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#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah Laughs At Trump’s Biggest Lie Ever

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#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah Laughs At Trump’s Biggest Lie Ever

Trevor Noah

For many months, Americans have wondered exactly how Donald Trump is connected with Russia. And for just as many months, Trump has repeatedly replied, “I don’t have anything to do with Russia!” He has stuck with that mystifying denial stubbornly, despite a mountain of evidence showing that it’s false.

Now Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has turned over emails to Congress that show Trump was trying to build the world’s tallest skyscraper in Moscow while he was running for president.

For some reason, Trevor Noah finds this revelation shocking, if only because the scale of Trump’s lie is as large as the building he wanted to put up in the Russian capital. The Daily Show host was less surprised to see convicted felon Felix Sater starring as the middleman in that Moscow deal.

Shocking or not, it’s all quite amusing — in that ultra-dark way we’ve learned to enjoy since last January.



  1. johninPCFL August 31, 2017

    If Putin’s not careful, he’s going to lose his blackmail “evidence” over the Obese Orange Oaf.

  2. Dapper Dan August 31, 2017

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Trump has a lot of junk in his trunk ????

  3. Kurt Kruse September 4, 2017

    Put quite simply Trevor Noah is an idiot. He’s a no talent lackey who has traded on his race card so often it is now nothing but bits and pieces, much like trevor himself. He’ just another idiot talking head that for reasons completely unknown,feel he has a personal platform from which he can launch,b*^shit from. The little trevor’s of this world will come and go,but Presidents of the united States of America do not.They are a fabric of our countries history. Noah won’t be a food note or even someone that will be remembered. Perhaps by others who shared his moronic views,but even then will do so briefly.

    1. Charles van Rotterdam September 23, 2017

      He’s an idiot is he? Trevor speaks 6 languages, Trump is lucky to speak his own, covfefe!!!!!!

      1. Kurt Kruse September 27, 2017

        Does he also sound like an idiot in all of them as well?

  4. RICHnCA September 27, 2017

    If tRUMP is the fabric of our country’s history, it is a patchwork quilt that is tattered and torn from years of CONNIVING,DECEIT AND FRAUD all folded up and held together with LIES. He will go down as the WORST PRESIDENT in OUR COUNTRY’S HISTORY and wil probably spend the last years of his life in PRISON….. DESERVEDLY SO!!!!


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