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The Conspiracy Theories Of Ben Carson: A Brief Introduction

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The Conspiracy Theories Of Ben Carson: A Brief Introduction


The world is now a-BuzzFeed with the discovery of a video from 1998, in which Dr. Ben Carson opined that the pyramids of Egypt were really built as grain houses — not as majestic tombs for the kings. Carson made his case by citing the Bible — specifically the story from Genesis of Joseph advising the Pharaoh of his day to store up grain in order to prepare for seven years of famine.

The alternative, Carson said, was to listen to all those scientists who say the pyramids were built by aliens. As if there were no middle ground there.

In recent days, Carson has reaffirmed these beliefs to a CBS reporter. (Is it possible that Carson was wary of discussing “pyramids” on the record, lest he give a subtle tipoff about his campaign’s very suspicious fundraising and spending operation?)

But this got us wondering: What other wild and wacky stuff does Ben Carson believe, which the wider electorate just hasn’t become totally aware yet? Here’s just a short introduction.

1. Barack Obama Is Part Of The Communist Conspiracy To Bring Down America

In 2014, Carson declared that President Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder were acting out roles in a decades-long communist conspiracy to subvert America.

In doing so, he cited a book from the 1950s by fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist. (Skousen was also a major racist, even defending the honor of antebellum Southern slavery and the Supreme Court’s 1857 Dred Scott decision.)

2. The Theory Of Evolution Came From The Devil

In a 2011 speech to a church group, Carson declared: “I personally believe that this theory, that Darwin came up with, was something that was encouraged by the Adversary.”

Carson elaborated on this point: “Now this whole creation vs. evolution controversy has been raging on, really since the beginning. Because what is Satan’s plan? To get rid of God — to disparage God, to mischaracterize God.”

About a month ago, Carson appeared with Bill O’Reilly and dismissed attacks on his beliefs regarding evolution as part of a pattern of liberals attacking African-American conservatives. As for the substance of things, well, he hedged — and asked what those scientists even know, anyway.

“People don’t realize, he’s God — if he wanted to create an Earth that was billions of years old, he could do it. They can’t do it — how come they’re always trying to put themselves int he same category as God?”

3. Gay Rights Is A Communist Plot — And Men In Prison Prove That Homosexuality Is A Choice

In a 2014 speech to the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, Carson again referenced the aforementioned Cleon Skousen — and said that “neo-Marxists” had “systematically attacked” the family in order to bring down the United States.

In an appearance on CNN earlier this year, Carson argued that homosexuality is a choice — an argument, he said, was lent credence by the experience of some prisoners.

“Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight, and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question,” Carson said.

Yes — “something” did happen to them in there. In addition to sexual assault, which is rampant in prisons, there is also what is referred to as “situational homosexuality,” which occurs to men in prisons.

Anyway, clearly the good doctor does not favor a fact-based approach to answering life’s lingering questions. But he loves a good story.

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks at the North Texas Presidential Forum hosted by the Faith & Freedom Coalition and Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas October 18, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Stone



  1. charleo1 November 5, 2015

    Says the T-Party crowd. We’re damn sure electing one of ours this time! Oh yeah!

  2. joe schmo November 5, 2015

    You F’ing liberal racists! Your media knows damn well that Ben Carson can take out Hillary and the DC establishment.

    ‘Let me be very, very clear about one thing: The DC Media cannot allow
    Dr. Ben Carson to become President of the United States. And if the DC
    Media has to put on white robes, burn crosses, grab fire hoses, and sic
    German Shepherds on Carson, they will. In fact, they already have. Not
    literally, but the tactics and the goals are exactly the same: By any
    means necessary, destroy the free-thinking black man who threatens our

    What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites….

    1. Mr Corrections November 6, 2015

      haha wow

      1. @HawaiianTater November 6, 2015

        IKR? Joe Schmuck here is hilarious. We keep him around for his entertainment value.

        1. I of John November 6, 2015

          Perhaps a red nose would help

        2. BillP November 6, 2015

          You are totally correct about Joe Schmuck. The hyperbole of his rants make for a good laugh in the morning. His imagery of white robes, burning crosses and German Shepherds is astounding. He does like to write in a over the top manner.

          1. plc97477 November 6, 2015

            Makes you wonder if his real name is ben carson doesn’t it.

          2. BillP November 6, 2015

            Or possibly David Duke since he has an affinity for white robes and burning crosses he could be a KKK member.

        3. latebloomingrandma November 6, 2015

          I just find him annoying.

          1. BillP November 6, 2015

            He generally is annoying but some of his comments are so ludicrous that the best thing to do is laugh at it.

    2. TZToronto November 6, 2015

      Free thinking is one thing. Stupid thinking is another. Here’s the thing, Joe. If Carson were to be nominated as the GOP candidate for the Presidency, how long do you think it would be until he says something really, really stupid, something that would demonstrate to the world that he has more than a few screws loose? (He already has, but he’s not the nominee yet.) And as for winning the “black vote,” let’s give people credit for having some level of intelligence. If skin color were such a big determinant of whom people vote for, Mittens would be President, and the U.S. economy would be completely destroyed. Cruz and Rubio undoubtedly think that they would have the Hispanic vote wrapped up, but Hispanics know that their future does not lie with a party that thinks self-deportation is a viable idea and bases its philosophy on xenophobia, extreme evangelical Christianity, guns, and anarchy.

      1. idamag November 6, 2015

        Carson is not going to be nominated. He is a token for the right. They are trying to come across as not racially biased.

      2. Dominick Vila November 6, 2015

        Well said.

    3. pjm19606 November 6, 2015

      You are smoking some seriously good crap there, Joe! We love your entertainment value!

    4. bobnstuff November 6, 2015

      Joe, are you a Carson supporter or are you just trying to be funny?

    5. jmprint November 6, 2015

      Hey joe, I have a brother-in-law who is schizophrenic and is very FREE-THINKING, he has a very vivid imagination and can conquer all, maybe he should be running for president. And then you try to play the race card on a lilly white, you definitely bring on a chuckle.

      1. idamag November 6, 2015

        I never even read with the nazi’s son says.

    6. Carol Sumilas Boshears November 6, 2015

      Liberals racist?? Idiotic, we elected Obama and you guys hated him for the beginning. You have a lot of gall.

    7. Sand_Cat November 7, 2015

      Yeah, Joe; we’ve heard all your right-wing bullshit before: how the Civil Rights Act – which you and all other conservatives violently opposed and promised was going to bring the apocalypse – magically ended all racism among whites, but now the evil liberals have brought it back. Does the term “magical thinking” mean anything to you? How about willful ignorance, racism, and the embrace of ignorance and stupidity?
      What we’re worried about is not a free-thinking black man, but one who appears to have considerable difficulty in the area and who exercises a bit too much freedom when discussing what are supposed to be facts. His campaign has already admitted his “scholarship” to West Point was a lie.
      But lies are really what the GOP lives by, aren’t they, Joe? That and projection of your character faults on those who oppose your sick vision for the country.

      And all of us figured out a long time ago that you’re a racist hypocrite, and pretty disgusting as well.

    8. Downriver November 7, 2015

      good grief what a tired old cliche please try again

    9. LW November 8, 2015

      Seriously. If you have a group of people who, to overgeneralize:

      1. Put a black liberal in the White House;
      2. Don’t think too highly of most white conservatives; and,
      3. Don’t think too highly of a particular black conservative;

      …the determining factor is probably not the color of that person’s skin.

  3. Mr Corrections November 6, 2015

    Trump certainly seems to be smelling blood in the water over this, and even the third-tier losers like Rand are flapping their lips. Be interesting to see if Carson has finally managed to be too crazy even for Republicans.

    1. Mr Corrections November 6, 2015

      Of course, it is continually astonishing that he hasn’t ALREADY been too crazy, what with some of the things that come out of his mouth.

      1. Independent1 November 6, 2015

        The fact that it’s taken this long is really scary – even some of the RWNJ bloggers on the NM have bought into his craziness!! Wow!!

    2. Dominick Vila November 6, 2015

      Wait until he hears about the Carson Naval Academy scholarship that never happened and Donald will smell more than just blood. He will be managing a massive hemorrhage.

  4. Dominick Vila November 6, 2015

    The Egyptian pyramids were actually granaries? Homosexuality is a communist plot? Darwin was full of it? We are all entitled to our opinions, but some of the Seventh Day Adventist theories that Dr. Carson articulates are so bizarre that most people, including those who endorse the candidacy of more ethnic minorities and women have no alternative but to step back and wonder what is in the mind of Dr. Carson, and what is the real reason for the support he is getting from members of a party renowned for its disdain towards anything that benefits, protects, or helps our most vulnerable citizens. Is the GOP trying to put liberals in a position that elicits criticism to pain Democrats as hypocrites? Are they trying to make the eventual departure of Dr. Carson less obvious than Hermann Cain’s? Or do they actually think that his inclusion in a GOP ticket would split the minority vote and make it possible for them to get control of the White House?

  5. I of John November 6, 2015

    Every time strong media light hits this guy he starts to crispin up and burn. The longer he’s in the spot light the sooner he burns up for all to see. Lots of strangeness in what the man says. Not a front runner for long I think.

  6. FT66 November 6, 2015

    I have few questions for Carson:
    a) who wrote the Bible?
    b) were they human beings?
    c) why trust them and not scientists while you are a doctor?
    d) you are always touting to be a proud and successful doctor, while telling people you are a religious man. We know science and religion beliefs don’t go together. Why can’t we take it that you aren’t honest to religious people? You can’t have both at the same time.

  7. plc97477 November 6, 2015

    carson seems to know a lot about gay sex in prison. Is there something he is not telling us?

  8. 5612jean November 6, 2015

    Anyone supporting Ben Carson has to be as fickled as he is. Talk about a bore. When asked specifics, he starts rambling and repeating what makes no sense in the first place. His fickled supporters are obviously not ying attention to the asinine things he says. I read one comment about him facing off against Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton may be a lot of things, but olitically ignorant is not one of them. Ben Carson is about as politically ignorant as you can get. The rightwing nuts for years have ridiculed President Obama for what they called his lack of experience. They fodder out of calling him the “community organizer”. President Obama has a lot more political knowledge and common sense, but was never given the respect he deserved, even if you don’t agree with his policies. Ben Carson has no policies from what I’ve heard and some of the stupid things he says like implementing a flat tax for everyone who bankrupt this country. When the moderator at the last debut told him the numbers didn’t add up. He stuck with his story and repeated it. All I can say is we would be in big trouble as a nation with the likes of Ben Carson at the helm.

  9. idamag November 6, 2015

    I can’t understand ben carson following the nazi tenets. Does he not know he is a Black Man?

  10. latebloomingrandma November 6, 2015

    I find it extremely troublesome that a person whose education is grounded in science would reject evolution. Especially someone whose expertise is the brain. The structure of brain supports the theory of evolution. The deep structures which deal with instinct and automatic functions are often referred to as our “reptilian” brain. Religion and science are not mutually exclusive. Even the most recent popes believed in evolution. Of course it requires an open mind and not rigid thinking, such as fundamentalist s have.
    Apparently Dr. Carson,s education was also deficient in psychology and history. I think the pyramids were built over centuries by slave labor. Joseph wouldn’t have had that much time.
    It’s very scary to think of this man in the Oval Office.

    1. Sand_Cat November 6, 2015

      His area of expertise may be the brain, but he sure doesn’t seem to be using it much lately.

    2. LW November 8, 2015

      “Hey, the Popes are OK with evolution!” is going to be a non-starter for Seventh Day Adventists, of which Dr. Carson is one.

  11. Sand_Cat November 6, 2015

    Not sure he likes a good story; listening to him speak and reading all the lies he’s told, I’m not sure he has the mental capacity to follow a story.

  12. rome44 November 6, 2015

    This man is a paradox to me, nearest i can come to assess him is he may be an idiot savant or he may be sleep walking.

  13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 7, 2015

    The spirit of the late paranoid senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy, has been “resurrected”.

    Anyone who dares to voice the ridiculous statements regarding evolution, who openly contradicts the archaeological evidence re: the pyramids, contradicts what his training in science clearly has established, and who makes the many other outlandish pronouncements of his, is either:

    1) A clone of the former neurosurgeon and a very convincing one
    2) Willing to contradict that training simply to garner votes to sit in a seat of power that clearly is too big for him(for the moment at least)

    3) Has suffered a profound mental breakdown(one of the many hazards of adopting a “Conservative” ideology)


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