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Trump Supporters Rigged Online Polls After First Presidential Debate

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Trump Supporters Rigged Online Polls After First Presidential Debate

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That CNBC poll Donald Trump tweeted which showed him winning the debate over Hillary Clinton by a 61 percent to 39 percent margin? It was rigged.

Supporters of the GOP nominee rigged approximately 70 online polls in the wake of the first presidential debate to make it appear as though Trump won, according to a new report by The Daily Dot.

The idea to rig the polls likely came from Trump supporters on the forum sites 4chan and Reddit. There is a subreddit called “The_Donald” with over 200,000 subscribers. Together, the groups rigged multiple online polls, including those of Time, Fortune, CNBC, and BuzzFeed News.

After the polls initially came out showing Trump won, many suspected Russian hackers manipulated the results. Russia has been accused of interfering in this election previously, including possibly hacking the Democratic National Committee.

It appears, however, that the polls were instead the target of domestic rigging by Trump supporters. Online polls are known within media circles not to be immensely trustworthy, as they are easily manipulable. In fact, on 4chan’s board, users were able to share simple tips and tricks, like using a secret browser window or toggling a phone’s airplane mode, which were easy enough to rig the polls.

According to BuzzFeed News, 4chan users initially began discussing rigging the polls in the week leading up to the debate. Because online polls are so notoriously unreliable, it wouldn’t have been difficult for even Internet newbies to participate in the rigging activities.

One editor whose organization was subject to the tampering told BuzzFeed News that media outlets continuing to use online polls is a “failing of journalism.”

“I spent all morning asking and no one knows if our poll was secure, how it was conducted, or if someone scammed it. Now people are pointing to our poll saying that it shows Trump won,” said the editor, anonymously to the outlet. “That’s not good journalism.”

The only poll in which verified individuals were able to vote was the CNN poll, which showed Clinton with a 62 percent lead over Trump’s 27 percent.

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a Hispanic Town Hall meeting with supporters in Miami, Florida, U.S. September 27, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 28, 2016

    Such a pathetic, juvenile ploy by a small-minded desperate group of deplorables who have no social life, roaming the wilds of the Internet world for any scraps of bytes and computer bits to eat, and chewing on optical cables.
    These little “boys” are so delusional as to think that the vast majority of Americans can’t tell when someone’s been “soaked” and “waxed” in a nationally televised debate.

    Oh well, it’s their life and time to waste. This may be their only way of getting excitement.

    1. Oddworld September 28, 2016

      I entirely agree. But what troubles me the most is exactly what is their after election strategy going to be when Trump loses? They’ve made it painfully obvious they don’t give a crap about what the majority of Americans want.

      1. tomjoad September 28, 2016

        Untrue,Trump remains in the lead and has in fact extended his lead after the debate. Wake up.

        1. Oddworld September 28, 2016

          Listen troll, you’re wasting your time trying to convince me Trump is the Messiah. What you freaks can’t seem to get through your thick heads is that everything you and the rest of your ilk (including Trump) stand for are a threat to me and what I stand for. Have a nice day!

          1. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            block him, it frustrates him to no end.

          2. Oddworld September 29, 2016

            As a general rule I typically won’t block anyone. Next time I may consider it though.

          3. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            I do it for my blood pressure’s sake:) who needs it? that is what he is trying for.

          4. Oddworld September 29, 2016

            Just don’t get mad. You’re anonymous so no one can really hurt you unless you let them. I wasn’t pissed when I responded to that idiot. I wanted to be a dick and so I was but there was no anger involved. It isn’t worth your health.

          5. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            I get it then…..good outlet.

          6. dpaano September 30, 2016

            Agreed and done!

          7. dpaano September 30, 2016

            Actually, I think Trump is the devil that the Bible said would be coming to infiltrate our country!!! I bet that he has horns under that hair or has a 666 tattooed on his butt!!! I certainly wouldn’t put it past him! He’s the devil incarnate in my book!

          8. Oddworld September 30, 2016

            Funny you should use that exact character to describe Trump.
            Modern (not Biblical) Devil worship deals with the philosophy of
            material gain. That’s not all there is to it but it’s a major tenet and Trump certainly fits.

        2. I Am Helpy September 28, 2016

          Trump has literally never been in the lead.

          1. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            any more that Romney was, but let them listen to whatever they wish.

        3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 28, 2016

          Go back to sleep, tomjoad, or whatever your name is. These events are too overwhelming for you to understand.
          Check back later, Van Winkle.

          1. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            I thought his name was toejam

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 29, 2016

            I like your description—I’ll have to remember that.

            On a separate note, I would like to inform you and others that our group in Portsmouth did meet for our first Book Club meeting. There were 7 of us total, most of who were former teachers of history, one of whom suggested that we remain aloof from partisan-politics as we talk about how various literary works relate to the downward spiral of society.
            The book chosen by consensus to start with, out of several proposed, is Angela Davis’ book “Freedom is a Constant Struggle”. The initial conversations went quite well and showed that people are already engaged in promoting dialogue in their respective nearby towns and communities.

            Until later, keep up the good fight.

          3. Jon September 29, 2016

            Good luck. I hope your group is able to serve as an outreach to junior and senior high schools to educate young people.

          4. iamproteus September 29, 2016

            Are you sure it wasn’t jomtoad?

      2. Jmz Nesky September 28, 2016

        Trump is in the process of promising to buy major stock in Breitbart (1) that should scare the average normal citizen and (2) it should also scare Breiitbart because even on paper Trump doesn’t seem to follow through with his promises.. He can dismiss being a liar by simply convincing himself that he’s only telling people what they want to hear. In any case if he follows through and actually pays Breitbart with the proceeds of his next bankruptcy then that’s where his minions will congregate.. Trump’s end game is to be more popular than Hannity as well as the entire Faux Snooze corporation and because of this election, he’s got enough backwoods and trailer trash followers to prove his point.

        1. Oddworld September 28, 2016

          That’s bad enough but I’m talking about something far worse. Earlier this evening there was a story on the news about Hillary supporters receiving threatening calls. The caller knew the women was a teacher, knew how much money was in her savings account and even told her her own Social Security #
          which means these people have access to everyone’s information and they informed her she should vote for Trump. This is how high the stakes are, that these scum bags are extorting people to get support for Trump. What else are they capable of ?

          1. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

            That’s unacceptable!! I do hope this is just a rumor, I would hate to believe a section of our people are acting in a similar manner that the Nazi’s did in the 1930’s.. true, they killed their opponents but taking away your livelihood is not that much different. If true I hope the g’ment finds and treats them like the domestic terrorists that they are.

          2. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            Wake up and smell the coffee, Jmz. It is happening.

          3. Oddworld September 29, 2016

            It’s no rumor my friend. The victim notified the police which means it is now on record. So far I only know about the one case but that’s one too many if ask me.

          4. jmprint September 29, 2016

            I have been getting a lot of emails phishing for information on me, views on my personal information is up to 76, from 5 when I first starting blogging. These people are acting like communist and want to shut down those with opinions that differ.

          5. Oddworld September 29, 2016

            I’m sorry you’re having to deal with the annoyance but there is a silver lining if you consider why it’s being done. If they had any faith that Trump could win on his own they wouldn’t be pulling these dirty and illegal tricks. Just be careful.

          6. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            I think we have a good inkling what they are capable of.

          7. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            they did break into voter records and it probably isn’t difficult to find the rest.

          8. Oddworld September 29, 2016

            I don’t know who “they” are, I suspect it’s either people way out on the fringe or quite possibly Russian but they broke the law and I
            believe we’ll be hearing more about this the closer we get to the elections.

          9. dpaano September 30, 2016

            What scares me is what they will do to “hack” into the voting booths themselves and rig the election in Trump’s favor!!! That would be a real catastrophe!!!

          10. Oddworld September 30, 2016

            And it isn’t beyond them to do so.

          11. dpaano September 30, 2016

            I wish they’d call me……I’d give them a definite piece of my mind!!! They can threaten all they want, but I’ll be recording their call (I have that ability on my phone)! It also records the phone number that is calling. I’ve had so much fun with the scam artists that call me and tell me that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me!! I may be a senior citizen, but I ain’t stupid!!!

          12. Oddworld September 30, 2016

            I know, I read your comments all the time. You are hard as nails when you need to be. My mother received a series of harassing
            phone calls all in one day from some scammer a few years back.
            They were very nasty and she was visibly shaken up. At some point I decided to answer one of the calls and the scum bag told me he knew my address, what time of the morning I leave for work everyday and that he was going to rape my mother. We reported it to the police. The police came over to my place to take a statement and the scum called again. This time the cop answered our phone and this idiot got nasty with the cop. The police were able to track the call from the D.C. area and I think there was an arrest made because it never happened again from that point on.

        2. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

          I would wonder who he would be borrowing the money from.

      3. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

        That has been my concern too, Oddworld. A friend of mine trolled Breitbart and shortly after that started receiving death threats. These kinds of blood thirsty rabid animals will not concede peacefully.

        1. Blueberry Hill September 29, 2016

          But these rabid animals are the ones who NEED to be defeated!
          Vote Hillary instead.


          1. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            you are preaching to the choir! I am working everyday to do all I can to help her win, along the the other Ohio dems. The problem is these rabid animals are not going back in their caves once they are defeated. That should scare all of us.

          2. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

            We don’t have to be afraid.. All we have to do is play their game. It’s been fixed (so far) that the NRA can sell guns to kids if they decide to and open carry has now become a right then add stand your ground and we have as much right to blow they’re asses away when they cross our property, harass us on the street or threaten us from a distance just as they have voted to do that same thing. We don’t have to be afraid, we know our enemy.. it’s them who should be afraid. Intimidation after their failed savior has lost can easily put them six foot under and until Hillary Clinton creates sane and logical gun registration I’ll do my best to live up to the laws these hillbillies voted in that threatens our lives on a daily basis. Some people will disagree and say it’s our right to arm ourselves and I will tell them that their right with sensible background checks but the way the law is being used now comes from the votes of the very criminals we’re trying to protect ourselves from.

          3. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            You make good points. My use of “scared” was just metaphorically 🙂

          4. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

            Of course you did and I understood, it’s just I’m so pissed at these brainless dolts that I went off the deep end when I heard about their current tactics.. The lowest scum would still be steps higher than these useless wastes of skin.

          5. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

            trying hard not to let them get under my skin, not easy for sane people to listen to trash.

          6. Jon September 29, 2016

            Why is it harder to get a driver’s license than it is to get a gun? It doesn’t make any sense.

          7. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

            For sure.. What got my jocks in a wad was when I heard that known terrorists couldn’t travel on planes but they could buy guns. Still trying to wrap that around my brain pan.

          8. dpaano September 30, 2016

            Yeah, me too!! That’s a little baffling! I agree with Hillary that we need MORE background checks for ALL gun sales, even those at so-called “flea markets.” I’ve also heard that 80% of NRA members agree with this. I also think that guns should be kept from people who have committed certain crimes; i.e., domestic violence, etc. There are people with violent tendencies who should NOT have access to weapons!

          9. iamproteus September 29, 2016

            Like all “libs” I know, I have no problem with the second amendment. I own a couple of guns myself and I would be loathe to give them up. But, as Hillary says, there must be restrictions as to who is allowed to possess them. I can think of a couple of individuals off the top of my head that should never be allowed near a gun. Surprise! They’re both “conservatives”!

          10. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

            Believing that they would come and take your guns away is right wing propaganda unless you couldn’t pass a reasonable back ground check. I can’t own guns because I was popped with marijuana and was slapped with a felony (before limitations) this happened twenty years ago and it still follows me. Can’t receive food stamps either (never really tried) .. murderers, rapists and yes, even terrorists can but a former pot head? Nada forever.

          11. iamproteus September 30, 2016

            Just “shows to go ya” how things can be twisted. Yours is merely one case that should be rectified in a truly fair society.

          12. dpaano September 30, 2016

            I think that law should be changed….there should be a statute of limitations on things like that. You should NOT be considered a felon for something that is now considered a minor infraction and happened many, many years ago!!! I’m on your side!!! I would fight this and get it taken off your record!

          13. dbtheonly September 29, 2016

            Second Amendment only applies to white people.

          14. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

            Well I don’t know about that but like most things, this nation is selective in who can do what and who can’t.

          15. dpaano September 30, 2016

            That’s pretty much what the NRA and the Trumpsters think!!!

        2. Oddworld September 29, 2016

          Agreed, at least not the most extreme portion of them.

        3. jmprint September 29, 2016

          That’s why I stopped blogging at Breitbart, those people are grossly hateful, poor excuse for being a human, and a waste of soul. Very, very evil, the understanding of why they support Trump. The ones that really bother me though are the religious folks that excuse Trumps moral behavior and then want to impose laws on women they deem immoral.

      4. dbtheonly September 29, 2016

        More of the same that the Republicans have been doing to President Obama.

        Trump, and his supporters, are all bluster and no delivery.

        1. Oddworld September 29, 2016

          Yeah, his supporters are all bluster and no delivery. To them Trump’s appeal is his obstinacy and crassness. I wouldn’t take them lightly though, they are dangerous.

          1. dbtheonly September 29, 2016

            Trump’s bully boys do well when they’re a bunch of them and one Black Guy, but they’re wusses when the going gets serious.

            You remember the Cliven Bundy set putting the women and children in front when they thought they might start a shooting fight?

          2. Oddworld September 30, 2016

            I do enjoy bringing up the Cliven Bundy incident. They had a chance to show all of us what he-men they were and they completely blew it. The threat I’ve been referring to isn’t with bombs and bullets though, It’s cyber and there is enough little shits with good computer skills that want Trump to be president.
            They’re the one we need to be concerned about.

          3. dbtheonly September 30, 2016

            Really? The Trump supporters of my acquaintance tend to be more anti-Hillary than pro-Trump.
            They tend to the less educated, poorer economic opportunities, “forgotten man” type.

            And make no mistake, good paying jobs for the less educated are hard to find. There is a segment of America that is being left behind. For whom the Great Recession never ended. Trump and his cons always have appealed to these people.

          4. Oddworld September 30, 2016

            True but I could easily fit in to that category. I got laid off six months ago from a lousy job and only have a GED. Believe me,
            it’s hard but the pro-Trump people better realize that Trump and the cons will take away all funding for the programs meant to help
            them, including job training from their State Labor Departments. Remember, a person doesn’t have to be well educated to be intelligent so really what we’re talking about are people who a victim of their own ignorance and bias.

            Here is a good case in point. During the debates Trump gave his plan on how he intends to bring back good jobs. He failed to mention that as the wealthy got even more wealthy they still didn’t create jobs, so his trickle down theory is an epic fail. Pro-Trump people won’t do the research necessary to educate themselves on why this plan doesn’t work. Again, ignorance and bias.

          5. dbtheonly September 30, 2016

            I think I’ve said before that Trump has no positions, just a mash of fuzz words, buzz words, and bluster.

            For whatever reason, the inherent fallacies or contradictions aren’t making it through the Lamestream Media. Take the Trump Wall or his 45% tariff. Absurd ideas. But the Lamestream Media treat them as legitimate. So also, “Crooked Hillary”.

            Again, I think I’ve said before, Trump exists in the moment. The past never existed, much like the Government of Oceania. There is just the now, and the past is anything they choose it to be.

            Best of luck on the job search.

      5. Thoughtopsy September 29, 2016

        I’d give a reasonable probability (30-60%) of civil unrest. Possibly riots.

        Trump will need external vindication of his belief that he actually “Won” but his win was stolen from him.

        This will also assist him in launching his Alt-Right media empire to feed off the worst people in the USA for years, with Bannon, Hannity, and Ailes.

        1. Oddworld September 29, 2016

          30-60%? I’d wager the chances of at least some kind of public demonstration is higher than that. My only concern is to what degree of severity we can expect. On the bright side, some of those idiots may find themselves on a federal watch list.

    2. tomjoad September 28, 2016

      Its impossible, you and this article are testaments to a group of the populace who are so incompetent as to support a candidate that is either so moronic that she does not know what classified information is and didnt understand that she couldnt send 50k emails on a private email server or simply is that corrupt and careless with national security and American lives and the law that she did what she did while instructing Platte River Networks to delete all of her emails as soon as she knew she was in trouble. And that does not include 30 years of lies, 20 + years of a racketerring with the Clinton Foundation, rigging the primary election, her racist past, her support of rapists and sexual deviants, and more. Anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton is simply and utterly lost in life and completely incompetent. Not deplorable but incompetent.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 28, 2016

        You are a testament to why Donald has been allowed to run roughshod over the country for the past decades, while blaming foreign powers for our troubles. Look in the mirror and you’ll see one of the numerous sources of our problems and why a nightmare has been given carte blanche to step up in line for POTUS despite a defective mentality and horrendous character—attributes you are comfy with.

      2. I Am Helpy September 28, 2016

        Sorry I don’t speak gibberish.

        1. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

          Well at the very least you should learn Chinese because if you’re savior wins he won’t think twice in trading part of this country for debts due then laugh all the way to bankruptcy court… AGAIN!

          1. I Am Helpy September 29, 2016

            What makes you think I support Trump? Did you reply to the wrong post?

          2. Jmz Nesky September 29, 2016

            Damn! my focus was directed at who you were replying to thinking he posted what you posted and now that I see my mistake it was unobservant of me to think tomjoad would reply to his own post.. My apologies and it won’t allow me to delete the thing either. Sorry.

          3. I Am Helpy September 29, 2016

            TOO LATE NOW WE HAVE TO FIGHT nah that’s cool. I myself once made a mistake. Once.

          4. Thoughtopsy September 29, 2016

            Excellent. 😉

      3. jmprint September 29, 2016

        You cannot prove not ONE accusation you post against Hillary without it coming from the many conspiracy video that are out there. The only reason the emails is even a subject is because of the Benghazi witch hunt, they could NOT find any wrong doing there so you move on to emails, something that every republican is guilty of, and again no fault or conviction. The things you mention are things that Trump has pending court cases on, Hillary does not, just more prefabrication by those that want to see something after all these 30 years of canard. Incompetent is someone like you that will twist the stories to fit the narrative.

        1. Jon September 29, 2016

          The reason no criminal charges have ever been brought against Hillary in the 20 plus years of allegations of wrongdoing is because there was never enough evidence to indict her unless you had one of those grand juries that would indict a ham sandwich. Even if that had happened, there was not enough proof for any of the cases to survive a motion to dismiss for failure to produce sufficient evidence to create a factual question for the jury. Prosecution, like the investigation, would have been a huge waste of time and money.
          I am sick of these lying sob’s equating an allegation of a crime with guilt of the crime. Anybody can allege anything against another person but proving it is an entirely different matter. I would like to hear just how loud these cowards would whine if they were ever falsely accused but convicted in the minds of the public.

        2. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

          I blocked toejam, but you could sent him this:
          Six times investigated for “crooked” acts.
          Zero times evidence warranted going to trial for “crooked” acts
          Zero times found guilty of “crooked” acts.
          1597 times evidence of “crooked” acts warranted going to trial
          236 times settled or found guilty of “crooked” acts.

      4. Thoughtopsy September 29, 2016

        Your inability to equate behavior/history between the candidates is breathtaking.

        1. dpaano September 30, 2016

          His stupidity is breathtaking!!!

      5. dpaano September 30, 2016

        Gosh, all the things you’re accusing Hillary of are the very SAME things that Trump is guilty of. In fact, he’s not only GUILTY, but he’s being sued for several of these, including lies, racketeering with his Trump Foundation, rape, etc. And, now, there’s the new Cuban problem…..now we find out that he was illegally conducting business with Cuba during the embargo. Can you perhaps explain that?? You obviously live in an alternate universe if you think that Trump is so innocent!!! Nothing you mentioned is true and Hillary has never been indicted for anything illegal….how to you explain the 1000+ lawsuits currently filed against your buddy, Trump?

  2. pmbalele September 29, 2016

    For Trump, everything is rigged. Trump whined GOP nomination was being rigged against him. He cried until I called his fired campaign manager to stop him using that rigged word again. Trump won GOP nomination. Now he is whining that the post-debate polls are rigged against him. I saw the debate from the start to finish. Trump was peeing in his pants – afraid to mention Benghazi, e-mails and Clinton Foundation. The reason is that he himself has been engaged in enriching himself with 3 bankruptcies – and stiffing his contractors. Trump did poorly at the debate. Now, everybody is abandoning Trump ship and are going with Hillary. What a day to see Hillary take over from President Obama. Please vote for Hillary.

    1. jmprint September 29, 2016

      Unfortunately those Cruz voters are swinging to Trump, whatever Cruz says is the solid truth. You can layout facts against Trump and it is fruitless, they go blind on Trump and double down on Hillary. The best thing we can do is go vote, and take our family and friends that have common sense and are not in denial to vote. Hillary 2016, the only solution to this madness.

      1. dpaano September 30, 2016

        I doubt the Cruz voters are going to swing to Trump…..not after the news gets out in Florida about his illegal business dealings with Cuba during the embargo!!! That is NOT going to make the Cubans happy and it may just be the last nail in Trump’s coffin when it comes to Florida!

        1. jmprint September 30, 2016

          Most chrisitain voters will follow his lead, this is the answer I got from my nephew: ”
          I agree your last post. I agree that Trump is not the man but as a
          student of history and the Constitution I firmly believe Hillary will
          not protect our rights. She is a student of Alinsky., a progress
          socialist. We know what she is going to
          do. Raise taxes, take our second amendment, free education, take our
          religious freedoms and so on. You have got to have seen that. That is
          not what we were founded on. I’m going on what she said. From the horses
          Sorry she is not a constitutionalist.”

          BUT he will still vote for Trump, because he is a Cruz follower.

    2. Dan S September 29, 2016

      Trump would ask who are you going to believe, me or the rigged microphone ???? ?

  3. yabbed September 29, 2016

    Cheating is all Deplorable Donald knows. It’s his life.

    1. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

      well said.

      1. dpaano September 30, 2016

        Unfortunately, he’s raising his sons and daughters to be the same way!!!

        1. phylin September 30, 2016

          Don’t say he actually breeds!

  4. Blueberry Hill September 29, 2016

    Many things are rigged by Trump himself, as this shows. He is such a whiner, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is still in diapers. Benghazi and emails are all settled and the FBI said she committed no crime. They’ve been trying to pin something, anything, on her, but there is nothing to pin on her. That was nothing but a Republican scandal made up 30 years ago. Time to end it. The Rs in congress spent many Billions of our dollars trying to pin something on her. I watched the hearings. The big crook here is Trump himself. He has 1500 trial cases coming up already indicted on after the election. Be careful what you wish for, he is a first class huckster and crook and he will screw the voters as fast as he screws most everyone else he employed and did business with.
    Please vote for Hillary, we cannot afford Trump and his constant lies, we want a President we can believe, and he is not the one.


  5. Mama Bear September 29, 2016

    What I have seen is that Trump supporters loved the debate and hope for more of the same because what they want is to see a fight just as the ignorant rabid Romans flocked to see the gladiators fight to the death. They are that un-evolved.

    1. dpaano September 30, 2016

      And uninformed!!!

  6. Jon September 29, 2016

    For the past 2 days at every rally he has held he begins by bragging that all of the polls show he won the debate, even the CBS Poll. CBS didn’t even have a poll. If Trump is too stupid to know that those troll polls are not real polls, he is too stupid to be president. The guy is a moron and just proved it to his supporters during 2 days of Trump rallies.
    He needs to release his TAX RETURNS so that voters can FOLLOW THE MONEY and find out how many other things he is lying about.

    1. dpaano September 30, 2016

      But, Jon, there’s SO much that are lies! It would take more than tax returns to prove all his lies. What is hilarious is that he has the nerve to call Hillary “crooked,” when he’s the one that is crooked! And, now he’s been found out about his Cuban actions and how he was kissing up to the Cuban president during the embargo…..that’s going to go over BIG with the Cubans living in Florida!!!

      1. Jon September 30, 2016

        I wish I had kept a list of every lie he has told since he launched his campaign in June 2015. One week he was fact checked and told 87 lies that week. It would take hours now to find every lie he has told.

    2. jmprint September 30, 2016

      He is not stupid, it’s all part of the con job.

  7. LCR78 September 29, 2016

    Almost all on-line polls are not worth the IT staff effort required to support them and they are almost certainly statistically biased. Take a single statistics class and you can’t miss the likely biases of these polls. In fact, I doubt that a statistics class is even required to think up some of the most likely biases these polls have.

  8. Vocalic Scissors September 29, 2016

    Trump believes in ALT-Right thought and ALT-Reality. I bet that he never actually voted online himself. If he did, he would have noticed that he can vote over and over and over again. The online polls are nothing more than a platform for internet trolls to flex their muscle. Any one who believe it is deluding himself.

  9. Thoughtopsy September 29, 2016

    I guess Trump was right: The election/polls are going to be rigged….

    Just not by Hillary.

  10. CommonSense September 30, 2016

    Its 4chan doing what 4chan has always done. Pathetic to see them given any credibility or attention. Have some damn standards GOP.

    But then again, if they did, Trump would have never gotten the nomination in the first place.

  11. dpaano September 30, 2016

    Why would they have to “rig” the polls unless they finally have come to the realization that their candidate is NOT going to win!!!?? I guess they think that the Trump followers will believing anything they hear or read no matter how false it might be!


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