk within us and the country of the people 3 thy are so twisted its like have the DONNY DUMP’S cult pretty much like a form of ISIS

  12. aboonaj March 10, 2017

    These constant polls re FOX viewership vastly larger than any other network is WORSE than stupid: it is SO RIDICULOUS! With CNN, MSNBC, along with — at the LEAST — NBC, CBS, and ABC splitting for viewership, FOX is DWARFED when compared to their aggregate of the others! Sheesh!

  13. idamag March 10, 2017

    I am sure we won’t find any rocket scientists among the trump supporters. For the most part they seem to thrive on conspiracy theories. They are easy to scare so they look for someone assertive to lead them. Democrats are not brash and assertive so they will not appeal to these rabbits.

  14. Leo Greenberg March 10, 2017

    Dpaano, I guess you can’t keep it civil. There are millions of people that don’t agree with you just like there are millions that don’t agree with me. I watch and read news from all over the world and I find that all the networks have an agenda. I started my adult life as being a socialist and as I grew older I realized that the system was flawed, as all systems are. Our DNA is, unfortunately such that we all have varying degrees of greed; many in politics are near the top of the greed chain; and for mostly that reason I prefer for less government not more.
    The last decade has seen us become so divisive that I am beginning to think that our future is very bleak indeed and until we start finding the common ground that will bring us closer together I believe we are heading on the road to self destruction

    1. Mikey7a March 10, 2017

      Leo, the problem with the Alt Right crowd is this, their idea of less government begins and ends with those who need it the most. The very young, the elderly, the disabled, the veterans, and lastly the Middle Class. If the greedy pols you mention had not robbed Social Security for War, it would indeed stay solvent.

      Destroying the best health care system to replace it with nothing, destroy public education, so that only the wealthiest kids get an education. Destroying families for some twisted logic of just because you came here illegally, you must be a drug induced felon0. All of these and so much more, are what I’m against.

      Whichever party, whoever stands up for the poor, helpless, and for children will get my vote. Right now, and for most of my adult life, that hasn’t been the Republicans. I hope you find me civil, as we do indeed need to support politicians
      that will compromise. My fear is we have gone too far round the bend, and maybe it needs to be torn down to the bottom, and we start anew.

  15. Leo Greenberg March 10, 2017

    Mikey, there is most of what you just said that I totally agree with, but what disturbs me is that the “tolerant left” has become intolerant over the years. I find that all the bad qualities that the right had possessed in the past have manifested themselves on the left. As I said before we went through eight years of Obama and when I ask my friends and people in general if we are better off today, the answer that I get is a big NO. I say give this guy a chance and let’s see what happens. What makes America great is the people that live within its borders.; and they come from the left and the right and the middle and we ,the people will make sure that our country will remain great.
    The thing that has bothered me the most is that when I was a young man the stations had newscasters like Walter Kronkite, who reported actual news, today we have opinionated journalists who feed us their version of the truth. That is coming from left and right. If you think different, I really don’t know what to say. I just hope people wake up and look in the mirror and say to themselves “we are all in this together “

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 12, 2017

    yes the DONNY DUMP brain dead followers are ones that can make the rest scared that these kind of people are in the country . I cant understand why all these people are afraid of DONNY DUMP (people in office ) he cant fire the ones the people voted in . by right thy all should be giving and treating the DUMPSTER CLOWN with the same respect he treats every one else with NONE NO RESPECT ) thy all should do as he dose when thy make statements just like he dose . call it like it is (and he is ) no more should anyone in an office of the USA should say DONNY DUMP that’s not true and that’s not a true statement you mad (again ) call it and say it just as it is . tell the clown that’s a lie and tell him in a statement you are a pathological liar and let them (the ones in office DEMS tell it like it is ) tell the DUMPSTER he is a pathetic , arrogant , ignorant lying big mouth blow hard . put theses truth out there for the people of the country and DEMS show you’re not afraid of this deranged clown car driver . a good thing is for the DEMS it will be the truth . and one knows the KING CLOWN will come back on his childish tweeter account and act the deranged child minded clown he is . if the DEMS do this enough thy and we all know the DUMPSTER cant let these things go. so he will show the fool he is and act the idiot he is for all to see (and already know ) who knows it might even bring some life to his brain dead followers and thy will open their eyes and see DONNY DUMP as just the addicted junky seeking his FIX OF ATTENTION . (yes its a slim chance any of his brain dead followers can ever have life put back into their brain dead pea minds ) but who knows there might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back .

  17. toma March 21, 2017

    According to the poll’s findings, two-thirds of people who identify Fox News as their most trusted news source agree with President Trump that the media is the “enemy of the people.” … fox news always been the clown of news and with the king clown SONNY DUMP wanting to run the show its the LIES OF THE DUMPSTER’S CIRCUS . fox news is the FOOLS NEWS LIKE Donny dump

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