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Most Trump Supporters Want A Path To Citizenship For Undocumented Immigrants



  1. Dan S February 28, 2017

    If 72 percent of Trump voters favor a path to citizenship why didn’t they vote for Hillary Clinton instead ? She would’ve continued the fight for immigrants living here undocumented but do work hard and are paying their taxes. At least that’s more than Trump who hasn’t met a tax yet he hasn’t Weasled out of paying.

  2. dpaano February 28, 2017

    45 doesn’t give a damned about the immigrants! He seems to think that his followers want him to deport all the immigrants, but this poll shows that’s not the case! If this is true, maybe his followers should call the White House non-stop and let their feelings be known! It’s illogical to not understand that these people, who have come here, worked hard, paid taxes, and even opened businesses, should be deported for no reason whatsoever! This mass deportation will do nothing but throw our economy into a tailspin! It’s already causing problems in the farming communities because farmers can’t find people to pick their crops and will probably end up watching them rot on the vines (which, by the way, means the consumer will end up paying more for produce)! It’s totally ridiculous and this idiot refuses to see the light or to listen to the public….even the ones that elected him!

  3. itsfun March 1, 2017

    Isn’t undocumented just another word for illegal? They broke the laws of this nation and the President has every right to insist our law enforcement people enforce those laws. So far the President is only deporting those that are convicted criminals, gang member, drug dealers. He is not breaking up families and I doubt if he will. My guess is after we get rid of the criminal element, there will be a law created to give working tax paying families a path to citizenship.


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