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Trump Picks White Nationalist Leader As Delegate

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Trump Picks White Nationalist Leader As Delegate


Update: This article has been updated to include the Trump campaign’s response, below. 

Mother Jones reported today that William Johnson, chairman of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, is now an official delegate for Donald Trump in California’s upcoming Republican Primary. In order to become a delegate, Johnson had to apply to the Trump campaign with a signed pledge to support Trump at the Republican National Convention. Johnson will vote for Trump in Cleveland, should he be elected by California voters.

The American Freedom Party represents the interests, its website says, of “European Americans” and “White Americans.”

Johnson was behind the widely-reported white supremacist robocalls supporting Donald Trump that flooded Wisconsin phone lines before the Republican primary there. Johnson orchestrated the calls as a publicity stunt, saying in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at the time, “I want people to hear, to feel comfortable with, the term ‘white nationalist,'”

In an interview with Mother Jones today, Johnson echoed that sentiment: “I just hope to show how I can be mainstream and have these views,” he said.

The Trump campaign surely knows who Johnson is: In February, Trump said he would return a donation Johnson gave the campaign in October, in response to a question from a town hall attendee in New Hampshire. Johnson has drawn wide notice as the public symbol of white nationalist support for the casino mogul.

Mother Jones also reports that Johnson included all of his pro-Trump, pro-nationalist political activity in his application to become a Trump delegate.

In 1985, Johnson authored the Pace Amendment, which would have abolished the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution and restricted citizenship to “non-Hispanic white[s] of the European race.” Non-whites of child-bearing age would be financially incentivized to leave the country, Johnson wrote at the time.

In 2010, Johnson said in an interview with the nationalist The Political Cesspool radio show that “The initial basis of our own upstart organization is the racial nationalist movement. It has been in disarray for the last 20 years so there’s not as large a base for us to draw on.”

The Trump campaign’s selection of Johnson as a delegate in the California primary is an extremely troubling development. Trump has widely received the support of the white nationalist community, but this is by far the most explicit endorsement — and this is an endorsement, until the Trump campaign says otherwise — of the racist and nativist ideology.

Update 6:09 PM: In a statement to NBC’s Ali Vitali, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks claimed that a “database error” led to the inclusion of “a potential delegate that had been rejected and removed from the campaign’s list in 2016.” 

Update 9:33 PM: While Johnson himself says he supports “[Trump’s decision of] not having me as a delegate,” the secretary of state of California says that the deadline has passed for Trump to change his delegate list. So Donald Trump is sending this guy to the floor of the Republican convention, probably.

Photo: Southern Poverty Law Center


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    1. jmprint May 11, 2016

      A vote for Trump, is a vote for supremacy.

      1. Otto T. Goat May 11, 2016

        Because Trump is a white man.

        1. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

          Aren’t you overlooking ALL of the presidents before Obama?
          Seriously, Otto, you need to get a grip on these knee-jerk reactions. They’re not helping you at all.

          1. Otto T. Goat May 11, 2016

            I was agreeing with him.

          2. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

            Carry on.

  1. PrecipitousDrop May 10, 2016

    This is probably how Trump and his organization deal with mob-cozy building contractors — strictly arm’s length. Hire them, pay them, vet them and, if discovered, blame it all on a mistake, an error, an intern, a computer program. Trump loves racist organizations. They’re his biggest fans.

  2. Siegfried Heydrich May 10, 2016

    So . . . are Drumpf’s sheets going to be satin or silk?

    1. Darbykdeweese1 May 11, 2016

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      1. Daniel Jones May 11, 2016

        Once again. Same fucking ad. Same fucking avatar pic. This spammer needs to be busted, and I refuse to respect Harold (the man in charge of the advertisement division of the Memo) until he does something about the leech trying to advertise without paying him and his people.

      2. yabbed May 11, 2016

        Flagged as spam.

        1. FireBaron May 11, 2016

          Thank you. I do the same every day.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 11, 2016

      Either way, they’ll be adorned with gold trim and diamond-studded.

      1. TZToronto May 11, 2016

        And they’ll be GREAT!

      2. Jmz Nesky May 15, 2016

        However, no matter how much their adorned they will still have the stench of swine between them.

    3. pisces63 May 11, 2016

      There will be the pointed hood which is apropos!!

  3. AlfredSonny May 11, 2016

    If Trump wins this November, USA will be known as the country of bigots.

    1. FireBaron May 11, 2016

      Unfortunately, to many, we already are.

    2. tb thomas May 11, 2016

      We are a country of bigots. Bigotry is alive and well, nurtured by and practiced day in an day out by the oracles of social-justice, the professional altruists, the entrepreneurs of grievance and entitlement, who — like gangrene have consumed our body politic since my generation (the age-of-aquarius baby-boomers) came of age. Where do we find you? The most obvious places to look are on-line places like the Washington Post, and here, nationalmemo.com.

      When I read an ‘news item’ like this one, I am reminded of the most pathological practitioners of hatred in American history: Saul Alinsky, Joseph McCarthy, Dan Rather, Richard Nixon, Hillary Clinton, and of course, Barrack Obama. I am also reminded of an English journalist and author who put his battle with Tuberculosis on hold, in order to finish his novel masterpiece. In it, he described your twisted, self-serving and collective cowardice this way:

      “The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary.”
      (George Orwell, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”)

      1. pisces63 May 11, 2016

        The president and most of the others are not bigots. you’re angry because they called you out and you know you are one. Most right wing bigots call him a bigots because their innate hatred of others, like me a black woman comes to the fore. tell it to the marines, my dad was in the WWII Navy. No one has done more deliberate lying than you bigoted righties, on this president, his family, me and mine. YOU are the bigot.

        1. tb thomas May 11, 2016

          If you believe that being Black inoculates you against the statement of fact I just posted, you are, like your brethren liberals, proactively delusional — an occupational necessity for people who trade in lies, and for whom, all things are relative.

          I’m not angry, I’m simply disgusted. Nor am I ‘right-wing’. I’m a former Republican who worked tirelessly to persuade my fellow Republicans to vote for then Senator Obama from June to October of 2008, only to see this Charlatan savant abrogate every exalted principle he said he stood for during that campaign, on his first day in office.

          It’s clear why Mr. Trump terrifies you and your ilk. He’s not afraid of you, and neither am I. I, like many, have learned the lessons of history, particularly German history, from 1933 to 1939, when the German people quietly acquiesced to demagoguery and fascism, no different than that which defines modern “liberalism”.

          And you have become the reptilian thing you painfully try to convince yourselves you so despise. It must be an altogether unsatisfying strain of hypocrisy you must practice, in order to survive each day.

          1. pisces63 May 11, 2016

            I am not angry, either. I am 67 and I have followed and watched all politics since before civil rights. You talking loud and saying not one thing that is remotely discernible to the sane ear. HE does not terrify me, the village idiots do. THEY would vote this nincompoop into office and care nothing about the end game. I saw this before in a relatively tame election. Nixon’s second term. I laughed at those idiots, too. I was right then and I am so right, now. I have read of his ilk before, especially the Stephen King novel, The Dead Zone and the politician Greg Stillson. Bobby Knight said he would push the button like Truman did. Does he not realize the average nuclear weapon is 100’s time more potent than Nagasaki and Hiroshima together? There are videos out there covering this man since, forever. His interview where he laughed at republicans and said they are not good at building the economy or growing jobs. He continued the economy and job growth was better under democrats. Another where he gleefully boasted he should run for [resident and see how many people he could fool. These are on video. Look them up. He was for women’s productive rights and now a woman should be punished for having one? He WAS for the Iraq invasion and now he says he wasn’t and never said so. when shown the video where he said it. I don’t want to talk about it. You be the village idiot. I am not one. HE is the demagogue!! All they needed to do is go Sieg Heil at those rallies. In fact, you are afraid. Think your children are watching and will tell on you? SHHHH!!!! I won’t. There will be no Crystal Night on my watch.

          2. tb thomas May 11, 2016

            Kristallnacht is taking place as we speak, and the majority of the victims are Black. But thanks to obscenely hypocritical people like yourself, the casualties keep piling up, year after year, because the price of stopping the mayhem and misery would be too high: the admission that Democrat party politics have been a failure, before and after 1964.

            Care to divulge which think-tank you work for? You are 21st Century Jingoists — vitriolic, corrupt, and saturated with contempt. That you have the audacity to wrap yourselves in Hiroshima-Nagasaki-angst (like our Hypocrite-in-Chief) just underscores your moral bankruptcy.

          3. pisces63 May 11, 2016

            I no more believe you tried to get a dog catcher to vote for Obama. Take your meds, you need them.

          4. tb thomas May 11, 2016

            The hundred or so blog posts I made on his website are a matter of record, as is the ballot I photocopied before mailing it in here in Oregon. I put a link to it on another national memo “forum”, but I’m not going to bother proving it to you hypocrites.

          5. Dominick Vila May 11, 2016

            What exactly did President Obama abrogate on his first day in office? Wasn’t that the day senior Republicans gathered to contrive a strategy of obstructionism to ensure our first black president could not govern?
            President Obama has done remarkably well considering the obstacles he has faced throughout his presidency.
            By the way, the similarities between had happened when the little man with a funny mustache to convince millions of Germans to embrace fascism, attack communists, purge Jews, and impose their views on everyone else, is closer to what Trump is doing, than to the acceptance and tolerance that are the mainstay of liberalism.

          6. tb thomas May 11, 2016

            Apropos… “acceptance and tolerance that are the mainstay of liberalism.”

            Was that what you call it when you surround a candidate’s campaign venue, heap abuse and try to intimidate people who want to go in and hear what he has to say?

            As for her (pisces63) reference to Kristallnacht, FYI, on that night and in many variations before and after, the Nazis encouraged “true Germans” to rampage through the streets, looting and destroying Jewish owned businesses. In April of 2015, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake described her orders to police and said she wanted the rioters/looters to have “their space to destroy”. Watch it here:


            I guess if you happened to be one of the people that owned a business that got looted, or burned down, you might not agree that Liberalism is about “acceptance and tolerance”. Likewise, if you were one of the 100+ police officers who were hospitalized trying to contain the violence, you might question that characterization as well. And as an outsider, knowing that the only people who have been charged with a crime as a result of that rioting, looting, and vandalism, were six Baltimore police officers, three of whom were Black, I’m skeptical as well.

            Liberals love to make references to unspecified numbers of “unarmed Black men killed by police”, and whenever an officer involved shooting occurs where a Black man is killed, even if the guy killed was a known felon, with multiple arrests for violent crimes, the media loves to give it global coverage. I wonder if you Libs who care so much about Black lives know how many police officers have been shot and killed so far this year while doing their jobs, protecting you and us from violent criminals? (I do.) I wonder if you know how many of those killed were Black men? (I do.)

            The fact is, Liberalism as practiced in reality, here and now, is the most corrupt, self-serving perversion of it’s popularly promoted and utterly fraudulent stated values in the brief history of democratic republican government. In short, Liberalism, particularly here in the USA, is defined by it’s all-consuming hypocrisy.

          7. Dominick Vila May 11, 2016

            You are entitled to your opinion, even when that opinion is based on distorted views of reality, and ignore the calls for violence articulated by Donald Trump. He incited violence when he stated that he would have punched a protester in the face, when he condoned and/encouraged the manhandling of peaceful protesters, and when he insulted entire ethnic groups and all members of a religion.
            I believe most police officers do an outstanding job, and I am grateful for the work they do in protecting my family, and my community. Unfortunately, there are rotten apples in some police departments, who often use excessive and unnecessary force to enforce the law, when other approaches can achieve the same goal.
            Liberals are not against the law, the police, and do not condone riots. The fact that some elected officials opt to defuse a dangerous situation by letting criminal elements loot and destroy, instead of provoking an increase in violence, is a questionable strategy, but it does not constitute an endorsement of lawlessness. Personally, I would have opted for more robust police intervention when the riots in Baltimore took place, and I was shocked and disgusted by what I saw. I don’t have a problem with peaceful protests, and believe there are plenty of reasons to demonstrates against a justice system that often ignores the rights of some members of our society, and protects officers who are no better than the criminals they murder or abuse.
            The issue being discussed, however, deals more with the rise in violence, and the potential that it may degenerate into widespread social unrest as a results of the incendiary rhetoric we hear, and the propensity of some people to take the law into their own hands. Inciting violence is irresponsible, and unbecoming of a candidate running for President of the USA.

          8. tb thomas May 11, 2016

            Dominick: “You are entitled to your opinion, even when that opinion is based on distorted views of reality, and ignore the calls for violence articulated by Donald Trump. He incited violence when he stated that he would have punched a protester in the face, when he condoned and/encouraged the manhandling of peaceful protesters, and when he insulted entire ethnic groups and all members of a religion.”

            You are entitled to draw whatever inferences you choose from the things he says. That in no way justifies condoning physical (and therefore violent) attempts to interfere with other citizens freedom of assembly and speech. As an American, I have a right to insult whoever I want to insult, and no one has the right to lawfully interfere with that right.

            The fact is: Liberalism as practiced here and now in this country adheres to but one principle: the end justifies the means. If you people disapprove of anything anyone says or does, you presume the right to suppress or intimidate them in any way you choose. Case in point: Donald Trump.

            Conversely, if someone belongs to a class of people you favor (or who’s interests coincide with yours), you presume the right to suspend the rule-of-law on their behalf. Cases in point: gang-bangers in Baltimore, illegal immigrants and drug traffickers from Mexico, or government bureaucrats.

            Anyone can come up with a talking-point explanation for disregarding the Constitution, or the letter of the law. But just having an answer does not legitimize the disregard. As a former Republican, it became apparent to me that while principles of governance and the rule of law seem to matter a little more to those on the Republican side, the recognition that the difference between the two was so minimal, led me to believe endorsing either side was unconscionable.

            Dominick: “I believe most police officers do an outstanding job, and I am grateful for the work they do in protecting my family, and my community. Unfortunately, there are rotten apples in some police departments, who often use excessive and unnecessary force to enforce the law, when other approaches can achieve the same goal.”

            I’ve studied this subject in depth for about a year now. Indeed, there are a few (very few) ‘rotten apples’, those who’s temperament is incompatible with doing that job. There are more who are ill-prepared to deal with sudden exposure to unfamiliar circumstances, who need better training. All of them have one thing in common: they are private citizens who volunteer to do a job which requires them to risk their lives every working day, and make split-second decisions which will decide whether they live to work another day. If we as a society want to have the best people possible working in law-enforcement, we have no choice but to grant to them an enormous amount of slack when it comes to second-guessing them after the fact when a decision they make turns out to be wrong. If we aren’t willing to do that, we will end up with no choice but to hire people who are more likely to violate the rules, cover up mistakes, and act on impulse under pressure, to the detriment of all.

            When I see people heckling cops, spitting on them, resisting arrest while hurling epithets in their faces, I can’t imagine why any decent person with a choice would continue to put up with all of that. By condoning this stuff — which the vast majority of Liberals do — you guarantee the deterioration of the police force, and by doing so, the erosion of the rule of law. This is already in evidence in gang-infested neighborhoods. We are reaching a tipping point where witness intimidation will make prosecution of violent offenders next to impossible. Case in point: the massacre of 5 (Black lives) having a barbecue in Wilkinsberg, PA. Still no suspects — and I don’t have to tell you why.

            Dominick: “Liberals are not against the law, the police, and do not condon e riots. The fact that some elected officials opt to defuse a dangerous situation by letting criminal elements loot and destroy, instead of provoking an increase in violence, is a questionable strategy, but it does not constitute an endorsement of lawlessness. Personally, I would have opted for more robust police intervention when the riots in Baltimore took place, and I was shocked and disgusted by what I saw.”

            The actions of the prosecutor in Baltimore were (and continue to be) unconscionable. It is a testament to the durability of the jury system that her rush to judgment and obvious bias has been effectively thwarted. I blame the voters for the malfeasance and incompetence of the Mayor.

            Dominick: “I don’t have a problem with peaceful protests, and believe there are plenty of reasons to demonstrates against a justice system that often ignores the rights of some members of our society, and protects officers who are no better than the criminals they murder or abuse.”

            I object to language like “…often ignores the rights of some member of society, and protects officers…”, particularly the use of the word ‘often’. Unless you’ve done the work to track down and validate actual cases (as I have), the use of that word is reckless and irresponsible. If you were actually interested in getting an honest picture of reality here, you could do what I did: spend the time looking for real cases, and thoroughly fact-checking them.

            I’ve found cases that fall into a wide range of the stereotypical references Liberals make, and then attach words like ‘often’ or ‘many’ to them. Adding those words simplistically, and in most cases, illegitimately completes the puzzle by giving them the answer they wanted to find. I don’t start out focusing on a result I want to prove. I start out with a sincere desire to find factual evidence which, taken together, gives me some semblance of understanding the truth. The reason I make these posts in Liberal venues is to attempt to find people who are, like me, more interested in finding truth, than confirming their preferred beliefs.

            Dominick: “The issue being discussed, however, deals more with the rise in violence, and the potential that it may degenerate into widespread social unrest as a results of the incendiary rhetoric we hear, and the propensity of some people to take the law into their own hands. Inciting violence is irresponsible, and unbecoming of a candidate running for President of the USA.”

            This is the heart of the matter. Your allegation that Trump is inciting violence is, frankly, pure sophistry. On the other hand, we have a President who has made his career exploiting racial animus, and his single biggest achievement since taking office has been to dramatically turn up the heat on Black vs. White antagonism. In 2008, if I had spent more time researching his background, I might have recognized what some of his detractors back then were saying was true about him. Instead, I so wanted to believe the things he was saying he would do, I chose not to.

            Most of the damage he has done (or from his point of view, his success in prosecuting this agenda item), has been a consequence of his silence and inaction on certain incidents and trends. Among the few comments he has made, this one stands apart as the single most revealing and consequential statement (July of 2013, text transcript of his remarks):


            This 17 minute address has already cost thousands of casualties, and set in motion a tacit acceptance of Black-violence which is gaining momentum, and unless turned back reasonably soon, could have catastrophic consequences for this country. It is already manifesting itself by all but destroying the ability of teachers in predominantly Black public schools to maintain the secure and peaceful climate necessary for students to learn.

            Of course I can hear the loud chorus of boos from the sycophant Liberals in this forum in response to this statement. Unfortunately, I have hundreds of video exhibits which demonstrate it’s truth. But, unless I can persuade some among them to take a look — with an honestly open mind — they will make no difference.

            As this situation deteriorates, Democrat leaders, starting with Obama, but including Clinton and Sanders, are intent upon making it worse — in order to cover up their culpability for the situation in the first place, and re-up their (perceived) ‘lease’ on African American constituents. And let me be clear: I’m sure Clinton and Sanders have convinced themselves of the truth of what they are saying. Like all Liberals, they believe “job-retraining programs” and “affirmative action laws” and “a few hundred billion Dollars” spread around in the name of fixing the problem, will work — even though they’ve been saying the same thing for five decades now, and it has never worked.

            In my view, this is the single biggest threat to our national security we face today. We know what the cause of the problem is: dysfunctional or non-existent parenting in low-income, predominantly Black neighborhoods all over the country. I’m not talking about just Chicago, SF, LA, and East Coast urban areas. It’s all over the midwest as well. About the only major city in the lower 48 which is still relatively free of this problem (and I emphasize the word ‘relatively’) happens to be my home town, Portland, Oregon. And even here, the problem is on an uptick.

            I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, but I am an opponent of anyone wedded to the malignant race-agenda of Barrack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. We should be working hard to salvage the lives and futures of young Black children in these distressed neighborhoods, by aggressively imposing the discipline in the schools, they are not getting at home — so the teachers we are paying to help them learn, can succeed in that. Unless we devise some other option for students who can’t comply with the rules necessary to maintain a peaceful learning environment, than simply handing them off to the criminal justice system, this problem will never be solved.

            We could do that now, at minimal additional cost, if that were the real goal of our federal education policies. Instead, by blaming the problem on “White privilege” and “Systemic White racism”, we guarantee those lives, and those potentially peaceful and prosperous futures, will be lost to yet another generation of disadvantaged Black children.

            Even if the cost of doing what I suggest were more than just ‘minimal’, I believe we still have to spend the money. The difference is: we must not throw the money at the same old failed, graft-ridden and ineffective strategies tried in the past.

          9. Paul Anthony May 11, 2016

            Very well said. But you’re wasting your time. Progressives can’t comprehend anything longer than a tweet.

          10. tb thomas May 11, 2016

            Thanks Paul. I guess my theory is: if I present a reasonable case, based on facts, it may resonate with some un-decided passer-by. I do appreciate that you took the time to consider it.

          11. Dominick Vila May 12, 2016

            Unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now to respond to everything you said. Suffice it to say that in my opinion, most of your claims apply to Republican policies, actions, and the divisive statements made by Donald Trump, and excused by his supporters.
            I do agree, however, that most Democrats support investment in education and infrastructure, not only to strengthen our skill level and competitiveness, but to prevent tragedies such as the one in Flint, create well paid jobs, and afford upward mobility opportunities to all Americans.

          12. MV May 15, 2016

            So whatcha’ want from me? An argument? You need Many Many More supporters here! Where are they? When it comes to Lies & Disinformation, the Reich has supporters as thick as fly’s! Ans we know what they hover over!

          13. dpaano May 17, 2016

            Why is it ALWAYS the “liberals” that cause the problems. I know quite a few “rightwing” individuals who cause problems also…..it’s not just one group….it’s everyone who doesn’t understand what is going on today in our country.

          14. MV May 15, 2016

            Dom, we need to talk! is there a safe way to do so?

      2. Floridatexan May 11, 2016

        OMG…what drivel.

        1. tb thomas May 11, 2016

          Brilliant put-down.

      3. AgLander May 11, 2016

        Did you think that all up while sitting on your porch waiting for your government checks to arrive?

        1. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

          No one has to imagine bigotry when we have such superior specimens as yourself, AgLander.

    3. AgLander May 11, 2016

      No…..he loves this country and will fight to make America great again . He’s got a lot of work to do after the massive damage done by the community organizer, Rev. Wright disciple.

      1. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

        Trump is a Kardashian, a Paris Hilton, a spotlight grabbing know-nothing.
        President Obama is a respected scholar, an internationally respected statesman, and an all around splendid leader, husband and father. Obama is real. Trump is show biz.

  4. yabbed May 11, 2016

    It is disgusting but it is who Trump and his campaign are.

  5. greenlantern1 May 11, 2016

    Did Hitler,s ATLANTIC WALL stop IKE?
    Ever hear of Mexico’s AZTEC EAGLES?
    They were attached to the United States Army Air Force!
    They helped a great American general, General Douglas MacArthur, return!

  6. jmprint May 11, 2016

    I would like for Johnson to know the hispanic, black, and muslim power, right on his face. What a sorry excuse for a human being, thinks he is above Jesus. Yes you christian fans, go ahead and rally around this piece of $hit. Show your colors.

  7. Phil Christensen May 11, 2016

    The single largest illegal immigrant lobbying organization literally and proudly calls itself “The Race.” I would asset that most progs are fine with this, so spare the faux outrage.

    1. pisces63 May 11, 2016

      Noun or verb??

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 11, 2016

      Pray tell, Phil—what’s a prog? Is that some newly invented amphibian your feverish mind has conjured up?
      By the way, you are proving to be an excellent pupil of that quintessence of “goats”—namely, “Otto the Goat”. Not exactly the equivalence of Aristotle to Plato; more like Curly to Moe.

      1. Phil Christensen May 11, 2016

        Guess I hit a nerve.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 11, 2016

          Not in the least, old boy. But what you have done is shown “your hand” that you embrace the racism of Trump and the White Nationalist. Are you a member?
          Is this your version of Christianity, Phil? Or do you have any religion at all?
          When will the weasels who’ve been hiding in the shadows and deflecting the real problems discussed in the articles here and elsewhere by citing another group as the source of what afflicts the soul of America? Instead of being a man, you choose the convenience of obfuscation, the attempt to misdirect, while implying that you are OK with a regressive posture and a yearning to climb back into adolescence—in much the same vein as Trump and others in the limelight are doing.
          If your inclination is to be obstinate, racist, and a nativist at heart, why not loudly proclaim such affinities? Don’t be afraid to profess your abhorrence of “the other”—the KKK isn’t afraid.
          Be an adult for a change, Phil and let us all know what you really believe. Don’t shilly-shally any longer—BE A MAN ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS!!

          1. Phil Christensen May 11, 2016

            Five words get a 3-paragraph reaction. Yeah, that’s hitting a nerve. Instead of dusting off your community college psychology text, just denounce The Race. We can end this sub-thread right here. Prove you are not a racist, and denounce them.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 11, 2016

            What is “The Race”? Are you of “The Race”? If so, say so. You’re still being a coward and evading the challenge put forth to you. Let me repeat so that you understand—I’ll try to keep it brief since a lengthy response tires you out.
            1) Do you approve of the racist stance of Trump and the GOP?
            2) Do you consider yourself apart from the human race—someone who is superior to those who don’t look like you?
            3) And finally, to repeat the opening question: Are you of this so-called illusory concept “The Race”?

            I hope these questions don’t pose to difficult a task for you. Even a community college student would comprehend the questions.

            If you think you’re going to have carte blanche to set foot in this forum and in a cowardly manner post drivel and seek to hide what you truly feel, then you are sadly mistaken.

          3. Phil Christensen May 11, 2016

            Read the rest of the thread, Hawking. Some people on both sides of the issue have taken great pains to educate you.
            Now, will you denounce organization that calls itself The Race?

          4. Paul Anthony May 11, 2016

            Some people are too stupid to understand your reference. You have to spell things out for Progressives…
            The organization to which you have referred is called “La Raza” which translates to “The Race”.
            See, the idiots who support La Raza never knew what it meant.

          5. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

            Thanks, Paul!
            We Progressives will be certain to consult you, a native Spanish speaker. Now, can I see your papers, please?

          6. Joan May 11, 2016

            La Raza is not a racist organization. It is an organization that seeks to improve conditions for Latino Americans It is not racist if, as a member of a minority, you seek to better the lives of other members of that minority. Do you understand what racism really is?

          7. Paul Anthony May 11, 2016

            Thanks for that brilliant explanation. Just so I’m clear, you’re saying it’s OK for people of the same race to join together to seek the betterment of people who are exclusively of that race.

            If a group of white people joined together to seek the betterment of people who are exclusively white, that would be racist, right?
            But if any oher race does THE SAME THING it’s okay?

            Yes, I certainly do understand what racism really is. It is prejudice against people of another race. And ALL races are capable of racism.

            Racism will not end until all people learn to identify as human and nothing else.

          8. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

            Paul, our national history shows that when White people have joined together, they have done so to protect and further white supremacy. They have done so in army units to eliminate Black, Gay and female soldiers. They have done so on college campuses to limit the further education of Black, Jewish, and female students. They have done so in powerful civic clubs and country clubs.
            That, Paul, is racism.
            Providing information and resources to mostly impoverished Hispanic Americans is not.

          9. Paul Anthony May 11, 2016

            Yes, yes I know…Ou’re referring to what is popularly described as “white privilege”. Growing up as the offspring of Italian immigrants living in a predominantly British-American neighborhood, I never experienced this white privilege you speak of. 🙂

            By painting ALL white people with the same brush you are participating in a racist act. That my not fit your definition of racism, but from the perspective of someone who refuses to define people by nationality or skin color, you appear just as guilty as the people you call racist.

            It is a human trait to want to associate with those who are like us in some way, but self-segregating leads to hostility that does not need to exist. We are all human. That’s the only race that matters.

            Protecting one race from all others does not create harmonious diversity. It just accentuates our perceived differences. Anyone who thinks in terms of “us versus them” is perpetuating the racial divide.

            If you want an end to racism, stop thinking that way. You cannot change the minds of others, but you can make the world a little better by changing the only person you really can influence – yourself.

          10. Phil Christensen May 11, 2016

            Paul, your well thought out comments on this sub-thread are appreciated. That being said, I’m still face-palming over Joan’s assertion that an organization which calls itself “The Race,” is not rascist.

          11. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

            Indeed. A better world begins within us all.
            How do Mr. Trump’s statements regarding the Hispanic community, Moslem citizens and women of every color promote more harmonious racial relationships?

          12. Paul Anthony May 12, 2016

            His remarks have been somewhat distorted. That’s politics.
            He never said all Muslims should be deported, as some left-wing sites claim. He said there should be a moratorium on the people coming from the Middle East until we can be certain of our screening processes. Europe has made mistakes. We should be more cautious.
            He also said illegal immigrants should be deported. That’s not practical anymore. It would have been years ago, but liberals have prevented immigration laws being enforced. Now there are people who never had the right to be here that have been here so long and have families here so deportation is not likely. But, unless something is done to stem the continued illegal immigration, it will never end.
            Businesses may like having cheap labor, but American workers pay the price through unemployment.
            He also said Mexico has sent us criminals. I don’t think Mexico actually sent them, but there have been many crimes committed by immigrants and those criminals are not deported or jailed.
            I don’t agree with everything he says or the way he says them, but many people agree with the essence of his message.

          13. PrecipitousDrop May 12, 2016

            Paul, I have listened to Mr. Trump’s comments regarding Muslims many times. I attended one of his campaign speeches. You can spin it any way you want. The guy is suspicious of any and all Muslims, and has found a great deal of popularity in stoking this irrational suspicion — and fear — in others. That’s called xenophobia. It is carefully focused on a section of the population that is mostly peaceful, productive and generous, as are most Hispanic Americans.
            American workers do not compete for employment with Hispanic workers except for minimum wage shifts as maids or kitchen workers. Alabama tried to enact strict laws to rid the state of Hispanic citizens, including immediate detention for people who didn’t produce proper documents on demand. Before the law was overturned by the courts, Alabama police and state troopers had used this law to detain two upper level executives from the Mercedes Benz plant and from the state’s newest, hard-won steel mill. The law prohibited the hiring of suspected undocumented workers. Farmers lost millions because their crops couldn’t be harvested. When Alabama’s department of Labor sent unemployed workers to the farms, they quit. The work was, “too hard.”
            As for immigrant crime, criminals exist. Period. Many, many more of our native born rape, rob and murder much more often than all undocumented immigrants combined.
            Trump and the leading voices of the Republican party have been peddling this xenophobic hysteria for years. It’s deliciously scary, and monumentally incorrect.

          14. Paul Anthony May 12, 2016

            You really need to listen to something besides liberal news sources. Immigrants built most of the houses in Arizona during the housing boon – because they work cheaper than American carpenters, electricians and roofers. These are jobs that helped build the middle class before immigrants turned them into minimum wage jobs.

          15. PrecipitousDrop May 12, 2016

            You’re right. I don’t know anything about Arizona housing. I just know about my gulf states region and how the agricultural industry in Alabama was so greatly relieved when that section of the immigration law was overturned.
            Did you work as a building contractor, or in real estate when those changes occurred? Does Arizona have licensing requirements for building contractors? Are tradesmen required to carry apprenticeship or journeyman certificates? Were the developers local, or were they publicly traded companies like DR Horton? All of these things could have a bearing on the wholesale worker turnover you describe.

          16. Joan May 12, 2016

            I have no problem with an organization whose mission statement is to “Improve the Latino communities opportunities for success in achieving the American Dream.” I have no problem, not because I am a minority member but because I realize that their experience in American has been one of opportunities denied based solely on their race. Their goal seems aligned with yours, because we will not have a society where all people identify as human and nothing else until all people have the same opportunities for success in achieving the American Dream. When minorities are not denied jobs, housing and justice based on race then groups like La Raza, NAACP and others will no longer be needed; until then I live in the world that is, one that is filed with institutionalized racism and racist people.

          17. Paul Anthony May 12, 2016

            Joan, I agree with our sentiment but I must caution you about supporting an organization without looking closely. Go to their website and examine all of what they stand for. You might change your mind.

          18. Joan May 12, 2016

            I DID go to their web site, (duh) just how did you think I could quote their mission statement? I have also been a long term resident of AZ, TX and Fl. I am familiar with what the organization does in those states.

  8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 11, 2016

    Concerning the trend of the recrudescence of racism in America and Europe, and given that the GOP’s “chickens” are coming home to roost, I think it might be useful to consider these words from 2 of the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith, who themselves are motivated as a result of Baha’u’llah’s Revelation as of 1863.

    Both Abdu’l Baha and Shoghi Effendi spoke at great lengths to address the problem brewing in America around the spiritual disease of racialist thinking and its outward manifestation, namely racism.

    The Universal House of Justice in one of its numerous announcements to the Baha’i World community shared the following from those two Central Figures:

    The Baha’i teachings balance these promises of the potential of racial unity with dire warnings about the consequences of maintaining a racist society. As early as the 1930’s, Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, affirmed the necessity to change the heart and attitude underlying the American nation’s “ingrained racial prejudice”:

    No less serious is the stress and strain imposed on the fabric of American society through the fundamental and persistent neglect, by the governed and governors alike, of the supreme, the inescapable and urgent duty — so repeatedly and graphically represented and stressed by Abdu’l-Baha in His arraignment of the basic weaknesses in the social fabric of the nation — of remedying, while there is yet time, through a revolutionary change in the concept and attitude of the average white American toward his Negro fellow citizen, a situation which, if allowed to drift, will… cause the streets of American cities to run with blood…” – Shoghi Effendi, Citadel of Faith, p. 126.

    The reason that those sentiments have been expressed now and not in previous Religions is due to the simple facts that racism wasn’t a primary global, even national, issue during the times of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad; and secondly, that humanity hadn’t spiritually and mentally matured to the point of fully appreciating the necessity to understand the scope of the problem that racialist thinking portended.

    (I’m particularly struck by Abdu’l Baha’s reference to America’s streets running with blood. His foresight anticipated the “Festival of Violence” that would mark the hetday of lynchings in America, the civil unrest in the 60’s, andc the current targeting of Black youth by many in America in official and unofficial capacities. And yes, there is black on black crime, but when a people have had to endure centuries of abuse, it’s only natural for a good number of the recipients of violence to think that this is normal behavior, and therefore we have gang violence in Chicago, the Bronx, in LA, and elsewhere. We also have an increase in racists attacks on black churches, even though the racists themselves proclaim being Christians—not unlike Islamic terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    The “importance” of the GOP’s ineptness in general, and Trump’s appeal specifically, allows America as a whole to finally examine itself in the mirror, acknowledge our warts and pimples, and take the initiative to confront racism and other forms of divisiveness and disunity head on though progressive steps and measures.

  9. tb thomas May 11, 2016

    And just to be very clear about it…

    “Update 9:33 PM: While Johnson himself says he supports “[Trump’s decision of] not having me as a delegate,” the secretary of state of California says that the deadline has passed for Trump to change his delegate list. So Donald Trump is sending this guy to the floor of the Republican convention, probably.”

    The last word of the article refudiates the headline, the article, the author, and the facade of editorial integrity of nationalmemo.com. It’s a lie, wrapped in a comically feeble attempt to masquerade as an opinion.

    1. pisces63 May 11, 2016

      No it doesn’t. th last word reads it’s too lake by California statutes to remove him. Really!!

      1. tb thomas May 11, 2016

        Well, ‘Umm’, (princess not-so-bright) that was my point.

        It’s been fun chatting with you. You know where I stand (and I knew where you stood at the outset). But can’t stay — got a Congressional Black Caucus symposium to eviscerate.

        1. Dennis Price May 11, 2016

          Thank you for reminding us exactly who and what you are. Troll elsewhere teatRumptroll.

          1. tb thomas May 11, 2016

            Sorry, field research requires visiting the most highly infested nests. nationalmemo.com even worse than WashPo.

            “I’ll be back”

    2. Joan May 11, 2016

      The Trump campaign placed the White Nationalist racist on their approved list as a delegate. When questioned about it they claimed a mistake had been made and attempted to make changes to a list already officially accepted by the state. Neither the headline or the article is a lie. The Trump campaign HAS picked a White Nationalist as a delegate. The article leans democratic/ progressive which is the editorial voice of The National Memo. It is not a lie, it is not an opinion it is a news article.

      1. tb thomas May 11, 2016

        The article is a lie. What actually happened is this guy with a race-based agenda figured out how to get his name approved, counting on the Trump staff not to recognize his name and his affiliation in time to remove it from the list submitted to the California registrar. The Trump campaign asked him to voluntarily disqualify himself, and he agreed to do so. The fact that California does not provide a means for the Trump campaign to remove him from the list is a procedural issue of no consequence.

        Bottom-line: because contemptible people like you Joan will do anything at all, no matter how dishonest, to tar Donald Trump with your favorite slur (‘racist’), you make of yourself a partner in deceit with the likes of Joe McCarthy, who’s blunt force instrument of personal destruction was to label people as ‘communists’.

        I could ask you “Have you no decency left Ma’am?”, but I won’t, because I already know the answer.

        1. PrecipitousDrop May 11, 2016

          tb thomas is a big, fat CRY BABY!

        2. Joan May 12, 2016

          Wow, you presume an awful lot about a person based on about 200 words. You also infured a lot. In my post I did not call Trump a racist, not my favorite slur, not even top five. Favorites are specious, ill informed, troll with anger management issues. I PRESUME you should not be asking others about decency, I could be, and hope that I am wrong.

  10. Jerpell May 11, 2016

    The dirty little secret is that corrupt Hillary is one of the countries greatest racist…..She has showed this fault in her character time and time again….

    1. AgLander May 11, 2016

      True……and Hillary is also the initiator of the Obama birther movement during the ’08 campaign……..and don’t forget her raw, racist husband dismissing the then upstart candidate Obama when he snorted at Ted Kennedy about how “not long ago that guy would be serving us coffee”. The Clintons treat blacks like pets who they fetch every 4 years for their voting entertainment only.

      1. Paul Bass May 11, 2016

        Says the RWNJ con troll with less than a 1/3 upvote. Go back to fox, they might believe you.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 11, 2016

      Since you clearly don’t know what a racist is in any sense of the word, you shouldn’t call someone else a racist. First, learn the meaning of a word before you wield it like a battle-axe.

    3. bikejedi May 11, 2016

      A pandering lying racist . Their policies have hurt blacks the most

  11. bikejedi May 11, 2016

    So basically this is a non story that liberal media is trying to tie to Trump through the use of misleading headlines . Is it any wonder Liberals are so misinformed ? if you just read the headline it reinforces everything liberals WANT to believe IE Trump is a racist (news flash he isn’t ) and the GOP is racist . Meanwhile the Dems ran all rich white candidates . At least if you actually read the article you find out that the delegate is not a racist he was trying to make a point and Trump has distanced himself from this delegate. Meanwhile Hillary panders to Black people while Democrat policy has seen them lose ground in terms,of employment and income under Obama . Hillary wants to double down on that ..

    1. PrecipitousDrop May 12, 2016

      Jedi, Mr. Johnson is a White nationalist, by definition a racist, like David Duke former KKK leader. They are ardent supporters of Mr. Trump because they like what he has said about Hispanic Americans and Moslem citizens. Mr. Trump is campaigning to be the next President of the United States. That’s all of us, not just the white ones.
      Sec. Clinton and the Democratic party welcome Black and Hispanic voters. That’s not pandering, it’s acceptance. Black and Hispanic citizens have never enjoyed economic parity with White populations. Ever. At least the Democratic party is trying to address this inequality instead of sneering at it, as the Republican party does.

      1. bikejedi May 12, 2016

        So you didn’t even read the article did you ? Bill and Hill were ardent supporters of Sen Byrd and he supported them. The Democrat Party were the slave owners of the South and fought the Civil War to preserve slavery. A,Republican President and mostly Northern White Republicans ended that. After the war Lincoln granted freed Black people citizenship and voting rights. The Dems responded with the Jim Crow laws and by founding the KKK . The Dems opposed and filibustered the Civil Rights act. Yeah real inclusive . Democrats and Liberals today marginalize and hate any White Christians. They promote a false narrative of White Priviledge in schools and try to promote White guilt. We White people are sick of the Bullshit .
        Powered by Cricket Wireless.

        ——– Original message ——–

        1. dpaano May 16, 2016

          Actually, the slave owners of the south started OUT as being called “Democrats;” however, they renamed themselves
          Southern Republicans many years ago. You may want to read some books on this before you start believing the lies you’ve been told by the right wing GOP’s.

          1. bikejedi May 16, 2016

            I love that every time Democrats are faced with their Party racism they try to rewrite history . No the partys didn’t switch that is a false talking point.

            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          2. PrecipitousDrop May 16, 2016

            You’re the one rewriting history, CricketWirelessJedi. Read a little civil rights history during and after LBJ. Just a le-e-e-etle bit. You’ll get it in no time.

          3. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            You might want to try to look at a sustained historical record on the subject . Democrats were the entire slaveholders of pre-civil war America . It took a Republican President and mostly Northern Republicans to fight the southern Democrats to end slavery . After the Civil War that Republican president granted voting rights and citizenship to the freed black people. The Democrats responded by enacting the Jim Crow laws and founding the KKK. One party has a sustained historical record of supporting civil rights legislation and one party has a sustained historical record of opposing them…. want to guess which is which or should I post historical records ? The Democrats even fought and filibustered against the Civil Rights Act which had overwhelming Republican support and was written by Republicans. It took LBJ twisting just enough Democrat Party arms to finally get it passed along with the overwhelming Republicans supported it already had. His sales pitch to the Democrats was give me your vote on this and I will have those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years …his words not mine. Since the nineteen hundreds Democrats have controlled almost every major city in America . They have relegated blacks to there any Inter city Ghetto Plantations. They give them just enough on welfare and entitlements to make them want to stay there…. just giving them enough to satisfy them. They relegate their children to substandard Public Union Schools where they don’t get an education. Democrat Party housing policy has seen the fatherless rate in Black households go from 7% under LBJ to 72% today even though we’ve spent $19 trillion on the war on poverty. Do you really want to discuss this subject further ? And you really wanted to try to make fun of my phone cartrier for god sakes …..grow up. I pay $ 50 a month for unlimited data and you ?
            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          4. PrecipitousDrop May 17, 2016

            Oh, dear, CricketWirelessJedi. I pay less than half that, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is your adamant insistence that the historic facts of many prior decades remains relevant today. It does not. The current Democratic party has become, since LBJ, the party of inclusion. The Republican party, since LBJ, has attracted and retained the most hardened bigots and racists who may have formerly identified themselves as democrats when it was the party you have described.
            The saddest aspect of the current Republican party platform is the continued, unabashed allegiance to corporate interests and misguided notion of “beneficial” tax cuts over the real and necessary needs of our struggling middle class. One need look no further than the George W. Bush’ administration to confirm that this is true. Or, one could examine the administration of Gov. Sam Brownback in Kansas.
            So, yes, CricketWirelessJedi, I am happy to discuss this further. We have unlimited data, yes? Mine still costs much, much less than yours.

          5. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            Once again try to be factual and try not to lie before you precipitously drop to your knees to suck dick . You will find I end conversations with immature ignorant liberals . Right after I checkmate them as I did you. Enjoy your cock

            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          6. PrecipitousDrop May 17, 2016

            Here. Take my handkerchief, CricketWirelessJedi. You have something on your chin.

          7. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            You have some guys balls on yours

            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          8. PrecipitousDrop May 17, 2016

            Poor, poor little CricketWirelessJedi!
            Reduced to sputtering curses!

          9. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            In case you didn’t notice ” I ” ended the conversation

            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          10. PrecipitousDrop May 17, 2016

            It looks like you just ran out of logical, factual, and historically correct support for your position.
            And then you started to suck.

          11. bikejedi May 19, 2016

            I notice that you cant refute anyything i posted

          12. PrecipitousDrop May 19, 2016

            That’s your reading comprehension problem, bikejedi. Take another try at my prior posts and dpaano’s. Or, maybe it would help if someone read them to you?
            Let me know if you can’t quite “get it.”
            I’m happy to help.

          13. bikejedi May 19, 2016

            I read dpannos revisionist history and she didn’t address facts . I posted facts. She posted feelings and some liberals opinions. Have a nice day . I’m going bike riding Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          14. PrecipitousDrop May 19, 2016

            Cool. Have fun. bikejedi!

          15. dpaano May 17, 2016

            Apparently, bikejedi doesn’t want to understand the most well-known facts nor does he bother to do the research to find out how wrong he is. I’ve done part of the research and advised him, but he still wants to believe what he wants to believe. Typical rightwing troll who knows NOTHING but what his “party” has told him to believe.

          16. dpaano May 17, 2016

            You may want to go back and check your history…..
            “the Republicanization of the south started just after the Civil War because they wanted to have slavery, keep it, and to be the sole judge of how it should be done. They were in opposition to the federal government which, at that time of the Civil War, was in the hands of (Republican) president Abraham Lincoln. Having lost the war, the South went through a period of reconstruction in which the federal government tried to bring the fruits of citizenship to the newly-freed slave population. This caused a bitterly contested election in 1896, in which a Democrat and a Republican came to a virtual tie. Based on this, a resolution got done in the back room (typical Republican deal). The Southern Democrats decided they were going to support Rutherford Hayes, a Republican candidate. The “Compromise of 1877” marked the beginning of a conflict that goes on to this day because the Southerners got the federal government to get off their backs so they could go on and create a new form of slavery called “segregation” – so called “separate but equal” that ws always separate but NEVER equal.
            There were no Republicans in the south during the first half of the 20th century…save for a handful – more black than white — who had been Republicans in opposition to the South’s succession against the nation. And those so-called Lincoln Republicans stayed that way until later in the century.
            Following WWII, there was the beginning of a drive for equality for black citizens. Blacks had fought in two world wars and could not be considered full-fledged citizens. Their rebellion against that was beginning to come to a head in the late 1940’s and into the mid-1950’s. Along came Strom Thurmond, and he and others bolted from the Democratic Party when Truman was nominated and tried to form the “Dixiecrat Party” to pull all the southern white segregationists together in a party that would be, for all time, against any equality for blacks. Truman won the election in 1948, and yet his victory was the fireball in the night for those southern diehards. That was the beginning of the transformation in the South from a Democratic Party base to a Republican base. And most of them changed not by changing parties — they remained Democrats for a long, long time, but they changed simply by showing their true colors. They were segregationists and they would go to the mat to keep the South that way.
            The major change came after Lyndon Johnson pushed through Congress two history civil rights bills (the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965). At that time, he clearly stated that “I may have turned the South over to the Republican Party for the next generation.” I don’t think he could possibly have known just how prophetic that statement was. Indeed, it was in 1964 that Strom Thurmond final switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party that began this avalanche of “coming out” parties where all these Democrats, who were really closet Republicans, came out of the closet to present themselves as what they truly were, which was super conservative and still segregationists.”
            All this information was easily located by Googling it….this was from an article posted in 2004 based on an interview with John Egerton, a “white” southern writer and dissenter. Other books you can look into, if you’re really interested in finding out the truth (which I don’t think you are) would be “The Americanization of Dixie: The Southernization of American” and “Speak Now Against the Day: The Generation before the Civil Rights Movement in the South” Both by John Egerton.
            Hopefully, I helped you learn the truth and prove that this is NOT a “false talking point.” Actually, it’s pretty much been known by many informed people for years! Not sure what rock you’ve been hiding under or what lies you’ve been told, but the South WAS Democratic until at least 1964 and earlier.

          17. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            What the hell are you talking about? You’re either stupid ignorant of the facts completely nuts or don’t like the Inconvenient Truth that is the Democratic party history on the subject. What are you talking about the republication of the South ? The South and the slaveholders were entirely Democrat not a single Republican down there. In fact it was a Republican president anf mostly Northern Republicans who fought a Civil War II end the slavery of the Democratic Party. And this whole the party’s switched talking point doesn’t hold up against the state historical record. After the Civil War a Republican president granted free black people citizenship and voting rights. The Democrats responded by and acting the Jim Crow laws and founding the KKK. One party has the historical record of promoting civil rights legislation and one party has historical sustained record of opposing them care to guess which one is which or should I embarass you by posting the voting records ? Even up until the Civil Rights Act signed into law by LBJ the Democrats opposed civil rights legislation. Hell they tried to block that, even filibustering it at one point . The Civil Rights Act was written by Republicans and had overwhelming Republican support . It took LBJ twisting just enough Democrat Party arms to finally get it passed along with the already overwhelming Republican support that it had. His sales pitch to his fellow Democrats was ” give me your vote on this and I will have those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years ” . Those are his words not mine. Today’s Democrats oversee almost every major city in America where they relegate blacks to their Intercity ghetto plantations. They sate them just enough with welfare to keep them there . They relegate their children to substandard public Union Schools so they don’t get an education just free daycare. Democrat Party housing policy has seen the father asleep and black households go from 7% under LBJ to 72% today even though we have thrown $19 trillion at the war on poverty. Start using facts instead of lying. You embarrass yourself. And let’s not forget Mitt Romney’s dad marched with Dr. King while the Democrats shunned him …oh yeah and Dr. King….. he was a Republican Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          18. dpaano May 17, 2016

            I cited you very clear information about when the Southern Democrats turned into Republicans. Apparently, you haven’t done your homework, and I’m not going to do any more of your homework for you. It’s a VERY well-known fact that Southern Democrats turned Republican, but apparently, you want to continue living in your fantasy world. Go for it….stay uninformed. That’s the way the GOP likes it!
            In the meantime, I won’t respond to your posts any longer and I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same for my posts. I don’t have the time to respond to people who have NO idea what they’re talking about and do NOT look at facts!

          19. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            You don’t have to do that unless you want to embarass yourself further because all you cite is liberal rewrites of your inconvenient truth and I checkmated you with historical FACT .

            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          20. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            Oh and by the way your comment about LBJ stating he was turning the south over to the Republican Party flies in the face of the liberal argument that the parties switch . Get your liberal point lies in order . Every liberal I know says the party switch incited Nixon courting Southern Democrats as the reason for that illogical argument Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          21. bikejedi May 17, 2016

            Oh I forgot to say checkmate

            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

        2. dpaano May 16, 2016

          By the way, “We” white people are NOT sick of the BS….we’re sick of the racist BS that is currently being spouted by the Republican nominees AND the Republican party! So, when you speak of “we,” please do not presume to include anyone other than yourself!

          1. bikejedi May 16, 2016

            I include any White person that doesn’t but into t he false narrative of White guilt.

            Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

      2. bikejedi May 12, 2016

        Blacks have by far feared the worst under Obama in terms of income and employment .. is that what you call addressing it ?

        Powered by Cricket Wireless.

        ——– Original message ——–

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