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Super Committee Cuts To Social Security Divert From Real Issues


Super Committee Cuts To Social Security Divert From Real Issues


The Congressional Super Committee to cut the budget deficit, due to report soon, has let it be known that it will cut Social Security benefits. Let me be short and sour about this. It is a public relations stunt. They basically say so. All this is about is showing the world America is serious about cutting its long-term deficit. The nation has the guts to do what it takes. It is no bleeding heart country. It is willing to beat up on the elderly.

Other allegedly serious Democratic economists from fancy institutions have made the same argument. The reason is simple. You seemingly can make modest adjustments to Social Security to dent or even eliminate the projected longer-run shortfall. You can’t do that with Medicare.

In exchange for these Social Security cuts, the Democrats expect the Republicans to consider tax increases. They are probably going to be rolled again by the intransigent Republicans, who believe avoiding all taxes on the rich is the sure path to infinite re-electability.

So let’s be clear. The Social Security Administration projects that benefits will rise by one percent of GDP from five percent to six percent over the next 20 years or so and then stabilize or even fall a bit due to the rising elderly population. One percent. That’s what all this is about.

This increase can be covered completely by raising payroll taxes by 6.2 to 7.2 percent for workers and employers. All of it can be covered by eliminating the cap on Social Security taxes, now about $109,000 a year. Even though it’s not practical, raising the cap to the point where it covers 90 percent of wages earned — the original level — would go a long way to paying for benefits.


  1. rustacus21 November 2, 2011

    The American voter has been shoved aside once again, allowing the rich, powerful, well-connected & corporations to escape their patriotic duty as citizens of America. The inaction by this administration has enabled these same economic & political tyrannts to muscle their way to the front of the line, like the spoiled, whinny brats they are. As voters, failing to vote in a support corp of legislators in 2010 was the equivalent of what happened to Prez. Clinton in 1994. He went it, virtually alone, as a result, and the rest, as they say is history (see comments to “U.S. Income Inequality Is ‘Unsustainable,’ Says Bill Clinton”, from Nat’l Memo, 10/31/11). What Americans want is unclear. They want good government, but vote for Bush. The want to be saved from criminals, but vote against Obama. They claim to want economic prosperity, but vote for elitist/aristocratic, corporatist economic “welfare”, which cut’s the economic lifeline to the working class! What is it, America?!? Do U want Democracy for all? Or tyranny of the FEW? The Rich? The corporations? U can’t have it both ways! Democracy means equality of opportunity, but each time U vote Conservative, U get… well, 2001-now, if an administration doesn’t have the courage to spank naughty children & send them to their room until they learn how to behave!!! We are the parent! The administration is the mediator. Conservatives are the children!!! What’s so hard to understand about not letting children handle adult responsibility, until they are “MATURE” enuff to do so?!?!? Or am I wrong? The Constitution supports my position.

    Read more at “rustacus21@wordpress.com”

  2. kurt.lorentzen November 3, 2011

    “They want good government but vote for Bush” – I’m with 100% you there.

    “They want to be saved from criminals but vote against Obama” – You lost me on that one. The criminals, I’m guessing, are Republicans? If so, you need to get out of your box and see that Democrats take just as much in corporate campaign contributions as any one else. If you’re talking Ron Paul (a Republican) as the contrast, then you may have a point. We’re gonna need some intgegrity on one side or the other to draw a line in the sands of morality.

    “Corporatist economic welfare…cuts the economic lifeline to the working class.” – The economic lifeline being what? Welfare? Free stuff? A guaranteed life-long job ala` France? Let’s get behind the Occupy Wall Street movement AND the Tea Party and sever the ties between money and Washington. Let’s make it more expensive for corporations to sell products produced offshore to Americans than the same products they produce here. They avoid paying taxes on profits by keeping money offshore? Then let’s tax ’em on the front end. Free trade? Hogwash, it’s just more catering to corporations. But before we do that, let’s exempt them from taxes on any funds they repatriate over the next two years. That’ll boost the domestic currency and get that money invested in America instead of Taiwan. Be prepared, there’s a price to pay for that. Higher prices, lower wages. We can’t compete with offshore labor when assembly line workers cost auto manufacturers $70 or more per hour. But in the long run we’ll be better for it. More employment, more exports, low-wage foreign competition will go down as American markets close up and America can re-take the lead in manufacturing that we once enjoyed.

  3. Retired08 November 3, 2011

    1. What are the current costs for legislators’ RETIREMENT benefits?
    2. What are the current costs for legislators’ HEALTH benefits?
    3. Is there ANY job in the private sector that provides retirement and health benefits at this level?
    4. In what ways could these costs be cut?
    5. What would be the total $$ benefit to the American people if cuts were made?

  4. Totenkatz November 3, 2011

    Okay first off, the money I make is my money not the governments. The first thing the governments at all levels have to do is live within their means. The first answer is never raise taxes, the first answer should always be spend less, reduce the cost to the American tax payer. The bailouts were wrong but the Dems love them and thought they were great, but they weren’t and took a lot of money out of the system to pay for them and no the American tax payer didn’t get his/her money back from those that were bailed out and probably never will since the federal government will never demand it. I didn’t approve or support Obama using my money to bail out anyone he just did it with Democratic congress support. Hey Jeff if you want to pay more taxes to the federal government go right ahead and do it, but I’m sure you take all the deduction you can take on your tax return. Isn’t it just wonderful that Jeff can just say to all us paying taxes just pay more, but what about all those who don’t pay any federal income tax paying some. Use of off shore labor isn’t the corporations fault. Fault lies first with the union and then the federal government who pass so many regulations it just make sense to corporate America to look elsewhere for labor and/or to produce a product. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot. Hey we all know that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are going to have to change and that what my parents are getting under it I won’t get and well that’s just the facts.

  5. dino666 November 3, 2011

    The congressional super commit y , are cowards, this country needs a stronger society, one that needs to
    march in and destroy Republicans, fire the Democrats, and create a new, called “WE THE PEOPLE”
    I am totally sic of the greedy, self righteous, back stabbing, so called government, that say we are for the people, I am beginning to hate the government.
    Sorry, I had to vent

  6. XiNeutrino November 3, 2011

    The entire panoply of GOP/TP acts to address our fiscal crisis are dances to please their wealthy and special interest supporters. At risk is not only we-the-people but the very health of this planet. Overpowered by both greed and power-addiction the current political cadre in DC remains essentially indifferent to both the status of American democracy and the needs of we-the-people. This is a dreadful formula for the rapid demise of this great nation. Sadly the head-in-the-sand behaviors of ordinary citizens enhances this approaching doom. I despair that we can come together and act together to save ourselves, this nation, and our place as a key leader in the future of planet Earth.

  7. DB November 3, 2011

    One statistic no one ever points out is that the elderly are the wealthiest class in the country. So, a modest reduction in Social Security and Medicare would hurt those folks less than a tax increase on the rest of the 99%. And, Republicans should simply agree to an increased tax on the “rich” of a few %-age points, to avoid the “no new taxes” label. Even though an increased income tax will generate less revenues, agreeing to it will let them make real demands for reductions in spending and for paying down the huge debts that Obama is creating. Also, it would let the debate go back to eliminating Obamacare which will destroy good health care in the country. Wake up Republicans.

  8. LOU November 3, 2011


  9. DT November 3, 2011

    I suggest that we reverse the Bush tax cuts on those who make $250,000 a year and make adjustments to the tax cut on the middle class to yield about 1.75 trillion over the next eight years.

  10. cloroxat November 3, 2011

    I’ve planned my working life for forty years based on a promise that the government made to me regarding S.S. Now they will change their rules and leave me out to hang. If you’re going to change benefits it should affect only the workers who have yet to enter the workforce. Keep the promise you made forty years ago……

  11. Richie T November 3, 2011

    If a third of the population of this country wasn’t massively obese, anther third overweight, the actually cost’s of running, both medicare, and medicaid, would be allot lower. If all the scams by both Dr’s and Hospitals are playing with it are stopped, the costs will be much lower. If more people actually voted, instead of sitting at keyboards b#**@ng about what’s going on in DC, we wouldn’t be having these problems.
    Since 1960, he highest percentage of people that could legally vote, that actually bothered to, was in 1960. 63.1%. Obama was #4 on the list. The last midterm was 37.8%
    We need to stop putting millionaires in control of this country. Almost half of Congress are at least millionairess. 2011, the percentage of the population living below the poverty level rose to 15.1%. In the last three years, The number of millionaire families in this county grew by 14%

  12. Bluemax 45 November 3, 2011

    I have always thought that S.S. was our security blanket that when I can kick back
    and enjoy my retirement knowing that… that security blanket is there even for the vets and senior citizens.Why must the super committe mess with S.S. and medicare and medicaid?Don’t they realize it is our life line? What part don’t Pual Ryan get? I hate total greed……Sorry but that’s how I feel.

  13. Lapka951 November 3, 2011

    The only way to balance the budget is to fix entitlements. (Social, Medicaire and Medicaid) They should be bundled so Social can contribute toward medical cost overruns. You’re worried about breaking Medicaire or Medicaid–find a Dr who can still afford to take those patients? Very difficult. They need to get a better reputation for paying what they say, on time. People walking into Dr’s offering cash only pay 50% of what doctors have to charge insurance companies cause the process is so notoriously slow and inefficient.

    Medical costs need to be brought under control. Tort reform, medical privacy and record requirements cost hundreds of billions yearly–with little to no added benefit to anyone; free illegal immigrant medical services need to be curtailed. Prescription Drug patents need to be fixed so drug companies don’t have to make back all of their money in the first couple of years. The gov’t and insurance industry needs to be allowed to incentivize healthy behavior lifestyles. Consumers need to be provided cost information to make informed cost choices. The AMA needs to stop artificially limiting the number of people with medical degrees–and start policing the work of doctors who don’t perform well.

    Social Security was not designed to replace 90% of people’s income. It is only designed to be a supplement to retirement savings or income yet millions of people retire every year having saved nothing–expecting that the government is going to provide for them for the rest of their lives. Demographically with only 3 workers to every retiree–it can’t happen. The age of qualification needs to go up, to reflect longer life expectancies, incentives need to increase for people waiting longer to take Social, the cap on earnings needs to be raised. And yes–some % of Social should be privatized so that people actually can earn a decent return on their $.

    It’s not that hard if you go after the true problems not the artificially created political ones.

  14. Richard Stanley November 3, 2011

    Politicians cannot see a line item budget unless they feel it will get them elected for another term. Social Security is in the limelight because it appears to be one of the biggest expenditures in coming years. A very close look at the population growth in this country shows that the next generation will start to reach it’s peak consumption period starting around 2019. Notice I said starting! Those spending years are projected to last until 2036. Those will be our next boom years! Had a properly designed system of checks and balances been used to forecast births and peak spending in the past, our government would not be in the shape it’s currently in. This country needs real leadership that understands this problem. That same birth vs peak spending , as shown on page258 of Harry S Dent’s book: The Great Crash Ahead shows the next administration (I’m assuming Obama is a one term President) will be much better off and some prosperity will return but for the following four years we will be in deep do-do. Hence the politicians will have a field day, unless of course we can convince them to look at the real problem and plan accordingly. I doubt that will ever happen. Someone said that every problem in this world is created by politicians first and then their ego’s try to correct it. Vote all the bastards out! We need change but not the kind we got. Anyone with socialistic views and the legislative power to enforce that view, after leaving office, in my view, should be charged with treason and dealt with according to the law of the land.

  15. timber1647 November 3, 2011

    Certainly Social Security reform can’t be left off the table, and the writer offers up two viable solutions: increase the tax % to 7.2 and/or subject all income to the FICA tax.(which I prefer) To that I would also ask the Super Committee to consider Means Testing for those earning over $250K per year in “retirement” and gradually raising the initial age for benefits to 63 and full benefits to 67.

  16. Lee Dimin November 3, 2011

    It is not unexoected that the 1% and their corrupt representatives in the Congress of the United States (as well as the mentally corrupt members of the Supreme Court of the United states – Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito who unconstitutionally gave free speech to “corporations”, an entity not mentioned once throughout the entire Constitution) would place the burden of paying for the tax cuts to the wealthiest mericans and to Corporate America in the form of subsidies on the elderly, the poor, the workers and the infirm. It is what George W. Bush called “Conservative compassion”. The cities of our great country are now feeling the protests of the 99% of the people, who are not represented by the Congress of the United States, not by the United States Supreme Court. The Congress is dyfunctional and the Court politicized; the former corrupted by contributions, the latter, mentally corrupted.

  17. BruceGruber November 3, 2011

    In a post-industrial America technology that includes robotics and computerized communication combined with outsourced, cheap foreign labor markets (educated to be at least our equals), where is the justification for the expectation that U.S. citizens MUST work? Our society has allowed opportunity for increased productivity with fewer workers and lower costs (in part because we do not build into those costs the environmental, health and ‘reserves for replacement’ that long range planning should consider). We are succeeding in reducing human participation in the process of productivity.

    Simultaneously independent, individualist drumbeat propaganda from conservative, pro-profit, plutocrat ‘unthink’ foundations demands that we torpedo the social safety net which funds a means of sharing the wealth our society and culture have created – demanding instead that the largess of past labor, inventiveness and knowledge have created be retained by owners and managers only. By attempting to eliminate rents, dividends and capital gains taxes, reducing income tax rates, installing investment tax credits for ‘off-shoring’ jobs, maintaining ‘depletion’ allowances, promoting “life lottery” winnings be tax exempt, these well heeled and effectively lobbied benefits are now empowered by a reactionary robber baron mentality in the form of ‘conservative’ justice meted out by ill-educated, illogical ‘simplicists’ on the Supreme Court. ‘Citizens United’ allows corporate concealment of plutocrat acquisition and control of the electoral process with zero transparency and no effective stockholder influence or control of the ‘investments’.

    While it may seem logical to defer Social Security benefits because the population lives and produces longer, it make be equally logical to begin benefits earlier since labor is more productive. We should include All income (including rents, dividends and capital gains) in Social Security modifications inasmuch as the work of intellectually creating this increasing percentage of income benefits is a form of labor.

    Kicking the old and poor and poorly educated because they don’t “work” in a society that allows those who outsource “work” and reward themselves through financial manipulation of the people’s government for so doing is not the American value I was taught to respect. Compromising the process within the Super Committee is ‘death by a thousand cuts’ . It is time for REAL elected leaders to have the guts to stand up and say so.

  18. BruceGruber November 3, 2011

    In a post-industrial America technology that includes robotics and computerized communication combined with outsourced, cheap foreign labor markets (educated to be at least our equals), where is the justification for the expectation that U.S. citizens MUST work? Our society has allowed opportunity for increased productivity with fewer workers and lower costs (in part because we do not build into those costs the environmental, health and ‘reserves for replacement’ that long range planning should consider). We are succeeding in reducing human participation in the process of productivity.

    Simultaneously independent, individualist drumbeat propaganda from conservative, pro-profit, plutocrat ‘unthink’ foundations demands that we torpedo the social safety net which funds a means of sharing the wealth our society and culture have created – demanding instead that the largess of past labor, inventiveness and knowledge have created be retained by owners and managers only. By attempting to eliminate rents, dividends and capital gains taxes, reducing income tax rates, installing investment tax credits for ‘off-shoring’ jobs, maintaining ‘depletion’ allowances, promoting “life lottery” winnings be tax exempt, these well heeled and effectively lobbied benefits are now empowered by a reactionary robber baron mentality in the form of ‘conservative’ justice meted out by ill-educated, illogical ‘simplicists’ on the Supreme Court. ‘Citizens United’ allows corporate concealment of plutocrat acquisition and control of the electoral process with zero transparency and no effective stockholder influence or control of the ‘investments’.

    While it may seem logical to defer Social Security benefits because the population lives and produces longer, it make be equally logical to begin benefits earlier since labor is more productive. We should include All income (including rents, dividends and capital gains) in Social Security modifications inasmuch as the work of intellectually creating this increasing percentage of income benefits is a form of labor.

    Kicking the old and poor and poorly educated because they don’t “work” in a society that allows those who outsource “work” and reward themselves through financial manipulation of the people’s government for so doing is not the American value I was taught to respect. Compromising the process within the Super Committee is ‘death by a thousand cuts’ . It is time for REAL elected leaders to have the guts to stand up and say so.

  19. rlp1966 November 3, 2011

    Just because we have the taxing capacity does not mean we should use it. We need to take an objective look at the implications of raising taxes. If the government raised taxes by $3.5 Trillion over 10 years, which you said you would favor, would that make the country more prosperous, would more jobs be created, will the government become more efficient? Who is better at allocating capital, the government or individuals trying to create a better life for their families? Social Security can be fixed. All we have to do is scale it back to its original intention going forward. What would happen if we maintained the eligibility age relative the current life expectancy based on the original eligibility age? Of course, that would have to be scaled in over multiple years as to not effect current recipients. That would solve the problem with funding and align the purpose of the Social Security program with its original intention keeping the elderly from falling through the economic cracks. It is basic economics. If you change the program from an entitlment to a safety net then less people will become dependant on it.

  20. Bernard Forand November 3, 2011

    There are those that claim, that what they earn is there’s to keep. Sovereignty ideology of John Lock. Even John realized that does not work in a socialized governing system. Laborers produced by an individual within a structure is responsible to the support of that organization. Distributions of laborers productivity is defined by Emmanuel Kant. Details are to numerous to go into on a simple comment. Books can be obtained on these philosophers at your local socialized library. John coined the “Consent” philosophy. Which simply states that by use of an infrastructure of an organization they are subject to their laws and productivity distributions. Including to be Socially acceptable to the socialism of that ideology.
    That said; Responsibilities include; Infrastructure constructs such as Fire Department, Police, Military, Highways, Airports, Education and so on .
    Ratio of labors distribution requires an equitable platform that does not burden one class greater than another. Results could be observed in the Health and prosperity of its citizens. Greater the abuse of one class upon another exhibits abnormalities of the pursuit of Health, Liberty and Happiness. Results stimulate adverse reactions of those unjustly burden.
    Consider with 84% of wealth [laborers productivity] is distributed to 20% of our populace here in the USA and 16% of laborers productivity is distributed to 80% of our populace. Note the rise in protesting voices. Here as well as global. Communications amongst the populace is educating and illuminating these discrepancies Greater the power to suppress, the weaker that power becomes and the stronger the opposition grows.
    Continued neglect to stabilize the ambiguities of the imbalance will in time produce, the cycle of physical confrontation of the two forces.
    Various strategies can be introduced or use what are presently available to stabilize present inequality. Taxes has been the traditional means withi the various ideologies. With that in mind consider one example of controlling our inequality forces that produce them.
    Robin Hood Tax

    As world leaders head to France for the the G-20 economic summit in Cannes, labor leaders from around the globe will gather nearby to represent the needs of the world’s workers. Among their demands is a Robin Hood tax on banks and financial institutions that would exact a nano-percentage of each financial transaction to the tune of 0.5 percent. (See video.) That’s one half of 1 percent on every bond or derivative traded, stocks sold and a host of other “financial instruments” bought and sold by the very institutions bailed out by the world’s taxpayers.
    Also known as a financial speculations tax, or a financial transactions tax, the idea is catching on in the United States through the activism of unions, especially the National Nurses United (NNU), which has been joining with Occupy protesters to support the Robin Hood tax. The idea has already gained significant momentum across the pond, where British activists are using creative means, such as this video, to sell the public on the Robin Hood tax. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries

  21. iampartofthe99percent November 3, 2011

    The Social Security System should be selfsyfficient if the politicians kept their hand off our money. Right now, all they need to do is to pay the big debt the Federal Government owes to the SS, from which not even the interest have been paying for years. The SS funds are ours, we contributed to the system, the Federal Government has nothing to do with that money. So, they need to reinburse the several trilions of dollars they took out of our funds. No matter who did it, the important thing is they have to pay it back and stop trying to deprive our benefits. Why we the people get so easely distracted by dirty political games? Let’s make them to do real job for what we ellected them which is to protect our nation from being deprived. Both, Democrats and Republicans are just the same, and the Tea Party is in no way different. I am part of the 99 percent.

  22. deanjo November 3, 2011

    First, Social Security is not an entitlement. There is no Government money
    involved (except for the money the bureaucrats have stolen and Bush put up for security on loans from China). People pay through their FICA tax into the program and when they retire they draw a small amount out on a monthly basis.
    The only thing legislators are supposed to be doing is manage the funds. But, in my opinion once again they just can’t keep their hands off the money so here we go again. They have done nothing to justifly their exhorbitant salaries and benefits. We need to adjust legislators salaries to work performed and not be paying them to set at home more than they are at work, no more double dipping on benefits, pension from more than one office held.

  23. rjpowerlaw November 3, 2011

    The gov’t leaves out groceries and gasoline prices in computing inflation adjustments for SS. Guess what I spend the bulk of my money on while living out the balance of my life in a trailer. If I thought that we could really get the money out of politics, I would gladly pay my proportionate share of the cost of government funding of elections provided those costs had a realistic ceiling, the election cycle was shortened, and election days were on the weekend so that more of us could vote. In the meantime call every senator on the Select Committee to Hose the Poor and Elderly, and tell them how you will vote next November.

  24. pc02349 November 3, 2011

    I am so sick and tired of the poor people getting poorer and the rich getting richer. I am on disability and I barely make my bills every month. I have to wait over a month to get a doctor’s appt. I don’t understand how the richest country in the world can treat its citizens like crap while the US goes to the rescue of everybody else. This is part of the reason the younger generation doesn’t want to do anything. In my day, we worked hard and put into the social security system for our old age, and now there probably won’t be anything there for us when we need it. The young people look at us as fools. They probably think, why should I put in the years on a job for nothing. The US should be ashamed.

  25. jlowe511 November 3, 2011

    Let’s see if I have this right? They’re going to cut from the people that drive this country’s economy, the consumer and give the money to the people at the top that stick their money in the bank and sit on it. And this is going to help the economy how?

  26. Cheryl Trago November 3, 2011

    I’ve worked for over 30 years. Cutting back on SS monthy payments is atrocious. That money I put in to SS is MINE. The government takes from everyone’s accounts to pay for the wars and the needed equipment and other special interests. Shame on you. How dare you steal money from the people who have to live off of their social security.

    Has the US government never heard of a loan???

    Let’s see if Congress can live off of SS.

  27. Patricia Jackson November 3, 2011

    I think The initial retirement should be raised to 65 and full to 70 as we all live
    a lot longer now. This would put a lot more money in the account. I also am in favor
    of getting rid of all the congressmen as they are all millionaires they have no idea
    what it is like to live on SS. also they are all too old to be in office. Also as long as we vote for republicans this country is going to HELL in a hand basket!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. jjji November 3, 2011

    Everyone knows why social security is part of the budget. The politicians borrowed from the social security fund and gave IOUS to the social security fund so they could use it. Now they want to cut social security benefits. Wake up America and vote every current politician out of office. They aren’t worth the money and benefits they paid.

  29. lettherebelight November 3, 2011

    I am an ex-Republican. I am an ex-Independent. I am a Democrat. The Republican’s do not believe in a Democracy. This President is hitting each issue head on and the people are not seeing any result of his efforts because the Republicans are blocking every action he makes on the American peoples behalf. It is as a result of the Republican Party that we are now at war, it is as a result of Republican Party that our Constitutional rights are being violated. The Republicans want to print more money which will in fact collapse our economy. The Democratic party is coming up with long term solututions to our national deficit. If the average person in America would be presented with the facts behind the obvious war that is going on between parties, We The People could change America. President Obama, you should use the media as often as possible to make America see that you are trying to get Americans back to work, you are trying to pass Health Care laws to enable all Americans the right to medical treatment. You are trying to hold onto the Government programs that sustain and enable American people to thrive. The real problem is that there is a war going on between parties where by which the Republican Party is destroying America, while the Democrats are trying to sustain the American people. This President is being blocked at each and every attempt he makes to improve and sustain the laws by which we are governed. I am tired of these unintelligent Figure Heads in the Republican Party running for Congress. Mr. President, you must use the media to to make Americans aware of this war and how your effort is being thwarted by the Republican Party. My own personal story is a prime example of how the Republican Party can take a person down. I stand behind my President, Barack Obama.

  30. ktone90 November 3, 2011

    Stop spending all the money on the war and defence…bring all the troops home from around the globe…obama should tell the world we are not going to enter or interfer with any other countrys afairs. “THE PRIME DIRECTIVE”…this will save millions and ss and medicare don’t need to be touched…also will bring down the def….tax the people who make a million or more…god nows i don’t and i have to pay the price with lower ss benifits?…i think not….some one eles said it best…it time for all americans to stand up and vote the republicans outNOW!!!!!!!

  31. Jeff Goldberg November 3, 2011

    The Defense Budget needs cutting, auditing by an independent group. I understand that the Defense Department is
    reviewing their budget, and have been for a year or two. It seems no one has done so previously. We know by government
    committee reports that monies cannot be accounted for and payoffs exist. Former high Defense Department figures
    go into selling armaments to the government. Conflict of interest. THEY LOBBY FOR DEFENSE CONTRACTORS.
    WE higher wages to war contractor soldiers than our troops. There are extraordinary costs in the Defense Department. We
    need a real indepenent audit. That budget is huge.

  32. irvingt November 4, 2011


  33. irvingt November 4, 2011

    if they have been 1 term they should be lineing up their job for the future 1 term and OUT NO PENSION. NO RETIREMENT. NO BONUS. ALL FUNDS THEY HAVE GATHERED GO TO SOCIAL SECURITY. 1 TERM FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY ND OUT. THIS GOES FOR IND REP DEMS

  34. Mountain girl November 4, 2011

    Americans in their longterm open door policies finally had to learn why other countries have borders and guest workers programs. We used to ridicule those countries, easily telling them what to do or else!

    The biggest reason people get all mixed up is about who should come to the US to feel the pressure to become a citizen.. This is not the intention of most who come here as ‘immigrants’. But the pressure is real, as it provides some so called ‘security’.. not really, but it gives the illusion.

    It would be much better to allow paper documents for those who wish to come for a while on 3, 5 or 10 year work visas – and allow them to travel at will. The cost saved by sensible (border entry) paperwork would save the many millions spent chasing illegals and marginalizing other nationals.

    It is Americans who don’t distinguish between refugees that can not go home again and who need a new home-land and a passport and Citizenship oppertiunities…… and those who just come here temporary (for economic reasons) who would only need to provide a functioning government with the current living address – like that required for drivers licences… to make it all legal and controllable and eliminate the need for anker babies.

    But in the US, hate is much easier, and prejudice is more instinctive, running rampant. (see the video currently shown, of what is possible by an AMERICAN judge beating on his sick child for seven minutes.)

    Cheap goods are bought at Walmart where the American Owners are UNDERCUTTING ALL prices – putting out of existence ALL OTHER AMERICAN STORES – is hailed as the American way of life – supposed to be a good thing — goods made in china are ok, but disrespect and envy and hate for the Chinese is now being preached by all – Hatred gallore… where will it end?

    Do you really think this kind of ‘thinking’ is what will make the US great? I don’t think so. I was never ashamed to travel with on American passport, but with the current Republican hate mongers I am ashamed now.

    The next vote is not about the President alone.. IT IS ABOUT Republicans wanting to make sure that Democrats can never GOVERN again – any place! It is about the next crop of Republicans wanting to STACK the COURTS with like minded people.. (see the ‘Family Court’ judge above who thinks he is right) and see all the laws being past that are against womans RIGHTS… The Tali-ban would not do worse! Look at the movie on HBO to understand oppression of women. The fight for justice has to be every where. Democrats and woman need to ‘get it’, that it is about the long term future of ever person, starting with every local politician who might influence the laws or appointments to the courts for decades to come. (Look at the recent NEW laws to see how serious understanding THIS is.)

    I stand with the 99ers, as they are the only chance at creating A good day – AFTER the last day shown in Atlas Shrugged. Learn from that book to create a better new day. I wish us well.

  35. the_sage November 4, 2011

    Social Security has been the subject of many raids, first by the government and then by the health industry. This has resulted in a weakened program. What needs to be done is the money taken out by government be returned and the industry raids stopped.
    A reduction in benefits has more to do with ideology than resolving the shortfalls, which if the current situation continues will reccur. Remember what conservatives are about is the ultimate destruction of the program.
    A real fix would be stopping the raids (Laws to prevent the government from using Social Security funds for any other purpose but Social Security, stopping industry abuses) and adjusting contributions to match payments which is done by all other programs of this type.

  36. Keith Groethe November 4, 2011

    I agree with Tom Brokaw, that AARP’s soundbite that senior entitlements dare not be touched could have been less threatening. But let’s not forget the threats made by Republicans, well before that soundbite came out, about taking away or substancially reducing those entitlments. Is not AARP entitled to use those same scare tatics? No one in this day and age seems to understand what the word compromise means, so … I suggest the Republicans buy a dictionary and look it up. Or as my grandchildren might say … It’s all pretty yukky! Hope that’s in the dictionary.

  37. Pita1960 November 4, 2011

    Ask anyone who lives on SS benefits how much they make and you will find far too many live below the national poverty level. Now the Sub committee wishes to take even that little away? Fine create a job so that we can go back to work and feed ourselves. I would seriously like to see my local government representatives live on $768 a month. Good luck with that.

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