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The So-Called ‘Year Of The Angry Voter’

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The So-Called ‘Year Of The Angry Voter’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is seen on video monitors as people take photographs during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Supposedly 2016 is the Year of the Angry Voter. To hear the pundits tell it, Americans are just furious.

Well, call me smug or out of touch, but I think it’s mainly a fad. TV talking heads say they’re supposed to be bitter, so suggestible people persuade themselves that they are. In interviews, people say that the “American Dream” has stagnated, and they’re fearful about terrorism and crime.

Except that crime rates have decreased so much that the statistics can be hard to believe. Writing in Washington Monthly, Mike Males points out that in 1990 “nearly 500 [Los Angeles] teenagers died from gunfire and 730 were arrested for murder.” In 2015, the numbers were 57 gun deaths and 65 homicide busts. This in a sprawling metropolis of ten million.

Meanwhile, student test scores are up, dropout rates way down, and teenagers are having far fewer kids out of wedlock. College enrollments are rising. Not only in L.A. but across the country. One of my pet theories has always been that Rush Limbaugh fans get all steamed up because they’re stuck in traffic, but maybe not.

As for terrorism, roughly 100 Americans have been slain by berserk ISIS supporters in the United States this year. That’s terrible, and events in France have been appalling. But it helps to keep things in perspective: anything could happen, but the average American is statistically more likely to be killed by a falling TV set than a terrorist attack.

Hotheads heat up when anybody says this, but ISIS has no air force, no navy and no real army. It is a negligible threat to national security. Remain calm.

Anyway, if you do get agitated, you may be suffering from what novelist Ted Mooney dubbed “information sickness.” My advice would be to turn off TV news. “If it bleeds, it leads” is the motto of every local and cable-TV news program in America. Even on the high-dollar end. During a recent 60 Minutes interview, Leslie Stahl told Donald Trump and Mike Pence that “I don’t remember the last time we’ve seen a world in this much chaos.”

Needless to say, both candidates quickly agreed. Fear and anger are all they’ve got.

Now Leslie Stahl’s even older than I am, so she surely remembers 1968. The United States had over 500,000 soldiers fighting the bloody, pointless Vietnam War. Martin Luther King was assassinated in April, and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in June. Riots broke out in Washington, Chicago, Baltimore, and elsewhere. In August, Chicago cops and anti-war protestors fought wild street battles during the Democratic convention. The GOP gifted the nation with Richard M. Nixon.

You want chaos? That’s chaos.

Perhaps spending more time with her grandchildren might settle Stahl down. I find that baseball has a calming effect. A couple of hours watching the Red Sox or Cubs takes me to a different world–complex, dramatic, often suspenseful, but just a ballgame.

Also, it’s not for everybody, but I talked with a police detective the other day about our shared pastime of caring for cows. Nothing restores balance like half an hour among the herd.

But if it’s outrage you want, Trump’s your man. Indeed, most “Angry Voter” interviews appear to have been conducted at Trump or Bernie Sanders rallies! the equivalent of seeking supporters of marijuana legalization at a Dead and Company show. Not exactly a valid sample.

But anyway, criticize their hero, and you learn fast who many Trump supporters are. “Jason” writes that “YOU SHOULD BE WATERBOARDED AND THEN HAVE TRUMP [DEFECATE] IN YOUR MOUTH AND THEN BE SENT TO GITMO WITH THE REST OF THE AMERICAN TRAITORS.”

Sexual insults are common: “I bet you are a cross dresser,” offers “Karyn.”  “Do you fantasize about replacing Huma Abedin as Hillary’s lesbian lover? NEWS FLASH! American voters see right through you degenerate propagandists… Hope to see a group picture of all you media whores jumping off the ledge and killing yourselves after c**t Hillary loses.”

Use of the c-word to describe the Democratic nominee in messages ostensibly written by women is common, a first in my experience. Maybe that’s because email routing marks indicate that some messages may originate in Russia. “Karyn,” for example, would appear to be a foul-mouthed little elf in Vladimir Putin’s cyber-workshop.

Interesting, don’t you think?

Washington Monthly’s Males also points that if there’s one demographic group in America feeling justifiably left out, it’s working class white men over 45—the core of Trump’s alienated supporters. They got screwed in the 2008 crash, and the Obama recovery hasn’t reached them—partly due to age and lack of job skills, partly where they live.

No matter who’s elected coal-mines aren’t coming back.

Trump’s save-the-billionaires economics wouldn’t help working class whites anyway. But Trump can’t win.

Scare-mongering aside, most Americans have experienced real progress under President Obama. They remain hopeful for more.

Photo: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is seen on video monitors as people take photographs during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows. Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. Lynda Groom August 10, 2016

    Now thats an interesting article. I’ve been trying to determine if most of those so-called angry voters can actually articulate what it is that they are so angry about? Putting aside the usual taking points would certainly be a great starting point.

    1. ceekee August 10, 2016

      I have been trying to determine the same.

    2. plc97477 August 10, 2016

      I have a feeling that most would be angry about the color of Obama’s skin. That is the only thing that seems to really bothers them.

  2. Dominick Vila August 10, 2016

    There is no doubt in my mind that a segment of our population has been left behind for a variety of reasons, are depressed, and are struggling to make ends meet. The problem I have with this issue is that the crowds that attend Trump’s rallies don’t look like people that buy WIC items at a grocery store, or purchase clothes at the local Goodwill store.
    His devotees looks more like those we see aboard a ship during a Caribbean cruise, or those waiting in line, roughing it, to go on a ride at Disney World.
    The people we hear chanting Hang her, put her in jail, and those who booed when The Donald stated that Hillary plans to abolish the 2nd Amendment (she does not), are not economically deprived. Their motivation has a lot more to do with issues such as deporting Mexicans, banning Muslims from entering the USA, doing whatever it takes to stop the cultural changes that are taking place in the USA and Western Europe, dismantling social programs that help the poor and the middle class, and taking us back to an era when every American knew their place in society, and did not dare sit on the wrong seat while riding a bus, or think that he/she could order a milk shake at any restaurant and be served with a smile.

  3. Box August 10, 2016

    You cant put into one pot why people are angry and its definitely not a fad and its not information sickness either. Ask 10 people why they are angry and you will get 11 answers.

    But I remember when it started. Jan 2009. When Obama was elected and people began to see the broken promises, people like Alex Jones began to get people stirred and the anger took off from there. There was also the new Tea Party to get people riled, there was the bank bailouts to get people on fire. Pretty soon everything was making people angry. So, an eight year “fad?” Impossible. Worst thing, there was never a letting off of the steam when people saw that Congress wasnt going against any outrageous thing coming out of the White House. Anger has only grown, to the point people look like monsters, so do the candidates, so does the country. People are so angry they dont even know why anymore. Is it the economy? Socialism? Bathrooms? Vets? Planned Parenthood? BLM? Ferguson? Loss of employment? Take your pick.

    Do you know why people are angry? Because there is anger and lack of peace and solid hope and no sense of direction and rise of chaos. Unending list.

    1. ceekee August 10, 2016

      Delusional much?

    2. jmprint August 10, 2016

      The Tea Party happened before the president was elected. I know because I have customers, who claimed they would never vote for him and claimed they were with the Tea Party and were conservatives. How can they say on day one of a job performance that he had any broken promises when he hadn’t had time to perform. Alex Jones has so many utube videos against President Obama conspiracy after conspiracy, and has done the same to Hillary. I have asked several people to name one thing that has effected their life, and NONE can say one thing, but they claim they have heard of some that are effected. So they are not angry because of their own personal life, but because someone SAID.

  4. AgLander August 10, 2016

    It is far more accurate to call it “the year of the idiot vote”…….that is the only way we can possibly explain Hillary Clinton being on any ballot, much less for president!

    1. ceekee August 10, 2016

      You are a beyond gross troll.

      1. AgLander August 10, 2016

        I’m not popular with lemmings so I understand your feelings that are flowing sporadically and unevenly from a low activity brain center.

    2. A_Real_Einstein August 10, 2016

      Talk about idiots! Thanks for nominating Bozo the Clown and giving us back the Senate. Time to talk a walk and get out of your trailer for a few. Even the house is in play. Who are the idiots, again?

    3. Jon August 10, 2016

      Many people are saying that if Donnie has his way, Hillary won’t be on the ballot. She will be assassinated by one of the 2nd Amendment people he called on to murder her. I guess you feel better now.

  5. Karen August 10, 2016

    I keep scanning the faces in the Trump audience trying to figure out what they are about. All I can think of are youngsters who when they are tired, fearful, overstressed look to the adult in the room to make them feel better or safer. Unfortunately, these are adults who don’t have coping skills of their own and are looking for the person who will make it all better…..unable to see that this guy has gone over the cliff and are willingly following.
    As far as Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are concerned, I said it when he first came on the air, he has been able to poison the minds of so many and we are reaping what he has sown as well…..hate and fear have earned a lot of money for many.

    1. AgLander August 10, 2016

      Have you scanned the crowd at a Hillary function lately? If you had you would have noticed a familiar face sitting in the VIP section directly behind her yukking it up and having a great time…..the homophobic father of the Orlando terrorist! It does not get any scarier than that and what kind of women is this that claims she will be able to properly security screen hundreds of thousands of unknown Syrians she wants to bring to this country yet she can’t even filter out a nationally recognizable face of a Taliban supporting father of a terrorist at one of her rallies?! (Or maybe she didn’t intend to filter him!)

      1. Jon August 10, 2016

        Many people are saying that the father of the Orlando mass murderer was a plant by Trump at Hillary’s appearance. They say he even had a pledge card he had signed earlier binding himself to vote for Trump.

    2. ceekee August 10, 2016

      So true

      1. AgLander August 10, 2016

        so untrue……but to a lemming like you and Hillary fans it really doesn’t matter. Your noses are so firmly planted up her ample backside that you aren’t getting a very clear picture of the real world out there where the air is a lot fresher.

        1. ceekee August 10, 2016

          Oh please. You’re so deeply entrenched in your ugly little world of hatred you wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit you between the eyes. Ignorance is deeply rooted in Trump supporters.

        2. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

          Give it up. Every post shows how much you haven’t a clue, as if your apparent support for TRUMP weren’t more than enough in itself. You are the blind herd animal here, and not one of the brighter ones.

    3. Dominick Vila August 10, 2016

      There are quite a few “angry” voters in my neighborhood. Most live in traditional middle class single family homes, with large modern baths and kitchen, have a couple of new cars in their driveway, go out to dinner almost every day, and enjoy all the amenities that most middle class families in the USA do.
      Their frustration is likely to be a combination of guilt, fear, and ideology. Economic woes, barring the probability of some wishing they were billionaires, does not seem a motive for their anger.

      1. Karen August 10, 2016

        What you say of Trump supporters is true about those I know as well.

      2. esmensetoo August 10, 2016

        They probably have considerable debt. The affluent are angry. They did everything they were suppose to do, got all the things that were/are suppose to indicate their superiority over the hoi polloi, and — tragically — the standards for wealth and superiority have changed, are constantly changing. A two-earner professional family, despite the MacMansion, the cars, the vacations to the exotic foreign place of the moment, the high tech gear for whatever extreme sport they indulge in, etc., etc., aren’t winners. They are in constant, grubbing competition for resources and status objects with others equally affluent, and many others much, much, much more affluent. They may fly first class, but the people who really count have private planes. And the price of everything needed to support their class status — and perpetuate it for their children — keeps spiraling upward.

        These are the people who are REALLY ANGRY at the bankers and the 1%. Who they both envy and blame for their debt (and are indebted to) and the loss of value in their most important assets. They are the people who had investment and, most important, property value to lose in the 2008 collapse. The ones who were counting on housing inflation to bail them out of debt in time for retirement. The ones who now have to ask their children to take on immense amounts of debt to get the kind of education that their own parents and a good summer job had once provided for them.

        1. jmprint August 10, 2016

          Yes, but they don’t really take time to learn, how we got here, mostly their own greed they want to blame those that have less, they want to blame those on welfare, when corporate welfare is the real thief. I am not angry, I am not happy that we cannot afford college tuition for our children, but I am not angry, our children just will need to work harder at their education if they want to succeed in this world, that if you don’t have a degree, it will be hard to earn a livable wage.

          1. esmensetoo August 10, 2016

            I have sympathy, actually, for their unrealized expectations. There has been very little honest conversation over the last 40 years about what was happening in our economy. We have had an economy that didn’t work for all but the top 20% since the 80s. And whether they realized it or not, the prosperity of many in that top 20%, most especially the top 5-10%, was based in economic strategies that created great wealth for the .001%, and affluence for themselves, by cannibalizing the prosperity of the middle and working class.

            I worked in advertising and marketing from the mid-70s to the early-mid 90s, when my husband and I started our own small, manufacturing business. In Seattle, one of the best places to witness the birth of the new, global, automated, (and finace dominated) economy.

            Here is the reality most people don’t understand; the post-war-boom, industrialized economy, with its broad, prosperous middle class and prosperous mass market, died in the very deep recession of the early 80s. And the conservative policies we adopted then, and perhaps many of your neighbors have been supporting over all these years, could not, were never designed to, bring that kind of broad prosperity back.

            And, in fact, we didn’t even aim for it — Reagan didn’t brag about how many people were rising from poverty, he bragged about how many new millionaires were being made (and everyone ignored the fact that many reached that definition through incredible inflation in property values). Marketers and advertisers AND the media they supported weren’t interested in reaching a mass market (or talking to the working class or about the problems they were facing) — increasingly all the money was in the new “upscale” market of two earner, college educated households. And, increasingly, those households, along with the wealthiest interests, were the sole focus of political, cultural — they were the “meritocracy” after all — and economic interest. Everyone was getting rich! Everyone would soon be upscale! At least, everyone who counted.

            Instead of raises, and better jobs, the middle and working class got easy credit. And often pink slips. Instead of genuine economic growth we got bubbles — the Savings & Loan and commercial real estate (and commercial debt) bubbles of the 80s that spurred the “recovery” from the early 80s recession, and collapsed in the late 80s recession, when many of the much touted (in magazines like Money, Inc, etc.) high-flying new businesses, consolidations and take-overs collapsed into bankruptcy or “re-structuring” or just closed their doors because of too much high interest debt. Then, of course, the housing re-financing and the internet/high tech investment bubble of the 90s, and inevitably, when there wasn’t much left on the bones of the actual middle class to pick, except the value in their homes, the housing bubble of this century’s first decade.

            We have had a 20% economy for a very long time. But, inevitably, there had to come a time when even the 20% had to face up to what we had been doing to ourselves — that time arrived in 2008.

            The question is — will they wake up and realize their prosperity has always depended on the fortunes of everyone else — and everyone else is now tapped out. Easy credit and bubbles hid that fact for a long time. But those delusions are gone — now we have to face reality.

            I saw that reality in 1989 when I was hired to do some free-lance work for a large regional retailer that was about to celebrated it’s 100th birthday. (And two years later would close its doors.) It, like all regional retailers of its era, was in trouble. The local paper published “advice” from prominent marketing people in the region for what it must do to change its fortunes — advertise to the “upscale market” (as Nordstrom was doing). But those genuises forgot some important reality — Nordstrom’s success was built on the fact that it was expanding in a different era, and building its new branches in places where two earner households, people who worked in finance and communications, areas where women were beginning to earn professional level salaries, were settling. My client had expanded in the era of middle class expansion — in places like Tacoma, Walla Walla, Tri-Cities, Everett — working class communities that had been devastated in the early 80s recession and were continuing to suffer.

            One day after a meeting, on the top floor, with the advertising department in their downtown, flagship store, I took the escalator down 9 empty floors (it was the beginning of the Christmas season) to the basement level — the only floor where business was actually being conducted (we were in recession). There was a very popular , very cheap, salad bar where I intended to have lunch. The line to pay for your salad was huge, and very slow. Since these were simple, singular purchases, for the most part, I was curious about why individual purchases were taking so long — so I tried to see what was happening at the check out. What I saw was this; to process credit card purchases the clerk had to walk to a different counter and use one of those hand gadgets, and then walk back to the other counter and get the buyer’s signature — and EVERYONE was putting their $2.50 purchase on a credit card. As someone who very rarely used credit and never for minor purchases this totally shocked me. I talked about how shocked I was with colleagues, friends — and in the process found out that everyone was carrying significant debt (some were colleagues I had assumed had wealthy parents because while we earned about the same they were much bigger spenders than I was). As people were encouraged to do in that decade — they’d been buying with “today’s dollars” with the expectation that they would “pay off with tomorrow’s cheaper dollars.”

            That was the point when I realized this was all going to collapse at some point. It didn’t happen in the 90s because lowered interest rates led to a huge round of home re-financing that allowed people to discharge their debt and start borrowing again.

            What happened in 2007-2008 was inevitable.

            Our economy has been a mirage for decades. People are now being forced to see it as it really is — without the illusion of debt-fueled prosperity and bubble-inflated assets.

          2. jmprint August 10, 2016

            That really sums it up. But I also see a lot of well educated, retired individuals that aren’t hurting, they are actually enjoying a great laid back life style, living off their invested profits, that are in the angry group, because they feel threatened, that those that are weaker or in need of assistance takes away from their security.

          3. esmensetoo August 10, 2016

            A lot of that, even if it isn’t expressly stated as such, has to do with fears about health care access — even for the relatively affluent, even with Medicare, health issues can seriously threaten financial stability.

            Medicare was the easiest health reform to pass politically for a simple reason; private insurers didn’t want and couldn’t afford to cover the elderly. But they also were the patients most likely to show up at the door of hospitals and other care providers with little ability to pay. When your most important market can’t afford to pay and are costly to insure, Uncle Sam stepping in is a life-saver. People don’t realize how much health care access — and doctor’s incomes — owe to Medicare.

            But it also created a significant and dedicated block of voters that is terrified of expanding public support for health services to the broader population, because they fear it will result in less service, less resources, for them.

            That was a big motivator for The Tea Party and it continues to be a important factor in older conservative’s anger today.

            I read something recently about the way age played into, and how the elderly were targeted, the Brexit vote.

            There was no positive correlation between voting to leave the EU and actual impact and presence of immigrants in a particular area. In fact, in those places most impacted by immigrants the vote went against leaving.

            And, in fact, Brexit proponents didn’t make anti-immigrant appeals.

            Their most central appeal was actually the false notion that the money going to the EU would, instead, be devoted to the Health Service. THAT is what all their posters, brochures and other materials pretty exclusively emphasized. (In fact they used the Health Service logo so lavishly in their pro-Brexit materials that the Health Service threatened to sue.)

            Brexit passed because older people, worried about the continuation of the health services they need, or would need in the future, voted for something they were told would ensure the continuation of those services.

      3. AgLander August 10, 2016

        You are confusing “anger” among your neighbors with the reality that they aren’t angry but that they “get it”; the destructive nature of what we have been through the last 8 years and the rapid decline of our nations core strengths to the level of no longer being respected by our friends and no longer feared by our enemies. Your neighbors are caring patriots…..you should get your big head out of the sand and join them….you might learn something.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker August 10, 2016

          No he is not. I see the same anger, most of it coming from white, middle aged, angry males who lived off corruption since Bush opened the doors to crooks when he was first elected.

          Why do you even bother posting? You have yet to post anything anyone can agree with. What does that tell you? That only you out of millions on planet earth can be the ONLY voice of righteousness? Get professional mental help before your cow size mouth overloads that hummingbird brain.

          1. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

            A bit of an overreaction? Not sure why your reaction is so harsh. Did you actually read what he wrote?

          2. David August 12, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Still full of your vile tongue I see. Take your meds and calm down.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker August 12, 2016

            I give as good as I get. I am fed up with the MAN’s WORLD BS. If you men can’t shut your stupid mouths. You get vile, vicious and anything else YOU deserve.

            As for you, you don’t get to tell others what they can and can’t do.

          4. David August 13, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Your ex must have broke your heart when he left you. Your extreme hatred for men is apparent in most everything you write. I was going to further demean you and the bile you vomit forth on this site, but I think pity is a more appropriate response. Look at almost all your posts. You will see someone attacking, insulting and using invective against all those who disagree with her. You might consider finding a charitable organization nearby that you could channel some of your energy into. Living out the remainder of your days as a spiteful, old hag clinging to the memory of when she was younger, vibrant and a productive member of society is sad. If you go to church, I am sure you can provide them with much needed help. Do something positive with what remains of your life.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker August 13, 2016

            You don’t even have a wife do you asshat? Not that it is any of your business but since you are such a nosy little boy who can’t mind your own business on your most coherent day, my ex and I got along quite well. He was an alcoholic who refused to get help. And before you go there jerk, he started drinking at age 12, as he would admit to you proudly. Sucker.

            The only broken heart is yours. You know men like you are not exactly what ANY woman would go near without an AR-15 to protect herself.

            I don’t have to look at any of my posts. I am not going to give obsessed, control freak men like you the pleasure of EVER thinking yours is the last word the world should hear.

            It is kind of sad that you are so mentally unhinged that you can’t provide a single coherent post you can prove with facts. But you do love BS. So, I’d suggest you serve up a nice hearty portion for your next meal.

            Men like you hide your hatred for women because your Mommy was the authority in your family when Daddy was too busy womanizing. So Daddy’s Boy….do try to mind your own business. Noses as long as your beak are a danger ONLY to you.

          6. David August 13, 2016

            Eleanore!!! It is obvious that you are laboring under some severe mental problems that a professional should address. I noticed that you are not well educated (see your posts that Texas wasn’t a nation at one time); have a strong dislike for Southern states (see your posts using the terms “corn pone” and “mutton chops”); and, harbor a bitter hatred for men.
            I sincerely hope Jesus comes into your life. Have a blessed day!
            P.S. My wife, who is a CPA, says that there are times when I am pretty nice, actually. And, my two daughters think I am semi-cool for an old man!

          7. Eleanore Whitaker August 13, 2016

            David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very stupid man overdoes the exclamation BS.

            For half wit like you who disagrees with anything and everything, your ONLY labor is a big mouth that goes on endlessly like a motor.

            You really need a psychiatrist. What kind of man sits in front of a computer ALL day, EVERY day, EVERY minute and EVERY second, posting, posting, posting?

            Jesus would kick you into hell for your lies, deceptions and most of all you inability to act like a man and not some little spoiled child McMommy dumped into Daycare in infancy.

            Just because your McMommy held you upside by your toes, doesn’t mean your butt end is your brain.

            But do keep on making a jerk of yourself. I find it exhilarating and wonderfully amusing. My very own personal science experiment in a clown suit.

            Every woman should use a man with your oddities for science experiments. It’s such fun fun fun…..roflmao

          8. David August 13, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! What I will continue doing is pointing out the rampant errors in your posts and your pitiful existence. I feel sorry for you. Have a blessed day!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker August 14, 2016

            A man who consistently has no life, no job and no family is a Lone Wolf waiting to play God. You don’t fool me. Men like you spend decades in decadent sin and now because your first grey hair showed up on your balding head, you suddenly “Got religion?”

            Nice try phony boy. A vicar you are not. Try David Duke. I understand he attracts CON men like you all the time.

          10. David August 14, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! My wife and girls would be surprised that we are not a family. I practiced law for 35 years — I know what it is like to work long hours. Moreover, part of what I do that I enjoy is pointing out the pomposity of pitiful cretins like you. Do something with the shrill hate you have bottled up inside. Have a blessed day!

        2. esmensetoo August 10, 2016

          I think you are confusing you and your neighbors own feelings about personal losses, which to you mean a loss of status, with the actual state of the nation. Feeling weak? No longer respected or feared? Projection fuels a lot of Right wing talk about the nation’s imaginary weakness, and envy fuels a lot of their hatred of others, who they think have it easier or have gained more, much more easily, than they have.

          There are wide swaths of this country that have not recovered, or are not in the process of recovering, from the economic collapse of 2008. They have reasons to be angry. And reasons to envy the prosperity that has mostly returned to, and in many cases now exceeds, what was lost, in other parts of the country. Those swaths are, unfortunately, mostly places with conservative governance — that is not up to the economic challenges those states and regions actually face in a modern economy. Governance that, in many ways, actually thwarts both recovery of what was lost, and opportunity to use the region’s resources in new ways to create new prosperity.

          It is understandable that they don’t think liberals, who have been demonized in their political culture and who have little power, would address their region’s problems. But the truth is, conservatism is unable to even identify those problems, because the conservative powers that be are too invested in them. What may be killing the middle class is making some people people in the region, with the means to influence politics, very rich.

          1. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

            WELL WRITTEN. BRAVO!

          2. charleo1 August 11, 2016

            Second Bravo!!!

        3. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

          You bet. Just like all you intolerant right-wingers mistake anger and frustration among us at your obtuseness and willful ignorance as “intolerance.”

      4. Eleanore Whitaker August 10, 2016

        The word you are looking for is the same word that typifies The Donald, “Excess.”

        When humans live in abject excess, they believe that excess for them and only them is limitless. This is their fundamental empowerment.

        So, no. They have no plan for Trickle Down…ONLY Trickle Up. Selfish pigs never mind everyone else doing without so long as their bellies are full.

        1. Dominick Vila August 10, 2016

          …and a bit of arrogance.

          1. AgLander August 10, 2016

            I find liberals like yourself to be very dangerous because your ignorance is sincere.

          2. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

            You probably can’t find your head; a hint: it’s firmly ensconced in your rectum.

    4. AgLander August 10, 2016

      When I scan the faces in the Clinton audiences there is a commonality in all of their expressions……a dull look that suggests a lack of brightness.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 10, 2016

        Lander, go and get yourself a one way ticket to North Korea Mr. Bully Mind. Don’t you EVER stop your Hillary bashing addiction?

        When I scan the face of the Clinton audience, I see intelligent, decent Americans who are not power freaks like you.

        Too bad, isn’t it? You have a mentally unhinged Trump promoting Hillary’s assassination in his oh so subtle tones and even the CIA and Secret Service have him and nuts like you on their radar.

        So..keep up the hate and bashing and see how fast you land in trouble for reckless, instigation and inciting other unhinged nuts like you to violence.

      2. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

        You’re an idiot. Though perhaps you know that “dull look” very well, having seen it every time you look in a mirror.

    5. Eleanore Whitaker August 10, 2016

      Karen, the same Wrestlemania crowd ARE Trump supporters. These are people who are too stupid to recognize when their Republican politicians are slashing and burning ONLY them.

      Right now they hate that all slash and burn attempts by the Republican House Majority has done the most damage in their own states.

      But these inbred, under educated clowns view schools and hospitals closing in their states as a “savings.” Especially when they know you and I will cover their education and emergency medical services costs.

    6. jmprint August 10, 2016

      Trump is the equivalency of crack cocaine, it has the same affect on those that are lacking self esteem. It makes them feel good about themselves, not realizing the future is a dark and lonely place for them.

    7. charleo1 August 10, 2016

      As fair an assessment of Trump supporters as I’ve read anywhere! The opposite s true for the incumbent office holders who’ve just lost their Party. They’re all scared, confused as to what has befallen them, what to do… They feel homeless, adrift, unloved, and abused, And it’s all because they’re looking at the same man All too ironic I’d say!

      1. plc97477 August 11, 2016

        They didn’t “lose” their party they gave it away.

  6. Box August 10, 2016

    Good a place as any to talk about Hillarys health and we need to stop hiding from it because it begs an important question.

    Years ago someone in my family died of a stroke and another died of something similar. Nobody saw it coming, except in hindsight. Lets take one of them. In the view of hindsight we saw the person change, it was in their face. There is a difference between a persons expression of worry, angst, depression, even happiness and the expression resulted from something else inside they cannot get away from. It comes as a sort of wince, or half-frown that is apparent even when they are laughing. In hindsight we saw that in these people soon before they died and even when they seemed otherwise normal.

    About 3-4 years ago I saw it again in Hillary but I didnt pay it any mind. But it didnt leave. Her expression changed and it wasnt simply due to aging. Around the time of the Benghazi hearings this change grew in her face at the same time there were reports of health problems but no report said what it was.

    In the current round of reports in which she cant walk properly, has the fellow helping her talk, having an injection ready, the spacing-out, the bobbing head, these are not normal and something is wrong.

    On one hand it should be said that 65 is the retirement age so why when they are older is anyone running for president instead of retiring? Rightfully its fair to ask why we dont have a law that says the max age to run is 50, for example. All the candidates are not presidential candidates, they are geriatric candidates. Face it.

    But among them Hillary shows the greatest signs of problems. She is slipping everyday and how can an ill person be president? If she has a stroke next March and becomes confined to a wheelchair, will she have handlers to speak for her? Will she step down? Will the VP take over?

    Age and related problems were a serious issue in Reagans time. Later it was obvious to everyone he was beginning to suffer from something, very noticeable in speeches, which later was defined as Alzheimers and which he died from.

    Whats sad at this moment is that Hillary wants this trophy so badly that she is willing to further jeopardize her health to get it. Her diagnoses should be made public and possibly asked to quit the race, harsh as it sounds. Maybe some of you dont care if she drops dead the day after winning against Trump but you should. Is public pressure for her to win worth keeping her in even if it kills her? The stresses of the campaign only mount from here, how can that be good?

    So my question. If she dropped dead tomorrow, what happens? Does the VP become the candidate? Does the DNC reconvene to make him the candidate and he picks another new VP? Is the campaign halted? Is the election delayed? Does Trump win unopposed? We never had this before. Maybe someone knows about the rules.

    Here is a video and fair assessment of the problem. Please take a moment.

    1. ceekee August 10, 2016

      Wishy washy bunch of b.s. What is wrong with your brain?

      1. I of John August 10, 2016

        I think it’sin a box somewhere.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker August 10, 2016

        AgLander believes he can be the ONLY individual with rights, even when he spends an entire existence always disagreeing and contradicting facts and truth. Sickos are like that.

        1. ceekee August 10, 2016

          True that for sure.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker August 10, 2016

      Nice try liar. There is more to your lies than you admit right? You are a desperate man. All you want is to insure balls and a bat always have supremacy. Sorry…but not when women today are 52% of the US population and pay taxes equal to yours on unequal salaries.

      But, would you like to address the insane Donald Trump? Do you want to admit you are as mentally ill?

      If the election were held this very day, you sicko bastards of the right would be hauling out your AR-15s and assassinating Hillary because as the most significant polls show, she would win by a LANDSLIDE, just as I predicted months ago.

      Time for jackasses of the right to pack it in. You had your annoying fun. But keep it up and you’ll get your flush of state funding from our DEM states cut to the bone. And who the hell would care if you can’t live off the government as you have your entire lie. Sorry loser brain, you right wing jerks are about to get the hosing of your lives.

    3. jmprint August 10, 2016

      If you have ever crossed dressed you will know that wearing hills can malfunction a simple step. But your concern overwhelms me with “yeah right!”
      If you erased the word Hillary and replaced it with Trump it has the same impact. We know this just another way of trying to deflect attention to the real problem in your hands – YOUR MASTER of idiotic.

      1. roguerunners August 10, 2016

        Hahahaha! So true. Box doesn’t give a fat flying frog’s fanny about Hillary. And that picture he/she mentioned was taken over 6 months ago when there was ice on the ground and she slipped a little just prior to that. So her people helped her up the stairs. Big deal. It’s a courtesy most of us would have offered.

        1. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

          Not Box.

          1. roguerunners August 11, 2016


    4. CrankyToo August 10, 2016

      Hey Dipstick, there’s only one cure for your debilitating “hindsight” – you need to pull your head out of your a$$.

    5. MissNomer August 10, 2016

      OMG, the desperation. It reeks. I can smell it from here. Pee-yew.

    6. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

      So let’s have Trump, right Box? Speaking of how can an “ill person” be president, you – obviously having the same illness – think a lunatic like Trump will do just fine.
      If Hillary gets sick, the people she appointed should be able to keep the nation on a more or less even keel, I believe the Constitution was amended to allow the Vice President to take over in the event of presidential inability, and if she dies, there is a moderately conservative but apparently sane and probably competent Vice President to replace her.
      Trump is completely disabled for the office from day one, and Pence is a right-wing lunatic like you.
      Don’t try to mask your insanity and rage as genuine concern for the well-being of the country and its people. Not only does the current post scream of blind partisanship and hypocrisy, but many of us have seen your earlier posts where your true feelings came out.

    7. fortunev August 10, 2016


    8. 1standlastword August 11, 2016

      And Carly Fiorina fell off Ly’n Ted’s platform due to Disbalance Disorder brought on by her disease– a penchant for lying all the time!!!

      See, I can make $hit up too!

  7. tommyknows August 10, 2016

    People in the midwest are particularly safe given there are 1000 miles and 100 million people between them and the coast where the ISIS fighters will land.

    1. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

      You betcha!

      Hopefully you’re writing ironically?

  8. woodrose August 10, 2016

    Half the people in the US could not meet an unexpected $400 expense. An entire generation of young people is drowning in student load debt. Millions of Americans lost their homes to mortgage fraud committed by the big banks, while Obama and Holder stood by and watched.

    And President Obama mocks people in economic despair by saying “America is Greater than it has ever been!”

    Yes, I’m angry at the DC and Media Establishments. The Media gave Trump $2 billion in free air time, while ignoring Bernie Sanders, who has a positive vision to solve our very real problems.

    No way in hell will I give the Establishment a pat on the back by voting to return the same married couple to the White House that left it 16 years ago. A vote for Hillary is the ultimate vote for the status quo.

    Not that Trump will make anything better. A vote for Trump is a vote to Burn it Down.

    So be it.

    1. Sand_Cat August 10, 2016

      So at least four years of Trump / GOP rule is acceptable to you?

      Your “so be it” is so reminiscent of Ralph Nader’s prediction that it
      would be better if Bush were elected because it would “wake people up.”
      How well did that work out?

      I like Bernie Sanders, too. That’s why I’m not willing to give the GOP – never mind Trump – a minimum of four years to continue wrecking the country unobstructed. My experience shows, that – even if all they have is a one-vote margin – the GOP never spares a thought or a moment’s hesitation before embarking on an all-out crusade against absolutely everything I – and, presumably you and Bernie Sanders – believe in. And don’t kid yourself that they won’t succeed. Eight years of a Democrat described – ridiculously, in my opinion – as “far left,” a “liberal,” a “socialist,” etc., and how much of the damage done by just George W Bush has been undone or mitigated? Not much, or certainly not enough.

      Hillary – and Bill – is far too conservative and internationally aggressive for my taste, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t even begin to damage the nation in four years as much as Trump and the GOP are likely to do in four months. Think of the Supreme Court, if nothing else. Hillary is pretty much guaranteed not to even consider someone like Scalia, Thomas, Alito, or even Roberts. At least two justices will be appointed by the next president. Do you want two more lunatic right-wing racists? And likely young ones, too, so the damage goes on for decades after Trump, even if nothing but moderate or liberal administrations follow in his wake.

      1. woodrose August 10, 2016

        Neither Clinton nor Trump is acceptable to me. It is a travesty that these are the two major party choices. I’m planning on voting for Jill Stein, no matter how many people say it equals a vote for Trump.

        No amount of TrumpFear is persuasive to change my mind on this.

        If Trump is the next Mussolini, why are the Clinton and Trump families such good friends? What were the Clintons doing at Trump’s wedding? Why are Bill and Donald golfing buddies?

        If Trump is the new Mussolini fascist demagogue, should we look at his wedding guest list to find our savior?

        I believe that we’re watching reality TV, starring Donald and Hillary, directed by Bill Clinton. Bill spoke with Trump and encouraged him to get into politics, it’s been widely reported.

        Donald is working to get his buddy Hillary elected as president, to get the people to return the same old Establishment to power in spite of the justifiable anger at the status quo.

        I refuse to buy into TrumpHysteria and run into the arms of the Clintons. I won’t participate in treating a US Presidential election as a reality TV game show — by both Trump and Clinton.

        Jill Stein 2016.

        1. TiredOfTheHaters August 11, 2016

          Yeah go ahead and vote for Jill Stein. You might as well check the Donald box.

        2. Sand_Cat August 11, 2016

          As I said, Trump is not the main problem, but I can see your mind is made up.

    2. fortunev August 10, 2016

      Tut, tut. Relax, take a deep breath, have a beer and read a good book. Does wonders for the soul.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 10, 2016

      A rather fatalistic response. What do you hope will be accomplished with a madman sitting next to the hot button?
      Just because you hate the establishment doesn’t mean you jump in the frying pan with Trump.
      Don’t waste your vote simply because you have a personal problem with what you perceive a person to stand for based on naysayers’ second-hand information.

    4. TiredOfTheHaters August 11, 2016

      Trump and Hillary are NOT friends and B.S. Sanders is not a good choice because his policies are not practical. He’s too far-left to have any ideas that would actually work. The only thing he can do is rile people up to be angry and more sexist(like Trump). #I’llVoteHillary!!!

    5. rhetoric_phobic August 19, 2016

      I know Obama is the only president ever thus he caused all bad things to happen but you’re wrong about the housing bubble. Oh and Obama is also responsible for the country NOT going off the cliff financially.

      “The United States housing bubble was a real estate bubble affecting over half of U.S. states. Housing prices peaked in early 2006, started to decline in 2006 and 2007, and reached new lows in 2012.[2] On December 30, 2008, the Case-Shiller home price index reported its largest price drop in its history.[3] The credit crisis resulting from the bursting of the housing bubble is—according to general consensus—the primary cause of the 2007–2009 recession in the United States.”

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 10, 2016

    Being angry because of a flawed system is OK, but to belly-ache, whine and complain, and not actively be involved in making or suggesting reasonable alternatives, is cowardly.
    If you’re dissatisfied about something, one should get up and offer alternatives and/or be engaged in actually making change. It’s easy to be an armchair general and second-guess.

  10. 1standlastword August 11, 2016

    “Well, call me smug or out of touch, but I think it’s mainly a fad.”

    Common Americans are living in the vortex of a paradigm shift after having barely survived an economic tsunami that was “engineered” by the privilege class and Gene Lyons thinks the anger is a myth!

    Yes, that sound like a fellow who is “smug and very out of touch”! Gene you could of and probably should of stopped writing right here.

    I think you can be a cheerleader for HRC without invalidating other people’s feelings and experiences about watching politicians play tit-for-tat, divide and conquer BS political schemes with the majority of the People’s sense of well being, personal security and stability on the line.

    Our political leaders are supposed to protect us from harm physically, legally, and economically and they’ve deliberately failed us and evidence is the nature of our current politics!

    So you think populous anger is a fad!!!?

    You Sir ARE smug and out of touch!

    1. rhetoric_phobic August 19, 2016

      Let’s not forget we are also living longer.
      Trump plays to those who operate on fears, feelings and fantasy. The GOP has been feeding it for a long time. Trump just isn’t subtle about it.
      Then these same middle age white guy should be able to feel empathy and understand how people of color have felt for decades, huh? Instead from these same people I read people of color being called all sorts vile names when they react occasionally in their communities after decades of facing the exact same issues along with being victimized by police abuse of power. They have been left behind, had fewer employment opportunities because of limited education for far longer . Why aren’t the angry white guys taking steps to improve their education, moving to areas where jobs are better, pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, etc? Probably for the same reasons people of color who are offered the same advise don’t. It’s a hard almost impossible thing to do.
      There are jobs that aren’t coming back and there will be more. Look at all the brick & mortars closing which means less retail jobs. Tech jobs are taking over .
      Meanwhile Trump sends his clothing line off shore to be made.What about all the factories here that have shut down? Hw is going to bring them back?
      Instead he talks about building a wall to keep people out who are doing the jobs most citizens won’t do. Talk about deflection. Ask the people hiring for these jobs. They hire who they can get and few Americans apply.
      If you think Trump has the greater good of anyone but himself in mind, you Sir ARE naive.


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