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Texas Judge’s Immigration Ruling Is Full Of Legal Holes

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Texas Judge’s Immigration Ruling Is Full Of Legal Holes


By Erwin Chemerinsky and Samuel Kleiner, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen’s decision to block the Obama plan to defer deportation for about 5 million immigrants here illegally ignores a basic principle of government: For better or worse, the executive branch of government always has discretion as to whether and how to enforce the law.

The judge’s lengthy opinion is wrong as a matter of law and, worse, is based on xenophobia and stereotypes about immigrants. It is very likely to be overturned by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and, if necessary, the Supreme Court.

Every president must set enforcement priorities on immigration, choosing whom to prosecute or whom to deport. No administration brings prosecutions against all who violate the law. Resources make that impossible, and there are laws on the books that should not be enforced.

Nor has any administration, Democratic or Republican, sought to deport every person who is illegally in the United States. For humanitarian reasons or because of foreign policy considerations or for lack of resources, the government often chooses not to bring deportation actions. In fact, as recently as three years ago, the Supreme Court in United States vs. Arizona recognized that an inherent part of executive control over foreign policy is the ability of the president to choose whether to bring deportation proceedings.

That is exactly what President Obama’s executive orders on immigration have done. He has announced that the federal government will not seek to deport 600,000 young people who were illegally brought to the U.S. as children, or the undocumented parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have resided in the country for at least five years. Millions of parents would be able to remain with their children because of this order and not need to live every day in fear of deportation.

The judge’s order makes several basic legal mistakes. For example, the law is clear that a federal court has jurisdiction to hear a matter only if the federal court’s decision would solve the problem. If the court’s decision would have no effect, it would be nothing but an advisory opinion, which is prohibited by the Constitution. Thus, the Supreme Court long has held that a party has standing to sue in federal court only if a favorable decision would “redress” its injury.

The lawsuit in Hanen’s court was brought by state governments that object to the Obama orders, claiming injury by the presence of immigrants here illegally. But the federal government deports only about 400,000 such immigrants a year. It is entirely speculative that stopping the executive orders would have any effect on the states that brought the suit. In fact, it is unclear what the judge’s order will mean. He cannot force the Department of Homeland Security to deport anyone.

The central argument in Hanen’s ruling is that the executive branch must promulgate a formal rule to defer deportation of these individuals. But the federal government constantly sets enforcement priorities without a formal rule. The Justice Department’s policies to not prosecute possession of small amounts of marijuana or credit card fraud below a designated dollar level, for example, were not adopted by formal rules.

In fact, recent presidents, including Republican ones, have deferred deportations without formal rules. In 1987, in response to political turmoil in El Salvador and Nicaragua, the Reagan administration took executive action to stop deportations for 200,000 Nicaraguan exiles. In 1990, President George H.W. Bush, post-Tiananmen, stopped deportations of Chinese students. He kept hundreds of Kuwaiti citizens who were illegally in the United States from being deported after Saddam Hussein invaded their nation. In 2001, President George W. Bush limited deportation of Salvadoran citizens at the request of El Salvador’s president, and ordered that deportation decisions include consideration of factors such as whether a mother was nursing or whether the person in question was a U.S. military veteran.

Judge Hanen, appointed to the federal bench by George W. Bush, has the reputation of being especially conservative on immigration issues. That tone underlies his opinion, especially as he spoke of immigrants being “terrorists” and “criminals.” What he misses, though, is that the point of Obama’s executive orders was to set enforcement priorities to focus deportations on terrorists and criminals and not on breaking up families.

It is not surprising that a conservative Republican judge would try to stop the Obama immigration policy. But it is just the first word and one unlikely to be sustained on appeal.

Erwin Chemerinsky is dean of the UC Irvine School of Law; Samuel Kleiner is a fellow at the Yale Law Information Society Project. They wrote this for the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Kim Serrahn February 20, 2015

    Looks like the states are really going after this states rights thing in a big way. To bad they want to break up the UNITED States. when it happens as Ron Paul has said it will make sure your passports are in order and exchange you money at the borders.

  2. 1standlastword February 20, 2015

    So how many tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars have the fiscal conservative deficit hawks wasted with this frivolous lawsuit?

    Is there an agency or an investigative reporter around to share with the American public how much to date Obama hatred has cost the American taxpayer?

    This is almost a reckless as our foreign policy!

    1. charleo1 February 20, 2015

      The original estimated total cost to the economy of the last Gov. shutdown, ranged from a high of $24. Billion reported by, Standard, and Poor’s. To a mere $12. Billion number from a group that studies macro-econmics. With a, $17. Trillion dollar economy, it’s impossible to be entirely accurate. But, just taking the lower number, $12 Billion dollars. Lost business, uncollected fees for National Parks, laid off gov. contractors, etc. Thousands of sales that didn’t get made, taxes not collected, because of millions of paychecks that didn’t materialize. The money wasted would have paid for about 10% of President Obama’s suggested infrastructure jobs bill. Or about 20% of the costs to send millions of deserving kids to their community colleges, or enrollment in trade schools over the next decade. Both initiatives Republicans denied, as just too expensive. Lost to their own extremism, and the ideological idiocy of the T-Party.

      1. 1standlastword February 20, 2015

        Well there we have it!!! I have nothing to add to that….Thank you sir…very well done!

        1. charleo1 February 20, 2015

          Tyrin’ to get in there, and compete with some of your
          excellent comments! Thanks!

          1. 1standlastword February 20, 2015

            Thanks back at cha! You bring the beef friend!!!!

      2. Alvin Harrison February 21, 2015

        Damn those pesky facts!!

      3. Leftout February 21, 2015

        The Democrats are afraid that if there is another shutdown , that where will another 50 seats lost to the republicans, in 2016, this shut down only solidified their numbers . 80% of US do not want amnesty in any form, they only want rhe
        Present laws enforced.

        1. charleo1 February 21, 2015

          Claim whatever you like. I could claim 90% of
          kids love Brussel Sprouts. But that don’t make it so.

          1. Leftout February 21, 2015

            Chuckle. Not believable . The taste of children change in Politics and vegetables . I used to to dislike Brussels spouts till they were prepared well with crumpled bacon bits in my later years. Also I was a very liberal person till I started working and seeing systemiic abuses in entitlement uses. I worked in government healthcare and was able to see people planning to have children’s to get more subsidies with no males to help, yet the males also were eligible for assistance as well as housing supplements , this was a system on going , Along the 95 rail corridor . It Is a lazy comfortable
            Life Style for many . When I heard these schemes it was really disheartening ,., here I was busting my chops and essentially paying for these parasites . These systems are clerically administered by insiders and given to friends. Arrrgh .

          2. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            My sense is, since 400 people control more wealth than the bottom 50% the welfare state as it is, is not
            redistributing the wealth near fast enough. The deal is,
            these companies can pay better wages, and enjoy lower taxes. Or they can pay like crap, refuse to provide benefits, and depend on the social safety net to subsidize their labor costs. But, they can’t do both,
            without bankrupting the Country. Also these Right Wing politicians can cut education, refuse to pay for child care, and then demand people get off their duffs, and get jobs that don’t exist, all day long. But, the other deal is, denying we have a problem, and ignoring it, or demagoguing it for political purpose, doesn’t amount to addressing it, or coming up with workable solutions to it. Neither does just belly aching about what they see others are trying to do to solve the growing problem of poverty in this Country. And it’s not just in the dysfunctional inner-city. It’s negatively effecting the entire working class of the Country. Who are being demanded to tighten their belts, as thousands fall out of the Middle Class. As a small percentage of the incomes at the very top of the scale are realizing 90% of the economic gains. And they are doing so year, after year. As the opportunities for advancement for the vast majority, are getting harder, and harder to access. As the divide between the very rich, and the vast majority, who work for a paycheck, gains in it’s inequality, and momentum. Sure, you’re busting your chops. But take a look at the parasites that are harder to see. That are hoarding, and controlling, 9 of every 10 dollars the entire economy is producing today. And, stingily doling it out as they see fit to the rest of us. If you do, you may decide to concentrate your anger in a much different place. Oh, and how would I know? Because I used to be you.

  3. jmprint February 20, 2015

    It is really sad situation that republicans are so blinded by facts. Not matter what status or education they have, they play ignorant to fact. What part do they not understand that these dreamers and children are law abiding citizens. How can a whole bunch of people be so clueless?

    1. 1standlastword February 20, 2015

      Or…How could a whole bunch of people be so reckless?

      My answer: When hate goes up, IQ goes down!

      1. jmprint February 20, 2015

        so true.

      2. joe schmo February 21, 2015

        It sure does and it’s not the IQ of the Conservative voter either.

        1. 1standlastword February 22, 2015

          Why so defensive Joe? Get your ego out of it and become an equal opportunity critic. It’ ll do wonders for your integrity.

          No side is completely faultless!

    2. Dominick Vila February 21, 2015

      Bear in mind that White Supremacists want a lot more than deporting “Dreamers”, they also want the so-called “Anchor” babies, children BORN IN THE USA, deported. The fact that such action is unconstitutional is of little interest to them.

      1. jmprint February 21, 2015

        They are greedy, selfish christian pretenders. Children are not at fault and shouldn’t be made to suffer, regardless of of what mistakes the parents make. Some of these parents breaks these immigration laws in order to provide a better, safer life for their children.

        1. Dominick Vila February 21, 2015

          The sudden focus on illegal immigration, after 3 decades of amnesties, laws to ensure employers of illegal immigrants are not punished, and legislation to encourage foreigners to come to the USA, is influenced by the need to use incendiary rhetoric to fire up their base…and deflect attention from their record on this and other issues. The terror of those who see Latino and African cultural influences as a threat to their pristine Anglo-Saxon way of life is reaching epic proportions as they see dreamers and “anchor babies” integrating into our society. The old cry of “they must speak English”, at a time when most young Latinos and Hispanics speak English fluently, and write it better than they do, is being replaced by more obvious expressions of racism and cultural intolerance…while state governments pass laws to legitimize the hiring of illegal immigrants! White supremacists know they are fighting a losing battle, and in frustration they direct their ire at President Obama.

          1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

            It’s time to put a s top to it. Especially when it is so bias. Time to bring back the quota. Only both Dems and Repubs are afraid to touch the subject.

            Morocco just ended their illegal surge from Africa. Some people were allowed to apply for citizenship. The rest were sent home. Kudos to Morocco. At least they had the balls to make a big change.

          2. jmprint February 22, 2015

            As Giulliani said “You don’t love America!”

          3. charleo1 February 21, 2015

            True Dom. And of course, the White Supremacists are going to direct their frustration at Obama, and the Brown skinned, Latino. This is a given. And not the corporate entities doing the vast majority of the hiring, of what are, or were upon their entry, essentially economic refugees. But admitting such a thing would step on the toes of some of their best donors. So this is what I see as the insurmountable political problem at the heart of the gridlock within the GOP House. You have the establishment faction, who actually don’t mind the dysfunction in the system. Then we have the ideological purists. And this is here all the potential disaster lies for the Party on immigration. This bunch is racists as all get out, and very proud, and very vocal about it. And, I’m sure they would vote to start mass deportations tomorrow. But, barring that, they’re very willing, and eager to pick a fight over it. Defund Homeland Security, shut down the gov. cost their Party the Presidency, or you name it.

          4. kG February 22, 2015

            There you go again!

      2. joe schmo February 21, 2015

        Dominick, your comments are so old…..

    3. joe schmo February 21, 2015

      How do you suppose we are going to maintain ALL these uneducated vagrants? Why don’t you give me a clue? I really do not see how we are benefiting from this influx with the exception of the Liberals needing the vote. Tell me honestly, you really don’t give a squat about these people.

      1. bobnstuff February 21, 2015

        Half are educated, some in our collages and are over staying their Visa, some are construction workers who are as good as any we have here.

        1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

          Taking the jobs most Americans DO want to do…..

          1. bobnstuff February 22, 2015

            Try finding someone to lay bricks who is born in the US. They hire people at a good wage and they work one day. Americans don’t want hard work. I talk to people in that business every day and most are old Italians who want to retire but have no one to hand the business to. The ones who won’t hire immigrants work alone. Construction is almost as bad. They hire people , take on a job, tell the client a time frame and then the laborer doesn’t show up after a day or so. As I have said many times. Look at the people
            you know who are out of work and ask yourself would they work the jobs the illegals are doing? Do you know anyone who is a good employee who isn’t working because they can’t find work?

      2. jmprint February 22, 2015

        Clue No. 1) They are already getting educated. They are already here, they are already productive citizens.

        It has NOTHING to do about the vote, that is a line fed to you puppet suspender wearers. And yes I do care for these people as the Lord does, they are innocent children being played by the Tea-Party, used in a scheme to continue the fear mongering that goes on in your paranoid mental box.

        1. kG February 22, 2015

          The vast majority of Latino illegals have a six grade education.

          1. jmprint February 22, 2015

            Then let’s educate them, that way you can earn more money on their sweat.

          2. kG February 22, 2015

            You can pay for their private schooling ,housing and shelter out of your pocket. I have no desires to spent my taxes on educating the citizens of Guatimala and El Savador.

          3. jmprint February 22, 2015

            I understand how you fell about taxes, I don’t want my taxes to help pay retirement salary of non productive congress, but we have no choice in order for the world to turn we must do this.

          4. kG February 22, 2015

            I agree with you there but unfortunately the bums in congress are elected by the American people. The illegals on the other have forced themselves on the tax payers and we do have a choice ,by forcing the bums in the government to start representing the American people and not Mexicans,El Salvadorans or any other South American citizens!

          5. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            Oh, they are representing some Americans alright. The corporate farm operators, the hotel, and food service industries, and the construction industries. How about the corporate incarceration lobby. Just to name a few.

  4. James Bowen February 20, 2015

    These executive actions go way, way beyond discretion. Actively handing out work permits and SSN’s is not discretion, it is outright nullification of existing limits to immigration set by law. Basic high school civics teaches us that it is unconstitutional for any branch of government at any level to nullify law.

    Also, previous administrations have in fact sought to deport all illegal aliens. Eisenhower deported three million in three months, most of whom left on their own when they saw the government had gotten serious about immigration law. The result was ten years of a statistically insignificant illegal immigrant population until the Johnson Administration which was hostile to immigration control, as exemplified by Johnson’s signing of the disastrous Hart-Cellar Act which opened the flood gates to immigration.

      1. James Bowen February 20, 2015

        I never said 13 million. I said about a million were apprehended and the rest left on their own accord. This was done with only about 1000 INS agents. It is not difficult to scale this up an order of magnitude to deal with the problem today. See the following for more information.


        1. charleo1 February 20, 2015

          You said, “previous administrations have in fact, sought to deport all illegal aliens.” When in fact, no administration has ever sought such a thing. Your attempt to characterize the Obama Administration’s action as nullification, or an aberration, is also not correct. As this, and many articles describing the actions of previous administrations exempting specified groups of immigrants without legal status, for a wide variety of reasons, at the discretion of the President, is well documented. There seems to be couple of things going with you. One is your apparent
          wet dream of seeing millions of people, and their families, being rounded up out of the homes, and jobs, and put unceremoniously on some cheap conveyance, and shipped back to their the Country of their ancestors. To which I say, dream on, nativist. It ain’t happenin’! Secondly, over the past 6 years there’s been a concerted, and well documented effort by a radicalized Right Wing, to nullify the Presidency of one Barack Obama. And part of that attempted nullification is to falsely accuse this President of doing
          outrageous things, like appointing cabinet members. Or dealing with an out of control immigration system, they refuse to life a finger to do anything about. The fact is, there isn’t anything Barack Obama has done so far, that every single President since Washington hasn’t done in the past. And mostly without comment, or much guff from the opposition, save for Lincoln, and Civil War era. When another group of politicians ought to protect the institutionalize exploitation of another group of people. By demonizing them, and marginalizing them, using much the same terms, and rhetoric I hear coming out of you, Mr. Bowen. So let’s
          cut the crap shall we? And call your insistence on deporting all 12 million undocumented aliens, what it is. Bigotry, plain, and simple.

          1. Grannysmovin February 21, 2015

            While work permits and deportation relief will be available, those covered by the programs
            will not be eligible for certain government benefits.

            Among the other policy changes announced in the president’s action are an increased number of visas for skilled workers and spouses of green card holders.

            However, the current action does not allow
            unauthorized immigrants the opportunity to obtain permanent residency. However, the current action does not allow unauthorized immigrants the opportunity to obtain permanent residency or citizenship.

          2. charleo1 February 21, 2015

            Right you are, Granny. As the President said, if you
            don’t approve of my necessary limitations on the implementations of the statutes of the current law.
            Pass the reforms that make those limitations moot.
            But the fact remains, the GOP Caucasus in the House can reach no consensus on any immigration legislation. And Speaker Boehner refuses to bring the Senate Bill to the House Floor without it. So, having given up on finding solutions. They have taken to hiding behind false misinformation, and mischaracterizations of the President’s actions. Filed additional lawsuits, and are now threatening to close down the entire Homeland Security Agency. This, at a time when the President is asking Congress for permission for a wider military response to a new and more lethal brand of terrorists. Who are now rampaging throughout the Mid East. As Europe, having suffered several recent attacks, is gearing up for new rounds violence. Who doubts these terrorist’s desire to strike here in the U.S.? Yet, the GOP seems willing to weaken our own security forces, to cover their own political backsides over immigration.

          3. Alvin Harrison February 21, 2015

            I would love to add something…but what…you pretty much nailed it.

          4. James Bowen February 21, 2015

            Are you kidding me!? It’s the law, and the President is charged with enforcing the law. Eisenhower did in fact seek to quickly and decisively remove effectively all illegal aliens from the U.S., and he succeeded brilliantly. You don’t know if it will happen or not. After all, we have done it before. It would not even be that difficult.

            In giving out work permits to illegals, this administration is nullifying immigration limits set by law. That is an affirmative action that goes way, way beyond simple discretion and prioritization.

          5. joe schmo February 21, 2015

            We need to do what Morocco’s doing. Fine businesses that hire. Trust me they will go home.

            -£100m a year to kick out illegal immigrants: Removing one person who has no valid passport or visa can cost £25,000
            -Many are impossible to remove because they do not have official documents
            -Minister warned that individuals pose a significant risk to national security
            -Ministers have also launched a crackdown on undocumented migrants
            -Airlines who allow them on their planes will face fines of up to £10,000
            -Immigration Minister said numbers abusing aircraft routes was ‘too high’
            Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2292388/100m-year-kick-illegal-immigrants-Removing-person-valid-passport-visa-cost-25-000.html#ixzz3SPmzeVgK

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          6. James Bowen February 22, 2015

            I like it.

          7. charleo1 February 21, 2015

            No I’m not kidding you. When it comes to what you want, you are very sure. When it comes to the reality of the situation, Eisenhower is the least of your mis understandings. First, say there was this huge gov. crackdown, and mass deportation. The President stupid enough to authorize it, would immediately see the negative overall effects on businesses. The loss in agriculture alone would top billions. Secondly, just the horrible optics of it alone, would doom him, and any political Party that instigated it. The specter of families being forced from their homes, with a few of their belongings, loaded into the back of military trucks, and taken to sprawling deportation camps. Next comes the raids on the schools. Men in military garb, scooping up, and dragging thousands of kids out of school houses all across the Country. Ostensively carting them off without hearings, or recourse to Countries where they don’t remember being, and where many times they don’t even speak the language. Are you picturing this, or salivating, Mr. Bowen? Well, the monumental catastrophes for any
            Justice Department dumb enough to be complicit in
            all this, and trying to defend it a court of law, are just
            the beginning. Unless you advise throwing out the entire system of laws, and statutes governing all deportations. But if you want to do the paperwork, it gets a lot more complicated. The system is 400,000 plus cases behind at this point. And there would be lawsuits. All kinds of lawsuits. Tax lawsuits. And lawsuits for reimbursements from the gov. for the thousands of tax paying businesses, now set up by undocumented immigrants under LLC. rules, with LLC. tax numbers, and employees. Oh yes, and child protective services, and lot of them would be necessary. As many undocumented parents have very documented kids. Who might demand to not be illegally deported. And would get lawyers, lots, and lots of them, the gov. would wind up paying for, when it lost these clear cases of Constitutional infringement. Then, with the parents deported, would be forced to find thousands more foster homes, or build extra facilities, and infrastructure, to handle these American Citizens, stupidly orphaned by their own gov. But finally, this will happen, because it would first take an act of mass political suicide in Congress.

          8. James Bowen February 22, 2015

            Yes, I would support this. Our nation has been invaded, and we have a right to defend ourselves. Illegal aliens actually have no right to due process when it comes to immigration matters, so all of the courts actions you speak of need not happen. Kids would only remain if their parents insisted upon it. However, everything you speak of here is unnecessary.

            There are other ways to effectively accomplish this besides mass roundups. Simply enforcing the laws in the workplace and denying them jobs and the ability to make a living in the U.S. would solve the problem at minimum impact and expense on the public. As far as the businesses that employ them are concerned, at minimum they should be totally destroyed for engaging in such selfish, unpatriotic, corrupt, and illegal acts. That is the least they deserve.

            If Americans are so opposed to the enforcement of immigration law, why did S.744 fail to pass Congress despite the extremely strong support of the leaders of both political parties and big business? Why did candidates in the most recent election who campaigned against amnesty do so well and those who supported it did so poorly?

          9. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            Don’t be ridiculous. These people aren’t invaders.
            Their entry is being encouraged by the employers
            who hire them, find them housing, and accept their
            cheap obviously fraudulent work permits, and refuse to submit to any gov. verification. And the politicians
            who aid, and abet them, by refusing to amend the laws, and require them to do so. And your false
            belief that they, the undocumented, in the Country without the official permission of the gov. have no statutory Rights, is not correct. And these statutes, requiring judicial hearings before any deportment proceedings, apply to the majority of immigrants,
            for a wide variety of circumstances. Some enacted as late as the Bush Administration, regarding these children from Central, and South America. And may not simply be ignored, because a few loud mouths in the Republican base demand it. And one other issue you need to investigate, is why the current GOP House of Representatives cannot come to consensus on even a partial immigration bill that might require the registration of temp workers these corporate, and mid sized farms swear they must have to run their operations. And, I’d also I’d re-check my assertions on big business if I were you. And just see about their positions on immigration. Put yourself in their shoes, and see if supporting such changes in immigration law would be something you’d be interested in. You’d know that any bill requiring registration, or restricting the number of workers, and the time allotted they may legally remain in Country, is going to mean overhead
            and paperwork are going to increase. Labor laws, and working conditions would become more of an issue. And issues such the employers being held responsible for income taxes, workman comp. ins. And the impact on the localities directly outside the farming operations. Where the poorly paid immigrant employee’s children attend local schools, local hospitals by law, provide healthcare, and local law enforcement assets are all part of the costs that might then be included, and billed directly to the operators, and owners. Sound like something you as a corporate farm operator would support? Or, would you tell the people in the powerful farm lobby, to advise the politicians to hold up all efforts? To create political cover by giving the clueless ideologues hoping for mass round ups, a choice between blaming Democrats, and Obama, for it not happening. And of course the immigrants themselves. Who we’ll demonized as invaders, and criminals, or disease carriers, and drug smugglers. So, at the end of the day, we’re not forced to do anything at all. And the cheap labor just keeps on coming.

          10. James Bowen February 22, 2015

            As I recall, Congress passed a law in 1996 that allows the government to deport illegals without due process. If they are charged with a crime, then yes, they do have the same rights any other criminal has. However, being unlawfully present is not a crime, which is what allows the government to deport them without due process.

            They are invaders, and this invasion is being facilitated by their corrupt, greedy employers who seek to profit from cheap labor at the expense of the nation. They are the ones who are pushing for amnesty because an amnesty would lock in a supply of cheap labor which at this time could still be taken away from them if enforcement were to actually be undertaken.

          11. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            Wrong again, Mr. Bowen. If one has amnesty, one may work at the designated wage of a free person. One has a tax number, and pays into the system. Employers are required to match that contribution. A record of hours worked must be kept. And employers may not send a legally hired person back to their home country, for getting hurt on the job. No, Mr. Bowen, those benefiting from the cheap labor, have been benefiting from it for a very long time. And why should they want to allow change to anything? You’re not thinking this all the way thru, Mr. Bowen.

          12. James Bowen February 23, 2015

            Then tell me why the leader of the push for amnesty is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Supply and demand have a far, far greater impact on wages than the legal status of the employers. Corrupt businesses know this and that is why they push for amnesty, along with more immigration. La Raza and America’s Voice are little more than front groups for big business, as attested to by the fact that they have tons of money but very small membership.

          13. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            Being illegally present in the Country without permission, is a misdemeanor.

          14. James Bowen February 23, 2015

            Being unlawfully present is actually not a crime. It is a violation of the law, but not a crime. Therefore, those who are unlawfully present may be deported without any due process.

            Nonetheless, there are things closely associated with legal immigration that are crimes. Entry Without Inspection is a Federal misdemeanor on the first offense and a felony on subsequent offenses, and using a false or stolen SSN on an I-9 to obtain employment is a Federal felony.

          15. kG February 22, 2015

            All you need is everify and a very heavy fine against any businesses that emplyee illegals. You don’t have a visa you don’t work. Simple! All this non sence about military trucks and force is liberal garbage !

          16. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            The bill passed recently in the Senate contained just that sort of requirement. And, had the collective votes in the House to pass it into law. And the promise of the President to sign said bill, if passed. So what’s up in the House? Speaker Boehner has refused to even send representatives to meet with Senators for reconciliation. Refused to take said bill into committee, refused to charge his causus with producing a different, alternative bill, for Senate consideration. Or bring the Senate bill to the floor of the House, for an up, or down vote, without a majority of the majority agreeing to it. And, by the way, what do think a forced round up would look like? A line of shopper waiting for the latest I-Phone at Walmart?

          17. kG February 22, 2015

            Who said anything about forced round ups. I think all these military trucks picking up people is a wet liberal dream. The bill that passes in the Senate did nothing of a kind. There were zero internal enforcement of any crackdown on future illegals or any enforcement of eVerify as law. The bill in the Senate would have added the current 11 million illegals ,plus all the chain migration and issuing of 33 million new green cards in the next decade. Probably causing the largest migration of people in the history of mankind,possibly up to 90 million what the bill called ” new Americans”
            You do realize we have 20 million Americans still out of work? We allowed 18 million legal immegrants into the country last decade but only created 9 million jobs. Two immegrants for every job created. That bill would changed America as we know it into a third world country with unemplyment level resembling that of Spain and Greece.
            I like to continue living in a first rate nation and not Mexico!
            Read the bill on Politico’s website.

          18. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            Commenter James Bowen wants every illegal, as he called them, deported. And I was only describing what that would look like. And, btw, just calling everything you can’t address, or would like to discredit. “liberal,” is stupid. Either they would be loaded on trains, planes, or enough busses when parked end to end would form a line the length of CA. And that’s what deporting every undocumented person in the Country without permission would look like. That’s after the military was given the power to abridge most of the Constitutional protections we enjoy in this Country, just to locate all of them. And you blame immigrants now, for Wall Street’s running the economy in ditch? What’s next? Illegal immigrants made Bush invade Iraq!??

          19. kG February 22, 2015

            So you haven’t read the bill! It is a monster of free goodies to all the open border adveccy groups and immegration attorneys. All this loading up busses and military force is just propaganda and paranoia. Like I said the law will punish those who hire illegals and businesses will have to verify the legal status of each worker.
            No ,I don’t blame the illegals for the other problems but the issue discussed here is illegal immigration.

          20. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            I’ve read summaries. And it’s a bill that has passed.
            Where’s a House Bill? Where is anything that serves
            to change the situation, that you support? Don’t let
            yourself get played here. There are plenty that want
            the status quo. It’s profiting them millions annually.
            Just support tough laws on employers that hire illegally. Make no permit mean no job, period. And the attempts to sneak into the Country, will become
            a non-option. Right now they’re trying to sell you border security. More border security first. How much more? Much more than we’ve ever seen. How many billions then? Oh, many billions. More wall? Yes. Longer wall, absolutely! Higher wall? You bet! How about a million troops on the border!??Look, just stop the illegal hiring, and 99% of all that becomes unnecessary. Or, we can go on like this another 30 years. With another 50,000 Latinos coming of voting age every month. And another 12 million people that we have no official idea of who they are, when they entered, what name they’re using, where they are living, and so on. Just keep allowing the people you send to Washington to do nothing.

          21. kG February 22, 2015

            Fair point! But let me ask you ,Obama had the House,the Senate and the good will of the American people why didn’t he pass a law then? And why should the GOP give in to Obama? They are ideologically ,or at least the base is against amnesty. Most Americans want domestic enforcement ,border security and then reform. If Obama were an effective leader he would be able to pass a bill with compromises and negatiating just like Reagan and Democrats did in 1987. That is how our system works. The Senate and house write the laws ,the president gets to sign and enforce them. That is our system. No One man should have the power to rule by decree especially when he just got a big defeat handed to him by the public based on this very issue. You wouldn’t like it when a conservative becomes the president and starts issuing decrees against passed laws!

          22. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            They couldn’t get to everything, with the economy
            losing 800,000 jobs a month. And nothing but obstruction from a filibustered Senate. So there’s that. But this really should need a huge majority of
            either Party to get done. If you will remember, G. W.
            Bush, begged his majority Congress in ’06 to pass
            a comprehensive immigration bill. And the vote fell short on the Republican side. And, this is not the
            Congress of ’87. Not the same at all. The bill Reagan lobbied for, and signed, legalized about 4 million immigrants. And left E-Verify, and temp worker consignments, and mandatory registration
            before employment, on the Senate floor, so as to pass. In Florida we have an unstoppable GOP Legislature, and a GOP Governor. And they refuse to pass any bills requiring employers to register worker with the State. Claim it would be too burdensome, and expensive, for them. So you tell me. It’s just a lack of Obama’s leadership? Really?
            In Florida?

          23. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            New security measures would have to be under way before unauthorized immigrants could begin that process, however. The bill calls for $4.5 billion for a strategy that includes new surveillance equipment, fencing along the Mexican border and more customs agents. Employers would be required to check the legal status of employees through an electronic system known as E-Verify.
            That’s a description of the Senate Bill from Politico. So what were you reading?

      2. joe schmo February 21, 2015

        Charleo, when are you going to stop posting ‘factcheck’ when it is Liberally biased media. I have pointed this out just recently. Honestly, it means squat!

    1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

      Yes, we all know Johnson was a complete buffoon. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the presidency when Kennedy was killed and he profited big time from getting us into Vietnam, and, need I say more, he was a Democrat:) His wife’s family owned Heuy, for crying out loud.

    2. James Bagley February 22, 2015

      Just because you hate other immigrants (because you are an immigrant too) doesn’t mean that Obama’s executive action is anything but normal executive branch discretion. It’s nothing new, as the article pointed out.

      The important point to keep in mind here is that a known immigrant-hating European immigrant (Judge Hanen) likes to spout off the usual right-wing hate-rhetoric about the Administration’s executive actions being ‘executive overreach’, but he carefully avoided using a Constitutional argument in issuing his injunction. Why is that? The reason is that there is no Constitutional basis for his injunction and he knows it.

      Like the lawsuit against Obamacare that was defeated by a Supreme Court decision, this case will ultimately just make the executive action unassailable. The only way that Obama’s executive action can be permanently stopped is by one of two things:

      1. Congressional legislation.
      2. The election of a right-wing bigot as president.

      Number 1 (above) isn’t likely to happen, because Americans support the goals of Obama’s immigration policies. Congress knows this, and they are too cowardly to address the issue. They should be — America is a country of immigrants, and they support immigration. Zealous anti-immigrant hate will get them run out of office on a rail in the next election cycle, and this is why they’d rather find a right-wing hack judge to do their dirty work.

      Number 2 (above) becomes less likely with every bigoted, hateful GOP attempt to stop real immigration reform. The more hateful and despicable anti-immigrant behavior from the GOP the worse they will be defeated in 2016. Add in a likely attempt to shut down the Department of Homeland Security, and the GOP’s chances in 2016 will fall to a new low. Americans are sick of this irresponsible behavior.

      America is a country of immigrants, so let’s be clear here: Immigrant-hating European immigrants are anti-American. But it takes an especially selfish, despicable, and hypocritical European immigrant to oppose other immigrants. Most Americans are decent people, and decent people just don’t behave this way. That’s why almost 80% of Americans support Obama’s policies: Anti-American European-immigrants-turned-bigots are a minority.

      1. James Bowen February 22, 2015

        Provide evidence for 1) that Judge Hanen hates immigrants and 2) that 80% of Americans support this administration’s non-enforcement of immigration laws. If amnesty and more immigration is so popular, Congress would have passed that Senate bill two years ago. The fact that they did not shows where the public stands on this issue. Refusing to pass a bill that the leaders of both political parties want and that big business wants only happens when it is extremely unpopular.

        Judge Hanen did not use Constitutional arguments in issuing this injunction because he has not had time to review those yet. However, the fact that he issued this injunction demonstrates that he does have serious doubts about the Constitutionality of it. An executive action that nullifies existing law is not a normal executive branch function. It is utterly unconstitutional. The President is not allowed to totally disregard existing law. That is something we have been taught since 5th grade.

      2. kG February 22, 2015

        80% support obama’s actions. What planet are you from. He is lucky if he can break 40%

        1. James Bagley February 23, 2015

          I said ‘almost 80%’. The last two polls I posted on this subject were 77% and 79%. All polls show that a majority of Americans support Obama’s immigration goals — even the hate-everyone-and-everything Tea Party (although not by much).

          European-immigrant immigrant-haters who spend their every minute complaining about other immigrants and conjuring up evil wishes for other people seem to miss out on the fact that they are actually a very small minority. Americans are mostly immigrants or recent descendents of immigrants, so that means that immigrant-haters are American-haters.

          1. kG February 23, 2015

            80% what polls are you reading? The ones you are pulling out of your arse! While a polarity of Americans support ” reform” only 37% approved of full amnesty for illegals according to Zagby in 12/2014. You can find all the numbers on Washinton Times website. Furthermore, when people are asked about reform they actually mean border security and labor law enforcement. I live in the greater DC area and work in DC. Iam surrounded by immegrants of all stripes and i don’t know a single person who supports amnesty ,not one even my best friend who is Chicano. He doesn’t support amnesty.
            In spite of your brown fantasies America is still a majority white nation ,with western based laws ,values and culture. And I hope it reminds that way. If my family wanted to emigrate to a third world Latino nation they would have chosen Latin America but they came to America precisely for its western values and laws. If you so wish to live in a brown ,poverty ,crime stricken country by all means move to Mexico!

          2. James Bagley February 23, 2015

            You don’t have any Hispanic friends, so just stop lying. Nobody is talking about “full amnesty” here — nobody ever even proposed such a thing — certainly not Obama.

            Americans support relief for immigrants who have already been here for some time — like I said, at a rate of almost 80%. Here is a link for you, and I’ve taken the opportunity to also attach a chart from the poll that shows 79% of Americans support some for of relief that does NOT include deportation. That happens to be Obama’s policy — not “full amnesty”.


            And as for your racist ‘white America’ statement, allow me to clue you in to a little fact: The generation that will make Caucasians a minority in this country has already been born. The days of a white bigot/racist majority are gone forever. Welcome to your future.

          3. kG February 23, 2015

            You liberals are the real nut jobs. I live ,work and hang out with mostly people of ethnic background. It is your utter ignorance that you think everyone of brown skin and minority status is for amnesty for these illegals. You are clearly a pathetic loser.
            But I must say your Clintonian use of the English Language is quit admirable and straight from the cool aid drinker’s handbook. 80% of American are approving of some ” relief” ,well of course ,I would say 99% of them approve of some relief for any down troten group. The question is how many approve of amnesty? 32% only,how many approve of the president’s illegal de facto amnesty 42%. You can check my numbers on CNN on line.
            I think the only one spewing racism and bigotry here is you!

          4. James Bagley February 23, 2015

            Bwaaahahaha! Caught like a deer in the headlights by facts, eh? Now it’s all about ‘amnesty’, eh?

            BS, you bigots are the losers — you always have been. Rotten people who hate other people are nothing new, and immigrants like you who forgot who you are and hate your fellow immigrants are just an unfortunate reality of life that decent people have to live with — sort of like dog turds in the park.

            I don’t know about any “down troten” groups, but Americans support comprehensive immigration reform by a wide margin. They support allowing those who have been here for years to work legally, pay taxes, and possibly even earn citizenship at some point. Nobody is talking about ‘amnesty’ — nobody. Obama didn’t enact any kind of amnesty program, he merely deferred deportation and allowed for undocumented immigrants who are already here to legally work and pay taxes — temporarily.

            Stop lying and post your ‘numbers’ here instead of twisting what they actually say. I already know what they show: Almost 80% of Americans support some type of relief for immigrants that does not include deportation. That means they support Obama’s goals because that’s exactly what he’s been doing.

            Saying that you have ‘Chicano’ friends and that you ‘hang out with mostly people of ethnic background’ is the most obvious load of tripe I’ve heard out here in a while. The vast majority of Hispanic people support both immigration and immigration reform, and to a lesser extent so do most Americans. The Hispanic population is the fastest-growing ethnic group in the nation, and their vote is becoming more crucial to win the White House every day.

            Finally, what you and people like you prove is that today’s immigrants are better people than you immigrants. They work hard, are ambitious, and they don’t lay around collecting government benefits while hating on other immigrants. I’d rather have them as my neighbors than hateful, bigoted, hypocritical European immigrants any day – and so would most of America.

          5. kG February 23, 2015

            Ok you win but please go back on your meds!

  5. Godzilla February 20, 2015

    The 5th Circuit will uphold the decision because Obama is changing the law, which he ZERO authority to do. Eventually, the courts will end this issue, likely in the Supreme Court, and Obama will be embarrassed again. The States have cause, as it will be at the expense of their budgets. Had Congress passed a law funding the changes, this wouldn’t be a discussion. But, in all reality, this isn’t about “being humane” this is about votes. Only a moron can’t see this. I have an idea, let them stay. No welfare, foodstamps or social security numbers until they become citizens. They can work on temporary SSAN numbers until then, pay their taxes and assimilate. I have NO problem with immigration, within the laws. If we are to be a country of laws, then we should act like it. Right now, Obama and his ilk are not acting like it.

    1. bobnstuff February 21, 2015


      President Obama has actually done pretty well when at the SCUS. This whole thing would go a way if the Congress would fix a system that doesn’t work.

      1. Godzilla February 21, 2015

        The list of fails when talking immigration isn’t just an Obama issue, it goes way back. Laws don’t work if they’re not enforced. Bad laws don’t work and may not have been intended to work (If we had Mexico’s immigration law, we wouldn’t be having this chat). Take the government cookies OFF the table and a vast majority of the problem will be gone. Immigration is a good thing, when controlled and assimilation is enforced. France, the UK, Belgium and Germany are just a few countries in Europe that are learning the lessons of assimilation. We need more than just immigration reform, we need complete federal government reform.

    2. highpckts February 21, 2015

      He absolutely does have the power through EO!!
      This is about people that have been here for over 10 years applying for citizenship! It is not granting amnesty to ALL immigrants. Anyone else who is a more recent immigrant can go home! They must apply for citizenship and prove this is what they want by working, and moving forward to citizenship! They do not receive ANY benefits until this is done! Geezus I get tired of you guys changing the facts to suit your biases! On the other hand, if previous Presidents had enforced the laws already on the books maybe we wouldn’t have to go through this!! Place the blame where it belongs. Everyone has kicked this can down the road so many times, it’s time to do something!

      1. Godzilla February 21, 2015

        Cookie, I actually agree with you ! I have no problem with allowing those who are productive members of society given a much better road to citizenship. I’m very much a pro immigration person, because that’s what our country is made of! Here’s where we might disagree. No government benefits, none! If they are willing to work and pay their way, then, and only then, can they apply for benefits. I have no problem helping families and the elderly, it’s what I DO! I do have some simple issues, which I will present to you for your opinion.

        First, Not one penny of American tax dollars should go to paying for anything that illegal immigrants need, UNTIL, they are given a work permit and are working. Children are an exception. Amnesty, beyond that should be put to a National vote, and if voted for, which I would think would happen, has a price and that price should be born by those who vote for it. Considering that the State Department had a lot to do with last years huge influx of illegal immigrants, then those who support funding them should pay for it! How would you vote?

        Now, it’s important to understand Obama’s position, as well as many past President’s position on numerous issues they claim to have “prosecutorial discretion”. Your claim that Obama has the power via EO is all fine and dandy. Now think ahead, a new Prez is elected down the road and decides because YOU and your ILK decided and allowed for a President to have such power, issues an EO that orders the Federal government that they will not investigate or prosecute violations of the Civil Rights Act. That President would have that authority then, because YOU approved of it NOW. What is the difference in “prosecutorial discretion” ? It can work both ways. I would suggest you think about what you ask for today, because you may not like the same action later. PEACE

      2. kG February 22, 2015

        Watch Obama has already made the case against amnesty on u tube!

    3. Paul Bass February 23, 2015

      The 5th circuit will NOT uphold this decision.

      As the article stated, this decision is FULL of legal holes. It actually only rests on the fact that the judge thinks the president didn’t allow enough “comment” time for congress! Give me a break!

  6. Alexis Bannister February 21, 2015

    Per Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution, the President has the legal obligation to take care that US laws be faithfully executed.

    1. Grannysmovin February 21, 2015

      That applied to Reagan and Bush also right? Would you have accused them of breaking the law? If you don’t want lawmakers, courts and Presidents to interpret the laws, than tell our legislators to stop using ambiguous language when they write the law.

      1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

        Why don’t you sight some examples…..?

        1. Grannysmovin February 21, 2015

          I have on a number of occasions, suggest you do your research. I am not criticizing Reagan or Bush for for their EO on immigration. Have a nice weekend over and out

          1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

            Why should I. I always do. Your turn to prove us wrong and I already know you won’t be able to. Again, prove it!

          2. Paul Bass February 23, 2015

            It is WELL documented that RR, GB, and GWB, all rabid republicans, had Executive Orders to allow immigrants citizenship to the USA, just like President Obama.
            The only difference is that Obama is a black democrat, therefore ALL his actions are wrong.

    2. highpckts February 21, 2015

      Well that is all well and good but when you have over half of the government Hell bent on subverting the law then you have a problem! they’re called Republicans!

    3. Independent1 February 22, 2015

      Faithfully executed in a manner that is not detrimental to the country or its people. And in order to do that, the president, i.e, the Executive Branch, has to use its discretion with respect to implementing and enforcing the laws. Discretion that has been exercised by every president since our country was formed. And if you’re looking for presidents who have possibly over used Executive Orders with respect to getting around do-nothing congresses, you may want to start with 3 Republican presidents in office between 1900 and 1930 who each wrote more than 1,000 Executive Orders – one of them over 1,800.

    4. Independent1 February 22, 2015

      And by the way – go and check virtually every piece of legislation that GWB signed during his disastrous 8 years in office to see the signing statement which identified what he would and/or would not enforce after signing the bill into law.

  7. Alvin Harrison February 21, 2015


    The judge that blocked the Presidents immigration order not to prosecute or go after certain classes of immigrants is a man. Yes…he is a judge, but he is still a man. As a man he he is effected by his circumstance, instincts and beliefs etc. These things “color” his interpretation of the law. That is not the way the law should work…but it does. Oh, there is no doubt that the Presidents plan will be put back in play, because other judges higher up the food chain and not sitting on the Texas border will overturn the offending judges ruling.

    This however demonstrates the problem with ANY plan, system, religion or form of government. When men get involved…they screw it up because they are just unable to separate themselves from….well…. themselves.

    Democracy… a great system. That is until men are introduced to actually administer it. Communism…in theory, a perfectly fair system….until men get involved and their greed screws it up. It works for bees…ants.. all manner of animals…but not for men. Don’t even get me started on organized religion and how men have twisted and perverted the word of “God”. Jesus would be turning over in his grave…had he not risen from it.

    Man is a screw up waiting to happen. He cannot help himself. He has retained all of the animal instincts….and then grew a big brain and became self aware. Two incompatible attributes. You cannot retain the instincts stemming from the jungle law of the survival of the fittest, and then expect men to not use that brain to figure out the best way to be the fittest. You might hope for him to use that brain to counter or fight the instinct for the betterment of the ENTIRE species…but that is not how works most the time. You get some who are able to fight the instincts, they are our special people….most are down here in the pits scrambling.

    Man needs a twelve step “animal detox” to eliminate these persistent and pesky instincts. They will be at the root of his eventual downfall. Until these instincts are put in check he will always be in some sort of conflict and wars will always be a part of his existence. The instinct to fear what he does not know causes him to lash out at others of his same species that are different. Dogs have figured this one out. The instinct to procreate…well..it’s complicated..but even our greatest fall to that one. I could go on….

    If man can overcome his instincts with that big brain, he might have a chance. If he can’t he is doomed to follow the fate of every other species of plant, animal or insect (with exception of the cock roach)…eventual extinction.

    I write a blog everyday at: https://www.facebook.com/RTIA1

    1. Leftout February 21, 2015

      Cockroaches have to stepped on as in this case. As well as their followers. Messy but you get used to it …like beheadings …..personal observations

      1. kG February 21, 2015

        I agree the cockroach infestation needs to stop,the illegal kind from the South of the border!

        1. highpckts February 21, 2015

          The cockroaches have been here a long time and they keep on breeding! They are an unusual breed of cockroach and we call him Man!!

          1. Alvin Harrison February 21, 2015

            It is ironic that your avatar is a cute little dog considering my observation above that dogs are smarter than man, as they have figured out that all dogs, no matter the breed are still dogs…and if they are by chance together recognize they are the same species and work together…

        2. Alvin Harrison February 21, 2015

          A big thank you to you also…

      2. Alvin Harrison February 21, 2015

        Thank you for so quickly proving my point…

      3. Leftout February 21, 2015

        Evolution from Gods’ perfect hand has allowed refinement in most cases , except in the aberrational end point – the Cockroach . It can only now procreate and be stepped on as it has to be. Evidently you also are heading down a path where your are not able to associate oneself with a better level of man.on the path to a cockroach. Like seem to attract . An example is the White House staff , a collection of destructive incompetent roaches, left with no where to turn since they are found out . Only a pointed shoe is to be their end. Roaches only live in the filth of the lowest environments huddling, waiting for their end when they are found out .

        1. James Bagley February 23, 2015

          Real people like it when you knuckle-draggers try to talk tough. It’s amusing, and all of the squealing and sniveling telegraphs your dismay at the fact that Obama has proven to be better than you in every possible way. How does it feel to know that not only is a black man more successful, intelligent, and wealthy than you, but that everyone else knows it too?

          1. Leftout February 23, 2015

            Ah! Obama has a modicum of intelligence as you claim since he is only partially White. He would be more successful also, his difficulty in expressing himself extemporaneously is obvious . When cornered without a script he fumbles on his responses because he does not believe in his words gesticulating three seconds after sttempying to make point. He has been in remedial classes throughout college and law school , there had no one been found that has ever seen him in other than a remedial program .and his writings are non existent to show any amount of creativity. He is a contrivance of cliche’s. Simple for simple minds . …personal observations

          2. James Bagley February 23, 2015

            He’s obviously superior to you in every possible way:

            He’s the President of the US — you’re not.
            He’s wealthy — you’re not.
            He got over 65 million votes in 2012 — you didn’t get any.
            He graduated from Harvard Law School — you have difficulty understanding English.
            He travels in Air Force One — you drive a rusty pickup with month-old cheeseburgers under the seat.
            He lives in the most exclusive mansion in the world — you live in a mobile palace with empty beer cans all over the yard.
            Most people the world over know who Obama is — many people in the National Memo wonder if you are a malfunctioning bot.
            He often gives rousing speeches to thousands of admirers — you often blow beer-farts that send people fleeing from the room.

            Any questions? He’s better than you in every way possible. How does that feel? Oh yes — he’s black too.

          3. Leftout February 23, 2015

            Oh no , a peeing contest. … If he had one he would still lose , of course you may know why . Michelle is a better man for this You do not know my financial status. He is a PINO -president in name only – dumb as a tree and as tall (PINO), has done nothing to support his title. I do have a pick up , as well as an aircraft , paid for and flown by me. My home is a modest Farm house, Overlooking a plantation . If Obama were as black as I am than he would have been successful . His attending Harvard is questionable since no one ever saw him there. I had received more votes not to be president , and my speeches have had applause, Mainly to make me stop. And I feel great .

          4. James Bagley February 23, 2015

            That’s the spirit — pretend that you aren’t inferior in every way and you might even forget about it once in a while.

            I know that Obama could buy your entire life many times over. I understand you being envious about Obama’s schooling (Cambridge IS a long way from Dogpatch, after all), but really — I didn’t realize you were jealous over Michelle. You know, she graduated from Harvard too, so between Barack, Michelle and the kids they probably have about 100 times your education.

            BTW, I meant real speeches — not incoherent ramblings in the drunk tank. I understand your disappointment in yourself — it’s completely understandable. Try not to dwell on it, because you never really had any hope of competing with Obama’s success anyway. Some of us are just destined to become world leaders, and some of us are destined to not.

          5. Leftout February 23, 2015

            Definitely not inferior to Obama and Harvard to me is around the corner on Commonwealth . You are the envious one . I obtained everything on my own merits and Obama would never be able to afford my place . It is worth something more than his residence since he does not live here nor does he have the means to pay for it since his real estste donor is now in the slammer , maybe he can live in a bombed out building in the portfolio of Bill Ayres . Hope that they will both be in it as the fuse runs to termination.

          6. James Bagley February 23, 2015


            Oh man — you’ve got it bad! You couldn’t even get yourself hired to shine Obama’s shoes. Hee-hee!

            Seriously — everyone in the world knows that Obama is better than you in every possible way. I know it hurts, because you don’t like the fact that you are bested by a black man so badly that it makes people sorry for you — but I’m afraid that’s just the way things are. Better get used to it, because I’m sure there are plenty of other black people who are also more successful, wealthy, and intelligent than you.

          7. Leftout February 23, 2015

            Hi James,
            I feel better now, that you finally confirmed your delusions and can now attempt the first step towards remediation .

            I was worried there for a moment.
            Thanks for allowing me to set you straight.

            May God bless you as he blessed me.

    2. highpckts February 21, 2015

      Boy you are so right! Man, as far as I’m concerned was one of God’s, if there is one, biggest mistake!

    3. joe schmo February 21, 2015

      That’s because humans have a free will. You can NEVER predict what humans will do and how they will react. You are somewhat right, humankind may self-destruct one day.

  8. KDJ54 February 21, 2015

    how dare they? How dare they, these little brown men and women who crossed the border and then forced our farmers to hire them as laborers to work long hard days under the hot Sun. These dastardly undocumented immigrants who spend 12 to 14 hours a day milking cows and McKean out Corrales also that there corporate underlings can make more and more money. How dare they ask for rights, when it is obviously all their fault that they came to this country and forced us to employ them. How and just is that? Or, could it be that maybe we should recognize that we have all benefited from their labor. Yes, they do pay taxes, for those of you who receive Social Security, you should be grateful, as they pay into a system for which they have no hope of ever recovering any of that money. They pay property taxes, sales taxes, and contribute to the well being of our society. As an itinerant Jewish preacher said at one point, that he who is without sin should first should throw the first stone.

    1. highpckts February 21, 2015

      Boy you are preaching to the choir! You are so right but right doesn’t play into this! Logic doesn’t play into this. It has to do with the President pure and simple!! If he were white and Republican, no, even if he was a Dem, there wouldn’t be a problem!

    2. joe schmo February 21, 2015

      Bracero program…… Sinners? Not really. More like getting invaded and getting sponged off of. I live in CaliMexico and worked in agriculture. You don’t know squat.

      1. KDJ54 February 22, 2015

        Normally I don’t reply to inane comments such as yours, because it is usually like trying to administer medicine to the dead to paraphrase Paine, which is to say pointless. However, my “squat” is that I grew up on a farm and ran the same farm for several years after my father became too ill to run it. I then finished my education and became a lawyer, and a substantial part of practice involves immigration law. I continue to reside in a rural community and I’m very well versed in the labor dynamic and the use by local factory farms of undocumented labor. So I do know “squat”. So, I would suggest that you find another bridge under which to dwell, one that is more conducive to you mindless diatribes filled with xenophobia, ignorance, and spite.

        1. Independent1 February 22, 2015

          Joe lives in his own little fantasy world where he likes to fabricate scenarios which just don’t exist. Thanks for chiming in to set him straight. He needs more of that as he thinks just because he happens to live in California that he’s some kind of an expert on immigrants and the California economy/politics, when it’s really him that doesn’t know squat about the topics he tries to comment on.

        2. charleo1 February 22, 2015

          Thanks for that reply! I second Independent1. Super
          previous post as well.

    3. kG February 22, 2015

      I love how the secular left always falls on religion when they can’t win an argument. And guilt and race added for good measure.

      1. charleo1 February 22, 2015

        “Secular,” does not mean Godless, anti-religion, or any of the kind. Simply the adherence to the Constitutional separation of Church, and State. I’m always curious how a Right Wing can claim to want a tiny inconsequential Federal Gov. But have no problem with that gov. adopting a particular religious dogma to promote, to funnel money to, to require taxpayers to build schools, and advance it’s established teachings. Or that the Righties who don’t trust gov. enough to monitor against death panels for Seniors. Would trust in it to do that. You see my problem? Given the level of incompetency, ya’ll always talk about. And how the gov, that can’t do anything right, is definitely not ever the answer. That needs to get off our backs! Can be trusted to guide us all into heaven one day. But you did dodge the point of the commenter made. You snarked about secularism. So, let’s try to address the issues here. What about all this hiring? We can’t call them invaders, if their coming for the work, and get hired. Invaders don’t act like that. And they are not sneaking around. I can drive 5. miles from my house, and see dozens bent over working in the fields just west of my home. The bus the contractor brought them in, parked to the side. So what is really going on Ever wonder? Homework, facts, reading, investigation, will
        cure your snark.

        1. kG February 22, 2015

          Honestly leave your God out of it!

          1. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            Heck no! I’m going to allow the government to make you worship Her. And put you in a gulag if you refuse! Honestly!

          2. kG February 22, 2015

            I dont worship anything buddy,particulrly God and the gov!

          3. charleo1 February 22, 2015

            Then quit bit@hing about secularism!

      2. Independent1 February 22, 2015

        When are you going to wake up to the fact that the term Conservative Christian is an oxymoron?? Conservatives will never be true Christians.

      3. Independent1 February 22, 2015

        Relying on religion sure beats what Conservatives do in an effort to win: lie, cheat, create their own oppressive rules, pass legislation that allows the minority to win even when they’re clearly out voted by the majority. The 2014 elections are a good example; Republicans won a number of seats in the Senate despite the fact that Dems got 20 million more votes in the Senate elections.

      4. KDJ54 February 22, 2015

        Sir, try as
        I might, I could not find a rebuttal to my comment. Surely, you must have not posted all of you
        comment, because I trust that a learned man such as yourself would have some
        scholarly work from which to cite that would show that I was wrong in
        concluding that U.S. employers and consumers are collaborators in the current
        conundrum concerning undocumented workers.
        Yet, all I find is a nonsensical statement that is based on faulty
        reasoning and logical fallacy. Are you
        sure you posted all of your comment, or is that the best you can do?

        1. Paul Bass February 23, 2015

          Too many big words!
          Despite kG claim of higher education and great wealth, kG language and logic skills will not allow him to understand this comment.
          You need to dumb it down, remember these are GOP trolls, words like “conundrum” and “logical fallacy” go over their head.

          1. KDJ54 February 23, 2015

            You are absolutely right, but just like the immigrants they like to disparage, because of their specious claim that “those people” never assimilate into US culture (whatever that is, given the actual and historical diversity of this country), I think they should learn the language if they want to play on our playground. I think we should hold them to their own standards.

  9. kG February 21, 2015

    I hate to say but Giulliani is right! This criminal in the White House hates America, Americans,it’s laws and the system that made him president. This article is full of holes. While any administration has the right to decide how to enforce the immigration laws no president has the right to Change and Rewrite already passed laws.
    You liberal morons should watch Obama himself make the legal argument against amnesty.
    Watch Obama makes the case against amnesty on U Tube ,22 times!! Your constitution “professor” in his own words!

    1. highpckts February 21, 2015

      Sorry but go to Hell!! Where were you when Reagan and Bush passed immigration bills? Where was the outrage then? Did they
      laws or did they just come up with their own? Please stop being a hypocrite!

      1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

        LOL. Are we getting to you:) Immigration has not been as abused as it has been by Obummer. He is intentionally fluffing up his voting base. This is being done for political justification.

        1. highpckts February 22, 2015

          Getting to me??? Hardly! Immigration has always been an issue and when we get a President that wants to do something all of sudden the GOP digs it’s feet in. Why haven’t previous Presidents enforced the laws?? Why hasn’t this been dealt with years ago? It’s a big deal now because the GOP needs a wedge issue to feed their base! They don’t give a good crap about the immigrants and if they think for one minute this will help them at the polls, well guess what? Sorry excuses for human beings!! If they want mass deportation, then authorize the money and resources for it and see how well that goes!

        2. jmprint February 22, 2015

          Paranoia is showing bad. Maybe you are lacking sleep,

    2. joe schmo February 21, 2015

      Damn straight! He is an anti-colonial Marxist.

    3. jmprint February 22, 2015

      Giulliani is the Devil’s advocate and you are his follower.

      1. kG February 22, 2015

        Why, a liberal and such name calling? So much for the tolerant left! In this chatic world, raiots , looting , ISIS , and all the chaos in the world a law and order guy is exactly what we need. I bought the liberal BS against him too but after the Fergusan and the border chaos I realize Guilliani is exactly right. He saved more black lives than this wishy washy president we have now.

        1. jmprint February 22, 2015

          And it looks like you are defending the devils’ advocate. Leezy and slimy!

          1. kG February 22, 2015

            Really? The devil? And you bit!!!ch about Obama being called names?

          2. jmprint February 22, 2015

            Doesn’t it leave a sour taste in your mouth? That’s what I tasted when I heard Giullian fire spit.

        2. Insinnergy February 22, 2015

          Because once you’ve realised that someone is as uneducated and willfully ignorant as yourself, kG, you really can’t have a constructive discussion on the issues with them.
          Would you try to have a constructive discussion on quantum mechanics with a Creationist who chose to never complete high school?
          Would you try to have a constructive discussion on the finer details of eminent domain as it applies to property rights with a communist?
          Would you try to have a constructive discussion on vaccination with someone who has no idea how the immune system works, and “educated” themselves on wingnut websites?

          At that point all you can do is point out their ignorance and suggest they go educate themselves before trying to engage in discussions that they obviously know nothing about.

          Since the information is all easily available out there for those willing to do the barest research that doesn’t automatically ignore anything that doesn’t agree with their own point of view…. I also choose to call them what they are:
          Willfully ignorant idiots.

          For the slow people:
          Opinion =/= Facts
          Opinion =/= Scientific studies
          Opinion =/= Qualifications
          In short, just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean you know anything, understand anything, or deserve to spout your barely intelligible garbage where others can see it.

          1. kG February 22, 2015

            Ah ah…sounds like you went Haward or Moorehouse. What a bunch of loons you liberals are! I hate to break your bubble but I assure you I make twice as much as you do and have more advanced degrees than you ,or frankly anyone posting on this site. I also speak four languages. You really sound like a complete moron,certainly an Obamai supporter!

          2. James Bagley February 23, 2015

            That’s amusing. If I recall correctly, in one of your replies you spoke about people who were “down troten”. I’d say that entitles you to a refund on your ‘advanced degrees’.

    4. Insinnergy February 22, 2015

      You demonstrate a basic and comprehensive failure to understand either the article, or the concepts involved in this discussion.
      Please educate yourself before making idiotic statements like “… no president has the right to Change and Rewrite already passed laws.”
      Next you’ll be calling it “Amnesty” like the rest of low IQ GOP supporters.

  10. Godzilla February 21, 2015

    WE, as a people, despite our political differences should take a long look at what is going on with this subject and how Obama has dealt with it. First, go back in time and look at how other President’s have done the same. So, to be clear, It’s not just Obama and Immigration, it is a systemic problem that should be addressed. Over the years, there has been a rise in what is called “prosecutorial discretion” by the POTUS, which this is but an example of.

    While those on the Left seem to approve of this action, not one single American should allow it to continue to happen. While most people would have no problems helping those in need, and I’ve never met a person that was against immigration, we have laws that dictate what our legal officials do, not just with immigration, but many other subjects as well. Here’s where things can get out of hand, with no recourse, because it was allowed now. Let’s look ahead.

    In 2020, a new President is elected and decides he/she will direct the DOJ and all Federal agencies, that by his/her authority of “prosecutorial discretion” the Federal government will no longer investigate or prosecute anyone who violates the Civil Rights Act and it’s amendments. So now it’s time to ask yourself a question, do you really want a president to have “prosecutorial discretion”? Because if you accept it now, you will have no standing in the future when you don’t like similar actions. WAKE UP!

    1. Insinnergy February 22, 2015

      Low information idiot. Try reading almost anything on law, or civics.

      1. imabrummie February 22, 2015

        I have one question of you . . . is it your opinion that everyone who disagrees with what is being done on this thorny topic stupid?

        1. Independent1 February 22, 2015

          If that everyone is one of the RWNJ posting on the NM is!! Does the RWNJ designation include you??

    2. kG February 22, 2015

      Right you are sir,they wouldn’t like it if Ted Cruz was elected and started ruling by decree!

    3. charleo1 February 22, 2015

      These actions should be made unnecessary by a Congress that takes it’s obligations seriously. That doesn’t spend half the day on the phone lining up donors, and taking time off to attend fund raisers. Or, scurrying out to Vegas every time Sheldon wants a pow-wow. Or out to Aspen for a Koch strategy session. And the President’s actions weren’t created in a vacuum. But are the result of an overwhelmed,
      and outdated immigration system, with special holes in it cut so wide,
      certain industries have incentivized millions to come into the Country,
      outside the regular, and legal methods. But that doesn’t mean the legal, and regular methods aren’t also dysfunctional, and overwhelmed. With a current backlog of cases now numbering 400,00, for those now asking for permission to be here, to reunite with family, for asylum from governments, and because their employers need them. They wait in limbo for years. So an enforcement of 100% is simply not possible. So the President makes
      a decision to prioritize. Who, or what groups shall we concentrate on
      as the first in line to be deported, and who is better put at the back of that line? He has said, felons over families. Kids in school, or going to
      college, or in the military, yes, undocumented persons may serve in our military. So, we can’t get to 100% with this system. Congress!
      Do your job! Make law, solve problems, address the situation!!!!

  11. Whatmeworry February 21, 2015

    The 2 authors fail to understand that while Barak can refuse to enforce the laws he doesn’t get to make new laws

    1. 4sanity4all February 21, 2015

      An Executive Order is different than a law. He didn’t “make a law”, he issued an Executive Order.

      1. Whatmeworry February 21, 2015

        Only the vice president and speaker of the house is authorized to issue a executive order but Barak feels differently

        1. Daniel Max Ketter February 21, 2015

          Huh, did you ever take civics when you were a little one?

          1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

            Did you ever study American immigration laws or did you immigrate from a foreign country in the last 50 years? Do you know how the process works? I rather doubt it.

          2. Daniel Max Ketter February 22, 2015

            I worked as a professor ad hoc at 2 universities before my real calling. I believe I know what I’m talking about.

          3. Whatmeworry February 22, 2015

            I never went passt 8th grade

          4. Paul Bass February 23, 2015

            and it shows…

        2. Insinnergy February 22, 2015

          Please stop talking. You’re embarrassing yourself.
          I’m going to have to assume you’re a troll as you are too stupid for this discussion.

          1. Whatmeworry February 22, 2015

            What do think I’m a moron or somthing??

      2. Whatmeworry February 21, 2015

        and its been dealt with bye the Judge

      3. Whatmeworry February 21, 2015

        has its been dealt with bye the Judge??

    2. Daniel Max Ketter February 21, 2015

      Mr Obama is doing a fine job. Who cares what you haters say.

      1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

        “The judge’s lengthy opinion is wrong as a matter of law and, worse, is based on xenophobia and stereotypes about immigrants.” By the way, THEY ARE ILLEGAL.

        1. Daniel Max Ketter February 21, 2015

          Sorry, they are immigrants, just like Christopher Columbus when he discovered American and stole it from the real native americans. Illegals are idiots who protest abortion and support other conservative issues.

          1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

            NO THEY ARE NOT! My parents were LEGAL immigrants.

            Well, genius I guess that puts you in the category of stealing doesn’t it. Maybe, like the rest of us, we all need to get our high tail out of the U.S., right? Let’s just take our a**es back to Europe where we belong so that the Indians can return to their roots.

            Your last statement makes NO sense whatsoever.

          2. Daniel Max Ketter February 22, 2015

            Your parents should have had an abortion. period.

    3. joe schmo February 21, 2015

      Yup, he needs to go through Congress to do that. So this mess can be overturned. Let’s just hope it does.

      1. Daniel Max Ketter February 21, 2015

        Our new congress will be making alot of screwups. Looks like Mr Obama will be doing the mop up.

        1. joe schmo February 21, 2015

          Well, how can things get much worse. Obama’s already taken us to the lowest level ever.

          ? Mop up. You can’t be serious?

          1. Daniel Max Ketter February 22, 2015

            He mopped up gorge booosch during his first term, and now this joke of a congress we now have.

      2. Independent1 February 22, 2015

        No he does not!! The president has the authority to judge just how he will enforce the laws written by Congress!! Why do you think GWB always included a signing statement with each law he signed stating what it was or wasn’t in the law that he intended to enforce?

        When are you going to smarten up before you make idiotic statements??

      3. Independent1 February 22, 2015

        The biggest problem we have is that even the Republican nitwits in Congress like Boehner and McConnell aren’t even up on the Constitution enough to know when the president has the authority to delay the implementation of legislation that Congress has passed. Like with Obama delaying the implementation of the penalty on small businesses for not conforming with the ACA mandate. Despite the ruckus they made, It was Obama’s call to determine when to enforce certain provisions of a law – he’s charged with implementing and enforcing laws in a way that’s the least injurious to our nation and its people; Not necessarily when Congress thinks they law is supposed to effective and enforced!!!!!!!!!

    4. Insinnergy February 22, 2015

      You demonstrate a basic and comprehensive failure to understand either the article, or the concepts involved in this discussion.
      Please educate yourself before making idiotic statements like “… he doesn’t get to make new laws.”
      Next you’ll be calling it “Amnesty” like the rest of low IQ GOP supporters.

      1. Whatmeworry February 22, 2015

        I was born an idiot, what do you expect

      2. Whatmeworry February 22, 2015

        Really?? What do you call an EO that spends $$$ not appropriated by congress and spends $$ Prohibited by Congress. The constitution isn’t a hard read but its something the little dicktator has never done

        1. Daniel Max Ketter February 22, 2015

          Huh, what does equal opportunities have to do with money spent by congress? I think your nurse needs to bring you back inside for some more shock treatments.

      3. Whatmeworry February 22, 2015

        Really?? What do you call an EIO that spends $$$ not appropriated by congress and saves $$ Prohibited by Congress. The constitution is ahard read but its something the little dicctator has done

  12. Jasmine An'deez February 26, 2015

    Due to the ongoing invasion by illegal aliens, California has one of the lowest credit ratings in these united states.

  13. Art Istick March 1, 2015

    In related news, more violence by illegal aliens: http://bit.ly/MoreIllegalAlienTerrorism


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