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Trump Aggravates Attacks on ‘Disloyal’ Ryan and Republican Party

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Trump Aggravates Attacks on ‘Disloyal’ Ryan and Republican Party


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – White House candidate Donald Trump stepped up his attacks against U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday, calling him a weak and ineffective leader but saying his campaign “shackles” were off now that Ryan and other establishment Republicans have abandoned him.

The day after Ryan, the top Republican in Congress, told party lawmakers he was breaking with the presidential nominee and would not campaign for him, Trump issued a barrage of social media posts criticizing Republicans who have fled his campaign.

The stinging attacks deepened a dramatic rift in the party over the former reality TV star, who has seen a string of Republican defections after a video surfaced on Friday showing him bragging crudely to a reporter in 2005 about groping women and making unwanted sexual advances.

“Our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty,” Trump said in a tweet on Tuesday.

He complained in another tweet that it was hard to do well with “zero support” from Ryan and others, but added in a later Twitter post, “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.”

Ryan told congressional Republicans he would put his energy into preserving party majorities in Congress, all but conceding that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would likely win the White House in the Nov. 8 election. The move angered some Trump supporters, although Ryan said he would not withdraw his endorsement of the New York businessman.

Trump, 70, has portrayed himself as tough on national security, and his campaign released a television advertisement on Tuesday featuring footage of Clinton, a 68-year-old former secretary of state, stumbling last month after leaving a service commemorating the Sept. 11 attacks. Her campaign said she had been diagnosed a few days earlier with pneumonia.

“Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world,” the ad’s narrator says. “She failed as secretary of state. Don’t let her fail us again.”

Trump, whose campaign has been marked for months by controversies over both his policies and his brash style, has slipped further behind Clinton in opinion polls.

Many Republicans are worried his chaotic campaign could hurt their chances of holding majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate in next month’s election, and will inflict long-term damage on the party.

In an extraordinary party revolt, nearly half of all 331 incumbent Republican senators, House members and governors have condemned Trump’s lewd remarks on the video, and roughly one in 10 have called for him to drop out of the race, a Reuters review of official statements and local news coverage indicates.

Unlike Ryan, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told RNC members on Monday that the committee, the party’s leadership and fundraising arm, still backed Trump, two RNC members told Reuters.

Trump’s vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, reinforced his support in television interviews on Monday.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a former rival for the White House who has became a close ally of Trump, also reaffirmed his backing although he called Trump’s comments in the 2005 video “completely indefensible.”

“In the end, this election is about bigger issues than that,” Christie told CBS Radio’s WFAN on Tuesday, adding he did not blame other Republicans who have withdrawn their support.

U.S. Representative Steve King of Iowa, however, did not hesitate to criticize those backing away from Trump.

“That’s a mistake … that drags the entire ticket down,” he said in an interview with CNN. “What does it do to your integrity if you help Hillary Clinton become president?”

Both Trump and Clinton head to the key battleground state of Florida with campaign events later on Tuesday.

The Reuters/Ipsos State of the Nation project released on Monday estimated that Clinton had at least a 95 percent chance of winning the 270 Electoral College votes needed to become president. The polling did not capture reaction to Trump’s performance in Sunday’s debate or Friday’s news reports on the video.

Clinton, the first woman to be picked as a presidential nominee by a major U.S. party, tried to focus on issues that could win over undecided women voters on Tuesday, proposing to expand the child tax credit so more low-income families can benefit and to increase by $1,000 a year the tax credit available to families for each child up to age 4.

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu and Susan Heavey; Editing by Frances Kerry)

IMAGE: Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, October 10, 2016.   REUTERS/Mike Segar


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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 12, 2016

    As the “Dorian Gray” in Trump gets more enamored with itself and himself, and as the revelation of his troubled past whose dirt is amplified by boasting about his ability to use women as he pleases, the “portrait” gets more ugly and its features take on a more hideous form. Donald’s body language and facial expressions, at least from my perspective, are growing more maniacal.
    If anyone should be locked up, it’s Trump. Someone should commit him to an asylum before he does physical harm to himself, on top of the spiritual damage he’s already self-inflicted, and also before he acts on his lusts and decides to take concrete steps to translate lascivious thoughts into more actions.

    As an aside, the “locker room” metaphor is a fantasy cooked by Trump and reiterated and regurgitated by servile toadies like Rudy, and by several women who’ve been interviewed, simply to deflect attention—a strategy that works on weak minds only.

    1. Mama Bear October 12, 2016

      My thoughts exactly, only you expressed it much more eloquently than I could:).
      He has become a very dangerous person and my fear is what he is doing to his followers. What will they do when he loses?

      1. Dan S October 12, 2016

        Maybe after he loses he crawls under a rock or into a dark cave never to be heard from again ? Oooops that’s me fantasizing again. More likely he’ll try & create a constitutional crisis by saying the election was rigged. Now where have we heard that before ? ???? Unfortunately he’s lit a fire under the hate movement & it’s going to be around for awhile ????

        1. stcroixcarp October 12, 2016

          My fantasy is that Trump’s buddy and soulmate, Vlady Putin invites Donald for a nice long restful vacation in the fabulously beautiful Siberian forests. There are some wonderfully refurbished gulags there.

    2. Jon October 12, 2016

      Not even the most sexist men in locker rooms or Access Hollywood buses brag about their ability to kiss, grope, and grab women against their will because they are stars and can get away with it. It is insulting to decent men to try to convince women that they say such vulgar and criminal things in locker rooms or private conversations. Trump’s words are those of a sexual predator. No more. No less.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 12, 2016

        When I was growing up in Jackson, Miss. attending Brinkley High, not even the most hard-core jocks in the gym, the ones who did all they could to avoid classes, never talked to the extent about women the way Donald felt obliged to.
        Which raises more suspicions that some deep Freudian dysfunction is at play, as a result of some traumatic experience perhaps, that has haunted him since his youth.
        It is not usual for any normal male to talk and brag in the manner Donald has, and still does—and in the open no less. Boastful men usually no better than to take the “locker room” out into the halls and out onto the street.
        Rudy, Donald, and others haven’t figured this out after all these decades and think Donald’s behavior is “normal”. It’s abnormal, obscene,

        1. Jon October 12, 2016

          I played all of the major sports through high school and some beyond. I have played in YMCA and in other adult leagues since college. I have been repulsed by some of the things I have heard but, like you, I have never heard any man talk about women the way Trump does. Never.

  2. FireBaron October 12, 2016

    Leave it to Teflon Donnie to shoot the rescue party come to save him. He would consider it a lose-lose scenario regardless of how things turn out. If Hillary beats him, he can claim he lost because the election was rigged. This is something he had been claiming ever since he jumped into the candidate pool, even claiming that he would lose the nomination because the primaries were rigged!
    Now, if he wins, it will count as a loss for him, too. Because it will have disproved his “rigged election” theory (which, as we know only works in Red states). And now he will prove himself a loser by not having a clue what his actual job is. I look forward to the first time he tries to tell Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell that he is firing them as Speaker or Senate Leader and they tell him he can’t. The look of apoplexy will be awesome to behold.

    1. idamag October 12, 2016

      I think he has already hinted at voter fraud.

      1. noonloon October 12, 2016

        He’s been saying it’s rigged for months because his EGO just won’t let him admit that he’s a LOSER, so he needs to blame everyone and everything else just to cover his narcissistic RUMP.

        1. Independent1 October 12, 2016

          That’s because Trump is convinced he’s above virtually everyone else because he was born with Superior Genes.

          Shocking video of Trump explaining his dangerous theory that people like him have superior genes



    2. Jon October 12, 2016

      In Donnie’s world people love him. He represents the will of the people. As you mentioned, he was whining about the Republican Primary elections being rigged until he won. He now wants to blame losing the general election on the election being rigged because his narcissistic personality can never let him accept the fact that another person defeated him in a fair contest.

  3. kingartie1 October 12, 2016

    Perhaps the only funny or humorous few words in this piece about the disorderly “campaign” of the disturbed Republican’t wanna-be prez come from one of his loyalists. Steven King of Iowa speaks of integrity. LOL. AYFKM? This state animal (the swine) must be in the House Top 10 for the volume or perverse nature of the foolish, asinine or shameless remarks he has made.
    One of the reasons the Senate and House dunderheads have muttered their daily stream of self-aggrandizing word turds is their safety in majority numbers. A good drubbing in Congress will reduce that crowd, and it would probably be a safe bet to also reduce the stream of trash talk. Integrity? Perhaps King, no wordsmith, mean inanity, or insanity, because there has been very little integrity on the side pimping for birthers, vaginal ultrasounds, etc. et al.

    And his rhetorical question of what it does to one’s integrity by helping Hillary Clinton become president is a boomerang. Indeed, by nominating the disturbed Trump to further their own disturbing agenda, in that sense the Rs HAVE helped Hillary Clinton become president. A sensible, thoughtful Republican’t candidate with a viable agenda and without the Baggage with a capital B would probably have clobbered HRC. Whatya got is like a very good bad movie, say, The Toxic Avenger. Cya at the Trumpster Dumpster on Nov. 9, sports fans!

    1. Jon October 12, 2016

      Your observations about Steve The Swine King are right on point. He is nothing more than a mini-Trump. Iowa voters in his congressional district should be embarrassed by his hateful ignorance.

  4. greenlantern1 October 12, 2016

    President Lincoln bolted, from the REPUBLICAN party, to form the UNION party!
    He picked Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
    The RADICAL REPUBLICANS, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
    President Teddy Roosevelt was shot when he bolted.
    He formed the BULL MOOSE party!
    Was he loyal?

  5. noonloon October 12, 2016

    Trump talks about protecting women from attacks by terrorists and yet boasts to the world about his own terrifying groping attacks on women right here at home.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 12, 2016

      Trump’s hypocrisy re: women is so boldly evident that only the bats that make up his dreary collective fail to see the obvious.

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 12, 2016

    anyone that stands with DONNY DUMP that was running against him and loss is brain dead to stand with the DUMPSTER CLOWN he called them every thing even the DR . he called him a child molester and that moron still stands with his today the DUMPSTER said he would like to be in a box car with some of these people . are you kidding me he is just a big mouth coward . saying he wouldn’t want to be in a fox hole with these people . that he wouldn’t have to worry about for DONNY DUMP is a 5 time draft dodging coward he don’t have the stones he was born with . all B/S talk in all just a blow hard COWARD chicken crap he is full on . and its coming out his ears eyes nose where ever . he in a dope in a cowards clothing

    1. idamag October 12, 2016

      I went to visit a sick friend, yesterday. I saw the first “Trump” signs in their neighborhood. I told her that I saw the first trump signs in her neighborhood and she said the guy across the street, who had a trump sign on his lawn, was every bit as crude and vulgar as trump.

      1. dbtheonly October 12, 2016

        Regrettably, I see them all over & nary a Clinton sign in sight.

        1. stcroixcarp October 12, 2016

          There are fewer lawn signs from both parties this year. I think people are afraid their neighbors who don’t have the same political views might vandalize their property. I have my Hillary signs up. One neighbor told me she would like to shoot the signs down.

          1. Jon October 12, 2016

            I assume your neighbor isn’t voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

          2. stcroixcarp October 12, 2016

            Probably not.

          3. Independent1 October 12, 2016

            And what that neighbor told you may be why many people who support Hillary are not visibly displaying it: because the Trump supporters are so outright violent they may just trash people’s yards who indicated they support Hillary. It’s a disgusting situation created by Trump’s constant hate rhetoric. (Some woman today in a Pence rally in North Carolina said if Hillary got elected she’d consider starting a revolution. Nice, huh?)

        2. idamag October 12, 2016

          Do you live in Idaho?

          1. dbtheonly October 12, 2016

            No, and that’s part of my concern.

          2. Independent1 October 12, 2016

            It may well be the outright nastiness being expressed by Trump supporters that are keeping people who support Hillary from wanting to put Hillary/Kaine signs out in front of their home (not knowing what some vile Trump supporters may do say with respect to trashing their yards).

          3. dbtheonly October 12, 2016

            You’re right, of course, but when it’s zero Hillary signs, I get nervous.

            But what does your idea say about the continued functioning of our country?

          4. Independent1 October 12, 2016

            There’s going to be a very rocky time around/after the election – unless somehow, Trump destructs himself so far that even many of his supporters abandon him. (There are woman starting to come out and verify that Trump is truly the sexual predator we see him as; although he lied about that at the last debate saying he was only fantasizing. Hopefully, if enough women come out about that, maybe that will sicken even some of his currently staunch supporters.)

          5. dbtheonly October 13, 2016

            You think so?

            Or is Trump reality immune to that. Remember we’ve got RED up there insisting that 30 year old ginned up “scandals” about Bill Clinton somehow excuse or exempt Trump’s actions from criticism.

          6. idamag October 13, 2016

            That question is the scary part.

          7. dbtheonly October 14, 2016


            I’ve got no answers. I have no idea on how to find a solution.

            I am scared.

          8. idamag October 12, 2016

            I wouldn’t be surprised if trump supporters might bomb a house with a Clinton sign in front.

          9. Independent1 October 12, 2016

            Given the way Trump and his supporters are acting these days, I would be surprised either.

            See this that I got just a little earlier from the Hillary campaign: “This week, a video of Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania on Monday surfaced.

            It opens with the crowd chanting, “Lock her up.” Then, as Trump talks
            again about how he wants to appoint a special prosecutor to go after
            Hillary, you can hear something else as well:

            Throughout the crowd, people are yelling, “Hang her in the streets.”

          10. Katstiles October 13, 2016

            How many Trump supporters will act like the German people in Hitler’s time? How many will not be able to deal with his defeat and use that as an excuse to go mad and commit crimes such as assault, arson, rape, etc. I would advice all sensible Americans to take common sense precautions for their safety on and after Election Day. If you live by yourself perhaps it would be wise to gather with friends you trust for mutual support. And even if some Trumpians do not commit crimes, will they stand aside and watch as others do so, just like the Germans did; watching law abiding Jewish citizens businesses being vandalized, men, women and children being beaten and killed. I would be surprised if some Trump Trash did not commit crimes of hate for their Beloved Leader!

          11. idamag October 14, 2016

            That is something I wonder, too. We have all those Nazi fascists in that basket of deplorables.

          12. plc97477 October 15, 2016

            I live in a very blue state and haven’t seen many myself. Maybe she is just not doing signs.

          13. dbtheonly October 15, 2016

            Could be. But I haven’t heard anything along those lines.

            Here’s hoping.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 12, 2016

        hope your friend is getting better or better by now . as for the clown across the street Donny dump is like a cancer maybe more like the plague . cancer is being cured these days >>> DONNY DUMP at war ? he says he love war . but how can this be ? for the time he had to fight what he did was run fast and hard to draft dodge 4 times like a coward . the 5th time was when he couldn’t run no more . that’s when he called on dear old Daddy Dumpster to bail him out saying pleaseeeeeeeeee daddy get me out of the draft . so Daddy DUMPSTER did just that and paid a DR. to write DONNY COWARD DUMP get out of the draft with a coward dodge the draft free note . now he is the newest ANTI-CHRIST having fooled so many to follow him . then again how hard is it really to get brain dead people to follow you ? <>> Must see this….hilarious and so true!

        1. idamag October 12, 2016

          I think I saw that one. It is funny.

        2. idamag October 14, 2016

          My friend died yesterday morning. We lost a voter.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 14, 2016

            im sorry for your loss . Hillary will be the next Pres. so he can be looking down on you from heaven with a smile

          2. idamag October 15, 2016

            In a town of 80,000, who is the reddest of the red, those of us who are more informed and more read, seem to find each other. He, and his lovely wife, were two.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 15, 2016

            may he rest in peace and good thing he was able to see true blue before he passed

      3. Katstiles October 12, 2016

        That’s what worries me most for the country. I had no idea there were so many hateful, ignorant, racist, bigoted, misogynist, facist, anarchists in the US. Some, are our neighbors, relatives, and friends. How can I trust someone when I discover they are T rump supporters? The answer this election is you can’t trust them. Whether they support him out of ignorance, hate or think just like him; they are sick in head and heart!

        1. idamag October 12, 2016

          My thoughts exactly. I have a nephew who picketed Bernie Sanders rally carrying a trump sign. He is a real estate agent. I have friends who have decided to sell their house and move into assisted living. I am not recommending my nephew as, relative or not, I would not trust anyone who admires a person who takes out bankruptcy six times and pays no taxes.

  7. Jinmichigan October 12, 2016

    “Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world,” the ad’s narrator says”
    And the thing trump admires most about Clinton is that she’s a fighter who never gives up.

    Really, that’s what trump said at the end of the second debate. His supporters have to be brain dead.

    1. Jon October 12, 2016

      That is just one of the latest examples of Trump contradicting himself. Trump is frequently proving that 1 of 2 statements he has made is either misleading or an outright lie.

    2. Katstiles October 12, 2016

      T rump has that rare ability to lie multiple times in the same sentence!

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 14, 2016

      yes thy are brain dead and deplorable

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 12, 2016

    Disloyal DONNY DUMP ? what do you call going bankrupt 5 to 7 times to the ones that backed your moron mind and all the people that lost their money . and are you loyal to all the people that worked for you when you just dropped them all and didn’t care that thy had no jobs any more ? DISLOYAR are you kidding DUMPSTER that should be your first middle and last name . your a sick SOB POS just saw you talking about banging your daughter your a arrogant ignorant and pathetic excuse how a person . yuou talk like you could date your daughter . how much would you have to pay ? you say you would do this one that one . and most of the women look at you as a fat POS that thy wouldn’t waste their time to pee on you (something im sure you wish for and even chit on you ) your so sad so sick . it will all catch up to you bet on it .

    1. idamag October 12, 2016

      He buys his women, much as a person would buy a car. His potential first lady’s bare gluteal mass is all over the internet.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 12, 2016

        Just the way Republicans would like to have all women display themselves, while simultaneously saying—“Oh Dear! How dreadful!”.
        As they eagerly gaze, one can hear them muttering how shameful it is, while writing down on their very own special “TRUMP SCORE CARD” their ratings.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 12, 2016

        yup id bet she has the door man come in to her bedroom when DONNY DUMP isn’t home . a big handed black guy . helps her forget about the DUMPSTERS LITTLE HANDS and she can close her eyes when the little hand DUMPSTER is home . she might even screen the doormen id bet she even looked for a big handed Mexican . who knows maybe even a few big handed Muslims ?

  9. RED October 12, 2016

    Friggin sick ignorant lying scumbag hypocrite cons!! “in the end this election is about bigger issues,” Christie said. But not issues bigger than how Hillary acted toward her husband’s mistresses? The level of evil immorality these disgusting cons operate and exist in just makes me sick. And unfortunately it allows the other party to only be slightly less disgusting, lessor of two evils.

    1. johninPCFL October 12, 2016

      The “bigger issues” for Christie appear to be on a plate, right next to the potato salad.

      1. noonloon October 12, 2016

        “May I have another, please?”
        “But it’s your third.”
        “Yes, but I’m eating for three.”

    2. JPHALL October 12, 2016

      I just can’t understand why I am supposed to be outraged over some gold diggers who threw themselves at Bill Clinton decades ago. I understand that when your plan fails there is anger, but nearly 40 years worth?

    3. buffalogirl October 12, 2016

      RED either you keep forgetting — or you’re baffled and blinded by Trump’s BS — HILLARY is running for office, not Bill. Bill’s indiscretions have been trotted out for public consumption for 20 years; there is nothing new there. Most of it has been proven untrue or a tempest in a teapot, or something the public has analyzed and no longer cares about.

      HILLARY is running for office, not Bill. Who CARES what Bill Clinton did in the 1980’s? We ALL know ALL about it and for Trump to bring up ancient history in a PITIFUL, TRANSPARENT attempt to deflect from his own dick-headedness is the weakest defense in the world.

  10. idamag October 12, 2016

    All Trump Supporters remember to go out and vote for Trump November 28.

    1. JPHALL October 12, 2016

      HA, HA, HA!

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 12, 2016

      dont miss this day DONNY DUMP will be there that day to thank you .

  11. eucarist3 October 12, 2016

    I enjoyed reading about Rep. Steve King’s concern about integrity.

    1. Jon October 12, 2016

      It is always amusing to read about a man who has no integrity lecturing others on integrity.

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 12, 2016

    iuts seeming more and more like DONNY DUMP it the next ANTI-CHRIST the way he fools these people . then again how hard is it to fool the brain dead ?

  13. buffalogirl October 12, 2016

    The shackles are OFF?!?! Mary Mother of God, what can we expect from him NOW that the “shackles are off”? Trump’s mouth is like a bulldozer — every word he says only digs the hole deeper. At this point, the Clinton camp doesn’t have to do much. All they’ve gotta do is sit back and let him self-destruct. JEEZ that guy is such a freak. If he weren’t so intentionally repellent I’d feel sorry for him.

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

    DONNY DUMP’S locker room is just the DUMPSTER’S life plan for women in the public . the thing now is with the MISS=TEEN’S that he would walk into the dressing room when he wanted . some of them being 14-15-and or 16 years old . that’s child molestation . one that go to court and charged with child molestation has to REG. them self to the police of being a REG sex offender FOR LIFE this FOR LIFE thing should also be how long one can be charged for it . no time limit on this charged when its on a child . should have the same standers of a murder

    1. idamag October 15, 2016

      If that happened by someone else, they would have been charged and a registered sex offender.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 15, 2016

        yup and labeled for life with it

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

    ive said this before how much the people in the DUMPSTERS campaign that work for the CLOWN talk their BULL in defending him no matter what he has done . its a joke from the start with the bimbo’s women that just rant on in interviews never stop talking and interrupt and talking over who ever is there at the time . that was the in the being every one way back for the year plus him running . now with these you accounts of the nasty things the clown has done . this one guy that works for the DUMPSTER is still defending him . I ask dose this guy have a girlfriend , wife .sister.daughter, a mother ? how can he defend DONNY DUMP ?

    1. idamag October 14, 2016

      I guess there are quite a few of those boys who used crude language, grades school and chalked the “F” word all over the sidewalks. They don’t seem to think anything of it. If there were trump signs in my neighborhood, I would be inclined to warn all the little girls about the person in that house.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 14, 2016

        no one that talks the B/S cares what thy say . its just the ones that do talk it and its not B/S its for real and the way thy feel and do those things in their life’s that’s scary like DONNY DUMP he is an evil hatful fraud con and scammer of any one and every one he can . no ill feelings at all its who he is and mostly how he wants to be

  16. kingartie1 October 14, 2016

    Watching that sick schmuck last night, I do indeed think he has lost his marbles. Early onset. Stress-induced paranoia. His reality distortion field has attenuated logic, ethics, intellect, any capacity to be objective. Megalomania? I don’t know. Narcissism. Well, let’s be fair, a lot of us have some of that–however, he takes it to the epic scale. No doubt psychologists and similar could be, are, talking all about him. His body language, everything he says and does, screams — GET HIM OUT OF HERE! He’s the id of the Republican’t party. He is Caliban from Shakespeare’s The Tempest (or that blobby evil energy field that exudes from the incestuous scientist’s mind in Forbidden Planet). He is odd, creepy, annoying, pathetic and insulting, a mutant of a national leader.

    He’s Mussolini crossed with Howard Beale crossed with a sociopathic bankster crossed with a baby in a hissy fit crossed with a crime boss who is currently punching way above his weight crossed with a very a toxic personality. Him and nuclear weapons — him and anything more lethal than a fookin’ pencil — is a risk no one should be willing to take.

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 15, 2016

    more of this weakie leak clown cant believe all this stuff for it can be so easily changed . what should happen is some one should pull the same weak leak BULL that that clown in England is doing . no holds bar dig up every thing on the Queen and every thing thy can on England . and change it all just get the heading on top then smear the heck out of it . and when England calls and says whats going on ? say we don’t know . and if England seeks any help from the US tell them cant do it . thy say why not ? say because you let that piece of waste trash the US and the whole election . and you did nothing so we return the flavor cant (and like you ) wont do nothing . your on your own if not for nothing else England should of done something on principle . and maybe said to that leaky PO crap to stop his BULL for what you fling around tends to come back around . first its all illegal and a form of breaking the law either them or if its Russia no matter who is doing it any one that touches it is just as much to blame weather it be before ,during or after the fact thy are still guilty of having a hand in it . but really the US should start our own leaking BULL like thy do and se how thy like it . we should dig deep and hard and come up with the scum and dirt and if its not there put it there . and then when asked where and who said this ? say I cant tell you who told me or us this we told them its our secret that’s it . let them then deal with it . enjoy the leaks you seem so happy to have closed your eyes too . ps and why not do the screenplay what ever thy do with the painting some one else face on pics . put the Queen on some wild porn pics im sure the QUEEN would like that ? heck there might even be some real pics of her out there ? i believe its called air brushing ?

  18. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 15, 2016

    DONNY DUMP is saying that him and Hillary both should take a drug test before the nest debate . Hillary could stop the DUMPSTER on that one just say ok but take a hair from the root test . then we can see if he was on coke when he was sniffing so much at the first debate . the hair sample will say if one has done drug’s for months ago

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 15, 2016

    DONNY DUMP is saying that him and Hillary both should take a drug test before the nest debate . Hillary could stop the DUMPSTER on that one just say ok but take a hair from the root test . then we can see if he was on coke when he was sniffing so much at the first debate . the hair sample will say if one has done drug’s for months ago .


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