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The DNC Vs. The RNC: 10 Major Differences

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The DNC Vs. The RNC: 10 Major Differences

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Published with permission from Alternet.

Think you’ve been watching America’s political conventions closely? Between the DNC this week in Philadelphia, Penn., and the RNC last week in Cleveland, Ohio, here are 10 major differences.

1. Guns: Ohio is an open carry state and guns were permitted within the “event zone” of the RNC. However, far fewer firearms were seen on the streets of Philadelphia due to a 2013 ban on guns from recreation centers.

2. Celebrities: The RNC had Scott Baio. The DNC had Meryl Streep. No contest.

3. Diversity: According to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, black men and women accounted for 1,182 delegates out of 4,765, about 25%, compared to 18 out of 2,472 at the RNC, less than 1%.

4. The Business Party: The RNC featured two CEOs (Tom Barrack and Willie Robertson), a lobbyist (Chris Cox) and a venture capitalist (Peter Thiel). On the other hand, the DNC emphasized unions. SEIU president Mary Kay Henry, AFSCME president Lee Saunders and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka all spoke at the Democrats’ convention.

5. Law and Order: Donald Trump has branded himself as the “law and order” candidate. Yet, only one speaker at the RNC works in law enforcement: David Clarke, Milwaukee County sheriff. By comparison, Pittsburgh Chief of Police Cameron McLay, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez all spoke for the Democrats.

6. Education: The American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, Arkansas fifth-grade teacher Dustin Parsons and social studies teacher Dave Willis all spoke on education at the DNC. By contrast, Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. was the only person in the education sector to represent the Republicans.

7. The U.S. Military: Half the people who spoke on behalf of the military at the RNC were Benghazi attack survivors. On the other hand, the DNC featured those who lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

8. Delegates: The DNC’s “Never Hillary” crowd outnumbered the RNC’s “Never Trump” crowd, which became apparent during their massive walkout Tuesday.

9. Quality of Life: The tone of the RNC was far more negative than that of the DNC. Trump’s surrogates called on voters to “Make America great again” while Hillary’s insisted “America is already great.”

10. Most Used Words: In his RNC speech, Donald Trump’s most used word was “country.” Hillary Clinton’s? “People.”


Photo: Democratic presidential nominee Clinton waves as she arrives to accept the nomination on the fourth and final night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia



  1. Blueberry Hill August 1, 2016

    The DNC was love and joy and happiness all around. The RNC was a giant hate rant.


    1. dpaano August 1, 2016

      There’s a BIG difference between the RNC, which was pessimistic; and the DNC, which was optimistic! One seems to think this country is doing down the drain; the other thinks that the country is doing fine. I guess I tend to be a little more optimistic in that I think this country is doing fine and just needs some tweeks here and there! I have more faith in the Democrats doing that than I do with the Republicans!

  2. Daniel Jones August 1, 2016

    Education Dissector, more like!

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica! August 7, 2016

      Atheist low energy or the Democrackhead racist party?

  3. Kwaj August 1, 2016

    Please tell me why anyone should care what celebrity supports what candidate. They shouldn’t be anymore informed than the average person so what makes them and the candidates think it is important. I am as qualified to choose who I want without there saying anything.

    1. Darsan54 August 1, 2016

      Because people are social animals and RARELY do anything without some sort of social approval. This is also the way we humans learn; parents telling their children, “Yes, that’s a good boy/girl !” We look for examples to follow and give a sorta “approval” stamp. We are also hierarchical orientation; if this famous successful person is doing something, it must be okay. T

      Congratulations if you are a person who does nothing except for your own decision but honestly biology and evolution have worked the process otherwise. But think of all the advertising that suggests you should think for yourself by buying this mass consumption item like all those other people thinking for themselves.

      1. Kwaj August 1, 2016

        Well I guess I am a different sort of person, I won’t go to a concert because I don’t care enough about how a person or group sings enough I just turn on the radio instead and do with my time what I choose. Same with TV. Something has to be extraordinary for me to waste my time watching it. I won’t watch just one news channel either. I watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. I want all the opinions not just the ones that choose to believe only Hillary’s side or The Donalds.

  4. dpaano August 1, 2016

    Plus, the DNC was a heck of a lot more uplifting than the RNC, which was pretty dismal!

    1. Katstiles August 1, 2016

      All the RNC offered was hate and fear. That’s about all the GOP has to run on anymore.

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