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Strange But True: A Regular Look At Our Bizarre Politicians


Strange But True: A Regular Look At Our Bizarre Politicians


Running for President of the United States means thinking that you’re the one person best equipped to become the leader of the free world — which could be considered a personality tic, to say the least. As Newt Gingrich once explained, “If you decide in your freshman year in high school that your job is to spend your lifetime trying to change the future of your people, you’re probably fairly weird. … I think I was pretty weird as a kid.”

But there’s weird and then there’s what we’re seeing in this campaign cycle, which is only beginning to recover from Herman Cain’s spoken-word concert tour and marital therapy session. We think that even the front-runners for 2012 are odder than usual — which is why The National Memo is launching “Strange But True,” a regular feature that will present old anecdotes, little-known facts, curious quotes and amusing videos showing the bizarre side of our would-be leaders. (David Greenberg helped us find the photograph on this page of Nixon playing the piano at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.)


  1. bentrovato December 15, 2011

    I’m ready, willing and able to believe almost anything about Newt Gingrich but just the statement of his marriage doesn’t satisfy credibility of the statement. I’d appreciate seeing the proof and details of the accusation.

  2. joekus December 15, 2011

    Not sure it’s so much accusation as it is public record.
    Oh right, anything PBS has to be flamingly overblown (see climate change).

  3. VlastaMolak December 15, 2011

    It is better that 19-old man marries his a few years older teacher than when 51 y old man marries a 6 years old girl and “consummates” his marriage when she is 9 years old.

    Yet, some 1,600 MILLIONS of Muslims (including American Muslims) around the world take as a role model this illiterate pedophile polygamist (who married Aisha, one of his 12 wives, when she was 6 and he was 51) and a murderer, responsible for a gruesome murder (by beheading) of 900 Jews from Medina because the Jews would not take his mutterings as a “final” word of God of a “most perfect religion” seriously.

    Americans may elect a man who married at 19, and was having successive wives, rather than being a pedophile, polygamist,and murderer, mu as Mohamed was ;-)! At least he understands history, while the current occupant of the White house does not, and is therefore catering to Saudis, Turks and CAIR in whitewashing Islam and muzzling those who show truth about Islam for what it is, a supremacist ideology of hate of non-Muslims and the root cause of terrorism of Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.

  4. RHuckelby December 15, 2011

    Hot for teacher? AZ, let me just say that if you have any talent as a writer, and this the first I have read of your ramblings, that apparently you were sleep deprived or something. Again, IF you have any talent is what I emphasize. I guess you don’t need readers like me, who have respect for people until they make it impossible. No bother, you probably have enough ravenous followers. I am NOT a Newt supporter. I don’t think he is fit for what he seeks, but people do fall in love at 19 and it could easily be a teacher who is just a little bit older. Your turning it into “hot for teacher” when it was actually a long term marriage reveals things about you. (and no I didn’t marry or fall in love with a teacher; i speak for others)

  5. jimmyags December 15, 2011

    the anecdote isn’t how old he was when he married her, it should have been the circumstances of why the marriage ended. i would post it here but the conservatives would just dismiss it as a lie. so i invite everyone to do something we should do about ALL candidates for any office. find out for yourself what happened. it is all a matter of public record.

  6. TimAdamsThd December 15, 2011

    NEWT Grinch is So Confused, He Gives Answers with no Thought, or Logic. This is No Surprise. He Also Cause Stress to Every Woman, in his life And most of his Friends.

  7. rustacus21 December 15, 2011

    … or what? “vlasamolak”, take a look around your neighborhood, your job, your church (if U go…) & ask U’rself, “…is this America?…” In the privacy of U’r own conscience, if the answer reflects U’r comment – that U R an uptite, anxious, insecure, bigoted Caucasian – JUST LIKE Mr. Gingrich, U live in a 98% Caucasian environment, due to lack of TOLERANCE – NOT b/c of circumstance. THIS (http://travonfree.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/an-open-letter-to-newt-gingrich-from-a-black-kid-who-grew-up-in-a-poor-neighborhood/) is Newt – pestering the beautiful teacher we “ALL” knew in H.S., then throwing her aside like dirty rags, once he’s exhausted his “desire” of her! This is Newt, a MONSTER, who won’t even let a President grieve over a deceased (Yitsak Rabin) FRIEND, following the funeral & pestering – obnoxiously, the President about upcoming budget talks, until the President has Secret Service remove the JERK! This is Newt – while having an AFFAIR, points an accusing finger at the President for infidelity & lying about it- then being forced from the Speaker post 4 public hypocracy! This is Newt- so intelligent, but unable to see cause & effect in his or any life – that the institutional racism he & U enjoy, is in place to keep children of color from even having an aspiration of vocational, economic, or intellectual mobility. U’r enclosed, sheltered, sterile world – like Newt’s, is comprised of mirrors – which are distorted! There is no truth, no substance, no reality, in a place as closed off as a monogenous world of exact sameness. Look up “hybrid vigor” so U can understand Y, once U accept reality, U’r mirrors will instantly shatter. Only then will U be free of U’r own self-imposed mental bondage chaining U & Newt, to the same deception & lies…


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