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Tea Partiers React With Fury To World They Can’t Control

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Tea Partiers React With Fury To World They Can’t Control


When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, many pundits and political observers were eager to expunge the nation’s brutal and long-running history of stark racial oppression. They spoke of a “post-racial” society freed from the divisions of tribe, healed of the deep wounds that ached and bled along the color line for centuries.

Even those who were less sanguine about the disappearance of racism — myself included — believed that the election of the nation’s first black president signaled a new era of greater racial harmony and understanding. Surely, a nation ready to be led by a black man was ready to let go many of its oldest and ugliest prejudices.

But that was a very naive notion. It turns out that Obama’s election has, instead, provoked a new civil war, a last battle cry of secession by a group of voters who want no part of a country led by a black man, no place in a world they don’t rule, no home in a society where they are simply one more minority group. Call those folks “Tea Partiers.”

The ultraconservatives who have taken over the Republican Party are motivated by many things — antipathy toward the federal government, conservative religious beliefs and a traditional Republican suspicion of taxes, among them. But the most powerful force animating their fight is a deep-seated racial antagonism.

Don’t take my word for it. Democracy Corps, a political research and polling group headed by Stanley Greenberg and James Carville, has published a report from a series of focus groups conducted with segments of the Republican Party — moderates, evangelicals and Tea Partiers.

The report confirms that Republicans, especially the Tea Partiers, “are very conscious of being white in a country that is increasingly minority. The race issue is very much alive.” It also notes that “Barack Obama and Obamacare is a racial flashpoint for many evangelical and Tea Party voters.”

Tea Partiers believe that the Democratic Party is intent on expanding the social safety net in order, basically, to buy votes. They see “Obamacare” as a sop to that alleged 47 percent of lazy Americans who don’t want to work, don’t pay any taxes and live off government handouts. And, of course, those lazy Americans are, in their view, voters of color.

Cynthia Tucker Haynes

Cynthia Tucker Haynes, a veteran newspaper journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, is a Visiting Professor of Journalism and Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the University of Georgia. She is also a highly-regarded commentator on TV and radio news shows.

Haynes was editorial page editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper for 17 years, where she led the development of opinion policy. More recently, she was that newspaper’s Washington-based political columnist. She maintains a syndicated column through Universal Press Syndicate, which is published in dozens of newspapers around the country. Besides winning the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007, Haynes has also received numerous other awards, including Journalist of the Year from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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  1. JD Mulvey October 12, 2013

    I agree, Cynthia –this is an existential battle.

    That’s why I don’t want the President to give an inch. No “fig leaf,” no face-saving for Boehner and his hoard. We need to beat the Tea Party until they unconditionally surrender, because they won’t stop their attacks on our country otherwise.

    1. MVH1 October 12, 2013

      I am a Southerner and absolutely do not embrace anything about the Teas but you will never, ever get them to surrender unconditionally or really even conditionally. I’m just saying, I know these folks. Most of them are still mad about the Civil War and still fighting the “Yankees”. The more you try to get them to call uncle, the deeper in they burrow. It needs to be something different. Marginalize them and go about the business of the country. At this rate, they are marginalizing themselves.

      1. Michael Ross October 12, 2013

        While I agree with JD Mulvey’s sentiments, MVH1’s is the truth.

        The fact is that the Tea Party HAS been defeated. In 2012, they lost the Presidency, lost Senate Seats, and lost Congressional seats. Yet they still insist on fighting and still insist that they represent the majority of Americans.

        What instead needs to happen is for the Democrats to stand their ground to the Tea Party until the moderates and independents of the national all learn to stop fearing the Tea Party and stand with him. The Tea Party has no power beyond having scared the rest of the G.O.P. into submission, and only when the moderates either A) realize the Tea Party has no power without them, or B) gets more scared of the future backlash against the Tea Party, will the uncompromising extremists finally get forced back into the survivalist compounds and mental institutions from whence they came.

        1. sigrid28 October 12, 2013

          There is no choice now but stand our ground on ending the shutdown and raising the debt ceiling before negotiation, because any “gift,” even a symbolic gesture to the Tea Party, will be seen as the green light to do this again and again. I compare them to autistics who may perseverate–repeat again and again–ideas (their talking points) or self-destructive behaviors, like head-banging (a shutdown that hurts themselves as much as everyone else, ditto not raising the debt ceiling). I speak as a person who has patiently worked with managing perseverative behaviors. First, you have to prevent the individual from injuring himself/herself or anyone else. Only then, can you redirect–there is no use in trying to talk an autistic out of perseveration. So it is with the Tea Party. Today the House attempted to mount a discharge order to vote up-and-down on the Senate bill to stop the shutdown with a clean CR, which was stopped today, but may succeed the next time. The House may have to do the same thing to pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling for a long enough time to prevent harm to the economy. Only then can Democrats try to negotiate with Republicans through normal channels such as conferences with members appointed by both parties.

          1. Michael Ross October 12, 2013

            That analogy would only be 100% accurate if it included a few hundred thousand others calling you a socialist and yelling at each other to keep on banging their heads against the wall.

          2. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            When even their wealthy benefactors are running away from the crazies they will have to do something.

          3. MVH1 October 15, 2013

            Cruz doesn’t get the wealthy benefactors so it’s of no concern to that jackass.

          4. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            That’s right. It must be made clear to everyone that the “tea party” is just a front for the wealthy 1%…. after all, that’s whose funding them. The 1% counts on the stupidity of the tea party to be the propaganda arm of a basically John Birch Society agenda.

        2. plc97477 October 13, 2013

          Less hope November 2014 will help us show the repugs how worthless the tea potty is.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker October 14, 2013

        If the Yankees were smart, they’d demand equal federal tax dollars that these Confederates states demand. Why the hell should TX get $1.72 for every dollar it pays while Yankee states barely get more than 65 cents for every dollar they pay. Stick it to these rebel hardliner…cut off our tax dollars. They have state taxes they can tap into just like we do…If they don’t like that they can’t live off federal taxes, they can bury themselves in their precious Stars and Bars…There’s an X on that flag for a reason…it’s a sign of “ignernce.”

        1. Billie October 14, 2013

          Texas get 97 Cents back from every dollar they put in. Not $1.72. The reason we get so little is because of oil subsidies. It’s the southern red states that are picking America’s pockets.

          1. MVH1 October 14, 2013

            That may be true of Texas as a whole but I bet most of those 97 cents go to the Tea Party districts. Besides, only paying 3 cents on the dollar is nothing to hold up as some sort of big victorious contribution.

          2. Billie October 15, 2013

            Who knows. We haven’t had a good governor since Ann Richards.

          3. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            So let’s have some serious discussion about southern secession. A 10 year relocation period for liberals living in the south and tea partiers living in the north, followed by divorce of the southern states, or at least some. Then, no economic intercourse, and two separate counties emerge.

          4. Bob Loosemore October 15, 2013

            Did you mean ‘countries’?

          5. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            Yes, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN. I don’t necessarily proof read my posts…. I just post them quickly.

        2. MVH1 October 14, 2013

          Watch out, Eleanore, they could then appear in your neck of the woods. :)) They have deluded themselves into believing only their share of taxes they pay goes straight to those “takers.” Somehow it has not dawned on them they are those “takers” of whom they speak and who they loathe so much. If they ever figure that one out, which would happen if it rearranged the way you suggest, wonder what would happen. Their heads would explode. They’re screaming for cuts to entitlements but the Tea Party’s base mostly depends on those entitlements. Heads deep in the sand.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 15, 2013

            They won’t like NJ. This is a blue state that wants NO part of offshore drilling and we pay for it through the revenge of the Big Oil bois who price gouge electricity, natural gas and gasoline. So..typical Yankee ingenuity…We switched to solar. The largest industry in NJ today is solar. Texans in NJ are as out of place as fish out of water. We don’t like phonies who swagger and use “ignernt” language when they know better.

            We always laugh when they bring their bully boi trucks into our state and fly that Confederate flag. They make fools of themselves if they think it has a single ounce of impression.

            No true American turns their back on those who are must vulnerable, those going through hard times and those who are too ill to care for themselves. These Tea Party thugs are after one and one thing only: Total control. Time to kick asses and take names.

          2. MVH1 October 15, 2013

            They’re greedy and upping their charges to the oil states as well. It’s pure dee old greed. They don’t care who they suck dry. I’m working on solar for my house this week. Most of us don’t like phonies who swagger and are ignernt either. They do make fools of themselves and in their own territory. These bastards think the “takers” are extremely poor people. It never occurs to them living in a red state means they are among those takers. And that fool Huelskamp who is threatening to primary anybody who votes what he doesn’t want out of the House is one of the biggest takers of all. His family has taken in millions from farm subsidies over the years. That’s one of the biggest welfare programs going and it needs to stop now.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 16, 2013

            My dad was a small time NJ farmer. He is rolling in his grave at the thievery of today’s Agri Industry extortionists. Not only do we give them billions in farm subsidies but we also pay billions for their insurance. That’s double dipping. I firmly believe that a lot of Americans are going to be quite rigid in the future about how the House majorities spend our tax dollars. They may have control over how it’s spent…they don’t have control on WHO gets the lion’s share of tax subsidies.

          4. MVH1 October 16, 2013

            My dad was a small time Alabama, sorry, farmer, too, but one of the good guys and he was appalled when it started and he, too, is rolling in his grave at that and all of this wild idiocy, thievery from these soulless dolts.

          5. tom lowe October 20, 2013

            Please don’t apologize for where you come from. I am born and bred in North Carolina, have been a Democrat/Liberal all my life and don’t intend to change it now. I agree with the anger toward the teabaggers and how they and their disease is concentrated in the South. However, I do not appreciate anyone from other parts of this country lumping me, and many other Southerners like me, into the ignorant, backwoods “The South Will Rise Again” crap who, mercifully will die out. I do not intend to secede, and I will fall to my death defending the very land that I and so many other enlightened people from other parts of the USA are flocking to live.

          6. MVH1 October 21, 2013

            I love your post but I’m not apologizing about being raised in Alabama. And certainly not for the wonderful, accomplished and wise parents I had. I like Eleanore and it was a nod to her that as much as she and I agree, it might have given her pause since she “seems” to be down on the South entirely. She knows there are a lot of good people everywhere. We are disgusted and horrified by the Tea Party and anyone anything like them and unfortunately, as you are experiencing yourself, we have more than our fair share. If, however, you look at a demographic map of the U.S., they’re scattered all over. I know you’ve probably issued the same kind of “Hey, I agree with you and, by the way, I’m from one of those places you don’t like. Sorry about that.” She understood I’m sure. But this South Will Rise again, you and I are horrified and disgusted by that kind of bitter sentiment that probably tracks back to being the loser from the Civil War. But I love your post. 🙂

        3. jointerjohn October 14, 2013

          I’m tempted to the same as you, but one of the basic differences between us and them is that we believe in one United States while they believe only what they can see from the back of their pickups. Pull their military bases and listen to them cry then. Its the only good paying jobs there.

      3. morbius777 October 15, 2013

        Let’s let them go. If they want a feudal/fascist JESUSLAND, let them have it. I just don’t want to live in it.

        1. MVH1 October 15, 2013

          Well, I was thinking more of their relocating to Somalia, perhaps, a place which actually needs a government. Oh, but wait, they don’t want government. They’ll fit right in.

      4. morbius777 February 10, 2014

        Then let’s offer them the chance to secede. We’d be much better of without them.

        1. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

          Ha ha. You’d starve to death.

          1. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            Don’t think so, but let’s find out.

    2. Ford Truck October 12, 2013

      After reading your posts for some time, I know you are not some racist, libertarian Tea-Partier, which makes me ask, why to you use a picture of one of America’s most racist, hate-filled, genocidal Army officers? George Armstrong Custer was so hateful of the Indians, and such a racist that he believed that he and his white army could not be defeated by the sub-human Indians, leading to one of the American Army’s worst defeats.

      1. ococoob October 12, 2013

        Looking at Custer’s photos, the man is quite attractive.

        1. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

          If you find a psychopath ‘attractive’, it does not say much for you.

          1. ococoob October 13, 2013

            Oh shaddup. Take chill pill, will ya!

          2. idamag October 14, 2013

            Bob, Sociopaths can be very attractive. They are able to scope you out and be whatever you wish them to be. That is why they can fool people.

          3. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            Ok! That explains how obozo was elected twice.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker October 14, 2013

            Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge of a skyscraper with that pontification of hate? I’ve never in my life seen a man who could waste soooo much of his life hating this president without admitting the real reason…Any KKK skeletons in your closet good ole boi? Maybe you are a spawn of Byron de la Beckwith? Or just another mouth with a double wide butt and hummingbird brain?

          5. MVH1 October 14, 2013

            Isn’t that pitiful you don’t even know his name.

          6. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            Isn’t it pitiful that you couldn’t come up with a better reply than that? Have a poptart

          7. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            Would you be willing to say that to his face, or are you the coward I think you are.

          8. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            Yes I would because he/ she doesn’t appear to have your hair trigger temper and fondness of resolving disagreements with violence 🙂

          9. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            Just secede, asshole.

          10. Heza Nidiot February 10, 2014

            Just go to the “rest home” already, schizoid.

          11. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            I have no desire to keep you company.

          12. Heza Nidiot February 10, 2014

            “Happy Acres.” It’s in the Yellow Pages. Check it out! They can help you!

          13. Bob Loosemore October 15, 2013


      2. John Blyoder October 18, 2013

        He was not so hateful of the Indians since he had an Indian mistress at one time. Another Strom Thurmond!

    3. Lynnette Gentry October 13, 2013

      You Got That Right My Friend!! That’s Why I Will Keep Saying STAND YOUR GROUND MR.PRESIDENT!!!!!!

    4. idamag October 14, 2013

      I agree. If the President capitulates, he will be seen as weak and then they will move in for the kill. The kill might be destroying Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. These are anti-Democracy people, anti government people, and they have no business in Washington.

  2. Stuart October 12, 2013

    Wonder what the Tea Partiers think of Switzerland. Did I read correctly that they have approved a guaranteed monthly income of $2,800 for their citizens? And Switzerland seems to be all white. Certainly not bankrupt. They can afford it, but we can’t?

    1. sigrid28 October 12, 2013

      So many watches. So little time.

      1. darkagesbegin October 12, 2013

        now that is funny! really funny. you made my day

      2. maxcat07 October 12, 2013

        LOVE that comment!

    2. edwardw69 October 12, 2013

      Switzerland: that bastion of Capitalism. And they have universal, mandated healthcare, too. Oh dear, what’s the world coming to?

      1. CalSailor October 12, 2013

        Last year, the day before we were to board the cruise ship out of Copenagen, one of our fellow passengers had an accident…she watched out for the cars…but there you have to watch out for bikes….one got her good..she broke several bones in her ankle. The next day, as we were boarding ship, they boarded, her in a wheelchair and him with a pair of crutches. The husband said: After she was hit by the biker, an ambulance was called, and she was taken to the ER. They decided that she needed surgery, and they repaired her ankle, casted it, and gave her the use of the wheelchair, and crutches. Cost: Zero. The Danes don’t even charge non-citizens who need help. The medical staff told the husband that they were not set up to even begin to figure out costs, so they just treated her, like any normal citizen.
        That story is only amazing to us in US. In much of the developed world, the norm is much closer to the experience in Copenhagen than to our experience!

        1. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

          So true, CalSailor. I’m from Britain, where we have had a (generally very good) free National Health Service since the 1940s. To us, the idea of letting someone die a horrible death because they can’t pay for heath care is just plain backward and savage.

          By the way, people in Britain live, on average,19 months longer than Americans.

          1. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

            Come to Corfu LTA – we will have a proper tea party…

          2. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            Well thank you for that courtesy, Mr. Loosemore.

        2. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

          From 50 years in the UK I can vouch for the fact that it was NEVER questioned that a person in medical trouble got help if possible. Nobody asked what the cost would be, but service could be limited by availability. But slowly the profit motive crept in as the wealth of the nation declined.

          There may always have to be situations where the desire of a sick person is limited by the cost of treatment, but a civilized country will see to it that the well-off cannot buy limited resources for luxury health at the cost of essential health for the poorer.

          1. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            Bob. You should have taken advantage of the mental health care system in the UK. Although liberal disease I suppose has no cure. Sadly

          2. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

            I did use the system obviously, but your ‘liberal’ does not mean the same in proper English (only joking) Anyway my philosophy is much more Commie than Liberal. But I like a bit of free-speech.

            Infa, your gag isn’t working too well. And I LIKED the picture you put up – got any more?

          3. idamag October 14, 2013

            Here, the infant cannot afford mental health.

          4. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            good goin’ Bob, ya got 3 upvotes for being more commie than liberal…hahahahaha… that’s fantastic….and of course I’ll be sending lots more pictures your way..count on it. have a great day comrade 😉

          5. Bob Loosemore October 15, 2013

            Spaciba tavarische (and that’s not even rude!)

          6. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            Pazhalusta. Doveryai no Proveryai 😉

          7. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            It’s “infadelicious” who is (IS, not has) the incurable disease.

        3. nirodha October 13, 2013

          My wife had a similar experience in Italy several years ago, and the pronto soccorso dottore couldn’t have been kinder or more compassionate and skilled. My wife got better care in Italy than she would have received here, with no waiting and no medical charges of any kind! And people criticize socialized medicine? Wake up, America!

      2. Marlo The Bear October 13, 2013

        They have our money in their banks.

    3. CrankyToo October 12, 2013

      The Tea Partiers would never consider taking their act to Switzerland. There are too many foreigners there.

      1. maxcat07 October 12, 2013

        Yeah, all those Swiss!

        1. CrankyToo October 12, 2013

          Precisely. Damn foreigners!

    4. Allan Richardson October 12, 2013

      Maybe the TP believe that Switzerland can AFFORD to do that because, since their nation is all white, none of those benefits can get to non-whites; but here they think “all the blacks, illegals, potheads, etc.” are getting them, and are willing to deny help to their OWN (white) poor to keep help away from all those “others.”

      1. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

        Could be too why they can afford universal healthcare is because they have a very, very small standing army and know how to get along with their neighbors.

  3. sigrid28 October 12, 2013

    The Tea Party cannot win, but these Republicans can make life miserable for themselves and for the rest of us for a very long time.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 12, 2013

      The GOP bulls days of wine and roses are over and they know it. They tried to outwit and outstrategize this too too savvy president. He has them right where he wants them now…It’s cooperate for the greater good and not the corporate and 1%’s good or they go down in ignominy, pathetically weakened by majority rule they have sought to overrule.

      1. MVH1 October 12, 2013

        Wine and roses days may be over but they will keep pouring sand in the gears for awhile to come and create havoc that hurts many, many people and say it wasn’t really all that bad.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 13, 2013

          Possibly. I don’t doubt they give it a shot. But, who’d seriously believe that 200 plus million Americans will wait on the TP’s next move.

          The worst thing this country EVER did was allow that rag bag Stars and Bars Confederate Flag to continue to fly. I can see allowing state flags. That’s NOT a state flag. It represents the formation of a government of miscreant rebel states that no longer exists and is used solely with the intent to show minorities who is still BOSS…I detest, loathe, despise that flag. The sight of that flag makes me vomit.

          1. MVH1 October 13, 2013

            I’m afraid you’re right about what that flag has become. When I see it in a back window or bumper sticker or flying off a pole on a car, it gives me the shivers because whoever’s got it attached is going to be a bigoted asshole or worse.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 14, 2013

            That flag should have been outlawed the minute Jefferson Davis was declared a traitor. It represents an illegal government born of rebels. When I see the jerks who fly that flag, I know instantly they are “ignernts” who are trying to show everyone their racism. That’s the ONLY reason to fly that rag flag.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 15, 2013

            Think about this..If that flag had been banned after the Civil War, would there still be that ghost of rebel Confederates all hunkering down in their backwater DogPatch bunkers using it to intimidate?

            Today’s mentalities in certain parts of the country simply cannot accept that this is 2013…not 1825. They are not going to do one single thing to put a stop to another black president. If their white skin is the sole source of their superiority, that’s as pathetic as it needs to get.

            These are nothing more than hostile rabble rousers out to put a stop to this government and rebuild it to their Confederate dictates. Not going to happen. The Confederate conversion is over.

            Personally, there is no way I’d ever stoop as low as these thugs to try and convert millions of Americans to their way of life. If this is their “culture,” it’s borne of the inherited hate and bigotry handed down to them for generations.

          4. MVH1 October 15, 2013

            I can’t disagree with much of anything you’e said. All I can tell you is everyone in the South is not them. They are loud and they embrace the Teas so it gives you the idea it’s the entire South and all its members. But then there are the regular GOPers and they are adamant about not voting Democrat, too. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of degrees, like being fiscally conservative and socially more liberal. So the party of staying out of your business is right smack in it when they don’t like your social positions and theirs are extremely harsh. It’s not just the Confederate flag, it’s also the Bible Belt. Churches on every corner and many of them preaching hate. There is a rigid embrace of generational beliefs. Many of the young people, with the Internet and Social sites, are beginning to crack out of that. It’s going to take something big to squash what you and I see. And probably a long time. It’s not just the generational ignorance, it’s the generational stubbornness and refusal to change.

          5. Bob Loosemore October 15, 2013

            Eleanore and MVH1 – Flags are bad news about everywhere in the West. Churches are largely empty in all the best places. We have to take a longer view of progress to remain sane, but history is on our side. We only have to influence 3 or 4 people in our lifetime, and the quiet people are the majority. For the time being.

          6. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            Totally agree. Showing that flag is sedition and treason. It has got to be torn down and burned wherever it appears, and promptly, patriotically replaced by the American Flag.

          7. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            I know far too many people who say they aren’t racist, but their comments point to something entirely different. And a lot of them fly that flag, if only in their garages.

        2. plc97477 October 13, 2013

          I don’t know when even the koch bros are leaving them they have hit bottom.

    2. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

      I hope you are right, but the self-centred and religious right will always find a voice for as long as it is socially acceptable to be greedy. And I don’t care if greed DID make the US ‘great’.

  4. rhallnj October 12, 2013

    There will come a point when our survival will force us to offer these people the right to leave. Any state, e.g. Arizona, Texas, et al that wants to become totally autonomous can do so.

    1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

      Funny how this president, the great bringer together of people, the post (or most) racial president has divided the country as never before by weighing in on the opposite side of Conservatives, Christians and/or whites every time, He has no problem bending over backwards for and bowing to terrorist led countries that openly declare they want the destruction of America and/or her allies. And sadly, Putin had to bail his butt out after he peed his pants when Syria called his bluff on his ever moving red line. And you say ” There will come a point when our survival will force us to offer “these people” the right to leave.” These people you disagree with are just as American as you are, why should they leave? Why is it Obama’s way or the highway” when you claim that is what the conservatives are saying? Why won’t this president “give an inch” for them when clearly he can give a mile for terrorist leaders? He is supposed to be everyone’s president and all this petulant, incoherent without a teleprompter poser in chief can do is say “I won”.. he may have won, but it is all Americans that lost because Obama’s ego and narcissism wont let him ‘give an inch”.

      1. Mike Maricle October 12, 2013


        1. Buford2k11 October 12, 2013

          There are some like this one who would welcome Vlad the shirtless as the next GOP nominee…

          1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            Duh…….did you not read my post? I obviously like Putin less than obozo……….sorry you are so quick to post a lame comment against someone who disagrees with that you don’t take the time to comprehend what you read………do you just see which posts your buddies downvoted and then attempt to insult that person without reading the comment? again, when you guys don’t want to face a question about dear leader, you avoid it and just throw an insult……..you have no answer which in itself is the answer!.. it’s ok, I get it…. you don’t want to face the fact the you and millions of other people were duped into voting for an unqualified incompetent narcissistic buffoon named obama,

          2. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Pssst….don’t look now, but your President is black.

            He’ll be your leader for 3 more yeas.


            He’ll be black the WHOLE TIME!!


          3. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            yes he’s black, thanks for being a good little racist sheep and pointing it out..he’s half white too. so what? still no answers, just deflection, you guys are soooo defensive but only defend him by insulting those who disagree.. its very telling.. the race card is so snoring.. come up with sumpin new ok? …………….have a nice day.

          4. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Hee-hee! Pointing it out never fails to ruffle Tea-Bigot feathers!

            Come on now, it’s good clean fun — don’t be sore!

          5. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            no, I am not sore and i am not ruffled by you pointing out he’s black.. i’m bored by it. It just seems that’s what you throw out everytime -no matter what point or question or comment someone you don’t agree with posts.. it’s too bad that you and the president and his supporters can’t stop pointing out people’s differences that have nothing to do with the issues at hand because nothing will ever get solved that way.

          6. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Hey, I’m just pointing out that your leader is black — that’s all. I just love to watch your reaction. You bigots really can’t help yourselves: when somebody mentions a black President you develop uncontrollable spasms. It’s kind of like Pavlov’s dogs.

          7. highpckts October 12, 2013

            Just like we are BORED with you guys blocking everything with absolutely no plans to take their places! How about one of your Rep saying they just want respect but they don’t know what else they do want! Well, you earn respect and so far that isn’t happening!!

          8. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            I’m guessing that picture was what happened when the local sheep population saw that redneck goober Tea-Bigots had moved into the neighborhood, yes? It was better than the alternatives!

          9. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            We are even thinking about electing a women next time to keep them excited.

          10. John Taylor October 12, 2013

            Now who is doing the insulting, we,ve had a parade of incompetent people running this country which is why we are were we are now, let’s not forget our last president who invaded a country that was no threat to us, and put us into a downward spiral that this president halted inspite of the road blocks he had in his way, you sound like everything you are accusing the president of being ,a narcissistic buffoon

          11. flyinjs October 12, 2013

            What inch? You took the sequestration and shoved it down every Americans throat. I am an Independent don’t you folks understand that you will only control “Local areas” after the 2014 elections? You doomed yourselves? Fox News may keep saying Custards last stand or what poll says this or that. I am walking with the people and the end times are just weeks away. Why do you think our country man Republications want to give a 6 week “time out” because after that the elections may be over.
            The majority of the People of America, and we are all Americans all our ancestors were joined at the hip we fought to be free. Now a VERY small group of racial intent disrupters are all that’s being drummed up? I would vote for solutions…makes sense if you do not agree with someone.
            Don’t hurt your fellow Americans by taking away folks who have pre-existing problems. We can create jobs just by putting intelligent people in the work force to catch the bad guys who try to use the system. By the way, many Corporations (People as they are now called) are the very ones who put our present health care system into play. Don’t believe it? It was called competition among the Corps to land the better worker. It spread nicely. Folks are so used to their employers to supply their healthcare for themselves and family. They don’t want to pay anymore as little by little they are putting the costs of healthcare back on their workforce. Can you not see there really needed to be a change? Is tight wad the very same thing as tight minded? Just my thoughts.

          12. hilandar1000 October 12, 2013

            infa-malicious, If you want people to talk to you, go study a bit, and try to tune in to other channels besides Fox Entertainment and their ilk. All you seem able to comprehend is what the propagandists keep trying to make people believe, almost all of which is simply not based on fact, but is the result of the netherworld of imaginations gone wild. You’ll find that here we have differing opinions, but those opinions are based on truth, study of history, and a willingness to discuss logical points of view based on truth.

          13. highpckts October 12, 2013

            I didn’t avoid it the subject or call you a name and I hate the GOP for what they are doing!!

        2. infadelicious October 12, 2013

          ok! thanks for answering my question, O-bomb-ya won’t negotiate with or give an inch to conservatives because obombya is a FOOL. thanks for confirming that. hahahahaha! have a nice day, no! have an Infadelicious day Mike! and pssst… keep on answering questions that you have no answer for with insults and/or deflections away from the original subject… typical…..

          1. Paul Bass October 12, 2013

            Thus proving the whole point of this article…..

          2. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            and all the replies so far have proved my point……..don’t like a question..deflect with insults, labelling and stupidity….. i wish you all a nice day……..Now that you’re all in a delusional Saturday morning obozo koolaid sheep haze – you’re starting to bore me……. you’ll have to bleat at each other, off to work I go. obama = petulant putin hand puppet………

          3. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            OK, ok — just one last thing before you go, please: *black*


          4. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            thanks….I had forgotten he was black.. HELL! I FORGOT HE WAS PRESIDENT!! .have a great day whuthesaid.’-)

          5. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Yes, yes — you need to run, so many crosses to burn. Have a bla…er, I mean good day!

          6. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

            You are one of those that the article is about.It was sufficient for you to be born stupid but it is not required that you come here and practice.Get off the page now before you are late for “work?” Must not be much of a job.

          7. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            The article is very slanted as expected and I am not at all what you claim- doesn’t matter to me that you think that. I have a great job.. actually two jobs.. I have had jobs that are as you say “not much of a job” but they were honest work and I paid my own way. I don’t ask anyone to pay for things that i want or need. Some people do need assistance and you have to have a safety net in place for those people but there are too many who will not take jobs they deem are beneath them , they would rather take all freebies offered them by gov’t .. especially the current admin… Eventually free shitake has to be paid for by someone.,

          8. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Yes, free shit has to be paid for by somebody. Like all of the public dollars the redneck states suck up from the more liberal ‘blue’ states, yes?

          9. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            hey!that picture of my sister was good enough for you to put on the ceiling in your bedroom…

          10. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Well, at least I don’t have sheep on my ceiling, like you redneck bigot goobers. I’ve heard of counting sheep to get to sleep, but what you people do is heart-breaking.

          11. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            why would you have sheep on the ceiling? just count the ones in your bed dude

          12. flyinjs October 12, 2013

            What health care solutions has the republican party offered? I am saying real solutions. When your employer finally places the entire healthcare burden on yourself and family you may have to look back and say to yourself…why just end something without offering another solution? That’s the point all seeing Americans are looking at right now. S O L U T I O N S easy spelling. I personally would like to see a one payer system, but that’s Gov involvement…Our Corporations are the most intelligent people on the planet surely they are not that incompetent to not come up with a solution. Ah, but who cares when you have money you can shut your eyes and pretend your heavenly bound.

          13. adler56 October 12, 2013

            your IQ matches your age- at best.

          14. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            Only if she is under 10.

          15. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Is this the latest KKK handbook?

          16. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            well, if I wanted a KKK handbook, I’d go to Robert Byrd’s estate handler…………i’m sure there would be plenty of them there .. lol

          17. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            You ought to know, right? How long have you been a member of the KKK?

          18. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            nice spin and deflection. you forgot to mention obozo is black.. why don’t you make your name obozoisblackwhuthesaid? seriously…….

          19. flyinjs October 12, 2013

            What health care solutions has the republican party offered? I am saying real solutions. When your employer finally places the entire healthcare burden on yourself and family you may have to look back and say to yourself…why just end something without offering another solution? That’s the point all seeing Americans are looking at right now. S O L U T I O N S easy spelling. I personally would like to see a one payer system, but that’s Gov involvement…Our Corporations are the most intelligent people on the planet surely they are not that incompetent to not come up with a solution. Ah, but who cares when you have money you can shut your eyes and pretend your heavenly bound.

          20. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Hee-hee — say, that’s not a bad idea! All of you Tea Bigots would develop an uncontrollable twitch just seeing my posts. You wouldn’t even have to read them.

          21. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

            Well, the truth is Robert Byrd repented his racism and remained a Democrat. All your racist heroes joined the Repub party. More to the point, they took it over.

            Then after all the later Civil Rights opposition failed, along came Lee Atwater to teach you and your bigoted Repub allies how to be racist and deny it at the same time.

            I know you will mouth off in response, but this is a short, and entirely true account of what has happened.

          22. idamag October 14, 2013

            You know, I was just thinking along the same lines. It is probably from a white supremist group handbook.

          23. charleo1 October 12, 2013

            President Obama doesn’t owe the T-Party a damn thing.
            And Democrats are united in the policy, we don’t negotiate
            with terrorists, child abductors, ransom seekers, Nit Wits,
            or, nut jobs. People do not get rewarded in this Country
            for making threats, attempting coups, or obstructing the
            party the people gave a majority to, from governing.
            Go find another Country in which to make your own private
            little Hell on Earth. This one’s taken!

          24. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            Hahaha ” we don’t negotiate with terrorists … And ” people do not get rewarded for making threats or attempting coups….blah blah blah ,” Except Syria Egypt Iran. What a sad clown of a post you just put up. Duh

          25. charleo1 October 12, 2013

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re saying the
            T-Party is like Egypt, and Syria, and Iran? And all those
            Middle Eastern Countries, are threatening to collapse the
            world economy, because they want President Obama to
            agree to defund, or delay healthcare too? Wow, I knew
            the GOP was having trouble with the T-Party. Being
            complete waco nut jobs like they are. But, they’ve taken
            over Egypt, syria, and Iran? Look Pal, I don’t know if these Countries threaten us, or not. They’ll answer to the U.S.
            military, if they try and carry anything out. I’m talking about Americans. Sitting in the Federal Government threatening to intentionally harm their own Country, if things don’t go their way. A little different, wouldn’t you say? Again, the President
            doesn’t own the f-ing T-Party a damn thing. They are a minority
            within a minority. They don’t call the shots. Idiot. get real.

          26. highpckts October 12, 2013

            You are an insulting bigot that also has no answers!!

          27. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

            And we will NEVER get any answers from him. Unfortunately, no divine lightning will likely strike him either

          28. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            Darn there goes my dream. Now I.m depressed.

          29. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

            My apologies. It seems I have a knack for taking the joy out of things. Of course, we should/will keep trying.

          30. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

            You can’t figure out, that by using that “toon,” you are proving our points about your racism. Why can’t you figure this out?

            Why can’t you figure out that saying racist things, promoting racist ideas, making derogatory racist examples, using racist symbology make you a racist, regardless of the fact that you deny your racism, and do not use racist buzz words.

      2. Mary Ann Hoogeveen October 12, 2013

        You and your party are American Terrorists

        1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

          how terribly clever……………….(eyeroll) try to come up with some new insults…. that is overused and means nothing… just like you have used “racist” too much. you need a new “buzz word” to throw out when you have no comeback or answer to those pointing out obozo’s latest bumbling buffoonery.

          1. jmprint October 12, 2013

            Many clever people have posted facts on this site, but you are too blind and brained washed to see beyond the fact that the number one republican objective was to oust the president and make him look as incompetent as possible, but he has prevailed and you don’t like it so you repeat the same old bullshit, get over it and let’s work together to make the USA a better place for all.

          2. Mary Ann Hoogeveen October 12, 2013

            You are the typical GOP Douche Bag.You are a racistbecause your wife left you for a black man or your daughter has a black child or maybe your mother liked the b lack men better then your father or maybe you are a product of dear old mom’s affair with a black men.Get over it,we have a great president who happens to be half black and in 2016 we will have Hillary elected to be president that will get your panties in a wad.

          3. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            hahahaha! Can’t wait to see Killary Convenient concussion Cankles Clinton run for office and all the dirt that will come out then- she’ll pee her depends and run for the humidor….doesn’t take much to get you leftist freaks into a lather ..just diss the inchoherent without a teleprompter in chief and BOOM! instant leftist hissy fit…Mary Ann: Is saying that any of my family had sex with a black person supposed to upset me? how juvenile…. douche bag? hahaha…….that’s a good one. (eyeroll) but hey, since ya mentioned douchebags here ya go Mary ANN .. have a nice day

          4. bluefish October 12, 2013

            You know, really best not to engage you because you appear to be both ignorant and unwell but, really, this image gives me some small glimmer of hope for this country. A person who would post such a thing, create such a thing, is so profoundly misguided and insecure that words kind of fail. You disprove everything you want to claim with this image. This is YOUR fear in action — You all have lost and you appear to know it. And the proof of that is this photo. If you weren’t such a blight, I’d feel sorry for you. Actually, scratch that, I do pity you. This is the kind of obscenity that the vast majority of Americans will sweep off their shoulder. You can keep on keeping on and live to rant another day, but we don’t want what you’re selling and it appears to be driving you further and further into sociopathy.

          5. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            OMG — I just had an amazing thought: You Tea-Bigots are so busy twitching about a black current President and a possible future woman President that I’m just musing about the possibility of a black woman President. That would drive you nut-bags even nuttier — if that’s even possible.

          6. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            great! yes that’s an amazing thought (eyeroll) because it is more important to say you voted in the first black, or the first person with female sex organs into office ( to show you are not a woman hater or a racist) than it is to vote in a competent one. Get real , you would vote for a black female president as long as it wasn’t a conservative one. Why not Condi Rice? then ya can cram in black, hispanic and female? I say, why not “content of character over skin colour or sex”?

          7. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            See? I just KNEW that would make you twitch. Good boy!

          8. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            ahhhhhh, still no answers.. seems like you’re the one twitching when confronted with your (black)man’s ineptitude…….that’s ok…. i get it…….. that’s a good little obozo sheep. bleat and deflect, repeat as necessary……………CU later…. you are a tenacious one..thanks for the laugh 😉

          9. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Most people know better than to bleat in public. You never know when there might be a redneck goober nearby. We don’t want to invite misadventure.

          10. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            Lets see if we can find a good one.

          11. Mary Ann Hoogeveen October 12, 2013

            This is suppose to upset me? The females in your family would hump a fence post and enjoy it compare to doing you

          12. Mary Ann Hoogeveen October 12, 2013

            See a doctor ,the clap you wife gave you is causing the shit to flow from your mother or was it your skank mother that gave it to you?

          13. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            there you go. Feel better? Have an Infadelicious day. :-).

          14. Mary Ann Hoogeveen October 12, 2013

            You are angry because of the size of your little dick or because your IQ and the number of your white parents are the same?When they treat you for your STD see if you can something for your delusions.

          15. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            Sorry you’re fixated on my dick and stds and a racist to bootSo sad:-(

          16. InsaniaFactusMirus October 12, 2013

            Heh, how ya doin’? Have you read what is happening in D.C., Infadelious?
            Must be that Saudi influence…
            I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. Not surprised though…
            The Truckers want to pave the way creating momentum for people and liberty.

            What are your thoughts? I have a friend that is there…

          17. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            Hello there IFM. Good to hear from you And good for friend! Two arms waving. The leftist nuts on this site up voted you only because they thought you were disagreeing with me. Hahaha. They don’t bother to read. They just fire off insults and down votes, sometimes hitting one of their own. They Downvote me for wishing peace to someone and they downvote me when i thank veterans. Good fun watching their meltdowns. Misdirected anger I suppose when they see their incompetent, incoherent without a TelePrompter president leading the country from behind and failing. And God bless the truckers as it will be the working class that brings sanity back to this country not the greedy politicians trying to hang on to their money and power by offering freebies to those feeling entitled , enslaving them and sucking all ambition out of them I have not kept up on the truckers or the vet march on Washington. The media , not that I would trust any of them close up shop on any coverage of events criticizing this admin. You’ll only get a few blurbs about racist tea party types- their answer to everything Other than that I haven’t heard too much. We do not need to fundamentally chAnge the USA and we certainly don’t need to change its history. Hope all is well with you. Have a great day ;-).

          18. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            I thought you had to go to work. When are you leaving?

        2. idamag October 14, 2013


      3. morbius777 October 12, 2013

        Well, you certainly pass the conservative talking point test with an “A”. LOOK MORON, IT IS THE BAGGER PARTY WHO WANT TO SHUT DOWN AND DISMANTLE GOVERNMENT, NOT OBAMA. But all is not lost; we could have a serious conversation about your secession. We get our county back, and you get…. wait for it……JESUSLAND!!!

        1. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

          Full of horned demons with pitchforks.

      4. adler56 October 12, 2013

        What a doofus you are- you described yourse3lf and the tea partiers perfectly. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

      5. George D October 12, 2013

        Peed his pants…..really….you and the Republicans cried like babies when he sent two navies to flatten Syria. You traitors would have tried to impeach him if he did it. Your rags….Newsmax, Investors Daily, and a dozen other neo con rags were calling for it. Stop being a traitor to the USA. We did not use one cruse missile…..Your pal Putin was the one crapping his pants….we would have flattened all those arms they just gave Syria and you know it. Liar and Fraud….

        1. George D October 12, 2013

          Putin saw Bin Laden get his….Pakistan saw it…the world saw it. Obama did what he said he would while the Orange Haired Clown was calling Birther Crap until Obama put him in the toilet at the correspondence meeting. Obama did not look into his blue eyes and see a fellow white plutocrat…Instead he showed up on the doorstep with full arms and not the kind used to hug he and Assad with. Obama winked….let the Republicans argue in congress about authorizing the attack. Putin took notice and to keep his warm water fa cities in Syria forced Assad to accept taking down chemical weapons. This is how it really went down and Lee surrendered unconditionally at Appomattox and the Confederacy was no more. This is what really happened no matter how much lies and revision your TEXASSS books rewrite history.

          1. George D October 12, 2013

            I will put my money on Obama any day over Putin. Obama does what he says he will do….that is a fact.

      6. bluefish October 12, 2013

        Oy vey, you guys are tedious. And incoherent.

        1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

          shalom aleichem

          1. bluefish October 12, 2013

            Bless you, precious!

          2. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Gollum? Is that you? 😉

          3. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            Three down votes for me wishing ” peace to you” Hahaha one time the leftist freaks down voted me thanking a vet. Yes the dems are the caring party. Typical of the Obama Sheep. After all obombya. Cut off payments recently to widows and children of heroes killed in action so it’s no surprise. I still wish all of you shalom Aleichem. 🙂

          4. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            I think they all realized that coming from a rabid Tea Bigot it wasn’t sincere. Tea Bigots always lie, you see.

          5. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            Zzzzz. You still have no answers. Except your usual ” tea bigots lie or he’s black” still no answers. That’s ok, the only way you can defend the incompetence of the incoherent without a TelePrompter president is with deflection and name calling. It’s sad that you have no real defence for him. You were duped twice. Shalom Aleichem – really

          6. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            I usually only offer answer when there are questions. Bigots ranting about a black President don’t fall into that category.

          7. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            Ok it’s confirmed. You still have no answers. So sad. Have a nice day. Call me a bigot if it makes ya feel better. If that’s all ya got. ,-)

          8. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Again, I prefer to offer answers when there are questions. At least you’ve learned to stop wasting your time denying that you are a bigot. Most bigots are too cowardly and just lie about it.

          9. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            again, no answers from you…….just name calling and labelling.. so sad… that’s all ya got, I get that. And i don’t waste my time denying any of the names you may call me. I know what I am and what I am not. and you have to name call and label because you know what Obozo IS and IS NOT. I know it is hard to accept he is an empty suit and incoherent without a teleprompter and you were duped twice but hopefully you can deal with it better as time goes on. As for now, I see you are just misdirecting your anger, and that’s understandable.. shalom

          10. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            again, no answers from you…….just name calling and labelling.. so sad… that’s all ya got, I get that. And i don’t waste my time denying any of the names you may call me. I know what I am and what I am not. and you have to name call and label because you know what Obozo IS and IS NOT. I know it is hard to accept he is an empty suit and incoherent without a teleprompter and you were duped twice but hopefully you can deal with it better as time goes on. As for now, I see you are just misdirecting your anger, and that’s understandable.. shalom eleichem

          11. nirodha October 13, 2013

            No, the down votes are how folks here think of you, personally. They have no relationship,in this case, to what you posted; rather that we consider you to be a flaming, screaming asshole.

          12. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            No, the Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives cut off payments to windows and children of military personnel (many of them genuinely heroes, some not) who were killed in action.

          13. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            nope! sorry but nice try! Harry Reid blocked the vote that would have funded the veterans benefits.. Sadly, the commander in chief should have foreseen this but was probably busy playing spades or golf or planning Moochelle’s next vacation.

      7. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

        Stop lying. The sky isn’t falling, rather, you are just experiencing the pain of being a bigot. It will pass when you do.

        Although not everyone agrees with Obama’s policies, the normal people understand he’s currently the duly elected President, and that’s that. It’s just the vile and despicable Tea Bigots who’ve got their panties in a bunch. Tea bigots have never had anything useful to offer to America anyway, and they hate everything. You’ll just have to deal with it, you nut.

        1. bluefish October 12, 2013

          Thanx for Tea Bigots. Good one.

      8. charleo1 October 12, 2013

        You are wrong. And, make no better case for the T-Party, than
        the T-Party leaders themselves are able to make. If a person’s
        goal it is to unite, and openly states that goal. And extends their
        hand, cannot be held responsible for both sides of the equation.
        And yet, the T-Party has done so from the beginning. They have,
        by their own admission, intentionally borne false witness. But,
        the lies are only part of the story. The other part has been the witnessing by the American public, of an obsessive hatred so
        deep, and all consuming in the T-Party. They are without regard, destroying their own political house, just as they would destroy
        the Country, if given the chance.

      9. John Taylor October 12, 2013

        I don’t recall saying anything about the President or his race so your reply is as stupid as the tea baggers, and your hatred shows the spirit of Satan is alive and well in you. I pray that Jesus will send His spirit to open your eyes and help you read what is written instead of what Satan show you. Get a life in Christ.

        1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

          the post you are replying to was not directed at you was it? when i DID reply to your post i said “from your lips to obama’s ears” NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS RACE. it was to do with your comment “to lead you must be the servant of all” ok? Obozo is not servant of all………that’s a fact! so don’t twist another post further down in the thread just because you want to call others “satanlike” because maybe they aren’t Christian enough for youl And Jesus would love to hear you call his children “tea baggers”.. very nice John .. for all your bible talk I will say don’t pray for me .. I would probably get the same prayers from Louis Farrakhan or Rev Wright. God Bless you though for trying to straighten out (in your eyes) a heathen.

          1. John Taylor October 12, 2013

            sorry about that ,but that comment about being a servant in order to be a leader applies to the entire political system that we have in place politician black, white, male, female, democrate, or republican only serve themselves.

          2. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Are you serious? If Jesus was here today he would kick your ass. He didn’t suffer fools gladly.

          3. nirodha October 12, 2013

            And I’m pretty sure that Jesus was a socialist.

      10. John Taylor October 12, 2013

        There is nothing for him to give an inch on Obamacares is already passed ,get over it and move on ,when they wanted to pass the same type of health reform and failed there was no problem, now it unexceptable, please

      11. rhallnj October 12, 2013

        Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

      12. cpbis October 12, 2013

        You just don’t get it! 1) The Affordable Care Act is the law. Using the budget and the debt ceiling is actually illegal. If this were allowed to occur every “act” or “bill” would be endangered. They system (the best in the world) has a process for same. 2) The debt ceiling was actually introduced by Republicans and is part 3 and 4 of our Constitution which was aimed to prevent the actions of the current GOP. How dare they claim to be for the Constitution. Only when it meets their goals? Give me a break. I heard on individual on national news say he would welcome the disaster that default would bring if it killed “Obamacare”. Now there is an intelligent comment! WOW! How sick can these people be?

      13. Gilbert West October 12, 2013

        The Great Bringer Together??? What are you talking about? Read the History of this country! That was Obama’s fault??? Stop talking like an ignorant fool.

      14. highpckts October 12, 2013

        Sir! If he gives an inch, whether he’s black or white, the GOP will be back time and time again threatening to burn this country down if they don’t get what they want! That is NOT governing, that is threatening and bullying! That is NOT how this government is supposed to work and the sooner the GOP realizes it the better!!

      15. Bob Loosemore October 12, 2013

        “ego and narcissism” perhaps you meant ‘courage and conviction’ However, how far can anyone go without ‘ego’ to do a near impossible job where the conservative enemy is all ‘me, me, me’ and ‘take, take, take’ and to hell with the poor majority. No one can be ‘everyone’s president’ with such a self-centred minority on the right of political philosophy.

      16. Allan Richardson October 12, 2013

        He didn’t do the dividing; his political enemies did the dividing because they cannot accept the results of an election in which a majority did not vote their way, especially for a black man.

      17. shawnthesheep October 12, 2013

        Obama has governed like a center-right pragmatist. He has tried repeatedly to compromise on all manner of issues, like the budget, taxes and entitlements. Obamacare was essentially a Republican, Heritage Foundation healthcare plan. No one with half a brain can blame the president for the intransigence of the GOP.

        After 5 years of compromise, and some would say capitulation, by the president, the GOP has finally gone too far. This is not an issue of a negotiation or compromise. Obamacare was the compromise. This current crisis is about whether or not we are going to allow a small group of radicals get their way by holding the US and world economy hostage. No person in their right mind would “negotiate” with such economic terrorists.

      18. nirodha October 12, 2013

        You’re so full of shit, your eyes are brown!

        1. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

          You have a great line in insults nirodha, but any idea why so many people are responding to infad?

          1. nirodha October 13, 2013

            Bob; I think it’s kind of like what God said to Job, when asked “Why me, God?” God responded, “Well, I’ll tell you, Job, it’s just that your looks kinda piss me off!”

          2. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            better question Bob, why are so many people here responding to my comments and questions (and those of others who disagree with them) with deflection from the actual comment or question? Replying instead with sometimes vulgar insults consisting of name calling and labelling.Name calling and labelling is supposed to get me upset I guess, but actually as you see us go back and forth, the intensity of their anger and hate and the use of vulgar language increases with each consecutive reply they make to me. It doesn’t bother me. They even downvote me when I thank veterans and when i wish someone peace. Ha hahaha……..that’s blind hate! A large number of them pull the race card which brings about a yawn it has been used so much as a “defense” for any criticism of this admin. Is it not possible someone can actually disagree with the president’s policies or actions and NOT be racist? Not in the eyes of some and I say it’s because they have no other defense and are angry that the empty suited guy that is incoherent without a teleprompter has duped them twice. I guess that answers my original “why they do it ” question to you Bob. have a great day….

    2. plc97477 October 13, 2013

      I think we should use texas. I would be funny watching them deal with mexico on their own.

  5. Budjob October 12, 2013

    The T-party and their radical extremist,racist,nutcases must be neutralized to ensure the survival of the United States of America,and ALL decent people!!! The so called moderate Republicans are nothing more than a group of cringing COWARDS!!!

  6. John Taylor October 12, 2013

    it’s a shame that we have a country were there are still people who call themselves Christian and display all the characteristics of Satan, Jesus is not a respecter of persons, there is no male or female no black or white no Jew or gentile in Christ, but Christ in all. I don’t for one minute believe these people believe in the God of the bible but a God of their on making, to lead you must be the servant of all.

    1. Joanna Clark October 12, 2013

      Well said, John.

    2. MVH1 October 12, 2013

      Isn’t it the truth. The more they attend their “churches” and listen to their “ministers”, the less Christian they become. And they see nothing wrong with their new interpretations and complete dismissal of the lessons taught by Jesus. And that’s another interesting point, they hardly ever speak of Jesus but they are always talking about conversations with God. And that’s interesting in itself.

      1. John Taylor October 12, 2013

        That’s because it’s not about church it’ about a relationship with Christ. It’s easy for them to say god ,but it takes a relationship for them to say Jesus. Remember Satan is the god of this worlds system, and anyone know what the Word of the Living God says can see it.

        1. idamag October 12, 2013

          They should, in their imagination, walk with a man they would call a socialist. He should be their measuring stick.

        2. David Waggoner October 15, 2013

          are you one of those Mormon dudes?

          1. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            No I don’t think he’s a Mormon. He’s a bible thumping Christian who judges people and lets them know that if they disagree with his version of Christianity or if they criticize Obama in any way they are racist or satanlike or both

          2. indybeckih December 18, 2013

            Bible-thumpers are generally conservatives. They think President Obama is a MUSLIM. Don’t you remember? Liberals are “godless atheists!” Get with the program, dude, or go to a site that more closely aligns with your narrow view of Tea Party America.

    3. infadelicious October 12, 2013

      John, “to lead you must be the servant of all”…..from your lips to Obama’s ears.

      1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

        Even from a Black man, leading is not serving all. You may say
        a leader is advancing the course he believes holds the greatest
        benefit for all. That when one faction disagrees with said leader,
        he continues to do as he stated he would. Because allowing the
        majority to govern is what representative democracy is all about.
        The voters had a very clear choice. They could elect the candidate
        that said he would get rid of healthcare. He would lower the taxes
        further for corporations, and top incomes. That he would change
        Medicaid, to a block grant. And change Medicare to a non-
        guaranteed benefit, insurance policy. That he thought money was
        free speech, and of course, corporations are just like people.
        Democracy is not about the losing faction preventing the winning
        one from governing. That the majority be allowed to govern is
        foundational to the supreme directive of the Constitution. That the
        power to govern flow from the collective majority of the people.
        How could it be any other way, and still be democracy?

        1. Allan Richardson October 12, 2013

          Very good point. The one philosophical limit on the power of majority rule is that it may not impinge on the NATURAL RIGHTS of any minority. This was the Union argument against “states’ rights” being interpreted as justifying slavery: even the majority cannot vote to DEHUMANIZE a minority or deny them the rights guaranteed to the majority.

          Ironically, we now have the people who represented the desire to take rights away from others claiming that the majority is denying THEM the right to take rights away from others!

          1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

            Well, thank you for that. Indeed the tyranny of the majority
            may not stray in it’s adherence to the Founding Documents.
            If in that rare circumstance both the Executive, and Legislative Branches work collectively in all manner of law. Even that considerable power is balanced by the Judicial Branch. And, all is, or should be trumped by the collective judgement of the people themselves. For that is the essence of democracy.
            It is most illustrative to me, that there is not a single institution in our government, the Radical Right hasn’t at one time or another, called into question as either corrupt, broken, not representative of the majority, not listening to the people. Voted for on false principal, illegally voted into power, or needs to be singled out for complete dismantlement before it, destroys the Country. Or, destroys the economy, destroys the free market, or freedom of religion. Or turns us into Greece, the old Soviet Union, or Rome, just before it fell. It is ironic. And a bit humorous, on some levels.

          2. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

            Greece, on a large scale, would be the happiest country in the world, charlio. Public violence is virtually unheard of, crime is minimal (and so is police presence). Certainly the economy is almost half ‘black’, and politics are not great. There are only two cities!

          3. charleo1 October 13, 2013

            Yes, the disaster that awaits! Greece! It has been amazing to
            listen as the most radical elements seen in government since
            maybe the Civil War. Attempt to conflate our economy, with
            one of the smallest economies in the world. Or, try to convince
            middle income families, who have been absolutely hammered
            in this latest recession. To eliminate governmental programs
            they depend on, to reduce the debt. Then, in almost the same
            sentence. Propose to extend even more tax breaks to this very
            narrow band of enormously wealthy corporations, and people The one half of one, or one tenth of one percent, at the very top of the income pyramid. And be willing to go to any lengths, threaten any catastrophe, unless we all go along. And I do much appreciate your taking the time to post, and adding
            your opinion!

          4. Bob Loosemore October 14, 2013

            There can be no chance that America will learn how to live in relative peace with itself in the style of modern Greece. But more of your creative and compliant minorities might learn to live on the crumbs sliding down the polished sides of the income pyramid.

            Is the battle against inequality one that can be won? Perhaps the top half-percent have world government in their sights, and will never ask us what we think? Perhaps this IS the way forward – and who better than the megarich ‘n powerful to control diminishing world resources, the health of essential workers, and the power of dissent?

            I don’t envy the rich (and nor does Greece), but I would like to see the greedy in special ‘holiday camps’ and the concerned thinkers actually rewarded for thinking of other people in need. Whether they are lazy and useless or not. Go well charlio.

        2. Bob Loosemore October 13, 2013

          I am sick that this intelligent and relevant comment got only ten ups so far, and a god-nut got 59 for spam. (well you may be a god-nut too, but you keep your mind on the subject) Go well.

          1. charleo1 October 13, 2013

            Well, God is sexier I guess, than a comment on Constitutional
            balance, and protecting minority Rights, while allowing the
            majority to govern. But, I thank you.

      2. Sand_Cat October 12, 2013

        Certainly niot from your lips, which are sealed to anything about compassion or humility.

      3. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

        Oh, and the rip-off billionaires your party serves, like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson (the Republican casino and brothel king) believe that “to lead you must be the servant of all”, and live by that? NO, I don’t think so. And nor would any other sane person.

        1. infadelicious October 14, 2013

          sure sure, good thing none of the Democrats are filthy rich and serving themselves or their masters like Obozo’s buddies at GE and George Soros, right? We can all throw out 100 names of greedy rich people being served by equally greedy politicians from either party, can’t we? Both parties are playing the little guys for suckers while raking in dough and power for themselves,but keep blaming the republicans and keep being a useful idiot for the obozo admin.

          1. Michael Kollmorgen October 15, 2013

            Following that logic, by stating both sides are playing the middle as suckers, what does that lead to? That is basically saying all government is bad.

            I’d agree with that “only” if the final conclusion and solution is complete revolution and dismantle the entire institution as our governing body.

            It may lead to this anyway.

          2. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            Pretty much all those who are supposed to be working for and representing the people are bums…..serving themselves. I don’t say dismantle it, I say throw all the parasites out..They have been there too long. There is no accountablity and if you actually hired these people to run your business, you would have fired their butts long ago or lost your shirt. They love that the country is so divided. They want at us at each other’s throats. They have nothing to lose. And watch and see if they don’t vote themselves a raise after the dust settles cause they did such a bang up job for the little people who I may add will be no better off.

          3. Michael Kollmorgen October 15, 2013

            I totally agree with you.

            But, you see, our government was deliberately designed to operate in this fashion. And, I won’t apologize for this what so ever, but, Capitalism IS the root of all our evils. It inherently breeds greed, lust for power, discrimination and unfounded(?) fear.

            It’s all around us and the Supreme Court affirmed my belief just recently by giving Corporations human rights. If this wasn’t a smack in the face aimed at the general population, I’d like to know what was.

            If it weren’t for modern? communication, lightening fast internet, massive information available at our fingertips, for or against any issue, the general population would be no wiser than they were 200 years ago about how corrupt the very structure our government actually is. This is exactly why Congress and the government in general has such a low opinion of it by its peoples. And, this is not only on the Federal Level, but also goes all the way down to the local level as well. Don’t fool yourself either, the state and local government(s) will nickle and dime you to death faster than the Feds will.

            I see no other solution than to completely dismantle the “structure” of our government and replace it with something that isn’t Capitalist Based and with a Parliamentarian form of government similar to Canada’s.

            I predict things are going to get a lot worse over time if we don’t.

          4. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            Yet for years on end, you’ve never been able to name any besides George Soros.

            Sorry, but both parties being equally corrupt is nothing more than your fantasy. It’s something Republicans throw out there as an excuse to keep voting for Republicans.

            Yet you idiots can never explain how the Democrats are corrupt, but EVERYONE knows how the G.O.P. has been putting the screws to America.

            Are the Democrats infallible? No, of course not. But your argument is basically that, because the Democrats are not angels, that justifies you throwing your lot in with the devil. The Democrats certainly have their fair share of bad eggs, but they don’t even hold a candle to the levels of greed and oppression your party revels in on a weekly basis. There literally is no comparison.

          5. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            sure sure, Soros is the only democrat we say is corrupt.. That’s because when anyone else or any other incident is mentioned you just deny it. like NSA IRS Benghazi Fast and Furious…deny it and say they are made up…as the coffins of Americans killed in some of those made up scandals are buried. as Hillary asks “What difference does it make?” Then she has a convenient immaculate concussion- don’t bother her with details- CU later. I could make a list of corrupt Democrats which would include my faves the Kennedys and tell ya how good ole Joe made his money and Ted, the LIon who got away with murder literally. no corruption there. it wouldn’t matter. You don’t want to hear it anyway- As for putting the screws to America, the incompetent, incoherent without a teleprompter preezy of the united steezy is doing a pretty good job of that during his apology tour. Bleat your message to someone else. Have a nice day

          6. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            All of which are “scandals” you immediately stop talking about as soon as we start to address them. Then you start ranting about something else, and when we talk about that instead, you retreat back to the “scandals” as if you’re hoping we all fucking forgot what happened the last time.

            You want to go through this shit again? Alright, let’s go through this shit again.

            NSA: The PRISM program collects dates and numbers no different than the way they appear on a phone bill; actual wire taps still require a warrant. Which is all stuff the Tea Party knew about when it was approved under the Patriot Act — it only became controversial after they lost the 2012 election.

            IRS: They also targeted groups with “Progressive” and “Occupy” for additional scrutiny too. There wasn’t some conspiracy to punish conservative groups. Again, this was something you fuckers only started ranting about after you lost in 2012.

            Benghazi: Yeah, let’s talk about Benghazi. Let’s talk about the massive cuts to the embassy funding that your Tea Party approved of.

            Fast & Furious: Same deal. Let’s talk about how Congress and the NRA blocked the ATF from monitoring gun sales to see how Mexican cartels were getting their guns. Let’s talk about how there wouldn’t even have been a Fast & Furious if Congress hadn’t forced them to be creative with how they tried to monitor that.

            This is all stuff that has been brought up countless times, and every single time, it’s resulted in the exact same response: Complete abandonment of the topic by the tea-bagger fucktard who brought it up in the first place, only to be brought up by the exact same tea-bagger fucktard at a later date as if it had never been mentioned to begin with.

            There isn’t a pit in Hell deep enough for the likes of you.

          7. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            well, I got you to waste your time writing that post anyway. keeps ya from biting another pop tart into the shape of farm animals- like sheep- I”m sure you are just hanging around waiting for the mailcarrier anyway. Noone reads any of your blather after the first fbomb except maybe fern , russell byrd or morbius666 . What is it with you lefties and your defend obozo at any cost hair trigger tempers? Seriously! it always comes down to the same thing with you guys .. Bush did it- or mom! he started it. Well bottom line is puddin pop, that it’s all blowing up on obozo’s watch, the messiah you voted in that was supposed to fix all of that. the most transparent admin ever..bwaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaa…. sure sure… by the way , the 80’s called they want their hairstyle back.

          8. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            Thank you, dipshit, for doing exactly what I said you would.

            You’ve got NOTHING against my defenses and/or dismissals of the NRA, the IRS, Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, which is why your next post doesn’t even mention them.

            No, instead we get some bullshit about pop tarts and 80s hair. Because that’s all you’ve fucking got anymore. Your conspiracy theories were blown to shit YET AGAIN, and the only way you know how to respond is to throw a fucking temper tantrum until you can resurrect them YET AGAIN and hope we all forgot.

            Sorry, tea-bagger, but it’s not going to happen. You’ve got nothing but a festering mound of bullshit, and no matter how many times you try to throw it at us, it won’t stop being nothing but a festering mound of bullshit.

            Game over. You lose. Get bent. End of story.

          9. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            YAAAAWWWNNNN!!!!! your posts are as stale as your hairstyle… THAT is why they are not worth addressing. ˙ʎɹoʇs ɟo puǝ ˙ʇuǝq ʇǝb ˙ǝsoן noʎ ˙ɹǝʌo ǝɯɐb
            ˙ʇıɥsןןnq ɟo punoɯ buıɹǝʇsǝɟ ɐ ʇnq buıɥʇou buıǝq doʇs ʇ,uoʍ ʇı ‘sn ʇɐ ʇı ʍoɹɥʇ oʇ ʎɹʇ noʎ sǝɯıʇ ʎuɐɯ ʍoɥ ɹǝʇʇɐɯ ou puɐ ‘ʇıɥsןןnq ɟo punoɯ buıɹǝʇsǝɟ ɐ ʇnq buıɥʇou ʇob ǝʌ,noʎ ˙uǝddɐɥ oʇ buıob ʇou s,ʇı ʇnq ‘ɹǝbbɐq-ɐǝʇ ‘ʎɹɹos
            ˙ʇobɹoɟ ןןɐ ǝʍ ǝdoɥ puɐ uıɐbɐ ʇǝʎ ɯǝɥʇ ʇɔǝɹɹnsǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ןıʇun ɯnɹʇuɐʇ ɹǝdɯǝʇ buıʞɔnɟ ɐ ʍoɹɥʇ oʇ sı puodsǝɹ oʇ ʍoɥ ʍouʞ noʎ ʎɐʍ ʎןuo ǝɥʇ puɐ ‘uıɐbɐ ʇǝʎ ʇıɥs oʇ uʍoןq ǝɹǝʍ sǝıɹoǝɥʇ ʎɔɐɹıdsuoɔ ɹnoʎ ˙ǝɹoɯʎuɐ ʇob buıʞɔnɟ ǝʌ,noʎ ןןɐ s,ʇɐɥʇ ǝsnɐɔǝq ˙ɹıɐɥ s08 puɐ sʇɹɐʇ dod ʇnoqɐ ʇıɥsןןnq ǝɯos ʇǝb ǝʍ pɐǝʇsuı ‘ou
            ˙ɯǝɥʇ uoıʇuǝɯ uǝʌǝ ʇ,usǝop ʇsod ʇxǝu ɹnoʎ ʎɥʍ sı ɥɔıɥʍ ‘snoıɹnɟ & ʇsɐɟ ɹo ‘ızɐɥbuǝq ‘sɹı ǝɥʇ ‘ɐɹu ǝɥʇ ɟo sןɐssıɯsıp ɹo/puɐ sǝsuǝɟǝp ʎɯ ʇsuıɐbɐ buıɥʇou ʇob ǝʌ,noʎ
            ˙pןnoʍ noʎ pıɐs ı ʇɐɥʍ ʎןʇɔɐxǝ buıop ɹoɟ ‘ʇıɥsdıp ‘noʎ ʞu
            zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you’ll have to take your hissy fit somewhere else…it’s boring me…so bleat, name call, throw the fbomb, bleat, repeat as necessary-(sooooo typical) but noone here will be listening………………… 😉

          10. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            Yes! Yes! More about my hairstyle! Because that is SO ABSOLUTELY RELEVANT TO A DISCUSSION OF POLITICS!!!

            The problem isn’t that they aren’t worth addressing (obviously, since you tried to). The problem is that you can’t. You have no way to respond to any of your points being challenged. On your anti-Obama points, you went 0/4 in the very first round.

            Which means, quite literally, the only hope you have left is to spam and troll the living crap out of this comments section in the desperate hope that I’ll go away.

            It’s not going to happen, tea-bagger. I will never get tired of reminding you of all the reasons you are a disgrace to the nation.

    4. lugnut October 12, 2013

      Their gathering place where they inciting themselves into a lynch mob before they lynched my Uncle and his brother, was a church. The preacher and the members were either in the klan or the white citizens council. They never saw blacks as deserving of Gods blessing, but instead his scorn.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen October 12, 2013

        Yet at the same time, your people(s) are the most devout followers of Christianity – as studies currently show.

        Christianity as it is today is not the religion of inclusion. It is THE religion of exclusion and division. Even up to today, there are churches down south which refuse to marry mixed couples. And, I’m not even going to go into the gay issue.

        When will your people(s) (people in general actually) ever WAKE UP?

        1. lugnut October 12, 2013

          It’s because black people were so oppressed by the kind of lives we lived, the racial hatred, Slavery and then jim crow and the results of it, we were looking for any form of relief and help and felt the church was the only place left to go. And it was! Now many are conditioned to worship the same religion some used as an excuse to oppress them. The same scenario has repeated itsself throughout the world. Would you tell me where they could have gone between at least the 1700 to 1965? What other options did they have?. I happen to know there were no other options when blacks started going to church for relief, any relief.

          1. Michael Kollmorgen October 12, 2013

            “Would you tell me where they could have gone between at least the 1700 to 1965? What other options did they have?”

            There is only one option, since all religions do basically the same dam thing – Don’t Believe In Any Religion.

            Believe in your own self-worth, your own achievements, your own hopes and dreams and treat people as you would like to be treated. Build your communities around these goals.

            No one needs a false religion(s) to do these things. Problem is, for the past 2000 years people have been brainwashed to think they do.

          2. SusieQ666 October 13, 2013

            I couldn’t agree more about the churches being a “refuge” for black people, even if only for a few hours on Sunday and maybe Wednesdays. I’m Jewish, and when I visited my family in S. Georgia during summers, our babysitter (who was black) would take my cousin and me to church with her. Being Jewish, we found it fascinating, if a bit confusing, but we were hugged and loved by the entire congregation, who knew who we were. To this day I think about all that affection we rec’d, and when I read not too many years ago that “Jews tend to find a ‘Black Jesus’ to be less ‘threatening’ and more ‘representative of love'” I immediately identified. There was enough love in that little AME church to spill over into the entire town! Too bad all the white folk in their Sunday finery at the Southern Baptist church weren’t so “kindly”.
            With all the hate and partisanship coming out of so many Fundamentalist churches, I recall those memories and wonder to myself, “Why can’t those churches (and their pastors) be more like the black churches?” And…Why do so many so-called Christians appear to worship money above all?

          3. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            Blacks were introduced to christianity partially to keep them from rebelling. It was done to give them something to keep them happy so they wouldn’t fight back.

          4. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            Exactly my point!

            Thank you……………………..

          5. Sue Roediger October 14, 2013

            I kind of the think the whole point of religion is to pacify and control. Obey because God told me to tell you to and if things are bad in your life don’t fight about it you will be rewarded by God in the after life.

        2. Sue Roediger October 12, 2013

          there are many churches today who are all about inclusion – notably the episcopal church – where I found a home after escaping from the catholic church

          1. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            I’m glad you found comfort away from the main church of Catholicism. But, regardless, whether anyone likes it or not, all western Christianity, other than the Prots fall under the overall umbrella of the Catholic Church.

            What the Pope says usually goes for policy for all the other denominations, except the Prots. Yes, some denominations can buck the overall dogma. But, you still have to step lightly on it.

            Let’s hope the new Pope can change minds and policies. He seems to be ok so far.

          2. Sue Roediger October 14, 2013

            I read something recently that posits that the current Pope cannot make significant changes because that would be saying that the previous Popes were in error and that would cause the “Church” as am institution to lose face. So he is kind of hamstrung as far as change goes.

        3. John Taylor October 13, 2013

          Christianity is not exclusive nor divisive it is base on the word of God as it is in scripture, and you either except it on faith or reject it ,but you can’t force it to be comformed to what you believe, those of us who are Christian aren’t perfect nor do we claim to be ,but we serve a perfect God, who has forgiving us for our sin and is now in the process of transforming us into the image of his son Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world. John 3:16

          1. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            Tell this to your church leaders. They’re the ones who need to know what religion is supposed to be about.

            Your own church leaders are the ones who have been leading their flocks astray.

            And, its the church’s membership(s) who have been brainwashed by fear, hatred and bigotry to believe it.

        4. MVH1 October 14, 2013

          We should be calling these people God-ists as they never mention Jesus from whom the Christian movement got its name.

      2. John Taylor October 13, 2013

        just because there are those who use religion to further their on cause doesn’t mean that it is wrong it just mean that they are wrong, Christianity is to follow Christ not twist the word to justify your wrong doings.

        1. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

          Very true, John. What part of “blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9) do the warmongering neocon Republicans and the Tea Party not understand, I wonder?

    5. jaimie bisbee October 12, 2013

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      macbook… here are the findings J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

      1. Michael Kollmorgen October 12, 2013

        You’re trying to sell Snake Charm Oil

        Tell ya what, give a few million and I’ll sell you the Golden Gate Bridge too!

        1. Lynnette Gentry October 13, 2013

          LOL !! I Will Go Even Lower Two Bridges For The Price Of One!!! LOL

    6. Dominick Vila October 12, 2013

      The greatest dichotomy between what most Tea Party supporters want and do, and what Christ did, is the fact that the prophet focused on brotherly love, peace, tolerance, respecting the opinions of others, and helping those in need. The Tea Party agenda and record is focused on greed, cultural and ethnic intolerance, hatred towards anyone or anything that does not conform with their idea of Nirvana, and opposition to social programs designed to help the middle class, the poor, and the infirm. The Tea Party agenda and record are the anti-thesis of Christianity in its purest form.
      Unfortunately, most churches, regardless of denomination or deity, ignore the teachings of the prophets that they purportedly venerate and, instead, behave and promulgate concepts that are not very dissimilar from what our Tea Party supports. That is the reason organized religion is losing parishioners, and the Tea Party represents less than 25% of the American electorate.

      1. Allan Richardson October 12, 2013

        The are totally oblivious to the origin of the phrase “good Samaritan.” Jesus deliberately made up this parable to contrast the ostentatious religiosity of the power structure (the priest and the Levite), concerned with ritual purity (don’t get blood on your hands, don’t touch a corpse) to the exclusion of compassion for one of their own, with the simple human kindness of the OTHER; the descendant of race-mixers and alleged idolaters (and STILL not “correctly” worshiping YHWH). Imagine a black Muslim lesbian as today’s equivalent, being the HERO of this parable.

        1. Alphonso Smith October 12, 2013

          Try half black/half Korean atheist lesbian, and you may be closer.

      2. Alphonso Smith October 12, 2013

        Foremost is Jesus’ fable of the eye of the needle (see http://www.creationtips.com/eye_of_needle.html). These churches teach that wealth is a blessing, they obviously are ignoring their own teachings.

        1. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

          I was taught that “the eye of the needle” meant that literally. Jesus obviously meant that it was well nigh impossible for someone that made his wealth at the expense of others to be righteous enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. NOW, the general teaching is that the “eye of the needle” is a tall gate on a city wall. Not every church or religion teaches that, but it seems to be very common with the born-again evangelicals.

          This defies evidence, but especially common sense. Why in the world would Jesus bother to tell this cautionary tale if a man mounted on a horse, or camel, could ride right through this “eye.” Yet, there are many that believe just that. Of course, this very self-serving interpretation suits the aggressive, greedy, business types that claim to be followers of Jesus. Really suits the televangelists too. How do you reason with someone that exhibits this level of avarice and stupidity?

          1. John Taylor October 13, 2013

            read Matthew7:21-24′ it will shine some light on what you are saying to God be the glory

          2. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

            Isn’t it so unfortunate, that so many only read into scripture what they can use to denigrate their fellow man. When something pertains to them directly, they either misinterpret or ignore the Word.

            I am not a religious man John, though I used to be, but one thing is for sure, these people of whom I speak, do not really believe they need a savior. If they told the straight truth. They have arrogantly and ignorantly forgiven themselves.

            In my view, arrogance and ignorance walk hand-in-hand. No one with those traits will ever listen to the Word.

          3. David Waggoner October 16, 2013

            here is one better FUCK YOU AND THE CAMEL YOU RODE IN ON… jesus fucking christ I am funny!

          4. David Waggoner October 16, 2013

            ooops I was cussing up a storm…time to repent!!!

          5. Russell Byrd October 16, 2013

            Why don’t you just f*ck yourself and raise your own little b*st*rds?

            You are dumber than a sack of hammers. At least a hammer has some usefulness.

            Here is a clue. I posted that three days ago.

          6. I Zheet M'Drawz October 14, 2013

            Give me a break

          7. rozlee October 14, 2013

            That particular “eye of the needle” interpretation being a gateway or other public access, didn’t even come on the scene until the early part of the 20th century. It was postulated as a theory, but there was never any archeological proof to back it up or any mention in antiquities of such a gate or portal. It appealed to the rising evangelical prosperity gospel, though, and has remained an article of faith for them.

          8. Russell Byrd October 14, 2013

            I enjoyed your reply. Truly, the only people I have heard putting forth that nonsense are evangelical born-agains.

            However, believing as they do is in direct conflict with what Jesus obviously was teaching about the evils of greed. How do you reason with people that are so lacking in common sense?

          9. rozlee October 14, 2013

            You can’t reason with dogmatic rigidity. Don’t even try.

          10. Russell Byrd October 15, 2013

            You are exactly right. Unfortunately for me, every time I get that idea into my head, I get an attack of optimism. It is hard for me to believe that some people are that stupid and mean.

            Optimism and naivete often seem to go together as well.

          11. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            You don’t. Put them in several southern states and quarantine them. Let them secede, and Cruz can be the warden of the asylum.

          12. Russell Byrd October 15, 2013

            Fabulous idea. I’ll even throw in a couple of rebel flags for free.

          13. David Waggoner October 15, 2013

            needle refers to the entry of a wall … the camel and his rider had to contort or kneel complety to enter…NOT A SEWING NEEDLE YOU MORON

          14. Russell Byrd October 15, 2013

            So, you are a Hell bound evangelicaltard? Cool.

            Did you ever think of the truth. Archways on small defensive positions were designed so that a rider could NOT ride through.

            A sewing needle in Biblical times was something of extreme value. They did not have factory machines to make a them at a penny a piece.

            History teaches a lot of different lessons, if one will listen. I guess you are destined to remain an idiot.

            Also, give any EXACT citation that makes any sense of where you came by that information.

          15. David Waggoner October 15, 2013

            ..an Iraqi told me that was called a needle gate to keep marauders out of the villages/towns..that you had to basically strip down your camel from your belongings…get him to kneel and crawl through. And if you are talking about Jesus, it seems even more odd that He would use such a silly term that includes a living mammal through a piece of metal…and I really don’t like being called evangelcaltard … unless you are a Mormontard?

          16. Russell Byrd October 16, 2013

            What do you think an Iraqi knows about a 2000 year old Jew? He probably has heard of him as an historical figure, but he is not of prime importance to a Muslim.

            I am no longer a Christian at all and not a Mormon, nor an evangelicaltard. Though such gates have existed for thousands of years, do you know what Jesus called one. Maybe, he called it a “checkpoint”? On the other hand do you understand how difficult it was to make a sewing needle in those days. They had only hand forges and simple tools. No real machinery at all. A needle was high tech.

            Why would Jesus use such a silly term? The same reason why I wonder why I would have to explain that to a rude, stupid, no information, a-hole like you. Don’t you get it? Jesus, and I, but not you, knew that nothing would go through the needle. Rich people are NOT wealth creators, but wealth gatherers. Many have done evil and un-Godly things to obtain their wealth. Couple that with the fact that they have turned their back on God. Remember, I do not care how “churchy” they are, they just go to make themselves feel good and look good. They pay no attention to what Jesus taught. Just as you do not. They are going to go to Hell, if you believe Jesus.

            Of course, in this country, the rich and their money are supposed to be worshiped. That is why I am no longer a Christian. At least, not in the mold that you came from.

            Check out about the money changers, i.e. bankers, the widow’s mite, feeding the poor, etc. Jesus was not a capitalist. His teaching was to love and help your neighbor, without judging him. Those are the things I still believe in. All the things many evangelicaltards just despise.

            Based on Jesus’ teachings, much of America is damned, if you believe that sort of thing.

            I suggest you read what rozlee posted to me above. Real history is fascinating.

          17. David Waggoner October 16, 2013

            Jesus !

          18. Russell Byrd October 16, 2013

            Another suggestion. Read the entire passage about the young wealthy man and what Jesus told him to do in order to gain entry to the Kingdom of Heaven. Read what the young man did. Do you really think in Jesus’ view, that he made it?

            Read starting at Mark 10:17. It is is Luke too, though I do not remember where. Then tell me what Jesus meant.

            Maybe, in your evangelicaltard bible it says, “and Jesus pulled the leg of the young rich man with an unbelievable yarn.” Tha is not what my Book says. . . .

          19. David Waggoner October 16, 2013

            once again, I am not an evangelical, but I guess in your mind I am…have a nice hate filled day of name calling and I will just remain as I am now that you’ve settled the issue of the” camel and a needle”

          20. Russell Byrd October 16, 2013

            Speaking of hate filled. You are the one that broke in with your stupidity and called me a moron. Remember this: NOT A SEWING NEEDLE YOU MORON. Your words shouted at me, moron!

            What I said in return gave you the opportunity to “claim” the insult or deny it. Your choice. You claimed, rather than denied the truth of my statement.

            The point of the whole conversation is that many of the religious right think bullying, greedy, aggressive behavior was condoned, or worse, was advanced by Christ. Like a number of evangelicals have told me over the years, “I am not perfect, but I am forgiven.” That is a statement that screams, “I can do what I want, for God is giving me a free ride.” All because they CLAIM to believe. Bullsh*t.

            Do I have to explain it again. Regardless of what you believe, Christ was teaching that the rich got that way in aggressive, dishonest, manipulative manners. They are NOT going to see the Kingdom of Heaven. By changing the meaning so that “right-minded” evangelicals can easily enter Heaven, even though they have worked like maggots for evil gains. (and against the freedom of their fellow man), makes a travesty of Christ’s teachings.

            Do I need to explain how that correlates with the problems of America today. These self-righteous followers of the Beast are dragging us all down into the abyss.

          21. David Waggoner October 16, 2013

            as a matter of fact it wasn’t at you…you are reading too much into everything now you are just a regular FUCKHEAD

          22. Russell Byrd October 16, 2013

            So if I have a problem with say, “taxpayer,” it would be just as well that I give you a good cussing? You are dumber than I thought. Rude, inconsiderate, no information, and definitely, NO COMMON SENSE. You address me means you are speaking to me.

            Talking about hate filled and plain damn mean. I opened my dictionary and your name was number 3 under the meanings for hateful.

            I am a very generous guy, Teatard. I read your post anyway I could, but you still came out as an a-hole. You still are. . . .

          23. Mark Forsyth October 19, 2013

            It’s the old “Shut yer mouth,praise the Lord,and send me the money” routine. Might as well play the shell game.

          24. Russell Byrd October 20, 2013

            Absolutely! What I cannot understand is these people will ignore the obvious truth their savior was trying to relate, in exchange for a bogus story that makes no logical sense and has no moral value of any kind.

          25. Mark Forsyth October 21, 2013

            Through the years some of those shysters have been run out of one town or another by folks that can tell the difference between shit and shinola. I’m not religious but when I hear about those incidents I say Amen.

          26. Russell Byrd October 21, 2013


    7. elw October 12, 2013

      As a non-Christian, I find you statement rather narrowly focused. The truth is there are many good people in this Country and the World who do not practice Christianity and yet find the heart to serve and care for others and their community. If we are to survive as a Nation we need to stop thinking in the terms of are own personal belief systems and realize that it just might make that Jew or Muslim listening to you talk about the “Christ in all” a bit insulted and uncomfortable. Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe they could be as good a person as you without having one drop of Christ within them and that their beliefs had more to do with that than yours?

      1. Allan Richardson October 12, 2013

        Many Christians, myself included, use the term “Christ” as a symbol of the divine Presence within ALL people, indeed all the universe, when conversing with more traditional Christians. In my church, we greet one another with the Hindi word “namaste,” meaning “the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you.” And in any event, the person quoting St. Paul was pointing out that even those who CLAIM to believe that Paul was speaking the Word of God do not BEHAVE as if they believed the sentiment expressed in those words.

        1. elw October 12, 2013

          I personally roll my eyes at the lack of respect for other peoples beliefs and of sensitivity to the discomfort people like you cause with your constant religious babble. It is one of the reason I reject organize religion and why I have little respect for people who do not understand the difference between talking to their church friends and talking to people in a public forum. It might surprise you to know that many people do not believe in Christ and yet manage to be good, moral people. I do not have to read the bible to know what is moral or ethical. I tend to think when people talk about their religion and mix it into everything they do and say, they do so because they are trying to convince themselves about what they believe. When you truly believe something you do not have to brag about it.

          1. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            I think that if you need the threat of eternal punishment in order to be a good person then you are not really a good person. The good person does whats right because it is right.

          2. elw October 13, 2013


          3. idamag October 14, 2013

            Very well put. My sentiments, exactly.

          4. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            If someone practices a religion just because they are afraid of going to hell forever, that is probably one of the worst reasons to believe in any religion.

            What have they done, screwed so many people or have such a guilty conscience, that no matter how much they atone for their past actions, they, in their own minds, can “never” forgive what they did? Or, do they show up at church just to “look good”?

            They’d be better off treating each other with kindness, respect and clean their own homes up before spouting off nonsense about some spooky god-thing that don’t really exist.

      2. John Taylor October 13, 2013

        it’s not about being good it’s about eternity, weather you except it or not believe it or not Christ is in all and all will one stand before him to be judged for the life we’ve lived good or bad

        1. elw October 13, 2013

          No your right is not about being good, it is about narrow-minded, judgmental people like you and what a curse they are to the world.

    8. Michael Ross October 12, 2013

      Rule of thumb: The harder it is for someone to shut up about something, the more likely they it is that they are flat out lying and, more likely than not, trying to overcompensate for the truth being the exact opposite.

      So if you want to find the most vile, most black-hearted and truly downright evil people on the planet, look no further than the ones who can’t shut up about how bloody Christian they are.

    9. Melinda Killie October 12, 2013

      Very sad, but very true, John Taylor. Power is the so called “Tea Party’s” God. That and the love of money, which, as we all have heard, is the ROOT of all evil….
      Nuff Said…

  7. Amanda Devone Seeley October 12, 2013

    Maybe, if the citizens would vote in some younger political candidates. Then maybe America can make some progress. The current politicians were raised in a environment where racial inequalities were not only accepted, but promoted. So how can anyone expect them to change their minds, after decades of racial hatred, as a way of life, being pounded in their heads from everyway, but right. Therefore, I say “out with the old, in with the new”, is the only way that America will gain a racially homogeneous society.

    1. JO October 12, 2013

      Unfortunately age may not be the determining factor. We have Lying Ryan, Cantor, Cruz, Rubio, Rand Paul and many more fairly young radicals vying for more power.

      1. Amanda Devone Seeley October 13, 2013

        That is true. At the same time, there are a lot more old timers.

    2. paganheart October 12, 2013

      Very true. I have Tea Party aunts and uncles who swear up and down that they are not racist, but they still laugh at racial stereotypes (like that regrettable meme of the President dressed as a African witch doctor), and joke about fried chicken and watermelon being served at the Obamas’ state dinners. A few of them think there’s “a real good chance” the President is a secret Muslim, was really born in Kenya and is not a “real American.” One of my uncles flat-out says that Obama should not be president because “he and his kind are just not smart enough for the job.”

      My parents, aunts and uncles–like most Tea Partiers–all came of age when Jim Crow was the law of the land; when even in non-southern states blacks were regarded (openly or not) as inferior to whites. My mother’s family came from Louisiana; she vividly remembers visiting her grandparents there when she was five years old, and being violently jerked away from a drinking fountain because she could not yet read the “Colored” sign on it. In short, everything in her generation’s existence was embedded with racism; it is all but is bred into their bones. Some know this, and openly admit it. Others are aware, and try very hard to overcome their upbringing and conditioning, but still find it very hard to look at people of other races and not be afraid or ambivalent about them (my Mom is one of these, bless her.) Others lack introspection and self-awareness and are unable–or unwilling–to admit to their biased conditioning. But their virulent backlash against a black president shows it is still there. Obama’s election has caused a horrible case of cognitive dissonance in their brains, because they have been so heavily indoctrinated with the message that amounts to: “No one but a WHITE MAN can EVER be President Of The United States!!!”

      Electing a new generation of leaders, who have not come of age in such an openly biased society, would definitely help. But in the meantime, we will be stuck with the Jim Crow Generation for a while yet, and they are obviously not going down without a fight. If they would at least be honest about their bias, maybe we could move forward. We could help them accept the new reality, deal with it, grieve for their idealized past, and move on. Sadly, many of them don’t even realize themselves how deeply embedded their biases are.

      1. CalSailor October 12, 2013

        If we are to defeat the Tea Party, we need to do everything we can to help the younger kids still growing up see beyond skin color. I live in SoCal, and we have about 1/2 white, 1/3 Hispanic, and Asians, Philippinos, and African Americans. I watch the kids–through high school, and the generation coming up is much less racially aware than what I find in the South. These kids hang out with others of all ethnic groups, and I find that a sign of hope. Somehow, we’ve got to replicate that all over the US. Or the TP wins…
        Pr Chris

        1. Amanda Devone Seeley October 13, 2013

          A school that is 1/2 white, 1/3 Hispanic, and Asians would be a perfect mix of diversity. However, here in Alabama, that would never be a reality. If schools are majority African-American and a Caucasian moves into the neighborhood, they will send their children to private school. The school population here is similar to 90% African-American, 5% other, and 5% Caucasian or the opposite 90% Caucasian, 5% other, and 5% African-American. The state of Alabama may appear to have left the Jim Crow era behind, but Jim Crow is still alive and well.

      2. Amanda Devone Seeley October 13, 2013

        The same here. I grew up hearing blacks are this, blacks are that. However, I found them to be very kind, accepting, and respectable people. In matter of fact, I always found African-American people to be more accepting of people, of any race, than that of my Caucasian peers. In addition, I completely agree a majority of Caucasians are not aware of their prejudice ways, but first step to solving any problem, is to first recognize there is a problem. Therefore, I agree with you that we are stuck in the Jim-Crow era, but you are right, in the fact that we as parents, can teach our children to be colorblind. Because, in the end, humans should not be judged by the color of their skin, but rather the content of their character.

      3. Bob Loosemore October 14, 2013

        “I have Tea Party aunts and uncles who swear up and down that they are not racist, but they still laugh at racial stereotypes ……..” Posts like this, paganheart, are reward for plowing through the anger of Infidels and the like who soil these comments. Go well.

        1. infadelicious October 14, 2013

          give me a break, just cause some knuckleheads laugh at jokes made at the expense of black people quit painting all others as racist. when are you going to jump all over black comedians who make whitey, cracker and Christian jokes? why is that ok? And don’t give me that “oh but their comedians ” crap.. Michael Richards and a few others found out they can’t use certain words in their act , didn’t they”? And why are jesse jackson, al sharpton, louis farrakhan and rev wright allowed to spew anti white hate without a peep from anyone?

          1. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            They are doing basically what some white ministers do. Same thing, just a different color doing it.

    3. plc97477 October 13, 2013

      I have a lot of hope in the future because of our youth. They seem to be smarter and fairer than some of the older people.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen October 15, 2013

        That really don’t mean a thing.

        We, my generation, many over 60 now a days, was the “great hope” after WW2. We had a lot of great ideas and idealism. We tried to change society. We actually got us out of Viet Nam.

        But, as we grew older and less wiser, we became the very people we despised. We certainty aren’t wiser. As we became more comfortable, we became less able to change and became fat with greed, money and power. Our drive for change and idealism went right down the drain.

        A lot of us are the same as our parents. Yes, many of us are less bigoted, less discriminatory. But, the ole Parental Programming is still with us. And, that takes many generations to change for the better.

        Personally, I doubt this country will last that long to really have the time to make those changes stick.

    4. idamag October 14, 2013

      Not younger, smarter. Cruz and Bachmann are not old.

  8. Mary Ann Hoogeveen October 12, 2013

    The GOP/tea party = American Terrorists

  9. morbius777 October 12, 2013

    I find these tea baggers despicable. They white wash (pun intended) the fact that they STOLE this country from native Americans, built their aristocratic way of life by kidnapping Africans to work as slaves, and justify their behavior by claiming to be “Christians” and wrap themselves in the flag. They are a cancer on America. It is time to have a discussion about their SECESSION.

    1. adler56 October 12, 2013

      or deportation

      1. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

        That would be preferable.Why waste time and effort on the willfully and permanently ignorant.

        1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

          wow! that Hitler had some ideas for getting rid of people also.. You guys cannot be serious…….and you’re talking about the tea party/conservatives being racist?”: OMG..

          1. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

            Nothing unusual,merely a case of fighting fire with fire.You better go now or you will be late for your fictional job.

          2. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            Oh I realize its nothing unusual for the left to want to permanently silence all who disagree with them Hypocrites. And fictional job? I thought all of us 1%er millionaire greedy tea partiers had those high paying jobs where we pay our employees peanuts and keep all the $$ to ourselves as we rip everyone off? Now you are saying I am not employed? Ya can’t have it both ways. Try to focus.

          3. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

            Try to focus? Ha!Ha! TeeHee! That’s funny coming from you.

          4. idamag October 14, 2013

            Oh, the infant has shown to be focused. His monomania against anything the President does is focus.

          5. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            Just a Tea Party to be ignored.

          6. oldtack October 12, 2013

            No, my friend, we are not racist. We are realists. Far too long have we ignored what this group is doing to our country. The line has been drawn in the sand and the time is here for us to unite in solidarity to oppose that which is destroying this Nation. By parliamentary procedures if at all possible. In the streets if necessary..

          7. idamag October 14, 2013

            These people are subversive. They are anti-government and their reaction to the ACA shows they are against Democracy. The act was passed by a 2/3 majority in both the House and Senate. That is how Democracy works. Then it was upheld by the Supreme Court.

          8. oldtack October 14, 2013

            I agree. More than that they consider themselves Supreme to all other people or Political ideologies. This is not only in politics. This is also becoming a cause for concern in some Seminaries. Posing as “Christian” they espouse hatred and supreme authority. This is true in one major Baptist Seminary that has taken action to curb these people. Others are still looking for ways to handle this problem. The action at the Capitol yesterday led by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin is a stark expose of the true intent of the “Tea Party” extremists. Both of these individuals should have been arrested.

          9. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            Oh oh, watch it, that might come true – in the streets that is.

          10. oldtack October 14, 2013

            I think the unthinkable will happen in the very near future. This Ilk has proved that it is far beyond the realm of reason and the show put on yesterday by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin are good examples of how far off track these people have wandered. Their rhetoric roused a crowd of tea partiers to break the law, tear down barricades and pile them against the fence surrounding the White House in open defiance. They along with Palin should have been arrested and Senator Ted Cruz should be severely Censured by the Senate and taken off any committees for at least two years. There is no room in our Government for such behavior from an elected official.

          11. Michael Kollmorgen October 14, 2013

            There have been ample opportunities for the Obama Administration to bring the charge of Treason against quite a few public officials since Obama got elected. Even way before his administration.

            Freedom of Speech rights has been overused to flaunt death threats by numerous people primarily from the Tea Party and their supporters.

            Right to bear arms laws have allowed many of these hate groups to become even more armed than they have been.

            Maybe it’s high time we finally do carry this to the streets. None of these freaks would stand a chance against the power of the federal government. I’m pretty dam sure the FBI has already targeted many of these people as potential enemies of the state if bullets actually start flying.

            Maybe its time the Federal Government finally starts to have some balls and quash these nuts before it becomes too late.

            They wouldn’t last a week as of now though.

          12. Sand_Cat October 12, 2013

            Yes, I’m sure you’ve read and re-read all his words and works with true fervor.

          13. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            get your head out of the litterbox sandcat…. who posted the Hitleresque remarks “they are a cancer on America” and “deportation”? it was your leftist buddies, above.. but you, you couldn’t come up with anything more “clever” than saying i have read hitler’s books. Yes I have read about Hitler and the leftist freaks on here sound a lot like him trying to cleanse America of those who disagree with dear leader. But just ignore their hateful posts and just deflect, bleat, namecall….repeat as necessary until you block out the fact that obozo is an incompetent , incoherent without a teleprompter hand puppet/useful idiot. Have a nice day……… remember, deflect, bleat namecall………there ya go…………..;-)

      2. infadelicious October 12, 2013

        wow! that Hitler had some ideas for getting rid of people also.. You guys cannot be serious…….and you’re talking about the tea party/conservatives being racist?”: OMG…..

      3. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

        How about deporting them to Somalia, the gun-nut’s paradise, with total deregulation, almost no government, and just about every male from the age of 13 has an automatic rifle.

    2. infadelicious October 12, 2013

      You may want to check your history facts and see who was selling the black African slaves to their new masters.

      1. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

        True enough.Care to enlightenten us as to the reason why the white slave ship captains who according to the usual racist tripe are supposed to be superior to black folks,were doing business with the black slave traders.Couldn’t be due to them falling off their superior pedestal could it?

      2. morbius777 October 13, 2013

        Sure, the first slaves were sold in New York, of all places. But the deep south was settled by plantation owners from Barbados, a slave colony under English control. They simply imported their slave ethos to America. In addition, even though the Tidewater area started with indentured servants from England, they soon adopted the slavery model of their deep south neighbors.

        1. infadelicious October 14, 2013

          that wasn’t the point of my previous comment. sorry you had trouble comprehending it or maybe you just ignored it.
          I am sure it went right over Morbius777 ‘s head.

          1. morbius777 October 14, 2013

            Oh Bullshit. Don’t pull the “superior intellect” thing with me. I’m more educated than you, more well read, and sure of my facts. I’ll match wits with you any day of the week (with a neutral source doing the judging). Just because you’d like something to be true doesn’t make it true….this is something you baggers just don’t understand, is it?

          2. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            Now now, one must remain calm if one wants to match wits.. and name calling does not a match of wits win!!! baggers? yawn…. try to come up with some new stuff will ya”? try to focus… boy, you guys like to spin and deflect and you come out spittin’ sparx and name callin’ in reply. I didn’t say I had a superior intellect, I merely said that the point of my comment went over your head and was ignored by the next poster. So calm down. sheesh! ..You’re more educated than me? perhaps. So why are you so defensive about it? why resort to name calling? Have you ever been in a room where you didn’t think you were the most intelligent person in that room? probably not! oh, the last sentence in your post was poorly constructed- just thought i’d mention it. And when you said “Don’t pull the “superior intellect” thing with me. I’m more educated than you, more well read, and sure of my facts” gee that sure sounds like someone pullin the “superior intellect” thing to me, doesn’t it sound that way to you, puddin pop?. shalom

          3. morbius777 October 14, 2013

            “one must remain calm if you wants to match wits”…. what makes you think you get to name all the conditions??? Typical conservative/bagger. As for name calling, I’m speaking to you in a language that you can understand. Every time I talk on line to a conservative/bagger, it always descends to this level on their part, so I’m just beating you to it. Your losing now, if you look at the polls. So, you might concentrate on something that might garner sympathy with the Dems/progressives…. SECESSION.

          4. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            just beating me to it? By declaring “I’m more educated than you, more well read, and sure of my facts”, that’s how you win? are you reading the shitake you post before you send it? hahahahaha……what a dope… Seriously, how could you challenge anyone to a match of wits? All because you didn’t “get” or want to get my original post.. avoid, deflect, name call, bleat….. repeat as needed……..thanks for sticking with your “superior intellect” crap. try it on someone else when you can’t answer……..it’s rather boring.Have an Infadelicious day though…….;-) and if you can’t reply to a post’s actual content with anything other than deflection and name calling…….don’t bother to reply to me at all. I’m sure you have other people you need to dazzle with your superior intellect… LOL

          5. morbius777 October 14, 2013

            are you reading the shitake you post before you send it? Translation: “are you reading your mushroom before you send it?” LOL, LOL, LOL. Take a hike, moron.

          6. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            Duh! Superior intellect and you can’t figure out shitake is shit ? Others on here use the word sheet or Shiite instead of the actual word . Most of us can figure out what LOL is too ! I don’t use the actual f word on here either even though some of you leftist freaks sure post some vulgar comments on here when you are having one of your grand mal hissy fits. If I ever reply to you again I’ll have to remember you can’t figure these things out so I’ll dumb it down a bit for you ok ? Are you for real? OMG! LOL

          7. morbius777 October 14, 2013

            So what happened to your moral high ground “that you don’t need to resort to vulgar language”??? More bullshit. I think you mushroom comment was right on target, moron. Love to introduce you to the business end of my fist, pilgrim.

          8. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            You really are that dumb? You don’t know what vulgar means? And I guess resorting to violence with the business end of your fist is how you win the battle of wits ??? Nice

          9. morbius777 October 14, 2013

            I’m wondering if you realized that your words have consequences, you’d be shoot off your mouth with all the bullshit that inevitably flows out of it.

          10. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            “you’d be shoot off your mouth”????… you are as incoherent as the president without his teleprompter, which I chalk up to your anger issues. As for words have consequences. You got into a grand mal snit fit (or shitake fit,if you prefer) because I made one little comment which sent you over the edge. From there, you told me you were were smarter than me even though you can’t understand or write simple sentences. And then you call me a moron and a pilgrim? and say you’d love to introduce me to the business end of your fist. Do those words not have consequences? I guess if your fists are as powerful as your wits I wouldn’t have much to worry about. Try replying to other people’s posts with an answer instead of name calling and threats of violence. sheesh! Have a nice day.

          11. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            Would you be willing to say the same things face to face? I doubt it. It’s the same thing as people in a car cutting someone else off; they wouldn’t do the same rude behavior to someone in a line of just people.

          12. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            why is every post a challenge to you personally? You have already declared you are smarter, more well read, more educated and now tougher physically than I am. So what if you are? Seems your ultimate goal is to silence those who disagree with you with a sound thrashing. go back to my original post.. YES i would have told you TO YOUR FACE that my original comment went over your head because of your original reply ..If you (in person) would then overreact and get all “violent” and up in my face, then I would have backed down.. because I don’t like to deal with potentially violent people. It’s not normal to threaten someone with the business end of your fist over a simple post on a website. I find there are a few that post on here that have hair trigger tempers, set off at the slightest hint of disagreement with them. It’s unreal, they are so angry when replying they can’t form a complete sentence. Makes you wonder what they would do in person. wow! At that point they have lost any argument. Most would not have freaked out as you did and would have asked for an explanation of my comment. have a nice day

          13. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            Let’s take these one at a time. It’s a challenge because your ideology takes jobs and food away from those who need it and gives it to the wealthy. In effect, it is the slow death of feudalism, and you are complaisant in that effort. The American response to creeping fascism in WW2 was war, and that is exactly what we are now facing from the right. And everyone who is affected by it should TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Whether you take food and jobs away from people at the point of a gun or by corporate edict, the result is the same. Walmart is a great example. I’m betting if you were in the position of a Walmart employee who had to resort to food stamps to feed their family, you’d be a lot less passive. Speaking of that, you strike me as being what psychologists would call a “passive/aggressive”…. a person who tries to appear congenial, but, in fact harbors some very aggressive feelings, and expresses them through manipulation.

          14. morbius777 October 15, 2013

            Just move south then secede.

          15. Wrabble February 10, 2014

            “Just move south then secede.”

            You’ve been playing that same note since you joined the Disqus Symphony Orchestra.

            It seems that you never learned that if you make a mistake, you can’t go back in time and fix it. The audience won’t notice it or will forgive it if you just keep playing.

            Instead, you play the same note over and over, trying to do it louder each time.

            Possibly you remember this lesson from back before you lost your musical ability.

          16. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            No, Mr. Coward. I think you righties are of low intelligence and need many repetitions before you get the message that your not wanted in the US anymore. Move south; secede.

          17. Wrabble February 10, 2014

            Keep playing that one broken note over and over, surely if you do it louder and louder the audience WILL eventually be very impressed, LOL!

          18. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            Well, Mr. Coward, it certainly has your attention.

          19. Wrabble February 10, 2014

            And yet you’re the one following me around and not posting to anyone else.

            Ask your Dr. to up your Namenda dosage.

          20. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            Give your real name, cretin, and take some responsibility for your ramblings. Then we’ll talk and not until.

          21. Wrabble February 10, 2014

            A typical scene from the life of Morbius:

            (Morbius totes his clarinet and music as he walks on the carpet and approaches the only chair visible in the room.

            The audition judges are seated on the other side of the screen. He starts to play)

            “[squeek] MOVE SOU….”

            “THANK YOU, next please.”

          22. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            My, I am gratified Mr. Coward. I am getting to you. But I have the courage to “face the music” which you obviously do not. I’m betting you never even graduated from high school. like a good many of your fellow cowards.

          23. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            Ha ha. That’s hilarious!

          24. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            ” I think…”
            Good ‘un!

          25. Heza Nidiot February 10, 2014

            Why don’t you move to the puzzle house instead? Once safely inside, you won’t have to listen to those of us who piss you off so much. What’s more, the nice doctors there will make sure you take your Seroquel and Abilify doses on right schedule, so you won’t have to listen to that chorus inside your head, either!

          26. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            Move south; secede

          27. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            “I think you righties are of low intelligence and need many repetitions before you get the message…”
            Like those who heard “hope” and “change” a few times and voted for the well-documented KKKretin-in-Chief?

          28. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            You might want to read the article at the beginning of this. You are on your way out. You can hurry up the process by secession.

          29. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            Not likely. You’ll have to keep a few of us around to explain various things to you, especially capitalism, because none of you seem to understand that one though it’s the easiest to understand what with it being just a human natural function.

          30. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            What’s your name, Mr. Coward? There is a “natural human function” that I preform about once a day which makes me think of you!!!

          31. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            Kevin Stowell. How many times are you going to pretend I haven’t already told you that? Are you that afraid to follow through with your threats?

          32. Heza Nidiot February 10, 2014

            That was Chuck, another one of his personalities. Chuck doesn’t talk to the others—not a word. They all wonder what he might be capable of doing someday…

          33. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            Man, we’re desperate, no? :o) I think I’ll watch some paint dry. Adios.

          34. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            I’m not going to waste my time on your alias.

          35. Heza Nidiot February 10, 2014

            Involuntary committal is so very unpleasant…

          36. Heza Nidiot February 10, 2014

            Voluntary committal: Try it! You’ll like it!

          37. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            Man, I was just reading some of the other tripe on here. NationalMeme doesn’t seem to attract the lucid, does it?

          38. Heza Nidiot February 10, 2014

            What did you expect? This is yet another thought-free, emotion-driven rabid screed by yet another cranio-rectal-impacted Affirmative Action beneficiary. Paraphrasing Voltaire: “If the Obammunists didn’t have the Tea Party for their daily Two Minutes Hates, they would find it necessary to invent it.”

          39. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            I’m not going anywhere. My will to live is stronger than yours.

            “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong”


          40. morbius777 February 10, 2014

            That’s what you think, Mr. Coward.

          41. Wrabble February 10, 2014

            In the 2012 election, Obama won 64% of the vote from high school dropouts.

            Romney won a majority of votes from the age demographic called “People with College Degrees.”

            That helps us understand why Obama wins in populated but corrupt, inner-city cesspools and loses in most of the rest of the country.


          42. morbius777 February 10, 2014


          43. We will Barry you!! February 10, 2014

            Spot on, for those not detached from reality.

          44. Wrabble February 10, 2014

            Which aspects of that study published by the University of Connecticut do you think are BS?


            Is UConn a biased hotbed of conservatism?

          45. Juan Douche February 10, 2014

            Would that be the end with the hair growing in it?

  10. adler56 October 12, 2013

    The old racists will die sooner than you think- stress kills.

    1. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

      Unfortunately they have seen fit to plant a new crop of haters.Infants attend Klan rallies.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker October 12, 2013

    This is such good fun…!!!!! Watching the rebel flag rise in some pathetic attempt at taking over the government, returning to free slave labor and trying to reinvent an impoverished nation of Confederates.

    Well, one really great thing this presidency did bring about? It outed all the closet racists and pathetic Confederates who still think the south won the war. It’s almost a joy to watch them with their silly cammos, shaven heads and fists pumped.

    But, you’ve got to hand it to this bunch of “ignernt” losers, they almost got their red porker state politicians asses in a sling for trying to overturn the government into their dynastic confederate hands.

  12. bluefish October 12, 2013

    Thank you, Cynthia Tucker! Love seeing you on tv–one of our favorites.
    On the bright side, sigh, the TP’s principal objectives–destruction, anarcy, chaos–were kinda/sorta hiding in plain sight. The vast majority of people in this country just ain’t interested in their moonshine and we now have a MUCH clearer view of whom we are dealing with. This was an over-reach and miscalculation on their part of epic proportions and an instructive experience for the rest of us. No more Mr. Nice Guy with these people.
    I’m proud that our President is hanging tough. And that the rest of the GOP is being shown up also. Dreadful experience for sure but certainly illuminating. I agree that they are fighting for their power and way of life but I suspect that, in their impotence and failure to persuade across the board, they double-down on the self-delusional theatrics and drama. I would’ve loved to have lived in Paris before the First World War, for example, but I know I can’t and I don’t and proceed accordingly. They seem to want to live in a world that simply doesn’t exist, never did, and to drag country into their psychosis.

  13. Roy Yoder October 12, 2013

    “Barack Obama and Obamacare is a racial flashpoint for many evangelical and Tea Party voters.”

    This is a good reason for everyone else, including politicians, news reporters, wherever possible to scrap the term “Obamacare” and use the law by its name, “Affordable Care Act.” I think Obamacare was a nickname intended to minimize or defame the health care law. Savvy language may help circumvent some hot-button ideas.

    1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

      good plan!

      1. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

        So you’re saying, by your “cartoon,” that we need to get rid of Faux Noise?

        1. Bryan Blake October 13, 2013

          You can photo shop anything you want to try to spin your point. But how about this:


          1. Russell Byrd October 13, 2013

            Seems to be a right on target analysis. Oops, let’s leave that “right” out.

            Seems to be an on target analysis.

        2. plc97477 October 13, 2013

          Great idea!!!

    2. Allan Richardson October 12, 2013

      The Greek word “Christianos” was first used as a derogatory nickname in Damascus, according to the Acts of the Apostles. By assuming it themselves, the Christians gave it a more positive meaning.

      Eventually, those of us who favored the ACA all along, and have adopted the name to show that it is about CARE, will continue to use it to emphasize who helped us get it, while the GOP politicians who do not want to give him credit will insist on its official name.

      And eventually, when the TP and other XRW (extreme right wing) pols become irrelevant, it will become the accepted name for the “old” system that needs to be improved by making it public.

  14. alboy5 October 12, 2013

    Just get rid of Obamacare which will bankrupt the middleclass for worthless insurance, because doctors cant afford to work for nothing.

    1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

      Get rid of ObamaCare, or the healthcare reform law, by who’s authority?
      Worthless insurance? Who says? Doctors work for nothing? Why aren’t
      we hearing from the Doctors, instead of the T-Party? The American people
      are totally capable of deciding things for ourselves. So back off!

      1. alboy5 October 13, 2013

        I can see I’m communicating with a leech or leeches. Yes a piece of shiite legislation like Obumocare can and should be repealed defunded and if there are any copies they should be burned.

      2. alboy5 October 13, 2013

        The polls are in 98% of the American public and doctors seek the repeal of Obamacare. The other 2% want a freebie and everything else to be paid for by someone else. President Obumbler wants to stoke the pos community to reward them for getting into office. So get a job you welfare leech.

        1. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

          More delusional Tea Party claims totally contradicted by all the factual evidence.

  15. alboy5 October 12, 2013

    Respect the constitution impeach Obama for violating his oath to protect the constitution. Americans free choice for healthcare has been co-opted by Obamacare and Tyrant Obama.

    1. lugnut October 12, 2013

      Name the violation of the constitution president Obama has violated? Don’t include he’s black, ok!!

      1. alboy5 October 12, 2013

        He changed obamacare twice without congressional or senate approval to exempt corporations, himself, unions, the government from the hellacious law known as obamacare, the 13th amendment provides equal protection meaning that no one else should be subject to the eggregious law known as obamacare. Obamacare(worthless insurance)
        is an onerous burden on the middleclass, where people will lose jobs, have their hours reduced, go bankrupt. Obama is also black and inferior.

        1. lugnut October 12, 2013

          No he hasn’t done any of that. And you can bet the republicans tea party would be pitching a b and trying to charge him already as bad as they want to get rid of it. Oh, and 50 million Americans without health care coverage and 26,000 Americans dying each year for lack of it , is my concern and that’s more of a drain on the middleclass as anything your wishful thinking can come up with.

        2. lugnut October 12, 2013

          The president’s color cause people like you, to see everything negative. You even make up things that never happened. But this old black Mississippian know you very well, i saw a lot like you in the 1950s, i and my parents even worked in your homes. We even saw the confederate greys and savors still hanging in many of your closets. If you feel you are superior, to any of us, you are not smart enough to convince me, AND YOU’VE HAD ALL THE ADVANTAGES. NOW THAT’S SAD.

          1. alboy5 October 12, 2013

            Obama is inferior because Obamacare(useless insurance) is being inflicted on people and it and Obama are a blight on humanity. Mr. lugnut is inferior because he never moved out of his mothers basement, never worked, never paid for anything, and are currently milking the system probably gangbanging. You are just shit with eyes occupying space being a leech on society.

          2. lugnut October 12, 2013

            Have you ever called any other politician, or president in particular “inferior” when you disagreed with their policy or ideology?

          3. lugnut October 12, 2013

            Actually, i had worked 50 years before i retired at the age of 56. Yeah, i started working at the age of 6

          4. alboy5 October 12, 2013

            Its ashamed you should be entitled to medicare and social security which will be defunded by your hero Obama to fund his worthless insuarance scheme known as Obamacare.

            I am sorry for insulting you.

            Have a nice day.

          5. lugnut October 12, 2013

            I don’t get social security or medicare. I get retirement and dividends from my investments. That’s why i was able to retire as soon as eligible.

          6. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            It’s clear that you are jealous of Obama, because he’s superior to you in every possible way. He’s wealthier than you, more successful than you, more popular than you, smarter than you, and could whup your ass in a heartbeat.

            Oh — did I mention that he’s black?

          7. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

            Who rattled your trailer? When we decide that we need the advice of redneck, bacca-chewin’, sister-humpin’, chicken-fuckin’, rooster-lickin’ yahoos we’ll send Eric out to snatch you out of your hovel. So go back in and find something useful to do with yourself.

          8. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            And some would say, the president’s color causes “people like you” to use your words to see everything he does as positive. Maybe some people disagree with his policies….sheesh!! And to say i saw “a lot like you” in the 50s… it’s 2013… even Robert Byrd the great democratic hero supposedly changed and you all loved him – he was in the KKK, but when. Paula deen admitted to using a derogatory remark about a black person 20 yrs ago…she was crucified.. hypocrites’!..give it a rest. Whatever you look for even racism, you are gonna find………THAT ! IS WHAT IS SAD

          9. lugnut October 12, 2013

            Everything he has done has in fact been positive. But the right see everything he does, is taking special privileges away from them. Even when they don’t know, ignore and not bother reading it..

        3. dancerboots October 12, 2013

          These were waivers…and temporary…to make sure the AHCA is implemented efficiently…and it is allowed…That is the President’s job under the Constitution. To carry out the laws Congress passes. The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Act passed in 2003 (that mandates all Medicare recipients must purchase through a private health insurance company or pay a penalty of a permanent 1% increase per every month they opt out and hardly a peep) was also delayed several times before the full implementation took effect. The White House and the staff were never included in the law (to purchase health care through the exchange), Congress and the staff were. The GOTP threw their own staff under the bus to propagandize they were getting special treatment..by denying them a subsidy everyone else would get if they signed up. A subsidy they received under the FEHBP..now with attempts to remove it…just as any employer subsidizes the health insurance offered by sharing in the premium expense.
          In Kentucky seventeen thousand jobs will be created hiring navigators. There is no proof hours will be cut…the implementation has only been in effect for 12 days.

          1. alboy5 October 12, 2013

            The big picture is Obamacare will result in a worldwide depression.
            In a democracy people should be able to make choices not be dictated to. Obamacare and laws like it such as the TeaParty act are insufferable and should be revolted against and revoked.

          2. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            Lunatic ravings

          3. alboy5 October 12, 2013

            According to the constitution laws apply equally to everybody, that is the 13th amendment. Obama is violating the law his law and should be impeached.

          4. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            There have been employers who have said they will cut hours to keep from offering healthcare to their employees. That is why I refuse to do business with some places.

          5. idamag October 14, 2013

            I won’t either.

    2. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

      Mad ravings.

  16. alboy5 October 12, 2013

    Obama has gutted Medicare to partially pay for Obamacrap, and he will defund medicare and social security in order to pay for Obamafare(formerly welfare) and Obamacare(worthless insurance). Since people paid every paycheck for Social Security and Medicare, 99 percent of the people on Obamacare will not pay a dime and the people on welfare never paid a dime. Lets defund Obamacare and Obamafare.

    1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

      Gutted Medicare? Not so. Don’t be a propagandist. Site your source.
      Then, we can see who is lying to you. The truth will set you free. And
      one day may restore the credibility of the GOP.

      1. alboy5 October 12, 2013

        850 billion dollars has been removed from medicare to pay for obamacare(stain on the freedoms by Comrade Hussein). Do a search lazy leech. Why dont you pay for what you want Comrade charleo1.

        1. dancerboots October 12, 2013

          Its funny (sort of) how that amount of funds keeps increasing lol.
          Not one cent has been removed from Medicare…these are savings to keep it solvent..and any cuts are on the provider side. I am a Medicare recipient. The preventive services have been expanded and with no co-pay (free). Preventing an illness or catching it early helps to keep costs down as well. Name brand prescription drug costs…cut in half once the donut hole is met and will be phased out over a few years.

          1. idamag October 14, 2013

            Yes, it started out as 716 billion and keeps rising with each telling.

    2. lugnut October 12, 2013

      The only thing cut from medicare was fraud. They have gotten back close to $50 billion so far. yeah, they cut what doctors and clinic gained through fraud. Not one cent has been cut from Medicare.

    3. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

      alloy5 = liar, liar.

    4. idamag October 14, 2013

      I know you t-potty people are wound up and programmed to say the same thing over and over. Gutting Medicare is a lie. The 719 billion that is being saved is because redundancy was eliminated. As it were, a person could be referred to two or three different doctors and they didn’t share test results and x-rays. Now, they are required to share those findings, thus eliminating each doctor or medical facility running the same tests over and over.

  17. alboy5 October 12, 2013

    Tyrant Obama stop robbing the citizens of the U.S. giving yourself the right to pull money out of our pockets for your conniving plans and worthless Obamacare(fake insurance).

    1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

      Tyrant Obama Obama? Really? Please, please President Obama, stop
      trying to increase the number of Americans with a regular doctor! Don’t
      let my Daddy have health insurance! He’s got diabetes! Oh, the humanity!
      We demand you stop immediately the tyranny of allowing us to keep our kids on our group insurance at work until they turn 26! It’s stunting their growth!

      1. alboy5 October 12, 2013

        Doctors wont work for Obamacare(fake insurance). The paid for entitlements are social security and medicare. Get a job worthless leech.

        1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

          If I was head of the DNC, I’d put you on television.
          Nothing I could say would discredit the obstructors
          more. Or, more clearly make my case, than you Sir.
          I thought before you, I had plumbed the depths, and
          knew the bottom. Now, I must quickly get more string.

    2. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

      Insane ravings.

  18. Mark Forsyth October 12, 2013

    I always thought that the t bagger racism was a given.After all you need only listen to them talk a little while to pick up on that.I grew up surrounded by people like that in southside Virginia.The state historical signs of their beloved “Confederate” leaders are everywhere.They are absolutely and vehemently proud of their ignorance.They pretend to wear it as akin to a heavenly robe given them by angels,but it’s little more than a ball and chain.It’s been said by those who are better than me that you cannot keep a man down without staying down with him.
    I am convinced that they will never change.One might hope that they would grow old and die out but they are always teaching and indoctrinating the youngsters in order to keep the hatred and stupidity alive. I support a Constitutional Amendment to give them all dynamite enemas and blow them all to hell.

  19. LeftOut October 12, 2013

    This headlines removes all credibllity from Ms Tucker. Aside from 99 % of the Black population voting for the president, the remainder voting were non Blacks. Certainly white vote in large numbers , racism is over, except for racial opportunists that keep fomenting this nonsense . If all whites vote for only whites that would be racism in the minds of some. People dislike policies of Pres Obama because they are awful . Mr Obama is an intelligent man but lacks sophistication to manage a government. He’s had advisors that are living in the sixties.

    1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

      Well actually Jethro, if people disliked the policies of President Obama,
      they would not have reelected him, now would they? The T-Party is nuts.
      And they are 99% racial. You fool no one. I grew up around racism all
      my life. Hell, the Evangelicals still refer to President Obama as that N***er
      Muslim. Do you listen to yourself? Ever? Well, the Blacks can run, and
      are great at catching the football. But they are just not, “sophisticated,”
      enough, to be a quarterback, or head coach. Right Hayseed? And take
      the President’s advisors over Dick Cheney, and the Neocons any day.

      1. LeftOut October 12, 2013

        There plenty of great black coaches and football and QBs, but there are no great presidents yet. He was elected because everyone more Obama phones and free bees, like Free ACA, but it s not free.

        1. charleo1 October 12, 2013

          Is that what they told you? People voted for Obama, because
          they wanted, “Obama phones?” And you believe that? Just
          more free stuff, like free healthcare? Everyone already had
          free healthcare, but it’s not free. It’s called the emergency
          room. Where every year millions of the uninsured have been
          going for their free healthcare, but it’s not free. The number
          one cause of bankruptcy among middle income Americans,
          was due to to a member of the family having no medical
          insurance, and being hit with a huge hospital bill, that took
          their life’s savings, and home. A problem millions of people
          have had for a very long time. Something the Republicans
          have known was a deepening problem for an ever greater
          number of Americans. But, it just wasn’t something they
          seen as effecting their base. The wealthy, and Seniors.
          Senator Barack Obama the candidate, ran on addressing
          this growing problem. While Republicans ran on lowering
          taxes for corporations, lowering the capital gains rate,
          eliminating the death tax, that taxes nothing on the first
          five million. This, even though the wealthy had just received
          two of the largest tax breaks in National history. The problem
          they thought was most important to address, is why aren’t
          the rich getting richer faster? Their answer was, we’re
          spending too much on the poor. We need to take that
          money and use it, so we can lower the tax rates for the corporations, and rich. And not have to borrow any money
          to do it.

          1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            Lots of dems are filthy rich using the same loopholes and tricks as the republicans. The obamas and Pelosis make out all right with those tax breaks and Ask Kerry who avoids paying taxes and fees on his yacht by docking it ” out of state” Yep they get all the advantages of the greedy republican tax breaks for the wealthy ( them ) and then use it to tell their voters how evil and greedy the right is. Hypocrites !

          2. charleo1 October 13, 2013

            You’re missing the point here. The case the Left is making.
            What we care about, What Obama, Pelosi, and Kerry, and
            other progressive leaders believe is, all of us are better off,
            even the rich, when the system works better for a broader,
            and larger number of people. We don’t see that happening,
            because it’s not. The idea the Right insists on putting forth.
            is essentially the better off the top i, or 2% are, the better
            for all income levels down the scale. Look around. See for
            yourself. Corporate profits are setting records. Taxes as a
            percentage of gains, and profits on top corporate companies
            are at historic lows. So, how’s the economy doing? How’s
            that middle management person with a mortgage, and two
            kids making out? As they pointed out the other day, and
            Republicans didn’t dispute it. It was close to 97% of the
            gains in the recovery have gone to the top of the economy. And not the middle, where the money would have produced the demand the overall economy is lacking. So, it’s not an envy thing, a hate, or punish the rich thing. Or even a
            government giveaway thing. It’s about an economic system
            that over time has become so skewed to favor the top end.
            The regular economy that the vast majority of us live in,
            simply doesn’t have the cash to sustain itself, or grow to
            create enough jobs for everyone that wants to work, and
            needs to work, to have one. This is not a problem unique
            to the U.S. Markets would wide are suffering a shortage of
            cash. Even though by historic standards, the volume of
            cash in the global system, is at an all time high. So, what’s
            going on, is there is two economies. One, with more cash
            that they know what to do with. While the other larger
            economy struggles with low wages, disappearing job benefits, and rising poverty numbers that threaten the
            living standards here, and destabilizing governments
            abroad. Now, those are the problems. So, what is the
            GOP most concerned about? Food stamps, cell phones,
            debt, protecting the health insurance cartel, and insisting
            the poor either starve, or find that job that in this economy,
            doesn’t exist.

    2. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

      …and what ARE these allegedly “awful” policies, genius?? Can you tell us what they are, and what’s wrong with them? I think not.

    3. Germansmith October 13, 2013

      I mostly agree with you, but racism and prejudice are not over and probably not for a while. But if we are talking about opportunities in public and private jobs, I agree with you that now black is in as long as they have an education and qualifications.
      The problem is that now if you disagree with Obama most of his partisans automatically assume you are a right wing nut or a racist and close their mind to any additional thought.
      But I guess if we are now be talking about a hare brained Hillarycare, we would probably be accused of being “male chauvinist pigs”

  20. Michael Ross October 12, 2013

    Don’t count on the Tea Party just dying off from old age and going away forever. Remember, one of their new favorite phrases is “public school indoctrination.” The tea-baggers are busy trying to convince themselves that public schools are evil and will indoctrinate their children into communism, which we all know is really just a shallow excuse for them to home-school their children and indoctrinate them into Tea Party mantra; to make sure they learn Ron Paul’s agenda AND NOTHING ELSE.

    So the Tea Party isn’t going to go away — not by a long shot. It’s just going to get replaced by a legion of young inbred shut-ins who are dumber, more racist, more polarized and more fanatical than their ancestors could ever dream of being.

    1. flyinjs October 12, 2013

      My only question to Mr. infadelicious What health care solutions has the republican party offered? I am saying real solutions. When your employer finally places the entire healthcare burden on yourself and family you may have to look back and say to yourself…why just end something without offering another solution? That’s the point all seeing Americans are looking at right now. S O L U T I O N S easy spelling. I personally would like to see a one payer system, but that’s Gov involvement…Our Corporations are the most intelligent people on the planet surely they are not that incompetent to not come up with a solution. Ah, but who cares when you have money you can shut your eyes and pretend your heavenly bound.

      1. plc97477 October 13, 2013

        If you had said that “corporations are the most greedy people on the planet” I would have believed you.

    2. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

      The home school movement is thriving and growing, despite Left-winger attempts to stop it with the help of their union thugs.

      1. Michael Ross October 13, 2013

        See what I mean? This is the kind of crap those idiots are telling each other.

        You think those idiot fundamentalists are bad now? Ten to twenty years from now, we are going to be putting up with a legion of tea-baggers that have never even heard of evolution. They are literally going to ensure that their kids are never even so much as exposed to conflicting ideas, much less have any respect for them.

        Twelve years on Ron Paul’s home schooling program and a phony degree from Pat Robertson’s law school. That’s what every effing one of these tea-bagger douchebags is going to give their children.

        1. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

          No, unions are against home schooling.

          Look at the National Education Association, its Resolution B-68:

          ““Home schooling should be limited to the children of the immediate family, with all expenses being borne by the parents/guardians. Instruction should be by persons who are licensed by the appropriate state education licensure agency, and a curriculum approved by the state department of education should be used.”

          They are trying to stop home schooling. Fortunately, lovers of liberty and freedom have managed to defeat these union thugs in the courts, and in most states, parents do not have to have a GOVERNMENT-approved curriculum or get special GOVERNMENT “certificates” that are not worth the paper on which they are printed, of course.

          I remember reading how in one state, the union radicals and thugs tried to get the STATE to inspect homes where children are home-schooled for fire safety, food sanitation and on and on. A ruse to try to close them down so the children will all go to the GOVERNMENT schools, of course.

          1. Michael Ross October 13, 2013

            Did I ever say unions were FOR home-schooling? No, I didn’t. You’re just pretending otherwise because this conspiracy theory B.S. is literally the one and only thing you’ve got.

            “Lovers of liberty and freedom” my ass. This is about you tea-bagger idiots trying to play Big Brother the home game.

            And failing miserably, of course, just like everything else you low-IQ douchebags have ever tried to do.

          2. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            No, but it points out the nature of money-grubbing unions. I used to pass out right-to-work pamphlets to graduating college seniors when I taught them.

            It is not any “conspiracy theory” at all. Unions are consistently against home schooling, and I quoted information – and there is plenty more – from the largest teachers’ organization in the country.

            You are really bigoted. Probably because of fear. Too bad.

          3. Michael Ross October 14, 2013

            I always know I’ve struck a nerve when you nimrods start calling me “bigoted.” Yeah, because “Republican” is a religion, ethnic group and/or sexual preference.

            Your quoted information is about recommended regulations, not complete opposition. It’s not mind control to suggest that home-schoolers should be checked on periodically to make sure they’re not teaching their kids that the sun is orbiting a flat Earth.

            All that crap about being bigoted and fearful sounds like projection if you ask me. Last I checked, I’m not the one who sees nothing but enemies everywhere outside the party mantra.

          4. foundingprinciples October 14, 2013

            {It’s not mind control to suggest that home-schoolers should be checked on periodically to make sure they’re not teaching their kids that the sun is orbiting a flat Earth.}

            It is a lie, a rationale for the purpose of shutting down home schooling, of course. I wrote a quote from the NEA that shows it takes a stand against home schooling. It is clear: Left-wingers and their unions are against home schooling.

          5. Michael Ross October 14, 2013

            Spoken like a true tea-bagger: When presented with facts, scream “YOU LIE!!!” and repeat the same B.S. over again.

            “Evolution is disproved by the Loch Ness Monster” is a lie.
            “The Ku Klux Klan were political reformists” is a lie.
            “The Great Depression never happened” is a lie.
            “Only about ten percent of Africans can read and write” is a lie.

            And do you know what all of the above statements have in common besides the fact that they are all lies? They are all lessons being taught in private schools right now.

            Those are the lessons the tea-baggers of America are trying to teach their children right now, and don’t dare pretend for one effing minute this isn’t what you pricks are going to be teaching them at home if you can.

            Left-wingers and unions aren’t against home schooling. They’re against willful stupidity.

          6. foundingprinciples October 14, 2013

            No lies. I presented the statement of the NEA (FOURTH repetition).

            I will have to check those reports. I know that the Left lied about the Texas textbooks: The Liberals said that Jefferson was not touche on and diminished. I checked: The Left-wingers lied; it was actually part of many goals of the curriculum, specifying what students were expected to know.

            I took a quick look, and this is one goal of grade 8:
            “Explores the beginning and colonization of America—the birth of freedom, developing a nation, War
            between the States, Reconstruction and expansion, World War I to the Great Depression, building
            American societies and World War II….”

            Collectivism (Self-Pacs 133-138) 1/2 Credit Government
            The student:
            Studies the origins of collectivism in the revolt of Satan, the fall of man, the Tower of Babel, and
            classical and neo-classical utopian theorists.

            Examines the development of socialist movements from the seventeenth to the eighteenth centuries
            and studies an account of the fascist movements in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Argentina

            Investigates certification of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and ratification rules and
            procedures WAY TO GO!

            “Examines a Biblical view of tobacco, alcohol, harmful drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and
            mental and emotional health “

          7. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            And I ADDRESSED that statement. I told you what it actually said, and like the true tea-bagger that you are, you instead started ranting about something else entirely.

            Now here you are again, ranting about that statement again like you’re hoping we all fucking forgot that we already explained this shit to you before.

            Just like that fucking birth certificate you pricks could never shut up about.

            “When presented with the truth, scream even louder that you want the truth.” That’s the Tea Party way.

            There isn’t a pit in Hell deep enough for the likes of you.

          8. foundingprinciples October 15, 2013

            Unions are against home schooling.

            Have a look:

            “Teachers unions plan to crush parent-led schooling”
            { the head of a parent-led schooling organization told attorney and talk radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday that powerful teachers unions, particularly the National Education Association and state-based unions in Democratic states, plan to crush parent-led schooling by cracking down on “accountability” and “intolerance,” and passing a plethora of rules and regulations that would render such schooling practically powerless.}


            “As a result, organizations such as the National Education Association, the country’s largest teachers’ union, have come out against home schooling (NEA Resolutions, 2007).”

            I can fill up PAGES.

          9. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            And his first link is to The Blaze ladies and gentlemen! Is anyone else surprised that this soulless nimrod trusts Glenn Beck?

            The fact that you “can fill up PAGES” does not lend any credibility to your claims. There are enough challenges to Barack Obama’s birth certificate on the Internet to fill a phone book, but that doesn’t change the fact that the accusations are still a tremendous load of crap.

            No majority constitutes truth. The Blaze and some dipshit making ten bucks a month writing for The Examiner might agree with you, but that doesn’t make your claims any more legitimate. It just makes them as intellectually bankrupt as you are.

          10. foundingprinciples October 15, 2013

            There were many links. It is typical for Left-wingers to devise and excuse to deny data that does not align with, or support, the Liberal agenda.

            I could have filled pages, and I provided another reference to the National Education Association.

            To inject the “birther” issue is not valid. I have presented reports from mainstream newspapers, or references to mainstream news, including the #1 education association in the entire country. Your focusing on the Blaze reference is thoroughly dishonest and unethical.

          11. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            And I say again, the fact that you can find tens of thousands of conspiracy theory cesspools parroting this shit back to each other over and over again doesn’t change the fact that it’s shit.

            The very first page you linked to was The Blaze, the home of Glenn Beck, the guy who easily hold the record for the most “This Week In Crazy” appearances for such wonderful gems as saying all of the conspiracy theories were part of a great big conspiracy, and that the media is conspiring to make him look like a conspiracy theorist.

            But you trusted him indefinitely. Why? Because his bullshit nicely mirrors your bullshit, therefore you don’t question it.

            Seriously, go ahead and fill your pages like you say you can. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with every fucking one of them if that’s what it takes to get you to wake the fuck up.

          12. foundingprinciples October 15, 2013

            They are not conspiracy theories at all, not in the slightest. They are statements, one from the NEA itself, against home schooling.

            OK, leave out the Blaze one. Focus on the NEA and the other.

            I know it is a complete waste of time to present you with any facts; you are a Leftist who will think of any way to deny them. But this is directly from the NEA itself, so if you deny it, you will lose all credibility:

            “The National Education Association believes that home schooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience.”


          13. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            There’s those tea-bagger tactics I keep telling you about again.

            Tactic #1: Abandon the bullshit and come back to it later.

            I’ve already addressed that NEA excerpt — already explained to you exactly what it means. I even humored you and followed your link and went straight to Page #39, and do you know what I got? A list of RECOMMENDATIONS.

            But I’ll say it again since you keep deliberately forgetting: Recommending oversight is not the same thing as opposing indefinitely.

            Tactic #2: Insist that you could do something, and if you’re challenged to do so, dismiss it as a waste of time.

            You can’t do it, you know you can’t do it, and like the defiant little twerp that you are, instead of admitting that you can’t, you insist that you just won’t because you don’t feel like it.

            It’s the equivalent of when the little shit in math class is asked to answer a question and responds “I’m not telling you!” And it’s just as convincing a bluff too.

          14. foundingprinciples October 15, 2013

            You are denying what the NEA has clearly and unmistakenly states. And unions are against home schooling. Look at the Virginia case. I just saw a big one in California with the union testfying against homeschooling.

            Yes, “recommending.” Recommending against homeschooling. Not recommending for, right? And the NEA is political and must make statements with circumspection and qualifiers. The NEA is most assuredly against homeschooling, and is tactfully wording its opposition. That is incontrovertible.

            No, unlike the kid in math class, I am telling you, and I even wasted my time finding out the data, providing you will a link, quote and even A PAGE NUMBER!

            Look at this in California:
            “A California appeals court ruling clamping down on homeschooling by parents without teaching credentials sent shock waves across the state this week, leaving an estimated 166,000 children as possible truants and their parents at risk of prosecution.”

            The union response?

            “Union pleased with ruling
            The ruling was applauded by a director for the state’s largest teachers union.”

            From EDUCATION NEWS:
            “Liberal academics share a dim view of American homeschoolers and the Christian values they embrace”


          15. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            No, I’m denying that it says what you desperately want me to believe it says. I’m starting to think you would show me a McDonald’s menu and say it undeniably proves they’re against homeschooling.

            “Recommendations” for how it be handled and regulated are not the same as recommendations against. You should know that by now, but you keep fucking forgetting it because the truth is too inconvenient for you.

            I followed your link, went to your page number, and found absolutely NOTHING that supports what you’re claiming. You aren’t even grasping at straws anymore. This is a flailing temper tantrum against reality itself.

          16. foundingprinciples October 16, 2013

            {I’m denying that it says what you desperately want me to believe it says.}

            Wrong on two counts:
            1. Not desperately wanting you to believe. I KNOW that you will not believe anything that you do not want to believe; heck, I already stated that in advance. I am compelled to state the truth, no matter how much you deny it.

            2. Denying. I post facts, links, quotes, and you deny.

          17. Michael Ross October 16, 2013

            1. Bullshit. You’re only compelled because it’s a big fat fucking lie and you know it.

            Rule of thumb: The harder it is for someone to shut up about something, the more likely it is that they’re lying. The most hated people love to talk about their many important friends, repulsive people talk about their sex lives, con men love to talk about honest business, the most evil people on the planet love to brag about how Christian they are, and conspiracy theory pushers like you can’t shut up about how much the truth matters to them.

            Yes, you read that correctly. I’m calling you a fraud.

            2. Also bullshit. You post stuff that you think qualifies as facts, and after I explain to you what those links actually say, you throw a screaming temper tantrum.

          18. foundingprinciples October 16, 2013

            {You’re only compelled because it’s a big fat fucking lie and you know it.}

            It is true, and I have provided EXTENSIVE documentation, documentation that is crystal clear and I knew in advance you would deny. It is from the National Education Association, Education Week, a California Newspaper with quotes, and a Virginia newspaper. And it is common knowledge that the case in Louisiana was first initiated at the state level by unions there.

            Now, I KNOW what you are going to do: You are going to go off on a tangent about Louisiana in order to deflect from the California news, the Virginia, the Education Week and the National Education Association documentation.

            You are a liar and a phony.

          19. Michael Ross October 16, 2013

            No, I’m going to remind you, YET AGAIN, that your documentation always comes in one of three varieties.

            1) The kind with barely any implication whatsoever of what you are alleging is written all over it, which you always throw out and throw a tantrum as soon as I explain that to you.
            2) The kind of fraudulent bullshit you can only find at The Blaze, InfoWars, and other such Internet cesspools that share your childish hatred of anything organized.
            3) The kind that you can’t produce (oh, excuse me, “can but won’t produce”) and that you just expect me to take your word for it that it even exists.

            Thank you, once again, for reminding everyone how big of a fraud you are.

          20. foundingprinciples October 16, 2013

            As I wrote before, just omit the one from the Blaze. But stay with the others: The NEA, California, and Virginia. And consider Louisiana.

            I produced three excellent sources, and everyone on this thread and see them.

            If you had any honesty and ethics, you would counter with some facts of your own. But all you do it claim that I write “bullshit” and show absolutely nothing except that you can scream and yell. Absolutely nothing. Why not “put up or shut up?”

          21. foundingprinciples October 16, 2013

            {I followed your link, went to your page number, and found absolutely NOTHING that supports what you’re claiming.}

            It is there. You are either lying or you are lazy. All you have to do – if you have any guts and initiative at all, if you are ethical and honest – would be to put in the quote and search the nea domain. It is there, buddy. You are thoroughly dishonest.

          22. foundingprinciples October 16, 2013

            I now know that you are lying. I just clicked the link that I provided for the NEA, and it popped right up.

            Did not work. I will now break it in parts to be linked together. I want people to know you are lying.

            Here, I omit the www part and put up the rest. Everyone who reads this will know that you are lying. I omitted that so that the entire link can be see by everyone.


        2. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

          So the Tea Party loonies kids will be unemployable and sponging off us taxpayers !!! Look what happened with the (militant and often violent) ultra-orthodox crazies in Israel, and be warned.

    3. Germansmith October 13, 2013

      As a father of a Public School teacher as well as a father of a disable son who was homeschool let me shine a few facts on you
      Do you know most every statistic shows that home school kids rank higher percentile and do better in the long run than public school students?
      Of course, that could be because children benefit from individual attention and discipline, it could also mean heavily involved parents in education is also good
      It could mean public schools are far more concerned about the teacher’s salary and benefits than our children and they are more concerned about testing than actually teaching. Also in most classroom the learning goes at the speed and ability of the slowest child, so smart fast kids get bore and start misbehaving.
      Do you also know that most states have curriculum requirement and testing for those parents that decide to home schooled their children?
      My daughter, an enthusiastic young teacher comes home from work very frustrated by the constant testing, incompetent coworkers and old veteran teachers just coasting to retirement but protected by the system of tenure.
      There is a need to reform our Public School system and I hope more administrators and states approve the use of Common Core and apply the reforms suggested by Michelle Rhee

      1. Michael Ross October 13, 2013

        I don’t dispute that the current public school system has its flaws and could stand for some improvement (what doesn’t?), and I’m with you in that I believe Common Core is a step in the right direction. But there’s a vast difference between the current and past generations of home-schooled students compared to the future generation the Tea Party will be raising.

        In the past, kids were home-schooled because they lived in rural areas and were unable to commute, or because their parents expected them to benefit from the personal attention you described.

        But that’s not what’s motivating the Tea Party. Tea-baggers will be home-schooling their children for the reasons I described: To keep them isolated, narrow-minded, and unable to comprehend anything unacceptable to Tea Party mantra. Home-schooling has its merits, but none of them are going to apply to anyone raised on the Ron Paul program.

        Ten years from now, you’ll see home-schooled kids performing on average with those who went to public school, and in another ten, it will start being treated as a synonym for “narrow-minded douche.”

        1. Germansmith October 13, 2013

          Well. Then we are arguing a point that would not be proved one way or another this decade.
          If people do not have time or the education to educate their own children there are always parochial schools . In most cases this is an option preferred by lots of disadvantage parents (lots of schools offer scholarships) than want to make sure their kids get an appropriate education and end the circle of poverty.
          As long as some states fight against Common Core and Unions fight against Michele Rhee reforms our public schools are seriously lacking

          1. Michael Ross October 13, 2013

            Something tells me it’ll make itself apparent a lot sooner than that.

            We already (inexplicably) live in a nation where 18% of Americans were polled as thinking the sun revolves around the Earth. And trust me on this, that 18% also believes Common Core is a conspiracy to indoctrinate our children.

            So while it’ll take ten years before we get that next generation of tea-baggers, we’ll see it coming almost immediately when the current generation starts bitching that their kids are being discriminated against for being conservatives after they score in the 400 range on their SATs.

          2. Germansmith October 14, 2013

            It seems to me that since the Tea Party members have a political ideology you do not approve off and some of them wear funny hats and clothes to their rally, so you are dismissing all of them as unintelligent uneducated wackos.
            And nothing can be further from the true and go ahead and dismiss them at your own peril and I believe you are confusing Evangelical Christians with the Tea Party.
            I am not a member, but I see and understand their point of view because I see the way our government incompetently waste money in 95% of every endeavor they get involve in (it has been going on way before Obama) and now it seem that besides being wasteful there is a very clear effort to shear taxpayers more for the benefits of the non contributing members of society.
            Kind of the man of the house saddled with maintaining his lazy brother in law for years in a row.

          3. Michael Ross October 14, 2013

            How else should I regard a group of people who are so fanatically devoted to hating the President that they refuse to even accept that he was born here?

            Though you’ve actually only pegged my opinion of them two for three. The Tea Partiers are not genuinely crazy. They’re just willing to profess to believe things that are completely unbelievable because partisanship is the most important thing in the world to them.

            This is literally a group of people who, in 2009, had two options-
            1) Come grudgingly together as a country to rebuild.
            2) Pander to extremism so, in 2012, they could rule a wasteland.
            -and unanimously agreed on the latter.

            Calling them crazy would be too kind. They’re effing evil.

          4. Germansmith October 15, 2013

            The original US colonists also resorted to extreme measures to correct a wrong and build a country that maybe not perfect, but was fair for most.
            Let me put it in another perspective
            I am not rich in any way, but my income tax rate is 20% With the 80% I keep, I get to pay 7.5% sales taxes for non food related items. I am lucky, I live in Florida where we do not have state income tax, but I also pay about 5K per year in property taxes (including school board taxes and I have no children in Public Schools because they could not offer an appropriate education to my autistic son). I also pay extra fees like tags, gas taxes, tolls…and so on
            Not to drag on, I figure I work almost half a year just to pay taxes just to go to the store and have the privilege to watch a lady with a thick gold chain pull out her food stamp debit card and pay for doritos and softdrinks. and have the country become the world policeman with our money helping people that blame us for everything and would probably rather kill us.
            Is there a need for some radical changes before we are subject to another massive entitlement program paid by borrow money that would be paid by our grandchildren
            and more taxes ?
            You bet…..

          5. Michael Ross October 15, 2013

            What would you prefer? The privilege to see droves of human skeletons begging for scraps when they’re not sleeping in dumpsters or doing their business in the river?

            I agree that the current welfare system is flawed, but the problem is not that we have a welfare system, period.

  21. lugnut October 12, 2013

    Racial hatred blinds them to everything else that should matter. Yes, they are even willing to bring the country down if necessary, because to them, the country isn’t worth saving, or for them to remain a part of, if the president is black. Racism is actually a national security risk, its our country’s weakest link.

    1. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

      America is one of the least racist nations in the world, ya know.

      1. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

        Oh my — somebody let the lying nut-bags in! Who’s watching the door, anyway?

        1. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

          It is. You doubt it? You think that America is MORE racist than most countries?

          1. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Yes, I do doubt it. America is more like in the middle of the pack. If you look at it by comparing America with other wealthy industrial nations, it’s more like the back of the pack.

  22. alboy5 October 12, 2013

    There are some of us who are either ignorant or leeches. Obamacare has to be paid for by people who work and they cant afford but are forced to pay it by tyrant Obama. Like Adolph Hitler President Hussein Obama has ended freedom in America so signup you worthless leeches it is Hussein’s edict there is no choice.

    1. IKE SEMAYA October 12, 2013

      It is nice to see an idiot who is afraid to use his real name when he shows his racist and bigot views. The destruction of this country is will come from nuts like you and your tea party. I wouldn’t use capital letters when I address the crackpots in the tea party. When someone calls a person they dislike names as you have, it reflects who you really are.

    2. dancerboots October 12, 2013

      The beauty of the AHCA…it is paid for with taxes from corporations and the moneyed elite…few taxes come from the working class unless they decide to not purchase health care insurance and can afford it.

      Here is who pays for Obamacare over a ten year period…not
      only paid for but will create revenue…$109 billion over a ten year period:

      1. A surtax on capital gains for incomes over $250,000
      (couple) $123 billion

      2. a hike on Medicare taxes on incomes over $250,000 $86

      3. A $500,000 cap on Health insurance CEO’s bonuses $0.6

      4. a tax on black liquor/bio fuel $22 billion

      5. a tax on health insurers $60 billion

      6. a tax on medical devices like cat scan machines…that
      are way overpriced (the lobbyist have been very busy in D.C.)

      $20 billion

      7. a surtax on charitable hospitals (tax exempt) if they
      fail to meet community health assessment needs

      8. a tax on tanning services $2.7 billion

      9. health insurers must use 85% of their revenue toward the
      payment of benefits 0.4 billion

      10. the individual and employer mandate $65 billion

      11. excise tax on “Cadillac” health insurance
      plans $32 billion

      12 tax on innovator drug companies $22 billion.

      13. Flexible Spending Account Cap (was unlimited now capped
      at $2500) $13.2 billion

      14. tax on non-medical early withdrawal of Health Savings
      Accounts. $1.4 billion. (increased to 20% penalty)

      15. No longer allowed to use FSA and HSA to buy over the
      counter medication (except insulin) $5 billion

      16. no tax deduction for employers that provide retirement
      Rx drugs in coordination with Medicare Part D $4.5 billion

      17. a reduction of the subsidy that private Medicare
      Advantage plans receive…from up to 12% to around 5%

      There are many laws in the U.S. that make you pay for things you may not want…Social Security and Medicare taxes are “taken” from your paycheck before you even get a chance to cash it. Automobile insurance,property taxes, utility taxes, gasoline taxes.

      It is nothing more than propaganda that characterizes that President Obama is a Hitler or taking our freedom and is disingenuous. Freedom in the U.S does not give you carte blanch to do anything you want. Our laws are passed to prevent the law of the jungle.

      1. Germansmith October 12, 2013

        And I guess you can call that “wealth distribution” How Socialistic of You guys !!!!
        All those taxes on the rich, working middle class and elderly will not be enough to pay for the subsidies for which according to the rules 68% of families qualify for. It also will not help those who would lose their jobs or hours because of the employer mandate and it also will not decrease the cost of healthcare
        Maybe it is all OK for you because you are one of the beneficiaries of the wealth distribution, but it is not good for the rest of us and ultimately is not good for the country.

        1. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

          Yes. The Left-wingers keep using words like “subsidy” and “government payments,” as if that means it is free or somehow there with some Santa Claus in the government that just doles out the goodies to anyone who CLAIMS he is in “need” (too lazy to work and save).

          1. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            You mean like the big oil subsidies and the redneck goober states that suck up all of the tax dollars from the ‘blue’ states? Say, are you one of Santa’s lying elves? Bad boy!

          2. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            That too. Typical liberal reprise, however: The Liberal points out abuse by some company in collusion with the government, and that somehow means that we should ignore the hordes of scammers, malingerers, and con artists who are “collecting.”

          3. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Yes, yes — the lying, tax-slurping Tea Bigots. What do you suggest we do about them?

          4. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            Put more in the House and fill up the Senate with them, of course.

          5. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Why that would be like taking a dump and never flushing. Don’t you think that we have enough vile and despicable garbage gumming up the works now?

          6. plc97477 October 13, 2013

            Maybe we should give the repugs what they want and give them real states rights. They only get as much back from the federal government than they put in.

          7. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Yeah, the way they squeal now while slurping up tax dollars hand over first — can you imagine?

  23. lugnut October 12, 2013

    Guns and ammo sold out each time Obama was elected president. Its a fear that has been present for centuries and especially since the first slave rebellions. In other words, black people in positions of power, scares the beJesus out of them. When they perceive any movement of black people towards a position of power over them, they simply cannot handle it and suffer deeply, and feel they have lost, or they are losing “THEIR” country. Within days and before President Obama had done anything, we heard “i want MY country back”.

    1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

      Lugnutty! It was a president and his admin saying they wanted to mess with the 2nd amendment that started the rush to buy guns and ammo. Sheesh! And what little we can find out about fast and furious is interesting as well

      1. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

        Not for a lack of you nut-bags trying. You’ve about beat that ‘fast and furious’ bullshit to death with nothing to show for it. Some people just never learn.

      2. lugnut October 12, 2013

        He never said “he wanted to mess with the 2nd amendment”. In fact, president Obama hasn’t even tried to do anything to even weaken it. Hasn’t even tried and only spoken of gun regulations. That scares the fearful ones and make them see visions of themselves without guns facing minorities coming to get them. Now, that’s their burden, because there is absolutely no need to ever fear that. We have many more important things to do, like getting a job and healthcare coverage.

        1. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

          “see visions of themselves without guns facing minorities coming to get them.”


          Why is the Left so obsessed with race?

      3. lugnut October 12, 2013

        Your republicans cut funding to embassy security and staff.

        1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

          Did they cut funding to Fast & furious?? try to focus lugnutty

          1. lugnut October 12, 2013

            They didn’t have to cut funding to fast and furious, because AG shut it down.

          2. infadelicious October 12, 2013

            After obozo admin got a lot of people killed

      4. lugnut October 12, 2013

        Fast and furious started under President George W Bush and AG holder is the one who ended it. Anyway, fast and furious was initiated out of one office in Arizona, without permission from the ATF headquarters to buy guns and follow them to their destination. And it was because of the Bush administration and their support for gun shows right to sale many guns to one buyer, they lost track of the few guns they were trying to track.to their source. No scandal, just another FAKE scandal..

      5. dancerboots October 12, 2013

        I joined a “hunting” face book account many years ago..the hype and rhetoric was amazing. Way before Sandy Hook…way before “Fast & Furious” the NRA was promoting the President was going after their guns. The propaganda was working…the hatred and hyped patriotism on this page as the members gladly accepted every lie and yet until Sandy Hook massacre not one word from the President with the exception of the Aurora theater shooting. I was also amazed to read these (mainly men) hunters thought F&F was deliberately done toward taking their guns. What?

        F&F occurred because there was no laws to prevent the straw purchases. Not one prosecutor would take the cases against suspected straw purchasers (Americans taking money and purchasing the guns for the Mexican Cartel to skirt the background check. Mexico has strict gun reform)because there was no law against what they were doing unless they could be caught in the act. Incredibly, the agents attempting to trace the purchases and catch these straw purchasers in the act…were mimed over and over that the government was sending guns to the Cartel. This is how the Tea Party’s mind works or willing to accept that our government would deliberately send guns to a drug cartel…just so they can pass legislation toward gun reform.

        1. WhutHeSaid October 12, 2013

          Yeah, but don’t forget that this whole ‘gun-walking’ debacle was started during the Bush Administration. So the bitter Tea Bigots need to come up with some conspiracy theory that explains how then-senator Obama convinced Bush to initiate this diabolical plot on his behalf. Talk about nutty!

        2. plc97477 October 13, 2013

          I have come to the conclusion that repugs are the most gullible people in the world because they believe the lies even when they have been proven to be lies.

    2. Germansmith October 13, 2013

      You democratic lefty filter, your lack of knowledge of history and maybe because you have never lived in a dictatorship makes you unable to understand why people would like to keep guns. It is basically fear, but not of black power
      Let me list you a few of the reasons
      -Ever growing government intrusion in our live and privacy. Trigger by fear of outside threats we now have cameras tracking our every step, government capturing every e-mail and phone conversations, ever growing number of regulations about what we can eat, smoke or drink.
      – All these ever growing scrutiny and security is not stopping or even denting the power of criminal gangs in the US. The biggest American cities, most of then run by Democratic Mayors are cesspool of gang activity and killing….but maybe this is OK because it helps justify the “enhanced security” that our founders would not have been willing to live with. I also wonder how many of those criminal gangsters families also qualify for welfare, Medicaid and food stamps.
      -Our financial system is NOT any safer today that it was in 2008. Laws have been enacted, but the regulation and enforcement has been lacking and incompetent. What do you think it may happen when your money is worth nothing and you have to get food to feed your family?
      -What do you think it would happen to the fabric of society if we were attack with a biological agent?
      In a nut shell, if you do not trust your government, a gun, supplies and self sufficiency is the only path to possibly help your family survive.
      Why should anybody trust a government that can not track weapons sold by them to drug dealers, adequately protect diplomats in a known war zone, spies on every country and US citizen, can not process VA benefits in a timely manner even after spending a billion in a new computer system and can not even keep a web site that is implementing their key accomplishment working….oh yeah, It DID kill Bin Laden (and maybe allowed more competent and younger Al Qaeda commanders to revitalize a dying organization)

      1. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

        100% delusional ravings,

  24. lugnut October 12, 2013

    Most of them will never change and the older ones want for sure. Only nature’s plan can get rid of them.

  25. Mrbill October 12, 2013

    Infadelicous- we get it. You hate Obama. Now shut the —- up.
    Don’t you have anything better to do than comment on every post.

  26. lugnut October 12, 2013

    President Obama and the Democrats have the republicans hog tied with their naked booties sticking in the air ready for branding. The republicans just can’t feel the breeze on their behinds.

  27. howa4x October 12, 2013

    Racism was always there in the tea party but was more an undercurrent. During the early protest of the ACA TP members had posters that pictured the president sitting in a grass hut on the floor with a bone in his nose. The only thing missing was a large piece of watermelon. Now they have become more vocal in their rage. They see it as a giant conspiracy. First the takeover of health care, then Gun control, then Acorn, then gay marriage. To a white male in his 60’s the world is upside down and Obama is the epi center of their hatred. He is everything they see as wrong in this country. He is the white Christian anti Christ prophesized in their mind. Satan reborn. We are not going to change these people and just maybe they one day they will want to succeed. Let’s not make the same mistake that Lincoln did, this time let’s let them go.

    1. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

      I think you mean “secede” …. and yes, let the Tea Party white trash go, if they can’t stand it here.

      They should go (or be deported) to Somalia, a Tea Partier’s paradise, totally deregulated; guns everywhere (every boy over 13 year old seems to have a Kalashnikov automatic rifle); almost no government; women considered to be livestock and treated as such. Tea Party paradise.

      1. Germansmith October 13, 2013

        Think again…..you are still not quite sane or coherent
        If all the people that have some sympathy to the Tea Party migrate to Somalia, who is going to pay the taxes here to pay for your dreamed Welfare State?

        And if they do, I am sure they can deal quite easily with pirates there with Ak47 than with the pirates here with Harvard Law Degrees.

        1. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

          Bullshit. Tea Bigots are the biggest group of freeloaders that exist. They just lie about it, that’s all.

        2. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

          WE will do VERY well without the Tea Pary crazies we lose… and good riddance. Most of them that are unhealthy old fat white males who cost the United States more in Social Security, unemployment pay and Medicare than they pay in taxes anyway. Just like the last years of their of their heroine, the despicable hypocrite Ayn Rand, living on Social Security. Ironic, isn’t it. This helps explain the well-doumented, incontestable fact that the “red” states run by Republicans — which should really be called the Taker States — receive far more money from the Federal budget than they pay in taxes.

        3. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

          “…a place where all people work for what they get and are NO free loaders”.Yeah, like Somalia. In Somalia if you don’t work (or use your gun to rob someone), you starve — unless you get lucky and some across a UN food relief convoy.

          1. Germansmith October 14, 2013

            You and Somalia again !!!
            What is you fixation with Somalia? Wanted to be a pirate when you were young?
            Give me 10,000 Texans and 10,000 Cubans and we go and fix Somalia and we’ll make sure the pirates use regulation eye patches and the correct bred of parrot.

          2. idamag October 14, 2013

            Go for it.

      2. Germansmith October 14, 2013

        no he meant “succeed”

  28. elw October 12, 2013

    I believe that Cynthia Tucker is being more than kind to the Crazy Right, their hate and anger goes far deeper than just race. It is much more than the color of your skin that will set them off. According to them all women should be married and have children one after another. Jews, Muslims, agnostics, atheists and most moderately religious Christians do not meet their standards as Godly people and are on their way to Hell. They do not like anyone who thinks differently than themselves, remember what they did to President Clinton? Plain and simple they are every bit as radicalized as the men who flew those planes into the Twin Towers. Oh, they may not run an airplane into a building, that death would be too humane to appease their hate; instead they would choose to starve the unworthy slowly to death, deny them healthcare as they die and make everyone else little bit more than paid slaves who get minimum wage. Both their eyes and hearts are closed and they have no problem tearing down the world around them for the principles they believe their God demands of them because they truly believe that their God will come to their rescue and reward them by pulling them out of the fire. In other words, they are just plain dangerous.

  29. Rick2101 October 12, 2013

    I find it ironic and rather sad that after the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who 150 years ago believed in equality. That the Republican Party as disintegrated
    into a party that is continually defined by a small group of extremists that appears to be W.A.S.P. (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) in nature. I believe the party will correct itself and survive, but how many Americans will suffer in the meantime?

    1. Germansmith October 12, 2013

      Lincoln did not believe in equality.

      Lincoln believed that a man should NOT be the property of another.

      When Lincoln issued The Emancipation Proclamation, he was giving freedom to the southern slaves . I guess, he figured that if slaves rebelled in the Confederate States would be good for the war.

      There are racists in the Republican party as well as you will find people in the Democratic Party that believes that blacks need government support and are not able to rise without help…which a different form of racism.

      Maybe take a few minutes to read this below


  30. maxcat07 October 12, 2013

    It’s what is this country is going to become, regardless of whether or not the Tea Partiers like it or not. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to find a way to embrace the certain change, find a place in it, and learn to thrive? Struggling to retain a status quo that cannot be maintained is foolish. This comment, by the way, is coming from a 62-year old “white” woman, who is delighted in the new makeup of our country. There are Asians, African-Americans, Latinos, Eastern Europeans. mixed-races, and I see beauty every day. How less boring it is becoming. The shame is that the Native Americans still seem to be marginalized at every turn

    1. plc97477 October 13, 2013

      I enjoy seeing the native americans getting into casinos. They are taking their country back a little at a time.

  31. Michael Kollmorgen October 12, 2013

    Most Christianity has NEVER followed the words, the teaching of Jesus, let alone anything ever stated in the bible – in any meaningful way. Yes, they give Lip Service to their religion only when it is convenient.

    It totally amazes me the black race would even follow Christianity as a belief system.

    It was in Africa where Christianity promoted selling their people as slaves along with Islam along the Gold Coast. It was Christian Ship Captains that brought them here as slaves. It was Christian landowner which used these people as slaves. It was Christian legislators later on that enacted laws that legally enslaved them in “business camps” up to the late 1920s.

    And, don’t fool yourself, Lincoln didn’t give a crap one way or the other about the black race, only so far as prospective fighters against the south during the Civil War.

    Even up to today, Christianity does not follow the true meaning of their religion. They pervert the meanings of the bible, twist it to what “they” want it to mean.

    Christianity has been one of the worst driving forces on the planet to cause all the hate, pain, misinformation, discrimination and death that we as people have experienced since its founding 2000 years ago – WORLDWIDE.

    1. Germansmith October 12, 2013

      Most of Sub Saharan Africa follow animism, which now mix with Christianity in the Caribbean is the source of Santeria and the Voodoo religions.
      And as far as Islam is concerned, they were the first to establish slavery in Africa (not counting the Ancient Egyptians) and the Toureg as well as other Arab tribes STILL have and sell black slaves.
      So Christianity is not such a bad choice when you consider the alternatives.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen October 12, 2013

        Oh, I do agree with you, in comparison to Islam as being practiced today.

        But, I will admit, devout Muslims (the non-radicals ones) are better believers than devout Christians, for whatever it is worth. They are also way cleaner people as well. This goes into people I personally know. I’ve been in homes of devout Muslims – immaculately clean. I’ve been in homes of so-called devout Christians – unbelievably filthy. I don’t know, maybe I”m stereotyping. But, this is what I’ve found.

        You can’t deny that Christianity in western civilization has caused a great deal of harm and still does today. Our “western” history is loaded with horrors perpetrated by the christian religion, not Islam. Islam is considered a “eastern” religion.

        This all sort of reminds me of the classic battle between East and West.

        1. infadelicious October 12, 2013

          Seriously? Devout Muslims are cleaner? OMG! Clean has nothing to do with whether you are rich or poor, black , white or Muslim or Christian. Is this Joe Biden??

          1. Michael Kollmorgen October 13, 2013

            You are right, it has nothing to do with these factors.

            But, it does show other people who know you personally how you conduct yourself privately versus how you portray yourself in public.

            It does make a huge statement of how you conduct your life. You can’t point a finger at other people’s failures when you live like a pig in your own home and your life is a total mess.

            I know quite a few Christians who are this way. Outward signs show them to be really nice people, very clean. But, get to know them personally, they’re pigs, their relationship with their spouse is a mess.

            I know one christian family in particular where the garbage inside the home is so high, there are paths between rooms 2 foot wide. The garbage is piled 4 feet high everywhere else.

            What’s that saying?, Cleanliness is akin to godlyness.

            Sorry, but these types of people do not make for good christian role models.

          2. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            Well I have seen black pigs and white pigs. I have seen people dressed to the nines yet when you get in their car or home they could get a call from the show ” hoarders ” any minute. If you are seeing cleaner black people than white I say that’s ridiculous. I see more clean people of all races and religions because of where I choose to go and who I associate with I’m not gonna go to someone’s house that’s piled with garbage. And I would say filthy people of any race religion or what have you are not a good Role model. Not just the Christians! Get real

          3. Michael Kollmorgen October 13, 2013

            Yea, I too stay out of “them” types of homes as well. And, I generally won’t have them as close friends either. Acquaintances, certainly.

            Well, there ya go, dressed to the T in public – goody-two-shoe to the max including all the hail marys. Privately, pure garbage.

            Sorry, but this is what I have experienced. I have met more nasty White Christians (Evangelicals it seems) than any other color in any other faith. I don’t know why this is. And, I’m not trying to make this up.

            Have a nice evening:)

        2. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

          {Muslims (the non-radicals ones) are better believers than devout Christians, for whatever it is worth. They are also way cleaner people as well.}

          Really? Have you ever been in the Middle East? Heck, I noticed the difference crossing the border from Buddhist Thailand to Muslim Malaysia…..

          1. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Perhaps next time you could do us all a favor and not return. Try your nutty bigotry over there and see what it gets you. Who knows — maybe they’ll like you. (But I rather doubt it — nobody likes Tea Bigots)

          2. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            I was “over there.”

          3. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Yes, but you came back. That’s the problem.

          4. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            You are stalking me. Kind of creepy.

          5. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            I think he’s stalking me as well. I guess it gets lonely in mom’s basement. The only person he gets to talk to is the mailman when he/ she brings another government cheque I picture him sitting by his computer biting his pop tart into the shape of farm animals – he is particularly fond of sheep 😉

          6. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            Hahahaha! Yep! Those are the ones. Thanks for the laugh. I’m off to work for a few hours. Gotta keep working paying taxes so whathesaid doesn’t run out of pop tarts. Have a good day FoundingPrinciples 😉

          7. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Yeah, I’m probably supporting you and your whole redneck trailer park with my taxes. Stop pretending you have a job. Rednecks are too stupid to hold a job and I always see you post long after you claim you have to go to work.

          8. infadelicious October 13, 2013

            OMG!! You really are a stalker. Are you saving my posts in a separate ” sheep” file? That would be baaaaaaaad! And very creepy. 🙁

          9. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            Stop stalking me, you pervert. You sheep-fuckers are disgusting. And creepy. Keep it to yourselves.

          10. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            uh oh, the f bomb! you must be upset… listen whuthesaid, you are the one doing the stalking…you have replied to many of my comments and the comments of others you disagree with even when not directed at you which is cool- but it’s simple, if you don’t want us to reply to you directly..don’t reply to us and if you do reply, then I may or may not take some of my valuable time to send one back to you. ok? have an Infadelicious day.;-)

          11. WhutHeSaid October 14, 2013

            Hey, if you redneck sheep-fuckers want to whine that people who respond to posts in a public forum are stalking you, then turn-about is fair play. You aren’t doing anyone a favor by posting here, believe that.

          12. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            again with the f bomb!!! tch tch… I apologize for getting you so upset… have a nice day………..stalker……..

          13. WhutHeSaid October 14, 2013

            Quit stalking me, pervert – I don’t have any wool.

          14. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            So am I supporting the whole dumb unemployably ignorant Tea Party trailer park, “Whut”: so I sympathize

          15. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            I see that you despicable, bigoted rednecks always have plenty of pictures of sheep to post. Why is that?

          16. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            You KNOW why Tea Party bigots have all those picture of sheep, “Whut”. Especially when you see the heart-breaking expressions I see on the local sheep population.

          17. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            This isn’t the first time that one of you whiny bigot assholes made such a clam — always after losing the argument at hand. Don’t flatter yourself, you nut.

          18. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            You mean over there for the sister-humpin’ and causing the heart-breaking expressions I see on the local sheep and chicken populations

          19. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            The truth in the mind of a Liberal, mean prejudice if it results in a reality that the Liberal does not like.

            I speak to truth, not Left-winger political correctness. The latter is ignorance.

          20. Germansmith October 13, 2013

            not big on freedom of expression?
            You just want this site to remain a pure reaffirmation of democratic party principals as put forth by our fearless leader?
            Too bad, there is still no limitation of the freedom of speech or opinions.
            You still have to wait, the 2nd amendment comes first , then they have free hand to deal with the first.

          21. WhutHeSaid October 13, 2013

            I don’t mind rednecks speaking their minds (is that an oxymoron?). It’s just all that sister-humpin’ and the heart-breaking expressions I see on the local sheep and chicken populations that haunts me.

          22. Germansmith October 14, 2013

            I thought the sheep are kind of funny
            Maybe when we argued here and fail to be civil we are a reflection of what is going on in Washington DC. The difference here is that if I meet you at any other location I really do not know who you are and we can establish a normal connection.
            Thanks to the news outlets looking for controversy while trying to remain relevant in the multitude, when a politician lie or insult another it is in the record and next day you get to see that person in front of you.
            I am just surprise there are no fists fights.

          23. Germansmith October 13, 2013

            I am sure Muslims in the US are cleaner that those in the Middle East….do you know how hard is to keep the sand out of your house…it is hard to find a good vacuum for that.

          24. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            Malaysia is the tropics.

          25. Germansmith October 14, 2013

            I know where Malaysia is, kind of go to Indonesia and take a left turn.
            Come on, have a sense of humor !!!
            Jungle mold is also hard to remove with a vacuum.

        3. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

          {Christianity in western civilization has caused a great deal of harm and still does today.}

          Like missions around the world, and the feeding of the poor? The idea of humans all being equal, primarily because they were made in the image of God? Stuff like that? Do you know that the Chinese think our success was due, in part, to Christianity? Do you know that Christianity is spreading quickly there? Don’t you know that the charities before the destructive LEFTIST WELFARE STATE was primarily Christian?

          The stuff you don’t know!

          1. Lets_Think_Again October 13, 2013

            What “destructive welfare state’? It’s a figment of your diseased imagination.

          2. foundingprinciples October 13, 2013

            It has destroyed families, led to a decline of the work ethic, and devastated inner cities. Many housing projects had to be torn down.

        4. Germansmith October 13, 2013

          Most of the mayor religions if practiced as originally intended are a good set of guidelines to live by.

          But religions are corrupted by the civilization and customs of the people that adopted them.

          If America would still be following our founder’s sense of religion and protestant work ethic and community we probably would not be arguing about welfare, food stamps or even Obamacare.

          All those programs became necessary because of broken families, children out of wedlock, laziness, lack of education and responsibility. In the olden day, most of these traits and/or actions would be disapproved by your community and when people needed help during a sickness or accident your community or parish will be there for you.
          Maybe those programs allowed people to discard their community and responsibilities because they no longer depended on the community’s approval for survival and support.

      2. infadelicious October 15, 2013

        If you are going to put facts up here how are we gonna blame slavery on Bush or any other cracker ? Sheesh!

  32. Germansmith October 12, 2013

    Hey Cynthia
    Talking about profiling !!!!
    Just because one Tea Party member say they would like everybody to be white does not mean the Tea Party has a racial agenda. Just because some blacks go around beating and killing white people while screaming “I hate white people” does not make me assume ALL black people are racist.
    Just because Tea Party hate welfare and long term dependency of government largesse does not mean they are racist…..unless we go on the assumption that all people abusing the system are black….are they? The answer is NO.
    There is racism in this country and probably some will always exist no matter what color President we have…mostly because people dislike people that are very different from them “culturally”. I am an immigrant that took time and effort to blend in the society I lived in and follow the law of the land. I have clients/friends that are very black in color, but culturally and philosophical we are not much different,
    but I must also admit that if a I see a young man with the pants below his butt, no shirt and a threatening attitude (maybe a hoodie while in 90 degree weather) I will be very suspicious of them because of the culture and philosophy of the “HOOD” they brag about constantly.
    If you ever think racism will ever be totally gone, think of the Jews and Arabs (same people, same GOD, but different ways of praying) Or Northern Ireland (Same people, same God, just a difference of a few saints)

    1. InsideEye October 12, 2013

      Very well presented, a great summation.

    2. skyk October 13, 2013

      I’ll invite ANY of you down south. I’ll dress you for the part and take you to ANY Tea Party Rally in ANY of the Southern States… YOU listen.. YOU decide! I was born and raised with these folks.. I grew up in the South during the 60’s and I can say without any doubt it is MUCH worse NOW than it was then. God Bless President Obama for standing up to the hate and bigotry the way he has. I say this because at EVERY meeting I’ve been to, it always ends up the same we. “They MUST stop the ELECTED President”.. he “Must be stopped at any cost”. That is what they SAY and that is what they MEAN!

      1. Germansmith October 13, 2013

        I am sure most of those people may have been racist before the Tea Party and I am sure as many southern racists I could find I could also find blacks that are equally as racist (or more) than those misguided southern folks.
        But the Tea Party is NOT the KKK and their goal is NOT white supremacy is a balance budget. Stating that ALL Tea Party sympathizers are racist is the same as saying All Blacks are criminals or that we should mistrust ALL Muslims because they are terrorists…
        Do you understand the concept of generalizing , prejudice and profiling ?
        The statement is NO more intelligent that those people that dress Obama as Hitler.

        1. skyk October 14, 2013

          I do NOT try to dance around what I have said and I refuse to back up on what I have said. I stand ready to produce the proof and reality to anyone who cares to get involved. This isn’t a case of a FEW my friend, this is a case of the VAST majority. The Tea Party IS nothing more or less than the White Citizens Counsel from my youth. I have viewed BOTH up close and personal.. I have close relatives who are HARD CORE Klan so it’s safe to say that I know of what I speak. Those that lead them are the REAL problem though. THEY exploit the hate.. THEY exploit the fear.. THEY use it to gain power which they use for their OWN greedy ends. Like I said, I stand READY to prove what I say!

          1. Germansmith October 14, 2013

            Then I guess you must be the “black sheep” of the family? (pardon the pun)
            In that case, please, ask your Klan family members where can I get a good set of white sheets.
            It is very frustrating that everything I find in stores now a day is a leopard skin print.

          2. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            hahahahahaaha! too funny. Fresh white sheets right off the clothes line are lovely, but pay the extra $$$ for the leopard skin print if you can get it in a high thread count, preferably egyptian cotton … you know there are black folks in the tea party so I think they should adopt a nice zebra print sheet for their pointy costumes, you know, to attract some “democrats” who like to be more “inclusive”. Have a good day Germansmith.. thanks for the chuckle. 😉

          3. skyk October 14, 2013

            Right! I’ve been to … Oh! 15 of them and haven’t seen a black face yet. What you see is normal for a White Supremacist Group like the White Citizens Counsel…akd, Tea Party. They put a few Black Faced folks out there to deflect attention. Been going on for a LONG time with these Gutter Creatures.

          4. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            its all a conspiracy………oogledy! boogledy! … BOO!!!!!! you’ve been to 15? why don’t you spend your time on something more constructive like therapy..

          5. skyk October 15, 2013

            Has it ever crossed your small and very cowardly little mind that there is a real need to know, by those who oppose the Racist and bigots? I don’t go for fun nor do I go because I agree. I go because I can blend in and go undetected by them…. I go so I can tell the good guys what these traitors are REALLY all about.

          6. infadelicious October 15, 2013

            Since you are so focused on seeing black faces…Do you also go undetected at other rallies held by bigots and racists like say.. Al Sharpton? or Rev Wright? Jesse Jackson? Louis Farrakhan? Do you report back to the “good guys” about the hateful crap spewed by these bigots? If you go looking for crap you will surely find it. And your line “they put up a few black faced folks out there to deflect attention” is very telling of your own bigotry and/or white guilt -probably because of your family’s racism. It looks as though you are nothing more than a useful idiot for leftist racists and bigots. Talk about small and cowardly…pffffffttttt!

          7. skyk October 15, 2013

            Yeah I’ve gone to rally’s put on by Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson. Always see a LOT of white faces at them and I’ve NEVER, not even ONCE heard anyone talk about bringing down the White President or taking the nation hostage until they get their way.. for ANY reason, let alone a LAW that has ALREADY passed. I really don’t know of any rally’s put on by the Rev. Wright nor Farrakhan. Anyway, I’ll stand by my original Statement. ANYONE out there that does NOT think the Tea Party is just a new Name for the White Citizens Counsel, come on down. Let me take you to a few of their Rally’s and YOU decide!

          8. Germansmith October 14, 2013

            It seems to me you are following your family traits
            For them, according to your own statements was the generalization that all black people were inferior.
            For you, is the generalization that all Tea Party people are racist
            IT IS PREJUDICE ALL THE SAME…….Just different targets
            Maybe you need to travel outside Alabama or Miss or Louisiana and maybe visit a Tea Party in true multicultural area like Miami.
            I know of Tea Party people in Miami that after many years of knowing them, I would still have a hard time determining what race they are if the question ever arrived.
            See, every time you say
            ALL/EVERY Muslims are terrorist
            ALL/EVERY Black is a lazy bum
            ALL/EVERY Latino is a Mexican illegal immigrant
            ALL/EVERY German is a Nazi
            Is prejudice dude !!!!
            Sometimes,” when we fight monsters, we have to be careful not to become a monster yourself”

          9. skyk October 14, 2013

            White Supremacist ALWAYS try to make the person pointing out their failing to them in this way… nothing new.

          10. infadelicious October 14, 2013

            “THEY exploit the hate.. THEY exploit the fear.. THEY use it to gain power which they use for their OWN greedy ends.” hmmmmmm sounds like the current admin to me.

    3. Plantsmantx October 13, 2013

      unless we go on the assumption that all people abusing the system are black….are they? The answer is NO.

      Tell them that. We already know.

  33. RobertSmoot October 12, 2013

    Gosh, to be a white, middle age male in America, I should be living the dream. Unfortunately, I’m not, at all. But, I only have myself to blame for that. I’ve been a democrat all of my life..I wonder sometimes if that might be the reason for the state I find myself in. Still, I would never even think twice about changing parties, I would be just too ashamed with myself. God bless President Obama.

    1. infadelicious October 13, 2013

      That’s just how white guilt will do ya’ I am glad to hear you say that you are to blame for not ” living the dream” if only everyone in America took responsibility for their lack of success. You sometimes wonder if being a democrat is the reason for the state you are in? Do some research on both parties policies. Which ones are holding you back? Maybe its the democrats maybe its the republicans You will find the answer –just don’t listen to any of the media.

  34. Kathie Zirngibl October 12, 2013

    I find it ironic that so many tea partiers are bigots, considering the fact that Jesus was born in the middle east – not lily white Europe. Despite how Jesus is depicted in paintings, I have no doubt that he had brown eyes, dark hair and an olive complexion. When I was in Catholic school, it was stressed that God made everyone. It’s pretty obvious that people who claim to live by the word of the Bible actually live by their own distorted interpretation of it. Jesus also grew up poor and exhibited charity in his actions. I think he would be appalled at the greed and bigotry of the GOP.

    1. Suralin October 13, 2013

      I recall a genetic analysis being done on the blood from the Shroud of Turin a few years back, and they constructed a model of what the person’s face would’ve looked like based on the DNA. It came up with a short, dumpy-looking Palestinian guy.

  35. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh October 13, 2013

    For a group that is supposedly for “fiscal responsibility”, where in the hell were the Tea Party types between 2001 and 2008? Oh, yeah. That’s right. They didn’t exist until after Sarah Palin dragged the McCain campaign down to ignominious defeat.

    1. nirodha October 13, 2013

      They didn’t exist until 2003, when Fred Koch was terribly constipated. He took a large enema, and shat out Americans For Prosperity. That pile of excrement evolved (slightly) into the TP. Today, the stench is drawing a buzzing swarm of noisy flies who feed and thrive on that kind of unadulterated shit. That diet, though, has succeeded in destroying the few brain cells that they once had.

      1. infadelicious October 15, 2013

        yes, flies know what they like……………..

  36. skyk October 13, 2013

    I live in the south and among the same people the article points too. It is VERY accurate and presents a major problem to all real American’s. Those of us who went to war with these same folks during the 60’s can tell you, without any reservations, they are flat scared out of their tiny minds.. the Wiring has melted down and THEY lack the back bone to do anything but what they are. THEY will take down this nation if REAL Republican’s do nothing about it.

  37. Learjet October 13, 2013

    FINALLY, somebody willing to say what is so very obvious. They can deny it until the day they die, but the Tea Party and so many of the far-right Obama detractors simply cannot accept that a black man, who speaks with authority, runs our country. It’s pathetic.

  38. Claude Conkrite October 13, 2013

    Sounds to me like, the Tea party lives in #bullshitland where they can make up their own truths.

  39. I Zheet M'Drawz October 14, 2013

    If they’d like I am quite sure the prosperous Northern states would not object to the Southern states (those states that complain about welfare handouts yet take in the most) leaving the Union.
    Imagine what would happen if all those military bases, established in the red states to employ their moron residents) were closed & all military manufacturing in the south closed.
    Go ahead, leave! Please!

  40. Eleanore Whitaker October 14, 2013

    The GOP and Tea Party bull tyrants didn’t mind spending $3.2 trillion on Iraq and handing $350 billion of that to Halliburton. Now, suddenly they are so hot to reduce the deficit? Where the hell was their concern when Bush and Cheney spent like drunken sailors? This is just another ploy to raise enough revenue to hand out a 5th tax cut to their billionaire bois clubs.

  41. irishtap October 14, 2013

    If not for our disastrous campaign rules – this stage four political cancer could never have taken root in our precious representative government. Money, lots and lots of money from frightened industrialists, allow the voices of insufferable stupidity to be heard and gather momentum. It seems these people fully acknowledge and even embrace their imbecility as a form of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Some twenty five years ago I found myself down in Mississippi on business. A very young woman (I doubt she was twenty) overheard me conversing with a client and gave me a look I’ll never forget. Then she confronted me and said “You don’t sound like you’re from around here”. I told her I was visiting from Wisconsin and she replied “We ain’t got need for no yankee around here”. For the first and only time in my life ‘I understood how it felt to be hated’.This young woman whom knew ‘nothing about me as a human being’, denounced me for where I lived, and the energy coming from her was ugly as it was frightening – she absolutely hated me. This woman undoubtably taught her children to hate people from the North more than the African American. I had the luxury of leaving the hideous experience behind – though I remember it vividly. But, what of the folks of color that don’t have this choice that have been forced to endure this disgusting way of “thinking”, generation after generation.
    These damned “hands off my Medicare” lunatics must NOT be allowed to ruin this country out of hatred. I propose we begin a monumental messaging assignment to push PUBLICLY FUNDED ELECTIONS at ALL level of democratic government. We’ll fund these elections from the subsidies the fossil fuel industry have enjoyed for so many years at our expense. We need to start gathering signatures on petitions we can forward to all major newspapers and hundreds of small town rags as well. Publicly financed elections will remove the ever present avalanche of donations from those financially able to throw millions and millions of dollars (though mere pocket change to them) at candidates, whom will engineer legislation and society to their preference. The super rich have caused this terrible situation. Unless we decide to collectively ‘Stand up to ask what we can do for our country’ – we’re going to lose her. I’m NOT going to let these enemies of the human spirit – take her down. Fight!

  42. jackooo41 October 15, 2013

    Which side of the fence? If you ever
    wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test! If a
    Republican doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one. If a Democrat doesn’t
    like guns, he wants all guns outlawed. If a Republican is a vegetarian,
    he doesn’t eat meat. If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat
    products banned for everyone. If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly
    leads his life. If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated
    respect. If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better
    his situation. If a Democrat is down-and-out he wonders who is going to
    take care of him. If a Republican doesn’t like a talk show host, he
    switches channels. A Democrat demands that those they don’t like be shut
    down. If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
    A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.
    If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it,
    or may choose a job that provides it. If a Democrat decides he needs
    health care, he demands that the rest of us pay for his. If a Republican
    reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh. A
    Democrat will delete it because he’s “offended”.
    Well, I forwarded

  43. Liberalism is Nonsense October 15, 2013

    Even if some people attack liberty in the name of illusions such as “man-made global warming” and “fairness”, liberty remains desirable.

  44. Isis November 13, 2013

    I’m white and the recent shutdown almost lost my business. They will destroy our economy, our currency, our relations with allies and make our enemies hate us even more. Republicans (I was one for 30 years), are on a self-destructive course and maybe should know that President Obama is half white and was raised in an all white home. His IQ is 160. Cannot imagine how hard it is for him to deal with the hair-brains in Congress.

  45. rustacus21 November 26, 2013

    While living in a dream world has it’s advantages, at some point, one must emerge. T-baggers have only just emerged in 2010. Nuff said…

  46. more January 11, 2014

    S population is hard of news hearing, sight, smell and touch with the
    river is not so great that he married himself. Badly damaged by damp, they first attempt to avoid questions about their
    news future.


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