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Scott Walker And The GOP Are Wrong About The Safety Net

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Scott Walker And The GOP Are Wrong About The Safety Net

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It’s back and Democrats are going to have to deal with it. I’m talking about the political argument that they want to lure as many people as possible into government dependency.

This is a staple of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s incipient presidential campaign, and he frames it as simple common sense. “Oftentimes when I think about the president and people like Hillary Clinton, I hear people who I think measure success in government by how many people are dependent on the government. By how many people are on food stamps and Medicaid and unemployment,” he said this week at the Florida Economic Growth Summit in Orlando. “I don’t know about all of you, but my belief in America is that we should measure success by just the opposite.”

Walker added: “I don’t remember any of my classmates saying to me ‘Hey, Scott, someday when I grow up, I want to become dependent on the government.’ Nobody signed my yearbook ‘Dear Scott, Good luck becoming dependent on the government.'”

Very funny, and a lot more appealing than Mitt Romney’s assertion that 47 percent of the electorate is dependent on government and will never take responsibility for themselves. The problem with Walker’s formulation, however, is that he’s creating straw politicians. President Obama and Clinton and practically everyone in their party — in fact both parties — talk incessantly about education, job creation, income inequality, and how to increase wages. That doesn’t sound like a yearning for Handout Nation. It sounds like people obsessing over how to make America a country of tubs standing on their own bottoms.

I’m not saying that Democrats haven’t given Republicans ammunition. The 2012 Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia” cartoon slideshow was a parody waiting to happen. From Julia’s enrollment in Head Start as a preschooler to her retirement aided by Medicare and Social Security, the sequence gave off a distinctly Soviet, cradle-to-grave vibe.

As pediatric neurosurgeon-turned GOP candidate Ben Carson put it in his announcement, “We’re not doing people a favor when we pat them on the head and say ‘there there, you poor little thing, we’re going to take care of all your needs. You don’t have to worry about anything.’ You know who else said stuff like that? Socialists.” That was less than a week after a real socialist — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — announced he was running for the Democratic nomination.

Obama came into office amid the worst recession since the Great Depression. The rolls of the three programs Walker named swelled as people lost jobs, income and health insurance. Job losses climbed to a terrifying 818,000 in January 2009, the month Obama was inaugurated. Another 2.2 million jobs were gone by the end of April. The unemployment rate was at or near 10 percent for eight months. So yes, there were a lot of people relying on government programs, for good reason. The private sector had completely failed them.

Obama’s chief economic message for years has been about sustained job creation and an unemployment rate nearly down to half its recession peak, not high enrollment in safety-net programs. Democrats do try to educate people about benefits for which they may qualify. But the goal is to get them on their feet, not lock them into dependency.

There is one area of government “dependency” that Obama and his party are proud of, and that is health insurance. The Department of Health and Human Services said this week that 10.2 million people bought private health coverage this year under the Affordable Care Act, and 85 percent of them receive federal subsidies to help pay for it. Millions more have been able to enroll in Medicaid as a result of the ACA expansion of the program to people with incomes slightly above the official poverty line. For those who believe health coverage should be universal, the numbers justify a victory lap.

People who receive insurance help, or food stamps or unemployment benefits, do indeed depend on the government — just like farmers, homeowners, corporations, and anyone else who receives subsidies or tax breaks, as well as companies that don’t provide health insurance or living wages. And just to be clear, if they are not children, disabled, or elderly, people who use the safety net often have jobs. Nearly 43 percent of all food-stamp recipients live in a household with earnings, according to the Department of Agriculture. The Kaiser Family Foundation, in a study of states that haven’t adopted the Medicaid expansion, found there are workers with full- or part-time jobs in 66 percent of the families eligible for it.

Jeb Bush has called the safety net “a spider web that traps people in perpetual dependence.” We are going to hear a lot of statements like that in the next 18 months. But that doesn’t make them true.

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Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. Dominick Vila June 4, 2015

    The first thing that people like Gov. Walker need to understand is that social programs such as Social Security and MEDICARE are not the same as welfare. We pay for those programs throughout our professional lives, and we are entitled to collect the benefits we paid for.
    The Affordable Care Act does not make a difference to 95% of Americans, who either get healthcare coverage through their employers, or whose earnings are below the poverty line and qualify for MEDICAID. Obamacare is designed to help less than 5% of our population. Thos who make above the poverty line and are not eligible for MEDICAID, and middle class people who for a number of reasons cannot afford high insurance premiums or suffer from conditions that denied them insurance coverage before the ACA became law.
    Yes, I am sure Walker and his ilk would love to go back to the days of Blair Mountain; the days when poor Americans, especially seniors, had to eat cat food to survive, the days when millions of Americans did not have a pension or access to medical care, and the days when the only vision the poor and the lower middle class could entertain was poverty for themselves and their children.

    1. 788eddie June 4, 2015

      Hey, Dominick, you ever think about running for office? If you were in my area (Long Island), I’d vote for you. After reading your commentary for some time, I’ve come to believe that you’ve got a lot of clear thinking.

      1. Dominick Vila June 4, 2015

        What I may be running for in the not too distant future is an assisted living facility. Not there yet though…

        1. stcroixcarp June 4, 2015

          Keep exercising your wonderful mind, It will keep you young. Peace.

        2. TZToronto June 4, 2015

          Isn’t Congress kind of an assisted-living facility for a lot of its members? and I’m not talking just about age.

      2. 1Zoe55 June 4, 2015

        I was going to post the very same idea. Hey, Dominick, run for office in whatever state you reside. I will support your candidacy with money and with writing, just as I did for President Obama.

        1. Dominick Vila June 4, 2015

          Thanks, but I live in Florida where the only prerequisite to win is having an R after your name.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker June 4, 2015

      Don’t be surprised that while the GOP demonizes SS payouts, they do just the same thing with Big Insurance. According to the GOP, all they want is for us to pay…never to get what we pay for. Like Big Insurance, The GOP loves the idea of SS only because they can amass billions of dollars. But then, they see that massing of money as far better served in the hands of Wall Street thugs who contribute to GOP campaigns. More Plantation Mentality…make us pay and get zip for what paid.

      1. mike June 4, 2015

        Baloney!!! I see you still have your head where the sun doesn’t shine. You continue to ignore how much Wall Street loves Hillary. You continue to ignore how Obama deliberately worked with Big Insurance to get them on Board with Obamacare. You continue to ignore how Obama stabbed congressional democrats(Waxman) fighting to cut costs in the back and made a deal with the drug industry promising to oppose any addition cost savings by Congress.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker June 4, 2015

          Since you believe yourself to be the sole source of any information on Hillary and Obama that has any validity, let me firmly disabuse you of that idea.

          Wall Street was in a panic when Obama granted the 5 biggest banks ARRA with the caveat that it had to be paid back with interest. Something your Bush TARP didn’t require. As such there are still 2 banks who have yet to pay TARP back. They’re waiting for a GOP president to erase that debt for them.

          Sorry MIkeeeeee but your ideas of superlative grandeur are more of your personally created delusions. You delude yourself into believing Wall Street loves Hillary when every NY paper recently shows clearly their fear of Hillary’s threat to tax Wall Street. So much for what you redneck hicks up in Northern NY King territory know.

          The GOP Majority in the House disperses ALL tax revenues…65% of which ends up in pork for red states. Need proof or don’t you have the balls to bother to look for it ever? You are a sickening, disgusting example of a man who so fears life that doesn’t go YOUR way, that you can’t make any rational sense. Time for you to grow the hell up.

          1. mike June 4, 2015

            I find it interesting that you can’t refute not even one of my statements on Obama, but change the subject on worthless blather.
            As to Wall Street, I guess you missed all those democrats who are already filling her coffers. You know she has to go way left for now against WS because of Warren/Sanders but once she is a candidate look out they will love her. WS was the 4th largest contributor to Obama, and already gearing up for Hillary says Reich.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker June 4, 2015

            I can refute something that is fact. But like all dunderheaded blimps of the right, I can’t possibly prove your negatives. Did the President state in his campaign speeches he would reform healthcare? What the hell is the ACA if not that very refute.

            I guess YOU missed the $900 million the Koch boys are spending on the GOP campaigns of nearly 2 dozen dipshits and out of all of that number ONLY 2 are women? Do try and explain that without resorting to your Gender Bias little man with raisins in your jeans.

            Senator Warren has already said she won’t run for president. Senator Sanders is running but he will never get the votes Hillary will for one reason. “HE” is a man and women in the US are fed up with the Gender Bias that keeps women worker harder, longer and for less than you hot shot system gamers.

            Try again and this time don’t ask me to prove negatives. You’ve had 3 GOP speakers of the House go down in mass scandal: Gingrich, DeLay and of late, Hastert, who we all knew was DeLay’s plant when DeLay was forced to leave in disgrace. You boys can’t keep your minds on government and try to turn government into a corporation. Over women’s dead bodies you will. Get used to it pallie…there will be a US president who is a Democrat AND a female..by the way, I read in a NY Paper this past week, ole Rover Boy lays claim to nearly $200 million in bundled GOP campaign donations. Let me guess where all that came from.

    3. 13observer June 4, 2015

      I fully support Social Security, Medicare and social welfare programs for truly needy people but not the wholesale distribution of it to anyone only to justify the administrative jobs provided by its existence. I have a problem when advocates for the poor or needy turn into activists for gun control that affects middle class taxpayers like myself that help pay for these programs. The focus then becomes about taking my rights away for no good reason other than politics! One issue, you bet! But its my issue and I pay a lot of taxes for my freedoms.

      1. jmprint June 4, 2015

        WOW, “I have a problem when advocates for the poor or needy turn into activists for gun control that affects middle class taxpayers like myself that help pay for these programs.” I have a problem when I go grocery shopping, the movies, the restaurants and have to sit next to someone with a gun visibly attached to them. So why are your rights more important then mine? I pay a lot of taxes for my freedom as well.

        1. 13observer June 4, 2015

          My rights are protected by the Second Amendment of our Constitution. And why should you fear someone with a gun as they have been given a background check to have it. If not, the are a criminal and they don’t obey the law but would have one anyway!

          1. TZToronto June 4, 2015

            Might have bought it at a gun show.

          2. 13observer June 5, 2015

            Maybe or from one of the cop beheading Mexican drug cartel members who could care less about any laws. But you probably support their relatives sneaking across the border breaking the law………… so, why do you care about any law? Like Obama; pick the ones you like and only enforce them! BTW, drug cartels can by guns anywhere in the world so disarming American citizens only empowers criminals who don’t follow the laws. Do you get it now or must I draw you a picture?

          3. TZToronto June 5, 2015

            Uh, sorry. Gotta draw me a picture. I’m a visual learner.

          4. jmprint June 13, 2015

            Hey nucklehead nobody is trying to disarm you. You are fighting a war in your head.

          5. stcroixcarp June 4, 2015

            When you open carry, especially when you are driving your pick up, be sure to stuff your gun under your belt. The safety should always be off and there is a bullet in the chamber. To make sure the gun is loaded, point the barrel toward your face and take a look. If you are not sure, pull the trigger to test it.

          6. Steve Batchelor June 5, 2015

            Sounds like a solid idea for all the gun toting conspiracy theory wing nutz. LOL

          7. 13observer June 5, 2015

            The only conspiracy theory is that you know anything about the subject sir. Law-abiding and taxpaying wing nutz. You communists are great at the name calling but the so-called “gun nutz” like me always seem to prevail on the gun issues don’t they. Even the chocolate santa claus couldn’t do anything about guns because he don’t want to clean up the mess!

          8. jmprint June 5, 2015

            The only thing you prevail is your selfishness.

          9. 13observer June 5, 2015

            Sorry, but the NRA taught us better safety protocol, unlike the gang banging welfare scum the liberal progressive communists support with my tax dollars!

          10. jmprint June 4, 2015

            Have you not heard of Waco, Colorado, Utah and all the gun massacres. Oh yes I feel so much safer, because of the background check, you are really out of touch, now that you have that gun wrapped around your shoulder. I forgot the constitution is there only to protect gun toting, bible thumpers like you.

          11. 13observer June 5, 2015

            If you feel threatened by people with guns, you too have a right to carry per the law ……… or maybe you don’t …. maybe a criminal past prevents you and thus is the reason you don’t care about other people’s rights. So …… if because there are a lot of automobile accidents the government wants you to surrender your privilege to drive your car and the car too… that is ok with you? Same difference……….. next case please!

          12. jmprint June 5, 2015

            I don’t feel threaten by people with guns, I feel threaten by the chaos that it creates. Maybe you are sounding so pathetic because you are trying to make excuses for something that is petty. Gun control would not infringe on your rights at all, it would just keep Americans safer.

          13. 13observer June 5, 2015

            If you really researched what gun-control advocates are trying to achieve, you would know that their goal is to ban, eliminate, eradicate, obliterate, the ownership of guns by civilians. But hey, they know they can’t do it all at once so instead they will be sneaky like communists are and do it piece by piece, bit by bit because they know if they tried to do it all at once, there would be a hell of a mess to clean up… and nobody wants that do they.

          14. jmprint June 5, 2015

            You are definitely the description of a paranoid, demented waste of human space.

        2. mike June 4, 2015

          And you are still alive after visibly seeing the gun, aren’t you? What right have they taken from you?? What you should be concerned about all those that hide their guns. I bet the police officers visibly caring a gun are denying you rights too!!!
          Get over it!!!

          1. jmprint June 4, 2015

            Well when your loved one gets killed by a stray bullet or direct shot, I hope YOU can get over it.

          2. mike June 4, 2015

            it isn’t the trained and licensed individual, legally packing, that is the problem.
            It is the gangs and thugs hiding their weapons!!
            Just more of your emotional nonsense.

          3. jmprint June 4, 2015

            And now you are just throwing in a lie to justify your ignorance.
            Toting guns, does not help America in any form.

          4. mike June 4, 2015

            Only in your mental midget mind.

          5. jmprint June 4, 2015

            So go ahead and use your brain and give us a list of the good.

          6. mike June 4, 2015


            One you are a more law abiding citizens. You understand the laws and regulations of the state. Gun owners cherish their gun rights and will think twice about doing something that will take this right away.
            Carrying makes one less confrontational.
            Practical self-defense, serious form of protection,
            Criminals hide their weapons, open carriers wear them properly and go forth willing to subject themselves to scrutiny and as a law abiding citizens exercising their rights. You ignore that 43 to 45 states allow it.
            Awareness of an armed citizenry has shown to lower crime. DOJ

          7. jmprint June 4, 2015

            Look Mike I have a gun, I don’t need to tote it around, and those are not facts, they are assumptions. Short tempers flare up in a second, that’s all it takes to pull out that gun and start shooting. Is it necessary to bring innocent people into harms way?

          8. mike June 4, 2015

            That is your choice not to carry, Our choice is to carry. I didn’t give you assumptions. To be licensed to carry one has to know the laws, understands the consequences of his actions.
            I would bet 98% of all murder by guns are not from those who carry legally. Just a hunch.

          9. jmprint June 4, 2015

            Wasn’t the veteran that killed Chris Kyle licensed to kill.

          10. mike June 4, 2015

            Trained by the Federal Government, Yes.
            Licensed by the State to carry a weapon, that’s for you to can find out..
            If you do have a handgun, you of all people would know anyone can enter, pay a fee, and practice. Kyle was shot at a gun range, not on the street.
            As usual you have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

          11. jmprint June 4, 2015

            The point is even if you are given a license, doesn’t mean you have been diagnosed, so at any point people can fly of the handle, he was an invited guest by Chris. Be careful who you hang out with, they may turn on you.

          12. mike June 4, 2015

            Chris Kyle was asked to help Routh, who he had never met, Chris asked his friend Chad Littlefield to come along and it cost them their lives. You never confirmed if Routh had his license, so get off this Bull s$$t license crap.

          13. jmprint June 5, 2015

            As usual you always miss the point. Point is that nobody that has a license, goes through any kind of mental evaluation. You didn’t answer my question is it necessary to put Americans into harms way. Parents that lost children in these massacres only wanted assault rifles and automatics to have some kind of control.

          14. jmprint June 13, 2015

            Now prove your lies.

          15. mike June 14, 2015

            LMAO!!! Not lies, and why do I need to prove to you the one who said “NRA issues licenses like candy”. Not wasting by time on an imbecile like you.

          16. Eleanore Whitaker June 4, 2015

            Just who the hell do you think is selling those guns? Did you read the article in the NY Post a month ago about that Georgia gun trafficker who got away with selling guns in the inner cities for 17 years? 3 weeks later 2 more gun dealers got caught…also from Georgia. You need a shoe up your butt little boy…It’s time you got a job and stopped trying to control everyone else.

            We want kids who grow up in a safe society where people don’t shoot first and ask questions later. What the hell are you doing living up north when you really want the privilege of target practice like they do in the gun runner states using humans as their favorite targets?

          17. mike June 4, 2015

            Can you answer this question. Were those TRAFFICKERS LICENSED? Do really believe Javon and “Gangsta lee” were legitimate gun dealers? No!!! They were thugs and criminals committing a criminal act. Selling guns illegally.
            The problem isn’t the trained and licensed individuals, it is those that are concealing their guns for gang and criminal activity.
            Can you get anything right???

          18. Eleanore Whitaker June 5, 2015

            No dipshit…They wouldn’t be in jail if those TRAFFICKERS were licensed. You are a moron. You know you cannot move firearms from Georgia into NY City for 17 years and sell them out on the streets.

            Wow..I knew you were an asshat but now you and your gun homies are supporting violation of NY and NJ laws too? I thought a Noo Yawkah like you knew it all?

            By the way BIGOT, the first guy caught was a Mutton Chops white boy…not black.

            Selling guns illegally is an interstate violation when the gun runners were hiding their gun shipments in the trunks of their cars, passing through the hick states who allow gun running and then slipping over the borders into NJ and NY.

            You are a jackass…and now..you prove it. Just why the hell would any gun runner be in jail in NY if he was legal…Hey look everyone..Asshat Mikee is supporting illegal gun running.

          19. jmprint June 12, 2015

            NRA issues licenses like candy, who cares if a person is licensed. Why the need to pack, we are not part of the old West, why are you trying to hang on to dirty Harry mentality? What positive gain is there. YOU ARE ALL WRONG!!!!!

          20. mike June 12, 2015

            “NRA issues licenses like candy”, are you really so stupid and ignorant to believe the NRA issues licenses? It is the police departments following states laws that issues licenses, you imbecile.

          21. jmprint June 13, 2015

            The only stupid person I can blame is your mother for not aborting you.

          22. mike June 14, 2015

            Poor jm, doesn’t know the facts and proven wrong again.

          23. Independent1 June 4, 2015

            If that’s the case lowlife, why is it that it’s all the red states with the very high percentage of gunownership that lead the nation in all kinds of gun related accidents and homicides?? HUH!!! Why is it that guns really don’t protect anyone but rather are far more of a liability because they end up being used far more to kill the gun owner or someone in the gun owners family, than they’re ever used for self protection????

            Do you even realize that less than .1% of homicides are homicides committed in the cause of self defense by someone other than a police officer??? LESS THAN .1%!!!!

            You’re stupidity even extends to guns!!!!!!!!

          24. mike June 5, 2015

            Still legal and that will never change.
            Your idea of a much of lemmings under the control of the Fed. Govt. isn’t going to happen.

          25. Independent1 June 5, 2015

            Won’t ever change?? Just wait until we get those right-wing biased, paid by NRA and Shelden Addlison lying judges out of the SCOTUS; and we’ll see how fast the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment is returned to what it was before those 5 lying judges ruled WRONGLY back in 2008!!! The 2nd Amendment only truly applies to Americans involved in a militia – which no longer applies today!! No American, ‘has the right to OWN A GUN’!!

            Owning a gun is supposed to be a privilege, just like owning a car!! And the government should be able to define the rules for owning and carrying one!! Just like it did for over 220 years before the disastrous 2008 SCOTUS idiodic decision!!

            Why do you think that during the ‘wild-wild west’, that guns were not allowed in virtually any city?? They had to be checked into the sheriff’s office. All those ‘B’ movies that showed gun fights in western towns were all a fake!! Guns weren’t allowed in Dodge or virtually any other city!! And that’s because the 2nd Amendement DOES NOT give you or anyone else A RIGHT, to own a gun!!!!!!!!!

            Not if it’s interpreted like it was written and not bastardized like the SCOTUS did in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          26. jmprint June 12, 2015

            No mike it’s just your pathetic excuse for trying to feel like a man.

          27. mike June 12, 2015

            Another imbecilic comment from you. Thanks for another good chuckle.

          28. 13observer June 5, 2015

            We are not all so PARANOID about guns like the gun-“control freaks” people are! It is pure politics that drive the anti-gun people. Communists typically don’t believe in gun owners taking care of themselves as they feel its the governments job like everything else. TOTAL dependency on the government!

          29. jmprint June 5, 2015

            A person that looses their child because of fire arms that are able to bring massive destruction and wants control so that no other parent has to endure the pain is not a CONTROLLED FREAK. The only communist party are the republicans with all the restrictions they are imposing on voters and women. And if you don’t want dependency then vote democrat so that the average joe can get out of poverty. You sound like an fukn republican parrot that is wearing suspenders and are being pulled.

          30. 13observer June 5, 2015

            More children lose their lives to car accidents than guns and if you didn’t already know, accidents will always happen be it by drowning, overdose, disease etc. but taking away gun rights is pure political but as you know Americans whatever their party mostly LIKE GUNS and there isn’t anything you can do about it. We win again……. and again……. and again……. oh, somebody stop me…… this is too much FUN! Sorry sucker. Oh, and as for voter suppression….. we all just want to make sure illegal aliens were not voting. And if others can’t get proper I.D. they shouldn’t be voting anyway. They sure can get I.D. to receive their welfare. Oh, and if people want good jobs, start a Union like they used to do! Now they want the chocolate santa claus to legislate a CBA rather than negotiate one!

          31. jmprint June 5, 2015

            You are one ignorant sob, and a poor excuse for a human being. May you have a $hitty day and trip over you everloving gun. And to think the religious people like your type. Heaven help us all.

          32. Bob Eddy June 7, 2015

            Surveys show that most Americans like REGULATIONS ON GUNS.

          33. jmprint June 13, 2015

            Can you get it through your thick head, that nobody is trying to take your guns away! You are very unAmerican, very unGodly and very paranoid.

          34. Bob Eddy June 6, 2015

            No, but you sure are paranoid about Communism, aren’t you?

          35. 13observer June 7, 2015

            Not paranoid, but just making sure any efforts are crushed before we are infected with the disease. If you like it, move to China. Our American Second Amendment Patriots will make sure it doesn’t happen!

          36. Bob Eddy June 7, 2015

            Paranoid! Trust me. I also think you will find that when it comes time to get out of their mother’s basement and face actual danger many of those “second amendment patriots” will not be so brave.

          37. jmprint June 13, 2015

            Just like the Iraqi soldiers, drop the weapons and run.

          38. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            There was a time and a purpose for guns when men hunted for food. Today, men hunt to kill humans. See the difference yet? When a guy like Charles Whitman sits in a tower in Dallas TX and picks humans off the street with a high powered rifle…what the hell do you think people would fear if not another Mr. MAN asshat who needs a gun as a substitute for that peanut in his jeans.

          39. 13observer June 12, 2015

            Once upon a time in fairyland some “guys” used the “peanut” in their jeans to infect others with HIV/AIDS and the liberal left supported that behavior; but when it comes to gun sports, oh no some criminal might kill someone………. you know like they do with cars EVERYDAY! It’s not just to hunt food anymore baby! And you will NEVER stop guns PERIOD!!!!!! The communist left will fall before that happens.

          40. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            Once upon a time 13observer lived in Fantasyland and stayed there. Can you prove that “liberals” and ONLY liberals supported behavior that infected others with HIV/AIDs? Because a jerk of the right is sociopathic enough to make up lies and deceptions about WMDs that killed more Americans and Iraqi civilians than your and your bogus claims you can’t EVER hope to prove in a court of law.

            You bring a gun into my state and you get our butt locked up. Sorry if we don’t have Stars and Bars jackass Confederates like you do in mentally retarded state.

            As for communists, I’d look again at the GOP’s communism if I were you. Who is it who is taking over government and handing it to Big Business against the will of the people paying the most taxes in the US? The GOP Commies. Who is it who wants 1% of the population to hold ALL the money and ALL the power? The GOP Commies…Who is it who is feeding BS to dipshits like you about needing guns in a society that long ago stopped hunting for food? Your GOP Commies…Who is it who wants the militias so they can use them on the rest of us? You and your militia thug GOP Commies…Leave your state once in a while jerkbird…you’ll work your butt off instead of scumming on welfare and phony SSDI. You can afford a gun? You can afford to get a job and pay your taxes like the rest of us do.

          41. 13observer June 12, 2015

            AIDS has killed millions! We don’t just use guns to hunt! We will always have guns! There is nothing you can do about it! The people with guns have all the power! I can bring my guns into your state w/o any problem! I pay more in taxes than you earn!

          42. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            Hey lunatic! Yes…AIDS has killed millions…just NOT in the USA. How about you stop using distortions to prove your idiotic points?

            In the USA, according to all CDC records since 2002, the US has had fewer and fewer cases of AIDS every year.

            No you can’t bring any guns into NJ or NY…Some Georgia hick tried that 2 months ago. He was selling guns on the streets and got his butt end in jail for doing it.

            NJ and NY are NOT open carry states unless you are a cop. AND, jerk boy …you carry a concealed weapon and prison in these 2 states is your new home.

            You don’t pay ANY taxes you welfare trough feeder. My NJ property taxes alone would eat you alive. Try again Big Mouth.

            I find it awfully strange that the ONLY states who seemed to NEED guns are the same states that don’t put much of their state revenues into education. The top 5 gun manufacturing states are ALL RED states….what does that tell you? That you hicks of the south and midwest act like animals in public and can’t be trusted not to kill each other over petty BS.

          43. 13observer June 12, 2015

            There are plenty of guns in every state! We can transport them anywhere lawfully. The problem with anti-gun folks is they don’t know the gun laws because most of them can’t read. More people like guns than don’t… dah! That is why we still have them! Besides, we are guaranteed the right per the Constitution! Look who’s shooting each other… “gangbangers”… who cares!

          44. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            There are no illegals guns in NJ. The Laws in NJ and NY are very strict. We have to be. We are the most populated region of the country.

            Here is what I will “READ”: from the US Constitution you will hate gun boy…Article I, Sec. 8: Congress shall have the power to provide for calling forth the Militia, to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel Invasions:
            To provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the Militia and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United states…

            In other words, you are NOT a militia because you are NOT armed and disciplined by the US government.

            Gang bangers shoot at each other because those good ole good ole good ole boys down in Georgia are selling guns across state lines…According the ATF, a serious federal crime…these good ole, good ole boys know precisely why they come north to sell guns…they have NO market in their owns states left. So now, they figure they’ll get rid of minorities the easy way: Sell illegal guns up north and force blue states to pay the cost of these bigots ideas of decreasing the surplus population of minorities in the US…try again bigot

          45. 13observer June 12, 2015

            SCOTUS has ruled “we all can have guns” yeah for the good guys!

          46. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            Since the SC has a male majority, that ruling is bogus. One question you might answer in your unique eloquence…Was Nancy Lanza a good guy? Was her son? Was Jarod Loughner? Charles Whitman?

            How about Seung-Hui Cho who killed 32 people on the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, before taking his own life? Good to you?

            What we don’t need are more mini Rambos acting out an episode of Sons of Anarchy or Max Max World.

            You obviously have yet to reach the level of being civilized and cannot live in a society where you don’t have your gun to show how intimidating you think you are.

          47. 13observer June 12, 2015

            Obviously Eleanor was jilted by some man one day. Nonetheless, Nancy Lanza was a victim…. as for the rest; monsters but still the “exception” and not the “rule” much like drunk drivers that kill or illegal aliens committing immigration law violations or any others not adhering to the “rule of law”. Thank you, next case please!

          48. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2015

            It’s not working anymore…your male need to get personal with women who are perfect strangers. Sorry to disappoint. More of my friends are men. Why the hell do you think I “READ” your gender SOOOOOOO well?

            Nancy Lanza was NO victim. Your need to twist and contort is a red flag of the kind of man you believe yourself to be. The rest of us read “phony.”

            What kind of woman and mother hands a gun to her son when she knew he had mental problems? She took him to see many professional psychologists for his problem, one which a man like you would easily understand, given your inability to stay on topic and accept facts.

            As for monsters, the last 12 mass murders in the US were committed by obnoxious, anti-social, sociopathic white males of varying ages. Are you the next to make it a Baker’s Dozen?

            Nancy Lanza owned an arsenal of weapons and called herself a collector to her friends and associates. Another excuse for trying to jack her bloated ego so she could stand above all others like you try to do and fail at miserably.

            Truth hurts. As for you silly, inane, obtuse comments about being jilted…I can crook my little pinky finger and have guys half my age come running and I know. I don’t…because I loathe the idea of any woman reducing male intelligence to the level of Pavlov’s dog. Must be the reason most of my male friends are hugely intelligent guys who don’t try to play the kind of silly little boy games you do with women.

          49. jmprint June 13, 2015


          50. jmprint June 13, 2015

            The problem is you are not comprehending that we are not against guns, we just want control on the high powered weapons and can see the chaoses open carry will create.

          51. jmprint June 13, 2015

            So has cancer, that’s why we need ACA.

          52. jmprint June 13, 2015

            Yes the communist republicans will fall soon.

          53. jmprint June 13, 2015

            Paranoia is what drives you to the gun shows and a need to feel that you have to defend yourself, I have a gun, I don’t need to carry with me, because I am not scared nor paranoid. Communist are the people changing laws to accommodate those that are paranoid.

          54. mike June 12, 2015

            You are acting stupidly, again.

          55. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            Another obtuse remark when little punk nosed brats like Mikee can’t come up with a valid response…Is this an example of an intelligent response, hot shot?

          56. mike June 12, 2015

            Still acting stupidly I see!!!

          57. jmprint June 12, 2015

            Mike never has any substance, he is a hater, nothing makes him happy, and he will never appreciate life.

          58. mike June 12, 2015

            ROFLMAO!!! Another stupid remark. You really are an imbecile.
            Keep those ignorant remarks coming, it shows how void of the real world you live in.

          59. jmprint June 12, 2015

            Back to you mikey!!!!

          60. jmprint June 12, 2015

            Thank you for showing your ignorant arrogance.

          61. mike June 12, 2015

            LMAO even more with your of emotional diarrhea.

          62. jmprint June 12, 2015

            YOU ARE SUCH A NERD. It just dawned on me, I bet you were bullied as a child. Go back and read all your responses, all you do is call people names, because they disagree with you. There is absolutely no reason why a law to carry open arms should be on the books. The world was doing find without it. And if you are going to response to me, i beg you leave out the LMAO, that’s starting to sound nauseating.

          63. mike June 12, 2015

            Your post deserve to be laughed at. Soooooo, LMAO again.

          64. Eleanore Whitaker June 4, 2015

            Mikkeee is a dyed in the wool northern Noo Yawkah who won’t dare ride a NY City subway armed to the teeth and he knows why…His butt would be in the slammer in a heartbeat…but lil MIkkee wants his lil gun to play with…His penile implant failed and now he into guns.

          65. mike June 12, 2015

            More ignorant remarks from good old Eleanore.

          66. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            On obtuse response from a Northern Nooooo Yawkah who hasn’t the ball to walk into any NY City subway armed. Go ahead, big mouth…your belligerent, obnoxious brazen BS would get you an orange jumpsuit…So..how great are your twisted interpretations of the 2nd Amendment now? But, do keep trying to proved all phony MR. MAN prowess…maybe one day you’ll finally make it to being a MAN.

          67. mike June 12, 2015

            My God you know how to make my day!! Having another good laugh at your expense.
            You really are a mental midget.

          68. 13observer June 5, 2015

            OMG, how did he survive that brutal gun sighting? He will now have PTSD and an excuse to get welfare.

          69. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2015

            This from the man from one of the top 10 Welfare states in the US? Which is it? That blue states don’t need any tax revenues from the taxes we pay because we are soooo rich? Or we are all on welfare.

            Get off your lazy butt and get a job. Stop living off troll paychecks.

          70. dave June 11, 2015

            Well mike,it’s like this! When we see a cop with a gun there’s a
            pretty good chance he was TRAINED to use it,and not just going out in public to scare people is NOT his JOB !!!

          71. jmprint June 12, 2015

            The right to feel safe. Isn’t that important to you. We pay police offers to carry guns, we want them to be able to defend and protects us. Is that not there job. Why are you always comparing apples to grapes?

          72. mike June 12, 2015

            How safe are the people of Baltimore after the progressive mayor tells the police to back off and let the rioters destroy property. How safe are the people of Baltimore after Mosby, another progressive, tells the police to target crime areas then throws them under the bus. Way hasn’t the autopsy been released. How safe are the people of Baltimore knowing the murder rate has exploded since the police with thrown under the bus.
            No, we pay police to uphold the laws and protect the people, carrying a side arm is for the protection of the citizens and themselves.
            Apples and oranges!!! Really?? You still got that problem with your thought process.

          73. jmprint June 12, 2015

            About as safe as the little black boy that went to the park to play with plastic gun and died within two minutes of police arrival. I see what your problem is, you live in fear. Too bad.

          74. mike June 13, 2015

            More of your horse manure, another stupid post from a emotional wreck progressive. Your life is based on emotion and not on logic or common sense.

          75. jmprint June 13, 2015

            I am beginning to think that maybe you get a woody out of calling people names. I have more logic and commonsense then your little pinky.

          76. mike June 14, 2015

            No you don’t!! You may think so in your own little pea brain.

      2. stcroixcarp June 4, 2015

        Did you just change the topic under discussion or is random non-sense your usual thought process?

        1. 13observer June 5, 2015

          I was responding to the “Dom”.

      3. Bob Eddy June 6, 2015

        Think about what you are saying…I fully support truly needy people as long as I get to judge who is truly needy and now I would like to change the subject since I really don’t have a valid point.

        1. 13observer June 7, 2015

          Communism teaches nobody should judge but if the gov is using my tax dollars, I want accountability. Obamas illegal aliens are needy because they are illegal aliens ……. or to Obama they’re “future democratic votes”. Who are the progressive (communists) kidding? Not me!

          1. jmprint June 13, 2015

            God teaches no one should judge. Illegals can’t vote, so why are you still crying. If you want accountability, tell Cruz that the Senate floor is not for telling children’s stories.

    4. Allan Richardson June 6, 2015

      However, the wealthy-backed changes happening in our society have been, and will continue to do so, increasing the percentage who WILL need the ACA in the future, as more employers drop health coverage, or make the employees who choose it pay more of the cost to get it. This would happen WITHOUT the ACA anyway, leaving more and more Americans UNABLE to protect their finances from the damage done by illnesses. We really need Medicare for all, but until we have the sense to demand that from Congress, the ACA is the only LIFELINE for millions of Americans, a number which WILL GO UP over time.

      1. Dominick Vila June 6, 2015

        The expansion of MEDICARE to cover all U.S. citizens would be a logical move, and a step in the right direction when it comes to cost containment. Unfortunately, the political climate is so pervasive, and so bound to special interests, that such a simple and logical solution is not even on the radar screen.

  2. atc333 June 4, 2015

    If the GOP Presidential wannabees are correct, they why are the Democrats the only ones working for an increased minimum wage, job creation legislation though infrastructure repair, rebuilding, and expansion, equal wages for equal work, and gender pay equality, all designed to put more Americans back to work, as well as reducing the need for lower income families to rely on social safety nets, yet the GOP is the Party which always opposes such legislation?

    Kinda blows that theory, does it not, yet the Faithful continue to eat it up.

    1. 13observer June 5, 2015

      Rebuild the unions and all the economics will be fine! But communists want the government to fix everything for them and taxpayers are tired of it. The chocolate santa claus has done little for the middle class whom pays all the taxes but rewards illegals and the folks that contribute the least. Class envey is his goal.

      1. Allan Richardson June 6, 2015

        Actually, the “right” wing has gotten YOU to envy the false image of how well these “illegals” and others are living. THEY are creating class envy by telling you that those “others” pay no taxes. If you BUY THINGS TO LIVE ON, you pay sales taxes. And if you spend EVERY PENNY buying things to live on, you are paying taxes on every penny you get, usually 5 to 7 percent of your income. Middle class pays that plus between 15 and 25 percent in income tax, but the WEALTHY, who in theory are supposed to pay more, pay ALMOST NOTHING, especially as a percentage of the income. And THE NON-TAXPAYING WEALTHY who even get subsidies for using up the oil in their oil wells to earn their billions are the ones who TOLD YOU THOSE STORIES about the “undeserving” poor. It’s in THEIR interest for you to believe the poor, rather than the rich, are “stealing” everything from the middle class; otherwise the middle class AND THE POOR would unite against the true thieves.

        1. 13observer June 7, 2015

          You people make it political when in fact the only thing Americans envy (resent), is illegals breaking our laws and getting rewarded for doing it. I know to get votes you have to pander to some but this is getting rediculous!

          1. maxg June 12, 2015

            13 Observer: you do your pandering to the KOCHs and their minions of corporations who are… people? And they speak with money? Yet, you get upset with poorer Americans speak with their vote! Go suppress yourself!

          2. jmprint June 13, 2015

            Republicans cannot and will not win without the religious and NRA vote. That is why laws are being passed right under our nose to accommodate the gun toting, bible thumbing, ignorant fools. Are you one of them?

      2. Bob Eddy June 6, 2015

        Yes, rebuilding unions will do wonders, and so would eliminating racism — “chocolare Santa Claus”??? You probably have no idea how offensive, inane and racist that is.

        1. 13observer June 7, 2015

          Ok, black santa claus. Bad santa claus…… who cares what you call him. He is a snake, liar and communist.

          1. Bob Eddy June 7, 2015

            I care what you call him when it’s r.acist. I would also challenge your other characterizations. A snake and a liar? Only if you buy into right wing propaganda.,,and almost no one does any more. A communist? Only if have no idea what communism is. It is actually a pretty well defined term, not just a cheap perojative as use by the right wing.

  3. John S. June 4, 2015

    Democrats need to push back hard against the propaganda of Scott Walker and his ilk.

    What Walker is really saying is the American government should only provide welfare for the super rich like his wealthy backers. The general welfare clause in the Constitution of the United States only applies to Scott Walker’s super-wealthy friends, not to hardworking middle- and work-class Americans.

    Moreover, Democrats need to ask Americans if they prefer the America of the Gilded Age, which Scott Walker and his Republican friends are trying have created and wish to to continue forever, or do they wish for an America that continues to improve toward the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Lastly, Scott Walker’s vision for America is filled with pastoral scenes of plutocrats reigning over a nation that is void of a vibrant and industrious middle class — a dystopian America ruled by a few wealthy individuals who are sustained by the corporatist state.

    1. Allan Richardson June 6, 2015

      We can refer to literature and popular culture using stories everyone knows:

      Would you like to be Bob Cratchit in the Victorian economy portrayed in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol?” And be governed by the likes of pre-ghost-visit Ebenezer Scrooge?

      Would you rather live in Bedford Falls, or the alternate history Potterville, in “It’s a Wonderful Life?” In the original timeline of “Back to the Future,” or the Biff-ruled corrupt Hill Valley?

      Would you like to live in the Republic of Panem portrayed in “The Hunger Games” and have to send your children to fight other states’ children to the death in order to get any benefits for your state?

      Would you like to live in the Oklahoma of the Joad family, as depicted in “The Grapes of Wrath?” As the Joad family, of course, rather than the rich people.

      Would you like to live in the Antebellum South depicted in “Gone With the Wind” as a SLAVE OR POOR WHITE LABORER?

      Would like to live in Annie’s orphanage, because there aren’t enough Daddy Warbucks figures to adopt all the children?

      If someone can come up with some more examples, feel free to add them. Basically, if you advocate a society in which YOU would not want you or YOUR CHILDREN to live, given that they would DRAW LOTS to determine who they would be in that society, then you advocate an EVIL society.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker June 4, 2015

    I am so fed up with this red state rip off BS. Sure they want our SS and Medicare payroll deductions. Their federally funded red state industries are started to fall like dominoes. Big Oil has, maybe, another ten years before it realizes that it is as dead an industry as Marley’s ghost. Those red state prison industries are beginning to be constructed with an obvious need for federal funds to keep those red state coffers flush with tax dollars the rest of us pay for. So, it follows that the Mutton Chops figured out they best come up with a way to crash SS after NOT a single crash in over 75 years. And get rid of medicare they hate because it’s flush with a pile of money that grows with every payroll tax deduction.

    The reality in red states is that since post Civil War era, these states grew all too accustomed to blue states supporting their state economies. It’s why states like AL avoid paying state unemployment by shifting their unemployed on SSDI with phony claims of disability. It’s why TX got in on that $50 billion for border protection while it creates a law that allows them to hire illegals. What the hell do you call that if not fraud and extortion?

    The problem with red states is what it has always been” They want to live in the past glories of the pre-Civil War Era when labor was free, rich men lived high on the hog and their women were submissive to the point of near gender extinction.

  5. 1standlastword June 5, 2015

    Americans will take care to be suspicious of politicians who campaign and stump on denigrating the poor, the working and middle classes, including women, children and the elderly. Let Walker and his anti-government friends continue to screech about letting main street perish and soon they will be discounted and dismissed without any consideration by ALL voters!

    Walker is part of the modern class of conservative politician who prescribes “reverse governing strategies and policies” where real American people are concerned.

    They don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with service to the life blood of this country. All they want is to do is pilfer and squander American wealth while they exploit American privilege for their own selfish gains and those of the corporate gangsters they work for.

    These are the kind of men hired by corporations to highjack our country and enslave us!!!

    James Madison anticipated these kinds of people and they are put on notice: “A people armed and free forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition and is a bulwark for the nation against foreign invasion and “domestic oppression”

    “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny” Thomas Jefferson

  6. Bob Eddy June 5, 2015

    Actually, Scotty, we also think success should be measured by how many people don’t have to depend on government programs. Unfortunately, thirty years of Reaganism has left our economy in shambles. We have created one of the most stratified societies on Earth by waiting for Republican ideas to work….deregulation, trickle down, tax cuts, supply side economics…and the plain fact is that more of that same nonsense isn’t going to get out of the pile of horse cr*p you Republicans have put us in. What will help is lowering taxes on working people and raising taxes on fat cats – raising the minimum wage, raising corporate taxes so corporations will have incentives to spend of their business and their employees rather than on their share holders — who, BTW have absolutely nothing to do with the profitability or the finances of the company after the IPO as any stocks they buy, they buy for someone else and not the corporation. If only you would look at what you have done Scotty. Quickly turned a budget surplus into a budget deficit by giving tax cut to corporations. Destroying unions that protect working people and in the process destroyed your economy. The jobs you promised did not materialize. The tax revenues you anticipated would increase because of tax cuts didn’t materialize. Now you have one of the worst economies,one of the worst deficits, one of the worst unemployment rates in the region. We don’t need you to do the same thing the country. What George Bush did was bad enough. Leave us alone!

  7. Allan Richardson June 6, 2015

    The GOP policies would reduce the number of people ABLE to get assistance, while increasing the number of people who NEED IT BUT CANNOT GET IT.

    A diabetic “depends on” insulin, not because of a “character flaw” or “addiction,” but because of a disease which makes their bodies unable to make their own insulin. If you “cut off the supply” of insulin without CURING the diabetes, you simply condemn the diabetic patient to SUFFERING AND EARLY DEATH, rather than curing the “addiction.”

    What the TP people refuse to admit, or are deceived into disbelieving, is that people do not LOOK FOR dependency; in fact 99 percent of Americans are at the mercy of their corporate masters, who are the real makers of the GOP policies, and a substantial number of us have no legal way to improve their conditions without some help. With a more progressive economic policy, as we had from the late 1930s until the early 1980s, only 2-3 percent of our population would be poor, uninsured, uneducated, etc. and there would be much less NEED for assistance. Higher minimum wage, indexed to inflation; free or subsidized child care for families in which ALL adults are forced to work outside the home; free pre-school through college (unless a student wishes to pay the difference for a “luxury” school) with low or no college debt; all occupations subject to labor laws with no obstruction to forming freely elected unions; medical care available free, but you can pay extra for luxury accommodations; and senior pensions that seniors can actually LIVE ON.

    Conservatives always ask “how can we pay for it?” The answer is to stop being corrupted by bribes from corporations, and tax everyone who is capable of paying enough to provide the kind of country where businesses can actually SELL MORE without forcing customers into debt, where “Thine alabaster cities gleam, Undimmed by human tears,” rather than a Republican economy BUILT ON HUMAN TEARS.

  8. Bob Eddy June 6, 2015

    But then Scott Walker and the GOP are wrong about everything, but no one seems to have noticed that the only people who believe Republicans any more are the 20% who are still are willing to identify with this scrap heap of a party.

  9. dave June 11, 2015

    So walker as a large state governor has never ‘ depended ‘ on the fed for anything ?? Is he delusional or just stupid ?? Unless wis. is NOT one of the 50 states and DOESN’T pay taxes to the federal govt. for ANYTHING, he IS delusional and STUPID !!!! The idea
    that states don’t ‘ NEED ‘ help from the feds is ridiculous !! How many of these ‘ small ‘ govt. governors have complained and whined about govt. spending UNTIL they need something from it ??

    1. dpaano August 3, 2015

      Yeah, they are all just one earthquake, tornado, or hurricane away from having to depend on FEMA. Even Texas, with it’s many idiot candidates who didn’t want to spend money for Hurricane Sandy, but when disaster hit them….who were the first people they called…..yep, right, FEMA!

  10. John Pennington June 15, 2015

    Walker is no good for working class people college students the elderly and great state of Wisconsin.He is no good for the American people.Everyone should the right to vote but Walker doesnt think so.Ask him why does he sign bill in the dead of night and about womens rights.


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