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Romneycare/Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Refusal To Expand Medicaid

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Romneycare/Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Refusal To Expand Medicaid


Aside from the bartender who recorded the notorious “47 percent” video, Jonathan Gruber may have become Mitt Romney’s least favorite person during the 2012 campaign. Gruber damned the former governor of the Bay State with praise that certainly did little to shore up his standing in the Republican base: “He is in many ways the intellectual father of national health reform.” 

Today Gruber, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) economics professor who has advised the Department of Health and Human Services, is among health care reform’s most passionate, informed defenders. When the furor over cancelation notices began, he helped illuminate how small a percentage of insured Americans will actually be hurt by the effort to make a fair market for all Americans. Within hours, his comments were turned into a pie chart that quickly went viral. 

Recently, Gruber spoke with National Memo executive editor Jason Sattler about how the Affordable Care Act transforms the health market to end discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, why he is disgusted by Republican states rejecting Medicaid expansion, and how the president could have better phrased his ill-fated promise, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

Jason Sattler:  You’re estimating that a few million of the insured are in that so-called “losers” category. And you’ve recently described these people as winning the “genetic lottery” — suggesting they’ve been underpaying in the past?

Jonathan Gruber:  So basically there’s two different issues. One of them is, what does it mean to be a “loser?” …How many people are being asked to find more generous plans than before? That’s probably about six million people, two percent of the population. The other issue is, how many people going to end up paying more than they did before? That’s probably about four million people, because some of the people forced to buy up will pay less. About four million will be asked to pay more. They’re just sort of healthy people who are going to have to pay more. The “genetic winners” comment was sort of loosey goosey…The point is that a lot of people who are healthier have benefited from existing discrimination in the market.

Sattler: Was there a discussion of “winners” and “losers” when Romneycare rolled out?

Gruber: Not really. There just wasn’t this kind of toxic environment. It was also different in Massachusetts because we had already reformed our insurance market, so prices were going down for most everyone. But some people had plans taken away, plans changed. It was just sort of viewed as, “these were sub-standard plans” and it just kind of happened. There wasn’t a lot of press around it and there isn’t the kind of opposition we’re seeing now.

Sattler: Is the refusal of 25 states to expand Medicaid distorting the market?

Gruber: I think in those states, by my own estimates, it’s going to raise premiums by about 15 percent in the exchange because sicker people will be in the exchange. I think it’s really disgusting that these states aren’t providing their poorest residents free insurance [financed] by the federal government. It’s pretty amazing that they can get away with that.

Sattler: What do you think about the right-wing argument that having no insurance at all is better than Medicaid?

Gruber:  It’s just incorrect. There’s no credible evidence to support that. There have been dozens of studies over the years that show that giving Medicaid to patients improves their health. Most recently a study I was involved with in Oregon just sort of randomly assigned Medicaid to people and found significant improvements in mental health.

Sattler: Do you expect more states to expand their Medicaid programs?

Gruber: Right now we’re at about half the states expanding. That’s going to grow over time. But we’re going to have a hardcore group of states that don’t want to expand, and I hope there’s pressure to do so.

Sattler: If Healthcare.gov were functioning properly, or closer to properly, do think there would still be a hubbub over cancelations?

Gruber: I think it would have been less likely if the website had rolled out properly. I think there’s sort of a double whammy with the website not working properly. You’ve got all the bad press about the website itself and you don’t get to demonstrate the “winners.” The “losers” suck all the air out of the room because there are no winners to point to.


  1. docb November 18, 2013

    Truht will out! Thank you Mr. Gruber.

  2. rhallnj November 18, 2013

    What is really stupid about it, aside from it being unbelievably callous, is that Red states too are paying taxes to fund the law. We all are. And out of spite they let the subsidies and benefits accrue to the progressive states.

    It is painful to contemplate how sick and callous many of our fellow Americans are.

    1. Lovefacts November 19, 2013

      In addition, these same Red states receive between $1.37 to $3.50 for every dollar paid in federal taxes. What they don’t want is health care passed by a democratic president which the people will like once they have it and will benefit the Democrats. The irony that this benefit will accrue to the Democrats only because of Republican actions is lost of them.

    2. howa4x November 19, 2013

      Shows that Red states are not governed by rocket scientists, closer to knuckle draggers

    3. jackster12 November 20, 2013

      Here’s what’s great about that, though. What do the Red states do when lots of their own move out to go to Blue states that offer better, easier coverage? The number of House Reps and also Electoral College votes a state gets are decided by population. One can only hope that means that the Red states are undoing any advantage they might have gotten by gerrymandering.

    4. irishtap November 20, 2013

      How about ‘down right evil’.

    5. jnap November 20, 2013

      The red states are Republican run and if there is one thing Republicans love it is money from the federal Government. They will be lining up to expand medicaid very soon. count on it.

      1. Annemb November 20, 2013

        Yes, the red states receive the most government money.

      2. rhallnj November 20, 2013

        Also, because of all the furor over ACA, people are coming out of the woodwork to enroll in Medicaid even in non-expansion states. These states have to pay half of this, when they could be letting the Feds pick up all of it.

    6. irishtap December 22, 2013

      Well said…

  3. rustacus21 November 18, 2013

    The 2010 election was our chance to correct all the complications being discussed here now. Not enuff voters recognized the critical importance of voting Liberal/Progressive (2010) – again – as is EXACTLY what happened in 1994. Why? Why is the drunken stupor of giddiness of a Liberal(/Progressive) being in the WH, responsible for voter absence in the face of savage propaganda in the succeeding mid-term elections (1994 & 2010 respectively)?! Is our cognition & attention span that deficient? If so, we’re a shameful example of a so-called ‘free society’ – as in free to be as ignorant as we please?!

    1. CPAinNewYork November 19, 2013

      “Enuff”? That’s how you spell “enough”? In addition to your snotty posting, you’re an ignoramus.

    2. montanabill November 20, 2013

      You provide happy proof of your last posit.

    3. Annemb November 20, 2013

      Exactly correct!


    4. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

      You obviously do not live in CA , because you have no
      idea the damage ” Progressives ‘ have done there
      to the economy and to both lower and middle class
      Californians . Very callous and indifferent people

  4. aquinas215 November 19, 2013

    Liberals’ war against Western civilization uses three main attack vectors:-Attacking the family-Attacking private property-Attacking Christianity

    1. Jim Myers November 19, 2013

      The Conservative version of “Christianity” is nearly 180 degrees away from the teachings of Christ.

      “Love thy Neighbor as thyself.”

      “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

      “As you have done to the least among you, you have done to me.”

      This is only a short list of the areas where the “Christian Right” seem to design their own version of “Christianity.”

      Jesus would NEVER have advocated the worship of money and power, which appears to be the driving force in the present day “Conservative” agenda.

      Nor would he have encouraged hatred and bigotry, which is, unfortunately, becoming a staple on both sides of the political aisle. (Although I do see more of it from the so called “Conservatives” than the Progressives.)

      Go ahead and call me out on this. I simply do not care if you take your shots at me.

      Because, the reality is this. You can spread a lie a thousand times a day, every day for a thousand years. In the end, most people will believe it. But it will still be a lie.

      1. BeverlyNC November 19, 2013

        AMEN. I have been speaking the same message ever since the Republicans began degrading the poor, perpetuating myths of “lazy, black, them buying luxuries with it”. Most people on welfare are white, live in Republican-controlled states which have the most poor people, the worst education systems, and the most minimum wage jobs continuing the cycle of poverty. Of the poor, over 1M are veteran, a large percentage are elderly, and the most are children whose parents work – but at minimum wage jobs which no one can live on.
        Republicans have no morality or values.
        Jesus was poor, lived among the poor, the sick, the outcasts. He took care of them and told us to take care of them as we would Him.
        There is no “Christianity” within the Republican Party.
        Pro-life? What a joke. They only care about a fetus but once it is born it becomes a “taker” and part of the hated poor.
        It’s shameful

        1. Jim Myers November 19, 2013

          BeverlyNC –

          Thank you for your kind words and your comments. They are appreciated.


      2. gvette November 19, 2013

        Jesus would NEVER have advocated the worship of money and power, which appears to be the driving force in the present day “Conservative” agenda.

        Funny you’d pick that one, Jim. Demonrats are all about money. Other peoples money.

        1. jmprint November 19, 2013

          GVETTE, You obviously are wearing your head on backwards.

          1. gvette November 19, 2013

            I see clearly what you demonrats are about.

          2. MarkStevano November 21, 2013


          3. gvette November 21, 2013

            I’ll not followw you, or your ilk, behind Barry, as he takes you through the gates of hell, thank you very much.

        2. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

          Since you’re back on gvette..let’s simplify this concept for you. In today’s world Christ would have been sentenced to die horribly by the rich elite, conservative right out of their insecurity from not understanding how a poor revolutionary wielded so much power without hurting anyone. (the last part would really screw with them). He would then be killed by a soldier…ordered to do so or else. The streets would be lined with alot of people who hadn’t witnessed a good crucifiction in awhile and that Fox news released news that he wasn’t christian. Well, because This new Christ truly believed all men AND WOMEN ARE created equal.

      3. Jane Caspar November 19, 2013

        It is so frustrating to read a whole passage from the Christian bible only to see that the part often quoted by the far right are the few phrases that completely change the meaning of the complete passage into something the opposite of what the passage is saying

        1. Jim Myers November 19, 2013

          Jane Caspar –

          Thank you for the prospective. The far Right has one thing in common with the progressives. Both see what they want to see, and rarely try to look at the other side.

          However, the most hateful speech tends to emanate from the far Right, the same ones who worship at the alter of the Koch Brothers, Limbaugh, Coulter, Rove, etc.

          If you are not rich and powerful, you are scorned and vilified by those who worship money and the power that it can buy.

          Clearly not what was taught by Jesus.

    2. highpckts November 19, 2013

      There should be no religion allowed in politics! NONE!!!

    3. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

      What would one call freedom? Does one have the right to love whomever they choose? Does one have the right of freedom of and from religion? The right to swing my fist ends at your nose, conversely your freedom to swing your fist ends at my nose. Instead of focusing on what you perceive to be attacks, take a moment to consider your position(s) and what impact it/they may have on others. Rights does not rest in the arms of the left or right, it rest with the individual. When you say I am attacking Christianity, you are in fact suggesting that all that are not Christians have no right to speak out. Because one believe in a Woman’s right to choose does not suggest that one believes in abortions and as someone who has been married for more than 46 years to the woman that my mother advised against me marrying, I could never tell someone that they can’t marry the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. Before you attack others positions, give some thought as to what you are demanding the give up; “Their Freedom.” Just a thought my friend.

  5. aquinas215 November 19, 2013

    Even if it seems unfair that the impersonal nature of the free market determines who gets to try new things, we all benefit where innovations are first tried by others.

    1. Lola Johnson November 19, 2013

      There is no free market. This is a myth perpetuated by the very wealthy robber barons.

      1. irishtap November 20, 2013

        True that…

  6. Lilyfromthevalley November 19, 2013

    The whole concept of Obamacare just smells to high heavens. Four percent of the population means 6,000,000 (six million!) human beings are projected to be paying more (How much more? More than they can possibly afford?). That’s just for starters. Then there is the problem of each individual being forced to purchase the “Cadillac” plan, whether they like it/can afford it/want to pay for it or not. As for President Obama’s false statement that “if you like your plan you can keep it,” he should have spelled out what level of plan coverages could be kept and how those plans (if you wanted to keep them) would cost a great deal more. I’m all for making health care available to those behold can I’ll afford it, but not the Cadillac healthcare where everything including your big toe is subsidized by our government at the ill affordable expense and financial crisis of the 6,000,000 and more individuals who must carry the burden of paying for it!

    1. 788eddie November 19, 2013

      “Smells to high heaven”?

      What about the fact that just 400 people in our country have used the rigged system to end up holding as much wealth as 150 million Americans.

      Why is our democracy in the business of creating economic royalty?

      Letting people who have been losing health insurance or not being covered for “pre-existing conditions” (as was happening before the Affordable Care Act) now acquire decent health insurance is costing us a lot less than our continuing to give tax breaks to those who need them the least.

      Those tax breaks for the wealthy – that’s what really “smells to high heaven.”

      1. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

        When people see their situation as it is and not what they hope it to be, they will fall more in line with reality. Most Conservatives see themselves as accomplishing the same level of success as those at the top without understand that it is those at the top working the hardest to keep them down here with the rest of us.

        I worked hard, saved my money, invested when I could and now live a happy life with moderate luxury. I can buy everything I need and most of what I want. I have no problem helping those with less because I feel that it was through the “Grace of God” that I was able to have it to help them. The other day my 16 year old Grandson made me so proud. He helped an ex-con get a hotel room so he would not have to sleep in a cold car. I asked him why he helped and he said it was because of what he had learned from me. “What good is money if you can’t use it to help someone else?” There is no doubt in my mind that he will achieve much more than myself because he understand that we are all in this together.

        My wife asked me one night why all of my friends were needy? Then that same night a friend called and asked for help and I responded. The friend cried openly, thanked the both of us and even gave me a kiss on the cheek as a thank you. My wife no longer as me questions when I go to help someone. The tears of that young man opened her eyes and her heart to the plight of many in our nation. For me it is about “each one, help one.”

        1. jmprint November 19, 2013

          HAROLD, First thank you for using your heart as it was meant to be used. I come from a very, very poor family. I saw my grandmother get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to make stacks of tortillas and pots of beans and boiled potatoes to feed all the migrant workers who didn’t have anything to eat, and after that she would work the field until 6 and then go home and cook, clean, and wash by hand. Not once did she ever complain and if anybody ever needed any money help she would give what she had. She was a true christian, she was also a healer and many people came to her for help, and she never charged. She instilled in me that our purpose in life is to help others that are less fortunate then we are, and that is the best gift that I could have ever received from anyone. Again thank you.

          1. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

            I was born in a small farm house in very rural Georgia where I lived with my Grandparents for the first seven years of my life. I picked cotton and used an outhouse. I went to a two room school house and attended church every Sunday and that was the bases of how my future would be developed. My Grandfather was a Republican and his Father was a White Man who had casual sex with his Maid. I speak from what I lived, not something someone told me or dreamed up. So, there is no reason to thank me, I should be thanking you for acknowledging my worth as well as those of your Grandmother. Today, we are a divided people with no desire to understand only to advise. There has never been a person that walked into my life didn’t teach me something. Today, we know everything and can’t learn a thing because the talking heads tell us what to think. This nation may have once been exceptional but I fear that we are headed in a direction of being only a footnote in history. We can’t bring ourselves to respect the opinions of others even though it may be along the lines of our own upbringing. We hate for hate sake and it is now us against them. Maybe the next election will fix this when we can all embrace the leadership of a nation and not oppose it because if background or political affiliation.

    2. Lola Johnson November 19, 2013

      1. Before Obamacare, 40 million human beings had no health insurance at all. Have you forgotten? 2. There are several levels of insurance coverage that are acceptable under Obamacare. Did you not know that? 3.For those who can’t afford the premiums, subsidies are available. That’s if you really can’t afford the premiums, and not if you just want to dump your expenses on the taxpayers and premium payers by heading to the ER when you get sick. The whole premise of insurance of any kind is that of shared risk. Everybody throws something into the pot, and those who need it get to collect. If you have homeowners, do you complain because some else had a house fire and you didn’t?

      1. jnap November 20, 2013

        Thanks Lola.

    3. jmprint November 19, 2013

      Lilyfromthevalley, you don’t have the facts. If these people get on line and view the plans, they will be more than happy to switch plans.

  7. Germansmith November 19, 2013

    This Gruber is a Grabber .
    And just when I thought MIT was an island of intelligence and creativity
    I guess stupidity can grow anywhere, even in MIT

  8. FT66 November 19, 2013

    Republicans are against everything this current administration is doing to help people. Not only the ACA, they are also against someone who tell them the truth. This reminds me last night watching Bill O’Reilly attacking Oprah Winfrey. The man circulated his tongue around his mouth trying to make his case legitimate. O’Reilly, you are quite wrong. You said American people elected the President twice and not once. That is true. BUT those who elected and re-elected him are not the ones who are attacking him every now and then. It is you and those who didn’t elect him at all who are digging all the dirties, throwing mud, heavy stones to him. You need to stop this bad habit and act like civilised people in a civilised nation.

    1. gvette November 19, 2013

      LOL..this assgole isn’t helping anyone but himself. Yoyu’ve got your head so far up your ass, or his, you can’t see it. pull your head out, and get some fresh air.

      1. FT66 November 19, 2013

        Wow! am not going to put myself at your standard and use the same poor language you have used. What I can only say to you is: It doesn’t cost anyone, anything to be civilised.

        1. gvette November 19, 2013

          Civilized? What do demonrats know about that? The only thing demorats know, is how to live off other peoples money, and dictate how others should live. Oh, I almost forgot. Lies

          1. Lucien November 19, 2013

            Man, you just have no kind of respect that’s all. Someone is trying to point you out and what you do? You arrive at democrats…..SMH

          2. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

            Sir, I am a Democrat and I live off my own money and have actually fed a few Republicans when they were hungry. Believing the Hype is a problem most conservatives display. Fact is, when you talk about the poor, most of them live in Rural America, living off the land the best they can and voting against their own best interest because they believe that it is someone else fault that they are where they are. It’s about that Personal Responsibility thing you guys like to preach about. Oh! Jesus was a Liberal!!! Healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry and even made wine from water and gave it away for free. It’s time you guys recognized, if he returned today, you would nail his behind to another cross.

          3. gvette November 19, 2013

            Like you, Harold, I do for others. In general, demonrats don’t give. How
            much has that ahole in Washington ever given out of his own pocket. Nothing.
            You, and others in here criticize the likes of Beck, Rush, and others. They
            give, and help others all the time. Nice try, Harold, but by, and large, dems
            don’t give of their own.

          4. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

            I don’t know what Rush or Beck give, but I do know that the Presidents tax returns are public and his giving to charity is clear for anyone that want to look into it with any bias simply because he is a Democrat. As many Conservative are quick to point out; those Hollywood types are all Liberals and I am sure they give a lot to many worthy causes. Just because something fits into your belief system does not mean that it is true. It is easy to identify others as bad without really looking into where you obtained the information. Most Americans have an agenda, mines is to support and love Americans, I would suggest that Rush and Beck’s agenda is to make more and more money spewing their message of divide the classes. I have no problem with those that follow that message, it is their right and I wish them well. But giving is not something I do to make myself better, it is because others need my help and I can give it.

            I have been following politics for a long time and trust me when I say, there are those looking for a war and I fear they will get it. But just like the middle east have learned, wars solve nothing except population reduction. You will never see any dirt on Rush or Glenn’s hands because they find a way to stay out of the real battle. They excite the followers to anger and then they ask, “What did I say?” You know the game. It;s OK to be a Republican or a Conservative just as it is OK to be a Democrat and dare I say also a Conservative because I am very conservative on many things. Just one question, what is it about Obama that just makes you so angry? Please don’t say his policies because the GOP has blocked him there, so I think that most of the problems you guys see are of the makings of the GOP/TEA Party. Last time they closed the Government, what will be their next step?

          5. gvette November 19, 2013

            Just a quick reply. He gave one percent. Oh, and for the government shut
            down, you are

            a true demonrat. the tea party didn’t shut anything down. Harry Greed, And
            Barry O

            shut the government down. The house sent bills, and Harry, Barry, you’re
            pals, wouldn’t even consider

            them. Then again, being a loyal sheep, you can’t see that.

            As the latest disaster has happened, Beck has trucks, and people on the
            ground, helping people.

            Check the golf courses, and see where Barry is. You say you follow
            politics. Not to close, by the looks.

            Oh wait, I forgot. You only get your news from Soros approved news sites.

            Oh, and this just in. They now know Barry cooked the books on
            unemployment numbers while

            he was running.

          6. jeffromac23 November 19, 2013

            You do know it is a fact the Senate voted on every one of those bills that came out of the House and it is also a fact that the House refused to vote on the clean spending bill that Senate sent them. Not my opinion just fact!

          7. gvette November 19, 2013

            You’ve got to stop believing your own lies. The house was sending bills,
            one at a time, the way it should be, and Harry said, his words, I won’t do this.
            There’s never a clean bill from the senate. Oh, and just for the fun of it. You do know there has not been a budget, since Barry’s been in the white house.

          8. Dmullins84 November 19, 2013

            gvette, very short reply. You need to be evaluated by a real Medical Doctor. You appear on surface to be an absolute idiot.

          9. gvette November 19, 2013

            That, of course, would be the worthless opinion of a demorat, that hangs
            around this site. In other words, useless, just like you!!

          10. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

            So can you tell me why the deficit is all his fault. Anything to make him wrong I guess. Biology determines when a baby is a life not the Government, therefore I have no desire to kill a baby or to force a woman to have one that she can’t or won’t care for. So many of you guys talk a good fight but there is no rhyme or reason to your words. As for your agreeing with me, that is already understood because for some reason I don’t think you have really read the Constitution to understand what is in it. I just have to ask this, does my freedom depends on what you want me to do or me doing what I want me to do. While so many in the GOP demand compliance with the constitution, they are the ones passing laws taking away freedoms. Now I will give you that many in this country want a background check on buying guns, but a minority of Gun Owners oppose it and the GOP will not try to make sure Criminals are checked out before they can buy a gun. As for me, I have owned a or carried a weapon most of my adult life, but I have no problem looking into the background of anyone wanting to purchase one. But let me get off that soap box because that was the same position of the NRA BO/Before Obama.

            As I recall, concerning babies, when Mary showed up with child, the masses wanted to stone her, but because she was carrying the “Son of God” it never happened. My point, had she wanted to get rid of that baby, it would not have happened because God was in the mix. Seems that many Christians don’t have faith in God, they just have to step in a fight for him. Not much of a God that must depend on an Earthly Army to assure his bidding be done. Know why? Because it is the will of man that you are fighting for.

            As for the President being a Communist, maybe then that is what the majority of this nation voted for. You know better, but when you need a reason to dislike someone any snowflake will do. I’ll just tell you this, most of the people that I have talked with about this President, when presented with facts, they proceed to name calling. So be it, but I do think that most of you guys have a much more transparent issue with what he is and not who he is. After all one of them born this country just can’t be smart enough to run his country. So of course he was born in Africa with a plan to one day take the Country from you guys. But anyway, since we are not going to agree, maybe it is time to end this message sending that is leading nowhere. But it does get better once you open your eyes and accept the real problem that is causing all of the hate. maybe he will send me my reparations soon and then I can throw that up into the faces of you guys. Oh, did I just send you another snowflake? LOL

          11. gvette November 19, 2013

            You mentioned the people that voted for him. Remember, most didn’t knoEven now, that don’t want to look into his background. He’s the one, that
            spent a lot of money, sealing his records. I guess you’re ok with that. I also
            like to check the bios of the people he has, that help him.

            They are all radicals. I’m sure you won’t agree, but he was backed by
            George Soros.

            Anyway, I have enjoyed talking with you. Thank you for your time.w anything about him, and still don’t.

          12. Annemb November 20, 2013

            An excellent post. Facts are very well laid out and articulated with backup information.


          13. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

            It really all comes down to whether or not you believe in wealth re-distribution ( including yours ) If you do – then your will support the President , pay higher taxes ,
            and pay higher prices for health insurance and for energy .

            Just please be honest and tell us if you are willing to pay for these things .

          14. jnap November 19, 2013

            You can’t put poison in every bill and expect the Democrats to drink it, can you?

          15. gvette November 19, 2013

            Do you have any idea how many bills the house sends to the senate, that Harry won’t even put on the floor?

          16. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            No….and I’m certain you don’t either.

          17. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

            You bought into the hype again. It is clear that the President said that he was not going to deal on Health Care and keeping the Government open. The Republicans were hell bent on doing both, but closing the government was the goal.

            Now, just assume for a minute; I give you an unreasonable option to force you to do what I want you to do, are you going to be forced into it? I think not Lets say, I come on your property with a lighted match and demand that you give me your home or I will throw this match onto it. You know that the match can be put ot without doing damage to your home, of course you yell be to go to hell. The GOP was demanding that the President do their bidding or they would hurt the entire nation. You know it as well as I do and no amount of FOX Talking Points can change that.

            The Heritage Foundation had given specific instructions that the Government would be closed, you know it and I know it, but because you want to believe the worse of President Obama, anything that would put him in a bad light is just fine with you. Well, here’s one for you. A friend said that he saw Obama walking on water and I said of course he was, because he can’t swim.

            I heard about the cooking of the books also, but nothing has been proven as of yet and the numbers are correct, so no harm, no fowl I would say. Find me something that has not been beaten to death already by the right. But then again, how about those WMD”s? We kind of need to deal with what is known from multiple sources, not the Agenda ridden news services. Yes, I am a true Democrat, why? Because I was once a Republican and they told me that my outlook was not right for them. You know things like, A woman’s right to choose, minorities right to vote, a person’s right to love and marry whomever they choose that is of consenting age. Those are freedoms that are covered by my Constitutional Rights. I am not Gay, but I do have gay friends, my wife have never had an abortion, but if her life was at risk, I would want her to be the one to make the decision, not Congress. I have been voting all of my adult life so I don’t want road blocks established to deter me from voting. All I ask is if you should ever find this shoe on the other foot, just remember your positions. I respect your right to have them, please don’t try and make me feel guilty for mines because it won’t work. I vote my best interest, not my emotional fears.

            Now, once again, just what is it about this President that have you so upset? I wonder!!!

          18. gvette November 19, 2013

            Just to clear something up. I vote for people.The party isn’t the way I vote. To those that do, they are just fools. If you’re one of them, I’m sorry. I’ll pull the lever for the one I think will do the best for people. Yes, understanding most don’t, after they get where they want to be. They like their lifestyle, and the fact that WE pay for it.

            don’t I like Barry. He’s a card carrying communist. For some reason, you seem to
            miss that. He stomps all over our constitution.

            Barry care is a disaster. Unlike yo, I don’t want government telling me what to do. I guess you do. If that’s the case, I feel sorry for you. You’ll argue all day long how good it is. You’ll soon find out, how bad it is.
            I think it’s funny, you say the republicans told you what to think. If you fell for that, then you switched so these people can tell you what to do. A question. Do you have a mind of your own? It doesn’t sound it.
            I’m glad your wife never had an abortion. Barry and you, are all about killing babys. I find it funny you line up with them.
            You, and i will never agree, and that’s ok. We live in a fee country…for a while longer.

          19. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

            Since you know that he is a card carrying communist, is there any way you can send me a picture of that card or is this just more Drudge/FOX BS?

          20. jnap November 19, 2013

            Your “Barry communist” comments clearly show that you do not have the ability to evaluate anything, including the best candidate.
            You throw around words that others have given you and do very little thinking on your own. I am surprised you are able to post on this message board without someone feeding you and typing the words for you. By the way the government is not telling you to do anything but get a Health insurance policy that covers standard care and if you don’t then pay a tax. I don’t care whether you have insurance or not just as long as you don’t expect me to pick up your bills when you can’t pay for the care.

          21. gvette November 19, 2013

            No, actually you don’t have to look any farther then all the people Barry associated with.

          22. Annemb November 20, 2013

            I strongly urge you to search for facts. There is a lack of factual information in this and in your previous posts. Also, read the Constitution, the document that the TGOPs claim to follow but instead seem to delight in trashing.

          23. gvette November 20, 2013

            The constitution doesn’t mandate that I buy something I don’t want, or
            need. The constitution

            says I have the right to have guns. Something Barry has been trying to do
            away with, for a long time.

            I could go on, but why. It falls on deaf ears, over in the land of

          24. Annemb November 20, 2013

            You’re absolutely correct about the Constitution not mandating that anyone buy what they don’t want. But it IS mandated in the Constitution that incomes be taxed for the welfare of the electorate.

            No one is infallible. We all get sick at some point in time. Those without insurance should not expect others to pay for their care.

            BTW, the Affordable Care Act is NOT a government run program. It is the opportunity for folks who otherwise cannot afford health insurance to purchase it at a price they can afford. The ideal insurance is single payer.

            I stand by my post.

            As for guns, that is another issue entirely.

          25. gvette November 20, 2013

            As usual, I forget the demonrat way of looking at things. Barry I don’t care act, Is government controlled. When the IRS is going to police it, and fine you for not having it, that’s government controlled. The start of socialism. Look it up.
            you’re confusing welfare for the assholes in government, with something else. I’m just not sure what. One more thing. Some of us like paying for our own heathcare. I know, being a demonrat, you have to have someone tell you what to do. who tells you what to wear in the morning. Do you call Washington?

          26. Annemb November 20, 2013

            I stand by my post!

            First, you don’t have a clue who or what I am, except for this revelation — I am an American citizen who loves her country and who is involved!

            So, what’s wrong with socialism? It works.

          27. gvette November 20, 2013

            I guess you’re not good in history. Socialism has never worked. See, the
            problem is, it runs out of other peoples money!

          28. Annemb November 20, 2013

            History is one of my best subjects!

          29. gvette November 20, 2013

            Name a few, that aren’t bankrupt.

          30. Annemb November 20, 2013

            Sorry, I have no time to waste.

            Good night.

          31. gvette November 20, 2013

            Enjoy your evening, Ann.

          32. Annemb November 20, 2013

            I certainly will enjoy my evening. I hope you enjoy yours.

            Today was chilly where I live. It’s nice because I enjoy it a bit cooler.

            How’s the weather where you are?

          33. gvette November 20, 2013

            It’s been cool here. Here being NC. Originally from central NY.
            About ten miles south of Lake Ontario. As I watch the weather here, and back home, the temps have been roughly the same.

          34. Annemb November 20, 2013

            Another New Yorker. I lived in the Bronx but am now living in Maine. At the moment, I’m enjoying classical music, specifically
            “Calm Radio Opera, Canada, on the Internet. (I just heard an area my dad sang from one of my favorite operas.)

            I recently discovered the channel on which there is such a variety to choose from — music, etc., and from different areas of the world. I sometimes switch from country to country, just to hear their specific programming. Often the language is in English but sometimes it’s in Italian which I understand.

            Well, have a good evening. Sleep well.


          35. gvette November 21, 2013

            Good morning Ann. I enjoy classical music. I must admit, my first choice is
            classic rock. Then again, I worked for a band, for a while. Along the classical
            lines, I was fortunate to date a gal that graduated from The Eastman School of
            Music. She is a pianist. Because of that, I’ve enjoyed countless hours of

            talent. Maine is a beautiful state. I’ve been there a few times. Compared
            to where you came from,

            I’m sure you really enjoy it there!!

            Enjoy your day,


          36. Annemb November 21, 2013

            What a sweet note to receive so early in my day.

            How wonderful to be part of a band and to go with a pianist. In my opinion, music is the greatest communicator because its language is understood universally.

            I grew up with music – mostly opera. My mom taught me to appreciate the classics such a Mozart, Beethoven. But growing up we had company every weekend of friends, relatives, family and so much fun.

            Regretfully, I don’t think I ever had the opportunity to listen to classic rock. I don’t see it listed in the “music” category except for plain “rock.” Perhaps you can access “Ask Radio Player” where I hear the music from and let me know. It’s a link on the “Mozilla Firefox” browser I use, which “popped on” several weeks ago, and which contains lots and lots of different categories and more within each category. It also includes “Classical Public from Davidson NC” which I’m listening to now. I find music soothing so I’ve used it as often as I can.

            Yes, Maine is a beautiful state. Must say that although I am a driver I’ve never enjoyed the scenery as much as I did when I went to the Lakewood Theatre in Skowhegan by bus this past summer when I didn’t drive. I finally had the chance to actually SIT and be absorbed in the scenery of this beautiful state. After 34 years in Maine this was the first time I felt “at home.” I still miss NYC where I grew up because NY is still and will always be my home, but I’ve come to love this state and feel more comfortable living here even though I’m from “away.”

            Thank you for your kind words.

            Have a beautiful day.


          37. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Another well edumacated post by gvette. Nope..Germaniy’s not a socialist country, neither is Canada,France, Austria, Spain, Potugal, Netherlands..just to name a few….I forgot Massachusettes and Hawaii but those are American states. All of these states and countries provide health care for their people. Rich or poor. I didn’t realize socialism wasn’t working for them. Guess those citizen’s just don’t realize a bad idea when they get the benefits of them.

          38. gvette November 21, 2013

            As you don’t know history, Germany was, under Hitler. That’s what I was refuring to.

          39. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

            Mark – the ACA is not government healthcare .
            Its a scam perpetrated by the insurance companies
            and the Obama administration in order to obtain more money and more power .

          40. tax payer November 21, 2013

            Well, what we do know is as you have told us ( you’re a woman ), so we know a little something about you.

          41. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

            ” ‘Those without insurance should not expect others to pay for their care ” Annemb – can you please
            listen to the irony of your statement ? That is exactly what the ACA will require – that others WILL PAY for
            the 15 million or so people who do not have health
            insurance and want it . 80% of Americans will lose their present healthcare insurance . The majority
            of these will pay for higher premiums and higher
            deductibles . Our debt will
            increase yet another trillion dollars . Our young people will pay . Our older people will pay ( ACA
            will withdraw $ 700,000,000 from Medicare ) There will
            be higher Medicare payments and less care for them .
            Our small businesses will pay . Those 20 new taxes will
            pay . And those who lose jobs because employers can no longer afford to hire them WILL PAY !

          42. Annemb November 20, 2013

            But “government” IS telling women what to do in the red states where the governors are putting up all kinds of barriers to women’s health issues, closing Planned Parenthood – an organization that helps poor women’s health, etc.

            The TGOPs ARE INVADING women’s private lives by sneaking into their bedrooms and personal lives, as they attempt to thwart a Constitutional amendment that gives the woman and her doctor choice.

            BTW, if you are equating abortion with killing babies…there is no comparison. The fetus is NOT a person no matter what some state law says.

            Care for a fetus but starve a child? An oxymoron indeed.

          43. gvette November 20, 2013

            Don’t start on abortion. You demonrats want to go out and fuck everything
            that walks, then go have an abortion on the tax payers dime. planned parenthood,
            is nothing more then abortion mills. You don’t get out much do you. That’s why
            Barry was thanking God for abortion clinics. Oh, I guess you missed that.

            I think Dr. Gosnell is a demorat.

          44. Annemb November 20, 2013

            “…Barry and you, are all about killing babys. I find it funny you line up with them…”

            I didn’t start on abortion, you mentioned “killing babys” (sic) among other things, elaborated on it and I picked up on your words. You continue your diatribe in your immediate post addressed to me.

            I urge you to find facts and read them … calmly and unemotionally. When you don’t you assume much about information, but in reality know little or nothing, or you wouldn’t write what you write.

            Don’t judge women who have abortions … that is THEIR choice not anyone else’s choice.

            Haven’t you heard that when one resorts to name-calling it usually means they have nothing important to say or contribute?

            Also, if you can’t have a decent conversation without calling a person names, then it’s not worth my wasting time responding to your posts.

          45. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            gvette is spewing. Can’t even complete a post without a major contradiction of the words he/she typed. First he posts we democrats get out so much we fuck everything. Then he/she says we don’t get out much….troubling post. He/she must talk alot to the numerous voices in his/her head. That’s just spooky.

          46. plc97477 November 24, 2013

            I hear the ACA can help that.

          47. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

            I agree . A women’s decision to abort a baby
            should be hers to make . But , please – a fetus
            is not a person ? What is it then ? Look it up
            in the medical dictionary . ” A human fetus is
            a human being before nine months of age “

          48. gvette November 19, 2013

            Here Harold is a link. If you’d like, please view it.


          49. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 20, 2013

            I started reading the information you provided and saw that it was talking about some guy that said that he had been told to do it. Facts out today indicate that a lone individual was unable to carry out his responsibilities so he fudged them once. It is also reported that the facts on the jobs are correct. On the same subject, this event happened a a little while before the election and after that report, the White continued to send out reports that were unfavorable to the administration. A sensible individual would have to agree that to report numbers that would hurt the administration would not be the right thing to do if you were trying to rig the numbers to win an election. It only take a little research outside of Conservatives or Liberal sources to find the facts. Only problem with most Conservatives is that all information that does not put this administration in a bad light is only playing to a Liberal base. When you know who your reporter is voting for, that should be your first clue that his/her facts are bias. I don’t care which side you are on, you should always seek out the facts and not fall in line with anyone just because they dislike the same people as yourself. There is a good chance that you have been driven to believe that the only person that have the best interest of this nation in mind is the one that you have been convinced to dislike. Again, I say that maybe there is another reason so many on the Conservative side of the isle is working so hard to make this man unacceptable. Just a thought my friend, just a thought. Mr. Issa has proven over and over again that there is no there…there. Maybe it is time to question what they are hiding from you. After all, you do still have your guns after five years in office, so I really don’t think his agenda (Obama) is what the GOP would have you think. By the way. I am not a fan of the ACA in it’s present form, I would love to see single payer.

          50. gvette November 20, 2013

            Harold, it’s getting late. i’ll respond back tomorrow, if you don’t mind. Enjoy your evening!

          51. exdemo55 November 19, 2013

            A few minutes into last Thursday’s interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, President Obama said of the millions whose health insurance was canceled, “I am sorry that they—you know, are finding themselves in this situation, based on assurances they got from me.”

            It was not a real apology. And what truly mattered was what Mr. Obama said at the interview’s start. “First of all, I meant what I said,” he told Mr. Todd, about his promises that people could keep their health plan if they liked it. “And we worked hard to try to make sure that we implemented it properly. But obviously, we didn’t do enough—a good enough job—and I regret that.”

            This is nonsense. The mounting cancellations of people’s health plans is not a result of faulty implementation. The Affordable Care Act was designed to make unavailable health-insurance policies that didn’t include its extensive, expensive and often unnecessary provisions.

            For example, one provision in the law called “Essential Health Benefits” requires that every policy offer a wide range of benefits including mental health and addiction treatment, and maternity care (even for single men or women past childbearing age), and cover 100% of the cost of an array of preventive services. All this drives up the cost of insurance.

            Another provision causes younger, healthier Americans to pay higher premiums than they would otherwise in order to subsidize coverage for older, less-healthy people.

            ObamaCare’s “Medical Loss Ratio” provision requires insurers to pay 80% (in the individual and small-group markets) or 85% (for the large-group market) of each year’s premiums for claims. The provision reduces an insurer’s ability to build a reserve for years where claims are more than 100% of premium income. This too raises the cost of insurance.

            Policies that don’t meet these and other standards are not in compliance with the law. This will affect more than the individual market. ObamaCare will cause cancellations of group policies, too, especially those covering older, less healthy workforces.

            Mr. Obama’s assertion in the NBC interview that “the majority of folks” whose coverage is canceled will “be able to get better care at the same cost or cheaper” is also likely to be false. The higher premiums that result from ObamaCare’s bells-and-whistles coverage mandates may be offset for some by subsidies, but most people will pay more.

            This problem will get worse and poses a dilemma for Mr. Obama and Democrats. A March analysis by Healthpocket.com estimated that less than 2% of individual plans comply with ObamaCare’s mandates. A Nov. 7 study by McClatchy Newspapers suggests as many as 52 million people, including many covered by their employers, could lose their plan.

            As the 2014 election approaches, these people will be (a) losing coverage or have lost it already, (b) shopping for new policies, (c) suffering sticker shock over higher premiums and deductibles and (d) wondering why Mr. Obama called their previous policy with doctors they liked “subpar.” Then, next September and October, they’ll be told about premium increases for 2015.

            Mr. Obama has no easy out. White House aides floated a trial balloon of covering premium increases for people with canceled insurance who don’t get subsidies. Good luck convincing congressional Republicans to pay tens of billions to fix a problem the president created, shoved down the country’s throat, and then misled people about.

            Last Sunday Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told CNN’s Candy Crowley that “Democratic candidates will be able to run onObamaCare as an advantage leading into the 2014 election.” Republicans should pray every night that Democrats take her delusional advice and make ObamaCare their campaign’s centerpiece.

            The Affordable Care Act has become toxic, especially among independents who will decide the 2014 contest. In a Nov. 11 Quinnipiac poll, 30% of independents approved of the health-care law.

            Since September, Mr. Obama’s approval on health care in the Pew Research Center poll declined four percentage points, to 37%. His overall job approval dropped to 41% from 44%. Worse are the hits to his credibility. In the Quinnipiac poll, 46% of registered voters and 51% of independents believe Mr. Obama “knowingly deceived” Americans when he promised they could keep their health plan if they liked it.

            Until now, many people who disagreed with Mr. Obama’s agenda still liked him. But a late October Fox poll found his personal favorability at 45% and his unfavorability at 50%. Duplicity will do that. And while the president may think everything about ObamaCare will be OK soon, fear is growing among Democrats who see little time and few ways to avoid a 2014 slaughter.

          52. jnap November 19, 2013

            You are a shill and it is obvious. I don’t care if someone that had a crap policy lost it. The insurance company was doing them a favor since they weren’t going to pay anything anyway.
            Go collect your pay for posting your nonsense.

          53. falstaff77 November 13, 2014

            ” I don’t care if someone that had a crap policy lost it.”

            GFY you POS.

          54. Annemb November 20, 2013

            President Obama is hated … not only because he is smart and thinks things out, but mainly because he is an African American.

            Well, thankfully, times are changing and our country is (finally) beginning to become inclusive.

          55. exdemo55 November 21, 2013

            Wrong! Obama himself has said that he was lazy and a poor student. He has never released his grades. Now he can add that he’s the biggest proven liar of all time.

          56. Annemb November 21, 2013

            If Barack Obama was indeed lazy and a poor student, he would not have made it through Harvard and certainly not as head of the Harvard Law Review. If I were he, I would NOT release my grades.

            I stand by my post.

          57. exdemo55 November 22, 2013

            Again, Obama himself admitted he was lazy and a poor student. He has only gotten what was given to him through
            Affirmative Action. All he is good at is reading from a telepromter.

          58. Annemb November 22, 2013

            Hmm, well President Obama has certainly done well for a “lazy and a poor student.”

            I stand by my post!

          59. plc97477 November 24, 2013

            dubya never released his grades either.

          60. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

            Really Annemb – can you be serious ? Do you
            actually look at the facts of any matter or if your mind totally closed ? The people who wanted health
            insurance could have been covered handily by
            expanded Medicaid provisions .

            The ACA is a disaster as are most things this
            President does because he is an ideologue
            who does not live in the real world.

          61. jnap November 19, 2013

            The house wanted to repeal Obamacare and they knew that would never happen so they shut down the government for spite. Republicans have become useless; no worse than useless because they impede those that would accomplish something.

          62. gvette November 19, 2013

            They were going to defund it. There’s more to it then that. The problem was, Barry, and Harry, didn’t want to even talk about it. There way, or no way. So, Harry, and Barry shut the government down. I know, being a loyal sheep, you repeat
            what they tell you.

          63. jnap November 19, 2013

            Your are trying to rewrite the facts. The President was never going to agree to de-fund Obamacare and the Republicans knew it. Besides what was there to talk about. Obamacare is the law, end of discussion.

          64. gvette November 19, 2013

            Slavery was the law. Oh wait, it’s gone. The difference between you, and I is, you need someone to tell you what to do. You can’t think for yourself.

          65. ram1020 November 20, 2013

            So was prohibition.

          66. jnap November 20, 2013

            You would compare Obamacare to slavery? How ridiculous.
            Obamacare allows 50 million people to get insurance when they couldn’t beforehand . Further, it is not government provided insurance it is private insurance, provided by private companies.
            All Obamacare does is help people, that can not afford it, with some money to help pay for it and sets up standards for what is to be provided so that people do not buy policies that do not cover basic health care needs.
            What is with you people? Why do you begrudge others getting insurance? How does it affect you and please don’t tell me about those losing their crap coverage because unless you have direct knowledge about what it cost for an old useless policy and what it costs for a new one, after the tax credits, you don’t know squat.
            I think some of you are just nasty bastards.

          67. ram1020 November 20, 2013

            She wasn’t saying Obamacare was slavery. She just pointed out that laws can be changed/repealed.

          68. jnap November 20, 2013

            Except that Obamacare is not going to be repealed or changed just to suit those that would deny coverage for 50 million people.
            You know about those 26 states that refuse to expand Medicaid. Just watch them change their minds. Here in Florida they gave up 51 billion dollars over 10 years and the health care industry is going to have the throats of all of those legislators that have turned away that money and the 120,000 jobs that come with it. More, they are going to look like fools because Florida tax tax money is going to go to other states that have expanded medicaid. Florida will expand Medicaid, because when it comes to money the health care industry is not going to let it slip from their hands and go elsewhere.

          69. ram1020 November 20, 2013

            You are probably right that it won’t get repealed; however the government is now estimating that 30 million people will remain uninsured after full implementation. I’ll bet they make some changes, at least to fix that.

            The states share in the cost of Medicaid, and on average it takes about 15-20% of the total state budget to pay their part of the it. ACA has the federal government pay 100% of the expansion cost for the first couple of years, with that amount being tapered after that. I think a lot of states that did the expansion are seeing more people sign up for Medicaid than for the exchange insurance policies, and will have to plan for funding.

            In Ohio, the Republican Governor and the Insurance commission have agreed to the expansion. I believe we are looking to implement a hybrid program like in Arkansas (Democrat Governor) where some of the state Medicaid funds are used to purchase insurance to ease the future burden on the State budget. I am under the impression that Rick Scott in Florida is trying to push the Florida legislature in that direction, too. It these kind of programs both expand the number of people covered and protect the States, I think we’ll see a lot of the other states going in that direction.

            Many are taking a “wait and see” attitude and watching how this plays out on both the State cost level and on the Federal funding commitment. There’s a lot of money at stake, and someone will eventually have to figure out how to pay for it. Those state legislators who want to be governors or congressmen some day don’t want to be the ones to have to raise state taxes! States can’t print money.

            We live in interesting times!

          70. jnap November 20, 2013

            The Federal Government is going to pick up 100% of the cost of expansion for the first two years and then gradually reduce the payment to 90% for all the years thereafter. It has been calculated that Florida will spend about $200 million total for the next ten years for the expansion. If that isn’t a bargain what is?
            Florida will expand Medicaid and so will all of the states very soon. count on it.
            The really good news is that once everyone has health insurance costs will come down primarily because people will get regular treatment and not wait until they are very sick. This plus the fact that they will not be using the ER for primary care will reduce costs.
            Obamacare is not perfect but there is no alternative. It will change slightly to address issues that crop up but what legislation has not changed over time. Our own Constitution has 27 amendments. Lastly, insurance companies have been dropping people for years. I had mine cancelled almost every year for various reason including that the insurance company went bankrupt.
            If the republicans were just interested in solving a problem and not just trying to make Obama and the Democrats fail we would be a lot further ahead.
            I have to really laugh when Republicans say the exchanges are not working properly and making a big stink about it when in fact they want the whole program to go away.
            Obamacare is not going away so get used to it.

          71. Annemb November 20, 2013

            The same negativity was being said about Social Security, M/Care and M/Aid.

            Great post!

          72. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

            Fine JNAP

            Just be honest and say if you are willing to pay more for your premiums , your deductibles, the 20 odd taxes the ACA will impose , lose your choice of doctor, have longer waiting times for everything
            and have $700,000,000 billion dollars cut from
            your Medicare when you are older then say so –
            because this is what will happen and what
            is happening . If you agree
            and believe this is the price to pay , then have the decency to say so and accept responsibility for the consequences .
            Perhaps you are not aware that those millions of Americans who make over $ 60,000 a year will NOT be eligible for ” tax- payer ” subsidies . They will, however, be paying for some one’s else’s .
            As for the ” old useless policies ” – we are now
            and all of our neighbors , paying double and triple
            for premiums with higher deductibles with and are now not able to see the long time doctors we have had . We’ve had the double hit of a severe
            recession and now this and cannot make ends meet every month .

            So I would say , unless you are willing to help us
            and help defray the
            the cost of what 80% of the American people will
            be asked to pay – the majority of which are in the Middle Class and barely making ends
            meet as it is , then you should be have a little
            humility, a little compassion and not say anything .

          73. Justin Napolitano January 13, 2014

            First, 700 billion is not coming out of Medicare because the providers are going to absorb that cost. They agreed to to that because they will have million of new customers. Medicare recipients will not lose on dime of coverage.
            Our health insurance/care industry has been going down hill for 20 years and a change had to come. The ACA is not perfect, but what is? In a few years everyone will have health insurance and and the ACA will be a big success..
            Why? Because change had to happen. We could not continue doing things the same failed way.

          74. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            the affordable care act IS A LAW. Attaching a law onto a bill that is not a law is an underhanded way of undueing legislation that had failed 42 times before in the proper channels. It’s deceit to the American people. The republicans have attempted 42 times to undue Obamacare and could not do it. Why because a majority wants the ACA more then to abolish it. Please …stop this…You do have the write to remain silent…..

          75. gvette November 21, 2013

            Slavery was the law. Remember. Demorats like black people so much, they wanted to own them.
            Oh, don’t forget, Barry has changed Barry care many times, from the original. That’s illegal to. Oh, I know. It’s Barry. The law means nothing!

          76. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            gvette how do you cook the books on the unemployed? We know how many are getting unemployment benefits. It’s public record. What we don’t know is those that are unemployed and not getting unemployment benefits. Remember that crash in January of 2008….do you think that is all clear now? Do you think it’s Obama’s fault, noting he was inaugurated in the third week of that month in January 2008? I’d strongly suggest you take a home water sample….you have issues.

          77. gvette November 21, 2013

            No, I don’t have issues. One thing I know, is numbers don’t lie, but liars
            can figure. In this

            administration, I put nothing past them. Yes, I know, you’re on your knees
            praying to Barry.


          78. jointerjohn November 19, 2013

            Thank you Mr. Harris as I too am a lifelong Democrat who has worked and earned my own way since I was thirteen years old. Never took government student loans, Pell Grants, food stamps, LIHEAP, not even when I could have benefited by doing so. Forty-six years in the workforce and only drew five weeks of unemployment insurance in 1975. Gvette and others like him/her can only sustain their shaky grip on superiority by imagining all of us as welfare bums. It reveals how insecure they are, I certainly don’t paint Republicans with one big pejorative brush! That’s because I don’t have to, I am secure with my own sense of worth. Gvette probably sleeps with the lights on, the insecurity is so obvious in those posts.

          79. jnap November 19, 2013

            and has his bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

          80. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

            Mr. Harris – why don’t you talk to Republican
            Christians before you judge them ?

            Jesus was speaking of personal responsibility to
            help others – a personal compassion .

            Every Republican Christian I know is not only
            honest and ethical, they are compassionate
            and give hugh amounts of money ( some they
            don’t even have to give ) to hurting people
            in their communities .

            Inconvenient truths – in a national study it
            was revealed that conservatives give 30%
            more of their income than do liberals . They
            also give significantly more or their time and their
            blood than do liberals – even those with
            high personal incomes .

            An BTW Mr. Harris – have you ever raised the
            dead , fed the hungry ( personally ) or healed
            the sick ?

          81. Harold L. Harris, Sr. January 13, 2014

            While most of your comment tried to use Republican Talking points, I take no exceptions to the generosity of Conservatives. Your point was that they tend to give more than liberals and that can also be true, I don’t know or care because the political divide in this country has nothing to do with who gives and who don’t. My point, if I can recall the topic is to suggest that the talking points against the implementation of the ACA seems to be about cost and my reference to Christ not charging for his services was simply to make a point that it was not Jesus point to make anyone more personally responsible except the church.

            As for me raising the dead, no I have not, but being in the military for more than 20 years, I do believe that I saved a few lives. Healing the sick, I have taken more than one person to the emergency room with life threatening issues and they walked out of the Hospital and as for feeding the homeless on a personal basis, yes I have. I have no problem with buying someone food if they are in need. While you suggest that I made a challenge without knowing the facts; I speak from what I witness on a daily basis based on words spoken, positions taken and the negative attitude of many of our elected officials, all of whom tend to wear the banner of not just Conservative but Tea Party Conservative at that. You on the other hand challenged me as an individual without knowing my history of transporting the sick or feeding the hungry or my service to this nation. I am a Conservative, not socially just fiscal. But I can’t demand that a person find a job when there are none. I see a lot of people trying to help, but from where I sit, most of the conservatives in the GOP have no problem helping, only if it is those who they want to help. That is the whole problem for me, I would think that as Christians, we would love man unconditionally, but alas, that is not true. I am sorry that my comments caused you to want to challenge me to perform as Jesus while Jesus only challenged us to follow him. Following should be to be Christ like in our daily walks.

          82. Harold L. Harris, Sr. January 14, 2014

            I would love to know what it is about living in the 21st
            Century that many in the GOP do not understand.
            All I have to do is turn on my computer or television to read the
            postings or listen to the words that come from someone’s mouth to understand that
            they are living a lie when it comes to being a Christian. The GOP tends to invoke Christ in everything
            they say they believe from Gun rights to allowing the jobless to find a way on
            their own. Yes, I believe in personal
            responsibility, but I also believe that offering someone a hand up is within the
            guideline of the Christ Commandment. You
            know the one where he says, love you one another as I have loved you! What I hear is that He who does not work
            should not eat; Ms. Bachmann’s words I believe.
            When the President said that he was looking to appoint a Supreme Court
            Justice that had Empathy, Michael Steele, the then chairman of the GOP stated “I
            got your empathy. When the House (GOP
            Led) decided to eliminate Jobless benefits, but allowed Farmers to continue to
            receive subsidies, (Welfare) just tell me what am I supposed to believe? That God placed us here gave a few orders and
            then said you are on your own. But then
            when he saw all of the unrest, he decided to destroy all but one family, and
            then again, gave us his only begotten son so we could kill him for our sins
            just to show us what personal responsibility is all about.

            Allow me to say this; any person can read the bible and find
            something to justify their beliefs. But
            if you just take the time to skip over the Jewish books and read the words of
            Jesus disciples, you may find that the Old Testament is very punitive while the
            (red) words of Jesus are very compassionate.
            I was lying in a hospital bed when my ex-son-in-law looked out the
            window and started laughing when he saw a man eating from a trash can. I asked him what was funny and he explained
            what he was watching. I simply spoke to
            him the words that I try to live by: “except for the Grace of God, there go I.”

            Jesus was a Socialist, you don’t have to like it or believe
            it, however if you follow his life, you can’t dismiss it. When we allow our fear of others determine
            our political views, we have wars. In
            wars, nobody really ever win, we only have degrees of loses.

            You spoke of redistribution of wealth, let me ask you this;
            do you believe in redistribution of freedom?
            If a man does not work, neither should he eat should also apply to if a
            man does not fight for freedom for his nation, then neither should he enjoy
            freedom. If you have a business, why
            would you not want to pay your workers enough to be able to afford what you
            sell? Trickle down economics’, watch the
            price of gas go up ten cents overnight but take two months to come back down
            when the price of oil come down. That’s Capitalism
            at its worse, but we blame the President when the price goes us and then proclaim
            profits for the industry when they don’t come down. All I ask is be consistent. Follow the facts and not the myths of “Fair
            and Balanced or Lean Forward”. I treat
            most blogs the same as I do the National Enquirer, “If it’s in there, it can’t
            be true.” Don’t believe something just
            because you don’t like the person they are talking about, do a little
            independent research, see what actually happened yesterday, listen to the whole
            speech and not just the edited parts being shown to you.

            Finally; I was riding in Miami one night when the lady I was
            riding with stopped the vehicle in the middle of the street, asked me if I had
            any cash and I gave her a couple of dollars.
            She bolted from the car and ran over to give the money to a man digging
            through a trash can. When she returned,
            I asked her what that was all about. She
            said that she had never seen that before.
            I was shocked because we both in Atlanta, across the street from a soup
            kitchen and homeless shelter and that were the normal activity we could observe
            from out Midtown High-rise offices. But
            the big difference this night was the gentleman was white while in Atlanta
            those we see daily are mostly Minorities.
            She had never seen them on our streets because she could not identify
            with them. That is our limited ability
            to focus on the problem, we focus on the people. For me a hungry person deserves food. If I want my vehicle to be safely parked, it
            may just be in my best interest to offer that person help. Oh, I was a senior Police Officer at the
            time, so I knew of the problems in out working community. It’s not black and white, it being human and
            compassionate and also understanding that our help also reduces crime.

          83. jmprint November 19, 2013

            Obviously a lot more then you.

          84. gvette November 19, 2013

            LOL..You’re a riot.

          85. LydiLouiKats November 19, 2013

            You mean Republicans, right? — Because that’s what they do! 🙂

          86. Annemb November 20, 2013

            Check our Constitution.

          87. gvette November 20, 2013

            There won’t be much left of it, if we don’t get rid of Barry. Oh, I forgot, you demonrats don’t care.

          88. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            The biggest theft in the last 11 years of American rights was the patriot act….BAR NONE. You know “The Patriot Act” look it up and tell me Obama is trying to do that to America. That’s a Bush law……but that law was promoted by instilling fear into American’s..sound familiar? What party routiely does that…Geez let me think. “IRAQ HAS WMD’s and they’re going to use it on us…..that’s another one..shall I go on.

          89. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Funny, gvette..Mitch mcConnel is republican minority leader in the senate isn’t he? Seems to me he’s just fine with taking the countries tax dollars in his state to finish his damn and canal system…ya, that one so brilliantly planned as to fall 3 billion short of ever being completed. Once he got his free money…the debt ceiling was passed……

          90. gvette November 21, 2013

            Trust me. I wasn’t fond of that. He’s another one that needs to go!

          91. plc97477 November 24, 2013

            How does that explain the fact that most welfare money and food stamps go to red states?

      2. highpckts November 19, 2013

        Wow what manners and mouth!

        1. gvette November 19, 2013

          Awwww…did I offend a demonrat?

          1. highpckts November 19, 2013

            No! You are just offensive period!!

          2. gvette November 19, 2013

            Trust me, it’s by design. As I find most demonrats offensive.

          3. jnap November 19, 2013

            I think you are a fucing idiot but that is the price I pay to post on this message board.

          4. gvette November 19, 2013

            There ya go. Thinking again. Just do what Barry tells you. Demonrats by, and large can’t think for themselves!!

          5. jackie November 20, 2013

            gvette… why don’t you do us all a favor and shut up and go away? You reveal your ignorance with every line you post.

          6. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            I’m unemployed gvette…Here let me think. I get unemployment..I pyed in well over everything I take in for years of being employed. My unemployment money is taxed before I get. So now I’ve been double taxed for that money. I have no benefits….I’m thinking gvette…hold on…yup I need insurance. So you don’t have to pay for mine….yup..I signed up…and I will be paying money for it. See it’s not free….even to people out of work….I just signed up to save you money too….and I thought about what’s best for me. and Barry allowed me to be able to do that…..

          7. gvette November 21, 2013

            You didn’t pay into the unemployment fund. Your employer did.

          8. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Nope …..no more then running toilet water.

      3. DennisRL November 20, 2013

        Oh come on gvette. Lighten up. gee you’re about to blow a gasket. gvette comes on here once in awhile and likes to harass us poor old liberals. You’re a perfect example of a right wing goof ball. You’re always angry. Never ever give anyone anything unless it’s contempt.
        You hate everyone that isn’t just like you and you never have anything good to say about anything. The funny part about gvette is that if you go down through all of his/her posts you see that ever accusation about democrats are actually faults of republicans. You know…not thinking for yourself. Trying to dictate how others should live. Lying. Actually, I think gvette is a woman because she has that bitchy quality.

        1. gvette November 20, 2013

          chuckle Denise. I only venture here, to see what lies you enjoy telling each

          This by far, is a collection of low information people. You don’t think it,
          but it’s true.

          just for fun. The one gal that got on Barry care. The rose garden gal. Just

          lost her insurance! Just another one of the Barry losers.

          1. jnap November 20, 2013

            Good, now she can get insurance that is worth something.

          2. gvette November 20, 2013

            She can’t afford it. that’s the point. just another stupid Obama bot!

          3. jnap November 20, 2013

            So she can go without. She obviously didn’t have any insurance before so nothing is lost. Oh, I forgot she can keep her crap policy for another year if she wants, provided her insurance company wants to sell it to her.
            Gee, isn’t that the free market, where insurance companies can deny any with preexisting conditions, drop people, change their policies, charge what they want and not cover much of anything. Well it used to before obamacare, I am soooo sorry you lost your crap policy just about as much as I am glad that soon I will not have to pay for your emergency room visits.

          4. gvette November 20, 2013

            Now you see, being ignorant, you have no idea what I’m talking about. This
            is the gal, that Barry, you’re girlfriend, used to support his piss poor care.
            She didn’t have any, and she still doesn’t. You assholes really need to get
            better news!

          5. jnap November 20, 2013

            So if she didn’t have any and still doesn’t she hasn’t lost anything has she? Since I know nothing about this girls income I have no way of knowing why she won’t be able to get insurance. if she is poor she will be eligible for Medicaid in those states that have expanded it. If she is in one of those other 26 states she should be patient because they will fold and expand Medicaid pretty soon.
            When you speak in hypothetical situations It is impossible to know why people do and not do whatever.

          6. gvette November 20, 2013

            I believe she makes about 50 grand a year. I was going to send you a link, but you demos like to stay in the dark. So, stay in the dark. It’s not hypothetical, this was Barrys big deal.
            Again, a joke, just like what he is. A lot of democrats are waking up. You, and your ilk here, may never.

          7. jnap November 20, 2013

            If she makes 50K a year she should be able to afford health insurance. You didn’t say whether she was single, had kids or what her circumstance is. If she had a preexisting condition she can now get insurance where she could not before Obamacare.
            Send me the link, I like to be informed.

          8. jnap November 20, 2013

            I read the entire article and it was the state that screwed up and not the ACA law. The state did not have its act together because of a health care program for children they call “Apple”?
            But I have other questions for this women. First she wanted a Gold plan and thought she could afford that with the tax credits.
            The price for that plan was $290.00 a month. After all of the problems with the State of Washington health care site she found she could get a silver plan for $390.00 a month which she says she can not afford. $390.00 a month is less than 10% of her monthly income and the premiums are indeed Federal tax deductible.
            I have a couple of question for her: Where is the father of her child and why isn’t he paying child support? Why doesn’t she buy a bronze plan that she can afford? Going without insurance puts her at great risk of bankruptcy, doesn’t it?
            Some things are important and a Bronze plan would be a lot better than having nothing.
            Maybe she thought she was going to get insurance for pennies but come on, she makes $50,000.00 a year and says she can not afford $390.00 a month? Hummm.

          9. gvette November 20, 2013

            Originally the point I was making is, this was an Obama Bot. He used

            on air. Makes him look the fool, he is. Yes, I know you just love him.

            Your choice.

          10. jnap November 20, 2013

            She sent him the letter and bragged about Obamacare and the fact she can now get insurance for the first time in 15 years. She can still get Obamacare, take the tax deduction for the premiums and not have to go without. It is her choice. Incidentally, based on her income her tax will be $500.00 which is one percent of her income of 50K and it will go up in the future.
            She also did not blame the President and said it was Washington state that made the mistakes.
            I still want to know why she can’t afford $390.00 a month for the premiums when she makes 50K a year?

          11. gvette November 20, 2013

            I don’t know her financial situation. I just look at the humor of it.

            She’s an Obama bot, so I have no idea what she thinks, or

            even if she does. I wish her luck.

          12. jnap November 20, 2013

            Well now, that is the most intelligent thing you have written, Congratulations.
            I to wish her well and once she thinks about it suspects she will get insurance.

          13. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            So your spouting about an article you read…..and then admitted you don’t remember what you read. There’s a difference between a bot…and mindless zombie……thankyou for sharing. I now no that you are proof zombie’s exist.

          14. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            gvette…please…no ones getting any benefits from ACA….it doesn’t start until Jan 2014…..AND THEN there’s you…acting like it’s hurt you for months…..really? REALLY? When I point my finger at you ..I’m really not touching…..but your screaming like a little girl from the back seat….”MOM! HE’s TOUCHING ME” over and over…

          15. gvette November 21, 2013

            well aware of when it starts. That’s when the other shoe drops. Employer paid
            benefits will go away. Why do you thing democrats are distancing themselves from

          16. DennisRL November 20, 2013

            gvette, you never fail to disappoint. As usual, your response is totally nonsensical. And you proved my point again about turning your failings into accusations about us. The people on this site are a “collection of low information individuals”. Are you kidding me? That’s hilarious. As they say, people who watch fox are less informed than people who don’t watch anything. I guess you missed that tidbit.

          17. gvette November 20, 2013

            My news sources are many. The difference between yours, and mine? Yours are
            all funded by George Soros, and mine aren’t. There is a difference. The reason I
            refer to you as low everything, is by what I read over here. Yes, I know, it is
            not kind. then again…

          18. DennisRL November 21, 2013

            the reason you say that isn’t because the people on here aren’t well informed, it’s because they’re saying what you don’t want to hear. I used to vote republican all the time because they represented my philosophy on fiscal conservatism. But then they started running around like a bunch of nuts yelling socialism, socialism!! Idiotic stuff. Now they’re just the party of of ideological mumbo jumbo spouting populist slogans and demagoguery. Unfortunately, people like you fell right in line with this nonsense and believed what they were hearing. We’ve lost our ability for common sense solutions to problems because of all of this political morass we’re in. And until we get rid of all the goof balls in our politics, we’re doomed to being in this societal purgatory.

          19. gvette November 21, 2013

            Dennis, I agree with you whole heartedly. I don’t vote party lines though.
            I try to vote for those, that care about us. It’s funny, we talk about problems.
            There shouldn’t be any. The people we elect, are/cause

            the problems. If they didn’t want them…there wouldn’t be any. I know
            that’s over simplification, but

            in fact true. I guess that makes us, the fools.

      4. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

        Mr. Gruber is a typical academic
        who knows less to NOTHING about how the real world works . I doubt if he has ever had a job in the business world or run a business . He is removed , aloof . Business people
        can only be drained so much ( and here I am speaking
        of small businesses , which provide 75 % of all of
        the jobs in America ) only be taxed so much , before
        they go under . Not only that – but the Washington
        Post predicts that 80% of all Americans will lose their
        employer based health insurance – thanks to the
        ACA . This will result in higher prices for premiums
        and higher deductibles for millions and millions of
        Middle Class families already struggling to make it
        because of the Recession .

        Just so you know I am not biased against Democrats
        the same kind of people – the same kind of arrogant
        academics – manipulated the truth to get us into
        the Iraqi War . Thousands of brave husbands, son
        and brothers are dead , Thousands more permanently
        wounded ( saw one the other day, a handsome
        young man of about 23 with metal supports for legs )

        Trillions of dollars of debt later and here we are .
        Then we have another Harvard idiot and his ‘advisors ‘
        who pull us out of Iraq before it was the right time to do
        so and slowly it is becoming all for nothing . Does he
        care ? Oh no . He’s playing in the surf on yet
        another expensive Hawaiian vacation and perfecting
        his golf swing .

        The Neo- Cons
        probably have cushy lives and plush salaries in academia
        now . And the frauds on Wall Street ? Have even one of them been indicted ?

    2. barry1817 November 19, 2013

      It is Obamacare, and it is a failure,

      Passed in the dead of night, with violations of the way tax bills are to be originated.

      And tell me again how b.o.’s stimulus plan is doing for the economy. The economy that they told us would now be at 6% unemployment if nothing had been done.

      1. jmprint November 19, 2013

        It went very well. Everyone that pays into social security received a break and that in turned helped stimulate the economy, if it hadn’t been for that more people would be more dire need. And if he hadn’t taken action as he did we would be in a depression, not recession.

        1. barry1817 November 19, 2013

          sorry but by B.O.’s own words, without stimulus we would have unemployment under 6% by now,

          And you are happy with the bogus numbers that were manipulated as stories are being released, and happy with the increase in unemployment, food stamps, and the decrease labor pool that is the lowest in some 35 years.

          1. jmprint November 19, 2013

            Bush left a mess, and the GOP has fought against EVERYTHING what President Obama has tried to do, nobody should have to work under these circumstances. Whether you like it or not, many, many, many people are better off now then in 2008.

          2. barry1817 November 19, 2013

            and you elected B.O. to correct the problem, and he has failed.

            The debt which B.O. said was unpatriotic and irresponsible has gone from $10 Trillion to over $17 trillion with more than $1 trillion in new debt since just October.

            unemployment numbers, we learned to day were fudged for the election, and the U6 shows over 14%,

            The stimulus was designed so that unemployment would be under the 6% that would be if nothing was done, and it isn’t

            Those on food stamps are up some 15,000,000

            Real wages, have been dropping

            Taxes are increasing.

            And I don’t know where you get many, many many people are better off, when the facts show 9,000,000 more people are not working than in 2009–labor force participation is lowest in 30+ years

            So believe what you want, but the facts don’t support many, many many people better off.

          3. jmprint November 20, 2013

            Can you explain why GOP will not give an up or down vote on President Obama’s last four nomonees?

          4. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            sure it is politics, and what the dems sowed, they are reaping.

            I still remember how Bork was treated.

          5. jmprint November 20, 2013

            NO, it’s called obstruction, that’s all GOP knows how to do, they are good for NOTHING, NOT WORTH THEIR PAY.

          6. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            no you are being situationally challenged, and seem to forget what dems did to republicans, but then it was somehow fine?

            So you can shout this all you want, but once you ignore that dems do the same thing, you are only spouting talking points.

            So you can stop wasting your time complaining because your rants are typical liberal rants, that because you aren’t getting your way, and you think you are right, you want something special

          7. jmprint November 20, 2013

            No I am not being situationally challenged, you care just being ignorant about the conversation taking place. Can you guys focus on the future? Are are you not capable?

          8. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            your comment was that only republicans look to block. That was situationally challenged,

            Are you so ignorant of what you write, that you can’t see what you are writing.

            And focus on the future would be agreeing with so many dems, including Sen. Feinstein and Bill Clinton that B.O. lied to sell B.O.Care, and the rats are leaving him, and why would anyone want to support this liar and by his own words a man whose policies are unpatriotic, irresponsible and signal leadership failure.

          9. jmprint November 20, 2013

            Great failure when thousand of our children died and are suffering because of Cheney’s lies, talk about unpatriotic, irresponsible and signal leadership failure. Oh but we are only going to focus on what YOU THINK are President Obama’s failure. We are not going to agree on anything so don’t bother with your insulting replies.

          10. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            can’t win with the discussion, change the topic, so liberal of you.

          11. jmprint November 20, 2013

            No, I’m not playing any games, I’m just stating facts, but you want to keep repeating the same bullcrap, over and over and over and at the end it’s still the same old untrue crap.

          12. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            haven’t seen anything to back up opinions which are situationally challenged and just parroting liberal talking points, the same tried and true failures that your leader. B.O. by his own words likens his policies to a person that is unpatriotic, irresponsible and a leadership failure.

            FACTS need supporting documents. Especially when you have been situationally challenged in past posts.

          13. jmprint November 20, 2013

            What good have the facts done for you, you keep ignoring them, you can’t even answer simple questions, without your blah, blah, blah. No facts no answers, just full of crap.

          14. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            typical liberal projection of your own deficiencies onto others.

          15. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            When you backup opinions with facts…the opinions ARE FACTS. Before a fact is a fact it’s an opinion or a theory or in your case rhetoric….or nonsense….try the truth…it may set you free…My bad…your a conservative and don’t use that ability. If ya don’t know how to use tools you shouldn’t use them probably.

          16. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Remember that document and oath passed around to be signed by all republicans…the one prohibiting raising taxes on the richest 3 percent? That one…that’s obstructionism…tell me I’m wrong. AND since a bill to increase taxes on the rich passed into law, noting a republican majority in the House…how’s that feel to ya. Your own party lied to ya…And it is good for the country! OOOOH…..ouch…..

          17. Annemb November 20, 2013

            Check the FACTS.

          18. jnap November 19, 2013

            Your nuts!

          19. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            a response that is a personal attack, doesn’t address the issue is a person who by his posts prove that he and his posts are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT>

            Come back when you have facts and can be civil.

            Until then you are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to any discussion on this site.

          20. jnap November 20, 2013

            It is not personal if it is true. You are indeed, nuts!

          21. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            expressing your opinion in a personal attack is your delusion, confirming that since you aren’t civil in your posts, you and what you post are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to any discussion.

          22. jnap November 20, 2013

            Civil? You think you are civil? I am just stating a fact when I say your are nuts.

          23. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            once more a personal attack confirming that what you say and what you post make you TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to any discussion.

          24. jnap November 20, 2013

            OK, Let me put it in another way. If you make things up, do not state facts in evidence, deny even the most obvious facts, are totally against anything that helps millions of people. complain about things that do not affect you personally and are otherwise a crank then quite possible you are “nuts”. Maybe not truly “nuts” but maybe mentally challenged?

          25. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            once more a personal attack confirming that both you and your posts are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to any discussion on this site.

          26. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Barry, that’s what you are…so what am I?

          27. barry1817 November 21, 2013

            once more projecting your deficiencies onto others.

          28. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            We read it the first time…..repeating your post won’t be more convincing. I know you learned it from Fox and friends…of Fox

          29. barry1817 November 21, 2013

            once more projecting your deficiences onto others.

          30. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Please remove your hands from your ears and stop the LALALALALALALA stuff.

          31. jnap November 20, 2013

            What the f are you talking about. President Obama never said stimulus was not needed and in fact wants more. Especially for veterans.

          32. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            I said that if the stimulus wasn’t passed, B.O.’s admin stated that unemployment would be about 6% now.

            He said with his stimulus that unemployment would be about 5% now.

            He lied. Simple enough, In other countries when the leader is wrong, and so demonstratively false, he usually resigns, or in parliamentary situations gets a no confidence vote and then is voted out.

          33. jnap November 20, 2013

            And if the Republicans had done one single thing to help the working class instead of dumping money on the rich the unemployment rate might be 5%. Romney lost, he is history and shall never come back. Obama won, twice, so who is the loser here, loser? obamacare will be hugely popular in a year and the Republican will want to take credit for it. Please go away, you are tiring.

          34. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            explaining away failure by pointing at bad behavior by someone else, is what a 4 year old does to justify his bad behavior.

          35. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            We send leaders of other countries that kill innocent people to the Hague in Geneva to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. The war in Iraq was a lie perpetrated on the world community.. killing 100’s of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and not stabilizing Iraq but destabilizing it. Why are American War criminals (Chenney,Bush,RUMSFELD) not being prosecuted for the killing of innocents…is it because the dead are Islamic?

      2. jnap November 19, 2013

        Who care what you think? It is the law and it is not going away.
        Buy insurance and there will not be a problem because someone else will not have to pay your health care bills.

        1. barry1817 November 20, 2013

          who cares what you think. As to law of the land so was DOMA, and so was Medicare Catastrophic Coverage, and both were changed because they were wrong.

          And that is your opinion that it isn’t going away, as a new court challenge may change that as you are aware that all spending bills must originate in the house, and this one didn’t.

          1. jnap November 20, 2013

            Do you have delusions all of the time or only some of the time?Obamacare was approved by the Supreme Court, it is the law and if you don’t want insurance don’t buy any. Pay the tax penalty and go away. Millions of people will get health insurance and will be secure knowing that if they have a serious illness it will not bankrupt them. How about you, if you get sick and don’t have insurance do you want those with insurance to pay your way?

          2. barry1817 November 20, 2013

            and as I mentioned to you, becoming the law of the land doesn’t mean that it stays, especially with dems now speaking of repealing it.

            So are you delusional or so ignorant of facts that you don’t know that other laws, including health care have been repealed. citing Medicare Catastrophic Coverage LAW. Repealed by democrats.

            And I am seeing the millions, or was it some 27,000 that got onto the government exchange, while 5,000,000 plus cancelation notices have gone out, and next year the cancellations will go out to those insured by their companies, as those policies will not be legal, having been illegally given a roll back until next year.

            So you like the government taxing you for not buying something, wow, you really do hate this country and the constitution.

          3. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            I know Barry …you and your party want to repeal the voters act too…and maybe the emancipation proclaimation. Better work on repealing a woman’s right to vote too….while all these great ideas and dreams are flowing….Proof .the GOP doesn’t like our black president…now get ready to deal with the GOP’s 2nd worst nightmare…A woman president….Oh I can’t wait. Goody,goody,goody.

          4. barry1817 November 21, 2013

            It would be very wise to not put words into someone else’ mouth, especially when you don’t know the person.

            I like Condi Rice as President, so no problem there, and Allen West, or Herman Cain are terrific leaders, as would be Dr. Carson.

            So take your attempt at racism and sexism and stop projecting your failures and deficiencies on others.

          5. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Seems to me that the Senate will have to vote for that law too. Bonus, after the midterms in 2014, the house will be Dem majority or independent and dems..another short sighted move to rig the system…the new gerrymandering scheme from GOP…that will back fire against the Tea Baggers..I’m for it…

          6. barry1817 November 21, 2013

            that is your opinion, and when your add perjoratives you weaken any reason to respond.

            And how about Obamacare and the failure, the lies, deceptions, a web site that is only 60-70% complete, and the facts coming out that they knew, and next year a project 50,000,000 more may lose their health care.

            Fun isn’t it.

            And that doesn’t inclued the challenge the bill is illegal because of the way it originated, which wasn’t as a money bill from the house.

      3. Annemb November 20, 2013

        Hmm, I seem to remember that M/Care D, the drug plan was passed around 2am after much arm-twisting.

        The failure is the TGOP and their lack of governance and integrity.

    3. plc97477 November 24, 2013

      I think you are expecting too much of billo the clown.

  9. ram1020 November 19, 2013

    I keep hearing about “sub-standard” policies. It makes it seem like people weren’t happy with them, when in reality, the new “standard” policies are socializing serious illness and reproductive health issues. Serious illness is somewhat socialized now with the “continuous and credible” insurance stipulations. We should be asking whether or not we want those risks further socialized, and at what cost.
    If we all are paying for other peoples risky behavior by socializing the resulting costs, then does that mean we have a right to pass laws that limit the risks that they are taking?
    This is the real issue, not which party wins and loses. In the end, the impacts on our lifestyles from the costs and restrictions are going to be weighed against party loyalty.

    1. highpckts November 19, 2013

      You really like that word socializing!
      Give a definition.

      1. ram1020 November 19, 2013

        It means the cost of covering the risk is borne by everyone, not just those who present the risk. I am always open to use new words, what word would you suggest?

    2. CPAinNewYork November 19, 2013

      The policies are substandard according to the ACA because they contain escape clauses that enable the insurers to weasel out of paying.
      Insurance companies are infamous for this. A notorious non-healthcare example is State Farm’s invoking the “groundwater” clause in its homeowner policies to escape having to pay for flooding caused by such natural disasters as Katrina.
      I had a flood caused by a sudden downpour: five inches of rain in twenty minutes. State Farm refused to pay.

      I think that the federal government should take over all health insurance. Just expand Medicare to include the ACA and thus to cover it all.

      1. ram1020 November 19, 2013

        Sorry to hear about your homeowners insurance problem. There are different policies that cover different risks, but they tend to be more expensive. No policies cover flooding unless you have a separate rider that is usually less than $10 per year, unless you live on a flood plain.
        The substandard policies, as defined by ACA, don’t cover preexisting conditions unless you go 1 year treatment free, and don’t cover reproductive care. Some people don’t need that coverage.

        1. CPAinNewYork November 19, 2013

          I was unable to obtain that coverage from State Farm.

        2. jnap November 20, 2013

          No, flooding is covered by Federal flood insurance if you are in a flood zone. Flood insurance is very expensive by the way.

      2. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

        I totally agree, if not all healthcare, at least life saving procedures. If you want a face lift or tummy tuck (yes ladies men get them also LOL) then you should be able to buy an insurance to cover stuff like that. Example, my wife lost all of her teeth before she was fifty and finally she wanted them replaced. My dental insurance covered $1200.00 a year, but she wanted a full mouth implant that came to $40,000.00. I could have opted for the Dentures for maybe less than the $1200.00, but for her and myself it was not just about eating but a little vanity was involved. So I paid for the full mouth implant as I should have because it would have been wrong to want someone else pay for vanity. For me that is how it should work. I needed a car and I could have picked up a nice import for under $20,000.00 but I “wanted” a new MKZ at about $50,000.00. For less than twenty thousand I could have gotten transportation and kept some money in my pocket, but I wanted more than transportation, I wanted vanity so I paid for it.

        I think we should pay for all doctors classes and in return they would give the government a set number of years service at a fair market price. After that, they would be free to freelance out their service and take their chances on the open market. Sure some want money and others want to heal, I ran across a lot of those that wanted to heal in the Air Force and they did a great job of keeping me and my family healthy for more than 20 years.

        When I hear about those that would not provide good service, I know that they don’t know any real doctors. When I had my first heart attack after leaving the military, my Private Sector Cardiologist told me that nothing was wrong and he went to another hospital, my Personal provider however said that he wanted me in the hospital overnight. When I arrived at the Emergency Room, they discovered that I was having a Heart Attack. My Family Practice Doctor is still my Primary Care Doctor even though I am a 100% disabled Veteran and my Cardiologist is also still my Cardiologist of choice because he learned a lot that day. He learned how to be a doctor and not just a provider.

    3. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 19, 2013

      Ram1020; we already pass laws that limit behavior, speed limits, red lights, medication, sex with minors, and on and on. A civilized society will pass laws to protect it people for many reasons, not the least of which should be health care. If we don’t educate people, then they will grow up with no employable future, that put the rest of society at risk because the human animal will do what is necessary to survive. The hungry will eat even if they have to steal it and that is when the whole of society suffer.

      A responsible society should work as a union to provide that what is required for the population to survive. If I need a doctor, then I should be able to go see one. Not because I have insurance but because what is bothering me will soon have an impact on the entire community if not taken care of.

      We tend to fear the idea of Socialized Government, but there is no such thing as a Socialized Government, there is however a Socialized Economy. But after living in Germany for eight years, I learned that a combination of a Capitalist Economy and Socialize Economy can co-exist and thrive. If I want a car, I buy what I can afford, if I want a IPhone, I buy what I can afford, but if I “NEED” health care, I should have access to what I need and not what I can afford. I find that here in the United States, we are selfish and don’t wish for others to have access to what we have worked for. That is simply wrong headed thinking, as a community we can share in the expense of what is needed and demand that you assume responsibility of obtaining what you want. In Germany, Utilities are all government controlled, they are less expensive and better maintained and they actually produce more electricity than they use. Except in the big cities, most Germans grow their own food and because they are about community, they share between each other. Here we could never do that because we don’t want Jim to get potatoes from our garden because his cabbage garden didn’t produce as much.

      I use to cut my grass and then take the cuttings to my landlord who would feed them to his cows and then he would share the milk with his neighbors. Because I used a Base Grocery store, he would always give me a couple of bottles of Wine, 1976 was a great year by the way. Had I know that those free bottles of wine would someday be selling at $50.00 each, I would have kept them. LOL

      His wife would always bring us potatoes from their garden and we would pick cherries from the cherry trees. I hated to leave because there was such a sense of community.

      I would love for all of us to one day see the benefit of team work and participation. Allow our Government to coordinate those thing we all need and for the Koch Brothers and Walmart to provide those things we want. Just a thought.

      1. ram1020 November 20, 2013

        Sure, society does need to protect it’s people. We have things like stoplights to keep people from injuring others or themselves, but then we have enforcement through fines and the courts for those who don’t comply. We manage our social cost of driving in that way. How do we, as a civilized society, manage the healthcare cost? If I am paying a part for everyone’s healthcare, and they mine, I need to control their behavior to manage the cost. Butter and red meat lead to heart disease. We as a collective should not accept the burden of reckless carnivores any more than reckless drivers. Pass a law that limits/forbids these foods.

        I agree that we should offer contraception and well baby care. Now, which one you want is your choice, but when the total expense is borne by the collective, then we should have a say in how much any individual in the collective can consume. Maybe we allow 2 children? maybe 3? How many is excessive? Pass a law so that reckless child bearers don’t burden the system any more than reckless drivers.
        What about older people. After the age of xx, they have a lower remaining life expectancy. Do we take care of their hip replacements, or do we make that vs. pain pills a luxury vs. a need decision to be made by those who are paying for it. If cancer treatment is deemed by government statistics to extend their life by 5 years, is the benefit to society to pay for the treatment worth the cost? That will be our decision not theirs. After all, we all want something left so we can buy things from the Kochs and Wallmart….or even from good guys like Costco and Bloomberg.

        I’m glad that you had a good sharing experience in Germany. I, too, have had good sharing experiences within neighborhoods and church communities here in the United States. These people shared without passing laws that required some amount of sharing. Maybe more should be willing to do that within their own groups, and they might if they didn’t assume the government was taking care of it.

        1. Harold L. Harris, Sr. November 20, 2013

          My suggestion for SOCIALIZED Health Care is very simple. Take it out of the hands of Insurance Companies as well as the people. I know that many don’t like to hear this, but a national tax such a what we now have like Social Security and Medicare would be the means of providing such health benefits. This takes a burden off of employers that subsidize most of their employees now, allowing them to free up some funds to hire more people and just might reduce the cost of many of their products.

          We now pay the expense of those uninsured every time they visit an emergency room, we just don’t feel it because it is hidden in the cost of those six dollar each baby aspirins I received when I had my first heart attack. It also come back at us in the cost of higher insurance premiums.

          Much of your response seems to pass on the responsibility to charities or churches and there is nothing wrong with them helping when it comes to feeding the hungry, clothing the poor or shelter for the homeless, but I do believe that I might need more than a congregational prayer if I have a medical emergency. Not that there is not a place for the prayer but I need a doctor when I am sick.

          Some of our problems we have as a nation is we want to control all of society’s actions and force everyone to believe just as we do. When we stop worrying about the poor mother in line with the cell phone and the EBT card and look at the hungry child we may be headed at getting it right.

          My experience in Germany was not as a citizen but as an onlooker observing a people that cared about it friends, neighbors and even those they really didn’t car for. We have been conditioned to fear that we don’t understand and our politicians have perfected the art of inflating the BS factor. Most of us don’t like Socialism simply because it is associated with Russia or China, but many of the most advanced countries around the world have managed to merge their economy with the good of both socialism and capitalism and it is working, but Profit Hogs does not want the people of this country to experience what could be good because they can’t accept the prospect of their ideology being rejected.

          Looking back on Social Security and Medicare, there was always a belief that they would not work, even today they use scare tactics to suggest that they are going broke. The answer is yes and no because they private sector want to get their hands on the money in those accounts. Many people woke up after ENRON and found they were broke. Hopefully they had time to rebuild, but if they were counting on their investment for a better retirement, they are living on Food Stamps and Social Security. We have to look beyond the private sector agenda and think at some time; what if? What if you lose everything on a great Delta Stock because they had to go into bankruptcy and investors lost everything. Had the Fed’s not stepped in and saved GM and Chrysler, many more would have been in the same boat.

          Personal Responsibility is a great Bumper Sticker, but when you do everything right and the system fail you, who do we hold responsible? That is why we need a safety net to protect us from ourselves and the greedy profit driven Co-op’s. Nothing wrong with them for the most part, but if you are the one person that watch your life saving go up in smoke because of one illness or worse yet, one bad business decision.

          We will be a better community when we learn to care. Most of us, Republicans and Democrats alike does care, but when you read the postings of some of these people, are you sure you want them on your side when you need some help?

        2. jnap November 20, 2013

          Man you are far out. You want to limit the amount of children people can have because you are afraid it will costs you something? You want to dictate what people eat and whether someone with only 5 years left in their life is worth a hip replacement? And people with cancer should be evaluated as to the amount of life they may have remaining? Chris^ you are a selfish bastar&
          Please, please go away.

          1. ram1020 November 21, 2013

            Chill out jnap. I don’t want that, I’m just pointing out the logical end of “society being responsible” for everyone’s health, as Mr. Harris was suggesting. Sounds sick, doesn’t it, but China limits the number of children, and England gives doctors bonuses for moving older sick patients to hospice. It is not that far fetched.

          2. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            So who benefits? Ram? The doctor or the patient? You site China as a guideline? You are concerned about your money…you are concerned about your fear. Doctors already rich getting kick backs for making decisions that don’t effect them. Is that the American society you want? What if it happens to you? How bout if you have a terminal illness…do you want your doctor to get a kick back to “make the logical conclusion your life is a financial drain on society”…and being fiscally responsible and logical ..put you down? Morally and ethically you are bankrupt already. Logically speaking.

          3. ram1020 November 21, 2013

            If you can read, thank a teacher. Apparently Mark has no teacher to thank.

            Those are examples of “collective” taking responsibility for healthcare. If you don’t agree, tell me how it will be different. We already have people up in arms about 45% increases in their rates and higher deductibles. How much more will it take for the “collective” to demand relief? How will that relief look?

            Sorry if the nice sounding idea does not always end up with unicorns and rainbows.

          4. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            jnap….well said…..My folks told me when I was very young, You can’t put a price on human life. Guess there are some that have become so self important that they do put a price on life.

      2. jnap November 20, 2013

        And don’t forget that all school children in Germany can get a free college education which provides the talent for their society to grow and prosper. We could learn a lot from Germany. They also have socialized health care and spend a lot less on health care than we do.
        The big problem with Americans is that they think they are better than everyone else when in fact are quite inferior on many issues.

    4. jnap November 20, 2013

      Insurance and the protections it provides are what it is all about. You ask whether you should discriminate against those that do not have your perfect existence, have enjoyed a life free of strife, have genes that preclude any illness until the day you drop dead. have never collected on your insurance: health, auto, home owners, liability and others and are otherwise perfect. Well pal, I have news for you; life is a preexisting condition and you will one day find that out.

  10. tax payer November 19, 2013

    Disgusting Medicaid is only provided to the poor and we have to pay for our Healthcare Insurance. ( Disgusting ).

    1. Lola Johnson November 19, 2013

      I’ll bet you wish you were poor, too, so you could get free insurance.

      1. tax payer November 19, 2013

        Any one that earns $50,000 or less is considered poor, so yes I am poor, but prefer to have Health Insurance instead of using my money for Alcohol. Some Poor People also buy Health Insurance too, but others prefer to buy alcohol instead, so those are the people I am talkingt about this time.

        1. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

          Did I just read, you think a person making 50K is poor? And all poor people are acoholics except you? I’m thinking you are having a problem with alcoholics in your life…… and venting….I’m listening ….go on.

      2. tax payer November 19, 2013

        I am sorry, but I would never go to their level.

        1. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

          You just did! Anything else you’d like to vent about that has no bearing? Go ahead. I’m still listening.

    2. highpckts November 19, 2013

      God aren’t you lucky to have money and not have to struggle for a bite to eat! You are disgusting!

      1. tax payer November 19, 2013

        If you don’t have money you sure don’t struggle, when tax payers feed you and the family. I have money because I know how to manage expenses and don’t buy on credit except a vehicle and a house. If I can’t afford to buy something with cash I wait until I have the money and don’t go into debt.

        1. highpckts November 19, 2013

          You are a piece of work! Glad you have your health and a job! Luck,lucky,lucky!!! Sure wish everyone could be as smart as you!!

          1. tax payer November 19, 2013

            Are you being sarcastic? Just fooling with you. I am retired and ( No ) I don’t have Good Health, but I take care of myself, and listen to my doctors; so I can be here a longtime. I am ( not ) as smart in some things, but do try to figure out how to do my own repairs at the house, so I don’t have to pay a Mechanic, Plumber or a Carpenter. If you can do it yourself you can save money by checking the internet for Videos on how to do repairs around the house.

          2. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

            Oh ..so you’re on medicare already? Is the ACA gonna cost you? Don’t think so…..I believe that your party is trying to cut your social security…what party is responsible for that?

          3. SilaSez November 15, 2014

            The Democrats, they already cut 700 billion out of medicare to pay for Obamacare, then double counted it in the “savings” to justify Obamacare…Democrats …pathetic.

        2. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

          You pay cash for everything? You’re fiscally fortunate. and have not been effected by the 2008 crash……..not like alot of other people. Yup your blessed…..and very,very lucky.

    3. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

      Poor people should all be slaughtered and their flesh be fed to other poor people. The rich should be revered for their good fortune bestowed on them by Christ Amen…….

  11. James M. Vandeventer November 19, 2013

    Good morning PEEPS! This is who people should be listening to instead of the RIGHT WING SABOTAGING REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY POOPERS!
    The ACA IS A GREAT PIECE OF LEGISLATION! But those who have lined their pockets all these years by PICKING THE CUSTOMERS THEY WILL COVER AND BEING DISCRIMINATORY TO THOSE WHO NEEDED INSURANCE, DON’T WANT CHANGE! They want to continue to pick and choose who they will cover in order to support their LOBBYISTS, LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS, AND KEEP PUTTING MORE $$$$ IN THE KOCH BROS. POCKETS!
    People, wake up, the President NEEDS OUR BACKS! He has had our backs thru the worst economic recession, gotten us out of 2 WARS, SAVE THE AUTO INDUSTRY, and bottomline, KEPT THE WHEELS FROM FALLING OFF OUR COUNTRY!

    1. SeRiOuSLy!!?? November 19, 2013


    2. irishtap November 20, 2013

      SPOT ON!

    3. John Smith November 22, 2013

      ” I think in those states, by my own estimates, it’s going to raise premiums by about 15 percent in the exchange”

      Because California, one of the states seeing the highest increase in premiums, is a red state! Wait a second…

      Does this guy have brown eyes?

    4. spunknik November 18, 2014

      The president “needs our backs” alright. Bend over while he gets out his Grube Lube.

  12. Mansour Khatib November 19, 2013

    Harold, well said !

  13. elw November 19, 2013

    Jonathan Gruber is a smart man, people should listen to him. The problem with most of the people talking about health care is they do not even understand how our present market place works or even how their own healthcare is actually paid for. If half of them would just keep their mouths closed, we might be able to have an intelligent conversation about how we as a Country would like our health care options to actually look. Instead the conversation is full of hysterics about nothing and yet anything that will confuse and scare people. Half a conversation that highlights only the less than 2% that will end up paying more for their health care coverage (which they have always had) while ignoring the 14% that will finally enter the healthcare market which they have been left out of for decades, is not a conversation. It is a propaganda campaign meant to hurt, not to help. Those that are guilty of it should hang their head in shame and should never be reelected. I do not care what side of the isle they are on, they are not doing their jobs or being honest to the people they were sent by.

    1. tax payer November 19, 2013

      In the past anyone could purchase Health Insurance, but they wouldn’t do it because to them it was more important to buy a Big Screen Television, Computer, PlayStation for their children, Alcohol and other less important gadgets. Your Health comes first and those items can wait unless someone gives them ( those items ) as Gifts,

      1. elw November 19, 2013

        Tax payer you are the perfect example of people who do not know what they are talking about. The health insurance industry has a long and well documented history of locking people out of their market place because the cut into their profit margins. The first big group were Senior, which is why we have Medicare and why the public supported the passage of the ACA. Characterizing everyone of the 50 million hard working Americans who have been denied health coverage as people who would rather spend their money on other things is not only unconscionable it is just not true. It say a lot about you as a person and none of it is kind.

        1. SilaSez November 15, 2014

          The Public NEVER supported the passage of the ACA. Looks at the polls, the support of ACA has never passed 50% and is less popular by the day, plus study after study has shown that an overwhelming majority of the 50 million did not want health insurance – for whatever reason and the percentage that want and could not afford was a very low percentage, so anyone who claims there were 50 million people just yearning to pay for health insurance is disingenuous, at best.

          1. elw November 15, 2014

            Actually the opposite is true the approval rating fro the ACA have been steadily increasing for well over a year and in a recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation which asked if voters wanted it repealed and replaced or kept and improved over 2/3 of the people participating said kept and improved. if you want anyone to believe that the overwhelming number of the 50 million uninsured did not want health insurance you will have to reference that claim. It is the complete opposite of everything I have seen. Your repeating tired, old and disproven GOP talking points that no longer have any value, the ACA is here to stay there is no way anyone will be able to drag it out of the 10s of millions who are benefiting from it (that number will double by the end of the 2014 enrollment period) any more than you could Medicare or Social Security.

      2. jmprint November 20, 2013

        Tax payer, your just blowing hot air, we couldn’t afford our

        1. tax payer November 20, 2013

          Your life is worth more than items you don’t need for pleasure.

        2. spunknik November 18, 2014

          I call BS. I think you’re typing from behind an expensive computer, and that you’ve got a newer-model iPhone in your purse.

  14. gvette November 19, 2013
  15. Bryan Blake November 19, 2013

    The ACA came into law way too late for me. At the age of 38 I started becoming disabled primarily due to what happened to me in Vietnam. I had to rely on the various social safety net programs for disabled persons in order for my daughter and I to survive at a level much below the poverty mark. Despite the picture that Republicans try to paint survival on public assistance is far from luxurious. Eventually I had to go on a VA Pension. That meant I lost medicaid for my daughter and me. She was healthy and I knew that CHIPS was about to come into being. I was eligible to get all my health care from the VA. But the nearest facility was over 70 miles away and my local ambulance service would not take me there. I had to be transported to a nearby town, admitted to a hospital and then transported to the VA. The irony is that virtually all of the medical expenses I incurred would be eventually declared to be service connected. But since I did not have such service connections at the time the bills were my responsibility. I rang up $70,000.00 in medical bills. When the bankruptcy laws were changed to make it much harder to write-off medical debts I filed my own petition. Besides the doctors, hospitals, supply companies and other medical entities that provided me services the big losers were the people WITH insurance. THEY paid for ME! That is what the Republicans want to take us back to: 1. Disabled/Elderly/Poor people go without insurance and become sicker and sicker; 2. The medical industry is NOT PAID for their services; and 3. EVERYONE ELSE pays a hidden insurance “tax” for we uninsured.

    I do not understand how the Republican system is better than the ACA. If the ACA had been around at least I would have been one of the 47% with an insurance subsidy that paid my medical bills. And at least my medical providers would not have been deprived of $70,000.00 they rightfully earned.

    And this is my “positive story” of what the ACA could have done for a real life person if it had but been law.

    1. SilaSez November 15, 2014

      Bryan, thanks for your service and your perspective. I couldn’t disagree with you more about what the ACA “could have done”. At the end of the day it’s run by the Government, the same Government running the VA – so tell me again how it will be better??

  16. mandinka November 19, 2013

    The number of people who had their policies cancelled will exceed all the people enrolled in Obamacre in 2014. And twice as many as those enrolled in ACA

    1. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

      Don’t tell me mandinka…you talk to God…..and your money means a lot to him, as does your opinion.

  17. howa4x November 19, 2013

    The ACA was a republican plan based on market economics, written by the Heritage Foundation, a republican think tank, and implemented by a republican governor. In the parallel universe that the congress operates in, the republicans are opposing their own plan. They should actually run on it, telling people it was their idea and Obama stole it. Once people get past all the press frenzy and they move onto a different story, and the web site works then people will start signing up and those who were the genetic losers will finally get affordable care, it will be hard to take that away. States that didn’t expand Medicaid will see their hospital systems come under deep financial stress. The southern red states are the fattest in the country, with the worst health outcomes. You would think the republican governors would be pounding on the white house door screaming for aid. But then again it’s a parallel universe.

    1. SilaSez November 15, 2014

      Yawn…old, worn out pack of lies, innuendo and half truths…Obamacare passed with 100% Democrat votes, not one Republican vote and that’s the fact…Another interesting fact, the Democrats had 60 Senators when Obamacare passed, they have 46 now…the American people have rejected the farce known as Obamacare.

      1. howa4x November 15, 2014

        Amazing who you can reinvent history. The ACA is what the law is called and I was brought to life by the heritage foundation and 1st implemented in Mass by Romney where it was known as Romney care. The democratic house passed the public option if you remember and in the senate the gang of 6 made up of 3 from each party debated it. The Senators rejected it because of ties to the insurance companies, and cut them back in. The professor that wrote Romneycare was brought in to write the rules ands regulations of the ACA. NO republican voted for it because Mc Connell didn’t want to give Obama a win and held his caucus back.
        Obama we reelected if you remember running on his healthcare plan. I hope the republicans on the supreme court disable the plan by not allowing subsidies. States like Kentucky will loose that and it will knock over 150 000 off of health care coverage. That is when the fun really begins, when your party has to come up with a plan that is better and more affordable than this one
        Let see who has the last laugh

        1. spunknik November 18, 2014

          English much?

          No, “Obama we relelected” if you remember running on a pack of Gruber lies. Only discovered because of his arrogant victory lap. If he ran again today, he would “loose”.

  18. dynamitewoman November 20, 2013

    Why is no one mentioning the other “laws” in the healthcare act that have nothing to do with health. The 5 percent going to the ACA on homes sold for example. The money to pay for those that can not afford care is coming from many sources because Obama knows it can not support itself. This is a socialist plan! I dont care how you slice it, or what your political affiliation is. this is SOCIALISM! iT DOES NOT WORK WELL IN COUNTRIES THAT HAVE IT AND WILL NOT WORK HERE! People in England are taxed to their bad teeth to pay for “free” stuff and wait for months to get poor quality health care. Most people that need expert care will come to America because of need and time constraints. When you “distribute the wealth” using your own techniques and methods as leader of a nation you should be in a socialist nation to make it work. We have a constitution here, it is a free republic. and a capitalistic nation.We espouse a free market with competition and opportunity, Obama is forcing us to delete and diminish that with his “plan” and if you accept that, be prepared to choke down anything he writes into law. The ACA is a tax! So said our own supreme court, and should have gone back to the house for approval, but was pushed on us anyway by our would be king!

    1. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

      Here’s my solution for you.dwoman. Just refuse Social security and medicare when you retire. If you’re retired tell them you refuse to accept money from either program. In your words both programs are socialism…and by your post you don’t believe in them…..so do the right thing…refuse them! Simple. Make sure all your friends do the same…I certainly wouldn’t want you to compromise your beliefs……..

  19. montanabill November 20, 2013

    Hey! Remember Obama pointed out a ‘winner’ in Washington state named Jessica Sanford? Think she feels like a ‘winner’? Wait until a few million more ‘winners’ stories start making headlines. But, it was probably all the fault of those dastardly Republicans in Washington who are doing their best to keep all Americans from signing up for Medicaid. Think how great it could be if all of us had healthcare paid for by someone else!

  20. irishtap November 20, 2013

    When you really get down to it, the war over affordable health care in this country has provided a wealth of information. This “debate” has illuminated the inhumanity associated with unchecked capitalism and has pulled back the curtain on the true character of the TPGOP. It also has shown Americans our alarming naivete as it relates to both.
    Where is it written the administration of health care to the American people, be designed at the behest of well paid actuaries under the employ of for profit entities? Think about it. Some “probability nerd” who knows zero about your goals – dreams and visions, has so much authority over your life – as to determine whether or not “you’re worthy of receiving health insurance”. Based upon requirements and providing you meet them; health care justice is meted out based upon many factors – none of them having to do with the fact you are a valuable human being and you simply deserve it. The numbers cruncher whom presumably gets a nice paycheck for denying people access to treatment(s) necessary for managing an illness, and implementing ‘fine print measures’ careful ‘to make it appear’ the patient is the unethical player – never the corporation.
    These practices are proved to be directly responsible for the unnecessary deaths of millions of Americans only because “they needed insurance and somehow were swallowed by the cracks created from these dens of iniquity”. “Death panels” have existed for years, created from spread sheets within corporate laboratories and governed by the sociopathic CEO. Decade after decade we’ve closed our minds to this form of mass murder (myself included), never questioning our own complicity by refusing to question the inhumanity of this barbaric form of capitalism. What the hell took us so long to wake up?
    All the despicable warring over ACA from the GOP was never about protecting the public in some noble way. God, when has that EVER been the case?! Republicans aren’t the least bit concerned in any visceral or intellectual capacity, of how everyday people will make out, as it relates to the law. They’re only concerned about it ‘actually providing measurable relief’, from the insufferable turmoil millions of people have been forced to suffer through, from our evil corporate health insurance system. The GOP is despairing of what may come from a collective sense of empowerment garnered by having increased autonomy over ones life. No more being tied to a thankless job only because it offers health insurance. No more hours on hold battling over getting a medication paid for. No longer can the SOB’s release you from care when a health crises arises within your family. As people gradually awaken to more freedom within their lives – they’ll inevitably look back on our hideous corporate servitude as it relates to health care. They will recall how the GOP attacked implementation of ACA, with rabid hatred and lie upon lie for purpose of keeping those chains attached to the American public.
    This scares the living hell out of the GOP “and” anyone allied to American facsism. When people realize we don’t have to continue to take crap from unscrupulous industry, the GOP will fully collapse and corporations will find themselves under ever increasing weight of the collective heel of an awakened public.

  21. ram1020 November 20, 2013

    True, but what they offer is an incentive. When we reduce our risk, the expected losses are reduced, and we pay less to transfer the risk.
    When the risk is assessed to everyone, then there is no action that one can take to mitigate it. If I didn’t want pre-existing coverage because I was healthy, I could get insured now and have a lower rate. If I do not have children, I could get a lower rate since I had no risk of those expenses. I no longer have a choice, since those coverages are required to be “compliant”. Nothing I can do can let me avoid paying for those risks that I don’t have. I am NOT saying that this is a bad thing, especially with the reproductive health coverage, and healthy young people should have expected to pay more. How much more? I think that was the shock, and may be the threat to the program.

    1. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

      Doesn’t risk imply it hasn’t happened yet but it could? Your insurance company has a time machine? They know what the future will bring? Compliant under ACA means your not going to pay low monthly premiums that cover only MD office visits and nothing else. These low cost premiums are free money to the insurance companies. You go to the doctor it’s free! Good decision…then the doctor says I don’t like this cyst here or that bulge there so he needs more tests done at a corporate hospital. The doctor is doing the right thing, you do need those tests…but your insurance doesn’t cover those. Now you that have never been sick are incurring hundreds of out of pocket costs……just to prove whether you’re sick or not. THINK.

      1. ram1020 November 22, 2013

        I was just thinking about what you said. Low cost stand alone insurance policies generally work the other way. You pay for all the “small” stuff and then they kick in for the catastrophic events. There are some policies that do what you say, and are designed to combine them with an umbrella policy that covers the rest. In many cases the two low cost policies are cheaper than the one inclusive policy. I had the second example for a while it was a pain to have to file two claims for anything “major” but there was coverage. So, Mark, does the fact that some people don’t know/care what they are buying make the policies bad? You know your coverage when you get the policy.

      2. ram1020 December 2, 2013

        I will never get pregnant or have a pre-existing condition in the future if I don’t have one now. If they did, it would make history, but ACA compliance means I need to pay for coverage. The kind of insurance that only covers doctor’s visits is designed to be purchased with a major medical policy. I have had that before, and while the extra paperwork can be a pain, the coverage for the cost was pretty good. If you purchased just the primary policy without the major medical, that would be just plain foolish. THINK!

  22. Defend The Constitution November 20, 2013

    Certainly, most people now recognize that Hussein Obama is a liar, a fraud, and a fool.

    1. Calvinius November 20, 2013

      Certainly, anyone with a brain can tell that you are a fraud, and a fool.

      1. spunknik November 17, 2014

        And now, one year later, that we hear comments from the Grubester about the great con job, and we know we can’t keep our health insurance, who is the real fraud? And who is the fool, according to the Grubester?

        1. Calvinius November 17, 2014

          The fools would be people like you, who think that getting better insurance at a better price is somehow a bad thing just because the law that made it possible bears Obama’s name.

          1. spunknik November 18, 2014

            Too bad most people are getting worse insurance at a higher price. Kinda contradicts the narrative, eh?

            Listen closely this time: An MIT economist, someone for whom you and Barack had great respect up until a few weeks ago, thinks you are a fool. He’s correct.

          2. Calvinius November 18, 2014

            Nobody is getting worse insurance, and most are getting insurance at a better or the same price.

            And Gruber quite correctly thinks that people like you are fools.

          3. spunknik November 18, 2014

            Seems like you’re still missing the point.

            I did not support Obamacare because I didn’t see how you could put 10 dimes into a hat and pull out 10 quarters. I didn’t get Grubered. Gruber knew the truth and I knew the truth.

            You, on the other hand, believed everything you were told. You believed people would be able to keep their health care plan. Barack said so. When a Congressman shouted “You lie” to Barack, he was clearly a “racist” in your eyes. Barack was going to save people money.

            But now most people are paying more than before. Millions lost their health care coverage. And here you are, parasite on the US taxpayer, unable to support yourself as a man, looking for handouts. Don’t expect it will end well for you.

          4. Calvinius November 19, 2014

            What you seem to have failed to grasp is that expanded coverage reduces costs. When Obama took office US had one of the least efficient healthcare systems in the world, and by a wide margin the least efficient in the industrialized world. Now we’ve at least taken steps to change that embarrassing fact. Or did you completely overlook the fact that as a nation we spend at least twice as much per person on healthcare yet get inferior results?

            Also, no one lost their coverage. Having garbage insurance replaced by better insurance does not result in losing coverage. And when that congressman you refer to shouted “you lie”, he was clearly an idiot. As are you, since you don’t even seem to remember what that congressman was talking about. His accusation was in regard to the statement that Obamacare does not cover illegal aliens. The law specifically excludes non-citizens.

          5. spunknik November 19, 2014

            My God, you are a fool. People liked their coverage, they didn’t think it was “crappy”. They lost it when the law made their coverage illegal. There was some support for Obamacare because they were verbally guaranteed that they could keep their coverage by a lying jackass. Now they are paying more (except for parasites like you, of course).

            Over the next few months, watch and learn about the kinds of coverage that illegal aliens will get. You really think that amnesty comes with no free lunch? Will you then grasp the full depth of “You Lie”? No, you’ll come back with a string of rationalizations and propaganda.

            Too bad your parents couldn’t make a self-supporting man out of you. You’ll spend your life manipulated by the Grubers of the world, and send me the bill for it.

          6. Calvinius November 19, 2014

            It doesn’t matter if those people “thought” their coverage was crappy. It still was. They just never noticed because they didn’t get sick enough to actually need it.

  23. Annemb November 20, 2013

    Thank you Jonathan Gruber for your expertise in forming both Romney care and the Affordable Care Act. The ACA will work out, we just need to give it time. Remember people power!

    1. spunknik November 17, 2014

      Shh… we’re supposed to be pretending that “that guy” Gruber was not really involved. I hear he just got coffee for people.

  24. MarkStevano November 21, 2013

    Yup ..the insurance companies are free to offer discounts to non smokers….but if you quit smoking they still have the right not to offer you a discount. In the end…the health insurance companies want healthy folks to apply….it insures a huge profit..mostly. It’s a cash cow. Knowing the status quo…why do medical and drug costs keep skyrocketing? Romney criticised the 47% for doing the same…and They are broke!

  25. Socialism is Organized Evil November 23, 2013

    Hussein Obama’s lies about “keeping your doctor” and “keeping your insurance” have been completely exposed by the University of Virginia’s actions: http://thehill.com/blogs/healthwatch/health-insurance/318157-university-of-virginia-cuts-some-health-benefits-citing-obamacare-costs

  26. Socialism is Organized Evil November 23, 2013

    Those attempting to displace our moral standards with savage instincts may yet destroy the framework upon which liberty & prosperity depend.

  27. Igor Shafarevich November 24, 2013

    Today’s liberalism is simply communism without the manifesto.

  28. Igor Shafarevich November 24, 2013

    Considering the responsibility, discipline, and persistent effort required to succeed in a free country, it is little wonder that many find it tempting to forgo liberty’s burden for the relative ease of plunder.

  29. Thomas Watson January 13, 2014

    James V Would you like to pay our higher premiums and deductibles , thanks to the ACA ? Or the higher premiums and deductibles of both our children
    both of which lost the health insurance they liked and are struggling to
    make it here ? Would you like to help with the fact that here in CA , thanks
    to the recession and now the ACA – we are losing money like
    most Middle Class families and going into a hole ?

  30. frankr January 20, 2014

    What a crock!!!!! This phaggot thinks just because he went to MIT that he’s the sharpest blade in the kitchen…he’s not. He certainly spewed out some liberal talking points such as….well those state officials that have chosen NOT to expand Medicaid ‘just don’t understand the goal of the ACA….yea right, everybody’s just a dumbasss but him!
    The ACA is not about healthcare or helping the poor or helping people with pre existing conditions…it’s about controlling 1/6th of the economy, where they can reach out and touch you in some way, EVERY DAY!!!!!
    We are headed for the proverbial NANNY STATE, where your choices will become as plentiful as they are in N KOREA!!!

  31. Mamil Dujour December 10, 2014

    GRUBER: “I think it’s really disgusting that these states aren’t providing their poorest residents free insurance [financed] by the federal government. It’s pretty amazing that they can get away with that.”

    Except that this jerk DELIBERATELY designed it that way. That will be it’s downfall.
    And BTW nothing is free. Their “free” insurance paid for by me. No thanks.

  32. C.R. February 28, 2017

    Johnathan Gruber–is effeminate–he is a Marxist deviant.


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