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Tick-Tock! The Clinton Campaign’s Version Of ‘Times’ Journalistic Debacle

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Tick-Tock! The Clinton Campaign’s Version Of ‘Times’ Journalistic Debacle


In a letter to New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet, the Clinton campaign’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, adds still more troubling detail to the narrative of the “criminal referral” debacle – and implicitly poses some hard questions about the sourcing of the original story.

Palmieri’s letter begins with a brief review of the basic facts, the gravity of the Times’ error in using the word “criminal” with reference to Hillary Clinton, and the paper’s “inexplicable, let alone indefensible” failure to correct that error (and others) in a timely and adequate way. She then recounts how a Times reporter – whom she does not name – initially contacted the Clinton campaign, and what ensued:

This allegation [of a criminal referral to the Justice Department], however, was reported hastily and without affording the campaign adequate opportunity to respond. It was not even mentioned by your reporter when our campaign was first contacted late Thursday afternoon. Initially, it was stated as reporting only on a memo – provided to Congress by the Inspectors General from the State Department and Intelligence Community – that raised the possibility of classified material traversing Secretary Clinton’s email system. This memo — which was subsequently released publicly — did not reference a criminal referral at all. It was not until late Thursday night – at 8:36 pm – that your paper hurriedly followed up with our staff to explain that it had received a separate tip that the Inspectors General had additionally made a criminal referral to the Justice Department concerning Clinton’s email use. Our staff indicated that we had no knowledge of any such referral – understandably, of course, since none actually existed – and further indicated that, for a variety of reasons, the reporter’s allegation seemed implausible. Our campaign declined any immediate comment, but asked for additional time to attempt to investigate the allegation raised. In response, it was indicated that the campaign “had time,” suggesting the publication of the report was not imminent.

Despite the late hour, our campaign quickly conferred and confirmed that we had no knowledge whatsoever of any criminal referral involving the Secretary. At 10:36 pm, our staff attempted to reach your reporters on the phone to reiterate this fact and ensure the paper would not be going forward with any such report. There was no answer. At 10:54 pm, our staff again attempted calling. Again, no answer. Minutes later, we received a call back. We sought to confirm that no story was imminent and were shocked at the reply: the story had just published on the Times‘ website.

If accurate, this account of the stumbling scramble to publish looks even more unseemly and unprofessional than the narrative provided by Margaret Sullivan, the paper’s public editor. And the reporter, whoever that was, appears to have misled the campaign about the imminence of publication until it was too late for a response.

Palmieri then goes on to discuss the dubious sourcing of the story — and the blame laid upon those anonymous sources by Baquet and his deputy, Matt Purdy:

In our conversations with the Times reporters, it was clear that they had not personally reviewed the IG’s referral that they falsely described as both criminal and focused on Hillary Clinton. Instead, they relied on unnamed sources that characterized the referral as such. However, it is not at all clear that those sources had directly seen the referral, either. This should have represented too many “degrees of separation” for any newspaper to consider it reliable sourcing, least of all The New York Times.

Times editors have attempted to explain these errors by claiming the fault for the misreporting resided with a Justice Department official whom other news outlets cited as confirming the Times‘ report after the fact. This suggestion does not add up. It is our understanding that this Justice Department official was not the original source of the Times‘ tip. Moreover, notwithstanding the official’s inaccurate characterization of the referral as criminal in nature, this official does not appear to have told the Times that Mrs. Clinton was the target of that referral, as the paper falsely reported in its original story.

This raises the question of what other sources the Times may have relied on for its initial report. It clearly was not either of the referring officials – that is, the Inspectors General of either the State Department or intelligence agencies – since the Times‘ sources apparently lacked firsthand knowledge of the referral documents. It also seems unlikely the source could have been anyone affiliated with those offices, as it defies logic that anyone so closely involved could have so severely garbled the description of the referral.

Of course, the identity of the Times‘ sources would be deserving of far less scrutiny if the underlying information had been confirmed as true.

Here Palmieri interrogates the Times explanation of what happened, which has never made sense. Evidently the Clinton campaign has since made its own inquiries and determined that an unnamed Justice official wrongly characterized the referral as “criminal,” without naming Hillary Clinton as its target. Her clear suggestion is that someone else — on Capitol Hill, perhaps? — planted a false charge against a presidential candidate on the front page of the nation’s most important newspaper. Certainly that requires closer “scrutiny” – not only by the Times itself, which continues to protect its treacherous sources, but by the Justice Department as well.

Palmieri’s letter is worth reading in full. How will Baquet answer this fresh challenge? Will anyone at the Times suffer consequences for this awful failure? It is easy to imagine the paper’s editorial page demanding accountability, had any other American institution perpetrated such a catastrophic wreck. The paltry response offered so far by the executive editor — that the paper could not have acted differently under the circumstances – will not suffice.

Photo: U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives at the Senate Democratic weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington July 14, 2015. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Dominick Vila July 31, 2015

    As embarrassing as the Times example of modern journalism is, the worst part are the “reliable sources” (government officials) who fee the media misinformation to destroy people or institutions they don’t like, and the readers that fall for this garbage.

  2. CharleyCarpenter July 31, 2015

    Right. I mean the identity and motive of the leaker should be a bigger story than whatever is said to have been in some email.

  3. Dominick Vila August 1, 2015

    What was most striking to me, while reading this article, was not so much the lack of professionalism, or complicity, of the Times in the smear tactics that seem to be the centerpiece of of the Republican campaign strategies, but the contrast between a classy response to an allegation and the immature exchanges we have seen in recent weeks between Republicans running for President. I doubt the supporters of candidates like Donald Trump will even consider the embarrassment of having a bully for President, but perhaps they should should consider the damage such eventuality would have on the Office of the Presidency and our society at large.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker August 1, 2015

    It should surprise no one that the New York Times of 2015 is not the New York Times of 1950. What, might you wonder is the big and sad change? The NYT’s CEO. His connections to the biggest money men in the US are the reason the NYT is no longer a reliable, respected or reasonably unbiased media resource.

    Look, if any of you have EVER sat through Big Business Executive Board Meetings, then you can testify to the arm twisting, the threats of loss of funding and the outright demands made by those sitting on those boards with the most money.

    If we, as Americans, allow Big Money Influence to infiltrate every nook and cranny of government, what freedoms do you really have left?

    So, you bet the NYT is going to print that which they know will dump Hillary into a cesspool of unsubstantiated claims they can’t prove in court.

    There are no laws that say the NT can’t make up as many lies as they please, so long as the GOP and their big money influencers GET RID OF HILLARY. THAT AND ONLY THAT is the GOP Gestapo Agenda.

    Inquiring minds do wonder why Hillary is such a huge threat and what the Big Money boys in the back room of the GOP are really planning.

    This BS about Planned Parenthood is another smoke screen. Here is what Elizabeth Warren had to say about it:

    “In 2013, Republicans threatened to shut down the government unless they could change the law to let employers deny women access to birth control.

    In 2015, Republicans held hostage an easy-to-pass bipartisan bill to stop human trafficking, demanding an unprecedented expansion of anti-abortion restrictions to cover new funds for providing assistance to trafficking victims.

    Republicans have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act dozens of times, including the portions that require insurers to cover contraception – and stop them from charging women more.

    In state legislatures, Republicans have passed nearly 300 new restrictions on abortion access in the past five years – more than 50 this year alone.

    So let’s be really clear about something: The Republicans’ scheme to defund Planned Parenthood isn’t some sort of surprised response to highly edited videos.”

    So, lies, distortions, twisting truth and facts to suit..THIS is your GOP?

    Still think it isn’t a GOP Gestapo Regime?

    1. David August 1, 2015

      Eleanore —
      I think a presidency like Obomo’s that uses the IRS to attack and silence its critics is a “Gestapo Regime”. Also, you talk about what goes on in the corporate world. Could you please enlighten us on what “Big Business Executive Board Meetings” that you have attended? It would seem from reading your diatribe that you and Margaret Sanger have a lot in common. Have a blessed day.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 1, 2015

        No one cares what YOU Texas white supremacists think. No one pays any attention to you TX cowboys with your Mutton Chops mentalities. I know what goes on in corporate board rooms. I was an executive assistant to 2 VP of 2 Fortune 50 Companies. That’s how I know hot shot. I attended ADP’s monthly board meetings and that of Akzo’s.

        It would seem from your posts, you and Jesse James have a lot in common…and you’ll end just as dead as he is without ever having anything to show for that big big big big big Texan mouth.

        Big Rich Texas…that WHOLE other Country…that can’t make it without polluter fossil fuels the rest of the country is made ill from and pays to clean up.

        1. David August 1, 2015

          So…you were a secretary for the VPs of two large corporations. Hmmm…that certainly validates your

          1. Eleanore Whitaker August 1, 2015

            That’s right Texas cowboy…I had a job and retired to become a published author and SEO copywriter. Now…get a life you pile of cow dung.

          2. David August 1, 2015

            But what about those “fossil fuels”? Like ’em, don’t you?
            I assume that you weren’t quite so invective in any of the things you wrote like you are on this site?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker August 2, 2015

            NJ is No. 3 in Solar Energy production after CA and AZ. Solar energy in NJ has made use of former “brown fields” polluted by several major industries who left the state to pay for the clean up.

            I am as invective as you would like me to be. You people in Texas have to be as “ignorant” as it gets.

            Your state has the perfect climate for solar farms and wind turbines..(I understand from my nephew in West Texas that many farmers in that region lease their land to TX energy companies to allow them to build wind turbines on their land.

            This is what many people in NJ are doing with solar energy. If they don’t use all of the energy stored in the photovolatic cells, the energy companies buy it back and resell it to customers who can’t afford to buy, lease or rent the panels. So, then these customers get the panels for free and then get a monthly solar solar bill that if 1/4 of a natural gas or electric bill is.

            I worked for nearly 25 years in environmental engineering and consulting. That’s how I know the EPA rates your state No. 1 in pollution, with OK as No. 2.

            The building we moved to in 1998 already had solar panels and 15 years later, the owner of the building upgraded them when the SRECS reduced the $1.2 million cost to upgrade to $500,000. Good business deal for him.

            There was NO difference in summer or winter working in that solar building.

            Google Michael Strizky of Hopewell NJ…he is totally off the electric grid for 15 years, was a former NASA engineer and created a desalinization process for African nations.

          4. David August 2, 2015

            Wrong again Eleanore! According to CNBC.com, Ohio is the most polluted state followed by Pennsylvania and Florida. Texas isn’t even in the top ten. Oh, and you were a secretary in a company involved with producing chemical coverings. Your obvious lack of technical expertise is reflected in your misrepresentation of facts. But please, have a blessed day!

          5. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            Better checkout that study from CNBC, that’s only rankings of states with the most polluted air quality. It ranks states based on how much toxins the coal and oil fired power plants in their states spew into the air.

            In 2014, the Energy Department’s Council on Environmental Quality awarded Texas as having the most polluted overall environment – that includes polluted air, polluted water and polluted lands. Not only does taxes rank 12 in polluted air, it ranks #4 in polluted waters and number 2 in polluted land from all the oil spills from the many oil wells and fracking operations within the state. Giving Texas the distinction of having the most polluted environment in the nation.

            And I’m you’re going to love this about Texas too – these are from 2011 -2012:

            (Note that texas ranks in the bottom 5 in most of the measures listed below.)
            .Texas is 49th in the country in tax revenues collected per capita and 50th in revenues spent.

            · Texas is 44th in tax progressivity, which means it collects most of its taxes from working people and it comes in50th in the percent of its population that have a HS diploma and Texas is 49th in what it pays its teachers.

            .Texas ranks dead last (50th) in having the most people without health insurance and also dead last in the number of children covered by insurance.

            .Texas is 49th in the support it provides to women & children in the WIC program, and it leads the nation in teenage births.

            .Texas ranks 6th in the nation in the number of people living in poverty and 50th with regard to the affordability of homeowners insurance.

            · .Texas ranks 45th in the overall health of its population and 47th with respect to mental health.

            ·The quality of the highways in Texas is ranked 42nd and its parks and recreation facilities are ranked 48th and environmental protection 46th

            . Police protection in Texas is ranked 49th and government administration 50th.

            .Texas comes in 3rd in the nation in the number of public officials that are convicted for a crime; while being dead last in the percent of voters who turn out for elections.

            .Texas is 46th in the hourly earnings of its workers and 48th in the payout of worker’s comp benefits.

            .Texas also has the worst healthcare services and delivery in the nation according to the federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality

            .And Texas ranks as having the most polluted environment in the nation because of all the oil spills and toxic fumes that are spewed by all its oil refineries and coal-fired power plants.

          6. David August 3, 2015

            I am glad that Texas is 49th in tax revenue collected. That means that we aren’t taxing the hell out of our citizens. If we are so bad, why do all the Yankees want to move here? What state do you live in?

          7. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            It ain’t Yankees that want to go there, it’s the fact that Perry bribed so many companies to transfer to Texas by using taxpayer money, that Texas created jobs BUT NOT NEW JOBS!! The jobs that Texas has been created are VIRTUALLY ALL TRANSPLANTED JOBS AND HAVE REALLY DONE NOTHING O IMPROVE THE OVERALL EMPLOYMENT SITUATION IN AMERICA – IN REALITY, JOB CREATION IN TEXAS IS REALLY – FAKE JOB CREATION – IT’S REALLY JOB STEALING!!!

          8. David August 4, 2015

            What is your source for these assertions? Could they be the bleatings of a Yankee stuck in a cold, economically struggling part of the country?

          9. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            And your stupidity just keeps rolling along!!

            From khou.com:

            The first independent audit of the Texas Enterprise Fund revealed problems with money awarded to companies

            AUSTIN –

            There are new questions about how Gov. Rick Perry spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars after giving it to companies through the Texas Enterprise Fund.

            The Texas Enterprise Fund was approved back in 2003 to entice companies to move to Texas to create jobs.

            However, the first independent audit of that fund revealed Thursday that over 10-plus years, more than $200 million was given out by the governor to companies that didn’t promise to create jobs or even fill out an application.

            (Me interrupting – notice – companies that didn’t promise to create jobs because the vast majority of them were – relocated from another state!! Little to NO new job creation.)

            “The Texas Enterprise Fund has been a big benefit of local communities like Austin during this period of time,” said Mike Rollins, president of the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

            Specifically, Rollins said companies like Apple and Samsung relocated to Austin with grant money from the Texas Enterprise Fund.

            (And Apple and Samsung are just two of hundreds that Perry suckered into moving to America’s CESSPOOL STATE!!!)

            For more go here:


          10. David August 4, 2015

            And we keep rolling along! Pay up, Yankees!

          11. David August 4, 2015

            The companies came to Texas! Makes us stronger! How does that make you feel? Have a blessed day!

          12. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            Yeah! And to a great extent, it’s those low tax revenues as to why Texas ranks in the bottom 10 of 100% of the 23 subjective measures I posted above. Texas is nothing more than the CESSPOOL OF AMERICA!!

            Which is exactly what the GOP is working to do to America – turn it into the cesspool of the world!!

          13. David August 4, 2015

            That’s why you Yankees are breaking a leg to get here as fast as you can! I don’t see a surge of southerners moving to Connecticut or New Jersey. Have a blessed day.

          14. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            And here’s another little ‘gem’ about Texas:·

            From the Houston Chronicle:

            Texas and Oklahoma lead nation in costliest natural disasters

            And when I said in my last note that Texas hasn’t changed much, checkout these statistics from when Bush was governor:

            From the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission, the state environmental agency.

            Under George W. Bush’s leadership, Texas ranks number one in a many categories of pollution and environmental degradation. For example, Texas is:

            #1 in the Emission of Ozone Causing Air Pollution Chemicals

            #1 in Toxic Chemical releases into the Air

            #1 in use of Deep Well Injectors as method of Waste Disposal

            #1 in counties listed in top 20 of Emitting Cancer Causing Chemicals

            #1 in Total Number of Hazardous Waste Incinerators

            #1 in Environmental Justice Title 6 complaints

            #1 in production of Cancer causing Benzene & Vinyl Chloride

            #1 Largest Sludge Dump in Country

            Texas air quality has worsened significantly under Gov. Bush’s administration. The Houston-Galveston area has had eight of the top ten ozone (smog) peaks in the nation, far surpassing Los Angeles. But as concern over the health and environmental consequences rise, the governor’s policy has been only to fight the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s attempts to impose stricter air quality protections.

          15. David August 3, 2015

            I have to laugh. “Texas and Oklahoma lead the nation in costliest natural disasters.” Hmm…’natural disaster’. Now what could that mean? Oh, I know! It means a disaster occurring because of a natural event! Like a tornado or hurricane. Nothing the state did or didn’t do — it was nature. Is that why New York and New Jersey “led the nation in costliest natural disasters” in 2012? Independent1– please review your statements before you put them on the Internet where everyone can see how ‘challenged’ your positions are? Finally, George Bush hasn’t been Governor of Texas since 2000. What leadership are you referring to? Have a blessed day!

          16. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            Natural disasters also includes earthquakes, and because these states have refused to put some guidelines on fracking, both of them are experiencing earthquakes at rates they’d never seen before. In fact, Oklahoma has now taken over from California the distinction of being the state with the most earthquakes in the nation!! Nice huh!!!

          17. David August 4, 2015

            I have seen no scientific studies linking oil fracking operations with increased seismic activity. Can you dircect me to some?

          18. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            You’re pretty incompetent aren’t you David?? Because there are numerous articles on the internet linking fracking to seismic activity. Here’s some excerpts from just one of those articles:

            From rt.com:

            Oklahoma earthquake spike likely linked to fracking boom

            Central Oklahoma has seen a massive increase in earthquakes in recent years, leading geological scientists to link the uptick in quakes to oil and gas development in the way of hydraulic fracking.

            From 1975 to 2008, the US Geological Survey found that central Oklahoma experienced one to three 3.0-magntitude earthquakes per year, The Nation reported. That number jumped to an average of 40 a year from 2009 to 2013.

            The state has received 25 such quakes this year, and 150 total quakes just this week. Overall, the entire state of Oklahoma has experienced 500 earthquakes of any magnitude since Jan. 1.

            Scientific data suggests the current fracking boom is a major part of the spike. Fracking is the highly controversial process of injecting water, sand, and various chemicals into layers of rock, in hopes of releasing oil and gas deep underground.

            Fracking has long been associated with seismic activity, as researchers have shown connections between quakes and wastewater injection wells. The toxic wastewater is stored deep underground, causing friction along fault lines, scientists have found. For instance, researchers last year linked drill sites to a series of quakes in parts of Ohio.


            And as I pointed out in another post, Oklahoma has now surpassed California as the state in the nation with the most earthquakes…and all because the Oklahoma state government has DONE NOTHING even as earthquakes have skyrocketed.

          19. David August 4, 2015

            I read some of the supporting articles for your position. While there is no “proof” of the causation between fracking and seismic activity, there does seem to be a connection.

          20. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            And there’s a lot of things states can do to mitigate the damage done by things like floods and tornadoes – and clearly Texas and Oklahoma are doing a lousy job of natural disaster preparation. In fact, residents around Houston are thinking about creating a class action lawsuit against the state, or maybe it’s the city, because they don’t feel their government did much of anything to prepare for the floods that came from some of the latest rain storms that went through their area.

            Like I said, you have few brain cells between your ears if you really believe that state’s don’t have any influence on how disastrous natural disasters really end up being!!!

          21. David August 4, 2015

            Is that why New York and New Jersey led the nation in costliest natural disasters in 2012 because of their woeful lack of preparation? Please check in with reality. ‘Natural disaster’ means just that — a disaster caused by a natural event.
            I would like you to provide more detail on this brewing lawsuit in Houston. Given the doctrine of “sovereign immunity”, I don’t think it would go very far.
            Is the reason you hurl insults because you are having difficulty formulating cogent arguments? Reflect on that and have a blessed day!

          22. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            You show your desperation to deflect when you try to compare the cost of a once in a lifetime natural disaster created by a monster hurricane, to devastation that occurs routinely in Texas and Oklahoma because those states do little or nothing even when they know they are prone to natural disasters.

            And below is the link to one of the articles about groups that are looking to mount a lawsuit against the city of Houston, for doing just that – Doing nothing – to prevent disaster in an area that the city KNEW WAS PRONE TO FLOODING.

            Just like Bush and Cheney DID NOTHING, to provide better protection for our consulate in Karachi Pakistan after 6 people were killed in a 2003 attack – so that 2 more attacks occurred on that consulate killing 12 more people including a diplomat like Stevens. But who cares, since a Republican was in office, it was only 18 people dead – let’s just wait until a Democrat is in office and then we can turn the loss of 4 lives into a never ending nonsensical media circus!!!!!!!!!! You lowlifes just never give up DO YOU??

            From the Houston Chronicle:

            West Houston residents consider flooding lawsuit

            A Memorial City-area flood coalition is poised to revive its lawsuit against the city and TIRZ 17 over neighborhood flooding that occurred May 25 around the economic development zone.

            “We’re going to force them not to ignore us,” said Ed Browne, a Spring Branch area Super Neighborhood president who also leads the Residents Against Flooding coalition.

            The coalition formed after an April 2009 storm event caused widespread flooding in Memorial City area neighborhoods north and south of Interstate 10 and claimed the life of a motorist.

            Browne said city officials called the 2009 event a one-time occurrence. But the coalition’s consultants faulted engineering data used by the city to permit development projects and to design infrastructure improvements carried out by TIRZ 17.

            See more here:


          23. Eleanore Whitaker August 3, 2015

            It figures a big blowhard from Texas would consider CNBC.com, owned by half of the state of Texan billionaires more factual than the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

            According to the EPA, which is the ONLY factual reference, Texas is and has been No. 1 in pollution since the early 1990s.
            Hey stupid dipshit…I worked for ADP for 5 years from 1980 to 1985. Akzo from 1985 to 1987 and my last job for 24 years and 10 months in environmental engineering as an office/accounting manager and tech writer.

            All you Texas men know how to do is pump oil.

            I have more technical expertise than you pallie…and I don’t mean capping the oil pipes to prevent spills that the rest of us end up paying for.

          24. David August 3, 2015

            Eleanore, Eleanore, Eleanore — Misrepresentation after misrepresentation after misrepresentation. Pollution is measured in different ways. It could be waterway pollution. It could be particulant emission. It could be air quality. The only EPA finding of Texas being, at one time, number 1 was in discharge of mercury. Mercury being a part of the coal which was used to fuel power plants. That was years ago. Please specify what source that you have that supports your statement that, “…Texas is and has been No. 1 in pollution since the early 1990s”.
            You received your technical expertise behind a typewriter? Have a blessed day!

          25. Eleanore Whitaker August 4, 2015

            First of all dirtbag, I worked in environmental engineering for nearly 25 years as an office/accounting manager and tech writer. Get a life loser boy.

            Don’t you dare try to tell me what the men I worked with knew and would laugh at your insane Texas BS. Of the two men I wrote tech reports for, one was a PhD from MIT and the other educated at Cambridge in England. Not exactly a Texas BS education right? You know nothing about the environment that your pathetic state won’t try to lie, cheat and distort to keep your befrigged state swimming in oil profits.

            The EPA IS the only source that matters. Your state bucks every possible attempt to comply with air, water and soil compliance regulations. So, phony blowhard cowboy, tell me how the EPA is not the major entity that makes the ALL the rules and regulations your slimeball state tries to ignore.

            Texas is and has been the No. 1 most polluted state with OK as the No. 2. Both oil states. When that West Texas Agri-company got their butts in trouble and caused that explosion, they had over 122 violations to EPA regulations which your befrigged state totally ignored for decades. The same thing with your Horizon Deepwater offshore rig that has caused two generations of environmental damage in the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t bother to blame BP either…Halliburton was in on that skankola by doing the same thing they did in Iraq: selling cheap, substandard equipment. It’s why Halliburton had to leave TX and move its headquarters offshore or lose its right to operate in the US in the oil industry.

            I received MY technical expertise working with 2 of the most educated men in the country. What’s your pedrigree? Oil?

            As for what I know and you don’t, I was chiefly responsible for writing our clients’ EPA compliance reports like the state RTKs, RECRA and TOSCA. None of which an asshat like you has any idea of how to formulate or process.

            The next time you time you try to show TexanASS, at least do it with another blowhard like you.

            I don’t have to prove anything to you. I know what that 24 years and 10 months in environmental engineering taught me.

            And, I am pleased to say that with the continued growth of the solar industry in the US, your Big Oil is about to be flushed down the toilet. The only reason your state was so hot to ram Keystone’s dirty oil pipeline down taxpayers throats was because your Big Oil Big Daddies couldn’t get OPEC to lower their production or prices and now with Iran sanctions on selling oil gone, Texas Oil is in the toilet and all they have left to sell on the global markets is dirty 3X-refined tar sand oil from the Hardisty Alberta tar sands..which by the way, I saw when I was in Alberta in August 2000.

            You are one stupid, stupid dipshit.

          26. David August 4, 2015

            Eleanore – I still am somewhat amazed at what you present as argument. Insult and name calling? Is that how you were taught to debate, or is that a manifestation of your problem with penile envy? Eleanore, I never said you were stupid. However, it is apparent that you have no formal education beyond high school. You may have typed the reports, but I highly doubt that you generated the data that went in them. By the way, it turned out that there were no ecological problems with Keystone. The only problem was it would hurt Barack’s friends in the Middle East. Isn’t too bad that you have to live in New Jersey, while I get to enjoy Texas!

          27. Eleanore Whitaker August 4, 2015

            Your stream of CONsciousness is like a prison gate in solitary confinement.

            I have more formal education as I am a certified autodidactic. I have a high IQ which to me matters little. It is what I do with my all too articulate, educated mind that a man like you hates. Admit it, hot shot…Your kind are brought up to believe only MEN should be business owners. I owned my first business at age 17 and the second at age 22. Do try to keep up.

            In those days, you didn’t need a college education to own a business. I was already well trained in business administration having studied for 4 years. Much to your utter disgust, some individuals possess talent, ambition and drive…and are women who don’t accept that Glass Ceiling you men slather yourselves onto.

            And you are a liar. Tar sand oil is THE dirtiest oil and my friends in Calgary and Lac La Biche tell me that the Hardistry Tar Sand Processing Center has badly polluted the Bow River that runs through Calgary and northward and west into BC. You know nothing. I get first hand information from my host of friends in Canada and the UK at my fingertips.

            As it turns out, when I saw the Hardisty tar sands which is right off the Trans Canada Highway, I saw what looked like sides of the Canadian Rockies eroded by oil/water separator cannons shooting millions of gallons of water to separate the sand from the tarry black oil.

            You must be a real dipshit if you don’t know that petrochemicals are some of the most dangerous carcinogens on the US Federal Register’s Toxic Inventory list. And don’t tell me that in Texas City where there are hundreds of open flares that those flames do not put added heat into the atmosphere. I dare you to put your butt 100 feet over any one of the hundreds of flared stacks and see if you don’t turn to fried butt in less than 10 seconds.

            Obama is not the one with Saudi friends in the Middle East. That would be your boy Bush. He should have been investigated for having the FBI safely remove the relatives of bin Laden and his other Saudi friends out of the US, days after 9/11. You know nothing.

          28. greenlantern1 August 1, 2015

            Ever read about the TEAPOT DOME scandal?
            How much Yankee blood was shed for corporate profits?

          29. David August 1, 2015

            Teapot Dome scandal? A Cabinet member (I think Interior) was convicted of receiving bribes concerning oil producing Federal land in Wyoming and Californiia. The only Yankee blood that was shed was when they scratched their asses.

          30. greenlantern1 August 2, 2015

            How much Yankee, and other American blood, was shed for the profit of Halliburton?
            Ever hear of Balkpapaan, Borneo?
            Project Oboe?

          31. David August 2, 2015

            Balikpapan,not Balkpapaan, was the site of an invasion by Allied troops during WW2. Oboe was a night bombing device developed by the British during WW2. What could ever be your point?

          32. greenlantern1 August 3, 2015

            Oboe was the code name for the invasion of Balikpapan.
            It was overseen by General Douglas Mac Arthur!
            American general?
            Was it fought for military or economic reasons?

          33. David August 3, 2015

            Uh…We fought the Japanese because their slant eyed asses bombed us at Pearl Harbor.

        2. Susan August 1, 2015

          They’re all whole other country except when they come begging for disaster relief funds.

      2. Jim Sylvester August 1, 2015

        Of course, it makes no difference to you that the IRS attack never happened, and that it has been conclusively debunked. Never let a good lie die.

        1. David August 1, 2015

          Hmmm….is that why U.S. District Judge Sullivan is threatening the IRS and Treasury Dept with contempt because they won’t turn over evidence of their wrongdoing? More of the “most transparent” administration ever!

          1. greenlantern1 August 1, 2015

            Cherry picking?

          2. David August 1, 2015


          3. greenlantern1 August 2, 2015

            Has his ruling been appealed?
            Will the Supreme Court tolerate this nonsense?

          4. David August 2, 2015

            Whose ruling?

          5. Dominick Vila August 2, 2015

            Of all the political “scandals” concocted by the GOP, one of the most ridiculous is the claim that the IRS deliberately targeted non-profit right wing organizations for greater scrutiny, while ignoring that left wing non-profits were also scrutinized for potential wrongdoing that would have invalidated their non-profit, tax exempt, status. the fact that left wing organizations were also scrutinized did not stop the GOP for voicing their outrage and calling for a with haunt, presumably because including some of their supporters in a tax evasion investigation was an unacceptable audacity deserving of punishment.
            The IRS was doing its job, and so was Lori Lerner, if she actually played a role in this case. They should be commended for a job well done.
            The larger question for me, on this issue, is why do we extend tax exempt status to political organizations, and for that matter to religious organizations?

          6. David August 2, 2015

            I fully expect that, if the roles were reversed, and a conservative President (like Nixon?) used the IRS on left wing organizations, the cry for impeachment would be deafening.
            There is supposed to be a separation of church and state. We darn sure don’t need the Feds pressuring and censoring our faith.

          7. Dominick Vila August 3, 2015

            You ignored the fact that LEFT and right wing organizations were targeted by the IRS for including false information in the tax exempt affidavits. The only outcry from the left when we learned that left wing organizations were targeted was: get the criminals.
            Nobody is targeting your faith, even when it includes breaking the law to benefit financially. Separation of Church and State means, at least to me, that religious organization should not enjoy special privileges that are not afforded to the private sector and the average citizen.

          8. greenlantern1 August 3, 2015

            Allow me to reply on a thumbs-up!
            Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
            Perfectly clear?

          9. David August 3, 2015

            That is not what ‘separation of church and state” means. Google it.

          10. Dominick Vila August 3, 2015

            It all depends on which phrase in Thomas Jefferson’s letter you place the emphasis, and how you interpret it. I prefer to interpret it as an attempt to prevent the abuses exerted by religious organizations on policy making, governance, and the application of justice in Europe, and the lessons learned from it.


          11. David August 3, 2015

            I prefer to interpret it as proscribing the Federal Government from establishing a “national” religion that we all must follow. There have been abuses by both churches and governments in this regard. The ones by the church were centuries ago. Thank you for entering into the discussion. Have a blessed day!

          12. Dominick Vila August 3, 2015

            The problem, as I see it, is that it is virtually impossible to take religious beliefs out of the politicians that write our laws, and those who enforce them. As a result, the values and goals of some are inevitably imposed on others regardless of what their preferences may be.

          13. David August 3, 2015

            I think that, for a large part, that is true. I hope that they are Christians!

          14. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            You hope they’re Christians?? Why would an advocate of everything the Devil loves – pathological lying, loving money, loving to judge, want people to be Christians??

            Whose eyes are you Devil worshipers trying to pull the wool over…my hunch is YOUR OWN!! YOU DON’T EVEN SEE THE EVIL YOU’RE LIVING EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

          15. David August 4, 2015

            Independent1 — My, my… Such venom! I advocate ‘pathological lying’? Please point out in any of my posts where I did that. ‘Loving money’? Do you infer that from my post that I am glad Texas doesn’t tax its residents at as high a rate as 48 other states? ‘Loving to judge’ and ‘Lover of self’? Well, I do admit that it is humorous to read libtard comments like yours and I do judge them as somewhat intellectually challenged and inane. But, my love of self goes to wanting to live so that I can spread the Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

          16. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            By the way – when you go to bed tonight after spending the day posting one lie and fabrication of reality after another, keep this verse from Revelations in mind about LIARS!!

            Because you’re certainly buying the ticked for the fire with every distortion of the true, outright lie and fabrication of reality that you post!!

            Revelation 21:8

            But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

          17. David August 4, 2015

            First, it is Revelation not Revelations. Secondly, can you be specific as to exactly what I posted that is an ‘outright lie and fabrication of reality’? You may not agree with it, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Have a blessed day!

          18. Dominick Vila August 4, 2015

            As I am sure you already know, the overwhelming majority of Americans are Christians. Or more accurately, pseudo Christians, since their actions are inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

          19. David August 4, 2015

            I think the term “pseudo Christians” is not correct. 100% of practicing Christians fall short of emulating the glory of God. Fortunately, through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our sins and shortcomings are washed away ‘as far as the East is from the West.’

          20. Dominick Vila August 4, 2015

            Absolution is a panacea for those who are unable, or refuse, to accept the moral and social values they purportedly hold. What is important is not the fact that Christ’s sacrifice serves as atonement for our sins, but following the example of tolerance, compassion, and love for one another that is the essence of Christianity. Those attributes or values are, clearly, inconsistent with our actions and the preferences we so proudly voice time and again.

          21. David August 4, 2015

            All too often our ‘walk’ doesn’t measure up to our ‘talk’. But, we must continue to accept His Word and attempt to live our lives more like Him. Have a blessed day.

          22. pisces63 August 3, 2015

            As a black woman, I am so sick and tired of the right whining about the IRS. I have no love for the agency of idiots and
            never will. Too many black people are
            still waiting for their refunds after filing early this year and cannot get an nswer as to why from anyone or are hung up on.
            Yet, blacks in the civil rights movement were under a magnifying glass of theirs and the FBI’s making. This included Dr. Martin Luther King, His wife, Rev. Abernathy, Julian Bond and the
            list goes on ad infinitum and ad nauseum. No one cared then and I frankly cannot muster any sympathy for the right, now. In fact after all the lies, hate speeches, etc., by the right against me and mine, if I saw one of you in the gutter on fire, I would throw a barbecue.

          23. greenlantern1 August 3, 2015

            Ever hear of George Steinbrenner?
            Nixon’s misuse of the IRS?
            Ever read the impeachment charges?

          24. Wedge Shot August 3, 2015

            No one used the IRS to help the Obama administration. I didn’t happen so move on.

          25. David August 3, 2015

            That’s why Lois Lerner was so anxious to testify!

          26. Wedge Shot August 4, 2015

            She could not gain anything. It would be like me asking you if you still beat your wife? If you said no then it implies that you used to and if you said yes well…

          27. David August 4, 2015

            Not quite the same.

          28. InformedVoter August 3, 2015

            Excellent arguments against three of the lowest informed posters around (Dominick, Eleanore, and Indep1). Indep1 posts tons of “facts” that are easily proven to be wrong or false. Why did Lois visit Obama 150+ times before the 2012 election while SOS only got in 10 times? Can you hear that hissing sound? It’s the air rushing out of Shillary’s campaign! Keep up the good work.

          29. David August 3, 2015

            Thank you. Trying to instill a little sanity here. Have a blessed day!

          30. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            ‘A ‘blessed day”?? Are you granting blessings from Satan now?? You lover of the Devil’s party!!

            You can’t seriously believe God would bless anything that you pathological liars and lovers of money would ask for!!!

          31. David August 4, 2015

            I don’t ‘grant’ blessings. Blessings come from the Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I think He blesses many things both political parties do. I don’t think abortion is one of them.

          32. Daniel Jones August 2, 2015

            Is “Never let a lie die” why?

            Actually, yes! I large part of the Big Lie theory is having it repeat until it’s echoing in everyone’s mind.

            And, yes, that’s why all the Benghazi! hype.

          33. David August 2, 2015

            Tell that to Judge Sullivan.

          34. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            I’ll give you three guesses who appointed Judge Sullivan to the bench (and two of the guesses don’t count).

          35. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            And although being so lacking in working brain cells, I’m sure you won’t be able to see the hypocrisy of the GOP shown clearly in the graph below:

          36. David August 3, 2015

            Gee Independent1, don’t you know the crime occurs when the IRS is directed to investigate a political enemy? But, Lois’ computer crashed, so we lost all the emails that would have shown that the order came from Obomo. So now it was just a “rogue office” in Cincinnati.

          37. Dominick Vila August 3, 2015

            For most conservatives, the truth behind issues such as this is irrelevant. What is important to them is the fact that innuendo like this serves an important purpose when the only option available is to destroy the opposition in the absence of a credible record, proposals to solve existing problems, or a vision.
            The same is true for Benghazi. it takes nerve for the political party that controlled the WH when that tragedy occurred – on U.S. soil – and the party that controlled the WH when eleven U.S. embassies/consulates were attacked, to bring up a single attack because four lives were lost. I guess in the peculiar world of Republicanism, 4 is greater than 3,100. Oops, I almost forgot, the devil did the latter…or maybe some obscure Marine Lt. colonel did it…

          38. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            And what makes the attack on U.S. soil even more damning for me against the GOP, is that two men, whose major charge is to KEEP AMERICA SAFE, were willing to deny the CIA 7 times, their plea to allow them to try and stop the bin Laden attack that actually killed those thousands of Americans. It’s not like that was a ‘surprise attack’ the CIA told Bush and Cheney seven times, and desperately seven times, and were still refused their plea: Please let us follow up on the credible evidence we have and try to stop that attack.”

            And despite those please, Bush and Cheney had the gall to say NO!! 7 TIMES!! and these two despicable humans can sleep at night knowing that it was there 7 refusals that may well be why thousands of Americans died on 9/11.

          39. Dominick Vila August 4, 2015

            There was probably too much firewood to chop in Crawford, and way too many primers to read to worry about esoteric things such as listening to the CIA and attending the daily national security briefings.
            Incredibly, or perhaps not considering the effectiveness of our disinformation campaigns, W’s popularity went up immediately after 9/11!

      3. greenlantern1 August 1, 2015

        Ever read about Nixon’s IRS?
        Vladimir Putin’s oil wells were built by the Koch brothers!
        Trust him?

        1. David August 1, 2015

          Nixon or Putin?

          1. greenlantern1 August 2, 2015


          2. David August 2, 2015

            Nixon is dead. I don’t trust communists or ragheads for that matter.

          3. greenlantern1 August 3, 2015

            Bush, not Obama, golfed with his comrade, Vladimir Putin!
            Nixon, not Obama, invited Muslim Muhammed Ali to the White House!
            Perfectly clear?

          4. David August 3, 2015

            Tell me again, what is the “sweetest music to the ears”?

      4. Daniel Jones August 2, 2015

        1) The IRS does no such thing.
        2) Obama didn’t *order* any such thing.
        3) You can’t spell.
        4) You can’t think, much less think for yourself.
        5) Hope you like your lunch, you paid for it with Libel Libations. (In short, I am accusing you of being a paid troll)

        1. David August 2, 2015

          We would have a “smoking gun” but Lois Lerner’s ‘computer crashed’. Yeah, right!!!

          1. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            UTTER HOGWASH!! And by the way, why don’t you try and explain to us, if all these fake GOP scandals were really ‘not scandals’ why is it that after causing our government to spend over 100 million dollars in all his clown show congressional investigations, Darrel Issa was NEVER ABLE TO PROVE ONE BIT OF WRONG DOING??? WHY IS THAT?? WASN’T 100 MILLION DOLLARS AND COUNTLESS MONTHS OF WASTED CONGRESSIONAL AND OTHER GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TIME ENOUGH ALREADY???

          2. David August 3, 2015

            Does the fact that Lois Lerner refused to answer questions invoking the 5th Amendment trouble you? After all, this is the most transparent administration ever! My proof is the anger and hatred that my post has stirred in you. Sometimes facts can be troublesome, right? At least Lois Lerner must think so…

          3. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            Not at all!! There are serveral things:

            1) Lois may have been aware that Issa had met with the IRS inspector general and concocted this fake scandal and didn’t want to directly accuse Issa of his obvious made up conspiracy theory.

            2) Lois may not have known that Issa had met with the Bush appointed Inspector General, and specifically asked him to have his agents focus on conservative applications, – and so if she had been asked to focus on conservative applications, she may not have been aware that other IRS agents, were in fact, focusing on more left-wing organizations than she was focusing on right-wing. So she may have been troubled by that becxause of #3 below.

            3) And with her having lost her computer records due to her computer crash, she may have felt unable to substantiate anything that she would say, and therefore chose to say nothing. (I know you right-wing nutcases always assume something like a computer crash is necessarily a result of someone trying to hide something – sorry, I’ve had enough computer crashes my self to prove that that is clearly not neceessarily so.)

          4. David August 3, 2015

            Ha ha ha. Poor Lois. It was that rogue Cincinnati office! She “lost” her emails because of the “computer crash”. She couldn’t answer questions with total accuracy so, instead of telling the committee that she didn’t know the answer — she invoked the 5th. The 5th gives you the right not to incriminate yourself. It has nothing to do with not knowing the answer to something. I will have to give you credit Independent1, attempting to excuse Lerner’s use of the 5th Amendment because she was “unable to substantiate” her response is one of the most original excuses that I have ever heard. I will be laughing about that for some time to come. Have a blessed day.

          5. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            Name me any other presidential administration that has constantly kept people, who have shown and interest, aware of what the White House is focusing on. Are you aware that even idiots like me had a copy of the Iran Nuclear agreement probably as quickly or before Congress?? Within an hour of the signing announcement, the White House sent out to all of us folks that have signed to be made aware of important happenings about the signing with a link to the official signed copy of the agreement.

            And name me any other White House that has ever set up national internet conferences to get feedback on a list of White House objectives asking for feedback on what us actual peons think should be the White House’s primary objectives in the coming months? Or actually made videos available of just how the President came to a decision; and on and on.

            Just because you and your ilk are to dumb to realize it, doesn’t mean that THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE ISN’T BY FAR THE MOST TRANSPARENT WHITE HOUSE IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!! BECAUSE IT IS BY FAR!!!

          6. David August 3, 2015

            So transparent that Lois Lerner had to invoke the 5th Amendment! Ha ha ha. What a bunch of crooked Chicago thugs.

          7. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            And how about answering something for me: Why would a Speaker of the House is supposedly upright and honest, appoint a senator who had been convicted of auto theft to be in charge of running Congressional investigations?? (Unless of course you’re really not upright and honest but just as devious and crooked as that felon you’re appointing to supposedly run ‘honest’ congressional investigations!!) Did it trouble you at all that Boehner appointed a known crook to do these investigations.>

          8. David August 3, 2015

            There you go again, trying to divert attention from the question at hand. The issue is the 4 dead Americans at Benghazi. Focus on that question. Then we can address other matters you wish to raise. You can concentrate on the matter at hand, can’t you?

          9. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            To answer my own last question to you, do you suppose Boehner runs the House like a lot of GOP governors run their states: Pay to Play??

            Do you suppose Boehner was willing to put a car theif in charge of congressional hearings because Issa slipped him $50,000 under the table? You know Issa is the richest legislatator in Congress right??

            Why would you suppose someone worth 350-400 million would want to be a senator?? So he can personally work to get legislation passed that will help him pay little or no tax on his great wealth??

            Why?? would a multi-multi millionaire want to go through the hassles of being a senator?? HMMM? As far as I’m concerned, multi-millionaires should be barred from serving in Congress because of the very obvious self-interest to vote yes on any legislation that would directly affect them like any tax legislation or any legislation that may benefit their business interests!!!!!!!!!!!

          10. David August 3, 2015

            Would that include Hildebeast and her Clinton Foundation that only sent 10% of the donations it received to charitable grants?

          11. Independent1 August 3, 2015

            You know David. The more you post, the more you prove to all of us sane bloggers on the NM – that you really have very few working brain cells between your ears!!!!!!

      5. Insinnergy August 2, 2015

        Wow… so much idiocy in such a small statement.
        Back under your rock, troll. Those Faux talking points were stale 2 years ago.

        1. David August 2, 2015

          Apparently not so stale for a House subcommittee not to search for them!

  5. Susan August 1, 2015

    This and the leaking of doctored emails should be investigated as evidence tampering and election tampering. When will this begin?

    1. greenlantern1 August 1, 2015

      Who profited from the deaths at Benghazi?
      Why did Pastor [?] Terry Jones burn Korans?
      Why did he screen the movie, the INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS?
      He, and his conspirators, have already been tried, convicted and sentenced to death because of Benghazi!
      Care to tell Trey Gowdy?

  6. greenlantern1 August 1, 2015

    The New York Times published the Pentagon Papers.
    It contained the Diem Cable.
    That was a forgery!
    It was ordered by Nixon!
    Perfectly clear?

  7. Daniel Jones August 2, 2015

    The Times got told to lie, point blank. They were told to do it by any means, and they covered up the whole time while arranging their libel.


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