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After Gas Attack, Trump Orders Air Strikes On Syrian Air Force Base

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After Gas Attack, Trump Orders Air Strikes On Syrian Air Force Base

air strikes

By Phil Stewart and Steve Holland

WASHINGTON/PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) – U.S President Donald Trump said on Thursday he ordered missile strikes against a Syrian airfield from which a deadly chemical weapons attack was launched, declaring he acted in America’s “national security interest” against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

U.S. officials said the military fired dozens of cruise missiles against the airbase controlled by Assad’s forces in response to the poison gas attack on Tuesday in a rebel-held area.

Facing his biggest foreign policy crisis since taking office in January, Trump took the toughest direct U.S. action yet in Syria’s six-year-old civil war, raising the risk of confrontation with Russia and Iran, Assad’s two main military backers.

“Years of previous attempts at changing Assad’s behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically,” Trump said from his resort in Mar-a-Lago where he was attending a summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Some 50 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S. Navy warships, the USS Porter and USS Ross, in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, striking multiple targets – including the airstrip, aircraft and fuel stations – on the Shayrat Air Base, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Damage estimates from the air strikes, which were conducted at 8:45 p.m. EDT, were not immediately known.

Syrian state TV said that “American aggression” had targeted a Syrian military base with “a number of missiles and cited a Syrian military source as saying the strike had “led to losses.”

Trump said: “Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.

“It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons,” Trump said.

“There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the chemical weapons convention and ignored the urging of the U.N. Security Council,” he added.

Trump ordered the air strikes just a day after he pointed the finger at Assad for this week’s chemical attack, which killed at least 70 people, many of them children, in the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun. The Syrian government has denied it was behind the attack.

Trump appeared to have opted for measured and targeted air strikes instead of a full-blown assault on Assad’s forces and installations.

The relatively quick response to the chemical attack came as Trump faced a growing list of global problems, from North Korea to China to Iran and Islamic State, and may have been intended to send a message to friends and foes alike of his resolve to use military force if deemed necessary.

Trump said earlier on Thursday that “something should happen” with Assad but did not specifically call for his ouster.

Officials from the Pentagon and State Department met all day to discuss plans for the missile strikes.

U.S. military action put the new president at odds with Russia, which has air and ground forces in Syria after intervening there on Assad’s side in 2015 and turning the tide against mostly Sunni Muslim rebel groups.

Trump has until now focused his Syria policy almost exclusively on defeating Islamic State militants in northern Syria, where U.S. special forces are supporting Arab and Kurdish armed groups.

The risks have grown worse since 2013, when Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor, considered and then rejected ordering cruise missile air strikes in response to the use of chemical weapons by Assad’s loyalists.

Only last week, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the U.S. diplomatic policy on Syria for now was no longer focused on making Assad leave power, one of Obama’s aims.

But Trump said on Wednesday the gas attack in Idlib province, which sparked outrage around the world, had caused him to think again about Assad.

Speaking just before the airstrikes were announced, Russia’s deputy U.N. envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, warned of “negative consequences” if the United States went ahead with military action, saying the blame would be “on shoulders of those who initiated such doubtful and tragic enterprise.”

The deployment of military force against Assad marked a major reversal for Trump.

Obama’s set a “red line” in 2012 against Assad’s use of chemical weapons. When Obama then threatened military action after a 2013 chemical attack, Trump issued a series of tweets opposing the idea, including “Do NOT attack Syria, fix U.S.A.”

Obama backtracked on the air strikes, and after the latest attack, Trump was quick to blame his Democratic predecessor for “weakness and irresolution” that emboldened Assad.

(Additional reporting by Phil Stewart, Yara Bayoumy, Jonathan Landay, John Walcott, Idrees Ali, David Brunstromm and Matt Spetalnick in Washington; Writing by Matt Spetalnick and Jeff Mason; Editing by Yara Bayoumy and Peter Cooney)

IMAGE: FILE PHOTO: U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Ross is seen in the Bosphorus strait, returning from the Black Sea following a mission, in Istanbul, Turkey on June 3, 2015.   REUTERS/Murad Sezer/File Photo



  1. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

    Headline correction – should read “After Gas Attack, Trump Orders Air Strikes On Deserted Syrian Air Force Base”

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 7, 2017

      Absolutely critical point. Tillerson and Trump had given different signals prior to the gas attack.

      1. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

        Tillerson probably answers to a different FSB handler.

        1. kep April 7, 2017

          Perhaps he uses YOUR handler?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker April 7, 2017

            When was the last time you and Putin linked up?

          2. kep April 7, 2017

            When was the last time YOU put out for Putin? Oh, never mind. I’ve seen your pic. Maybe he lets you play with some of his soldiers?

          3. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

            Haha yeah, you hate and fear women as well as minorities.

            What a weeny.

          4. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

            Haha good one Ivan! Did they teach you that in traitor school for traitors, or is that simply the ready wit that white supremacists are so famous for?

    2. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

      I mean, I’d also change “Air Strikes” to “Fake Air Strikes”, but this distraction certainly cost a ton of money – roughly $100M just for the missiles.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 7, 2017

        And just think—-all the bloodshed so far spilled in Syria and surrounding regions, and all those forced to be refugees to other lands, could have been mitigated had responsible nations sent a clear message to Assad, China, Iran, and Putin that there would be punitive penalties from a united coalition of nations.
        Which is one reason for having the beginnings of a group of nations in a United Nations format, despite its current flaws, e.g., VETO power.

        1. kep April 7, 2017

          You do realize that it was Emperor Obama, and Hillary that stirred up this mess? As far as the UN goes, America should have the UN moved from it’s NYC location to somewhere else. Why should America fund and support an organization that wants to see America in ruins?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker April 7, 2017

            You do realize you are a moron liar? Is Blame Obama and Hillary all the BS you know? In fact, if you bothered to get REAL facts and not your Putin lies, you’d know that there were several attacks by Obama with drones. Which you right wing morons all bitched about as I recall. So which is it moron? Obama shouldn’t have used drones or he should have done nothing?

            Yeesh. Putin sure is hiring a bunch of dipshit asses these days.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 8, 2017

            “Emperor”? You must be thinking of the autocrat named Trump. You never could dispel the fog in your head.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 7, 2017

    Before Trump’s supporters give each other high fives for Trump doing something remotely correct, we must consider prior events.

    During Pres. Obama’s Administration, Trump was extremely vocal in expressing opposition to getting involved in Syria, citing his intent to focus on national issues; Congress was at best lukewarm to action in Syria; only recently, Rex Tillerson gave the signal to Russia and the world that the US would leave it to Syria to deal with Syria’s issues. After that strong hint to Putin, Iran, and also China, Assad launches an attack from one of its airfields, after which chemicals would kill scores of children and adults as they slept.

    We all know Trump’s pattern by now—He opposes an idea; shifts position once another position is taken and proves successful; then Trump takes credit and blames his predecessor(s) for previous inaction.

    Had it not been for the horrific and graphic images, Tillerson and Trump would still be advocating an isolationist stance, allowing Russia to continue to run roughshod over the region.

    And lest Trump and his supporters get too giddy about this necessary strike against Assad(and Russia), the question is what will be Russia, Iran, and China’s response.
    Has Trump thought this through? He made the decision to push the button w/o full support from Congress—something which most people assumed would fit Trump’s impetuous profile. It is right to send a strong message to the 4 major antagonists in the Syrian conflict—Assad, Russia, Iran, and China. (How convenient that China’s premier was in Florida at the time the strike occurred). Rather than the US and the world taking bolder action years ago, the world had to wait for a gas attack on children to finally get the message.

    Had “The Lesser Peace”, as outlined by Baha’u’llah, been adhered to, it would have motivated all nations to act unitedly against any aggressor nation that initiated conflicts with any other nation, and thus would have served as a deterrent long ago. Not until the Gulf War, with a coalition of inimical nations acting as one against Saddam Husein, was Iraq successfully rebuffed in its invasion of Kuwait.

    “The Lesser Peace” dictum addressed to the nations of the world in the latter half of the 19th Century is intended to inform nations to unite together politically to address problems like those in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere.

    The attack in Syria should be taken as another step forward in the quest to give nations like Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea, and the US second thoughts before initiating hostilities.

    Unfortunately, this may only amount to a grim and tragic photo-op for Trump and company.

    1. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

      He’s STILL managing to hold all positions simultaneously, here. Assad is a monster that we fully support, and the children he’s murdering can’t be let in to the United States because they are terrorists.

      A sane person couldn’t do that.

    2. dbtheonly April 7, 2017

      GM Aaron,

      The rank hypocrisy of doing what Trump so condemned for President Obama is obvious to all.

      Next there’s the obvious connection between Trump announcing his withdrawal of support for the anti-Assad rebels and Assad’s use of poison gas. Did Trump enable or encourage Assad?

      Then, as KL asserts, is the competence of Trump’s missile strike. Did it work? It’s certainly not going to live up to the hyperbolic hype Trump will give it.

      Did the DPRK dump another missile into Japanese waters last night?

      I’m in serious wait and see mode.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 7, 2017

        You’re right.Much has to be determined about the site hit before congratulating ourselves.

        1. dbtheonly April 7, 2017

          I’m having trouble condemning from Trump what I would have praised from President Obama.

          I do understand the issue as this as a distraction. Even if it is a distr-action; it’s still an action.

          My biggest concern is the purpose or point of the bombing. Trump has apparently taken regime change off the board. If Assad’s to be left in power, what’s the point in bombing an airfield? This will somehow convince Assad not to poison gas people?

          I understand regime change has gotten a bad rep; but sometimes it’s just the best answer.

    3. mike April 8, 2017

      A-aron A-aron
      So what if Trump was vocal as a citizen he is now President with much more information. This attack was measured and necessary.
      If doesn’t change the fact that spineless Obama, damaged the credibility of this country with his “red line in sand” remark which reinforced the view Obama was a weak and indecisive leader. Assad continued the attacks on his people with impunity and let Russia gain a better foothold in the area with Russian air base. Obama actions allowed the murder of hundreds of thousands Syrians and the massive migration of his people to Europe. Because of Obama ISIS became a major threat in the area with the murder of the thousands if not hundreds of thousands more Muslims.
      Only a left wing zealot would wonder if Trump “thought it through.” You continue to underestimated him.
      BTW, Obama was great at placing the blame on others.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 8, 2017

        Mike, most drunkards know when to quit. You do not, unfortunately.

        1. mike April 8, 2017

          A-aron! A-aron!
          You can’t change the history of a failed President. Thanks for the chuckle.
          Only drunkard I see is you with a pickled brain causing a loss of judgement, memory.

  3. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

    He sure showed Russia he wasn’t a puppet by making the price of oil soar. Still, despite all the money he just made, Putin has to be wondering if his investment is going to be worth it for much longer.

    1. mike April 7, 2017

      Looks like your dumba$$ scenario of Trump being a puppet of Putin just went down the sh*thole. What a Village Idiot you are proving to be. It also looks like your ruble remarks are as wrong as Hillary being the next president.

      1. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

        Yes, Stormfront is so excited right now! Putin giving permission for this this publicity bombing that killed nobody and blew up nothing PROVES that Trump isn’t a puppet, definitely, and we should stop investigating all the treason. I mean, who cares about America, right?

        1. mike April 7, 2017

          Thanks for the good laugh. The Village Idiot(you) has out done yourself again.
          “Putin giving permission” how ridiculous and wrong. Even Syria said 7 killed. As to blowing up “nothing” your ignorance is breathtaking as announced targets destroyed were ammo storage, fuel storage, workshops, aircraft and aircraft shelters, air defense & control system.
          PS, Russia was given 1 hr before missiles hit. Moscow never informed. So again you are wrong.
          More importantly this action just destroyed your stupid comment about the ruble and all the comments that Trump was a puppet of Putin. So now the left can’t talk Russian collusion with Trump which can’t be verified or Russian hacking the election on November 8th which was verified. All the accusations of Trump being a puppet of Putin has now been debunked.
          Every time the left looks for something to try and stop Trump they come up with more egg on their faces.

          1. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

            OK traitor.

          2. mike April 7, 2017

            Traitor to what? Your traitor comments are all null and void after last night and were incorrect from the very beginning.

          3. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

            So can Putin drink a glass of water while you’re talking?

          4. mike April 7, 2017

            Your imbecilic posts continue.

          5. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

            Nah, I could see his lips moving. This is average at best.

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 8, 2017

            Keep trying, m-ike(y). Some day, some wino is bound to think you’re a smart and insightful guy. The rest of us know that’ll never happen.

          7. mike April 8, 2017

            “Lying” only in your little brain. Sorry the facts continue to show how intellectually dishonest you continue to be.

          8. roguerunners April 10, 2017

            5375 comments-1437 up-votes. TROLL

          9. mike April 10, 2017

            Only a left wing ideologue would waste their time on numbers having no importance. Where it counted you were quite deficient in November. You lefties lost the count that matters-Electoral College. On a deranged left wing site with people like you it’s not the likes that count but correcting the idiotic posts.
            Your lack of depth is astonishing.

          10. roguerunners April 10, 2017

            Oh the days are numbered on your way to win by redistricting to make it nearly impossible for people to vote. And why are you on this site? Why don’t you go elsewhere and find idiot minded people like yourself? TROLL

          11. mike April 10, 2017

            You’re an imbecile! Redistricting does not nearly make it impossible to vote. Come genius, tell the world how redistricting makes it nearly impossible for people to vote. Can’t wait to see your answer. Redistricting makes voting impossible. How stupid!
            I am on this site to show you like minded idiots that make comments like “redistricting makes it nearly impossible for people to vote” just how ignorant you are.

          12. roguerunners April 10, 2017

            Look it up. They make far less polling places so people have to wait for 8 hours or more to vote. You are very ill informed.

          13. mike April 10, 2017

            Gerrymandering has nothing to do with less polls or people not getting to vote. State Board of Elections control the number of voting precincts based on number of people per precinct, a precinct can have less people than is designated but never more. You ignore the federal govt has its say if a state is not meeting the criteria.
            Time for you to produce the facts. Number of hours waiting is not denying a registered voter the right to vote.
            Have some communities initiated fewer early voting. Yes! No one is denied their right to vote!
            You’re Wrong again.

  4. Rose Simmons April 7, 2017

    IT’S ALL JUST ANOTHER DISTRACTION. Trump has proven, many times, that he is full of it. He only cares about himself his family and friends. From his action we know he doesn’t even care about American children. He did this, in his usual two faced style, without consent or thought reprisal. The difference between Trump and President Obama is TRUMP WANTS A WAR. It was sickening the way the journalists gushed over this attack. They fell for it. Trump is sicker than ever.

    1. Mama Bear April 7, 2017

      You are so right! October 9, 2012 2:39 PM Trump tweeted “Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in a tailspin – watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.”

      1. Rose Simmons April 7, 2017

        Trump is a poser. The news media takes everything he does that’s not absolutely crazy or an out and lie and says he us “starting to be presidential” or settling into the job – any stupid thing they can say to make him look reasonable. He is the President of the United States, not a baby just started being toilet trained. The President doesn’t get an ‘attaboy” and a pat on the head. Then a day later he is back to the REAL TRUMP and they are knocking him again. They fall for it every time. He’s like a husband that can’t keep his zipper closed – when caught, as a cover, he does something nice.

        1. Mama Bear April 7, 2017

          very good analogy about the husband’s zipper! You have good insights, Rose, I do not recall reading your posts here before….glad that you are here.

          1. Rose Simmons April 7, 2017

            I don’t post often, but this is a subject I wanted to speak on before the politicians and media lose focus and start bowing down to this buffoon.

  5. Mama Bear April 7, 2017

    October 9, 2012 2:39 PM Trump tweeted “Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in a tailspin – watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.”

  6. bobnstuff April 7, 2017

    Trump needed this crises to get people to look away from all his problem, it’s kind of like the movie “Wag the Dog”. He gave enough notice to the Russians to get everyone and everything out of harms way. It’s all part of the show.

    1. Dapper Dan April 7, 2017

      Loved that movie unfortunately it’s looking like life imitating art more everyday with this administration

  7. ceekee April 7, 2017

    Trump could care less about Syria. He doesn’t have a heart. It’s all about his 35% dismal approval ratings.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 7, 2017

      The odd thing about Russia sticking its nose into Syria is what Time Magazine published in a March article on Russian aggression globally.

      It appears that while Russia is not in ANY financial position to support occupation of the Ukraine, Russia also knows its oil is going down the tubes on global markets. So, in order for Russia’s Putin to keep his Moscovite Support, which this week the “FAKE NEWS” Trump failed to mention had hundreds of protestors on Moscow Streets protesting Putin and government corruption, Putin needs to show ass in Syria and Ukraine.

      But in order to justify his sticking his nose into Syria and asskissing Assad, Putin needs the Strutting ASS in Chief of the US.

  8. FireBaron April 7, 2017

    “Excuse me, Mister President. The Russian Ambassador is here and needs to speak urgently with you.”
    “OK, Bannon. Now what do I do?”
    “Well, Mister President, you should meet with him. He may have something for you.”
    “OK, Bannon. Hey, you, on the other end of the phone, send him in!”
    Door opens, and in comes the Ambassador. Holds out his right hand, palm down, and Teflon Donnie and Bannon kneel and kiss the massive ring on his index finger. Then they stand up again.
    “Do we have your permission to kneel down, Mister Ambassador?”
    “Nyet. Remain standing!” as the Ambassador seats himself.
    “Vladimir Vladimirovich, Tsar of All Russias, is disappointed with you. You attacked his friend and customer’s country and destroyed an air strip. And for what? A couple of dead children? In Mother Russia we make sure Terrorist Children die every day!”
    “We’re sorry. We didn’t think…”
    “EXACTLY! You think Vladimir Vladimirovich is going to let this transgression go unpunished? First, we are reconsidering your bid to open a “Trump” hotel in St. Petersburg. We are thinking, instead it should say “Putin-Trump”, with “Putin” in very large letters and “Trump” in very small letters, to remind you who is most important person in World!
    “Next, Vladimir Vladimirovich is increasing the interest payments on your loan by 1/2 percent. This is acceptable, yes? Of course it is.
    “Finally, Vladimir Vladimirovich is requiring an apology from you to his good friend, President Assad. You are to tell him that this attack was supposed to target his enemies and that the person who entered the targeting data will be turned over to him for trial and execution.”
    He stands, and extends his hand again, and the two kneel and kiss it again. Then they stand and the Ambassador turns around and walks out.
    “Well, Bannon, that’s another fine mess you got us in! You’re fired!”
    “Are you sure you want to do that, Donnie boy? Remember that video?”
    “Oh, yeah. That’s right. I forgot. Can you forgive me?”

  9. itsfun April 7, 2017

    World leaders, Senators, and other lawmakers greatly approve of this action. This proves there are no more useless red lines to the world. Obama stood on the sidelines and watched and didn’t make any decisions to stop chemical warfare. President Trump acted quickly and forcefully. Remember in 2014 John Kerry told the world all the chemical weapons in Syria had been destroyed. It was a wise move to inform Russia of the impending attack. The President didn’t want to start WWIII. The Russians did not use any chemical weapons. President Trump has shown he is the defender of helpless and innocent children throughout the world.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 7, 2017

      BS. When you hear on BBC a direct statement from a Syrian stuck in that country that the chemicals were attacked by the Russians in a chemical factory, your ass in chief is now getting out of his usual Golden Penthouse Comfort Zone.

    2. johninPCFL April 7, 2017

      Or, as David Stockman (saint Reagan’s budget director) posted: “C’mon. This is getting so old that it stinks to high heaven. When Putin says jump, Assad asks how high?

      So after winning worldwide plaudits in 2013 for persuading Assad to give up all his chemical weapons, and after ceremoniously assuring the world that they had been removed from Syria and destroyed, do ya think Putin would permit Assad to drop chemical weapons on a small village in the far northeast of Syria with no strategic importance on the day before the Syrian peace conference was to resume in Brussels?

      One of those questions is why the attack was denounced on anti-government social media nearly 24 hours before it happened, as was documented in a post on my Contra Corner blog yesterday.

      What kind of blind faith could actually expect the utterly incoherent and floundering Trump Administration — one that can’t or won’t smell this kind of giant skunk in the woodpile stood up by the Deep State and its media allies — could possibly make the American economy great again.

      The same bumbling incompetence and confused worldview on display in the Syrian Pivot also suffuses the Administration’s entire domestic economic program.”

    3. ♚ King Leo ♚ April 7, 2017

      ^ this guy refused to believe that the FBI was part of the DOJ for literally days, because that would mean his idiotic conspiracy theory was wrong.

  10. FT66 April 7, 2017

    I don’t think it was a wise thing to strike only one air base while Assad has many other bases. Striking a base doesn’t mean you are getting rid of all those killer chemicals. The way I see it, it was all about Trump flexing his muscles that he is there and have power without having any goals and achievements in mind.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker April 7, 2017

      If you want to know the truth and facts you will NEVER get from any right winger Putin lover, watch the BBC interviews taking place on CSpan with people who are stuck in Syria.

      The real reason Putin is sticking his nose into Syria is to prove that he and Trump are a force to be reckoned with around the world. This is more of the TV Celebrity Showman. That’s all the ass in the White House knows: Strutting, mugging for the cameras and spouting like Mount Vesuvius.

      1. FT66 April 7, 2017

        Thanks for the info. Am puzzled and stunned. What has the world changed to?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker April 7, 2017

          There is a great article in Rolling Stone Magazine’s April issue. RS is celebrating its 50th year, unlike Trump’s sources of National Enquirer and Breitbart.

          The article is entitled, “Trump the Destroyer.” It is written by one of today’s most prolific journalists, Mike Taibbi.

          I liked it because it got to the nuts and bolts of the way Trump thinks, what he believes and how he uses these to keep the entire country on tenterhooks.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker April 7, 2017

    The reality of this strike is going to bite the Lard Ass in Chief for one reason: On NPR on Wednesday of this week there was an interview from a Syrian civilian. What actually happened with the chemical attack wasn’t an intentional use of chemical warfare. The idiot Russians attacked a chemical plant and gave Trump the excuse to exert his “world power” BS.

    BBC is already wary of the explanation Trump is giving for this. Hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians were killed. That means nothing to Trump.

    What it does for Trump’s investments in military industrialists is jack up his ROI by using war on global fronts whenever he can get away with it.

    Remember, you read this in MY post.

  12. Thoughtopsy April 8, 2017

    “But Trump said on Wednesday the gas attack in Idlib province, which sparked outrage around the world, had caused him to think again about Assad.”

    The Orange Fraud doesn’t “think”.
    He barely knows enough to get dressed in the morning then spends the day golfing and watching Fox.
    I would love any interviewer to quiz him on the Syrian situation in detail.
    Because that ignorant lazy f**k would expose his extreme ignorance in under a minute.

    Try a snippet: (You KNOW it would be exactly like this. You KNOW it.)

    Trump: “Syria’s full of bad dudes… really bad.”

    CNN: “Yes but what specific factions are fighting with the rebels and which of them would you support?”

    Trump: “No one knows more about the rebel fractions[sic] than me… the rebellion is very important… bigly important. We would support them and all of the important things they are doing… because they are brave and know things about fighting that we just don’t know. And it’s complicated …. no-one knew how complicated the Syria thing was… I tell people “It’s really complicated” and they are surprised because they just didn’t know that…”


    God help your country because Christ knows President F**kface Von Clownstick won’t.

  13. Anton Coleman April 12, 2017

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