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The GOP Didn’t Steal The 2012 Election, But They Sure Tried

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The GOP Didn’t Steal The 2012 Election, But They Sure Tried


In 2000, once the Supreme Court stopped the vote count, George W. Bush won the state of Florida by 537 votes.

Five hundred and thirty-seven votes.

In 2012, pundits saw an election that was just as close, if not closer, than 2000. Even The New York Times‘ Nate Silver, who ended up calling 50 out of 50 states, was unsure if the state would go to President Obama or Mitt Romney when the voting started on November 6. Even after the polls closed, after the election had been called for President Obama by everyone who wasn’t Karl Rove, the state was too close to call.

Across the states, reports of lines that kept voters waiting as long as nine hours were all the evidence you needed to suggest the GOP was trying to stop those who work hourly jobs and have families to take care of from voting.

The only question was if the GOP’s plan to give the state to Mitt Romney would work.

Of course, the president ended up winning the state by 73,189 votes. But a new study shows shows that President Obama should have won the state by a much larger margin. Theodore Allen, an associate professor of industrial engineering at OSU, took a look at voting in central Florida and found that as many as 49,000 voters did not vote because of the long lines. Those who did not vote favored Obama by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, 30,000 to 19,000.

That Florida was not prepared to handle its voters was an open secret even before Election Day. Governor Rick Scott canceled several days of early voting and refused to extend early voting hours, as Governor Charlie Crist did in 2008, when it became clear that the lines were unbearably long due to a ballot that was extraordinarily long.

The fact that Allen found that Latinos and blacks were disportionately affected by the long lines is no surprise.

Florida, like nearly all Southern states, passed a series of measures after the 2010 election aimed at keeping typically Democratic constituencies from voting. The Nation‘s Ari Berman labeled this effort “The GOP’s War on Voting,” but it largely backfired thanks to the efforts of Berman and others to make voters aware that their rights were being purposely subverted.

Allen first started studying the impact of long lines on voting in 2004 when he found that enough voters had left lines in Ohio to  have swung the state from John Kerry to George W. Bush. He found that for every hour they were in line, about 3 percent of voters gave up and left .

Thus when Democrats look at the results of Allen’s studies, they see the need to make adjustments — such as more early voting days and posters in polling places that help voters preview the ballot — to make it easier to vote.

Whereas Republicans like Rick Scott seem to use them as a textbook on how to steal an election.

 Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.com


  1. Progressive Patriot December 31, 2012

    There is nowhere near enough outrage regarding the Voter Suppression efforts. This is Third World and Totalitarian stuff that is supposed to happen somewhere else, not here. Not in our democracy. Let’s be sure not to fall asleep at the wheel on this. We must work to reverse the trend, and protect our franchise. How can anyone claim American Exceptionalism, when crap like this is not roundly rejected.

    1. James King January 1, 2013

      But but but ACORN!!!! (as my neoconservative friends love to point out.)

      1. 33Watcher33 January 1, 2013

        all a ruse! Republicans practice PROJECTION — accusing your opponent of what you are most guilty of…Think about it! Voter fraud, lying, cheating, stealing votes, running negative campaigns…every accusation from Republicans in the last election has been the very things they are MOST GUILTY of doing. And all those Fox viewers believe it all.

      2. Progressive Patriot January 2, 2013

        Hi James K.
        I don’t even have the energy or patience to deal with the ridiculous responses from the right these days. If I’m not mistaken, the whole Acorn issue was really a non-issue. In this recent election, there were many more verifiable instances of election fraud from the Right. To me it’s that Ends Justify The Means crowd.
        When democracy looses, we all loose (except maybe the Oligarchs and Big Monied Interests).

      3. J_R_Brown February 25, 2013

        If you view them as “neo-cons”, I highly doubt you treat them as “friends”.
        Also, I get a chuckle out of idiot libs who use the term “neo-con” to refer to right-wing conservatives….the term “neo-conservative” originated from Democrats who wanted to insult former Democrats who left the “liberal” party to become centrists or conservatives. It did not apply to right-wing conservatives AT ALL….well, until the ignorant masses gobbled up the “nastiness” of adding “neo” to “conservative” because it makes it sound like “neo-Nazi”, which is exactly why it was used…to link the images of conservatives to nazis.

        Stupid is as stupid does.

        1. Racyman September 1, 2013

          Well my friend, when the GOP is changing voting laws to try and prohibit votes from sections of the population who generally vote for Democrats, want less government, but now are forcing women to have invasive medical procedures, if they don’t follow their “christian” principles, regarding abortion rights, are continually trying to pass legislation based on their perceived religious principles (but they only follow maybe 2 out of 10 of the commandments, on a good day and are major hypocrites) , which is a violation of Seperation of Church and State and use propoganda based on blatant lies, fear tactics, etc. to spread their agenda. Finally, several GOP members have openly stated that their only goal is to make our President look bad, no matter how it effects the everyday citizen, which has led to total obstructionism. Kinda sounds like Nazis!

      4. Swifty Morgan February 28, 2013


        Even a Blind Squirrel finds one once in a while!

      5. FactsAndReason July 26, 2013

        ACORN was absolved of all alleged improprieties by a long and involved investigation that found, in fact, that the videos used to discredit ACORN were intentionally and massively edited to imply malefaction where there was none.

    2. idamag January 1, 2013

      Progressive, I feel bad that there isn’t more outrage, also. It is our country and we still have to fight for its freedoms.

      1. Progressive Patriot January 2, 2013

        Glad you’re here to speak truth to lie, idmag!

      2. msbelize January 3, 2013

        well, the way to fix this is to elect a Democrat for Governor, who will overturn the laws that this idiot put in to steal the election. Look how long it took for them to complete the results. We did not need them; Obama won without Florida. The Republican people only watch faux news who lied to them the whole time. They went into this election with all false numbers, knowing for sure Romney was going to win. People like us saw Nate Silver’s numbers….100% accurate.

    3. KINKERSNITCHET1 January 1, 2013

      American Exceptionalism? What about democracy with equal vote for everyone?

      1. Progressive Patriot January 2, 2013

        I’m with you, Kinker…
        That IS American Exceptionalism!

    4. onedonewong January 1, 2013

      I agree with you. This is the 1st time in our history where troops in harms way weren’t allowed to vote thanks to barak and his dem gov henchmen

      1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

        More bullshit from the idiot shill.

        1. onedonewong January 1, 2013

          guess they don’t have newspapers or internet where you live

          1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

            And still more bullshit from the idiot shill.

        2. idamag January 2, 2013

          john, he is a racist.

          1. Sand_Cat January 3, 2013

            Is that all? I think I could come up with a much longer string of on-the-mark insults for this clown.

          2. idamag January 5, 2013

            Sand, I can, too.

      2. Progressive Patriot January 2, 2013

        I’m with you on this one, onedone…

        Voter suppression is bad, regardless of who is committing the crime. Tell me the facts about our troops not getting to vote. I’d like to check them.


        1. Sand_Cat January 3, 2013

          Notice the prompt response when someone asks for facts!

      3. Charlie Watkins January 2, 2013

        Who put them troops, in harms way and for what?

        1. idamag January 5, 2013

          Cheney, for Haliburton.

      4. FactsAndReason July 26, 2013

        citation or it didn’t happen; and I don’t mean “my buddy in EyeRack told me that somebody told him…”.

        1. mandinka July 26, 2013

          Your not serious are you??? 4 Dem controlled states mailed out absentee ballots late and the their residents never got them. In addition a plane load of “ballots” didn’t get there.
          Try reading a paper instead of this low IQ site

          1. charleo1 July 27, 2013

            A major probe by the Justice Department between 2002 and 2007 failed to prosecute a single person for going to the polls and impersonating an eligible voter, which the anti-fraud laws are supposedly designed to stop. Out of the 300 million votes cast in that period, federal prosecutors convicted only 86 people for voter fraud – and many of the cases involved immigrants and former felons who were simply unaware of their ineligibility. A much-hyped investigation in Wisconsin, meanwhile, led to the prosecution of only .0007 percent of the local electorate for alleged voter fraud. “Our democracy is under siege from an enemy so small it could be hiding anywhere,” joked Stephen Colbert. A 2007 report by the Brennan Center for Justice, a leading advocate for voting rights at the New York University School of Law, quantified the problem in stark terms. “It is more likely that an individual will be struck by lightning,” the report calculated, “than that he will impersonate another voter at the polls.”
            You know what I find even more unbelievable than voter fraud? That the Party of anti-government, that never accepts anything politicians say at face value. Will swallow hook line, and sinker, the word of the GOP, when the investigation by their own justice department doesn’t support it.
            So, forgive me, if I conclude you are a lot more concerned about skewing the results of an election to favor your point of view, even at the expense of democracy itself. Than voter fraud.

          2. mandinka July 27, 2013

            Lets see we have a sitting Senator from Minnesota who was placed in office by illegal votes. We had 25 precincts in Philly that had O votes for Romney in 2012 and we have millions of illegals register to vote absentee

          3. charleo1 July 28, 2013

            Yes Sir! I agree. Let’s see! Tell you what. You give me the
            names of 12 of those precincts, in Philly. And, one article
            that names 10 illegals registered to vote absentee out of
            one million.
            And any lawsuit, or challenge by either the State of Minnesota, or the Republican Party of Minnesota, or the Republican Governor, the State’s Attorney General of Minnesota, (also a Republican,) The State Election Board, any legal proceedings pending or otherwise, aganist the validity of Senator Al Frankin’s election win.

            I think the time for fraud is over. I think the time for the GOP
            to quit wasting their time lying about a subject as investigated
            for fraud, at least as much as the Big Foot video, with absolutely nothing to warrant their supposed concerns, but the sorry state of their own politics. I gotta say. A million illegal absentee voters? I heard the other day this Country has a million people with a gang affiliation. How many gang members do we see arrested? You’d think we’d see at least one, or two hundred illegal voters go to jail every year!
            A sign perhaps in the tomato fields, that warns, “No citizenship? No vote!” “It’s the law!” Know of just one such sign? Me neither. How about, 10 illegal voters for one green card? We can’t reveal your identity, because we don’t know it anyway! The NRA may be onto something. They often say “Just because you Lefties say we have a gun Problem, don’t take it our on us law abiding citizens!” “Enforce the laws already on the books! Or, “You’ll take my vote from my cold dead hand!!!!”

          4. mandinka July 28, 2013

            Big Foot isn’t real than who is that idiot in the WH his wife sure looks like Chubaka. As for the Al Frankin Senate race there was PLENTY of coverage but as usual Justice REFUSE to get involved no different than the black panther voter intimidation issue.
            We have 20 million illegals in this country how many do you see forced to go home every year. Every state that has attempted to make sure their voters are legitimate have been forced to go to court because of Holder and Obama. They realize that if voter ID becomes a legal requirement their days of controlling the presidency and the Senate are over

          5. charleo1 July 28, 2013

            How interesting! A piece of garbage, trying to sell a pile of shit.
            Go talk your racist clan shit to someone your own IQ Ass wipe!

          6. mandinka July 29, 2013

            The only racist shit in this country lives in the WH and his Buddy the AG. Since barak has become president race relations have gone south. That’s what happens when you have an avowed racist who’s only claim to fame was attending college as a quota recipient

          7. JSquercia October 8, 2013

            NO THAT is what happens when a bunch of racists REFUSE to believe they LOST .Compare their actions to those on the Democratic side who felt that the 2000 election was STOLEN

          8. rv August 17, 2013

            I guess you must be from the south, you sound like ignorant redneck.

          9. mandinka August 17, 2013

            Have you ever looked at Barak a true big foot and his wife looks like Jubacca

          10. rv August 17, 2013

            The GOP party is out of touch, and you will not see them get elected as much as in the past. This party victories are over and will be for a long time. Your average Americans are fed up with they’re lies. They will never get the majority of minority votes , even if they have minority token faces in their party. Their values have not chance, and never will change.

    5. Heather Gray February 8, 2013

      Banana Republicanization of America. It’s that craven and simple.

      1. Progressive Patriot February 10, 2013

        You’re right, Heather. What are we going to do?

    6. dxsmopuim May 8, 2013

      “voter suppression” now THAT is funny ! Requiring an individual to prove whom he or she actually is. To require an individual to be a legal citizen of the nation they are voting in. Yes, that is horrendous “voter suppression”
      Please find someone with a drill. (being a liberal I am sure you don’t own one) Take that drill and insert it, while in operation, into the side of your skill. Let some air get to that brain of yours because it isn’t working properly at the moment.

      1. Progressive Patriot May 8, 2013

        I don’t have time for your nonsense. If you have something intelligent to add to the conversation, great, I’m interested.

      2. FactsAndReason July 26, 2013

        The voter suppression being discussed is the unavoidable reality of laws passed by multiple GOP-dominated state legislatures to limit voting, especially times and methods used by traditionally non-GOP voters.

        What you are describing is Voter ID law; the two are not the same.

      3. rv August 17, 2013

        I guess next you will saying you where here first in this country and all the rest of us need to go back where we came from….lol

        1. dxsmopuim October 8, 2013

          No, I didn’t say that now did I ? Typical dementia based liberal retort. No facts, just name calling and bullying and a condescending dismissive attitude. Research VOTER FRAUD via google. Especially Jim Jones and the peoples temple in San Francisco. Do some homework and then call me back when you no longer have your head up your A$$.

      4. JSquercia October 8, 2013

        There are many elderly who do not have Birth Certificates for a variety of reasons but have been paying taxes and voting regularly .Remember the case of the woman who had voted in so many consecutive elections that she was in the Pennsylvania voters Hall of fame .

        So what about cutting early voting ? How is that savings us from fraud .Why is it that college IDs are NEVER considered as proof of ID .Why must the ID be current for example an expired Passport should be accepted as proof but isn’t ? North Carolina took the cake when it did away with the practice of preregistering High Schoolers .

        1. dxsmopuim October 8, 2013

          I have absolutely no regard for a persons’ EXCUSES ! The need to possess a CURRENT and VALID government issued identification in order to vote is NOT an outrageous requirement by any stretch of the imagination. Unless of course you are afflicted with the mind disease known as liberal/democrat/socialist/communist/nazi. In which case the only known and 100% successful cure is a bullet to the head. Please seek treatment as soon as possible.

  2. Daniel Jones December 31, 2012

    Let me be blunt here. The article has two words misplaced.

    I will correct this: “That Florida was even prepared to not handle its voters was an open secret before Election Day.”

  3. nobsartist December 31, 2012

    Democrats in both the Senate and Congress should censure the entire republiCON party for failure to support the Constitution as the oath of office requires.

    1. TZToronto January 1, 2013

      When they pay more attention to their pledge to Grover Norquist than they do to their oath of office, then they deserve to be censured. Actually, they deserve to be impeached . . . but who’s going to do it? The best chance is to vote the traitors out in 2014.

      1. idamag January 2, 2013

        TZT, their godfather.

  4. charleo1 December 31, 2012

    In Florida, a State not known for it’s vote counting abilities, watched as our totally Republican
    run government adopted one new voting restriction after the next. Clearly targeting minorities,
    the youth, and the poor. All to stop what they claimed was widespread voter fraud. Without even
    a single prosecuted charge of anyone voting with false ID, trying to vote twice, or a case of a
    non-citizen knowingly voting illegally. However, the people were, to say the least, an inspired
    lesson in dedication to civic duty! A Mother pushing a stroller, and carrying the older one on her
    hip, was interviewed by the local news, as they paned the length of the line stretching for more
    than a city block. The Mother told the local news guy she had been in the line 8 hours! When
    ask, why she was wiling to wait so long to vote in the sweltering S. Florida heat. She said
    she wanted to support the President, and teach her children the importance of exercising one’s
    Right to vote! I gotta tell you, I got a lump in my throat. And I thought, freedom lives! It was
    a great moment for me personally.

    1. idamag January 1, 2013

      charle, one thing their attempts at voter supression did do was engergize the voters and some of them did stand in long lines to exercise their right to vote. I think we need national voting laws to protect our precious right.

      1. Dominick Vila January 1, 2013

        idamag, that is exactly what happened. Ethnic minorities, and women, were so outraged by the attempts to suppress the vote in the state that gave us the hanging or pregnant chads, that they voted in unprecedented numbers.
        I thought it was fascinating to see how people voted in Florida. Northern Florida, the sparsely populated rural Panhandle, and parts of Central Florida voted for Romney. The most populated parts of Central Florida, and most of South Florida, voted for Obama. If you look at the map of Florida, by district, most of the state looks red. The Orlando area, and the densely populated Miami-Dade, Ft. Lauderdale, areas were solid blue.
        Critical components of the election outcome in Florida include the huge African-American and Hispanic turnout, the fact that the Cuban-American vote, which usually leans heavily in favor of Republicans, was split this time, and the Jewish-American vote in South Florida. I suspect the latter susprised the GOP, which was convinced Jewish Americans hated Obama. They failed to realize that not all Jewish people are Orthodox Jews, that most are highly educated, and that most support the social programs we benefit from and the need for public sector investment.

        1. idamag January 2, 2013

          Dominick, as in my state, the poor representation that is elected, comes from the backwoods. However, there is so much of that in this state.

      2. charleo1 January 1, 2013

        Yes. Absolutely. As it turned out, a lot of people were watching as the new voting
        rules were adopted everywhere the GOP were in charge. It was obvious, if people
        weren’t paying attention to the kinds of ID they were going to need, Democrats
        were going to be hurt. Then, they cut early voting by several days. But, I think
        Republicans really underestimated the reaction people would have to the attempted
        suppression. They showed up like gang busters, and simply refused to leave
        until allowed to vote. Republicans also took some huge hits. So, they weren’t
        wrong about one thing. If people did managed to vote, they were in trouble!

        1. FactsAndReason July 26, 2013

          Here in Florida, we went out of our way to ensure that people had portable shade, water, medical help, food, and anything else they needed to survive hours and hours and HOURS in line at the voting place.

          The Democratic and left-leaning people of Florida outfaced the GOP by patience, fortitude, and a sense that by standing in line they beat those GOP bastards at their own game. In a way it was funny listening to white people complaining about long voting lines; I didn’t hear too many black people complaining (and I was very involved at the grass roots level that day). Black folk didn’t complain much, they just made sure people had enough support to prevent them from having to leave the lines…see, they’re used to being crapped on and know how to patiently outwait it…

          It was truly disgusting to see the GOP governor and legislature clip away early voting hours, closing voting places, etc. etc. It was truly a joy to see the people of Florida keep the state BLUE despite the outrageous, immoral, and racist actions of the GOP-based state gov’t.

          1. charleo1 July 27, 2013

            It is fashionable today, and justifiably so, I think, to thank our
            military service members for their service. But, I think you, and
            those volunteers deserve a word of thanks for your service as
            well. For the support of the democracy that allows us to live
            as a free people. May your outrage also serve as an example
            of patriotism, that inspires more Americans to emulate your
            actions, and get involved. That’s what it’s really all about.

          2. rv August 17, 2013

            United We Stand and Divided We Fall….Being a war veteran I believe this to be very true.

    2. idamag January 2, 2013

      charle, and it should be illegal to purge. If the legality of one’s vote should be a concern, then right now, without purging, they could be checking voter registrations.

    3. FactsAndReason July 26, 2013

      The Bush II admin spent (wasted) 5 years of the DOJ’s time looking for voter fraud AND DIDN’T FIND IT. Believe me, if they had, we’d have heard about it in disgusting detail from the Chimp himself and False News.

      The GOP can’t prove voter fraud but continues to use it as a straw arguement for voter repression.

      Hey, GOP: we’re NOT stupid, and we see through your games.

  5. Dominick Vila January 1, 2013

    The GOP did not succeed in stealing the 2012 election, like they did in 2000, but they sure tried. Fortunately, their actions since the election all but guarantee the demise of the Republican party as a viable alternative. By marginalizing minorities and pursuing extreme right wing views or concepts, they appeal only to those living on the fringes of our society. Mainstream Americans are centrists, we are neither far right or far left. What most of us expect is respect, a responsive and effective government, and we want to see results in exchange for the taxes we pay. Saying no, without ever offering an alternative, is not an option.

  6. John Sehler January 1, 2013

    The Picture of Rick Scott Governor of Florida is most appropriate. The Governor in all his brilliance shortened the early voting, left people standing in line 9 hours to vote in the Presidential election and then impaneled a committee to fine out what why there was so many long lines and problems voting. We in Florida are in a heap of trouble. Send Aid.

    1. idamag January 1, 2013

      Yes, John, you are.

    2. Sand_Cat January 3, 2013

      “Second-Amendment Solutions”?

      1. FactsAndReason July 26, 2013

        Leave that crap rhetoric to the Tea Party: I want to cops to be shooting the right people (right as in correct AND as in looney-right-“we came unarmed THIS TIME” signholders).

        How come they get to threaten violence but they call us the violent ones?

  7. Rafi Escudero January 1, 2013

    All these comments are good and fine…but we have an opportunity to change things in 2014. We cannot forget! Let’s go to work beginning TODAY!!!!

    1. 101strac January 1, 2013

      I agree completely. In the months leading up to the election, I regularly posted this message. ” Do not let all of the lying, cheating, deceptive practices, of the republican party fade away into the past between now and election day. (2014) We must keep it all fresh in our minds, right up to the moment we cast our ballot for the Democratic Party” thereby removing from positions of power all of these extremist republicans. We showed them what the power of the vote can do. Let’s show them again in 2014.

    2. idamag January 1, 2013

      Rafi, for one thing, let’s contact our congresspersons and let them know we think we need national protections for voters.

  8. Sam January 1, 2013

    It’s not enough to call ‘Repubs’ thieves. How about ‘low-lifes’ ? How about traitors ?

  9. sunmusing January 1, 2013

    Part of the problem is the fact that the “VSP’s” and the rest of the media down plays the role of State Governments in voting…The States Constitutions are the birthplace of our voting rights…this is why the “tea party/corporate” interests are in the process of knocking down State Houses and Governorships…This strategy has been in place for years…and we are now on the cusp of losing our right to vote…we have lost our privacy, our right to organize and redress government, assemble peacefully, etc…the police state is near and is crawling its way to power…

  10. Richard Baerlocher January 1, 2013

    Political overthrow of our Democratic system should be a criminal act. When laws that subvert our election system the lawmakers should be help individually responsible. The people that support the Republican Party are and always will be above the law unless we the people get out and get the laws changed and insure that laws that suppress the votes cannot and willl not be passed by legislatures! The only way to insure the vote will not be suppressed is to make an amendment to the constitution spelling out the requirements for voter registration, and for conducting the voting!

    1. idamag January 1, 2013

      Anyone trying to supress the vote or tamper with it, in any way, should be disenfranchises and sent to prison. Our right to vote is that sacred.

      1. John Sehler January 1, 2013

        This disenfranchise would include the Supreme Court for passing the Citizens United Debacle.

  11. Tim Mocarski January 1, 2013

    Please stop blaming the Supreme Court for the 2000 election result, and please don’t make the mistake of saying that their decision was 5-4. The Court ruled 7-2 that the 14th Amendment was violated. The 5-4 decision was only on how it should be handled. Also, all subsequent challenges, recounts, and chad hanging that followed clearly showed that Bush did indeed win Florida.

    1. John Sehler January 1, 2013

      Kathleen Harris was the Attorney General at the time and was fully in the pocket of the republican party, Kathleen was the one who pulled the plug on the recount which ended any honesty in the election.

      1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

        You missed the part where she was also GWB’s campaign director for Florida.

        1. TransitDave February 20, 2013

          You missed the Miami Herald recount which had W the clear winner. Next?

          1. rothgar March 6, 2013

            Please source this

            because I’ve heard that had the vote gone as the Florida Supreme Court had ruled (not as Gore requested) Gore would have won.

          2. TransitDave March 8, 2013

            I didn´t find it on the web you see. I read it in the Miami Herald a few weeks after the election. But I´m sure you can google it.

          3. rothgar March 10, 2013

            Having done your research I found the Miami Herald Article!

            If confirms half of what I recall. That had the votes been recounted as the Gore Campaign requested Bush would have won.


            The Florida Supreme Court had ordered a complete recount which a consortium of News Papers repeated a few months later and found that had the Florida Supreme Court order not been over ruled by the Supreme Court Al Gore would have won Florida and the Presidency. This news came out about the same time as the 9/11 attack and so wasn’t given much hype.

      2. idamag January 2, 2013

        John, on C-span, i watched the group, from Florida who presented their issues with that election. They were sent there by people whose vote was tampered with. Franchised voters were turned away with the purge. ChoicePoint, the group chosen by Harris to do that purge, said that there was a 15% error and that was acceptable. If I were one of the 15%, it would not be acceptable. The polls were supposed to be open until 9 p.m. and some people found them closed at 8 p.m. that mess was about as unAmerican as we can get. Every person’s right-to-vote is sacred. We should all protect it.

    2. Sand_Cat January 3, 2013

      Hair-splitting doesn’t change the facts: the 5-4 is the one that counted. I believe the evidence also shows that Bush’s “win” was by no means “clear.”

      But you’re partly right: this country is full of idiots who whine and cry about their government as they go out and vote for it again. The fact that Jeb Bush was re-elected after his active participation in the fraud says it all.

      1. TransitDave February 20, 2013

        Jeb was and remains popular in Florida, and could easily have been elected Senator last election, but chose not to run….Next?

  12. agnar150 January 1, 2013

    please get rid of Rick Scott

    1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

      There is no recall process in FL. We have to wait for the next election and see how he tries to steal it again.

  13. jstsyn January 1, 2013

    We must vote republican traitors out of office in the mid term.

  14. Tyler January 1, 2013

    “Across the states, reports of lines that kept voters waiting as long as nine hours were all the evidence you needed to suggest the GOP was trying to stop those who work hourly jobs and have families to take care of from voting.” Republicans don’t work or have families?

  15. KINKERSNITCHET1 January 1, 2013

    Why not? It worked for Hitler!

    1. idamag January 2, 2013

      hitler did use voter supression.

  16. John G January 1, 2013

    One question that I keep coming back to is that Floridian are getting screwed over and over by these dirtbag so why keep electing them again.

    1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

      Easy, they’re old and the GOP fearmonger machine is effective.

  17. bpai99 January 1, 2013

    This news is no surprise but it is unfortunate to see the numbers broken out. What this clearly show is that the GOP voter suppression efforts were successful, just not enough so to make the difference. This will encourage them and result in an even greater focus on this area. Give them four more years to prepare and they might be able to suppress millions more votes nationwide.

  18. Joseph Phillips January 1, 2013

    Fuck Rick Scott. His head’s up Satan’s asshole, which is hot, and it burned his fucking eyebrows off.

  19. Bastion of Balance January 1, 2013

    This is a joke, right? The mere FACT that voter fraud was committed across the country to get 0bama elected just flies right over your heads. Some of you people who voted for 0bama don’t know the difference between a democracy and gang rape…. or that we live in a Constitutional Republic. God help you because your government surely won’t.

    1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

      There were 85 cases over the last decade. How, exactly, did that sway any election?

      Stop drinking for the Glenn Beck slopboard of trufe.

  20. onedonewong January 1, 2013

    The Supreme court didn’t stop the vote count they stopped the interpretation of the votes submitted they ended the great Karnak charade.
    The democrats did in fact steal the election with over 6 million illegals voting absentee and 2 million dead also voting absentee, couple that with the suppression of the military vote overseas so that no e of the troops in Afghanistan could vote

    1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

      You missed the other 7 billion folks who voted. If you’re going to lie, go big.

      1. onedonewong January 1, 2013

        they tried but the Post Office wouldn’t deliver them

        1. johninPCFL January 1, 2013

          Good one.

  21. Pam Miner January 1, 2013

    I read that the GOP thought it had a fail-proof software program that would have given the GoPa clear win. But Then, another group, knowing that they were -planing to do that, worked around the clock to find a way around it and succeeded. With few minutes to spare it is said that their plan worked fine all day and not 1, but over 500 times it got hits on it. ending when the pols closed.

  22. ChristoD January 2, 2013

    The GOP (Greed Over People) party has no shame. Their mantra is to win at all costs which includes suppressing the vote, lies, deception, misinformaton and whatever else it takes to rescue their corrupt, anti-middle class, anti everything that is not good for the upper class. Their shame has no bounds.

  23. MollyBee64 January 3, 2013

    The modern-day GOP lies and cheats. Americans are on to them and they had better change. No one has yet mentioned the clever gerrymandering of voting districts by GOP administrations nor the flurry of voter ID laws clearly meant to suppress the vote in red states.

    1. jstsyn January 15, 2013

      They will only come up with better ways to cheat. They need to be dissolved.

  24. bckrd1 January 3, 2013

    I can’t wait to vote Voldermort out in 2014. The man is SCUM.

    1. lana ward January 8, 2013

      Wow! If Rick Scott is scum, I’d hate to know what you think of princess omuslim!!

  25. lana ward January 8, 2013

    Omuslim stole the election. Many groups scemeing–and it worked!! The election process was murdered that night, and so was America!!

  26. Kansan January 9, 2013

    Scott is a criminal who bought his office with just $75 million of the money he stole from the U.S. with bogus Medicare and Medicare claims as CEO of Healthcare Corporation of America. He walked with $360 million in going away money including stocks.

    The corporation settled claims for bogus billing, including to states, for $2 billion.

    Since he got himself elected, he is reaping the benefits as lobbyists carry checks make a pathway to his door. His relationship with for-profit prison scamster GEO Group would probably have anyone else winding up in the pen himself.

  27. Bush Wacker February 12, 2013

    What voter surpession what about all the democrat college students voting often.

    1. JSquercia May 25, 2013

      If I remember it correctly the one case ofa voter tring to cast Muliple ballots was in Arizona where a Republican was cauight and he said he was JUST testing the system .

  28. Bush Wacker February 12, 2013

    The republicans never stole the election Gore could not even win his home state.

  29. Bush Wacker February 12, 2013

    What about all Obama an his lying deceptive practices to stay in office.

  30. TransitDave February 20, 2013

    Oaf course the GOP tried to steal the election, but Obama succeeeded……..

  31. Donna February 20, 2013

    The GOP has stolen a presidential election with the help of a right wing Supreme Court. They also stole from the middle class for decades with upward distribution of wealth and Corporate Welfare. So it’s no surprise that they tried to steal the last election by voter suppression.

    The former Grand Old Party has simply sunk to new depths. How much lower can they go without self destructing. When did they decide that America is no longer a democracy. They’ve become the Party of Hate. Hatred will never overpower the human spirit which looms large among the Progressives of the nation.

    I can’t begin to tell you how many people I know who say, “I’ve been a lifelong Republican, but I can no longer support the misdeeds of the party”. The GOP leadership, Fox News Tabloid, and the right wing extremist pundits are ruining what’s left of the party.

    1. disqus_qQLhst7cBF February 22, 2013

      You do know don’t you that the NY Times and the Washington Post counted every ballot by hand in Florida. EVERY SINGLE BALLOT. And Bush won. Next time instead of looking ignorant maybe you should do a little research instead of just spouting nonsense that you heard some other idiot say.

  32. dalancroft February 21, 2013

    Agree with Progressive Patriot.

  33. disqus_qQLhst7cBF February 22, 2013

    This is the biggest lie ever. Voting totals in 2012 were higher than in 2008 by nearly 30K voters. This write is nothing but a stupid hack.

  34. Ken Bowser February 24, 2013

    No kidding? I live in Ohio and there’s statewide investigations going on because of rampant voter fraud. All over the state. Don’t I remember Seattle recounting several times and then (oh my god) we found ballots that weren’t counted for days? Never mind that Al Franken won by 300 votes, yet 1200 felons voted illegally. I guess you find it acceptable for democrats to commit voter fraud but not the other side.

  35. Tiredofthem February 24, 2013

    …said the woman who voted for obama 6 times….

  36. J_R_Brown February 24, 2013

    The laugh here is that self-important liberals think that their party doesn’t do exactly the same kinds of thing.

    1. bobby February 26, 2013

      Cite examples please.

  37. Peter York February 24, 2013

    Gee, sure is nice to find a non-biased web site.

  38. labman57 February 26, 2013

    While everyone was being distracted with the GOP’s blatent efforts to restrict voters’ rights and manipulate election day infrastructure in order to bolster the Republican candidate’s chances in the election for POTUS, a more subtle approach via gerrymandering was successfully implemented which allowed them to retain control of the House of Representatives.

  39. Swifty Morgan February 28, 2013


  40. rustacus21 July 14, 2013

    It all falls to the law & order leadership of the nation, to define what is beyond the limits of simple obstruction. Accepting it is an insult to our democratic traditions the legacy of our civic culture. The fact that more people, understanding the implications of this article, is what is even more disheartening. We have the absolute numbers & should be overwhelmingly commanding every elective Congressional office at the state & federal levels – save those few red states w/total populations below a million or 2 residents (about 7-9 total). Forcing this issue in favor of the Constitution isn’t a difficult thing. But pressure needs to be brought upon this administration to do something NOW so that the next election will be more fair & transparent – that means declaring gerrymandered districts illegal & establishing safeguards against voting machine manipulations to a higher degree. The criminals ARE NOT the only ones who are tech-savvy & it’s time Liberals (being pushed by Progressives) stop trying to play nice & negotiate from some sissified, whimpy position (not calling out Harry Reid by name, by the way!!!) & start cursing, kicking over stuff & punching people in the nose to establish that THIS Democracy is BEING DEFENDED by STRONG men & women in FAITH of OUR Civic Culture. We are not savages! Conservatives may be, but there’s woods & caves for Neanderthallians of that type…

  41. KevinLawson September 4, 2013

    Register voters if you want to do something about it.

  42. medford_resident September 26, 2013

    this lie might ring more true if not for the fact that these democratic strongholds handle their own voting. If they waited in long lines, they have their democratic office holders to thank.


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