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Trump Wished For A Whiter America All Along

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Trump Wished For A Whiter America All Along


So the cover has now been ripped off the rationalizations about President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, the tissue paper peeled away from his insistence that he only wanted to get rid of terrorists, rapists and drug-dealers. Back during the campaign, you’ll recall, Trump and his supporters insisted that their goal was to rid the country of criminals who were sneaking in illegally.

Even then, most voters knew better. Trump was clearly pandering to those white Americans who were unhappy with the cultural changes of the last half-century, including the shifting demographics that are weakening their political and social influence. Trump’s election was, in large measure, a backlash against the first black president.

Now, Trump has enthusiastically embraced a new Senate proposal that would limit legal immigration, with a goal of cutting the number of immigrants in half within 10 years. It’s refreshing, actually, to have this agenda out in the open: Trump and his allies want to make America white again.

That’s a longstanding goal of some of his closer compatriots, including his chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Indeed, Bannon’s views are more xenophobic than those of the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA).

Their bill would limit the ability of naturalized American citizens and legal residents to bring in their relatives, something current law generously allows. They would grant preferences to English-speakers, business owners and the highly educated.

Bannon, by contrast, once ranted that “engineering schools are all full of people from South Asia and East Asia. … They’re coming in here to take these jobs.” Meanwhile, he claimed, American students “can’t get engineering degrees; they can’t get into these graduate schools because all these foreign students come.”

That’s of a piece with the nationalism of some of the Republican Party’s more xenophobic thinkers. Several of them have complained for decades about a change in immigration policy pushed through by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in the mid-1960s. It allowed people from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East to come to the United States in large numbers, rather than restricting legal access mostly to people from Western Europe, as was the case before.

The ultraconservative Pat Buchanan wrote a book called Suicide of a Superpower, in which he forecasts a swift decline for a nation that has allowed itself, in his view, to be overrun by people of color. Journalist Peter Brimelow — himself an immigrant from Great Britain — founded a web-based magazine called VDARE, which traffics in ugly racial stereotypes and longs for a whiter America.

Cotton and Perdue claim that their bill is copied from policies put in place by Canada and Australia, both of which use a “merit-based” system that awards points for job skills and English-language proficiency. But both of those countries take in more immigrants, based on their populations, than the United States does. (Immigrants account for about 22 percent of Australia’s population, about 20 percent of Canada’s and about 13 percent of ours, according to the Migration Policy Institute.) The United States is not in danger of having its social safety net overwhelmed by foreigners.

Still, there are thoughtful conservatives — among them, former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum, an immigrant from Canada — who argue that the United States would be better served by an immigration policy that favors those who are better educated. Indeed, research does show that some low-skilled Americans may be aced out of entry-level jobs by low-skilled immigrants.

But most economists believe that we are better off with an immigration policy that welcomes newcomers. Many of those low-skilled immigrants take jobs that Americans simply won’t do — jobs such as plucking chickens and harvesting crops. Besides, immigrants tend to have more children than native-born citizens, which has helped the United States avoid the economic slump that befalls countries with too many elderly retirees and not enough working-age adults.

Of course, for many Trump supporters, all those black and brown babies are the problem. It doesn’t matter how hard their parents work or how well they speak English. They make the country look different — and that, apparently, is unacceptable.

Cynthia Tucker won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at cynthia@cynthiatucker.com.



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 4, 2017

    The late and pathetic Senator Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi would have been proud of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. In Theodore’s pitiful work of trash “Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization”, shamelessly put forth by Bilbo as a scholarly work, we have a clear case on record of the disease of racialism, its practice—racism, and their effects on the mind and the soul. This piece of trash from a feeble mind motivated by the false notion of racial superiority and segregating nations according to skin color, is a dead-end road, and dissipating train of thought. It reflects a false perception that those “Africans” who migrated into Europe were somehow magically transformed into superior beings, simply by virtue of environmental changes dictating a response by the body to develop lighter skin color.

    No need for me to reiterate the reasons for this change in skin pigmentation, but the phenomenon is very intriguing. By this biochemical reaction of skin pigmentation in response to environmental changes from moving into higher latitudes, the philosophy of Racialism would be conceived by a number of members who, among other mental and physical activities, had nothing better to do than to become infatuated with the changes in appearances that gradually occurred over the intervening millennia since journeying out of Africa, for better hunting and food gathering opportunities.

    Trump and Bannon’s ancestors were among those curious and proud to hear that their changes placed them as “superior” to those cousins who either stayed behind in Africa, or migrated elsewhere—undergoing other physical changes in outer appearances and other physical changes, and cultural changes as well.

    And now, Trump, Bannon, and other racists/racialists are further honing and redefining policies long ago conceived by the “Africans” in Europe, in the effort to put distance between themselves and all the other “Africans”, based on skin color primarily, as well as cultural/technological advances not shared to the same extent by the different members of the Human Family. And the misinterpretations of the many metaphors that are replete in all the Religious Texts, concerning “Black” and “White”, and their use in describing “good versus bad”, have only served to further cement various stereotypes in the minds of humans—such misuse of the Books provide illogical conclusions which have served to divide humanity rather than unite humanity.

    Once again, we come to the familiar point in this sort of response, where we must “Take Our Choice: Unity of the Human Race, or Continue to See Humanity as Disparate Entities, Having Little in Common”. This “book” would be a certain recipe for the demise of all humanity in current state of mind, to be replaced by the Creator with a New Race of Humans able to see past skin color and other physical traits.

    And yes, there is a new Revelation, the Baha’i Faith. Baha’u’llah, as He states repeatedly, has the mandate from God for this Day and Age, whose main thrust is to vanquish the false premise of racial superiority, and to eliminate once and for all the perception that the Human Family is composed of fragments of humanity who can’t coexist because of skin color and cultural differences as a result of traversing into different regions on the planet. Racialism and Racism, ethnic bigotries, religious animosities, the abuse and belittling of women the world over, extremes of wealth and poverty, and other forms of social inequities, are contradictory to the Goals set forth by Baha’u’llah. Goals intended to confirm, affirm, and carry forward what previous Messengers put in motion, but didn’t allow to reach efflorescence, because humanity wasn’t ready then.

    Now, we are ready.

    Bannon and Trump, et al—Either get on the train, or be left behind to be relegated to the dust bin of useless irrational ideas, as nonfunctional beings in this new Paradigm gradually unfolding.

    Peace out!!

    1. dbtheonly August 5, 2017

      Bilbo was 80 years ago. You actually bothered to wade through his book?

      Many years ago I read Abraham Lincoln where he discussed the “justification” of slavery. If it is right to enslave someone whose skin is darker, then is it right for someone whose skin is lighter to enslave me?

      Then the pre-war definitions of who might be enslaved and the conflicts among the States, left me befuddled. North Carolina required three Black Grandparents to be enslaved. Georgia only one. President Obama might be enslaved only in one but not the other?

      Finally, Mark Twain, in “Puddenhead Wilson” convinced me that the very concept of race is an absurdity. There is one race. Human.

      “Now, we are ready.” I hope and wish you are right. I fear otherwise.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 5, 2017

        Bilbo in his prime was a driving force in promoting the fear of black people being full members of society. His poison has seeped into the wells of America’s ethos. To better understand a disease one must take the time to understand its genesis and nature, as any good doctor would do.
        You and I must always endeavor to be like doctors in understanding the ills afflicting humanity, and then working to promote ideas and act in an effective manner to counteract the disease—and NOT by using the ineffective remedy of politics. The latter itself has been infused with the miasma which afflicted Bilbo 80 years ago.

  2. old_blu August 4, 2017

    “Trump Wished For A Whiter America All Along”
    That was evident by the search for President Obama’s birth certificate.

  3. Independent1 August 5, 2017

    Trump and the GOP working to make a ‘Whiter America’ are cluelessly doing just one more thing that will have a negative impact on the U.S. economy down the road; they’re doing this by setting America up for slower population growth or even a declining population in the future as they deport immigrants and keep people from entering America who are likely to have enough children to more than replace themselves. It’s been immigrants, including illegals entering America the past 3-4 decades who have been the drivers of America’s growing population. Immigrants from countries not accustomed to using contraceptives that average more than 2.1 children/family.

    The affects of a stagnant or declining population can be seen in the sluggish economies of countries like Japan, Russia, most of the EU countries and even China. America has been outpeforming these countries economically the past 8-10 years partly because America has had a growing population while these other countries have not. So Trump is doing just one more thing that will eventually end up killing jobs and thereby the economy. Throwing out immigrants has been a start to that; if Trump is successful in killing ACA that will be one more economy damper he’s accomplished on top of having created some roadblocks to trade deals.

    It’s just a matter of time before the economy starts to spiral downward given Trump’s and the GOP’s bad governance.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 5, 2017

    Pat Buchanan, FOX, Bannon, Trump, the GOP by and large, are all echoing today the sentiments of Bilbo, Eastland, the KKK, and the John Birch Socity of former days. And anyone narrow-minded enough to want to be an active or passive member of a Party that works as a kind of spokesman for racism in America, may as well admit that they approve of Racism.

    And any Party, by symbolism and/or by enacting policies which divide rather than unite humanity, has to be considered objectively as promoting a Satanic agenda—one which contradicts the Will of God.

    Furthermore, such a Party/entity that actively engages in promoting “Whiteness” as an ideology or nationalist agenda, is a contradiction of all that Jesus, Baha’u’llah, Abraham, Muhammad, and others of Their Station, stood and stand for, and all of Whom actively promoted efforts for the betterment of humanity. And They all did so, not by promoting separation of people, but by calling believers to unite —renouncing the comforts of life, and in certain cases, sacrificing Their lives, in the process.

  5. Will August 6, 2017

    The left projecting their racism.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 18, 2017

      Obviously no one ever told you the definition of racism; or maybe you are just too lazy to look the word up and understand the context in which it applies. This is a problem which I’ve found many an ignorant person afflicted with, and they usually, like you, show that ignorance in posts.

      1. Will August 18, 2017

        Making my point about projection.


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