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To Defeat ‘Disgusting Donald,’ We Must Understand How He Won

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To Defeat ‘Disgusting Donald,’ We Must Understand How He Won

Scott Adams on How Trump won

Betting on Donald Trump to win in the summer of 2015 had some pretty obvious upside if you were, say, Vladimir Putin.

For Russia’s dictator-in-chief, a Trump victory would mean you’d defeated Hillary Clinton, the person you blame for, among other things, the huge protests that raged against you in 2011. And there’s also the small matter of half a trillion dollars or so you could gain with sanctions “relief.”

For Scott Adams, creator of the cartoon Dilbert, betting on Trump when few serious observers gave him a chance had less obvious rewards.

But now the payoff seems pretty clear. Adams proved that Trump won because the businessman is a “master persuader.” And by being the most prominent adult to make this argument, he proved the same was true about about Adams himself. At least, that’s what Adams is saying. And in the world of persuasion, suggestion creates reality.

Laughing off Adams’ prediction that Trump would win, and how his divorce seems to have gifted him with a perpetual grudge against women, was easy in 2016 — especially because the cartoonist made similar predictions about Herman Cain in 2012. But Adams is laughing into his Dilbert desk calendar now.

Just as the left can’t unilaterally disarm against the tsunami of spending unleashed by decisions like Citizens United, we can’t ignore the the tactics of the right, which have been used to claim control of all three branches of the government. We have to build something better than a Tea Party and we can’t ignore how Trump has — to use the lamest word possible — “disrupted” political discourse.

We no longer have the luxury of underestimating Trump or expecting everything to be okay.

Admitting that Trump is pretty good at “this” — whatever “this” is — is essential for a simple reason: Expecting Trump to self-destruct or implode, or assuming reason will win out, left Democrats focused on running up the score in 2016, rather than securing the blue wall. And while there’s evidence that James Comey’s twin interventions in the last weeks of the race were decisive — a black swan event that will not recur — Trump heads into 2017 with the best economy inherited by a new president in three decades and all the advantages of incumbency.

So we have to at least understand the tactics that Adams believes helped elect Donald Trump because — if he makes it to 2020 and we have fair elections — we’ll be facing him again.

And there’s evidence that liberals are really starting to get this. The Week‘s Ryan Cooper argues that Democrats “need to learn to be mean and funny.” Clinton/Obama-veteran Ronald Klain — who became an American and international hero as our Ebola Star — has an excellent primer on the new rules from “the Trump scandal playbook.” And ex-Obama communications pros Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor have launched a media venture called “Crooked Media” to challenge Trump.

Funny name, but I’d bet Scott Adams would argue it suffers from the same flawed persuasion as the “Make America Sick Again” slogan Democrats are using to fight Obamacare repeal.

“Association matters more than reason,” he tweeted. “Not good to associate ‘sick’ with your brand.”

For Adams, persuasion all starts with his training in hypnotism, where he learned the promise of a “super power” that allows you to implant suggestions in other people’s brains that they then may experience as their own thoughts. Like Freudian psychology, which was also traces its origins back to hypnotism, Adams’ thinking is based on a premise that the human mind can only attempt to know itself.

“Once you realize that everyone is completely irrational,” Scott Adams told podcaster James Altucher, “your life gets a lot easier.”

Republicans have long known that repetition and other basic marketing tactics were effective in politics. But Adams argues Trump took this a step further with something he calls “the linguistic kill shot,” which is a fancy way to explain why he called Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” and mocked Jeb Bush as “low energy.”

These “kill shots” had to be visual concepts that hadn’t been heard in politics before. It’s also known as “name calling,” which is why Democrats discounted and avoided such pettiness. But it’s also effective because “every time you looked at the candidate being described you would look for confirmation bias.”

Even Trump’s lying is a tactic. By overstating reality, Democrats — with their “rational” attacks built out of Enlightenment thinking — fact check and get caught up in a debate where Trump sets the terms. Over and over with the millions of iterations of “Make America _____ Again,” you see that politics is entirely caught up in a loop he created.

Notably, Adams’ view of politics almost invariably ignores issues of class and race — as well as policy implications. This is a luxury that wealthy white males like Adams and Trump can afford — and this simplicity is also to Trump’s advantage.

You can argue that Hillary Clinton was his perfect foil. But not because she was “flawed” — as every candidate before her and after her was and will be; Trump especially. But because she was so cautious and well-considered. (And she still won the popular vote by 3 million votes, making Trump the biggest “loser” elected president in modern U.S. history.)

Adams notes that Trump’s truest “superpower” was his audacity. He bet everything on winning and was willing to untether himself from reality and decency to savage his opponents in ways no other adult would dare.

He’s the most unpopular person elected president on record, but we can’t assume that makes him easy to beat — because his willingness to act as rhetorical suicide bomber casts doubt on anyone he opposes.

So how do you defeat a man with no reputation to lose?

You have to find ways to match and exceed his persuasion. And Adams believes Clinton did that during the summer. He doesn’t believe Comey cost Clinton the election; he thinks the Access Hollywood tape did because it distracted from the Clinton team’s effective framing of the GOP nominee as a nuclear threat.

I’ve been studying Adams and trying to figure out how “persuasion” works, and I’m finding it has a lot in common with the way that brain scientist George Lakoff sees politics. It all sort of comes together in a new field I’m calling “Behavioral Politics.”

The world we’re in is not rational and accepting that requires abandoning the heights of rhetoric that made President Obama and American patriots before him so revered. But it’s the only way to save his legacy and 80 years of progress.

For now, I’m calling Trump “Disgusting Donald” and not because of his reported passion for pee play. His plan to repeal Obamacare will make millions of Americans sick and thus uninsurable. That — like much of our current political environment — is disgusting. So it’s worth a try — especially if thousands of American lives depend on it.




  1. Trev January 15, 2017

    Blah, blah. None of these lies will matter when Trump pulls the plug. DNC are stone cold criminals. If we make it (Lord willing) to Jan 20th. The jig is up.

  2. Eric January 15, 2017

    This isn’t that hard. As much as you don’t want to accept reality, what we witnessed was a political earthquake. Trump and his supporters (rebels) took over the GOP and turned it from corrupt, pro-Wall Street, globalist, big government, UniParty Bushism to a nationalist, economic conservative, social moderate labor party. The rebels won. Trump is authentic and he provided SPECIFIC economic and foreign policy positions – often at great risk (i.e., his anti-war stance was not a typical GOP position, same with trade).

    As a former Democrat, the Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of Roosevelt/Truman/Kennedy. It’s has two wings. The establishment wing is also a corrupt, pro-Wall Street, globalist, big government UniParty. Why do you think the Bushes backed Hillary over Trump? Just because he knocked the crap out of Jeb? The Obama/Hillary wing got caught rigging the primaries and the Podesta e-mails showed DNC staff to be petty, corrupt bigots and elitists. The establishment DNC could care two shits about the Progressive wing which has become a de facto socialist party. On the Dem side, the rebels lost. But neither wing has a coherent economic and foreign policy. You have no ideas. Raising taxes on the rich does not lead to economic growth. Hillary was a pro-war, regime-change candidate. In some ways, it’s as if both parties have flipped. Trump’s GOP is for the worker while Hillary catered to limousine liberals, illegals, and welfare dependents. Is that what you want?

    What did Hillary run on? “I’m not Donald Trump.” It’s the same thing Ted Cruz did.

    As much as you don’t want to hear it, Trump has the substance. Hillary had none. He was authentic. She is a crook.

    Had the corrupt corporate media and the GOP establishment actually supported Trump, he would have won 40 states.

  3. LibsRignorant January 15, 2017

    Lol @ the author. So pathetic how biased the press has become. Journalism is dead, nothing but lying shills.

    1. ckg1 January 15, 2017

      Of course, you trust InfoWars, Breitbart, Fox News and talk radio to give you the straight dope….


      1. Chump A. Roo January 15, 2017

        I don’t but I know journalism is dead. Thanks to CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WashPo, HuffPo, NBC, CBS, ABC, AP, PBS, etc. I’m okay with it though.

        1. jmprint January 16, 2017

          Shawn Hannity and Fox is who you tout, now there a great joke, what the punch line that your a fool, quite funny.

      2. robert franklin stroud January 16, 2017

        They were certainly more prescient during this Election (and BREXIT before it) than any main stream media you swear by. Doesn’t that make you the joke?

        1. FireBaron January 16, 2017

          No, that makes you a pathetic little snowflake who cannot tolerate the truth. Remember, your guy actually lost by almost 4 million votes.

          1. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

            The snowflakes, my friend, are those who need safe places because they cannot stand discussion that disagrees with their warped world view. People actually sniveling
            and crying and demanding no one speak to them because the truth is to upsetting to their so sensitive minds. Don’t try to have a rational discussion with back and forth. Just name calling and emotional outbursts from the left. Grow up and grow a pair. If you open your mind you will see President Trump, yes he is now our president, will be good for our country.
            You do want that, right?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            You don’t love your country. Your hero is in BED with Putin. Half of Europe knows The HUMP is a sexual pervert and there are enough sex tapes to prove it.

            YOu asshats of the right might think you control US media. But you will NEVER control BBC or any of our allies from putting out there what you control freaks of nature try to hide here in the US.

            Trump will be impeached. Faster than Clinton EVER was.

          3. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

            Eleanor, Eleanor. You may want to start those anger management
            sessions. And while you are at it cleaning up your language will be helpful also. Another example of hatefulled emotional rhetoric with no basis in reality. Love my country!

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

            Keep up the good work, comrade. Rah Rah Rah!

          5. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

            By the way Eleanor, since you love the liberal BBC, why don’t spend an extended vacation in the UK. There is also Germany or France. I hear it’s very nice there with all the wonderful “guests” coming into their country.

          6. jmprint January 16, 2017

            Yeah lets discuss, the pussie grabber’s fraud cases, why won’t he show his taxes and let’s discuss the foundation, he need to go back and pay taxes and it really wasn’t a charity.

          7. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

            You actually are asking about President Trump’s Foundation??

          8. jmprint January 16, 2017

            And his tax forms.

        2. jmprint January 16, 2017

          No you are the only only one looking like a fool.

      3. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

        Who do you trust? Is this ridiculous site your place of
        rock solid truth.

        1. jmprint January 16, 2017

          Common sense, good ethics, good conversations until the trolls like you infect it with the manure that spews out of your mouth.

          1. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

            Open your closed mind.
            It may hurt at first, things will get better.

          2. jmprint January 16, 2017

            I have to close my mind, when viruses like you are on the troll.

      4. LibsRignorant January 17, 2017

        Who says? You? Your opinion is worth less than dirt.

        1. ckg1 January 17, 2017

          It certainly didn’t stop you from posting and replying to me, did it?

          So who’s the loser NOW?

          1. LibsRignorant January 18, 2017

            Do you even read what you write??? Jesus you must have had a lobotomy that makes NO sense whatsoever.

            Typical liberal ahole… you insult someone so you think you’ve won an argument. Never any substance, never any logic, just insults. All the same.

      5. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

        Who said I did? You? So you read minds? No, I don’t trust ANY journalism, I sift through it all and make the best judgement I can. I’m not a clueless follower of anyone… that’s the definition of liberal. No minds, blind followers.

        Thanks for being a condescending douchebag though!

    2. Nativegrammy January 16, 2017

      Clearly you don’t read much. I wonder if you trolls just come to more liberal sites to kvetch and insult. This I know to be true the truth has and will always have a liberal bent, because it is not ideology, the truth should simply inform, while one makes their own judgement.. If you want your hate and misery to be reinforced by only reading that which makes you feel “fulfilled” and “justifies” your mind set then maybe you should just keep listening to Fox and filling your twisted view of life with Breitbart, The National Enquirer (which Trump believes deserves a “Pulitzer” LOL) Alex Jones, and all other sick twisted lying liars then go for it and the country as ever will suffer from the ignorance people like you choose wallow in. I have read many of these twisted sources over the past 8 years, and if what they printed and blasted over the air-waves was the “truth”, I would be praying on a Prayer Rug to Allah, our guns would have been taken away and we would all be confined in internment camps for the purposes of “re-education, all due to Pres. Obama master plan and that’s just the tip of the CRAZY in the far right universe!

      1. bobofkake January 16, 2017

        nievegranny: you have lost your thimnking brin cells,if you ever had any! the reason the market is looking good is Trump WON !!

        1. Dominick Vila January 16, 2017

          The stock market went from 7,000 points in January 2012 to an average of 18,500 the last 2 or 3 years because of Trump?

          1. robert franklin stroud January 16, 2017

            No, it is because of Capital Outflows out of collapsing Socialist Europe (It was never a stamp of approval of Obama). Expect it to accelerate as TRUMP creates a positive environment for business in the US.

          2. FireBaron January 16, 2017

            Then please explain why every time he talks about retaliating against a business for daring to have a factory overseas the market takes a major dip. Is it because the Major Dip started Tweeting again?

          3. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            This is a lie. The market does NOT dip, but the company he attacks certainly does. However trends show that in every case (because they capitulate) the stock then goes back up shorty thereafter.

            You saying that’s bad for America?

          4. jmprint January 16, 2017

            Your fooled very easily.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            Most CONs are…That’s why it is their states that will take the biggest hits when the Republicans continue their spiteful little boy routines. Our Dem states just keep going forward. Theirs? Back back back backward. As always.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            And can you explain why the Russian economy is collapsing under Putin? You can pretend all you like that the HUMP isn’t up Putin butt. But, more than half of the European Intelligence agencies know Trump does business with Putin. He does ANY business while he is president and one dime ends up as TRUMP profit and we will demand HE goes to prison.

          7. Dominick Vila January 16, 2017

            Trump is likely to promote increased trade with Europe, at the expense of China and Mexico. It remains to be seen how effective that is going to turn out, particularly when he refers to allies like Angela Merkel as having made a catastrophic mistake by receiving about one million Syrian refugees. Talking about interference in the internal affairs of other nations, and elections in other countries…not to mention our relations with China and Mexico.

          8. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            I agree, but Europe will be a death zone in a few years. It’s already a Hellscape and getting worse. The barbarian horde has finally conquered Europe, it’s only a matter of time now.

      2. LibsRignorant January 16, 2017

        Yeah talk about crazy, you’re pretty far gone. You call me a troll, when what you did is the definition of trolling.

        Typical liberal hypocrite.

        1. FireBaron January 16, 2017

          Awww. Is the poor widdle conservative snowflake getting offended by the way the adults on the group have to mansplain to him?

          1. LibsRignorant January 17, 2017

            Offended? Not at all. I see idiots like you all the time. Annoyed is more like it… youre lint… Mindless morons who think they can siphon off of responsible constructive citizens.

            People like you are a plague on society. If only Trump were half as evil as you morons say.. then he would get rid of the lot of you. THAT would make America truly GREAT again!

        2. Nativegrammy January 19, 2017

          “Trolling” is coming to a clearly progressive/liberal site and spewing your hatred of those same people and ideas. I and all others here are NOT the ones trolling, you are! And you are doing nothing but insulting and name calling like all little bullies on the elementary school playground while making a complete ass of yourself! No one is going to agree with your twisted views and your insults are going to be challenged repeatedly. So either you either you just enjoy self-abuse, or you just want to relieve your obvious frustrations and failures in your life and feel insulting and name calling strangers makes your feel like a “real man” and “powerful” in some sick version of your reality! A HYPOCRITE is someone who says one thing and does or says the complete opposite…….that is not me. I meant what I said and I still do, the TRUTH has a liberal bent, but clearly to you any form of the truth coming from all others in the media, of course other than Fox News which have the most uniformed views, is antithetical to your far right mind set so any thing that is written or said because it does not reinforce and/or feed your miserable views/ideology must be “a lie”……that will keep you ignorant to your final days, how sad for any and all those poor souls that have to have contact with you, fortunately for those who are not obliged to put up with you,

          1. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            When YOU cannot see bias, it is because you are also biased. You are blind to truth, and will likely never be able to accept truth.

            It’s ok, Trump will be successful regardless of your cluelessness. You cannot help that your brain is damaged so badly.

            By your demented liberal logic, noone is allowed to post on this site except liberals… how extremely intolerant of you. But then again, liberals INVENTED “safe soace” so you better run off and hide from the mean conservative!!!


      3. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

        So much hate in this one. You will not return from the dark side. Too bad you don’t even realize what a lemming you are following the liberal media’s lies.

    3. I Am Helpy January 16, 2017

      What’s “Rignorant” mean?

      1. Kellymcaudell January 16, 2017

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      2. FireBaron January 16, 2017

        It means he is taking 3rd grade for 12th time. It only took him 5 times to finish 2nd grade.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

          Actually, what the hick Godzilla doesn’t know is that the Hump was expelled 2 times from military schools from age 13 to age 17. Any NY paper can prove that. Mommy Mary Ann was a cloying overidulgent incestuous Scotland born bitch who ignored 3 other children and spent all her time on her “Donny Boy.”

          Godzilla is another of those mentally damaged incest born of Mutton Chops parents. He loves to strut, swagger, drawl and make like he is oh so superior. Not unlike the Hump.

          Too bad half of Europe knows what US Media doesn’t about The HUMP. He is a sexual deviant who indulges in sex clubs but he is smart enough to do these things ONLY in countries that are hostile to the US. That way, the HUMP thinks it won’t EVER come out in the dirty laundry.

        2. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

          Actually I have a Master’s degree, but thanks for being juvenile and showing who the real child is.

      3. LibsRignorant January 16, 2017

        I you really have to ask? That’s not a good sign.

        1. I Am Helpy January 16, 2017

          Rignorant is not a word.

          I hope that helps!

          1. Godzilla January 16, 2017

            True, but stupid is and you are the very definition of the word, BWAHAHAHA!

          2. I Am Helpy January 16, 2017

            I’m sorry that you’re still butthurt from whatever boneheaded blunder of yours it was I last pointed out, but you are an incoherent mess.

            I hope that helps!

          3. Godzilla January 16, 2017
          4. I Am Helpy January 16, 2017

            OK, I’ve rarely seen a self-own like that before. Good job, uh, making yourself look stupid, I guess?

          5. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            Godzy is the product of incest. So, you bet his brain is damaged. He also supports Charles Manson for VP. roflmao.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            the only stupid one is you. YOu can’t stand that Trump is a known crook and you can’t admit it. So ballfaced CONman..who really can’t stand reality? Reality hurt too much because your Daddy and Mommy are really brother and sister and they spawned a mental defective like you?

          7. LibsRignorant January 17, 2017

            Neither is helpy you you waste of oxygen.

          8. I Am Helpy January 17, 2017

            The difference is, of course, that I knew that. Sorry you’re so dumb you made a typo in your name while trying to insult your betters.

          9. LibsRignorant January 18, 2017

            Lol right. This is the arrogance of the left incarnate. You all THINK you are better, when in actuality your actions are leading us downtown he Socialism path.

            Fukc you and your traitorous ilk. You disgust me.

          10. I Am Helpy January 18, 2017

            Not sure how any of that gibberish explains your inability to spell.

          11. I Am Helpy January 18, 2017

            It’s also weird that you – a neo-Nazi supporting the puppet of a Russian dictator – think you’re in a position to call other people traitors. You are un-American garbage.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

          Hey CONrignornert? Try not to be so cute…not that you and your mutton chops and corn pones ever are. Make up some more dumbass words…just proves that your states ae the ones with the most “ignernt” morons.

          1. LibsRignorant January 17, 2017

            Whatever loser. You keep on lying to yourself, it’s all you libtards are good at.

      4. plc97477 January 16, 2017

        It means someone can’t spell.

    4. jmprint January 16, 2017

      Neo-conservatives, useless, clueless, baseless ideology.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

        More like guys and gals in prison for theft where the Hump belongs.

  4. robert franklin stroud January 16, 2017

    The author of the piece displays the same derangement and cluelessness that sees the Democrats nationally at near 90 year lows.

    Clinton is corrupt. She was also a terrible public speaker who suffered from health issues that did not project strength or a feeling that she put your interests ahead of hers. That is the reality. Unless the Democrats accept that their candidate and their Globalist policies were rejected they should expect even bigger losses in 2018.

    By the way, nice survey above with only one option. I guess to anyone that laments the bloated and inept disaster that is ObamaCare, a survey with only one option such seems fair.

    1. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

      Thank you for your perfect analysis. This article, like most, coming from this demented rag, has no basis in reality. Liberals will never admit that they lost the election, because the American people are fed up
      with their deceitful rhetoric,
      and massive corruption.
      Hillary did this to herself. It wasn’t Comey, Putin or even her degenerate husband,Bill.
      And until they realize that we the people can see through their massive lies and fraud, they will be rebuked again and again.

      1. jmprint January 16, 2017

        It was Comey. Why did he behave in this manner?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

          You don’t love your country. You love yourself like the HUMP does. YOu won’t win this one. NO patriotic American is going to allow that thief crook Trump to rob us blind so he and that first whore can live high on the hog.

          1. jmprint January 16, 2017

            I love my country, but the impersonator of a good American (loveofcountry) is really a russian troll.

    2. jmprint January 16, 2017

      You are repeating the Russiia propaganda, lies, lies, lies.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

        Trump is paying a flood of sniper trolls to get his usual childish revenge. the HUMP scours every prison he can get into for these dung trolls.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

      Hey Stroud..Are you also on Trump’s payroll? YOu do know he never paid his NJ casino employees right?

      1. jmprint January 16, 2017

        No Trump doesn’t pay anyone, I think he is hoping for a blow job.

  5. FireBaron January 16, 2017

    Remember, Dubya entered HIS Presidency having inherited a balanced budget as well as a growing economy. It took him only 6 months to dismantle that before the first plane hit the World Trade Center.

    1. jmprint January 16, 2017

      I’m afraid that the same path will be in the future.

    2. LibsRignorant January 17, 2017

      Research 9/11… 9/11 was retaliation for Clinton killing the head of AL Queda in Yemen. And yet douchebags like you blame Bush.

      And the WHOLE of AMERICA wanted war. So stop spreading lies and BS.

    3. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

      Oh, and only morons accept what Clinton did as balancing the budget. He GUTTED SOCIAL SECURITY and took that liquidity and put it into the Federal Budget. Now SS has NO money in reserve and is part of the budget, where it was never meant to be.

      Yeah, so he robbed our future to balance our present, great job.

  6. yabbed January 16, 2017

    Trump didn’t win. He was given the election by Comey and Putin. He actually lost the election by 3 mil votes.

    1. Godzilla January 16, 2017

      Trump won 30 States. We don’t elect the President on a popular vote and never have, get over it.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

        Trump didn’t win 30 states you lying bastard. He LOST LOST LOST LOST the popular vote by over 2 million votes. Anyone can rig the 270 ALL Republican electoral college votes. All they had to do is what you do CON MAN…pay a few bucks for 270 votes.

        Don’t for one minute think we don’t know that Comey bastard boy was not a Republican double agent. 11 days before the election he releases emails that were pieces of your feces? But then one month earlier knew ALL about the Russian hacking and said nothing?

        So CONman…which prison number is yours?

        1. Godzilla January 16, 2017

          You are having a hard time with reality, seek help. Your a mental case.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            No asshat…YOU are. I live in NJ asshat. My state is paying off 6 of the HUMP’S corporate bankruptcies. Nothign would please me more than to see your big mouth eating your words when he starts using YOUR state’s tax dollars to pay off those Russian loan sharks he owes billions to.

            You may think you are fooling everyone else moron. We know men like you have big mouths and NO balls when we call your bluff…You created this mess, but as usual…it won’t take much to shut your mouth. YOu lost more than you know you asshatted freak of nature.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            So right. From what I hear…2 million women plus about another 3 million plan to FIX that error. Hope your Hump can run fast …those protest mobs are not in this for any reason other than to be rid of him and asshats like you.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            Great position…not much work to ripping off your balls…and shoving our shoes up your butt. Gee…aren’t you trying to brag a whole hell of a lot about your “size” weenie boy?

          4. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            You don’t have a brain. YOur posts are full of BS.

          5. Thomas James January 16, 2017

            Most of the TRUMP detractors have taken their out their brain, played with it, flattened it and have made a comfortable seat with it and are giving it some very warm air. Their opinions are now flowing miraculously from their mouths.

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

            Oh my, it’s the pretend black man. What a plain name you chose. Who are you, really? Such a nefarious attempt to hide your true self by pretending to be who you are not is the acme of cowardice.

          7. Jim Samaras January 16, 2017

            Aaron, why do find it impossible for a black man to think clearly? You seem on the verge of calling him an Uncle Tom….

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

            You just don’t get it. Your ignorance is of epic proportions. If you take the time to think clearly and investigate matters deeply, you’ll see that this pretender is using a fake image to delude you into thinking he’s black. Jim, you must learn to read between the lines.

          9. Jim Samaras January 16, 2017

            As if another black man wouldn’t share your opinion? 8% of blacks shared mine Aaron

          10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

            Jim, by now it should be apparent even to you that your aim in life is to remain ignorant of the larger and more important trends happening. Trump represents a trend going in the wrong direction—opposite the one which can easily be inferred from the Words of Jesus. You prophet is Trump, your religion Conservatism, and your fate an abysmal pit with other closed-minded little people like Trump.

            A child-like referral to 8% of blacks is ludicrous, utterly irrelevant, and suggests that you took a survey. That would mean that you carefully surveyed roughly 10 million black people and got their opinion. So what? Anyone whose view of Trump agrees with yours no matter their shade of skin color is highly suspect and not to be trusted as an accurate gauge of the truth.

            Nonetheless, you’ll still futilely try to force people to see things your way. After all, your purpose here is not to learn, but to be a cheer-leader for Trump. How deplorable and pathetic.

          11. Jim Samaras January 18, 2017

            Aaron, I am cognizant of the “trend” idealized by the left of globalization and more importantly open borders. It’s my belief that Trump represents the right direction where that is concerned and has been confirmed by the antics in Europe where it’s been tried. It sounds warm and fuzzy in theory but in reality will bring Christianity back to the first century as is evidenced by the atrocities committed to “infidels” over the last 5 years or so.

            Child-like referral Aaron? Really?
            It’s my opinion that anybody who DOESN’T agree with Trump is “highly suspect and not to be trusted as an accurate gauge of the truth.”

            I force no one to see things my way sir, only to open their eyes to the realities of the lefts agenda. It’s actually deplorable and pathetic for you to attempt to quiet my voice Aaron.

          12. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            Why are you such a racist? Liberals heads explode when they encounter blacks that can think for themselves.

          13. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            Says someone with an anonymous account LOL. Hypocrite

          14. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

            A bizarre response that doesn’t help anyone, but just gives you a chance to blow off steam. Why are you concerned about accounts? Pay attention to content and don’t stress over minutiae.

          15. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

            Godzillavich, are there no interesting things to do in Putinville?

          16. jmprint January 16, 2017

            Man you copied my clip and changed the words, Can’t even be original? What a drag, what a loser, what and idiot.

          17. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

            You take great delight in that pose. Must be the reason you keep posting it. Such a juvenile mind. What a pity you never advanced to adulthood.

          18. jackieo January 16, 2017

            And the beginning of terror !!!

      2. jackieo January 16, 2017

        By your inferior logic, if 26 States had only one voter within it’s borders, the rest of the country would be under their control ???

        1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

          Someone has no clue how the voting process works….

    2. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

      We do not elect the president on popular vote. If that were the case the only states in play would be New York and California. When will you get this! We live in a country that still has a representative government. Hilary ignored the “deplorables” and middle America. Again, it wasn’t Putin, it wasn’t Comey. Maybe Loretta Lynch is the culprit.

      1. jackieo January 16, 2017

        We elect the President by gerrymandering State Voting Districts !!! The only election of the one person who represents the entire country. States can do what they wish within it’s own borders for their local representatives but they shouldn’t be allowed to go against the will of the majority of all Americans.

        1. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

          If you don’t like our election laws and constitution, perhaps you should consider moving to another country for your mental health.

          1. jackieo January 16, 2017

            Donald Trump was legitimately elected by idiots.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

            You mean Putin’s laws, comrade. Come on now—give credit where credit is due.

          3. loveofcountry January 19, 2017

            Why don’t you face the facts. Hilary lost the election because she was a poor, corrupt unbalanced, person that the Democratic Party tried to push on the American people. Thank God President Trump knows how to play their nasty game better then they do. He made it so easy to see through the media, in the tank for her, and the lies and deceit her campaign was
            waging to get her elected, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Podesta, Donna Brazil,
            Loretta Lynch. They threw it all at us and the American people said NO. I find it ironic that no one is disputing what was in those emails that were so unprotected,
            they could have been hacked by anyone!
            Are you not glad not to have such an arrogant,
            completely dishonest person as our president.
            Pathetic the lack of respect for our country.
            I am not your “comrade”.
            Save that for your Marxist, socialist, friends. You should llove Putin.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

            You’ve jumped over the edge, friend. Your insane devotion to Trump is matched by an insane sense of patriotism—the kind of sentiment that can easily lead us to a planetary disaster. The sooner you can feel comfortable with being a member of the human family, the less likely you’ll be in constant fear of expanding beyond the turtle shell of love of a plot of earth called the USA. The earth is but a dot in the Solar System, which in turn is a dot in our galaxy which is in the outskirts of a cluster of galaxies. Yet, you obsess over your nationalism and about a strip of crust called North America. What a childish perception—which plagues so many, especially conservatives. How lamentable.

          5. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            Yes, I hope to God he does.

        2. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

          Lol @ the good little liberal lemming spouting all the lies and fake talking points.

    3. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

      You mean the 3 million illegals that voted in Mexifornia???

      1. yabbed January 19, 2017

        PROVE IT. Post a citation for your claim.

        1. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

          Fact: California makes it legal for ANYONE to vote with a driver’s license.

          FACT: ANYONE including illegals can get a driver’s lisence.

          If you cannot connect the dots it is because you are in denial. YOUR SIDE CHEATS.

          I cannot help it if your blind liberal eyes cannot see the truth. Of course if the tables were turned you would be setting yourself on fire.. Likely unsuccessfully like the libtard did yesterday.

          1. yabbed January 20, 2017

            You clearly have never registered to vote in California and I have. What you have said is a big fat lie. Prove that registering to vote in California requires only a driver’s license.

          2. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            The problem isnt that voting only requires a driver’s license… it’s that Illegal Aliens CAN GET ONE.

            How can you not get that?????

          3. yabbed January 20, 2017

            You know nothing about California. I asked you to give a citation supporting your false allegation that a driver’s license is all that is needed to register to vote, hence, you say, illegal aliens can vote in American elections. You can’t answer because you are simply lying.

            California, like many states, allows undocumented persons to get a driver’s license. There is no citizenship requirement for a driver’s license. There are, however, insurance and auto inspections incumbent that are in keeping with the common good of society. Common good is a concept no right wing freak can understand.

          4. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            If you don’t see it, it’s because you cannot read. It is in black and white right there on Cali’s DMV site. Easy to verify, I provided you the link and everything. Too bad you are in such denial that the truth in front of your eyes is completely disregarded. Not surprising for a lying liberal.

            I see that the last one is pending.. maybe you didn’t see it… cus I told you to Fukc off in it…


            You can register to vote online with a cali drivers license and SSN, which can be faked. Proof right there. You lose. Now fukc off.

          5. yabbed January 20, 2017

            No, a driver’s license in California is not proof of citizenship. If you wish to select to register to vote when you receive a driver’s license in California (and we do not refer to ourselves as “Cali”) you still have to show proof of citizenship when you register in your precinct. A DRIVER”S LICENSE IN CALIFORNIA IS NOT PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP. Everyone in California knows that.

          6. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            Sigh, I can see you STILL didn’t read the actual requirements for online application. I shoulda known liberals can’t read.

          7. yabbed January 20, 2017

            I don’t have to read the California DMV website. I am a registered voter in California. When I moved to California I registered my car and changed my driver’s license. I was asked if I wished to register to vote. That did not actually register me to vote. It caused a letter to be sent to me that directed me how to take my proof of citizenship and other documentation to my precinct to register. I took my passport and two pieces of proof of my address which had to be a property tax bill, mortgage papers or a rental lease plus a utility bill showing my name at the address I was claiming. That is how you register to vote in California. Now, when I vote in my neighborhood precinct I must take the card I receive at my home address before each election telling me of my polling place plus my driver’s license with that same home address to the polling place on election day.

            So, you can give up your lie about driver’s licenses in CA giving one the right to vote. You are a Trumpkin and know nothing about anything.

  7. Thomas James January 16, 2017

    President Donald Trump has demonstrated the true American Spirit of being a winner. He was opposed from all angles and he still won. To be heavily opposed by the media, your party and countless others and still win is one of the greatest champions the world has ever seen. He is the wealthiest President the US has had, the most aware of the US economy, the most outspoken, the most difficult to be controlled by the wealthy. He is going to be the greatest champion in making America Great again…World Champion par excellence.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

      He isn’t the president yet. He has NOT been sworn in. Anyone can STEAL an election. Trump has NEVER won anything in his life. Dipshits like you have no idea what a moron you think you put in power. How powerful will you weenies feel when he is toppled like that statue of Saddam Hussein?

      How in the hell can you possibly think a thief and a liar like the HUMP is worthy to be called “president?” Eat that power now, because it will cause you and your hick screwballs diarrhea of the brain.

      1. Thomas James January 16, 2017

        Hi Eleanore, in my lifetime I have not seen the level of anger demonstrated against a duly elected person in a Democracy as I have seen exhibited by Mr. Trump’s detractors after his magnificent win. There was the misconception that Trump admirers were violent. It is proving that his enemies are the fire-wires. Like it or not President Trump is going to emerge as one of the greatest presidents the US has ever seen. I also believe President Barack Obama will be included in that group of great Presidents.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

          He wasn’t “duly” elected. He stole the election. Men like you believe we can all just flip a switch and pretend all of the Hump’s past can just disappear. Sorry…but he is still the crook he has always been. Are you a crook too? Do you con people into doing work on major projects knowing all along you won’t pay them?

          Trump admirers were seen on TV with signs calling for Hillary to be thrown in prison. They have never stated exactly why SHE and not Trump belong in prison.

          I live in NJ. You are a not going to tell me that what we in NJ know about Trump is all a pack of lies. He is not now nor ever will be my president. Sorry but this guy owes billions to the Chinese and Russians, never shuts his mouth and then lies, denies and outright changes what he says and does and you think that is perfectly okay? Are you in need of mental help?

          The HumpTrump I know has since the 80s been a coke nose who loved the bright lights and sex clubs. You can prove that if you have the balls by checking the NYPD records on Trump’s sex parties in many mansions of the wealthy. Now he wants to turn the White House into a whorehouse and you think that’s fine and dandy? Who the hell raised you? Mammy Yokum?

          Let me give you the history we here in the NY/NJ Metro area KNOW about Trump. Back in the late 90s, he ran up huge debt buying and spending like a drunken sailor. He was warned by his own financial managers to watch the spending spree. Then, by the early 2000s, he got a flood of lawsuits (3500) only his sister, Judge Mary Ann Trump could wangle a way to get them “settled out of court” to keep her brother Donny Boy from going to jail. Then, came the 151 federal lawsuits with millions in fines that nearly wiped him out. By 2008, Trump was no longer a billionaire. He had only $995 million left to his name, that FinCEN fine and more lawsuits.

          Banks in the US wouldn’t give him any more credit due to his wild spending and recklessness. So, he went offshore to “borrow” from China and Russia. Now, he has to pay that ALL back. Russian loan sharks are more vicious than ISIS. NYPD would tell you that.

          The only way the HUMP could get his hands on the kind of profits he needed to clear his debts was to run for president. He proffered a deal to pay the RNC $100 million the GOP knew he didn’t have. They worked out a deal for him to pay that $100 million in political patronage jobs for McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chu and the GOP’s favorite Sons of the Corn Pone and Mutton Chops states. Isn’t that exactly who he chose for his cabinet? Big Oil Tillerson? Sessions, a notorious racist you now feel is qualified?

          If you really want to know what we in NJ know about the Hump it is his penchant for revenge. You know why he hates Muslims? Because for over 5 years he allowed his Middle Eastern high rollers to launder money to terrorists. They were all Muslims. So now The Hump blames ALL muslims for Trump getting a $25 million FinCEN fine from the US Treasury. Just like he blames all Hispanics for the mostly Hispanic hotel and casino employees he didn’t pay.

          You sir are wrong wrong wrong wrong. WE KNOW The HUMP better than you EVER can.

          1. Thomas James January 16, 2017

            Eleanore, Dr. Napoleon Hill in his book “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion” outlines that the majority of outstanding achievers have the desire to be admired by the opposite sex. I am delighted to know that Mr. Trump is an admirer of women. He grew up in the era of Elvis Presley and all the other champions who were admired by women. In the bible Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived is reputed to have had 365 wives and several concubines. In the end he said “Everything is vanity” but he certainly had a great time. For Mr. Trump to succeed and prosper in the concrete jungle of New York he had to be savvy, wise and deliberate. For him to emerge as the champion he is, is a mark of outstanding genius. He understands the system and is able to use it to his advantage. Now he is going to fix the system so that all Americans can help to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

          2. jmprint January 16, 2017

            Oh yes he is such an admirer of women, that is why he can’t keep himself from grabbing their pussies. In real life it called sexual assault. by a sexist. Oh yes he is very deliberate, he deliberately doesn’t pay people that do work for him. So please, now tell me what a Godly man he is and how will handle the frogs in his cabinet.

    2. jmprint January 16, 2017

      He is the most rich on paper, why does he NOT pay his bills? All the information about Trump and Russia were out there and the media kept quite. They helped Trump get elected. Your world champion is still a fraud, he is still a narcissist, he is still a racist, he is still a pussie grabber, and you are proud, say a lot about YOU.

      1. Godzilla January 16, 2017

        Trump won, get over it Slick. Your whining like a little girl won’t change a thing.

        1. jmprint January 16, 2017

          ah but you couldn’t answer the question, it is because he is still a fraud.

          1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            It’s a stupid question because it’s a false premise. You libtards are seriously retarded.

          2. jmprint January 19, 2017

            No we are not retarded. There are people with mental disadvantages on both side of the isles. But you can’t change facts. Back to the question, looks like he finally paid the fine for being a FRAUD.

          3. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            Sigh. Children shouldn’t have Internet access. Because ADULTS understand what settling a lawsuit means.

          4. jmprint January 19, 2017

            So did your mom give you permission? He settled a fraud case. So he did what he said he never does, and his University was nothing but a scam.

        2. jackieo January 16, 2017

          Psst…. He’s not in office yet !

  8. Godzilla January 16, 2017

    Conservatives are laughing their way to victories in at least the next two elections. Radical Liberal’s like many of you are the cause, not the solution, of many issue in this country that need fixed. Go away, just go away, your not needed because the adults in this country want to prosper.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

      Conservatives won nothing. We know YOU STOLE an election. You got away with it in 2000 and 2004. If you are trying to make the case that a casino owner like the HUMP doesn’t know the steps to rigging an election, you want to explain all those fines for rigging HIS casino gaming tables so the house won all the time?

      I don’t know who raised you vengeful, spiteful little bums. But, you can count on one thing. The more people you piss off, the more you are likely to be put on our LIBERAL, Centrist, Socialist, Progressive and another other ideological BS “ist” registry so we can ship your butts off to Russia.

      Traitors like you we do not need. Feel all that power Godzy? Don’t get used to it. We’ve had to knock bigger balls than yours off their self created pedestals. Yours will not be muc work.

      1. Godzilla January 16, 2017

        You lost, get over it wench. Your ideology has been soundly rejected in this country, please feel free to leave for a more Socialist style land of your choosing. North Korea would be a good fit, you could even probably take over when the little fat kid has his heart attack.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

          We NEVER lose. Crooks, thieves, liar and asshats like you always end up in jail. Trump is not going to president EVER. He stole an election. Stole Stole Stole Stole Stole …and NO NO NO NO NO>..the word you morons hate most he is NOT the US president. He is a pretender to the presidency.

          Hillary Clinton had nearly 3 million more popular votes. AllTrump had was 270 stolen votes He PAID for.

          Why can’t he get anyone to attend his inauguration? He will …about 2 million very pissed off women who just might take him and that whore wife of his off that dias and use them for floor mops…Dirty man and dirt brothel Russian whore…that’s all they are good for.

          YOU lost…your citizenship, any sense of honor you racist bastard parents taught. YOU LOST much more than you know big mouth. I hope you are in that crowd in DC. .It would be my pleasure to ram my shoe up your butt.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH…we are all sooooooo skeeeeeeered…Look folks…..Let’s all be soooooooooo skeered of a moron like Godzy whose thief crook is going to rob him blind…and Godzy is happy to hand it all over. Just like his hero forced so many in his hotels and casinos to hand it over and then never paid them what he owed.

            Not to worry..we all know Godzy is in prison for drug dealing…right Godzy? Just like your coke nose TRUMP HUMP?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

            I do agree…see all that blue asshat? Those are the states that plan to use our states rights to stop any money going to the red states. States Rights…our red states use to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

            You are not too smart moron. If red states can’t get blue state money and they won’t. You are on your own to raise the money you need for your states.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

            Even the visuals you stealthily borrow have errors and show the same closed mind as yours. When will you learn to spell?
            A childish resort to profanity is the best you’ll be able to achieve in this lifetime I’m afraid.

          4. jackieo January 16, 2017

            Sometimes they resign too.

        2. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

          Blocked that stupid bit%h long ago. She is an oxygen thief.

        3. adler56 January 22, 2017

          ignorant loser- when will you be giving up your socialist police force, your socialist garbage pickup, your socialist mail delivery?

    2. jmprint January 16, 2017

      You mean the rich want to continue getting richer, while they use, abuse and step on the middle income to get there.

      1. Godzilla January 16, 2017

        The income gap increased under Obozo, Slick. And WHAT Middle Class are you talking about, the one that is going extinct because of failed Liberal policies by a failed liberal President?

        1. jmprint January 16, 2017

          We are not extinct yet, that’s why we didn’t vote for Trump. So let’s talk about the wonderful Bush REPUBLICAN days.

        2. neeceoooo January 16, 2017

          We lost the middle class under your favorite, Reagan so pay attention.

          1. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            Where do you get BS like this? I bet you weren’t even alive when Reagan was President, because you act like you’re 12.

    3. jackieo January 16, 2017

      “…that need fixed.” tRump loves his supporters.

    4. adler56 January 22, 2017

      You’re ignorant and will in a short amount of time be eating your words. If trump isn’t inpeached he will resign rather than let someone else run his business- 7 bankruptcies seems to make him think he’s good at it- he was saved from an 8th bankruptcy by the Russian mob- they know he’ll do as he’s told- or die.

  9. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017

    TRUMP has intimidated everyone Republicans and Democrats. He is the most disgusting individual to ever run and win The Presidency. The GOP had used hate and lies to manipulate their supporters. The however have been educated and basically civil until TRUMP. TRUMP is a A low-life or lowlife is a term for a person who is considered morally unacceptable. LIKE TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS

    1. Ben Lesczynski January 16, 2017

      Lock crooked hillary up

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

        For what moron? Trump has raped a 12 year old girl, intimidate another into not bringing him to court, threatened the MI6 intelligence agent who outed his sex tapes…Until you learn to shut your mouth, I guess women will have to shut it for you.

        1. Lenny Bezmenov January 16, 2017

          Keep talking, idiot!!!

        2. LibsRignorant January 17, 2017

          Jesus christ you libtards are rediculous.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 18, 2017

            Jesus Christ NEVER lied. Trump does. Jesus Christ HEALED the sick and dying. Trump and your Republicans and right wingers are murderers who take away the right to good health and try to take over women’s bodies.

            Jesus Christ was fair, kind and didn’t visit brothels…Trump is ruthless, brazen, ballsy and loves Russian sluts.

            Jesus Christ out of someone like you is a sacrilege. Get a life lose CONman.

        3. Ben Lesczynski January 18, 2017

          Lock hillary up for currying russian favor via the clinton foundation and uranium deals

      2. jmprint January 16, 2017

        Another russian idiot., boy you guys a dime a dozen.

        1. Lenny Bezmenov January 16, 2017

          Go be a Russophobe somewhere else, cuck!!!

          1. jmprint January 16, 2017

            Nailed it, didn’t I? Sorry your unhappy with your country.

          2. Lenny Bezmenov January 17, 2017


      3. jackieo January 16, 2017

        And you won’t find one instance of a criminal or non moral charge against her !!!

        1. Lenny Bezmenov January 16, 2017

          Tell me another joke, you joke!!!

          1. jackieo January 16, 2017

            When you find one A$$h0le get back to me.

        2. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

          She was INDICTED by the FBI. You are wrong, prolly cus you got your head so far up her azz.

    2. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

      LOL hate and lies… like what the MSM falsely spread about him for the past 18 months???

    3. Thomas James January 20, 2017

      If you can show me another man who has faced so many challenges and still emerged victorious in a political battle for leadership I will commend you.

  10. Thomas James January 16, 2017

    Many Americans don’t seem to have respect for their Country and its competence. It doesn’t seem to bother some Americans to give credit to Russia for Mr. Trump’s victory. The US is the bastion of freedom in the world. It has decentralized voting activities so that no outside nation can successfully command its Democratic elections. People, please stop enhancing Mr. Putin’s image by assuming that he has this great power over the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I can understand the political strategy of the Democrats to seek to make Mr. Trump appear unfit to be president…that’s political strategy in preparation for 2020 elections. It’s unfortunate that so many intelligent persons seem to be consumed by political strategy rather than by reality. People, please join in the inaugural celebrations and herald the GREATEST FIGHTER we have experienced in an election process in our lifetime.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

      You don’t have ANY respect. If you did, you wouldn’t suck up to the HUMP. How much is he paying you to do his dirty work for him? Do you deny how many lies he told during his campaign and how he used his dirty bum smear tactics to make sure he won? If you men only use smearing women’s reputations, you get what you asked for from women now. We will smear you until you no longer have any identities.

      1. Thomas James January 16, 2017

        Eleanore, I like you, you seem to be passionate. Passionate people seem to be successful at whatever they do. You have a passion against Mr. Trump and that is your right as a free human being. I have admired Mr. Trump for numerous years. He symbolizes the American spirit. What we have to realize, is that no businessman or woman, no politician, no reporter or other person speaks the truth and nothing but the truth at all times. For example, there is certain information that a President must withhold, which if given out would put a nation in a state of alarm. Eleanore perhaps you are one of those persons who have spoken the truth in every instance throughout your life and I commend you for this extraordinary achievement.

        1. jackieo January 16, 2017

          “…that is your right as a free human being. ” But those days will be over shortly.

          1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            LOL @ the pathetic little lemming snowflakes. So brainwashed.

        2. dbtheonly January 16, 2017

          Mr. James,

          No one disputes that any President needs not to say certain things. Remember how President Obama carefully avoided mentioning Osama on the night he was killed.

          Trump’s lies are not about national security nor any legitimate purpose. Many are fabrications designed only to make Despicable Donald look good.

        3. jmprint January 19, 2017

          What has the con done to be admired?

    2. adler56 January 16, 2017

      If that’s really a picture of you- and I doubt it- you’re a disgrace to your race. trump is the lowest form of life I’ve ever seen. If you’re a fan of dishonesty- he’s your guy-but never will I sink that low.

      1. Thomas James January 20, 2017

        Mr. Trump has overcome every hump, bump and stump they have placed in his path to victory and has emerged as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What a fantastic journey and a total display of strength, determination, tenacity and definiteness of purpose. He definitely personifies the character of the MOST POWERFUL NATION ON EARTH…THE BASTION OF FREEDOM. Losers do not like winners…what a pity.

        1. adler56 January 22, 2017

          We are far from the most powerful nation on earth- we haven’t won a war since 1945 and we had lots of help on that one.

    3. jmprint January 16, 2017

      He is playing your party for fools, you guys fell in the trap and it’s going to take a lot of disinfection to set you free. Trump has one thing in mind and that’s how quickly can he amass the 85 billion, like Putin. So you seem eager to help him get there, what’s in it for you?

    4. jackieo January 16, 2017

      What was your reality on President Obama’s place of birth these past 8 yrs.

      1. Thomas James January 16, 2017

        US CITIZEN. The fact that his mother is a US Citizen and he was born in Hawaii he is definitely a US Citizen.

        1. jackieo January 16, 2017

          Now you do ???

    5. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017

      GO TO HELL

      1. Thomas James January 16, 2017


        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

          And someone has a desire to meet you?

  11. Ben Lesczynski January 16, 2017

    Build the Wall

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 16, 2017

      On YOUR tax dollars. I’m already paying 6 of Trump’s corporate NJ tax bankruptcies.

      1. adler56 January 16, 2017

        Has anyone ever had so many casinos go bankrupt before?
        They all have the odds in their favor so other than skimming how could they go bankrupt? Since the buffoon had to deal with the mob he obviously learned how to skim and used it to make money on his bankruptcies.

    2. jmprint January 16, 2017

      What for, it won’t stop the underground tunnels. Will the Wall be underground as well?

      1. Ben Lesczynski January 18, 2017


        1. jmprint January 19, 2017

          Oh Ben you are as dumb as they come. Trump needs you. He likes dumb people.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

          Still stuck at 1 word responses—are you here on a limited visa or signing in from elsewhere?

    3. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017


      1. Jim Samaras January 16, 2017

        Their has been president? Ha…they will be paying

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

          Would you care to take the time to translate the above cryptic post of yours? Are you a native English speaker, or living on the periphery of Russia? You’ll be paying, comrade.

          1. Jim Samaras January 18, 2017

            Translate what? I’m talking about the idiot past president of Mexico Vincente Fox. The tough talking, know nothing, corrupt pos in office during the early 2000’s that is under the false impression that Mexico will not pay for the wall. They will be, he just doesn’t know it yet and you have yet to admit it

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

            Jim, relax. I can see that Trump and this election has worked you up to a tizzy, and all you can focus on is Trump’s greatness, and you’re obsessed with building barriers, isolating yourself from the world, categorizing and denigrating everyone in your field of view. Your reactions are eerily similar to Trump’s over-reactions, and like him you’ve descended into a hellish condition. Nothing will slake the burning thirst in your throat, nor satiate that hunger for spirituality that your guts cry out for.

          3. Jim Samaras January 18, 2017

            I’m very relaxed Aaron. You’re well versed enough on the subject to know who and what I was referring to in my first post. It’s just frustrating answering a question/smarta$$ retort to someone who I know is very well aware of the answer

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

            Jim, you’re a lost soul wandering in the wilds of remoteness.

      2. Ben Lesczynski January 18, 2017

        Trump will stop remittances

        Mexico will freak

        Amd then pay

    4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

      Yes, you may start building it anytime at your leisure. In the meantime, build one around your neighborhood to keep all those unwanted fellow human beings of yours from ever daring to darken the towels of your sanctuary.

      1. Ben Lesczynski January 18, 2017


        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

          From 3 words down to one—a bad trend.

  12. adler56 January 16, 2017

    trump really doesn’t deserve the credit- it’s that “amurica” has so many losers who see the orange man as one of them despite the difference in income- they all have a lack of morals, ethics and a heavy dose of racism- just like Mr. Plump. We’ve never had a candidate that went for the deplorables before and nobody seemed to realize there were so many of them but from the beginning of President Obama’s eight years they slowly began coming out of hiding. Sadly the republicans used them instead of stopping them- proving they have no intention of doing what’s right for America-ever-unless it somehow benefits them in a financial way. So no, they’re not Americans and never will be. They’re not even decent people and never will be.

    1. jmprint January 19, 2017

      You sure are describing troll LibsRignorant.

  13. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017

    The 8 years that George W. was in the White House, the citizens of the U.S. continued to suffer at the hands of newly empowered pharmaceutical companies and corrupt health care companies. Bush had no interest in the suffering of men, women and children being denied health care. So in those 8 years, the topic remained stagnant while less vital issues received the attention of the House and Senate…..And healthcare for all? Frankly, my dear, they didn’t give a damn. They themselves were taken care of. Who else really matters?

    Were Bush to still be in office, health care would still be sitting at the back of the bus with Rosa Parks. So don’t think that Republicans in their precious offices and positions of power have any vested interest in integrity or the dignity of their own humanity. They sold that to the highest bidder long ago, save for very few.

    So now nonsensically enough the GOP is trying to make rational people believe that the Affordable Care Act isn’t “good enough” for their “high ideals” and their level of humanity and compassion. Where their “humanity” was hiding out for nearly a decade prior, was in the Swamp along with Trump.

    They have made a mockery out of the very words “humanity and compassion”. They use those words to manipulate and deceive.

    They didn’t want Obama to have any kind of success, as they wanted him to be a one term president. Obama is a black man. Let’s tell it like it REALLY is. The GOP was so unnerved at the idea of having a black man one up them, they were beside themselves. There is no grand or humane reason for their denial. They wear their hypocrisy like an old, comfortable pair of shoes. Good ol’ white boy shoes that walk all over anyone in their path to fortify their centuries old convictions of superiority. They cannot, will not let that go.

  14. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017

    When Obama entered the White House the GOP vowed to Obstruct Everything Obama tried to Accomplish in their fervor to see him Miserably Fail and drop off the face of the earth in 4 years. How they got away with this vow in the first place is beyond me. That was one of our initial clues that this country was F d. No consequences for fighting against the will of the people and obstructing Democratic process?

    No wonder Russia can hack our elections. Silly me. When there are only foxes in the hen house, who ya gonna call?

    So the GOP railed on. To disagree and seek compromise is one thing. That is an acceptable process of politics. To flat out declare intent to see him fail “at ALL cost”, which included what is best for this country, and to deny Obama’s every attempt no matter what it was, crosses the line…..and no consequences? Zero attempt at compromise? Not even gonna make it in that day? Got stuff to do?

    Not everyone acclimates, or forgets, or just zones out as the years go by, and figures someone knows better than they do so ‘forget about’ that time the Republicans actually broke the law, AGAIN. Forget how dirty their politics are. Democrats aren’t angels, but when they vote they vote predominantly FOR the people, not against them.

    The GOOP [sic} from the right didn’t care that they were vowing to see the majority of the country fail to receive what they voted a BLACK Man Obama in to do. The GOP would even smugly walk away from bills they themselves created, were Obama to sign onto them.

    1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

      You forgot one important point. Your buddy Obummer was quoted FIRST, saying “Elections have consequences, we don’t need them. I have a phone and a pen!”

      So yeah, IF he had even TRIED TO work with Congress instead of writing them off right after his inauguration, maybe things would have been different.

      But likely you won’t see the truth because you’re a blind little lemming ahole.

  15. jmprint January 16, 2017

    Good Americans and good patriots don’t settle for scum, we are better then that.

  16. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017


    AMERICA will be amazing after 4 years of the best job creating president god gave America. Imagine 0% unemployment , every American employed working in the fields like those Mexicans used to, working in those beautiful Chinese style factories 11 hours a day 6 days a week just like them Chinese folk. Making American iPhones for $25 a day. It will be amazing no more need for welfare (except corporate welfare like Carrier deal). No more imported goods, no more walmart. goods will cost more but thats ok just work harder in the factory or field of your choice. No more bad relationships with Russia, Russian businesses and banks will open and flourish we may even get our own oligarchs for once. Trump will start a war on twitter because Mat Damon called him sad, so tariffs will be placed on movies. Women’s healthcare from cirvical smears to breast exams will be pages in the history bookas since congress closed planned parenthood. People will go for holidays to the Rio Grande to see the amazing wall they just brought. People will adortthe new Trumpcare health system it will be shiny and gold otherwise useless. Police will be allowed to do there jobs again no more pesky questions when minority’s are shot in the back. It’ll be amazing a golden era in this republic let the good times roll.

    1. dbtheonly January 16, 2017

      No, most of America will be uninhabitable radioactive wasteland. Almost all Americans will be dead. Some American Indian Tribes will survive; but the neo-Nazi survivalists will be wiped out by their own greed and individuality.

      1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

        Yup.. you better LEAVE NOW or you’ll be killed too!! Please HURRY over to Germany before it’s too late!!

        1. dbtheonly January 19, 2017

          Ich willig aber meine Deutsche schreiben und sprechen ist nicht gut genug.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

          Still ranting like a mad dog. Do you need a job or a hobby? Try reading some books so you can expand your verbal capacity, and take Trump with you to the library.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker January 19, 2017

        dbtheonly…If you heard that moron Sen. from WY and the other one from ID, you are so correct. As he said…”It isn’t fair that there are 100,000 acres of land in our western states that cannot be used.” Translation…that cannot be polluted with fracking chemicals that are carcinogens or big oil pipelines that will leak like hell and then force those of us in the Eastern states get to pay for their filthy cleanup.

        1. dbtheonly January 19, 2017

          Ms. E, it’s no surprise, though it is not often spoken of, that the essence of Republican/Tea Party/Libertarian economics is to privatize profit and socialize risk or loss. Despoliation of Public Land is just another example.

    2. latebloomingrandma January 17, 2017

      I think I saw the movie already. It’s called “The Hunger Games.”

    3. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

      What’s it like living in an imaginary world? I hope they padded your walls so you don’t hurt yourself!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 19, 2017

        What’s it like like in the Baron of BS’s world CONman? Can’t take the criticism can you bully mouth? How about we take your Titan of Trickery up on his registry deal and start making a registry of jerks like you? Then, we do what Trump hopes to do…haul you out of your homes and ship you off to work in those Siberian coal mines you love so much.

        Better learn to speak Russian big mouth. You are going to need it.

      2. Jmz Nesky January 28, 2017

        Orwell’s 1984 was imaginary but now read it and compare..

        1. MAGA68 January 29, 2017

          You’re so blind and brainwashed by Obama’s lies and the lying media that you cannot see you were just freed from 1984.

          Go back and research…. every MSM outlet described Trump’s speech from the RNC convention with the same word… that had never been used in that situation EVER before… NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, they ALL used the same word. It’s a word that Hillary used that very night in her comments about Trump’s speech.

          Ask yourself, which is more like rabbit holing? The side which has the media completely on their side and doing their bidding? Or the one fighting the media because it still cannot accept their choice for President LOST.

          You people are pathetic. You’re welcome, we’re saving you from your own ignorance.

  17. Leftout January 16, 2017

    Trump won the election because of the policies of Hillary and Obama and the elitist Republican Party . The people were tired of BS , it is as simple as that, no need for deep analysis or obfuscations like Russian influence on open e mails etc.

    1. jackieo January 16, 2017

      Said a Brainwashed BreitBart follower. I bet you consider yourself a “good christian” too.

    2. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

      Well said. People are so sick of political correctness.

      1. Leftout January 16, 2017

        Oh , oh, if you agree with me you will be in trouble at this sight.
        The left is trying to make more
        Of this than that the voters for Trump were just fed up, nothing more than that…..no foreign intrigue or exotic stories .

    3. jmprint January 19, 2017

      Yeah they were tired of ACA, and now they are crying. Sounds like they didn’t really know what BS was. And they didn’t want wall street to run our government, but if trump pick the wall street dudes it’s ok. Stupid is as Stupid does.

      1. Leftout January 19, 2017

        Yes some were tired of higher premiums and deductibles and some others being subsidized by the working tax payers. Wall Street thpes were always consulting with congress with PACs and corruption. The cabinet is a bunch of successful people that can contribute experiences . Would you want it another way?

        1. jmprint January 19, 2017

          Why do you think that inheritance makes you bright?

          1. Leftout January 19, 2017

            It does not, but it can acquire you knowledge , what you do with any accrued knowledge is what can make you successful .

  18. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

    The article makes the premise that Trump won because the opponents didn’t stoop to Donald’s level, that if one engages in catchy verbal phrases that somehow resonate with the base instincts of humans, then this will be an effective antidote.
    I would like to counter that the entire system has morphed since it’s founding into a way of formally framing the distortion of human nature that really began to accelerate over the past 8 years.
    Just take a look at the long list of comments made, by both the more enlightened who regularly contribute and those vehemently opposed to courtesy, humility, and show a general attitude of hate for anyone who dare oppose the GOP and/or Donald.

    The comments illustrate the futility of having a logical conversation based on spiritual qualities that should remind us of what it means to be an enlightened human being—fashioned in “the image of God”.

  19. jackieo January 16, 2017

    Good News…. Just like the gospel.

  20. Robert Plamondon January 16, 2017

    Adams overstates his case, of course. People aren’t ALWAYS irrational. If you touch a hot stove, you don’t touch it again. But that works mostly for direct experience with observable cause and effect.

    Our national government doesn’t work that way. We elect some strangers to go to Washington and represent us, working under constraints we don’t really understand and cutting deals with other people we don’t know according to dynamics we don’t understand either. And the results often don’t work out as expected. And often take years to reach full force anyway. That’s hard to analyze!

    So we end up using proxy variables instead: Personalities, party affiliation, hot-button topics. These strategies are highly emotional and irrational. You get weird effects like, “The tallest major-party candidate always wins.” Even when this doesn’t happen (as in John Quincy Adams’ win over Andrew Jackson), it seems like the shorty winner has a rough time of it.

    My challenge: write commentary that lacks arguments based on personality, party affiliation, or hot-button topics! You get weirder but more interesting responses this way.

    1. Jmz Nesky January 28, 2017


    1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

      Morons like you don’t realise… Trump insults ANYONE that insults HIM FIRST. It’s called counterpunching.

      The second Putin says something bad about Trump, COUNT on a response in kind.

      And if you think any different? Then it shows you are completely blind to reality and facts, and nothing more than a MSM/liberal shill.

      1. jmprint January 19, 2017

        The Mexicans didn’t throw the first punch. Women did ask to get assaulted, workers only wanted to get paid for their work.

        1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

          Lol @ you.
          1) he never attacked Mexicans. He attacked ILLEGAL ALIENS. You know they BROKE THE LAW. So yeah, they hit America first.
          2) he never has assaulted even 1 woman. He said ” They LET YOU grab them….” that means consent,which cannot be assault. Furthermore, not even ONE woman has ever filed charges vs Trump so stop your lying.
          3) If Trump didn’t pay his workers, he would be penniless without workers. So again you LIE and slander our President.

          Try again moron.

          1. jmprint January 19, 2017

            1) Trumps words: “Mexico send us rapist and murderer” nothing about illegals you idiot.

            2) Just yesterday one of the ladies said she is going to pursue a lawsuit against the president for assault. You imbecile.

            3) He is a preeck and dishonest that’s all. So no, you cretin he is what he is and you can’t sugar coat it.

            LOL @ your dumb fckn a$$.

          2. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            So delusional you believe your own lies. Amazing.

          3. jmprint January 19, 2017

            Still talking to the mirror, poor twit.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

      That sums up the mentality of those wanting to gut ACA. Good visual.

  21. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 16, 2017

    The article makes the premise that Trump won because the opponents didn’t stoop to Donald’s level, that if one engages in catchy verbal phrases that somehow resonate with the base instincts of humans, then this will be an effective antidote and will guarantee better outcomes.
    I would like to counter this premise by first stating that the entire system has morphed since it’s founding into a way of formally framing the distortion of human nature that really began to accelerate over the past 8 years, and which partisan politics is a perfect vehicle for showcasing this distortion.

    Just take a look at the long list of comments made up to now, by both the more enlightened who regularly contribute and those vehemently opposed to courtesy, humility, and show a general attitude of hate for anyone who dare oppose the GOP and/or Donald.

    The comments illustrate the futility of having a logical conversation leading to clarity and resolutions that redound to the benefit of all and not just a faction when carried on in a meeting where the higher nature of the human being(her/his spiritual nature) is relegated to a backroom, and the lower nature(materialist concerns like power, racialism, bigotry) is given free rein to be the dominant factor determining behavior.

    The image portrayed in Genesis, where it is stated that God created man in God’s own image, obviously isn’t meant to be taken literally, and therefore relates to possessing the spiritual qualities inherent with what we usually refer to as “God”, or “Allah”, and not to physical appearance like being bipedal, having skin coloration, and facial features associated with physical beings.

    Given that criterion(“…in the image of God), we see how far humans have deviated from the inherent potentialities gifted to it just by observing the words we choose to express ourselves and the manner we choose to express. Some of us lean more towards the “angelic”( i.e. , “the godly aspect”), whereas many others here lean towards the ungodly aspect—often referred to as our satanic, or dark side. The choice we have to decide on is which half of our humanness we prefer, the godly or the ungodly. There is no in-between, and the choice is NOT include “left wing” or “right wing”.

    Partisan politics, general divisions along lines of race, skin color, class, ethnicity, and the like cloud the issue and hides the choice we need to make. When we’re able to reconnect with the “godly image”, then the clouds of rancor and divisiveness, which partisanship the notion of “limited unities” create, will dissipate.

    The amount of effort the more virulent members invest in in the elaborate visuals they trouble themselves putting together for the sake of saying nothing, while erecting a wall at the same time, is an enormous waste of time. Trump has invested an enormous waste of time in being far away from God, in worshiping himself as the standard to strive for, and in wasting what little time he has left on this planet before departing through the door of “Death” into the next world—a door all of us will have to step through as well. It would appear that Donald and his ardent supporters have done little, if anything, to cultivate a “godly image”, which after all is what you depart with from this realm. A child who fails to develop properly in the womb come into the world outside the world of the room with oftentimes irreparable impediments. Likewise, a person failing to develop spiritual qualities in this life enters the next world bereft of the necessary qualities to advance in the world to come w/o difficulties the extent of we aren’t privy to understand, no more than the fetus could apprehend while in the womb.

    “O Son of Being! Bring thyself to account each day ere thou art summoned to a reckoning. For death unheralded shall come upon thee and thou shalt be called to give account for thy deeds.”
    (From ‘The Hidden Words’, by Baha’u’llah)

    1. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

      How do you respond to that?

  22. jackieo January 16, 2017

    “Still, we could not just admit to ourselves that we kept actual piracy as an institution – especially later, as our children began to see themselves as more civilized and progressive. We had to demonize the ‘idea’ of piracy, while elevating capitalism to virtual divinity.”

  23. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

    Pennsylvania went for Trump!!
    As long as you are in denial and living in LaLa land, refusing to see
    what the party of JFK has become,
    “Ask not what your country can do for you”, but what you can do for your country, you will continue to lose. Actually, your denial makes it easier for Republicans to continue to win. Sticking your head in the sand, with the Russians did it, will help continue your demise.

  24. Rick2101 January 16, 2017

    A study just released by Oxfam highlights why Trump, corporations, and the super-wealthy “create” and keep their wealth. It is truly astonishing.

    “Eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity, according to a new report published by Oxfam today to mark the annual meeting of political and business leaders in Davos.

    Oxfam’s report, ‘An economy for the 99 percent’, shows that the gap between rich and poor is far greater than had been feared. It details how big business and the super-rich are fuelling the inequality crisis by dodging taxes, driving down wages and using their power to influence politics. It calls for a fundamental change in the way we manage our economies so that they work for all people, and not just a fortunate few.”

    Read the complete article at: https://www.oxfam.org/en/pressroom/pressreleases/2017-01-16/just-8-men-own-same-wealth-half-world

  25. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017

    Following the lead of an incoming Administration clearly being constructed to encompass the worst possible human beings on the planet, it’s not surprising that Shkreli has now become a darling of the Republican Party. In fact he is now treated as a “star” of sorts within the GOP: yesterday, College Republicans were forced to cancel a speech planned by Shkreli and the race-baiting Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, due to student protests (one protester succeeded in throwing excrement on Shkreli).

    The attendance of Shkreli at Trump’s festivities is also unsurprising. Both are narcissistic con men with grossly inflated opinions of themselves. Neither care one whit for the people they harm with their actions. Both crave the spotlight. Both spend inordinate amounts of time on Twitter.

    And apparently, both enjoy harassing women. Shkreli had his Twitter account suspended this week following a period of targeted harassment of free-lance journalist Lauren Duca, author of a viral essay about Trump that has become an Internet sensation. Shkreli facetiously asked Duca to accompany him to the Inauguration, photoshopped pictures of himself over that of Duca’s husband, and generally made himself a nuisance with unwanted come-ons, prompting his troll followers to harass Duca. Duca has received rape and death threats, some occurring on Christmas Day:

    Shkreli said he didn’t see his actions as harassment NOR DOES TRUMP

  26. Alex Drobetskiy January 16, 2017

    Great analysis. Phenomenal. Breathtaking. Who is Scott Adams?

    1. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017


  27. Jim Samaras January 16, 2017

    Tuesday November 8, 2016 – a day that will live in infamy, or the moment when America was made great again?
    The truth, as ever, will lie somewhere in the middle. After all, contrary to what both his supporters and detractors believe – and this is probably the only thing they agree on – Trump won’t be able to come into office and spend his first 100 days gleefully ripping up all the bits of the Constitution he doesn’t like.
    But even if this week’s seismic shockwave doesn’t signal either the sky falling in or the start of a bright new American era, the result was, to use one of The Donald’s favourite phrases, huge. It is, in fact, a total game changer.
    In decades to come, historians will still bicker about the most poisonous, toxic and stupid election in living memory.
    They will also be bickering over the same vexed question – how did a man who was already unpopular with the public and who boasted precisely zero political experience beat a seasoned Washington insider who was married to one extremely popular president and who had worked closely with another?
    The answer, ultimately, is in the question.
    History will record this as a Trump victory, which of course it is. But it was also more than that, because this was the most stunning self-inflicted defeat in the history of Western democracy.
    Hillary Clinton has damned her party to irrelevance for at least the next four years. She has also ensured that Obama’s legacy will now be a footnote rather than a chapter. Because the Affordable Care Act is now doomed under a Trump presidency and that was always meant to be his gift, of sorts, to America.
    How did a candidate who had virtually all of the media, all of Hollywood, every celebrity you could think of, a couple of former presidents and apparently, the hopes of an entire gender resting on her shoulders, blow up her own campaign?
    I rather suspect that neither Donald nor Hillary know how they got to this point.
    Where she seemed to expect the position to become available to her by right – the phrase “she deserves it” was used early in the campaign and then quickly dropped when her team remembered that Americans don’t like inherited power – his first steps into the campaign were those of someone chancing their arm. If he wasn’t such a staunch teetotaller, many observers would have accused him of only doing it as a drunken bet.
    But the more the campaign wore on, something truly astonishing began to happen – the people began to speak. And they began to speak in a voice which, for the first time in years in the American heartland, would not be ignored.
    Few of the people who voted for Trump seriously believe that he is going to personally improve their fortunes. Contrary to the smug, middle-class media narrative, they aren’t all barely educated idiots.
    They know what he is, of course they do. It’s what he is not that appeals to them.
    Clinton, on the other hand, had come to represent the apex of smug privilege. Whether it was boasting about her desire to shut down the remaining coal industry in Virginia – that worked out well for her, in the end – or calling half the electorate a “basket of deplorables”, she seemed to operate in the perfumed air of the elite, more obsessed with coddling idiots and pandering to identity and feelings than improving the hardscrabble life that is the lot of millions of Americans.
    Also, nobody who voted for Trump did so because they wanted him as a spiritual guru or life coach.
    But plenty of people invested an irrational amount of emotional energy into a woman who was patently undeserving of that level of adoration.
    That’s why we’ve witnessed such fury from her supporters – they had wrapped themselves so tightly in the Hillary flag that a rejection of her felt like a rejection of them. And when you consider that many American colleges gave their students Wednesday off class because they were too ‘upset’ to study, you can see that this wasn’t a battle for the White House – this became a genuine battle for America’s future direction. And, indeed, for the West. (Emphasis mine/jcm)
    We have been going through a cultural paroxysm for the last 10 years – the rise of identity politics has created a Balkanised society where the content of someone’s mind is less important than their skin colour, gender, sexuality or whatever other attention-seeking label they wish to bestow upon themselves.
    In fact, where once it looked like racism and sexism might be becoming archaic remnants of a darker time, a whole new generation has popped up which wants to re-litigate all those arguments all over again.
    In fact, while many of us are too young to recall the Vietnam war and the social upheaval of the 1960s, plenty of observers who were say they haven’t seen an America more at war with itself than it is today.
    One perfect example of this new America has been the renewed calls for segregation on campuses. Even a few years ago, such a move would have been greeted with understandable horror by civil rights activists – but this time it’s the black students demanding segregation and “safe spaces” from whites. If young people calling for racial segregation from each other isn’t the sign of a very, very sick society, nothing is.
    The irony of Clinton calling Trump and his followers racist while she was courting Black Lives Matter was telling.
    After all, no rational white person would defend the KKK, yet here was a white women defending both BLM and the New Black Panthers – explicitly racist organisations with the NBP, in particularly, openly espousing a race war if they don’t get what they want.
    Fundamentally, Trump was attractive because he represents a repudiation of the nonsense that has been slowly strangling the West.
    He represents – rightly or wrongly, and the dust has still to settle – a scorn and contempt for these new rules. He won’t be a president worried about microaggressions, or listening to the views of patently insane people just because they come from a fashionably protected group.
    He also represents a glorious two fingers to everyone who has become sick of being called a racist or a bigot or a homophobe – particularly by Hillary supporters who are too dense to realise that she has always actually been more conservative on social issues than Trump.
    That it might take a madman to restore some sanity to America is, I suppose, a quirk that is typical to that great nation – land of the free and home to more contradictions than anyone can imagine.
    Trump’s victory also signals just how out of step the media has been with the people. Not just American media, either.
    In fact, the Irish media has continued its desperate drive to make a show of itself with a seemingly endless parade of emotionally incontinent gibberish that, ironically, has increased in ferocity and hysterical spite in the last few days.
    The fact that Hillary’s main cheerleaders in the Irish and UK media still haven’t realised where they went wrong is instructive and amusing in equal measure. They still don’t seem to understand that by constantly insulting his supporters, they’re just making asses of themselves.
    One female contributor to this newspaper said Trump’s victory was a “sad day for women”. Well, not for the women who voted for him, it wasn’t.
    But that really is the nub of the matter – the ‘wrong’ kind of women obviously voted for Trump. The ‘right’ kind went with Hillary. And lost.
    The Irish media is not alone in being filled largely with dinner-party liberals who have never had an original or socially awkward thought in their lives. They simply assume that everyone lives in the same bubble and thinks the same thoughts – and if they don’t, they should.
    Of the many things that have changed with Trump’s victory, the bubble has burst. Never in American history have the polls, the media and the chin-stroking moral arbiters of the liberal agenda been so spectacularly, wonderfully wrong.
    It was exactly that condescending, obnoxious sneer towards the working class that brought them out in such numbers, and that is the great irony of Election 16 – the Left spent years creating identity politics to the extent that the only group left without protection or a celebrity sponsor was the white American male.
    That it was the white American male who swung it for Trump is a timely reminder that while black lives matter, all votes count – even the ones of people you despise.
    You don’t have to be a supporter of Trump to take great delight in the sheer, apoplectic rage that has greeted his victory.
    If Clinton had won and Trump supporters had gone on a rampage through a dozen American cities the next night, there would have been outrage – and rightly so.
    But in a morally and linguistically inverted society, the wrong-doers are portrayed as the victims. We saw that at numerous Trump rallies – protesters would disrupt the event, claiming their right to free speech (a heckler’s veto is not free speech) and provoking people until they got a dig before running to the media and claiming victimhood.
    But, ultimately, this election was about people saying enough with the bullshit. This is a country in crisis, and most Americans don’t care about transgender bathrooms, or safe spaces, or government speech laws. This was about people taking some control back for themselves.
    It was about them saying that they won’t be hectored and bullied by the toddler tantrums thrown by pissy and spoiled millennials and they certainly won’t put up with being told they’re stupid and wicked just because they have a difference of opinion.
    But, really, this election is about hope for a better America; an America which isn’t obsessed with identity and perceived ‘privilege’; an American where being a victim isn’t a virtue and where you don’t have to apologise for not being up to date with the latest list of socially acceptable phrases.
    Trump’s victory was a two fingers to the politically correct.
    It was a brutal rejection of the nonsense narrative which says Muslims who kill Americans are somehow victims. It took the ludicrous Green agenda and threw it out. It was a return, on some level, to a time when people weren’t afraid to speak their own mind without some self-elected language cop shouting at you. Who knows, we may even see Trump kicking the UN out of New York.
    Frankly, if you’re one of those who gets their politics from Jon Stewart and Twitter, look away for the next four years, because you’re not going to like what you see. The rest of us, however, will be delighted.
    This might go terribly, terribly wrong. Nobody knows – and if we have learned anything this week, it’s that nobody knows nuthin’.
    But just as the people of the UK took control back with Brexit, the people of America did likewise with their choice for president.
    It’s called democracy.
    Deal with it.

    1. Sterling Harris January 16, 2017


      1. kgelner January 16, 2017

        You drop dead of apoplexy before you could finish your sentence? That’s what happens when all you can do is yell.

    2. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

      Right on brother!!

      1. Jim Samaras January 16, 2017

        Gotta love sparring with these Richard Craniums on here dontcha?

    3. kgelner January 16, 2017

      Trump doesn’t have to rip up anything. All he has to do is follow the constitution and it will drive the left howling mad with grief. Well, even more howling mad.

    4. Elliot J. Stamler January 16, 2017

      On top of all else, you ought to learn brevity in your comments.

    5. Independent1 January 16, 2017

      Too bad all that gibberish you just posted is all going to vanish in less than 100 days as Trump falls flat on his face and America spirals into a depression. He hasn’t even taken office yet and he’s already close to starting trade wars with several countries (and maybe an actual war with China) such that his idiocy will send the entire world into a recession/depression in just months.

    6. Independent1 January 16, 2017

      If Trump’s idiot enough to start a trade war with China – it’s likely red states that will suffer the most:

      BEIJING — If Donald Trump launches a trade war with China it would
      likely result in catastrophic losses for both nations and possibly a
      humbling defeat for the United States, some have warned.

      Trump’s campaign promise to “make America great again” included a threat to slap a 45-percent import tariff on Chinese goods.

      But as in a regular war, China has formidable weapons of its own.

      The Global Times, a Chinese state-run newspaper, warned last week that Beijing would take a “tit-for-tat approach” if Trump followed through on his bold rhetoric.

      “A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by Airbus, U.S. auto and iPhone sales in China will suffer a setback, and U.S. soybean and maize imports will be halted,” the paper said. “China can also limit the number of Chinese students studying in the U.S.”


      1. Jim Samaras January 17, 2017

        The 45% is an opening salvo of negotiation. Are we supposed to sit and do nothing? The people of China don’t really want their brand x products, they want ours and will pay the price. The crap they send us is mostly cheap junk Americans really don’t need and will live without. China needs us way more than we need them. This is more rhetoric and the sky is falling sh^t from a left wing site (NBC) hoping to discredit Trump and keep the negative press going. “Some have warned”…. screw them, let’s see how the real world events play out before we pay attention to this stupid prognostication.

        1. latebloomingrandma January 17, 2017

          I guess you don’t shop at Walmart. All those Trump voters who do shop there will be shocked at the price hikes if Trump gets his way.

          1. Jim Samaras January 17, 2017

            I avoid it like the plague gramma! If I need it I order it online and don’t deal with the fools who crowd there. They sell cheap junk now and will be forced to sell expensive junk in the future. Let’s see how well they do when the American competition can REALLY compete. You think Trump is a bastard to deal with? Walmart is worse…placing an order for 50,000 widgets and upon completion forcing the purveyor to cut his price 10% or cancel the order.

    7. Independent1 January 16, 2017

      And if he’s idiot enough to antagonize even German auto makers, that’s not going to help either:

      BMW has its largest exporting plant in South Carolina, the U.S. providing over 70,000 jobs directly or indirectly to Americans. BMW spokesperson stated that the company continues to feel “very much at home in the US,” although its relationship is bound to get affected if Trump’s border tax imposition is a reality in future. Mr. Trump’s comments have caused “surprise and anxiety” among members of the trans-Atlantic alliance. Car exports are integral to Germany’s growing economy, and the U.S. remains one of the most important markets and ally. If Mr. Trump’s anticipated trade barriers are introduced, it will cause a real damper on the economy of both nations.


      1. Jim Samaras January 17, 2017

        Rather than build that plant in Mexico it will be wise to rethink that plan and build it in the US which I’d bet they will. If built in Mexico tariffs will be added and we’ll see if it matters to people who buy that German Chevy here in the states. I don’t think it will although personally I believe it to be an over rated pos.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

          Your nationalist sentiments are old-fashioned and outdated, Jim—just like a lot of your other sentiments. You’re a throwback to a bygone era that will never return, so embrace progress and change and join the rest of humanity—now, that is what we mean by “move on”.

          The very people you daily rail against are your brothers and sisters, but your Lutheran training and your parents it would seem failed you and you’re completely in the dark as a result. Or maybe they did teach you this, but you’ve become corrupted by politics, and as a result you’ve cut yourself off from your Creator as evidenced by your constant child-like whimpering about “nation” and “Trump”.

          How long must you remain in the diapers of a childish nationalism?

    8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

      You’re a walking infamy, Jim.

  28. kgelner January 16, 2017

    “Democrats “need to learn to be mean and funny.”” So what was Jon Stewart doing for years? The Democrats long ago had “mean and funny” nailed. What happened this time around was that Republicans, or at least Trump, caught up and played the game just as well, if not better. Everything the Republicans are doing that you dislike, was learned at the hands of Democrats – and that will continue over the next four years as Trump uses the Obama presidency as a template for how to have a vastly more powerful presidency than he might have had before Obama.

  29. Wigglesworth January 16, 2017

    The GOP isn’t going to repeal Obamacare. You have to look beyond the fake media headlines that say the GOP is poised to repeal it. Nope, just a few parts of it. Ryan and McConnell’s donors love it just as much as the dem party. It makes them lots of money.

    1. jackieo January 16, 2017

      It’s taken 6 years but conservatives have come up with a OBAMACARE replacement! It’s called AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.


  30. Elliot J. Stamler January 16, 2017

    This article is superb and I congratulate LOLGOP. His comment on Hillary Clinton is absolutely on target.
    But if you want to get down to what LOLGOP is so accurately writing I urge you to read….get ready for this, the written work of Dr. Josef Goebbels. He analyzed and then used perfectly and wrote out in great detail the political dynamics of mass persuasion that LOLGOP probably doesn’t attribute to him. Techniques like Goebbels’s can be used for good or evil–in and of themselves they are neutral. Goebbels’s master also wrote on this subject and perhaps Goebbels took some of his ideas from the master’s work in Mein Kampf.
    If anybody out there, staring at the forthcoming inauguration of the worst human being in our entire history to assume the presidency, is aghast at what I write, I suggest you wake the hell up and smell the coffee!!
    I read the work of Dr. Gobbels over 55 years ago as part of the syllabus of the mandatory course in Citizenship required of all students at my marvelous undergraduate alma mater…Syracuse University. It has always stayed with me…as have the writings of Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Hitler, Plekhanin, and many others we were required to read.
    The necessity we face is to defend democracy from the Orange-faced fascist and his fellow fascists who are now about to gain state power in America. We should start learning from precisely the masters that Trump himself followed and that LOL has inadvertently credited without attribution, in this brilliant article.

    1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

      And yet, you cannot even realize that your party most closely resembles communism….you censor speech, you use violence and hate/lies/propaganda to accomplish your goals. You rig elections and bus people from state to state padding numbers. Yet you don’t even realize you have become what you claim to hate.

      It’s ok, Patriotic AMERICANS are gonna take back your country for you. We will eliminate this communist scourge that is falsely called progressivism.

      1. jmprint January 19, 2017

        How, it it because we care about human being, regardless of their economic status. Plutocracy is UnAmerican.

        1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

          But you dont care about ANYONE who has differing views. Your people attack conservatives, physically. It is well documented. You have terrorized people for their political beliefs and try to silence anyone who says something different.

          You are so blinded by hate you cannot even see. (“You” being liberals)

          1. jmprint January 19, 2017

            Yes we do care, we don’ care for liars and bigots.

          2. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

            Must be a bitch being so self-hating.

          3. jmprint January 19, 2017

            I wouldn’t no bitch, go back and read your post, the answer is in the mirror.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

            Yes, you can tell us all about it. Self-hate is ranting and raving like you do, never once taking time to catch your breath to feel good about being human. Or maybe you’re not human, and just a recording.

          5. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            Hey snowflake, I’m not the one crying and whining, WE WON. Now you can sit down and STFU for 8 years. Your words mean nothing, Trump will undo a good portion of your liberal America-hating policies.

            One day, if you ever grow up, maybe you will come to your senses. I doubt it though, you seem to have a very soft mind easily brainwashed. Bye bye troll.

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

            Are you a wind-up toy with only a memory device with stock insults?

  31. jackieo January 16, 2017

    Donald Trump was legitimately elected by idiots.

    1. loveofcountry January 16, 2017

      Yes he was legitimately elected. You are getting there. What’s with the image you use near your name?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

        Elected with the help of Putin, who will expect a return for the favor, by hijacking your accounts next, buddy.

  32. angryspittle January 16, 2017

    The major reason were all of the voter suppression efforts passed by GOP legislatures across the nation, from voter ID, to crosschecks, to handing out provisional ballots that went right into the garbage millions of voters were either denied the right to vote or their votes were not even counted.

    1. Independent1 January 16, 2017

      And the fact the GOP also hacked the vote counting computers and increased Trump’s voter counts didn’t help either. Votes Trump was supposedly getting above CNN’s exit poll counts was way outside the normal expectations of error in at least 13 states (actually 20 states ran high for Trump over what CNN’s exit polls said he should have been getting).

      1. LibsRignorant January 19, 2017

        Good grief and you wonder why people call liberals LIARS. Just stop FFS and grow up you little petulant lying child.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 19, 2017

          No one calls Liberals Liars. Do you always live in your fantasyland CONman world? Did your MOMMY spoil your ass like Mommy Mary Ann Trump did to her little Donny Boy?

          Grow up and stop trying to use your phony FORCE BS on the rest of the world. You and Trump are going down. So are your Republicans. Take it like a man for once in your pathetic moron life.

        2. Independent1 January 19, 2017

          Can We Count on the Election Results? Exit Poll Discrepancies and Voter Suppression Are Serious Issues

          “According to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research, Clinton won four key battleground states (NC, PA, WI, and FL) in the 2016 presidential election that she went on to lose in the computerized vote counts. With these states Clinton wins the Electoral College with a count of 302 versus 205 for Trump. Clinton also won the national exit poll by 3.2% and holds a narrow lead in the national vote count still in progress.

          “Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. In 13 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceeded the margin of error of the state.”

          “We call a shift towards Republicans a ‘red shift,’ and a shift toward Democratic candidates a ‘blue shift.’ We are seeing no blue shifts in this election,” Simon wrote Friday. “This is a familiar pattern, indicative of electronic rigging, but in this case even more dramatic than usual.”


          Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

          Millions of Americans are already waiting for hours outside of polling places to vote for the next president of the United States. All of that might not matter though, as some security pros say the entire election can be rigged all too easily.

          In one example, it wouldn’t take much more than ten dollars’ worth of parts from any RadioShack store to steal and manipulate votes. It’s called a man-in-the-middle attack and the computer program that logs theresults on electronic voting machines isn’t even compromised.

          “It’s a classic attack on security devices,” Roger Johnston tells Popular Science. “You implant a microprocessor or some other electronic device into the voting machine, and that lets you control the voting and turn cheating on and off. We’re basically interfering with transmitting the voter’s intent.”


          1. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            LMAO so now you want us to use the doctored polls from MSM to determine presidency??? Really??? Polls were wrong the whole election but you flout them as if we should use them over real votes.

            You fukcers are completely insane with hate. Just pathetic how desperate you have become.

          2. Independent1 January 20, 2017

            These were voting exit polls lowlife!! And they came very close to predicting what Hillary would win by at the national level!!

            CNN predicted Hillary would win by 3.4% at the national level AN HILLARY WON THE POPULAR VOTE BY 4.5%!! EVEN BETTER THAN THE EXIT POLLS PREDICTED!!


            THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN!!!!!!

          3. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            You are hilarious. Do you even realize that national polls are irrelevant since we have an electoral college??? So funny, you probably don’t. Keep on typin in caps there though lie boy, that’ll make everyone agree with you. Better go off to your safe space now. big bad mean Trump gonna deport you.

            Nothing but lies lies lies. Keep em coming lie boy.

          4. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            Yeah, and using caps just makes you look even more pathetic. You lost, you cannot accept it, so you make up lies and slander the President.

            Need a tissue whiner?

        3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 19, 2017

          Petulance is all you’re posting. Just non-stop reflex rants like some reptile going through a life crisis. Of course, Trump never lies, right?

          1. LibsRignorant January 20, 2017

            Lol @ your lack or originality.. your insults are less effective than a 12 year olds. Next I’m betting you say you’re rubber and I’m glue.

            If you’re over 12, you’re REALLY immature.

  33. Mary Bell Lockhart January 17, 2017

    What is described here is simply the “politics of personal destruction.” It’s a favored tactic of fascists, which means that it is today a favored tactic of Republicans. They’ve been applying it to Hillary Clinton, to President Obama and to Democrats for years now. But what some don’t seem to understand is that in the November election it infected politics on the left as well as the right, putting Clinton, who might otherwise have been able to accomplish much good for millions, in a vise. Some don’t seem to understand that this was the aim of the Russian propaganda – to make just enough voters on the left so irrationally hate her that they would either not vote or would vote 3rd party. That enabled voter suppression in swing states ruled by Republicans to work it’s dirty job. And the Electoral College struck the final blow against democracy. Look objectively at the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and you will see this is true. The only political organization that can stand up to Republican fascism is a unified and strong Democratic Party. But still today we hear from some on the left the same politics of personal destruction – lies, distortions, vicious name-calling, purity politics. In order to unify and strengthen the progressive movement and the Democratic Party we must call out the politics of personal destruction wherever we find it. It is just as anti-democratic on the left as it is on the right.

  34. Daniel Jones January 17, 2017

    Yes, he used agit-prop like a pro.

    Yes, he’s a monster.

    What you have to understand and cope with is that the lowest common denominator is *common*.

    Unless you can find a means to appeal to everyone, not some target group, to rise above the slime, it will remain slimy.

  35. Thomas James January 20, 2017

    What amazes me is how many misguided persons are insisting that Russia helped Mr. Donald Trump to win the Presidency of the United States of America. Russia has never been fond of the Republican Party. For example it was President Ronald Reagan who got the Russian President to tear down the Berlin wall. The Republican Party is literally anti-Communist while the Democratic Party is considered to be more Socialist in nature. When the Late Cuban Leader Fidel Castro took over in Cuba after the Revolution then Vice President Nixon was responsible for his victory tour in the US. President Eisenhower refused to meet with him as a result of his increasing communist linkages. Normalization of relations with Cuba, a good thing, has been forged by the Democratic Party. Russia does not favor the Republican Party as many people are inclined to believe.

    1. Jmz Nesky January 28, 2017

      Again you miss the point.. Nothing In this administration will ever relate to the Democrats or the Republicans because Trump (like his cabinet) is neither.. This administration has to do exclusively with Trump and nobody else so if he has ties with Russia, if he ever had ties with Russia’s leader then if he chooses to consort with Putin for what ever reason, he will do this and it makes sense that to boost his success he will do this after all he is, above everything else, a b’nessman and as such will find the easiest way to create a profit for himself then worry about what may incur from it at a later date knowing that he, Donald Trump, will be the only one who can control the outcome. Trump believes his own lies, he actually does think he’s invincible. The majority congress is merely riding the wave of success, once they propose something that they really want and Trump veto’s it through spite then they will know who’s pseudo-reality show it actually is. They then will send out the big dogs of impeachment knowing there will be no opposition from the other side.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 7, 2017

        The DUMPSTER is a VETO waiting to be signed and flushed down the toilet bowl my favorite BOWL for the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW truly unreality TV POS ok that all the nice things I have to say about the mentally deranged POS /// hey Jmz what’s up ?

        1. Jmz Nesky February 10, 2017

          Been out of sorts the last few days (and expecting more to come) I think the gout done got me but don’t tell the Dumpaholics else they’ll claim it’s god taking vengeance against me because I’m not a cheeto fan. Blood test results should come back soon..I’ll try to get back asap. thanks for the query Ivory..

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

            sorry to hear about you being in a form of down and out . and hope the test come back positive and thing go for the best

          2. Jmz Nesky February 13, 2017

            Thanks Ivory.. I hate this North Texas weather.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 13, 2017

            maybe the bright side you could be here in New England where if you don’t like the weather wait a min. it will change . the only thing we have going for us here are the NEW ENGLAND PATS LOL

          4. Jmz Nesky February 14, 2017

            Yeah, that was one hell of a game.. Most everybody gave up on your guys but not me.. I wait until the last 30 seconds and if they need three TDs to win THEN I give up however if they need three to tie and they’re in possession with at least two time-outs then I wait through that last 25 seconds. In my book Brady is awesome along with a dedicated back-up.. So what is it, always cold up there? What about humidity? That’s the killer for sure. I lived in Utah for about six years and not once did I have to wear a heavy duty coat during the day because of the low humidity.. It got cold but in relation to Texas, even freezing out did this states 40°.

          5. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 14, 2017

            heck 40 degree here I still don’t wear a jacket a shirt over my tee shirt as for the weather here if you don’t like it wait a min. and it truly dose change . me I don’t like it too hot at all . my mom told me that she would buy a house in FL. where she moved to for me to live in . I passed on it I don’t like the hot times but rather have the 4 seasons that kind of change I can live with . as for the PATS I was depressed when thy were down switched channels back and forth . not till like the last of the 3rd I stayed on the PATS and it was entertaining (knowing Tom Brady ) was hairy when thy needed the 2 / 2 pointers on 2 touchdowns to tie. when it went to over time it was the time for the BRADY QB to shine . the other QB is a good player . don’t know if he might gotten lucky to get a TD in OT if thy got the ball first . but when the ball was the PATS first really that’s the TRUE TOM BRADY TIME !! and yes I feel he very well might take 1 or 2 more super bowls before he retires . the PATS are a great team and its not just all BRADY its them as a whole team that makes them great . sad GRONK got hurt . he will return I like him very cool guy . seems just a guy that would be fun just being around . BUT THE TRUTH IS ILL LOSE RESPECT FOR BRADY IF HE GOS TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO SEE DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER FILLED WITH CRAP & B/S

          6. Jmz Nesky February 15, 2017

            Obviously you don’t have much of an issue with humidity up there.. Here the humidity hangs at 60% or more and when it hits 40° with just the slightest north wind the chill factor falls into the 20-30’s.. very frigid compared to the actual temp. Now I can say that winter can be mild, even into the lower 80’s at times [as we don’t get real bad until mid to late February] but when it drops, with the humidity, it’s unbearable.. Nice chatting with you friend ivory.. Do not eat the yellow snow.

          7. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 15, 2017


          8. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 14, 2017

            and now something of the B/S DUMPSTER WORLD OF EVIL B/S //his DONNY DUMP CLOWN is so easily read like a book how Sunday turns in to Monday .? the story the sun go’s down on Sunday night and rises on Monday morning THE END OF THIS BOOK ! now its being said that Flynn could been being blackmailed by Russia’s PUTTHEAD . I see it as the DUMPSTER was using Flynn (and Flynn’s im sure is getting a big bonus now from the DUMPSTER ) to how the other clown in the DUMPSTER’s staff say’s keep your mouth shut . putting this together like a puzzle Flynn was talking to DONNY DUMP real early and he told one of his puppets to talk to Russia’s PUTTHEAD . (the dumpster has already had contact with him for awhile by then to help if the election for the DUMPSTER . between puppet Flynn and (yes you will see and hear a lot more about him in time the FBI’s COMA TOASTED COMEY he is all tied into this . and don’t be surprise if he is to have killed him self (then it will show he was murdered ) but COMA knows a lot more likely too much . and his name will be heard a lot in the coming times . this has been a long planed out BULL BOWL and its just starting to come out . as the DUMPSTER loves getting back at every one he feels did him wrong . he will be trying to get the about 3 million people that didn’t vote for him and the others that didn’t . that took away the popular vote Russia’s PUTTHEAD is and will always be holding this blackmail over DONNY DUMP . since that pair that swing from the back of a bull planed to steal the election . before the sanctions on Russia . that was a wild card for the corrupt deal . DUMPSTER told PUTTHEAD , you help me get in the house and ill get the sanctions lifted ( or work on doing it knowing the DONNY DUMP clown was lying to PUTTHEAD like he lies all the time anyways )

          9. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 15, 2017

            i just got this again now lol . no heat or hot weather I don’t like when its too cold you add shirts and take them off as you wish when its too hot you cant take nothing off if your naked lol

          10. Jmz Nesky February 15, 2017

            Don’t know how that happened again. That’s what personal room a/c and car a/c are all about.. Sure you can add more clothes but eventually your walking around like a three hundred pound circus clown and your still not comfortable (I know) .. Down here in summer 100°+ is a typical day but I tell you that beats a humid 20° norther any day. I’m not trying to out do you, I’m just saying. Actually I’m an Autumn guy.. My favorite season.

      2. Thomas James February 10, 2017

        People are forgetting that Russia joined with the US to defeat Germany in World War 2. Russia and the US have had extensive collaboration in the Space Station. Israel which the US supports avidly in the Middle East comprises numerous Russian Jews. It is important that Russia and the US have friendly cooperation. It would be much better for Russia to have good relations with the US rather than Russia forging stronger relationship with China. I still don’t believe Russia had much to do with the recent US elections. If they did, then someone in authority with the responsibility to protecting US security should be told YOU ARE FIRED rather than someone pointing finger at President Donald J. Trump, the indisputable Election Champion.

    2. Jmz Nesky February 10, 2017

      I really don’t think it has to do with political relations coming from Trump Thomas.. You probably have a reasonable argument but in this case I think it relates only to business as it has been in the past between the two and in that comes a warning.. A warning that most will not come to grips with until it’s too late.

  36. BDD1951 January 29, 2017

    Every time Trump opens his mouth his nose gets a little longer.

  37. Vince Vartek February 2, 2017

    “Just as the left can’t unilaterally disarm against the tsunami of spending unleashed by decisions like Citizens United…” Clinton raised and spent over $1 BILLION, a lot of it from millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood and Wall Street, which was 300% more than Trump. Yet, you’re still whining about CU? The Democrat party has become exactly what they claimed to be against. The party of the rich and powerful.

  38. hill.christine February 3, 2017

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  39. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 7, 2017

    how he won ????/ he lied through his teeth that’s how he won and now the courts and judges have to see the DUMPSTER for what he is this DONNY DUMP is mentally unstable BIG TIME !! all this bull is to feed his addiction of being an attention junky . the courts should (if thy should even hear this at all ) take this on facts alone and rule on this for just what and how the DUMPSTER set and plans it . its a block on a faith one faith anything else that the judges look on to this will be just falling into the DONNY DUMP lies . (which he tells more of them then any truth ) as DONNY DUMP see it there is so much more attention in lies then any truth and his addiction to attention he needs this as his fix . the high courts has to take every thing that the DUMPSTER been saying for the start of his election and the words that have been said framing it just the way he wants and means it a block of a faith and that’s it .and that is against the constitution . if some one is caught on a tape saying that thy killed some one and then after say no thy didn’t . the courts wouldn’t be so stupid to saying ok now we believe you didn’t kill some one . its more like admitting a confession . all these gang of cowards in office (mostly GOP gang of pinhead idiots yes others also ) are scared of the DONNY DUMP CLOWN fear not the clown behind the wall the thing you should fear the most is the more you let the DERANGED CLOWN getting away with his BULL he is a DUMPSTER full of it always has been and always will be the more scary thing is all should fear is the longer this deranged clown is in the house . NOW THAT THE BIG TIME SCARY PART ABOUT IT ALL

  40. Taylor Brown February 8, 2017

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  41. owmarly February 9, 2017

    Donald is now going to make sure he never has to pay taxes although he probably hasn’t paid any yet. Then to get rid of the deficit, he’s going to take away Social Security and Medicare.

    Donald the Trump Swamp strikes again.

  42. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 15, 2017

    Flynn’s departure !!! its said that some in office want to bring back water boarding . well I feel the country should have that . but for the ones in office . water board them and get what is needed to be known for the sake of the country’s safety from the very clowns in office that are the ones than can and will and have brought the most harm to the country and us people . help save the country and the people and water board the ones in office for harming info to the country// here’s the kind of work the GOP gang of pinheads dose and enjoys doing . is getting the gun laws to allow mentally ill people be able to have guns . think of it the whole GOP party being able to have guns . could be a good thing thy all can go to work and end up shooting each other . Flynn should be jailed with the DUMPSTER but more then likely DONNY DUMP would pardon Flynn to keep him quiet . but in time the news would say Flynn had killed himself and left a note . only to find out the note was in DONNY DUMPS hand writing and Flynn was murdered . and the DUMPSTER had PUTTHEAD mail him a how to do it book . think about it what did Flynn himself have to gain by doing all this for himself ? I see it that all the immigration bull was the DUMPSTERS smoke screen to cover up all of Flynn’s doing .///// and today one has to ask OK who can we get that we can trust to do any investigation’s the GOP gang of pinheads ? no thy are too busy getting guns in the mentally ill hands . how about the FBI ? yes COMA COMEY can be trusted right ? NOT ! he is another one for PUTTHEADS how to do it book . seems that the DONNY DUMP house is a cancer that is spreading through out the country and the world . if one looks at it all it seems like a playbook from Vince McMahon WWE . with all the drama and bull .and while not being as busy as thy can be the GOP gang of pinheads are blocking the very way the people can see the DONNY DUMP’S taxes . there is a way but thy are blocking it . thy set back and say (DITCH MCCONNELL ) the people have spoken and this is what the people want . because the DUMPSTER is in the house . hey DITCH MCCONNELL the people did speak and about 3 million more of us voted against the DUMPSTER . every thing the GOP gang of pinheads do is to stop and block any and every thing the people really want . thy don’t bring things up on the floor (because thy are in charge ) that’s not a democracy .and there should be laws that make things be able to come up on the floor . with just one side doing only what’s good their side isn’t a democratic way . that way it just lets one side do as thy want . about 3MILLOIN more of the people voted against DONNY DUMP and for Hillary


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