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Trump Randomly Decides Women Should Be Punished For Getting Abortions

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Trump Randomly Decides Women Should Be Punished For Getting Abortions


Donald Trump said today that he would punish women for getting abortions if the procedure became illegal — but he would not punish men.

In an interview with Chris Matthews taped for broadcast this evening, the MSNBC host pressed Trump on his views on banning abortion altogether.

From the beginning of Trump’s candidacy, he has continuously backpedaled and hedged on the abortion issue. Before he began to run for president, Trump described himself as pro-choice.

After filibustering with an interrogation of Matthews on the host’s own religious beliefs, Trump paused when Matthews asked: “Do you believe in punishment for abortion? Yes or no, as a principle?”

“The answer is that… There has to be some form of punishment.”

“For the woman?

“Yeah, there has to be some form.”

But when Matthews questioned him on what that punishment should be — “10 months or 10 years?” — Trump responded that he doesn’t know.

“It’s a very complicated position,” said the Republican frontrunner.

Trump’s campaign quickly released a statement after the interview in an attempt to clarify, or obscure: “This issue is unclear and should be put back into the states for determination. Like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions, which I have outlined numerous times.”

Trump’s son Donald Jr. also responded on Twitter, emphasizing what he felt had been overlooked in the burgeoning brouhaha: the “banned” part.

Because logically, if people disobey the law, then of course they should be punished. And Trump thinks abortion should be illegal in most cases.

Of course, as political strategy, even hard-liners on abortion aim most of their punitive rhetoric at abortion providers, rather than the women who seek abortions. Dozens of organizations, journalists and politicians immediately released statements, some on Twitter, denouncing Trump’s remark.

Gov. John Kasich, who has his own anti-women and anti-abortion record in Ohio, told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he didn’t agree with Trump’s willingness to punish women who attempt to have abortions. “I do have exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother but of course women shouldn’t be punished,” he said.

Although Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is also in favor of essentially erasing the effects of Roe v. Wade, has not yet responded to Trump, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tweeted their reactions:

Maybe this episode will prompt a much-needed discussion on the morality of limiting abortion access. What is clear is that Trump sought to advance the right’s long-standing effort to criminalize a very large portion of the American public.



  1. Dan S March 30, 2016

    So now Lord Vader er Trump has now decided that a woman who chooses to terminate an unplanned pregnancy should be improsoned ? And the Father would in no way be held accountable even if he pushed for an abortion ? This candidate for the GOP has no clue as to what he’s saying. He most definitely doesn’t like women even though he says he loves them ?

    1. Leftout March 30, 2016

      He Loves women as most of us., Abortion likes or dislikes has nothing to do with loving or hating women, it is about protecting life for those that believe that un borns should be given a chance.

      1. jmprint March 31, 2016

        Then by golly do get pregnant and have as many as you would like to have, but leave those that don’t want to bare the child for what ever purpose be, health, wealth, rape, incest, or destitute. The unborns do not pay taxes, they don’t work, they don’t contribute until it becomes life, that’s the point where they have equal right to women. They don’t have equal right until then.

        1. Leftout April 1, 2016

          Of course the incest Etc. are exceptions as always has been.

      2. dpaano March 31, 2016

        YEah, he loves them as long as they have big boobs and a pretty face!! AND, if they agree to go to bed with him (without putting a bag on his face)!! Some people will do ANYTHING for money…..
        As for “unborns” being given a chance….what about second chances for criminals in lieu of being executed??? You can’t have one without the other!

        1. Leftout April 1, 2016

          Some people should be executed . Unborns are not guilty of crimes , No?

    2. InformedVoter March 30, 2016

      You can’t possibly be as ignorant as your posts makes you out to be! Trump NEVER said ONLY punish the woman, who was breaking the law by seeking out an ILLEGAL abortion. Matthews, being about as dumb as dirt, kept asking “if abortion was illegal, should the woman be punished?”. Duh, if someone does something ILLEGAL, then yes, absolutely, they should be punished! That’s the way our legal system works. If you buy drugs, because you’re upset (like the woman deciding to terminate her reward for being stupid), and get caught, the law says that you and your supplier get punished. How is the abortion issue any different? Spoiler … it’s NOT! The woman, the doc and anyone else to aids in performing the illegal act should ALL be punished.

      1. jmprint March 31, 2016

        You are the ignorant one, your love of trump is disgusting. I can see the drool on your post. Drug and abortion are not the same, they don’t equate, you are not a women and have no idea what a women goes through, not all men are the same, you may judge a women based on the way you treat women, but that doesn’t give you the right to speak for women, women have spoken, abortion is legal. And just the thought that trump thinks he has the right to overturn the law is disgusting.

  2. Leftout March 30, 2016

    Well of course as punishment the woman should be made to gaze upon the issue in a glass jar as well as her male counterpart in the pregnancy . Aside from that ambortions should be made mandatory for those stupid to having issues out of wedlock, except in cases of etc etc, etc.

    1. jmprint March 31, 2016

      You must wear rosy glasses.

  3. greenlantern1 March 30, 2016

    Before ROE V. WADE; states decided which abortions were legal!
    Some states allowed it some did not.
    In some states some women, like those in insane asylums or prisons, did not have a say in the matter!
    Does anyone condone that?

    1. jmprint March 31, 2016

      Too many women were dieing from back alley botched up abortions, that is why it became legal. Do people really want to go back to this? People need to keep there morals checked in their home and stay out of others people lives.

      1. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

        You really don’t now history. Abortion was not made legal because women had problems because of botched abortion attempts. The sexual revolution and women’s lib movement were the driving forces. “Stay out of …”, what about the person just murdered? Who is speaking for them? There are plenty of prevention tools available. Do you support partial birth abortion (third trimester)? If not, then it means you agree with me, it’s just a difference in timing.

        1. dpaano March 31, 2016

          What “person” was just murdered? A fetus is NOT a person. And, if so, how come so many GOP’s are gungho for executions in our prisons or for starting wars that kill our young men and women, as well as others? What’s the difference? Killing is killing, people, and abortion is the same as a prison execution if you want to be clear.

          1. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            At what point is a fetus a person? Executing a criminal for a serious crime is not equal to an abortion. You “claim” to be a service vet (I highly doubt it) so you should know that boots on the ground actions are taken only when absolutely necessary. Since you brought up starting wars, FDR killed 2300+ men at Pearl Harbor so he could start the US in WWII. Obama’s crappy foreign policies have cost millions of deaths throughout the world. And his horrid race policies are going to start a race revolution that will cost lots of lives. I know, you’re going to use Hillary’s quote “what difference does it make?”

          2. dpaano March 31, 2016

            First of all, a fetus is NOT a person until it’s actually breathing to my way of thinking, but I’m not a medical person. Secondly, yes, I AM a veteran (24+ years in the U.S. Army, retired as a Major in 1995). Secondly, not sure where you got the info that FDR killed 2300 men at Pearl Harbor to start WWII….really? Funny, with all the reading I’ve done, never heard that one. As for President Obama’s foreign policies…..if you remember correctly, it wasn’t President Obama that started the war that killed over 4,000 people (I believe it was GWB….your guy). But, you RW’s will keep blaming the wrong person just because that’s what you’ve been brainwashed to believe. And, I’m not sure what you mean by his race policies??? He’s more liked by African Americans that any other president in the past 20 years! Any race policies are due to the individual states and how they treat their minorities….has nothing to do with the president. Again, just what you’ve been brainwashed to believe. As for “Hillary’s quote,” you take it completely out of context, as usual.
            In conclusion, killing a criminal by executing them IS just the same as killing a child or anyone for that matter…..so, if you believe in executing criminals…then I’m not sure why you’re so against abortion! They are pretty much the same….killing is killing whether it’s a child, a fetus, or a grown person! Enough said! I don’t have the time OR the energy to fight through your little brain; it’s probably too far gone already!

          3. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            I’ve seen other posters who have challenged your military credentials, and you responded with DIFFERENT information. This certainly would suggest you are at least a fraud if not an out and out liar.
            Yes Obama is loved by blacks, They voted for him twice JUST because he is black. If whites made the same claim, they’d be called racist, but when blacks do it, it’s because he’s great!
            Obama has (and Holder too) drug race relations to almost an all time low. Their comments like “my son would look like that” and general lack of respect for law enforcement, have set relations to a tinder box level. The Ferguson fiasco, as it’s now being written into text books, showed a complete lack of understanding. Obama and Holder have set the stage for a racial confrontation.
            Back to the military, Obama has replaced many well respected leaders with questionable leaders and flat out has reduced our military to the weakest it’s been since the country was formed. If you can’t accept and acknowledge that truth, then that’s all the proof one needs to know that your “military career” is fake.

          4. dpaano April 1, 2016

            First of all, not sure what you mean about “different” information regarding my background. I enlisted out of high school in 1964 in the Women’s Army Corp (went to Ft. McClellan, AL for basic training). I was mainly stationed at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona until I got out in 1968 as an E6. I immediately enlisted in the Army Reserve, where I served until I retired in 1995. While in the Reserve, and after I got my first Bachelor’s Degree, I requested and received a direct commission to 1st Lieutenant. I retired as a Major in 1995; however, just before I retired, I received the rank of LTC. I was stationed at Los Alamitos Army Reserve Center while in the Army Reserves and was the Administrative Officer for the 63d Army Reserve Command. Them’s the facts, and I have NEVER given it any differently.
            As for African Americans voting for President Obama twice….there was also an over abundance of white voters that also voted for him. There have been some things that may make him seem against law enforcement, but they were minor at best. He did NOT set the stage for racial unrest….you can blame the various states and their police departments (i.e., Ferguson) for their actions.
            And, as far as the military goes, he has NOT depleted our military or replaced respected leaders (some have retired as they were at the age where it was required). The military is now at it’s lowest NOT because of the president but because our country is tired of providing cannon fodder for the warmongers that started and continue to push the wars and problems in the Middle East. Your comments above indicate how ill-informed you actually are, and if you want a copy of my DD214, I’d be MORE than happy to send it to you if you need proof, but I don’t think it’s applicable since I really don’t give a damned if you believe me or not…..I know what I did with my life and what you think is definitely NOT important!!!

        2. jmprint March 31, 2016

          The movement was for the women and really sexual revolution! (what people didn’t used to screw), women know what they need, if the women around you are weak and submissive, that is your problem. Embryos don’t need a voice when the reason for abortion is not for profit on the patients end. You take a women”s right away with you defend of an active sperm. And I will ask you again, why does a fetus have more right then a women? Women don’t have abortions for profit, get it through your thick head, and abortions that are at late stage or usually due to matter of life or death, again why does a fetus have more rights? Abortion is a constitutional right, stop trying to change it is stopping production in our senate, in our church, in our daily lives. Do you earn a salary doing this? A women’s right to not bare the child for what ever purpose
          be, health, wealth, rape, incest, or destitute. The unborns do not
          pay taxes, they don’t work, they don’t contribute until it becomes life,
          that’s the point where they have equal right to women. They don’t have
          equal right until then.

          1. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            First off, abortion is NOT a constitutional right. Unborns do not pay taxes, and neither do illegal immigrants or those on welfare, so they have no rights either? You claim that those against abortion are in it for a profit. You know you can’t come close to proving that, and makes one wonder why you would even imply such a thing.
            So if “we” don’t like something that is OK today, we don’t have the right to try and change it, but if “you” don’t like something that is OK today, it’s OK for you to try and change it?
            Obama ran on “change”. According to you, he had no right to run on such a platform. You prove over and again how low information your side really is.

          2. jmprint March 31, 2016

            Do you have the constitutional right to what goes on with your body? Illegal immigrants contribute to our society more then you would like to admit. There is a lot of profit being made on books sales, and donations. When a person makes a living solely on pushing abortion it is for profit, and yes I can prove the money, but I prefer you do your research. You do not have the right to impose your beliefs on others. You don’t want abortion, don’t have one, you don’t like being gay, don’t be gay. No you can’t change other peoples life, you are welcome to try and help them, but only the Lord can change them. Are you really that dumb to compare the change that President Obama ran on verses the changes you want to make? Your changes control others. Now what makes America beautiful is our freedoms of speech and life.
            You prove to be a follower, one who is told what is bad, because you don’t have the sense, knowledge or experience.

          3. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            You didn’t make one valid point in your response. By having the DOMA overturned, people have their lives controlled by others. Every law controls someone’s actions.
            Abortion clinics run as for profit industry. If abortion is illegal, then no clinic makes a profit for NOT performing an abortion.
            You are so low informed and weak minded.

          4. jmprint March 31, 2016

            And think you wouldn’t have a job, or a reason to live.

  4. Larry Gagnon March 30, 2016

    Distortion of the facts continues against Mr. Trump. The question was whether women should receive some kind of punishment for engaging in an act IF THAT ACT WAS ILLEGAL. Mr. Trump correctly answered that there must be some kind of punishment for such women. What else could any reasonable person say? Mr. Cruz would probably say no because he does not want to admit the truth that he would justify any draconian punishment against everyone remotely involved in an abortion (which he strongly believes should be illegal).

    1. DOC March 30, 2016

      You know Trump reverse his statement

      1. dpaano March 31, 2016

        Typical…he does this every time there’s a brouhaha about something that he’s said!

        1. DOC March 31, 2016

          He says something dumb they will come.

          1. dpaano April 1, 2016

            I ALWAYS love it when he realizes that his alligator mouth overloaded his hummingbird ass and he tries to come up with a “back track” to what he said so that it makes it all better. The problem is….it just makes it worse!!! What a jackass he is! I don’t think he actually KNOWS what he’s saying and just plops it out there without thinking!

    2. Dominick Vila March 30, 2016

      He could have said that only the Supreme Court or the States could decide what the appropriate punishment should be, if any. If he felt compelled to give his personal opinion on this subject, perhaps he should have included the father or the abortion service providers, instead of just the woman who already bore the brunt of physical and emotional pain.

      1. InformedVoter March 30, 2016

        Once again, you show your ignorance of the law. The SCOTUS does NOT decide appropriate punishment in most instances. State and local authorities determine the punishment.
        And Trump NEVER said he would only punish the woman. I thought you were brighter than your most recent comments. You now appear to be as dumb as Eleanor and ID1. You must be reading and believing too many of their stupid posts.

        1. Dominick Vila March 31, 2016

          The SCOTUS decides on the constitutionality of a specific policy or issue. If a case involvement punishment for women who have an abortion goes to the Supreme Court, they have the obligation to rule whether it is consistent with the Constitution, or whether it constitutes cruel or unusual punishment.
          I am not a lawyer, but that is my current understanding of this issue.

          1. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            If the case gets to the SCOTUS. My guess is that 99% of all laws never make it to the SCOTUS for review. You also said the father should be charged … that will not happen. Even today, the father even if married to the mother, has no say in an abortion decision. Hence, if abortion becomes illegal, then the father would not be the one breaking the law.

          2. Dominick Vila March 31, 2016

            If the father is the one that insists on the mother having an abortion he is, as a minimum, an accessory.
            I don’t find this specific issue as offensive as some of the other insults that Trump has directed at women in recent months, mostly because anyone who breaks the law should be punished, regardless of gender.

          3. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            The law, as of today, is very clear. The mother and ONLY the mother makes the decision. The father, even if married to the mother, has no say. Thus, if abortion were to become illegal, then the new law would have to cover this very instance and change what many courts have ruled over the years, namely, the woman is the only one who can decide.
            Trump insulting women? Are you referring to the Megyn Kelly spat? Trump hasn’t insulted women nearly as much as Hillary. When Bill was tramping around, Hillary went on TV and personally tried to destroy the credibility of the women who claimed that Bill raped them. Now she is saying women should be believed. In doing so, she’s saying that women are stupid enough to not catch her in her lies.
            I strongly agree with your final sentence … laws are passed to keep society stable. Breaking the law hurts folks.

        2. jmprint March 31, 2016

          Informed Voter the problem is you are too wrapped up in Trump, you can’t see straight.

          1. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            I’m claimed more than once that Cruz would be my choice. If abortion were to become illegal, then breaking the law is still breaking the law. You said “drugs not = abortion”, right, abortion just killed someone. If abortion laws got changed, then it would be reasonable to assume that there would be some sort of punishment for the woman. Mathews showed how ignorant he is by saying “10 cents or 10 years”.

          2. jmprint March 31, 2016

            No abortion didn’t kill someone, it disposed of a fetus, an embryo, not a someone. The death penalty kills someone, bullets kill someone, bot abortion.

          3. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            The heart is beating after 18 days. A heart beat usually is a sign of life. So abortion DID kill someone. Millions of Catholics and non-Catholics, worldwide feel this way.

          4. jmprint March 31, 2016

            A heart beat is a sign of a heart beat, mom was in a care accident, she lived for one month, she was brain dead, most of her bones were broken, she was bleeding internal, At the end she was cold, she was dead, her heart was still beating. You and millions of Catholics don’t blink when a man commits adultery, but if you read your bible, that is a very, very bad sin. I have read the bible three times, I am on my 4th round, and have yet to see anything about abortion, or LGBT but plenty on adultery, And plenty on love and kindness. When I see all the cross that the Catholic church puts in it lawn to show abortion, I see it as their conviction for every boy that got molested by their leaders.

      2. Larry Gagnon March 31, 2016

        Doinick: Given time to reflect, I too could have come up with a more all-encompassing answer. However, it is not fair to say “if he felt compelled”, because Matthews kept pushing the issue. I thought Trump gave the least obnoxious answer a reasonable person could give. Why would you punish the father (unless you assume he drove the lady to the operation)? Your “instead” clause constitutes a reasonable argument against banning abortions but not against imposing some kind of penalty for breaking the law in the draconian-world hypothesized by the question.

        1. jmprint March 31, 2016

          Larry we live in a world where men use children as sex toys, we live in a world where young girls are kidnapped and are used by sex traffickers, we live in a world where men think they have the right to a women’s body regardless of what the women thinks. Abortion is there to protect the women in these instances and many more, you are not a women you wouldn’t understand. Again I ask why does a fetus have more rights then the women? Would you be comfortable if abortion was illegal and your daughter or granddaughter came up to you and told you she had had an abortion, and know she is facing prison time?

          1. Larry Gagnon March 31, 2016

            Please show me where I said that abortion should be illegal. I did not and never have in the last 70 years. I did not see where Mr. T said that either. If you did see it, please tell me where.

          2. jmprint March 31, 2016

            Trump has said it many times, he feels that he needs the religious vote so he panders to those that are pro-life. My bad if I misunderstood your standing. Now back and listen to the conversation he had with MSMBC and he again is willing to make it illegal, which again only hurts women, that’s the only outcome of changing the law, abortion will continue with or without the law, as it has for millions of years.

        2. johninPCFL March 31, 2016

          Larry, he’s had a few years to reflect on the question given that his position changed a few years ago (when he first contemplated running and had to pick a party.) Given a few years’ thinking, couldn’t you (or any other sane person) have come up with a better solution than the blathering wordsalad that he did?

    3. Leftout March 30, 2016

      Agreed. Trump he is not a PC politition and it is refreshing , everyone knows what he meant. This abortion has been beaten to death already . Cut the crap about abortion already , everyone has different feelings on this problem , male and female , it is very personal.

      1. latebloomingrandma March 31, 2016

        Well, that is not the position of the Republican base. Who everyone seems to be pandering to.

        1. Leftout April 1, 2016

          Not none panders to the base as you can see they do not exist to the current voting pool, 90% have rejected all of the olde guard candidates.

  5. theresa perry March 30, 2016

    So what should the punishment be? A fine? How much? Prison time? How long? Marry whoever got her pregnant? What if its her husband? Make her have her tubes tied? Does her age matter? Be forced to adopt a child who’s mother did not choose termination but didn’t want the child? Since we ALL know women get pregnant because they can’t control their urges, I guess the man gets to walk. What would Donald do?

    1. Leftout March 30, 2016

      Tie his hands etc. The man should be temporarily tube tied till he supports the child.

      1. theresa perry March 31, 2016

        Men don’t get their “tubes tied” They either have a vasectomy or are castrated. Anyway, children need more than monetary support. You can’t legislate love, emotional/mental support. And that goes for both male or female. I taught many children who were getting money from their fathers, but would express anger, and/or pain/disappointment when Dad didn’t show up to an event, whether it was coming to a play they were in or seeing them off at prom night.

        1. dpaano March 31, 2016

          Exactly….what if you’re married and somehow “accidentally” get pregnant and you really can’t afford another child without having to go on welfare or other benefits? What would you do? Sometimes there isn’t an easy way out, which is, again, why I say that Planned Parenthood is the ONLY place for women to get the information they need to prevent this BEFORE it happens….especially to married women who live in families with not enough income to support even just themselves. Unfortunately, accidents DO happen despite all your efforts.

          1. theresa perry April 1, 2016

            So VERY true. And it is those SAME families that conservatives would say, “YOU do NOT deserve ANY help. YOU should have been more careful! “THIS” is your “punishment for having S-E-X!! Whatever happens its YOUR FAULT!!”
            And as far as I’m concerned, the idea of “Punishment/Blame/ Consequences for One’s Actions” are at the root of the so-called “pro-life” argument, which should really be called the “pro-birth” argument, because once the fetus is born, they pull away their support

          2. dpaano April 1, 2016

            Yes, and they take away Planned Parenthood which helps even pregnant women to have healthy babies; they do away with welfare; they do away with food stamps to some degree. Where in hell are they when a pregnant woman gives birth because she can’t find a place to perform the abortion (thank you, Texas)? They’re OK with her having the child, but afterwards, they disappear and offer NO assistance. They are hypocrites in my book!!!

          3. dpaano April 1, 2016

            I am pro-life; however, I’m also pro-abortion. I may not choose abortion for myself unless there’s a particular reason; but I also believe that if a woman wants an abortion, it’s her right to make that decision. The decision should be between her, the father of the child (if available), and her doctor. Why the Government (and the GOP) feels that they need to get involved in such a personal matter is beyond me! If they think they can enact laws to take control of a woman’s body…..what laws are they going to enact down the line for the rest of us? It scares me to death to think of the consequences of these types of laws!!!

        2. Leftout April 1, 2016

          They men can get temporarily sterile . Of course if you want to impregnable you should be responsible for the Outcums.

      2. dpaano March 31, 2016

        There’s always castration!!! It works for horses!

        1. Leftout April 1, 2016

          They should be castrared if they do not support their outcums.

  6. theresa perry March 30, 2016

    Oh I forgot. I guess for those who support the death penalty, that could be the ultimate punishment….but then, wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Donald’s point?

  7. 11thStPopulist March 30, 2016

    I know, Trump could bury these poor young women in the ground up to their necks and let all the zealots throw stones at their heads just like extremists in other countries enjoy doing. The father of the aborted fetus could throw the first stone, since many of these guys talked the woman into the abortion in the first place. That would effectively solve two of his problems at once. Also Lord Trump would be rid of some pesky females – probably by the thousands.

    1. dpaano March 31, 2016

      Much like they do in Saudi Arabia and some of the other Middle East countries who deal with strict Sharia law. Maybe Trump needs to move there!

  8. Dominick Vila March 30, 2016

    Trying to back pedal by emphasizing that the question was based on the premise of a hypothetical ILLEGAL act, does not change the fact that Trump would, under such circumstances, punish the women, who are already traumatized by such a difficult decision, rather than the service providers, which has been the focus of previous Republicans when they had the guts to give a straight answer to one of the most divisive issues in our society.

    1. InformedVoter March 30, 2016

      Sorry Dom, but he’s not back pedaling. Trump said “if abortion was illegal, then the woman, who requested an illegal action, should be punished”. Trump’s position on this will ONLY bolster his support.
      I just love it! Lefties are so out of touch. Using illegal drugs and getting caught. Does the legal system ONLY punish the pusher or do they prosecute the user? You can’t have it both ways. Matthews, being the dummy that he is, kept asking “if abortion was illegal…”. This gave Trump the highroad with his punish the perpetrator comment. Unfortunately, you lefties entirely missed that point.

      1. Dominick Vila March 31, 2016

        Had he said that the abortion service providers, the father, and the woman that had the abortion would be punished under such circumstances, most people would not have had a problem with the way he answered that hypothetical question, but he did not do that. He singled out the mother as the only culprit for breaking the law.
        I don’t even smoke, but I do not believe we should incarcerate people who do drugs. The result of doing that is that we turn people who for a variety of reasons depend on placebos to function, into hard core criminals.

      2. jmprint March 31, 2016

        You are not so informed, first of all it is legal now, and trump wants to make it illegal. That puts women in danger and is only meant to hurt women. Why does a fetus have more rights than a women?

        1. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

          Every individual has a right to life. The heart starts beating 18 days after conception. Since the presence of a heart beat is often used to determine if one is alive, that’s good enough for me.
          Once a woman gets pregnant, she should no longer have control over the life of the baby. Using your logic, a woman should be able to kill her children, otherwise the children have “more rights than a woman”.
          Trump believes in the right to life, as does the Catholic Church and millions of others who are not Catholic.
          Trump wanting to change the law is no different than those who fought to have it made legal, or the LGBT who wanted to make marriage legal. You act that just because it’s legal now that it should never be changed. Sorry, but that’s now how our “once great country” works. That’s what Trump is running for, to make our country great again, instead of being the third rate country Obama’s making us, and making us the laughing stock of the world.

          1. jmprint March 31, 2016

            The mouth is sealed, the eyes are shut, nails aren’t formed, the fetus cannot sustain life without being incubated in the womb. When God created Adam, he lay as dirt, he didn’t get life until the God breathed in his nose to give him life. Unless a fetus is born it is not alive. My mom went through 9 months of pregnancy and the baby had a heart beat, but it couldn’t live because it didn’t form, it was blood, bones and mass, but it had a heart beat. With your thinking any abortion is illegal would probably have land her time in prison. Let’s say your 13 year old daughter gets pregnant, because your son-in-law raped her, she doesn’t tell because he threatens her, she gets pregnant, what will you do, will you really put her through 9 months of torture, are you that hard up for attention. It might not be your daughter that goes through this, but there are many women whom are put in predicaments, not totally in their control. Many people that attend the Catholic Church are adulterers, rapist, molesters, and murderers. Believing in a religion, doesn’t make it whole, it comes with what the Lord preaches. LGBT is part of the constitutional right, the marriage between a man and a women is again a religious belief. Many religions turn in to cults, (NOT ALL) they forget the power of the Word and preacher from self interest, the congregation hear what is being preached they don’t read what the Lord intended for us to do, love one another, help one another. Gay and abortions have been around longer then you. The fact that you lived a sheltered comfortable life doesn’t give you the right to judge others. Trump was born rich, his parent helped him build his empire, he deals with mobsters, gangster, drug lords, even muslims, they all go to his casinos. Trump has one interest, to be as rich as Putin instead of having a measly 5 billion he wants to have 78 billion, like his idol Putin, by the way if you listen to what he is saying in order to accomplish what he wants, it has to be the communistic way. Listen to what our word leaders are saying the other world leaders are saying about the US. They are laughing at us for even considering Trump for president, they are laughing because of YOU.

          2. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            You certainly have NO idea of what is a constitutional right and what’s not. Just about everyone, including Trump made provision for rape, incest and other conditions. Your logic is so weak that you start spewing garbage about what other people do. You are a weak follower and easily manipulated.

          3. jmprint March 31, 2016

            To the contrary, have always been a leader. You must not have anything else but time on your hands, maybe you should use your time more wisely and try to make this a better world by helping someone in need. The problem is you don’t know what logic is. You heard somewhere the fetus has a heart beat and you ran with it, that’s enough for you to destroy other people lives. You would get to heaven faster if you go and turn a prisoner around for a better life, or help a homeless person.

          4. InformedVoter March 31, 2016

            The character traits you reveal shows that you have never enjoyed any modicum of success in your life. That’s why you weakly try to show strength and power by casting your failures onto others. I can’t help it if you never got picked in school yard games and generally had no friends while growing up. It must be tough knowing that there is no one who can say they’re better off because they knew you.

          5. jmprint April 1, 2016

            Informer, your are wrong AGAIN I have been self employed since Carter. In school I was student council president. Voted most popular and likely to succeed. See how wrong you are about life. You don’t know it all, you have been living in a bubble and can’t comprehend others peoples problems. I work with people, I also help the handicap, the mentally challenged, and that is not how I make a living it is what I do to help this nation in my way.

          6. dpaano April 1, 2016

            Sure, just because someone doesn’t agree with your brainwashed mind, that means they are lying. Ridiculous!!! How dare you question a person’s background or to ASSUME they had no friends. You, my friend, know NOTHING about the people you’re talking to on this site! It’s pretty sad that you have to tear people down in your OWN mind in order to satisfy your misbegotten beliefs!

          7. dpaano April 1, 2016

            But, there are also millions of Catholics who DO believe in birth control. Did you forget those? Even in South America, Catholics are using birth control if they can get it. Even the Pope has said something to the effect that we need this……we’re over-populated as it is and it’s sad that its with children that no one really wanted to begin with…..so, who suffers? Is it better to come into a world where you aren’t wanted because of one stupid mistake than to not be allowed to come into the world at all? How many children are foisted off on foster homes, sexually abused, used as slaves in these homes, and live terrible lives? Sometime, I think abortion is not that bad of a trade off if they are spared this horrific life. Also, most of these children go on to become abusers themselves, which is also really sad. As for the heartbeat question…..you can have a heartbeat and not be totally alive…..look at some people who are in deep comas for years? Just because the fetus has a heartbeat, which is the FIRST organ in the body to start working, doesn’t mean that it’s a human being…..it certainly can’t live outside the body at that stage, which means it isn’t a full human being! Sorry, don’t buy into your comments…but that’s my opinion and it may not coincide with a lot of others on this site. And, as far as making abortion illegal….it will take a major upheaval to uproot Roe vs. Wade. It would have to go before the Supreme Court again, and it passed once.

  9. Joe Hill March 30, 2016

    Trump just announced that the punishment will be the construction of a wall in front of the uterine wall to keep out illegally fertilized ova.

    1. dpaano March 31, 2016

      Bottom line here….if they are THAT interested in stopping abortions, then they need to STOP talking about defunding Planned Parenthood! They want to do away with the ONE place that helps women KEEP from getting pregnant, but they also don’t want to deal with birth control, etc. I don’t think they know WHAT they want, but I DO know that there are many more important things wrong with this country that they should be dealing with other than a woman’s vagina!!! IF they’re so interested in them….they need to grow their own and leave the rest of us alone to deal with our own bodies!

  10. Jill Swanson March 30, 2016

    What falls out of that little puckery thing on the front of his face is the same stuff that falls out of the north end of a south bound horse.

  11. Jonathan Hughes March 30, 2016

    That is not he way to approach it. People will not abort life when they see that, that life as a chance at eternal Joy being like Jesus being good to people having righteous judgment; RIghtious people will not look at the bible thinking lik an executioner.

  12. Virginia March 30, 2016

    He answered to if it were illegal… These are the dumbest questions to be asking a Presidential candidate. It is despicable. Our country is on the verge of collapse again and all these yahoos try to do is trump up Trump. Do they all think we are stupid and shallow – or are they being told NOT to ask candidates how they intend to handle the “too big to fail” and it’s $700 TRILLION+ in derivatives debt? I’d like to know if the candidates intend to consider more bailouts with taxpayers money???!

    1. Leftout March 30, 2016

      Finally a sensible retort, Right ON.

    2. disqus_k68sqSa7lb March 31, 2016

      I think the angle trump is taking is that if a service/act is illegal then then it is illegal to offer the service, broker the service or solicit the service. (aka prostitute, pimp and john) all parties are committing the crime. in the case of abortion if the father is paying/pushing for it he is also guilty.

      1. Leftout March 31, 2016

        Of course and well said, this is not an issue is everyday topic around the ole barthat men discuss like sports. The need for abortions is a minor issue except for the idiots who manage to get pregnant without a supporting partner

        1. jmprint March 31, 2016

          I think it’s a minor issue, but republicans have passed over 200 laws on this subject alone, they don’t care about inflation, economic growth, infrastructure, or peoples welfare. And you are right besides a women making a decision to abort regardless of her situation does for the rest of her life deal with the emotion that comes with this decision, and on top of that now as in El Salvadore (if Trump gets elected) she will be thrown in prison. Men have no clue what a women goes through. NONE!

        2. latebloomingrandma March 31, 2016

          Not an issue??? They almost shutdown the government due to funding PP.

      2. dpaano March 31, 2016

        Works for me…..for some reason, the father seems to always get off scott free!!!

    3. jmprint March 31, 2016

      Trump wouldn’t be able to answer those question either, he would just tell you it’s in the deal, and he is very, very rich. Oh yeah I can see how that will make America Great Again.

      1. dpaano March 31, 2016

        Unfortunately, he hasn’t actually PROVEN that he’s rich….we STILL haven’t seen his tax returns!! Even Romney released a couple year’s worth, but Trump…..nothing to date! I don’t think he should be allowed to run until he does provide these! American people have the right to know!

    4. dpaano March 31, 2016

      But the GOP candidates don’t seem to want to answer those types of questions. In every debate, all they do is yell and demean each other without EVER discussing the policies at hand and what they are going to do to make things better. I don’t think any of them even KNOW how to make things better….they know what they THINK they can do, but they don’t know exactly WHAT they can do!! The presidency isn’t a kingship….you don’t just walk into the Oval Office and start doing away with things you don’t like….doesn’t work that way! We can thank our Founding Fathers for that one!

      1. Virginia March 31, 2016

        Nobody is asking the real questions! The media is compromised because a lot of it is over leveraged and it trades on Wall Street who can control the stock prices. The Wall Street LBOs have caused good companies to fade away and die. When it compromises your media – all you’ll hear is what they want you to know. It’s not just the GOP – its the Dems too. No matter what party – they all are beholden to the game. See https://turnaround.org/sites/default/files/%232%20A%20Note%20on%20Leveraged%20Buyouts%20Defaults%20and%20Bankruptcy.pdf

        Wouldn’t you like someone to ask Trump – “if Wall Street fails, how will it affect your fortune?” – same to Hillary and her $15 million net worth – and Elizabeth Warren’s $7.5 million??? They all talk tough – but how invested are they in the Wall Street corruption? And what do they intend to do with the “too big too fail?” That’s why the Bernie appears to be so attractive – his net worth is under $500,000. and he’s talking about the real issues.

    5. chino49p March 31, 2016

      There was nothing dumb about the question and you should know by now that all the cons want nothing hardly as much as making abortion illegal. It is one of the major issues in this election. You shallow? Oh yeah. By the way, drump had to re-think that just like the proliferation of nuclear weapons foot in mouth.

      1. Virginia March 31, 2016

        Wow Chino – have you bought into the propaganda! Don’t you realize all these non-issues (like abortion because it a Supreme Court decision not the President) is meant to drive people off their rockers? Its intentional because it deflects the real issues – like the economy and debt. We’ll get taken over quicker by defaulting on Wall Street debt than a revolution about abortion – a decision that the Supreme Court makes – not the President. The media (also over-leveraged by Wall Street) and self-serving reporters or so-called journalists are pushing envelopes to drive the attention away from the the real issues.

        Get away from the issues Presidents can’t control and start looking into the facts. Goldman Sachs is over its head. See this article and ask yourself how serious is the debt Wall Street owes the world…for which a very few people profit? http://www.theguardian.com/business/2011/may/31/goldman-sachs-libya-investment

        1. chino49p April 1, 2016

          Its not about propaganda and this article is not about what are the WORST issues facing our country. You should realize that the questions on abortion were only a part of the townhall conversation.

          You write as if you don’t know that presidents do make appointments to the SC, which at this time is at a 4 to 4 tie. Scalia was a hardline rightwing pervert and the cons want to make sure they get another one just like him so they can force their agenda onto the American public. This election is very much about WHO will appoint the next SC justice and abortion is very much a part of that conversation. All the repubs running for president have made it clear that they are for banning abortion and making sure that there is a SC that is filled with a majority of right wing activist judges.

          So, of course there are more important issues confronting us as to what may collapse our country, but this article wasn’t addressing that. This article was about exposing the craziness of drump on the issue of abortion which is a major issue to a majority of Americans and is directly tied to this election and the next president filling the SC vacancy.

  13. notafoxfan March 30, 2016

    there are many who jump on the self righteous hypocrite bandwagon with regard to a womans right to have an abortion for any reason,even rape and incest or age related..they are also anti birth control or sex education..a vicious circle..so trump believes a woman should be punished by law, and the man should not? gee..last I heard he married marla maples because he got her pregnant..astonishing

    1. Leftout March 30, 2016

      He supported the child and Marla Maples, as a gentleman should.

      1. dpaano March 31, 2016

        Yeah, he married her!!! I guess you could call that a “gentlemanly” thing.

    2. Larry Gagnon March 31, 2016

      I did not see where Mr. T said men who violate a law should not receive some punishment.

      1. dpaano March 31, 2016

        We can always take away their Viagra!!!! After all, don’t men have ANYTHING to do with women getting pregnant in the first place? I don’t think it’s a one-person thing!!!

    3. dpaano March 31, 2016

      Yep, typical hypocrite!!!

  14. Phil Christensen March 31, 2016

    Perhaps we can just file this next to “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    1. jmprint March 31, 2016

      No I don’t think so, unless you are a women and have been in this predicament you as a male who only discharges and has nothing else to do with the embryo, can never have a say on a women’s body, it is legal, it is a constitutional right. What if women started going hay wire and started passing law that would prohibit the amount of times you discharge or insert, or if men would be but in jail for impregnating a girl.

      1. latebloomingrandma March 31, 2016

        Sounds fair to me.

        1. dpaano March 31, 2016

          My mom, who had three girls, always told us that if we got pregnant out of wedlock….she’d hunt down the guy that did it and take him to court to make him PAY child support until the child was 18 years old!!! I almost wished it had happened because my mom, as an ex-Army sergeant, was hell on wheels!!!

      2. Phil Christensen March 31, 2016

        You read into it too much. I have less than no interest in discussing your sacraments.

        1. jmprint March 31, 2016

          Then what was the point. what difference does it make?

          1. Phil Christensen April 1, 2016

            See, now doesn’t it feel good to agree?

        2. dpaano April 1, 2016

          Then don’t read them…..no one’s forcing you to be on this site!

          1. Phil Christensen April 1, 2016

            Wow… that exclamation point says so… little.

  15. 2ThinkN_Do2 March 31, 2016

    tRump should be punished for speaking . . . . .

  16. dpaano March 31, 2016

    First person to punish would be Trump’s mother for NOT having an abortion and releasing him on the world!!!


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