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Trump’s Broken Promise Will Doom Thousands Of His Voters

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Trump’s Broken Promise Will Doom Thousands Of His Voters


Not long ago, Americans learned that the average life expectancy for white people in this country — those most likely to have voted for Donald Trump — actually declined for the first time in many years. The pathologies and frustrations believed to have driven that decline may have motivated the tiny handful of votes that gave Trump his Electoral College victory.

But not long after their euphoria over his inauguration fades, they are going to learn why his administration is so likely to drive those statistics in the wrong direction. Despite his promise to protect Social Security and Medicare — and his vow to replace the Affordable Care Act with “something much better” — Trump’s cabinet appointees and his allies in Congress plan ruinous changes to those programs. And that will mean ruin, and in thousands of cases death, for the mostly white and working class people who depend so heavily on them.

Unless the Republicans come up with a plausible bill to replace Obamacare, which has eluded them since 2009, millions of their constituents will lose the health insurance they have only recently gained — and yes, thousands of those people will die next year.

Back when the president’s health reform plan first passed, Republicans and their media echoes warned loudly about mythical “death panels” embedded in his legislation. Now, the voters who believed that nonsense are about to meet the real death panel — led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Rep. Tom Price, the Georgia Republican slated to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is not hyperbole: Before the advent of Obamacare, tens of thousands of uninsured Americans died every year because they didn’t receive timely care. Eight years ago, one reputable study estimated that as many as 137,000 Americans had perished prematurely due to lack of health coverage — or more than twice as many as died in the Vietnam War — between 2000 and 2006 alone. The Institute of Medicine has estimated that uninsured adults are 25 percent more likely to die prematurely than those with coverage, with uninsured adults between 55 and 64 years old faring even worse. For them, being uninsured is the third most significant cause of death, behind only heart disease and cancer.

Those estimates don’t include the victims of insurance company profiteering who will die if the repeal of Obamacare undoes its protection of patients suffering from “previously existing conditions.” Exposed to the tender mercies of corporate actuaries, thousands of them will lose their coverage, watch their families driven to destitution, and many of them will die, too.

That isn’t supposed to be what happens under President Trump, who declared in many interviews and debates his determination to provide better and cheaper health insurance “for everybody, let it be for everybody.” But by appointing a far-right ideologue like Price to run health policy, Trump effectively violated that promise before even taking his oath of office. Working with Ryan and the Republican majority in both houses of Congress, Price means to destroy Obamacare, slash Medicare, and decimate Medicaid.

The truth about the current incarnation of the Republican Party, which voters ought to have learned long ago, is that its attitudes toward working Americans of all descriptions range from careless to merciless. If not every Republican shares the “let ‘em die” position on health care screamed by a GOP debate audience in 2012, all too many believe that government has no role in ensuring that every American is insured — even though that would save money as well as lives.

However ridiculous most of Trump’s commitments may seem, his promise to protect Americans who depend on Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid is a matter of life or death. Unless he changes course now, we may see a lot of red caps at funerals for people who lost their health insurance, and died much too soon.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. mary.vaden December 20, 2016

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  2. dbtheonly December 20, 2016

    Expect medical costs to shoot through the roof as hospitals are burdened with the costs of caring for the uninsured.

    In a truly bizarre way though, the “let him die” chant was defensible in that it referred to someone who refused to buy the, hypothetically, available insurance.

    Does/will an individual have the right to opt out of buying medical insurance? If so, who ought to bear the costs of that choice? Remember that there are serious cost consequences for allowing opt-outs and still requiring the system to bear the costs of those so opting.

    “Freedom” “demands” that individuals have the option not to secure insurance. “Freedom” does not demand that they avoid the consequences of their choice.

    Yes, I recall half a dozen years or so, the guy in Texas who refused to buy the “out of area” local fire insurance policy from an adjacent area’s fire department. When his house caught fire, he called the fire department and they refused to fight the fire. I cheered.

    Sometimes it sucks to be a Libertarian. But I’ve got no problem leaving them in their Randian conundra.

    1. Sandrawlee December 20, 2016

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    2. idamag December 20, 2016

      I used to work at a hospital. Out of every $2500, you pay for medical costs, $800 goes to pay for those who can’t, don’t, or won’t. We pay anyway, so why not have a single payer plan like Medicare for everyone?

      1. dbtheonly December 20, 2016


        I’ve got no answer for that one.

        No matter what happens with repeal and replace, the costs of healthcare have to go somewhere. A voluntary insurance system appeals to some. My point is that, if there is a voluntary system, those opting out need to bear all the expense if their gamble doesn’t work.

        1. dpaano December 20, 2016

          The single-payer plan works fine, but like most other countries that use this, the individual’s taxes are extremely high to cover it. I don’t mind paying extra taxes in lieu of having to pay a portion of my health insurance (which, currently, is through my employer, but I still have to fork out over $500/month of my OWN money). I’d have NO problems paying an extra couple of hundred dollars in taxes to cover health insurance, but some people don’t seem to understand that there’s a trade off. You either pay more taxes to get health insurance or you have to pay more for your individual health insurance.

          1. dbtheonly December 20, 2016

            That’s what most bothers me. Too many, both right and left, take the issue too cavalierly. Repeal is probably the best thing to happen to Obamacare as it won’t slowly fail under its own contradictions. Republicans can’t agree on what to put in its stead, except bluster about the American “greatest healthcare in the world”. Demonstrably false in just about every particular.

        2. idamag December 21, 2016

          Exactly how would you go about making a deadbeat pay his hospital bill? He would take out bankruptcy, run up more bills, wait five years and take out bankruptcy again. The key to mandatory insurance working is make it affordable. With the grifting healthcare industry, that won’t happen. We would have been better off if we could have gotten a single payer plan. There was no way Obama could get any healthcare plan through if he had insisted on a single payer. We have something that can be fixed, whereas before, we had nothing. This is the only “civilized” country, in the world where healthcare is the bottom line on the stock market page of the Wall Street Journal. Before the ACA, 35 percent of premiums went back into healthcare, but CEO’s enjoyed 22 million dollar bonuses and stock holders were making a killing. Now, 80% of premiums have to go back into healthcare. When it is repealed, you can bet there will be no replacement and we are back to what it was. People, in this country, are the most selfish, greedy people there are.

    3. marriea December 20, 2016

      That’s the way I feel about especially the young, who I get have their problems if they also have student loans bills.
      But at least if they have some sort of medical insurance, if, God forbid, something does happen, they will have something to cover their asses.
      Right now, hospitals are supposed to at least stablized a person.
      But what happens is if it comes to pass that if you don’t have coverage, they don’t have to even do that if one does not have some sort of insurance.

    4. dpaano December 20, 2016

      And, what these people don’t realize is that every single person that has no insurance and goes to the ER for even a minor problem is costing the taxpayer money! Who do you think pays for their care…..it’s the state. And where do you think the state gets the money for this…..from the taxpayer. And, who is the taxpayer……that’s you, dummy! Taxes will go up because of people who refuse to get medical insurance one way or the other (individually or through Obamacare), and there’s nothing that can be done about it if the ACA is abolished. You’ll just go back to paying for people who are too stupid to get insurance or are too poor to be able to afford it!

  3. Dominick Vila December 20, 2016

    Most of the Cabinet nominations that Trump has made are, indeed, worrisome inasmuch as they involve people known to be adamantly opposed to the services offered by the Departments and agencies they are about to lead, but that does not mean they are going to take a slash and burn approach. First and foremost, we are dealing with politicians whose top priority is the achievement of their personal goals. Towards that end, they often promise what their respective constituencies want to hear, rather than what their actual plans are. They understand that when it comes to issues such as healthcare in the USA, the issue goes beyond human considerations, and also include budget considerations, governmental and personal responsibility, and the political impact of denying a large number of citizens one of the most fundamental needs to live and be productive.
    Towards that end, both the President-elect and Congress have already taken steps, and made unequivocal statements, that indicate that while repeal of the ACA is all but guaranteed, they are also going to delay its dissolution until an alternative is available. They have also indicated that the alternative, whenever it emerges, will include the core benefits of the ACA. The biggest challenge for the ACA detractors is going to be replacing it with a program that does not include a mandate. Without a mandate to buy insurance policy, neither the employers nor individuals will be motivated to offer or seek coverage. The former because cost containment is more often than not one of the the top priorities for a company. For the latter, the decision to obtain health insurance coverage, and pay part of the premium, will be based on whether or not cheaper options are available. For many, the obvious question will be why should I spend my money buying insurance when I can go to an Emergency Room or use MEDICAID to cover the cost?
    The irony is that the alternative to ACA is likely to be more ineffective, more costly to tax payers, will contribute to greater increases in the cost of healthcare, and will have a negative impact on productivity and longevity.

    1. itsfun December 20, 2016

      The cabinet choices are ones of people that have been there and have done that and have been very successful, not just a bunch of career politicians or academics with theories and no experience. Do you want President-elect Trump to pick poor unsuccessful people for these extremely important positions.

      The goal is to repeal and REPLACE the Obamacare tax. The goal is not to leave people without insurance. Obamacare has been a failure and should be replaced. Remember when Obama campaigned for it, he said it would cost no more than your cell phone bill. How is that working out? The mandated coverages make no sense. Why should men be forced to buy maternity insurance? I am yet to meet a pregnant man. People should be able to purchase the coverage they feel they need or want, not what the government forces them to purchase. Making health care affordable without stupid mandates, may help more people be able to purchase with a mandate to purchase. Health care for all is good, but it has to make sense for everyone.

      1. marriea December 20, 2016

        Or so that is the belief.
        Don’t know if you are still working and if so is your job picking up that cost, but there are many who don’t have that option going for them.
        You don’t like Obamacare, but would you like no care?
        Or is your position, it’s not my problem.
        That is until it is.
        I think the point is, most of the people he has picked for his cabinets are people who don’t give a damn if they, themselves are not feeling the effects.
        OK, that’s fine, and sadly too many of Trump’s supporters don’t know or don’t care that they will feel the effects of his policies more than others.
        Afterall, Trump did target white Americans, who are currently 66% of this nation’s population.
        Then I wonder how that will be working out, indeed.

        1. itsfun December 20, 2016

          Didn’t I say healthcare is a good thing, and just needs to make sense. Where is the sense in making men buy paternity care? I don’t like government mandated healthcare. The people in his cabinet are very successful people. Do you want him to hire people that have never gotten anything done? President-elect got a lot more than just white votes as the left would try to make us believe. President-elect Trump won 33 states. Whine all you want, but he won the electoral college by a landslide.

          1. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            Yeah, he won the electoral college vote. That seems to be the only thing you cons think is important. The thing is, though, that it was a victory built on lies. And now he is reneging on those false promises with no concern for the effect it will have on the very people that voted for him (and the rest of us, of course).

          2. dpaano December 20, 2016

            As I’ve said before, Trump clearly told his followers at a recent rally that he lied to them to get their votes. He may not have said that exactly, but he told them that he no longer cared about prosecuting Hillary (and that she was an okay person); he no longer actually cared about building a wall, and that he only said those things because he knew that’s what they wanted to hear and he needed their vote. I wonder how many more lies he’s going to own up to before his followers realize that they were conned and that he has NO intention of doing much of what he promised them he would do. He’s already backing down on his promise NOT to touch Social Security and Medicare……how long did it take for him to back down on THAT promise??

          3. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            It will be interesting when 2020 rolls around to see how people feel about Trump after he has done all those things he is about to do. Who will he blame for his mess? “Hey, you voted for me so it’s all your fault! But if you vote for me again, I promise I will fix it”.

          4. itsfun December 20, 2016

            He has not spent even one hour in office yet how can he be reneging on anything.

          5. marriea December 23, 2016

            OK, so he’s saying to you what he’s going to be saying to you when he’s sworn in.

          6. itsfun December 23, 2016

            I have to rely on what he said until he breaks his word. I did that with Obama, until he lied to us. If President-elect Trump goes back on his word, I will feel the same way. People are only as good as their word. I will accept them for their word until they prove to me, their word is no good.

          7. marriea December 20, 2016

            Actually that landslide you are referring to rank about 45th if I remember correctly.
            But I will point this out.
            I don;t know your age, or if you have a family nor your state..
            But you say you don’t want government mandated healthcare, but it only with that mandate that many people benefit from the whole of any health care.
            At first, I too was against the healthcare plan.
            Then I got to see and talk to the many people who didn’t have any kind of healthcare, period.
            Or the kind they ended up with was so expensive they could barely afford it.
            On top of that, many of the plans had limitations on what they would or could supply.
            So in many ways, it’s was almost like having nothing.
            Trump and his folks will never, ever have to worry about medical care.
            They probably can afford to have personal physicians on their payroll.
            And everytime I hear about running the government like a business, I get a headache.
            The gov’t is supposed to be for ALL OF THE PEOPLE, not a selct few.
            In the business world, if there is a part of operation that doesn’t make money, they can just eliminate it.
            In the govt world, there are people who will lose their very lives if certain things are not in existance. Some of the things are kids.
            Some of the things are for seniors. And many of things are for the disabled.
            So what do you propose, that we just Hitler those people away.
            Yes the U S is over 20 trillion in debt.
            But a lot of that debt is because of stupid stuff.
            We are still paying for that damned Iraqi War that was forced upon us all because of a lie.
            We have made so many enemies of a people that we should have left along, and now we are trying to save face because those folks are fighting back, with none other than stick and stones compared to what we have built.
            So why did we build those things, to find a country to test this stuff on.
            You feel that as a man you shouldn’t have to pay for maternity insurance.
            Well as a woman, I shouldn’t have to pay for your Viagra and “SEE ALICE” drugs, or for your prostate problems.
            As a matter of fact, there are some surgeries that men have that have them staying in the hospital for long period of time, while a woman who gets her breast chopped off, is sent home the next day. (barring complications, of course)
            You can always just go and buy your own private insurance you know.
            But just as you blame Obama for trying to make the best of a bad situation, you cheer Trump.
            We all get what we ask for sooner or later, but I will also save your name and see how things are working out for you in about two years.
            Those big millionaires you are so jumping up and down for and about, you will quickly learn, they ain’t for or about you and your problems.
            They are all about their profit margin my dear, and that just might not include you.

          8. itsfun December 20, 2016

            We agree that you shouldn’t be paying for Viagra or prostate problems, but you are if you have Obamacare. Do you want unsuccessful people in the Presidents cabinet? I have talked to and know people that had private insurance, lost it and are forced to pay more for the Obamacare health tax then they did for there private policies. Obama has had this nation in a war somewhere every year of his two terms. He is the only 2 term President to have that on his record. He has us in wars all over the world that we shouldn’t be involved in. I am not worried about being in any bodies profit margin. I can and have taken care of myself all of my life and will continue to do so. I do believe we should provide the best possible health care to people will terrible killing disabling diseases. That should be done by us taxpayers, not private insurance companies. Making a private company take on a pre-existing condition is just not right. That is like making a auto insurer pay to fix my car if I didn’t have insurance until after a accident. We need to take better care of our veterans.

          9. JPHALL December 20, 2016

            What wars did Obama actually get us into? You mean the Bush/Cheney wars he inherited?

          10. itsfun December 20, 2016

            gee; try reading once in a while,

          11. JPHALL December 20, 2016

            In other words you have nothing just gas!

          12. itsfun December 20, 2016

            like I said try reading, or try watching the news, seeing exactly what countries Bush had us in. Why in 8 years Obama has not been able to give us even one year of peace.

          13. JPHALL December 20, 2016

            Still more gas. I guess that is all you have. Let us try again. What countries are we at war with that do not include the Bush.Cheney wars? You cannot name any since there are none. If left up to people like you we would be in Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Libya and Yemen as the main actors.

          14. itsfun December 20, 2016

            why are we still in wars after 8 wonderful years of Obama and his red lines.

          15. marriea December 21, 2016

            Honey, these people are ‘successful’ by taking care of themselves at the expense of others.
            You don’t truly believe in ‘trickle down’ do ya?
            If so get yourself some medical help yesterday as.
            these persons are only interested in making more money and passing it down only to their heirs.
            Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, they are not.
            Futhermore, I have never said that Obamacare is a do all to end all.
            Like many programs it will take about ten years for the bugs to be waived out and even then, there will be problems for someone.
            And what programs pray tell do you think that there is no private company involved somewhere down the road.There is no such thing as a government insurance company.
            Even Medicare and Medicaid are afflicated with some private company.
            Now, as for Obama and this war thing.
            When Obama came into office, this country was involved in the Iraqi War and that one in Afghanistan.
            I know you feel that Obama is the cause of all your woes, but perhaps go read some old newspapers.
            It was Bush that got us involved in both countries.
            Iraq, was based off of complete lie and we had no business in that country in the first place.
            I will always believe that this was brought on by some personal vendetta between Bush and Saddam.
            He used our military as his personal mercenary.
            That power vacumn left gave rise to the group ISIS..
            In Afghanistan, we were fighting the Taliban, which I don’t understand because. as in the spring of 2001, we gave the Afghans $46 million in supposed humanitarian aid, when we knew that their gov’t was being ran by the Talibans whose militants were being trained by Osama bin Laden, even as we claimed to have had a bounty on his head for the bombing of an Afican embassey and one our ships in, I believe, the Mediterranean
            But we knew that before we gave that country money.
            Later on 9/11/ 2001, this country was ‘attacked’ by four U S planes being piloted by NOT one single Iraqi, Not one Afghani, but by 15 Saudi nationals and 2 Egyptian nationals, and one each from Yeman and one other country.
            By right, if we are going to blame a country for the actions of their citizenry, we should have gone to war with Saudi Arabia. But no, they are our best buds in the oil industry and a sworn enemy of Saddam Hussein,
            So it made sense for Bush and our propaganda machine to declare war on Iraq, who was just sitting there minding their own business.
            We went over there slaughtering those people, a people who haddone nothing to us, but here we were ordering our soldiers to wage war on a country and their people, for what? other than because we could?
            Many of the poeple fought back. I don’t blame them.
            Look at how we in this country act with just the allegation of someone talking to someone from ISIS in this country.
            If we are fair, one has to ask, what were those people doing that we say we wouldn’t do under the same circumstances.
            As for that war in Syria, we don’t have any troops actually on the grounds fighting over there, although we did help them with guns and ammo.
            I don’t know from where you are getting your info .
            Maybe FAUX NEWS with their anything Obama does is wrong stance, but sometimes it pays to just do a little reading or watching the news without a jaundiced eye sometimes.
            Check out the other side a little bit, just to see what they are saying.
            Those wars that Obama is involved in were not started by him. I’m sure that if he had a choise, he would have pulled troops left and right, but that would have made the U S look like they were running and the big bad U S of A never runs, or far that matter walks away from anything. Right?
            Now back to your private insurer taking on pre existing condition.
            If that were your kid or siblings or parents or loving spouse, you’d definintely be singing a different tune.
            It pays to look at other people as yourself. and I’m not particularly a people person.’
            But just as I get sick, other do also.
            I also feel that you are a great supporter of Trump and seems to think that business wise Trump is going to help the people of this country.
            That is purely as speculative as finding a nugget of gold lying in the street of New York City. As a matter of fact, i’d take my chances of finding the gold nugget before counting on Trump to do anything for you and the people of this country.
            That’s just not in his DNA..
            He ain’t that kind of guy.
            Think about this,
            Because of his filing his banruptcy about 20 years ago, he was able to claim a $50 million dollar lost on his taxes for as many years.
            How many jobs has Trump generated with that extra income.
            If he would have taken even $1million dollars for 20 years and only generated ten jobs, I would say that he did something.
            Now I know one can argue that any project that he has had, generated jobs, but most contractors have their own crew.
            No, I’m talking about jobs independent of the construction of projects.
            OK, someone has to be be hostesses or hostess of his businesses. I’ll give you that.
            But how much are these people making.
            Most people are looking for jobs that will pay them at least $20 or more an hour. Trump has said I’ll make sure you have the greatest, best jobs ect B/S, B/S.
            But what did he really say? Nothing. He uesed generalizations and adjectives that had no substance what so ever.
            You get to believe what you want to believe.
            Trump is on record as saying he sees no problem with the present minimum wage laws. His dept of Labor head has said that $9 an hour is adequate.
            If you are one of these people looking for a job that pays a decent salary, would you still try and find one at Trump Enterprises. What would you like to make.
            If you go there thinking you will be paid a good salary that you could make a career of, I will guarantee you Trump just ain’t gonna help you.
            Like I said, he just ain’t that kind of guy.

          16. itsfun December 22, 2016


            Just 3 example of how Obama is keeping us in wars.

            Why do you have such hate for successful people? These people have worked long weeks, days, months to reach goals. The United States will be well served by these people.

            Most successful people have had failures, but they learn and come back to be successful.
            Did you bother to read what how I said we should help people with existing conditions with the best possible care. I said that is something us taxpayers should be willing to do, not force a private industry to take on that expense if the person did not have insurance before coming down with a terrible disease.
            I don’t know about you, but I paid every payday for my Social Security and my Medicare. I still pay for my Medicare every month from my Social Security check.

            You have no idea what is in the DNA of President-elect Trump.

          17. marriea December 22, 2016

            As of right now, the reason we haven’t left those countries, from my viewpoint at least, is because we don’t want to be seen as running from a conflict.
            But in reality, we had no business there in the first place.
            Obama didn’t get us involved in these conflicts, they were already in existance before he was even elected eight years ago.
            In Afghanistan, I have to give those people credit.
            For a so-called ‘primitive’ group of people, who just before with us, had ended a 10 year war with Russia and for all practical purposes, won, with just sticks and stone and the weapons of the ‘enemy’.
            They are pretty much doing the same with us.
            In Iraq, another country we had no business being in a conflict with, their people did the same thing, fighting with what they had.
            I don’t blame them. They are doing the same things we, in America, say we would do, under simular circumstances.
            The big problem is that in Iraq, that that country had about 3 or 4 opposing groups, different religious sects fighting for control.
            In Islam, their relgion is their politics and their politics is their religion.
            And just like we have have different demoninations of Christianity, their divisions are a heck of a lot more pronounced.
            Because of the power vacumn that was left with the ‘demise’ of Saddam, ISIS gave rise.
            Unlike most of the religious sects, they are very destructive and violent.
            They, in my view, can be compared to the Christian KKK in this country.
            However the KKK’s power was mainly only geared toward the new freedoms of the black slaves.
            I also pay for my Medicare, out of my pension. My rates just went up. I won’t be surprised if my supplemental insurance rate increase also.
            As for Trumps DNA, I mean his personality.
            You seem to have an affinity for people with money.
            Ok…but what good does it do me.
            None and it’s not that I personally have a problem with people with money, I do have a great dislike for it and them if they have to cheat other people to get it.
            Trump cheats.
            He says anything and then renege on signed contracts with people he has done business with.
            He might be a ‘businessman’, but his practices are not businesslike.
            If you like and agree with folks who are like that, then perhaps you need to look inside yourself and ask why.
            It might just be your greedy nature.

          18. itsfun December 22, 2016

            Have you ever signed a paycheck? Obama has bombed 7 countries, Bush only 4. Look it up do a search.

          19. marriea December 22, 2016

            Actually I signed up for direct deposit in my last 20 years before I retired.
            So is that your claim to fame.
            Let’s see now, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, which was not his fault, Afghanistan, which was not his fault.
            Libya, which was his, Yeman?, which was the other one ?

          20. itsfun December 22, 2016

            I meant have you ever signed a paycheck for a employee. Pakistan

          21. marriea December 22, 2016

            Are you implying that a person from Pakistan can’t sign a check for themselves.
            You have an offbeat way at looking at ‘foreigners’.
            Many of the ones I have worked with are plenty intelligent and have more common sense than many Americans.
            And that’s no exaggeration.

          22. itsfun December 23, 2016

            no no no. Pakistan was the answer to your question. It is the other one.

          23. marriea December 23, 2016

            OH, I’m sorry, I get ya now. The country was Pakistan.
            Well since Pakistan borders, Afghanistan, I can see that happening.
            Bombs like bullets go where they go.
            I personally think we should get out of Afghan, but we have committed ourselves to it now. We should get the hell out of Iraq, even though we are the ones that tore that nation apart with our meddling.
            But it wasn’t/isn’t Obama’s doing that we are there in the first place.
            Afghanis are just more resilient and knows how to fight with nothing as they are a people who have always had to be fighting for some reason or another.
            Iraqis are resilient also.
            They just view life and death differently than we do.
            That’s their custom, and so we are there because?
            From my point of view, we should get out of thsi nation building business.
            We have social problems of our own for a nation that is reported ‘evolved and sophisticated’.

          24. itsfun December 23, 2016

            I have long said we don’t belong there at all. Those countries have been fighting for over 2000 years and aren’t going to stop anytime soon if ever. We had to retaliate after 9/11 and got the approval of Congress and the UN before doing so. Now, lets get the hell out.

          25. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            Landslide? You have a strange notion of landslide. Look up the word, consider the popular vote, read the historical records, and read what people who know better than you how to assess the electoral vote count and its implications.
            Don’t just repeat what FOX says.

      2. RED December 20, 2016

        You’re an absolute fool. Just an absolute fool. Yeah, Obamacare is not great and has some awful problems. But you are absolutely clueless and way too ignorant to possibly identify the problems or in any way understand the causes or solutions. Just start with the FACT that Americans pay twice as much in order to lead less healthy lives and die younger than the rest of the industrialized world. But again, your world and your mind is far too small to deal with the reality.

        1. marriea December 20, 2016

          Chill RED.
          itsfun, is the reason why Trump has no problem attracting folks like him.
          In some way or another, they identify with having as much money as Trump reportedly has, without the means of getting it.
          On thing I can say about Trump, he’s unbias about who he takes from, as long as it lands in his pocket.

          1. itsfun December 20, 2016

            Yep us deplorable people just working and paying taxes so you lazy asses on the left can collect more welfare and food stamps, free housing on our dollars. I hope a new policy is “no work no food”. You will be in deep sh__ then or will be eating it.

          2. marriea December 20, 2016

            Sweetie, I worked for 35 years in my job before I retired.
            I get a pension that I worked hard for.
            I don’t get why you feel that you are working for
            and providing for someone else..
            I suspect that you are the one collecting welfare and food stamps or wishing like hell that you could.
            Maybe you should talk to one of your relatives.
            Either way, in many ways, I hope that Trump will slice a knife to those very programs that you feel you are paying for.
            Then we will see who the beneficiaries of such programs are.
            Bet it won’t be who you think.
            There will be much crying and grashing of the teeth.

          3. Mama Bear December 20, 2016

            He’s a paid troll, Marriea, he gets paid for the number of responses he gets. Ignore him and he will go away…..hungry:)

          4. marriea December 20, 2016

            Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.
            But one thing is clear, the ones who hollar welfare and food stamps the most and loudest are usually collecting them.

          5. itsfun December 20, 2016

            Where do you think the money for welfare comes from? Do you believe working people are benefiting from welfare? Where do you believe your tax money goes? Sorry to disappoint you, but I never collected one cent of welfare, food stamps, or even one day of unemployment benefits.

          6. marriea December 21, 2016

            Good for you. You should count your blessings.
            As for income taxes and where it goes.
            I don’t know. Probably in some lawmaker’s pocket.
            All I really looked at was my net, because I know the tax man cometh.
            And although I might get some back during the income tax season, why should I get a headache thinking about it going to someone else, wheather it is deserved or not.
            What difference does it make?
            I know I’m not going to see it other than on the gross line.
            Have you ever talked to your representative about your concern? What answer did you get back? (By the way did you notice that expensive suit and high end shoes that person was wearing?)
            You should get a life.
            Worrying or thinking about someone eating steak, while you’re eating ground up beef, will make you a very unhappy person..

          7. itsfun December 22, 2016

            Where do you think the government gets money to pay for welfare and other give a away programs. Its all from your taxes. The government does not do anything to make money, it only takes money others have earned. The difference where the money goes is the reason for high taxes. Yes I talked to my US Representative just 2 weeks ago. He was wearing a sweater and New Balance shoes. Maybe you don’t care how much you pay in taxes or where that money goes, but I do and you should. Not caring where you money goes leads to higher and higher taxes.

          8. marriea December 22, 2016

            You are seemingly fixated on that welfare and food stamps part.
            That’s your biggest hype.
            But that program is peanuts compared to the amoount of money spent on unnecessary wars and our ‘fighting machine toys’.
            I have no problem with people who need those programs and thank God every day that so far I don’t.
            And those people that do, cross racial, ethnic, religious lines.
            If it can provide some level of security to others that have less than I, so be it.
            I’d rather see it go to someone alive than being used to kill others who live on the other side of the globe.

          9. itsfun December 22, 2016

            I firmly believe in helping anyone that can’t help their self. I also firmly believe that any healthy young man or woman that is collecting any kind of welfare should be forced to do some kind of community service to earn the help. Saying a program is peanuts compared to others makes no difference. It is still taxpayer money and should be wisely accounted for. We have been in a war somewhere for 8 straight years now. Just think of how many roads, bridges, help for the homeless, etc. could have been built with the money.

          10. PrecipitousDrop December 22, 2016

            Were you in a coma when Bush 43 got us INTO the wars in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003)?
            What new wars will Trump and the lunatic Gen. Michael Flynn get us into NEXT?

          11. itsfun December 22, 2016

            President Bush had the approval of Congress and the UN.

          12. PrecipitousDrop December 23, 2016

            As does President Obama.

          13. marriea December 22, 2016

            Finally, we agree on something.
            But who are these healthy young men and women to which you refer.
            All monies that is taken is taxpayer monies.
            It’s taken because I, we, have no choice in the matter.
            But I have seen the many people (or some of them) and they aren’t young and healthy.
            So which young and healthy are you referring to.

          14. itsfun December 22, 2016

            I am referring to everyone that is physically capable of working. I think there should be state programs that provide job training for these folks that pays them minimum wage while they still get their welfare benefits. These positions should be for one year, then the state should help them with full time job placement. If the person refuses to work then they should lose their benefits immediately. If the person has young children, then day care would also be provided for the one year. That would give these folks actual on job training, they would learn what is expected of them by a employer, they would also get the great feeling of earning their own way.

          15. marriea December 22, 2016

            Ok, itsfun, I don’t disagree with you on that score neither.
            However, you seemingly think that people choose not to work when there is work available.
            In a way, such a program is kind of already in existance.
            Surprisingly, it was started by Bill Clinton, in his effort to cut off welfare use.
            Don’t know if it works in all 50 states like that, but that was the blueprint, sort of.
            He also implimented a plan for free college at a two year institution.
            At the time that happened, I told my kids that in the future a two year college certificate was going to be the new high school diploma..
            Some people took advantage of that program, many didn’t because they though 12 years of schooling was enough.
            Now those GEDS are harder and more costly to get into.
            Oft times, we already have programs readily avaiable for people to look into, but they don’t.
            And I suspose it’s human nature not to try and work any harder or work at something that they are familiar with, but that’s not the world we live in now.
            Clinton saw what was happening back in the 90’s and tried to make it possible for those who wanted to, could try and up the anti for themselves and this cross all racial and ethnic lines.
            Now the jobs that are readily available, waiting to be filled, and there are thousands in this country, but the rub is one has to have the technical skills required.
            And that means having an up to date predigree or papers.
            Even carpentry, plummering, pouring concrete requires a predigree now.
            People used to be able to go out and build their own homes, like my grandfather did. Now the govt requires a licence to do anything on one’s own property.
            Times change and the more the more things change, there will be new regulations that comes with it.
            My advice to anyone, go to school and finish it regardless of wheather you like it or not.
            It kills me the logic of some kids now-a days, when they think they are hurting their teacher by not going to class.
            That teacher has his or hers, what have they got.
            We have this stupidity going where everyone is trying to stick it to the other guy.
            I say mind your own business and if you want to really stick it to the other guy, you make it your business to be more successful.
            But that’s just me and I tend to be kind of old school.

          16. itsfun December 23, 2016

            We have so many people that believe they should start at the top instead of working their way up the career ladder. Many of our young feel that if they get a degree they should start at the best paying jobs immediately. Maybe its because we have told them all their lives if they stay in school and go to college for a degree, they will get better jobs. Maybe we have given them the impression they will start at the top and not have to work their way up. Not all can go to college, that is one reason I love training type programs by companies to help people get a start in all fields. Its not easy in real life, and maybe we give our kids the idea that it is. There is not any one cure all plan. I do think if President-elect Trump does what he said and fix our roads, and bridges and inner cities, jobs will open up for entry level folks.

          17. marriea December 23, 2016

            Fixing up our roads and infrastructure is what President Obama has been proposing for at least the last past six years.
            However he would have to go thru Congress to get the funding and Congress would always, always attach one of those rider bill that had nothing to do with the original intent and so Obama would veto the entire bill, because those rider bills always contained something that would greatly water down the original bill and it’s intent, which was to provide good paying jobs to the public.
            Although I agree with you about college and what it can do, as I have looked at the process over the years, it doesn’t hurt to have a back up plan.
            So many jobs now carry titles and those titles carry weight.
            Think of a sales jobs or a cash registry jobs, now they are called associates, for doing the same works and getting the same pay.
            They sound good, but a rose by any other name…..
            So even a job like carpentry is called a structurial ‘engineer’, pouring concrete is a building ‘engineer’.
            One is doing the same thing, but those pesky titles get in the way.
            Now a days, those new fancy names cost money.
            Even if you have knowledge of those jobs, you have to have a piece of paper that says, yes you have knowledge of those jobs by a ‘reputable’ source, even if you could teach that source a thing or two about the job.
            I would advise a student to go into a field in college, of not what’s relevant now, but what will be relevant in 10 years.
            That way, at least four years of college, maybe six and then some job experience for four, one would already be ready for a chosen field when they walk thru the door or apply.
            To me, a BA degree, unless one is planning on being a starving artist is kind of obsolete these days. Even teaching jobs, teaching our kids is becoming one of those jobs that’s becoming obsolete unless one is teaching perhaps math and science.
            But with today’s teachers, even if your field of study is science and or math, many schools now, in need of a history or english teacher will put a begainer teacher especially, in a class that is not in their field of study.
            As for Trump doing what he says he going to do about fixing up our roads and infrastrustructure, my fear is that Trump don’t and won’t do something that doesn’t benefit Trump.
            The companies that he might contract with, probably will only hire part time workers and not pay the laborers as much as they think.
            They might get the heathy contracts, but the funding will mostly go to the companies to pay out as they wish, with the bulk of the funds going into the pockets of the company owners.
            Trump is not known for paying for the worth of an employee, only for just what he deems is a living wage and the employee had better like it or be out of work.
            There are employees in Nevada trying to sue him now so that they can organize and he won’t meet with him.
            You might say that’s a good thing until you are busting your ass for mimimun wage which Trump has said he has no problem with and with his pick for the Labor Dept, a man who is on record as saying $9.00 an hour is a good salary, then you will understand.
            Most companies these days, are trying their damnest to make as many jobs as possible fit the federal requirement for part time work.
            If you are a part timer, then you might not be elgible for full time hours, something that most folks need and require to keep their home life livable.
            To me, a lot of folks like to sprout a lot of things Trump said, but if one would listen carefully, you’d find that Trump actually said nothing concretely.
            He’s throw out some adjective and then the people would throw out what they thought he said,.
            But Trump never said that, the people did and he didn’t bother to correct them, so people ended up thinking what they said, he was complying.
            He wasn’t.
            He was playing the game of ‘Simon Said’
            He was conning folks.
            That’s his MO.
            That’s how he conned many small contractors into building his buildings.
            Even when he had a signed contract, he’d regege on those contracts too.
            Then he’s say ‘take me to court’, but he’d continue the process to death and most small business had a payroll to meet, so they’d end up settling for a much smaller amount than what was said on the contract.
            I met one such person myself about 5 or 6 years ago.
            You might be turned on to Trump, that’s your right.
            But the fact is Trump has made money by cheating others.
            I hope for your sake that your belief about him comes true, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.
            Folks in New York City knows how he works and that’s why they have so little regard to him.
            But there is always a first for anything and anyone.
            Good luck


          18. itsfun December 23, 2016

            At least we can agree to disagree. Even though we do agree on some things. Thank you for not calling me a moron, liar, idiot and worse like others do that don’t believe anyone can have a opinion different from theirs.

          19. marriea December 23, 2016

            First of all, I’ve never met you except in this forum.
            I don’t know you to believe you to be a moron, liar, although there are some views that come across as idiotic or naive to believe in a man that has seemingly no genuine regard for others other than those he is close to.
            I will alwaysy believe that Trump is a user and a con man, and that he targeted whites and especially white males because of their seemingly views about a black man elevating himself to the one of the higher position, at least from an American point of view, of the Presidentcy of this country.
            I put his rise in that ‘persuit of happiness’ status with him actually catching it.
            Most of us come no where close.
            I believe that President Obama did try to be a good president to all, and did honor his desire to be president of all the people, regardless of race, ethnic or religious difference.
            Many don’t believe that and some don’t even try as all they see is a black man and to be honest in this country, a black man person in this country has always been help in low regards.
            American has pretty much taught it’s citizens that since blacks were brought here in chains.
            We might disagree with policy.
            But I will always respect your views.
            I don’t know where you came from, where you live, what your upbringing was like and what fostered your views, but be that as it may, they are your views and looking at ones from the shoes they have walked in, their views are of value to that person. Perhaps maybe as Americans we need to learn to talk with and to each other more and stop yelling and pointing fingers at the others.
            As President Obama has pointed out, there are more things that bond us than devide us. We just have a tendency to only look at the divide.
            I can only hope going forward that the supporters of Trump, don’t get disappointed in their expectations of him, but honestly from my view point, I have met his kind in many situations from supervisors, co workers and even a few friends and lovers in my day.
            They all then to talk a good game just to get what they want.
            They are never committal,
            There is always that open ‘but’, in everything they say.
            I can only wish you and yours the best.
            So, my dear fellow contributer, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

          20. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            Right…ALL liberals collect welfare and food stamps and get free housing and ALL cons work hard, pay their taxes and love their mommies. News flash! Since 1962, I have served in the U.S. Marines, worked in the private sector, raised 3 respected (and respectable) sons who pay their own way and have raised families of their own. I am now long retired and collecting Social Security (that I paid into for nearly 50 years). And YOU are an idiot of the first order!

          21. itsfun December 20, 2016

            I didn’t realize all liberals collect welfare until you just told me. And you are a first class jackass.

          22. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            Thanks for confirming my diagnosis of your utter idiocy.

          23. itsfun December 20, 2016

            and you for confirming you are a jackass

          24. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            I define “jackass” as: one who calls out idiots for their abject idiocy. Therefore, thank you for the compliment.

          25. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            If the “deplorables” like us didn’t work, you would be worse off than you are. Just saying you work and pay taxes isn’t proof that you really work. Sorry, but we can’t trust you any more than we trust Trump.

        2. itsfun December 20, 2016

          Americans are dying younger because of Obama care and his death panels. That is what he wants. You are a complete fool and pc leftist that knows nothing of the real world. If brain power was dynamite you couldn’t blow up a balloon.

          1. Jim Samaras December 20, 2016

            You’re dealing with people who have never signed the front of a paycheck in their lives so it’s very difficult to get them to understand that there is no money tree except within the government confines or that somebody must make tough decisions in order to make ends meet when things become tight. Trump will force these departments to stop looking at their jobs as though there are unlimited funds so just throw money at the problem. They will be responsible for a budget or will be unemployed.

          2. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            All you and itsfun (among many others) have in your arsenal is baseless insults! I can’t wait to see how you feel about Trump in a few months or so when his policies and those of his appointees start taking full effect.

          3. Jim Samaras December 21, 2016

            I insult only those who are insulting in their replies. If you’re correct I’ll be here complaining about them but will you be here when and if they work admitting you misjudged him?

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            We have to deal with you, Jim. How do you know who has signed a paycheck and who hasn’t? Are you so prejudiced and daft as to make a blanket statement like the one you made? Do you ever think about what you’re saying, or do you impulsively say things first, then think later.
            You still persist in being like a philistine in this forum. Still the same old routine of telling us how much you feel exalted above those untutored leftists—the ones you like to elevate yourself above.

            It’s hard for you to break away from bad habits, just like an alcoholic from booze or opioid users from pain-killers.

          5. Jim Samaras December 21, 2016

            Aaron, many on this site talk like they haven’t. If they had they wouldn’t make absurd statements as in above. I don’t feel better than anyone on this forum just a person with a differing opinion on things.

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 21, 2016

            I agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that doesn’t extend to saying whatever you want to, or to make gross generalizations that you’ve made frequently. Freedom of speech comes with an implicit proviso not stated but when one matures one understands.
            I’ve noticed your tendencies to make sweeping generalizations regarding people who have political views different than yours; at other times you assert yourself by pretending to know the feelings of Black people on a particular subject, or intimate that blacks are prone to be violent which is a dangerous stereotype you harbor(probably something instilled in you by your parents); or on another occasion during the Standing Rock situation where you stated that the protesters should just get over the harsh treatment received in the past, and to(in your words) “just move on”. I myself try to use the phrase “many such and such”, or something like “…there appears to be a tendency…”. Try this sometimes. ALthough I’m African American, I stress my oneness with all humanity despite their ethnicity or skin color, and I don’t stereotype groups based on the action of one or two.

            When you write what you’ve written, you never say you’re better than others explicitly, but your choice of words indicate otherwise. It;s always said that others looking from afar can better detect subtleties about a person than he/she would not detect.

            More “qualitative” exposure to people whose cultural and/or racial background differs from yours will help.

          7. Jim Samaras December 22, 2016

            You only detect those “subtleties” because as a black man you’ve been conditioned to look hard for them so therefore they are so. There is no harm meant by my writings only the truth as I and many others see it to be. I always use the term “many” or “some” and never lump anyone into “all” I pay no or little attention to the lefts “dog whistle” words as I believe them to be a waste of time because as I use them there is no prejudiced intended.

          8. PrecipitousDrop December 22, 2016

            You’re a perfect example of “Deplorable”, Jim.

          9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 22, 2016

            Jim, your subtle form of racism isn’t so subtle. Rather than beat around the bush pretending to want to have a civil conversation and to learn from a different viewpoint wholly apart from what you were taught by your parents, just come out and say you wish for Jim Crow policies to be enforced again, so that us black people can be forever beholden to Jim Samaras, plantation owner and master.

          10. Jim Samaras December 22, 2016

            Aaron, while I lean to the conservative side of things I don’t consider my self a republican. However let’s not forget neither one of us have seen the democratic party as upset as they’ve been about this election since those republicans allowed women to vote or freed the slaves. How quickly we forget huh?

          11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 22, 2016

            Is that all you think of, Jim—liberal, conservative, black or white, democrat or republican?
            You’ve painted yourself into a bleak and dreary corner. I’d hate to be the only one at a table with you, or on a long trip if your mind is so constrained to political leanings and events. I’ve yet to see anything written by you that doesn’t touch on politics.
            Which gets back to my previous observation that you’ve become divorced from loftier themes and from spiritual concepts. It’s as though your whole being has become as dry and lifeless as the surface of the moon—the dark side, always facing away from the sun.
            Maybe you can make a resolution to yourself to widen your horizon for the next year—maybe visit a country totally different from what you might normally choose to go to, and with an open mind, mingle with people of different skin colors, different religious backgrounds, and who don’t look at the world in strictly binary terms.
            This is the way Baha’u’llah would want us to orient ourselves in these divisive and chaotic times.

          12. Jim Samaras December 22, 2016

            Ummm, this is a political page Aaron. If you’d like to talk sports or cooking we could move to a different one.

            While I enjoy travel there’s no way I could bring myself to do so outside of these United States today. Perhaps after the new administration stops the bloviation and makes some hard decisions as to bring sanity back to the world

          13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 22, 2016

            Ummm, Jim—you’re being as alert as a doorknob on this one. Politics is not a separate entity. You’re still fragmented like the early Greeks, except for the likes of Plato and Socrates who were capable of interweaving spiritual and political concepts easily. Your mind is blank, painted a stark white like a padded room, and you lack imagination, creativity—a monochrome mind. What a waste of what God gave you.

          14. Jim Samaras December 22, 2016

            Funny you should mention Wayne, a classmate of Obamas who never saw him on campus and took some of the same courses.

            I’ve mentioned be fore Aaron, I’m not a believer in the God that many worship. I believe messengers from a higher place may have guided humanity for many years but in no way were meant to be worshipped.

          15. itsfun December 20, 2016

            You can’t actually mean there will be accountability in DC? That is a foreign concept to career politicians and federal employees.

          16. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            The death panel myth is for suckers who’ll believe any conspiracy or half-baked lie. Don’t be a fool all your life—there’s still time to improve yourself. And don’t even talk about brain-power because you haven’t expressed any the entire year. And typing at the keyboard isn’t what we call brainpower, but instead it’s the profundity of your thought and your insights that indicate intellectual acumen.

      3. RED December 20, 2016

        So you think the “successful” people who have made million, billions by automating factories or sending jobs overseas or in many cases packaging and re-selling sub-prime mortgages without being honest about it and then going to the government with their hand out are the people who are going to suddenly decide that maximizing profit is not as important? Hey genius, it is always going to cheaper to hire cheap labor, it is always going to be cheaper to replace people with robots, that “ain’t” gonna change and you can be fool and spiel all the job re-training and getting an education bull you want but when there’s 70 people looking for a job and only one job 69 people are going without a job, period!! Jesus, t makes me sick how ignorant my country is!

        1. itsfun December 20, 2016

          It makes me sick to see someone as stupid as you are. You bitch about successful people and whine when they don’t give you more and more hand outs. Lazy ass bottom feeders like you are a dime a dozen.

          1. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            You’re right about one thing, itsfun….you are, indeed, SICK!

          2. marriea December 23, 2016

            And dumb

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            We feel the same way about you, and it’s not fun. Speaking of bitching, that’s your only mode of communication. I’ve yet to see you post anything that is thoughtful, or show that you made an effort to think. It’s all reflex action on your part, and as the year draws to a close you’re more mired in your status quo way of thinking. And being lazy is a hallmark of a whiner like yourself.
            Be a man for once in your life, grow up, and enter the new year as an adult who is thoughtful and making a real and lasting contribution to society, and not some sniveling brat whose only joy is to express an enduring infatuation with Trump and the GOP.

            See if you can pledge to be a grown-up in the year 2017, won’t you?

          4. dpaano December 21, 2016

            He’s only mimicking his fearless leader…..Trump! Talk about a whiner!

          5. marriea December 23, 2016

            Bet he was one of those persons wearing one of those sick repusive tee shirts crowing like a rooster on TV.
            In about a year, he and they will find themsleves in the same place they are now in worst shape than before and Trump pouncing like a peacock bragging about how he conned some more people with his Art of the Deal.

  4. Mama Bear December 20, 2016

    I join millions of Americans today – being very sad. Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and I believe he will live up to that promise. Unfortunately, his “swamp” is not what we thought it was – it is all the agencies that cared for Americans. The only way his cabinet choices makes sense is that draining those agencies is exactly how he defined “swamp”. To think that a Republican anywhere cares about the consequences is delusional. Their idea of governing has nothing to do with “we the people” but everything to do with “we the monied”. Not just those that finally got medical care under the ACA, but also those millions of Americans who use Medicare are going to suffer. The newest “reform” that passed while no one was looking changes the way Medicare pays doctors and makes the bar so high and convoluted to get reimbursed that these docs will refuse to treat Medicare patients in droves. And in typical Republican fashion they will brag about all the money they saved Medicare….while seniors wait for months and months to see a doc.

    1. marriea December 20, 2016

      Just saw my Medicare bill go up $11 dollars.
      On one hand it’s not alot, but considering that I also maintain my supplemental insurance which is about $204, my monthly insurance tab is now well over $325 a month.
      I fear that under Trump, it will climb even futher.

      1. RED December 20, 2016

        I’m 45 and I’m absolutely terrified of the thought of having to find private health insurance at 65 or 70 or whatever. Currently I’m paying around $600 per month not including the portion picked up by my employer. And of course, it covers next to next.

        1. marriea December 20, 2016

          What in the world kind of insurance do you have and I’m assuming you are still working.
          I just retired about 3 years ago, and mine came to about $150 a month, although my dependants are all grown,
          Do you have kids.
          $600 a month is really high and I guess you were saying it cover next to nothing.
          What state are you in?

          1. RED December 20, 2016

            It is family coverage, the total cost is around $700/month with my employers contribution. I live in Alabama which has pretty much one insurance company with a monopoly. They not only dictate my policy, costs and such of their customers but they also dictate what the doctors do, by way of demanding they prescribe cheaper drugs & treatments to punishing doctors who fail to do as they are told. Just last month my own doctor failed to profess fealty to the insurance masters of the state and he was dropped from their “in-network” group, meaning those who wish to continue to see him would be forced to pay a significantly higher price. He happens to be an excellent caring doctor who told Blue Cross blue Shield to screw off, he was going to treat his patients the best way his medical training suggested not the cost effective method for Blue Cross. And my doctor is a rarity, most would not be so courageous. But he also knows that many like myself will continue as his patient regardless.

          2. marriea December 20, 2016

            And therein lies the rub.
            Alabama is one of those Red States that like to control who gets what.
            i live in Illinois.
            I have Blue Cross and also have Medicare now that I am over 65.
            I also maintain a PPO, which allows me the freedom to go to the doctor of my choosing as of now.
            Yes they are getting over on you and your state like a fat rat.
            And when I have read about the POLS you guys have, I have to wonder why does the population on that state keep voting those folks in.
            I heard about the woes (self inflicted) of your governor, a judge there and who was it, the state’s attorney.
            Don’t the people of your state realize it’s time for those people who are hurting your state to go.
            In my state, we have Rauner, who is a businessman like Trump.
            Businessmen or women have these fantastic ideas of cutting things, but Rauner seemingly have the idea that only helping downstaters will help his cause.
            Problem is, this state also has that huge city of Chicago, which matches more than the rest of the state in totally in taxes paid.
            I don’t like the House Leader Madigan or Majority State Senator Cullerton but they are the only things keeping Rauner in check, whether they are good or not.
            I hate the type of politics Rauner is playing. If you are elected governor or President you have to be fair to ALL of the state or country and his trying to buy off people like Corey Brooks and Meeks the Preacher isn’t helping his cause.
            He’s up for re-election in two years and I suspect and hope he will be voted out.
            There are a lot of people who are depending on him whether down state or in the metropolis and trying to play divide and conquer can be one’s downfall.
            As for you guys, don’t know what party affliation you are and it’s not relevant, but you guys can do better. Kick those folks out and try for someone who really has your interest at heart.
            Good Luck


          3. JPHALL December 20, 2016

            I am a retiree in California and my employee supported medical insurance is 500 a month for another final year.

          4. dpaano December 21, 2016

            My corporation, which is a family-owned business (the family is in Germany) has very good health care benefits, but each year it STILL increases about 1-2% (which isn’t all that bad considering). But, like you, I pay over $500/month, plus I have to pay a spouse surcharge because my husband is on my policy. Nothing is free….but some people are lucky and some not so much.

          5. JPHALL December 21, 2016

            It’s sad how little many Americans know about health insurance. They do not know that the rates increase every year.

          6. marriea December 21, 2016

            Do you qualify for medicare yet?
            it’s funny ( not really) how health care differ in just about every state.
            Why is California so high?

          7. JPHALL December 21, 2016

            The cost of living is higher in California. That includes housing, insurance, groceries etc. Many of my co-workers leave the state when they retire. They sell their houses for much more than in most states. Also their California pensions go a lot farther in other especially right to work or Southern states.

          8. marriea December 22, 2016

            Then is California’s cost of living high in the entire state or just certain areas.
            I’ve read that New York City’s cost of living is very high, don’t know if that pertains to the entire state however.
            In Illinois, I think the higher cost are in the county of Cook where Chicago is, but in other parts, it’s OK, relatively speaking.
            But then again, I’m reading folks are leaving Illinois also.
            Have heard folks are migrating to Texas.
            It sucks to hear you are paying so much. Hope it’s a PPO and not an HMO.
            HMO’s, to me at least, really stink.

          9. JPHALL December 22, 2016

            Like in most places it is more expensive in the big cities. Unfortunately, it is hard to get paid well outside the big cities. That is why the commutes are murder.

          10. marriea December 22, 2016

            tell me about it.

      2. Mama Bear December 20, 2016

        that is all well and good, the problem is going to be that docs are going to stop taking Medicare patients and move back to the younger fee-for-service patients.

        1. marriea December 20, 2016

          I see that coming also, especially if you don’t have that all important suppplemental part to go along with the formal.
          But for right now, since Medicare pays for the bulk, I’m a little Ok.
          But I think back to something that Mitch McConnell said about a year ago with complete candor.
          He mentioned that when Social Security was implimented, the life expentancy was about 66 years old. Now people are living longer and it’s depleting the system.
          Then I thought of Sarah Palin and her death squad analogy.
          So is it possible that the govt is going to start limiting even health care, except for those who have money.
          I swear, the Trump followers remind me of the stupidity of people in that Left Behind Book series.

          1. Mama Bear December 20, 2016

            You reminded me of that series and it makes me laugh. I read it for my brother who is one of those fundamental evil-gelicals – he does not believe, for instance, that it is possible to be a Democrat and a Christian. Anyway, he begged me to read it so I gave in and did. Good grief. And we are Jewish! But he married one of those southern belle’s and the whole religious thing came with the package. But I get the suspending of reality that you refer to. Glad to hear you have that great supplement, so do I and for now as you say we are OK.

          2. marriea December 20, 2016

            So he really believes all of that fire and brimstone stuff.
            Oh, well, I guess we’re going to see it up close and personal.
            Glad I live on the first floor.
            At least when I jump out of the window, I might only just get a broken or sprained foot.
            Those living up higher….downward from on high is a killer.

        2. RED December 20, 2016

          Who are these younger people who can pay a fee-for-service? There may be some who can pay for a five minute visit to a doctor, at maybe around a $150. But there very few young people or really any people who can pay for medical services beyond a consultation. Not sure how much an MRI cost but my co-pay alone is $500?? And that’s just a diagnosis tool, I’m fairly certain the costs get exponentially worse once you start paying for treatments.

          1. Mama Bear December 20, 2016

            I’m actually referring to people who are under 65, working full time and have company sponsored insurance. Yes, premiums are outrageous; yes, co-pays are outrageous; yes, max out of pockets are outrageous. But…..if you are a doctor treating a Medicare patient who has 2 or 3 conditions and Medicare is paying you for showing that your treatment “worked” …that is to say the time you took counseling him about weight loss and exercise and how it can lower his blood pressure and make a difference in his diabetic condition and maybe even his shortness of breath…..the rest is out of your hands and up to the patient compliance. Same thing if a doc prescribes this patient meds….compliance is still the lynchpin to success. My point is much is out of the doc’s control yet he will be paid (or not paid) on that outcome. Would you not rather treat a patient and be paid for your services?

  5. bojimbo26 December 20, 2016

    The only promises that Donny is interested in are the ones that will make him money .

    1. FT66 December 20, 2016

      Agreed. One term is more than enough to accomplish his personal goals. See how much he made during the campaign.

      1. Mama Bear December 20, 2016

        there is never “enough” money for people like him.

        1. FT66 December 20, 2016

          I know it, thats why they are called: “money-mongers”. What I meant is, he doesn’t need even two terms, his goals was to get elected, get the right people of his own on place, silence people like Mitch McConnell by giving his wife the cabinet job and drain the country (not the swamp) until he pays back whatever he owes different banks.

          1. sigrid28 December 21, 2016

            Different banks in “different” countries: Germany, Russia, and China (that we know about).

          2. FT66 December 21, 2016

            Exactly. I guess there are more than these.

    2. PrecipitousDrop December 20, 2016

      The history of his career shows that he abandons those empty promises just as soon as the check is cashed.

      1. dpaano December 20, 2016

        He’s already abandoned many of his campaign promises, and the funny thing is that he’s actually told his followers (in a recent rally) that he “lied” in order to get their votes. He told them flat out that he didn’t care to prosecute Hillary; he didn’t care any longer about building a wall, and he didn’t care any longer about quite a few things that he promised them. Unfortunately, they are still too stupid to understand that they were conned by him and that he has NO plans to do anything to help this nation and only is in it for the money…..much like all his billionaire nominees!!

        1. Christinajramirez December 21, 2016

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  6. Godzilla December 20, 2016

    Considering the state of the VA and having vets die waiting for an appointment, the best thing that can happen to health insurance is to get government OUT of the business, completely. The problem is that this is impossible for the elderly, so Medicare will remain. Social Security will never fail, that’s just nonsense fear mongering.

    Folks, Ya lost. It’s over. The Liberal Progressive agenda has been rejected at every level of government. Relax now, enjoy the Christmas Season and enjoy life.

    1. FireBaron December 20, 2016

      Actually, if you checked the status of about 90% of the VA facilities, you would find excellent care and shorter waits for services than in most civilian run hospitals. You want to know why some VAs fare worse than other? Ask your congressmen why they keep denying budget requests for increased medical personnel in areas most in need. Ask your congressmen why they have denied funding needed to those same facilities to modernize or expand their facilities to support those in need.
      Oh, and by the way, most of these facilities are in solid red states. States where the GOP Congressmen are supposed to bring home the pork for projects like these. So, if you want to blame anyone for crappy support from the VA, blame our Congressional majority for the past 6 years of denial of improvements, then threatening to cut back funds so they can meed the demanded changes!

      1. Bubububba Bubba December 20, 2016

        And … wonder why do these GOP Congressmen do this….
        I see it all part of their propaganda to have red state citizens blame the Democrats for the failures of the VA facilities in their states. And the red state citizens are willing to do this. Gee…. weren’t the VA facilities do such a grand job during the 43rd administration ?
        It is all part of what Newt Gingrich calls the feelings being facts rather than facts being facts. The media exposes these VA mistakes and the GOP goes into echo chamber mode of condemning DNC of not respecting and providing for the Vets …. and the bubba populace swallows it whole…..
        They have been programmed to “feel” that whatever the GOP says is the truth and disregard nor investigate the facts.

        1. Mama Bear December 20, 2016

          sadly I’m afraid you hit the nail on the head.

          1. marriea December 20, 2016

            Yep, I also have to agree.
            This is why I have long advocated that people need to educate themselves on who is charge of our govt.
            True the Presidents and governors are the ‘speaking heads’. But it the legislature of any area in our politics that controls the ultimate purse strings.
            At the Federal level, the GOP has controled that function for 6 years now.
            I suspect that folks don’t even know who their Congresspersons are. I suspect that many don’t even know who their Senators are.
            From the books of Bishop John Spong, he notied that many years ago, people went along with the hierarchy because most people didn’t read.
            Now a days, especially in this country, although we might be able to pronounce words or say written words, we still don’t read.
            Reading is more than just saying a word, it means comprehending what the written word means.
            Most Americans try and fill in that gap by listening to ‘ the news.’
            That causes another problem.

          2. RED December 20, 2016

            Personally marriea, I don’t think you’re digging quite deep enough, it is the wealthy donors and mega corporations that control every part of our government and world. From the legislatures and governors to who makes it on to the Presidential ticket to the scientific studies that are purportedly unbiased but most certainly are. And there is simply only way to stop this, this thing that is going to kill us all one way or another and that is you cannot allow a very few people to wield nearly complete power over over government and our lives especially people who only guiding principle the accumulation of wealth at the expense of everyone and everything else. It’s just that simple.

          3. dpaano December 20, 2016

            Simple and, unfortunately, the case with the Trump administration….as long as Republicans and billionaires run our government, we will NEVER see anything done for the individual citizens of this nation! They are only interested in how much money they can make even if it means they spend MORE of our taxpayer money!

          4. dpaano December 20, 2016

            Additionally, I think they just proved a fact that most people who DO read a newspaper only look at the headlines and fail to read the entire article UNDER the headline! Headlines can be extremely misleading unless you read the entire article!!!

          5. marriea December 20, 2016

            That’s why, we are advised to read the small print and to pay attention to crossing those ‘t’s’ and dotting those ‘i’s’
            Most of us don’t.
            There is usually a disclaimer in there someplace.
            That disclaimer is what sunk many people who had insurance for years, but the companies didn’t pay off after Hurricane Katrina.

          6. dpaano December 20, 2016

            I wish we could hit a few other heads with nails….LOL!!!

        2. dpaano December 20, 2016

          Much like they blamed President Obama and Hillary for Benghazi when, in fact, it was the Congress that denied a bill for financing more security for our embassies and consulates overseas! But, because of the GOP propaganda machine and it’s lies and BS, the Republican followers blamed it on the wrong people!!! It was also the GOP Congress that denied additional funding for the VA and our veterans…..check the facts!

      2. idamag December 20, 2016

        Godzilla is the case of arrested development. You could see this when he had his picture on his avatar. The distance between his eyebrows and hairline was very narrow. He gave his credentials for knowing something as he played football in high school. Ask any high school teacher about the football players. They are given grades, they cannot earn, in order to keep them on the team.

        1. dpaano December 20, 2016

          Plus, all that head banging that they go through playing football….it definitely affects their brain tremendously. It’s one of the reasons why Godzilla apparently has a total lack of brain cells and can’t understand about privatization and profit, etc. He needs to get that checked….I bet if he had a CT scan of his brain, they’d find significant damage!

      3. Jim Samaras December 20, 2016

        More funding, more funding….think that’s all it takes huh? Trump will get it done with LESS money than they get now!

        1. iamproteus December 20, 2016

          And how do you think he will do that, Jim? Wave his magic wand?

        2. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

          There will certainly be less money, you got that part right.

    2. RED December 20, 2016

      It is an amazingly ignorant mind that somehow thinks that a system based solely on maximizing profit will somehow lead to results that aren’t the maximization of profit. It’s the greatest fraud of capitalism on the ignorant, and I of course mean ignorant like yourself. Hey genius, let’s say the VA is privatized. So now businesses can serve people with huge medical problems and in need of lifelong care, will that be profitable? After all private business must make a profit. Plus I can’t figure out how people are so economically and mathematically ignorant that they can’t figure out that both public and private would have the same costs except the private also has the extra cost of profit. It take a real simpleton to not be able to understand this. And it take a monumentally uneducated ignorant fool to not know how historically, time after time after time after time unfettered capitalism has lead to the exact same results, EVERY FRIGGING TIME and although I’m certain your’re too dumb to actually know this, it “ain’t” the mythical prosperity preaching that you’ve apparently swallowed all down. How’s that vast prosperity here in the center of capitalism? Labor participation? Memba that? Or have you forgotten now? One in five kids hungry in the wealthiest country ever? Yep, that there is some real prosperity, just not for those kids going hungry. I recognize that once you have joined an ignorant cult, like you have, it’s near impossible to de-program your brain, so mostly I just enjoy ridiculing your stupidity. Have a nice day!

      1. Jim Samaras December 20, 2016

        For somebody throwing the ignorant stone around you certainly sound like the ignorant one in the room.

        “Plus I can’t figure out how people are so economically and mathematically ignorant that they can’t figure out that both public and private would have the same costs except the private also has the extra cost of profit. It take a real simpleton to not be able to understand this.”

        It takes a simpleton who has never run a successful business in his life NOT to know that a better operator will trim expenses to CREATE a profit and doesn’t understand that the “public” business simply has to go back to the “money tree” with zero regard for profit or loss. Please try not to make a fool of yourself and comment on something you know nothing about.

        1. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

          Government is not a business, and Trump is a serial bankrupt in any case.

          1. RED December 21, 2016

            I find it fascinating that people believe that when a group of people come together and organize for a specific purpose or goal if they call themselves a corporation that’s good but if they call themselves a government it’s bad, it’s kind silly they are both just groups of people. But then again one is always organized for only one purpose and that’s profit, regardless of the cost to us or society, regardless of who it hurts who it damages, if it makes kids go hungry, profit, profit, profit. I also can no longer accept the contradiction that if we set up systems or enterprises who’s sole pursuit in the increasing of profit that somehow we will get anything other than the increase of profit at all costs. Like dear Jim above believing that if we would just let people treat veterans for profit this would somehow be good for the veterans? Not making sure we provided need services and good doctors but instead placing them in a system that receives rewards for charging as much as possible and giving as little as possible in return.

        2. RED December 21, 2016

          Ahh dear Jim, bringing the magical free market myths to the table!! Thanks Jim! And not that it particularly matters but personally I’m a CPA and I’ve actually owned three separate business, but again that matters not. What matters is your magical thinking or more accurately your complete and total indoctrination that you can’t even see the contradictions or obvious ridiculousness of your argument. But of course a business operator will “trim expenses” and trim them as much as he possibly can. But here comes the magical thinking, somehow in your mind he will magically cut expenses but it won’t affect in this case the services of the veterans. Wow! MAGIC!!! And how amazing that in your mind if we take a group of people organize them and say your goal is to take care veterans and we take another group of people and organize them and say your goal is to make more profit that somehow the group organized to make profit is going to take better care of veterans? It’s frigging ridiculous and reflects an indoctrination deeper than the Jim Jones cult Kool Aid drinkers. And you can go on and on and on about the free market and the magical mythical fantasies all you want. But of course it requires a complete suspension of reality. Naturally like in all cults, it will be near impossible for you to accept any reality or truth the contradicts your lifelong indoctrination in to a system and an ideology that is coming close to bringing the human race to either great catastrophe or possibly extinction.

          1. Jim Samaras December 21, 2016

            A glorified bookkeeper does not a businessman make! You keep counting the beans and let the entrepreneurs earn the money you count for them.

            “Close to bringing the human race to either great catastrophe or possibly extinction.” Were you a drama major in school?

          2. RED December 21, 2016

            Aww, delightful, I see you have brought concrete rebuttals to refute my argument and analysis! Or maybe not so much. But of course, you do give away yourself, away, please inform us which occupations in your valuation are important? Clearly, you believe yourself to be an ingenius “entrepreneur” who has added so much to society. So please tell us what amazing invention did you bestow upon society? Please enlighten us mere mortals who’s attainment of the higher levels of education do not compare with the mighty title of “entrepreneur.” Of course it was silly of me to think that people like myself educated and experience in business and economics might be able to critique the system of business and economics because of course we must instead turn to the great entrepreneur. It’s also quite fascinating and enlightening that even your attempt to insult shows your deep and complete conditioning and indoctrination. Did I say I wanted the title of “businessman”? I don’t think so, but clearly it is some kind of title that you worship and therefore believe others must as well. I feel quite confident that you have invented nothing, added nothing to society, and your idea of an “entrepreneur” is as simplistic as as the rest of your outlook.

          3. PrecipitousDrop December 21, 2016

            I’ll bet Jim is a plumber, or a house painter, or the guy who comes to pump the septic tank.
            When he “signs the front of paychecks,” it’s for himself and his nephew, who totes stuff.
            Y’know, salt of the earth.
            That kind of guy.

          4. RED December 21, 2016

            Btw, I sure hope you aren’t taking too much time away from your entrepreneuring and all that!!

      2. dpaano December 20, 2016

        It’s like the story of all the prisons that have been privatized…..it now costs us more money to keep prisoners in these prisons, plus many judges are on the boards or are sharholders of these prisons and, because of this, have a vested interest in sending more and more people (even relatively innocent ones) to the prisons so they can make more money to pay their shareholders. To privatize is ridiculous because this country will not only have to pay the same costs they’re paying now, but, as you said, they will have to add on more because these companies need to make a profit to pay their boards and their shareholders! It’s pretty logical if you are a logical thinker, but apparently Godzilla and his ilk are NOT.

        1. idamag December 21, 2016

          Idaho privatized their prison system once. CCA. Seems CCA poured a chunk of money into the governor’s campaign coffers. They let the costly well trained guards go and hired some entry level people. The entry level people started a gladiator thing. They would make two prisoners fight until one of them was out. One of them died. Then there was only a skeleton crew on the graveyard shift. On one inspection, the Health Department found the food was substandard as far as nutrition went. A group asked for an investigation by the AG. The governor said it was not needed. The case was taken to the state supreme court and an investigation showed we were paying 30% more than when the prison was state operated. The CCA was fined a bunch, the contract was thrown out the window and now the prison is state run. The governor fought this all the way.

          1. dpaano December 22, 2016

            And that’s just ONE state….there are several states in the South that have privatized prisons and are now thinking that maybe that wasn’t such a great idea!

    3. leonardo311 December 20, 2016

      Lets see if I have this right, GWB sends hundreds of thousand of our troops off to fight a war, the Repunicans in congress cut funding for the VA and yet it is the VA’s fault that their caseload has more than doubled and have to do it with a smaller budget. The biggest joke of all, the Republicans are the ones “wrapping themselves in the flag and telling us how they support our troops (as if the Democrats don’t).

      And now the Donald want to spend even more money to “re-build” our military, while rattling swords about Iran . . . Cutting taxes and our repunican “leaders” ??Not one peep about the $20 Trillion debt, now that they are in charge.

      1. dpaano December 20, 2016

        Definitely…..now that they’re in charge, the debt and the deficit mean nothing to them! Watch it double or triple, and they won’t even blink an eye! Typical Republicans…..when they are in power, the debt and deficit soar, and it only goes down when Democrat takes office and fixes it (much like President Obama did after GWB left; or when Clinton did after Reagan left). It’s a well-known fact that these two things increase under Republicans and decrease under Democrats!!!

  7. Bubububba Bubba December 20, 2016

    ahhh…. the old Russian maxim….. no work > no eat

  8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

    One thing Donald can be counted on, no matter what one’s point of view is, is to break a promise. For Donald, a promise if just a perfunctory and appropriate thing for him to say in order to advance himself. Too bad a smaller number of people in the nation are too bleary-eyed and mentally lethargic to recognize this.

    As a matter of conjecture, their lethargy may be early signs of a health decline already in progress—I shudder to think what decline has already overtaken Godzilla, Otto the Goat, and other “cheerful” and wholesome(?) fellows. (Either “Agatha” is in rehab or recovering from some other ailment. I Don’t Know, as Donald is wont to say. Maybe he was simply a badly written A.I. program that was timed to go through “n” number of iterations before termination).

    But I digressed—Donald’s Cabinet is so chock full of the most well-off in society that the last thing on their collective Scrooge minds is genuine concern for the welfare and well-being of fellow human beings, which is in accord with the GOP philosophy. As long as they are OK, then everything else is moot.

    1. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

      Oh poor Aaron. At least we did drain the swamp of lawyers (all Dem presidents and VPs were lawyers except for Gore, who flunked out). I think it ironic about your lefties complaining about rick folks in the cabinet. The Dems have more millionaires in their ranks than the GOP does.

      1. marriea December 20, 2016

        You are a prime example of what and to whom Aaron is speaking of.
        You are so into making a case about the ‘faults of Dems’ that your eyes still can’t see.
        Dems have more millionares in their ranks than GOP members?
        Not that I expect anything from anyone who has money, but surely you jest.
        This is not a fooball game in which your favorite team won.
        If you fail to understand, then, oh well, too bad for you.
        You don’t miss your water, till the well runs dry.

        1. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

          Are you denying that the Dems have move millionaires than the GOP? Are you saying that because Trump is not selecting lawyers but business folks is no good?
          Trump campaigned on draining the swamp and folks voted for him to do that. Now that he’s delivering on his promise you’re crying foul?

          Changing the subject, I believe in an earlier forum that you criticized me for my comments about Muslims. I claimed there were big changes in Europe where Muslims have taken over countries. Try this link and see if you still think I’m wrong.


          1. marriea December 20, 2016

            I rarely look at links because I have found that they only reinforce their already biases and are therefore so very unobjective as to be lies.
            My position about Muslins have not changed.
            I have and no American has anything to fear about a people who are minding their own business and could care less about you.
            However there was an interesting story on AOL today about a Neo-Nazi/alt right who in Montana is targeting Jews with harrassment.
            Why I don’t know.
            I don’t even think he knows why other than because he can.
            Now those guys and people who act like him, I would be very cauious of,
            We often talk about ISIS.
            ISIS is here front and center in this country and all the ones in the Middle East has to do sit back and watch Americans with these ‘supremacy’ views destroy this country.
            Too bad that you seemingly sympathize with this stupidity.
            Hope you don’t have kids.
            As for the millionaires that the GOP don’t have according to you, you need to check out who the GOPS work for when they leave office. Most become lobbiest.
            A lobbiest can be looked at as a paid briber. It’s legal, but still, call it what it is.
            And yes they are a part of both parties.
            But to say that there are more of one than another of each party, I would have to challange you to go up all of the ex pols for the last ten years to see where they are now and see who they are indeed working for.
            You just might be surprised or just call it MSM BS.

          2. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            Your comments sound like what a racist would say “I have some black friends and they’re polite”.
            The Brexit vote was about the Brits taking their country back.
            I live in Europe almost 6 months a year and I have relatives that live in Europe full-time. We can see what’s happened and happening.
            The latest Muslim attack in Germany hopefully will get Merkel out of office.
            Here is another link

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            These silly manufactured views in these links are useless, except to dolts who are too busy to do their own research. Are you such a dolt?
            When will you stop being so lazy and do some original unbiased research and learning? If you didn’t get beyond high school then I can see one relying on links. But I’m assuming you advanced beyond high school—am I right? If so, then use your talents by being original in your assessment, make an effort to broaden your narrow-minded horizon, and not gulp down GOP baloney so voraciously.

          4. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            It must be nap time for your religion.
            Just because you don’t agree with what the links I provide, does not mean they’re wrong or not to be believed. You lefties are so close-minded that the possibility that a news source besides MSNBC or the NYT could be correct is beyond your simple-minded comprehension.

            Stop trusting Washington Post, NYT, etc and see what’s going on in the real world.
            You might be surprised.

          5. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            WND is a conspiracy theory crank site.

            I hope that helps!

          6. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic Dummy and proven to be a big poster of lies,

            Perhaps if your low information crowd were to have paid more attention to sources like WND, they you would have known that HilLIARy was behind in the polls and that the Dems were concentrating too much a bathrooms and not enough about the working class and the economy.

          7. I Am Helpy December 23, 2016

            So STILL no quote, huh.

      2. roguerunners December 20, 2016

        rick folks in the cabinet genius? Haha! Back at ya. 🙂

        1. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

          And the members of Obama’s or Bill Clinton’s cabinet were not rich? Trump ran on draining the swamp, so he called upon business folks, you know folks who know how to turn the limp economy around.
          Lest you forget, many voted for Trump to change the way the country has been run.
          So now that he’s delivering on his campaign promise, you cry foul? That is whining.

          1. roguerunners December 20, 2016

            Haha! I see that you have corrected your typo. Which is what I called you on and you know it. Pathetic.

          2. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

            OK, you got me for my typo. But you still didn’t score any points.

          3. roguerunners December 20, 2016

            Says you. And you don’t count. 🙂

          4. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            Certainly I count. I can count the perhaps thousands of illegal votes that HilLIARy received just in Michigan alone. Officially, it was 782, but they only could count 37% of the precincts. The remainder had such glaring errors they would have been excluded if the MI recount would have proceeded.
            That’s right, HiLIARy received at least 782 more votes than she would have. How could they tell? She received 782 MORE votes that registered voters in those precincts! So to say she ONLY got 782 more is a false statement because there were other votes cast for president in those precincts?

          5. roguerunners December 23, 2016

            How does this pertain to the subject of this thread? Just want to argue again? It’s about Trump’s broken promise. One of many. Get a life.

          6. InformedVoter December 24, 2016

            You are the one who said I don’t count. It’s clearly there for all to see.
            Regarding broken promises, please state which promise President Trump has broken?
            Building the wall? Nope, Prosecuting HilLIARy? Nope. Draining the swamp? Nope.
            I’m beginning to see a pattern here. You believe the lies the NYT and Washington Post write and jump in ignorant joy.

            And about the illegal votes, Eleanore and many of your low information crowd gleefully shouted that during the first day of counting in WI they found 50000 more votes for HilLIARy, a story the NYT and WP blasted as headlines. Turns out President Trump GAINED 162 votes in WI.

            You and your side really need to get in touch with reality. I do have a grip, but you folks certainly don’t.

          7. RED December 20, 2016

            You think having billionaires in charge of everything is a DIFFERENT way of running the country? WOW! The depths of ignorance is staggering!!

          8. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

            Yes, having successful business folks in charge of some key areas is a welcome change. Trump campaigned on draining the swamp and he’s delivering on his promise.

          9. greenlantern1 December 20, 2016

            Trump had 4 bankruptcies!!
            Do as I say?

          10. idamag December 21, 2016

            Six. When they were brought up in the debates, he said the law was made to help people like him and if we didn’t like it we should change the law.

          11. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            You made 4 posts, and nothing of value in any of them!
            Four bankruptcies? Gee, and Obama took our debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. If the US was a company, we would have declared bankruptcy, just as Detroit was forced to do after decades of Dem rule.
            Perhaps now the economy will get fixed from the terrible state that Obama put it in.

          12. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            He has filled the swamp with more creatures like himself. Of what use is that, and what kind of change is that?
            To be so focused on business is Trump’s shortcoming, and this business obsession is the product of your preoccupation with materialism—never do you say anything regarding moral development and lofty attainments and work done on behalf of others. There’s more to an ever-advancing civilization and a healthier and more empathetic world than business, oh uninformed one.

            Try to rise above that petty concern and obsession with business and the narrow focus of the economy, and aspire to be better and better-informed in 2017. A healthy economy that redounds to the benefit of all is the outcome of a healthy spiritual and moral environment and spiritual aspirations—NOT the other way around.
            You might have learned this if you had but paid a little attention to the Message enshrined in the New Testament—you must have dozed off each Sunday(or Saturday) the moment you sat down in the pew.

          13. dpaano December 21, 2016

            It’s been said MANY times, you CANNOT run a government like you run a business! Trump thinks he can do this, but he’s going to find out that it’s harder than he imagined! I don’t seem him hanging around much…..he’ll push everything off on Pence, who is probably just as bad and has NO concept of how to run a major country!

          14. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            President Trump campaigns on “draining the swamp”. So, after his mandate-size victory, he does what he promised. You guys hooted when you think he’s backing down, now you’re hooting when he keeps his promises. What a bunch of bullying, close-minded, low information dummies.

            And why you keep making statements about your screwed up religion is beyond me. We’ve already gone over your fake religion and shown it to be a fake religion.

            As to altruistic activities, don’t worry about me. My long and rewarding career has provided much reward. Usually I don’t reveal hard facts about me because in today’s information age it’s easier to actually find out an identity. You claim you read my posts, so you know I live outside the US about half the year. I’m sure you’ve heard of Doctors Without Borders. No I’m not a doctor (although I do have a PhD), but our organization works closely with DWB. Which explains why I’m out of the US so much.

            So you can just cuddle up with your fake religion in one of those safe rooms and have a nice cry.

          15. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

            Yes, I am informed enough to recognize that successful business folks do know how to awaken the limp economy that Obama has foisted on us for the past 8 years.
            President Trump campaigned on doing just what he’s doing. Millions of informed voters wanted the changes he trying to accomplish. That is a big reason HilLIARy lost. The Dems were more focused on who was using what bathroom and not enough on the economy and the working class.

          16. greenlantern1 December 20, 2016

            “The business, of America, is business.”
            How did that turn out?

          17. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

            You saying you’re informed based on an isolated display of someone saying they know how to awake a lame economy is just empty talk and hubris. You can’t convince anyone based on your assertion of such-and-such and claim to be informed.
            Being informed means having a range of knowledge covering many disciplines and ideas, NOT JUST BUSINESS SKILLS.

            Why you choose to be so infatuated with yourself to the point of picking a name “InformedVoter” speaks volumes of a person deluding into choosing such a name. Like Donald, your lover, you’re as narcissistic as he.

            To show you’re informed, try saying something for a change that is original, and inspired and informed by insight and creative thinking, rather than a simple reliance on trite and trivial minutiae you happen to have overheard from someone else.

          18. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            I’m beginning to understand your problem. Your fake religion has left you with unanswered questions and provided a failing path for you to follow.

            Being informed has nothing to saying something original. Must be part of your screwed up religion. Being informed is gathering facts and information and then making learned choices. This is something the low information left has failed in doing.
            Even Obama just made the statement that they concentrated on bathrooms and ignored the economy and working class.

          19. RED December 20, 2016

            Are you really so blind, so uninformed that you believe these people have made billions by “working harder and smarter” than everyone else? Are you truly that tragically uninformed?

          20. greenlantern1 December 20, 2016

            The way that Carla turned Hewlitt-Packard around?

        2. dpaano December 20, 2016

          Yeah, billionaires who don’t give a DAMNED about any of us…..wait and see!

      3. RED December 20, 2016

        Challenge, just once, just once moron, try to put together an argument a statement, a thought that is beyond na, na, na the other side is worse. Hehehe, who am I kidding, I’m asking a child to not be a child! LOL!

        1. InformedVoter December 20, 2016

          So Trump campaigns on draining the swamp and millions vote for Trump to do just that. So he selects business folks who know how to stimulate the limp economy and you folks cry foul? Typical for the low information close-minded crowd.
          You are complaining because he is delivering on his campaign promise. Unbelievable! He does what he promised and that’s no good.

          1. iamproteus December 20, 2016

            I’m going to build a wall (well, ok, a fence….maybe).
            I’m going to prosecute Hillary, (ok, that was just to get your vote. Truth is, I don’t care. I have too many cases in court as it is. So sue me!).
            I’m going to make America great again! (For me. So sue me!).

          2. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            You hoot and howl when you think President Trump is backing down from his campaign promises. Then you do the same thing when he actually delivers on them. Your side is so low information it’s amazing.
            Regarding the prosecution of HilLIARy, the new AG will reopen the investigation. President Trump can then claim the high ground and say he was willing to forget. No matter, Obama will pardon HilLIARy, but that will not protect her from prosecution for the Clinton Foundation actions.
            And his comments about the walk vs. fence, in some cases a fence is the way to go. Thus, President Trump is delivering as he promised.
            Something that Obama NEVER did.

      4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

        It’s the redoubtable uninformed voter again—that eternally cheerless bipedal Eeyore.
        You’re in your usual cheerless mood, probably the result of spending too much time alone with your own desolate thoughts to keep you company.

        1. dpaano December 20, 2016

          Informed voter….you apparently AREN’T all that informed. Trump already told you at one of his rallies that he lied to you because he wanted your vote……how much more does he have to tell you before you realize that you were conned!!! Keep believing that he’s going to keep those wonderful promises because he has NO intention of keeping most of them!

      5. greenlantern1 December 20, 2016

        Remember Nixon’s “hard hat” riot in New York City?
        70 Americans, including 4 policemen, were hurt in that!
        Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
        They were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
        Their gang leader was Cliven Bundy!
        Our ONLY, jailed, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
        Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
        Our ONLY president, to accept a pardon, was NIXON!
        Republican “law and order”?

        1. idamag December 21, 2016

          Republican law and order = oxymoron. I would not buy a used car from a Republican.

        2. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

          So President Trump campaigns that he will drain the swamp. He gets elected (in a mandate) and starts doing just that.
          So you low information folks start to cry foul. Obama summed it up on January 21, 2008 when he said “elections have consequences”.

          1. greenlantern1 December 23, 2016

            Who won the majority vote?
            NOT the “butterfly ballot” vote!
            Not the “hanging chad” vote!
            NOT the stormed recount centers vote!
            The ACTUAL majority vote!
            Drain the swamp?
            By making Tillertson Sec of State?
            By privatizing the VA?
            By putting Sarah in charge?
            Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
            Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
            Remember Nixon’s “hard hat” riot?
            70 Americans, including 4 policeman, were hurt in that!

          2. InformedVoter December 23, 2016

            Sorry but your new math education is failing you once more.
            304>227. what part about that not being the majority don’t you understand?
            30 states > 20 states (plus DC). what part about that not being a majority don’t you understand?
            The red/blue map of the USA is just about completely red, showing a landslide for President Trump.

            Time for you to seek out one of those crying rooms that universities put in so you can feel safe when you have your good cry.
            Here’s a good video to help you cope.

    2. dpaano December 20, 2016

      I agree, and I find it very hard to believe that the Trump followers are so dumb that they can’t see this. Why do they think billionaires will do anything to help the poor and middle class….they have NO concept of what these people survive on a day-to-day basis because they’ve never had to deal with it! All they care about is how to make more money for themselves, their corporations, and their shareholders…..even if it means taking more money from the rest of us! It’s only logical to see that, but I can assume his followers haven’t got a logical bone in their bodies!!! Nor do they have any real brain matter in their heads! They’ve been conned by one of the best and they still haven’t figured it out! He even told them at one of his rallies that he didn’t care about prosecuting Hillary or building a wall and that they should understand that he was only saying those things because he was campaigning….but they STILL haven’t figured it out! How dumb can that many people be even when they’re told flat-out that he lied because he knew that’s what they wanted to hear and to make them vote for him???? If I were one of them, I’d be pissed because I voted for someone that I THOUGHT was going to help me and am now finding out that he was only pandering to get their vote!!!

      1. iamproteus December 20, 2016

        Remember when Trump said he could go out on 5th Ave. and shoot somebody and not lose a single vote? Well, while he hasn’t done exactly that, he is still intent on killing people in other ways and, sure enough, he isn’t losing a single voter! Amazing and unbelievable, I know, but there it is, in our face! I shudder to think what it will take for cons to realize what evil they have wrought.

  9. idamag December 20, 2016

    Prior to the ACA, the death panels were no myth. I knew a child who was born with hip displasia. Thanks to the great people at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake, it was completely fixed. He is quite athletic. However, until ACA, his parents could not put him on their insurance because he had a “pre-existing” condition. This was not life threatening. I also know a person who works in billing for a large complex of doctors. She could tell you all about the capitation. She told me of a child who had cancer. They reached the limit and the child needed more ongoing treatment. They took out a second mortgage on their house and had to tell the rest of their children they could not go out for the expensive extra-curricular activities at school. Then there was the lady, whose illness caused her to have to leave her job. When she no longer had insurance, she could not get treatment. I knew a man who needed a liver transplant. He could not get on the list until he had ten thousand up front. The entire community was involved in raising money for him. He was a young father. He died before there was enough money. That, and cheney’s heart transplant caused me to take my name off the donor list. Poor people died in this country. There are treatments out there that the cost is still prohibitive. We are the most selfish people in the world.

    1. PrecipitousDrop December 20, 2016

      Prior to ACA 60% of ALL personal bankruptcies were due to medical expenses.

    2. RED December 21, 2016

      It is absolutely sickening who my country treats its citizens and the kind of society we have built, it truly makes me ill. I’m not sure it would be possible to design a more putrid system. It’s perfect in it evil and destruction as everyone simply accepts the horrible things it does people as “just business” or making a profit. Is there any other system that would throw people out of their homes making them homeless while at the very same time we have an overabundance of empty homes as we did in 2008 and beyond. Is this the great capitalist allocation of resources so efficiently?

      1. dpaano December 21, 2016

        Not to count the many hungry children that we have in this country…..we’re worse that any of the third world countries out there!

      2. idamag December 21, 2016

        It is sickening. I remember thinking Americans were the greatest people in the world. Then I read about the ship, carrying Jews escaping from nazi Germany, that was turned away and they were sent back to gas chambers. We were ashamed of the Japanese internment camps so I thought we were getting more civilized. Then a busload of screaming women met children at the Mexican Border and refused sanctuary to them. They were sent back to be killed by the cartel. We refused to allow Syrian refugees in. We said we were sorry about what happened to the Native Americans. Look what we are doing in North Dakota. It does make one sick to see what we really are.

        1. dpaano December 22, 2016

          I agree….we stole the Indian’s lands and now we want to steal even more of it! We do NOT have a right to put pipelines under Indian reservation land per the agreement made many years ago. Not sure where our government gets the idea that they can invalidate a long-term agreement with the Indians regarding their reservations. It’s like a replay of the cowboy years when we took their land and forced them to move to land that they didn’t want in the first place! It not only makes me sick, it makes me ashamed of my country and how they treat people, including their own citizens!

  10. johninPCFL December 20, 2016

    Another interesting component of the ACA is that prior to passage (2007) about 60% of bankruptcies were medically driven. People lost everything.

    That number was about 25% in 2013. Those poor insurance company CEOs need more yachts and mansions, so it’s back to taking people’s houses to pay for them!

    1. bobo65 December 20, 2016

      And WE pay for this with higher healthcare costs.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

        The higher healthcare costs if you go to the Health and Human Services website prior to passage of the ACA was directly due to over 22 million people not having affordable healthcare and being uninsured.

        That malarkey that Ryan will hand out voucher will not ever happen. He will lose his own taxpayer paid healthcare first.

      2. dpaano December 20, 2016

        That’s right….those of us WITH health insurance through our employers will end up paying more and those without health insurance will end up paying more for not only their own medical needs but also the needs of those uninsured individuals who use the ER’s and don’t pay. They don’t seem to understand that when someone goes to the ER and can’t pay….it comes out of the state’s taxes (which come from the state’s residents). They’ll see their property taxes go up and up!!! It won’t be pretty!!!

        1. RED December 21, 2016

          Personally I think that actually understand this very well. I don’t think it’s a matter of not understanding, at least not with the leaders of the repuke party, they understand all of it, they just don’t care and have as their only concern increasing their own power and wealth. Which seems kinda weird, right? I mean we have an economic system that says the entire goal is to get more more more and somehow that has led to a society, a business community, and a government where the only thing people want is more more more? Weird, huh?

    2. RED December 20, 2016

      The only hopeful note is that this simply cannot continue, eventually the guillotines come out. Let’s just hope they come out before these scumbags have destroyed the planet.

    3. iamproteus December 20, 2016

      Those CEO’s pull down salaries in the millions of dollars and then take bonuses that sometimes range in the HUNDREDS of millions and then have the gonads to criticize poor people who can’t afford to have a broken arm set! Who better to run the country?

  11. leonardo311 December 20, 2016

    Not to worry, it has been reported that the “repeal” will be almost immediate but the effect will not take place until after the 2020 election, except of course for the tax portion, which will line the pockets of the well to do on average of $3,300 annually.

    I suspect the Repunicans will do the same with SSI, medicare and medicaid, the changes won’t go into effect until they have secured the presidency for another four years and the control over redistricting for another decade.

  12. bobo65 December 20, 2016

    What this means is that seniors will need to be supported by their children which will all but destroy the consumer economy. It’s too bad the generation who grew up before the New Deal are dead and gone while their great grandchildren have absolutely no idea of what we are in for without it.

    As for death panels, every single health insurance company traded on Wall Street has one.

    1. RED December 20, 2016

      True enough. But they are unconcerned with this because they recognize they have rung the last bit they can out of the American people and are now moving to steal our natural resources, our public parks, and moving to economies that allow new exploitation and theft. Companies aren’t American or any of that garbage, they are profit driven machines as they were designed to be and they will seek profit regardless of the damage to the United States, its citizens or indeed the world.

      1. bobo65 December 20, 2016

        True but it’s suicide for themselves because they are blinded by greed and haven’t studied history.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

          Actually, if anyone thinks that the same seniors who took it to the streets to end the Viet Nam War will allow Republican thieves to take what took us 4 or more decades to pay for, they’d best think again. Their bullying, high handed, riding over minority states rights is going to be their undoing. For every law they pass, we get our state AGs to sue the government. Meaning, sue Republican states and there you will have the beginnings of another Civil War. You can thank the divisionist Republicans for that.

          1. dpaano December 20, 2016

            Unfortunately, most of the states with GOP governors also have GOP AG’s, so I don’t think you’re going to see many of those states doing much suing! I know California and New York are on board, but not sure about the rest of the states.

          2. Robert A. Clemons December 25, 2016


          3. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            What do you plan to do about it, BigBadBob, other than to get your name added to the long list of US mass murderers?
            How does your family feel about that?

          4. Robert A. Clemons December 25, 2016


          5. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            Ooh! BigBadBob gets to thump his chest over wearing a uniform!
            And he gets to indulge his aching homoerotic fantasies!
            And he gets to do it with a (still) broken caps key.

          6. Robert A. Clemons December 25, 2016


          7. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            Is that brain-damaged Army talk for mass murder BigBadBob?

          8. Robert A. Clemons December 25, 2016


          9. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            Oh! Ha, ha, ha! You are such a Card, BigBadBob! A real knee-slapper.
            But, seriously, I’m not into the whole man-man sex thing like you are.
            Thanks for asking, though.
            You’re cute, too.

          10. Robert A. Clemons December 25, 2016


          11. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            So you said.
            Sorry your brain damage has messed up your short-term memory, BigBadBob.
            P.S. A nine year-old could probably fix your caps key. Just ask, OK?

        2. dpaano December 20, 2016

          Greed is the new goal for our government and big corporations, including big pharma, big oil, etc.,

  13. greenlantern1 December 20, 2016

    Remember the Walter Reed scandal?
    Who was president?
    Who was Secretary of the VA?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

      Bush ’43 was president and he also closed 16 military bases in the most likely to be attacked states along the East Coast and reopened them in Wyoming and Texas…like terrorists even know where the hell Wyoming or Texas are. But those billions in tax subsidies we pay Texas and Wyoming to keep these military bases up and running is what the money boys were after all along.

      They can’t do a single thing that doesn’t take money from DEM states to feed their GOP states.

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 20, 2016

    The clown DONNY DUMP is a pathetic pathological liar so none of his promises will ever get close to getting done the thing now it his brain dead followers are the ones that will drop the hammer on the DUMPSTER you tee off the insane and one has to watch how the respond . but then again the way thy do can only help the country

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

      Here is something Trump said last night. “I will provide my “OWN” security and it will save on the cost of the Secret Service.”

      Now..does this nutbagger think he will be president forever? That no other president will ever be elected? That no other president will ever need the Secret Service? Not to mention the Secret Service professionals he will be putting out of work. But, he will save lots of money…to hand to Putin so Putin can stick it to China when they sell China oil.

      Want to know how stupid Putin, Trump and the Oil Boys are? There already was a BBC world report that China has decided to invest in solar energy. There goes all of those Trump Big Oil investment ROI dreams.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 20, 2016

        the dumpster want to do his own security because hew will use his own dummy’s and for the cost of say $10 million bucks he then will turn around and bill the government $$ 50 to $$100 million this was for kep I think the ID is >>ya right and the sky is fallen . you will see what I already know . DONNY DUMP is a clown a pathological liar and what you think you see the clown is doing now is nothing at all for the country and the people its all for his twisted EGO empty head . cant you see this ? he has done nothing but set up the country on a down fall . he is just a junky addicted to attention . . cant you see this ? his fame is debt. and bankrupting . if anything he is doing and will do will be all for himself . he will get caught . he has plans on making deals and having many off shore accounts that the pay to play greedy bastards will be filling up the accounts but his greed and his inflated EGO will be what crushes him . this clown car driver is so easy to read . watch and see in 1, 2. 3 and if he is lucky (which I don’t think so ) 4 years you will see him fall . don’t get me wrong I want the country to do good but with the DONNY DUMPSTER there this isn’t going to happen . watch there will be a time he will throw his kids under the but to save his own sick EGO and sorry butt

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 21, 2016

          Actually, think about this…Trump wants his own beefy thug security because he is trying to put as much distance between government laws and himself. He figures if he pays for the security, he gets to make the laws on how to deal with any MOBS that he knows are heading his way.

          What’s really scary is that already some of the Pacific Coast states are threatening succession and now Canada is offering to accept them into that country. You know that’s what will happen in the northeast. Canada would love to have a money making city like New York or Boston. They know the Republican loss is their gain.

          Donald Trump and the Republicans have NO way to undo the lessons all of our parents taught us about right and wrong. Their code of dishonor is to do whatever it is that will make them profit. To them, genius is borne only of money and success only of becoming a billionaire. What does that make Einstein?

          Cruz is bitching already that the Democrats are “not playing fair and will create the worst obstruction.” You bet we will. We have no intentions of allowing profiteering greed mongers to turn us into their private little army of serfs.

          Their stupidity is thinking the same seniors who took it to the streets in the 60s won’t do the same in 2017.

          As for Trump the Hump, he will screw up. He always does and he always will. Monolithic thinking has the tendency to create human fallibility in mass proportions.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 21, 2016

            the crazy thing is we all live in the same place and for the life of me I cant understand why the people of the country cant see just what the GOP bring to the table and the country . why are so many people so blind not to see the GOP want nothing for the people ? just the 1&2 % greedy bastards . its sad how stupid people truly are its all right there in front of them and thy close their eyes too it . as for DONNY DUMP his plans are to do the biggest in debt. and try to do the biggest bankrupt in history . and that will be the whole country . yes he will mess up for sure . he is a child minded clown and like a child plays with his tweeter account. and he wont grow up . with an addiction of seeking all kind’s of attention . good or bad it don’t matter to him . his over blown EGO will get him in trouble also . his history is he will fail . but this time he will take many more people down with him

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 21, 2016

            In order to put the mentality of today’s Republicans in proper perspective, it is necessary to realize that it isn’t being a “Republican” at all that is the problem. Consider that before these same rabid extremists were Republicans, they were first Democrats. Prior to that, they were Whigs, the party created by Henry Clay in 1830. They claimed to be antimonarchists. In reality, the Whigs of the 1830s possessed the same contrarian nature and anti-government sentiments as today’s Republicans. Then, they railed against Andrew Jackson because he wanted protective tariffs and like today’s Republicans supported total supremacy over government by Congress in order to reduce the equality the U.S. Constitution grants all branches of government.

            When you strip away all of the smoke and mirrors of today’s Republicans who were Democrats and prior to that Whigs, you see they are less “party,” than they are power mad MEN. Given the fact that until the last four decades, women were minorities in their own right in government, it was always MEN who sought autonomous power.

            The women who support them are financially dependent which explains their absolute loathing for any woman who is successful and financially INDEPENDENT. Most of these women are born and bred to a life of dependency to which independence has been their worst nightmare. They are only allowed to speak when spoken to and are not supposed to ever override their male peers.

            So what it all comes to down with Trump is the very same trademark of male egotism that history always proves is their downfall. The bigger they are? The harder they fall when pride goeth before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.

            Main Street has so little in common with these power mad men who believe in their own self built pedestals. You bet they will game the system if a single threat to their power base emerges.

            Republicans today are not really Republicans. Eisenhower was a Republican who merited great honor and respect. Men of the Republican power mad syndrome have no sense of honor. To them, wrong is right and right is wrong. You can see how fast their little pedestals will come crashing down.

          3. dpaano December 21, 2016

            Canada would ALSO love to have the states of Washington, Oregon, and California as part of their country….imagine if both coasts seceded from the U.S. and left just the Rust Belt…..that would be quite a loss to the U.S. Government! The remaining states would be in a world of hurt because these states would no longer be subsidizing the Rust Belt and the South with their taxes!!!
            As for Cruz, he has little to say…..the Republican party did exactly what he’s now accusing the Democratic party of doing. They decided from Day 1 of President Obama’s presidency to obstruct everything that he does! And, now, they screaming that we plan on doing the same……seriously?

          4. Eleanore Whitaker December 21, 2016

            I so agree. And the very fact that this is even being considered is what I find so scary. The Republicans Great Plan for Divide and Conquer is working out really well…now states that feel we have no voice in government want out. Why in the world would states remain in a union merely to provide the lazy bums in the south and midwest with more of our hard earned tax dollars?

            A week ago, I watched an interesting documentary on the coal miners in West Virginia. These nuts were Democrats. But the minute Trump promise a 100% return to coal mining, they fell for it. Now really…who is going to heat their homes with filthy dirty coal that causes cancer? Not to mention deaths among miners.

            What I saw and heard in this documentary is proof positive that the only way they think America will be Great again is to return to massive pollution, horribly expensive pollution cleanup and all so miners don’t EVER have to get on board and get Clean Energy jobs. How is it these lazy bums can’t find jobs and here in NJ, solar Energy is No. 1 in job creation? We don’t even have as good a climate as they have and these dumbells want to continue to rely on coal, oil and fracking. Our state officials have already said they will sue the fed if they try to override our environmental regulations.

          5. dpaano December 21, 2016

            Same with my state, California. Our governor has said that he will fight any Federal law that would go against the laws that we have voted for in our state….this includes environmental, oil drilling, fracking, etc. Fortunately for us, we have a Democrat for a governor and our legislature is heavily democratic (although the Republicans on the legislature are in agreement).

          6. sigrid28 December 21, 2016

            And think about this: Since climate change may make the American south unbearable, the pleasant living spots will be in the coasts and near Canada. Let “the south rise again” if Trump’s oil (and coal and gas) barons get their way–living in the South will feel like living inside a hot-air balloon. It’s already unbearable because of the laws being enacted in these Red states.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker December 22, 2016

            The south and midwest have a legacy of self destruction. Did they really think that owning plantations worked ONLY by free black slaves was going to last 200 more years? Did the dopes in the midwest really think all that flat land farming wouldn’t EVER result in massive and the most destructive dust storms? These are not issue they can blame on anyone else but themselves.

            Now, we of the Trump Resistance push back by forcing these nutbaggers to face the consequences of their own self destructive decisions. It’s as easy as not allowing them to blame anyone else.

            I worked in an environmental engineering company as their accounting manager although I was originally hired as their tech writer. What I learned in that nearly quarter century from a PhD from MIT, a Cambridge England MSME and several PhD chemists, is that there is a big reason Texas and so many of the oil states have terrible weather disasters. Think about this. In Galveston alone, there are over 150 gas flames that burn off certain types of gases in oil in order to refine it. Texas wants you to believe 150+ gas flames do not heat up the atmosphere. Sit one of their butts 1 mile above Galveston and you see roasted cowboy butt. The worst is that those gas flames they use in refining oil also pollute groundwater by depositing a film of oil over most of the soil. With every rain event, this leaches into soil and eventually groundwater when contaminated water reaches deep down into soil. This they deny. As for the offshore rigs, we already saw the horrible disaster of the BP Horizon Deepwater oil rig.

            Not to mention that OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics records over 39 deaths annually from these oil rigs. This is also what they deny.

            If I know anything about pollution, I know that most of it comes from the idea that they can extract as much of the earth’s natural resources and there will be no damage. Oh no? Ask the midwesterners old enough to remember WHY their farms turned to dust.

            The South and Midwest are Rust Belts that want the kind of jobs that existed 80 years ago and made it easy for them to avoid getting REAL educations. But that fits into their plantation mentalities.

          8. sigrid28 December 22, 2016

            Yes, a legacy of self-destruction. Now that I recognize the Republican climate deny-ers in Washington for what they are–fossil-fuel kleptocrats out to dupe the ignorant–I would also point to a legacy of willful ignorance.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 20, 2016

        you asked >>>((does this nutbagger think he will be president forever? That no other president will ever be elected? That no other president will ever need the Secret Service? )) he ver5y well could think that ill bet his true plan is to end the world while he is in office

        1. idamag December 21, 2016

          It might be that he, and his thugs, do intend to see that he is president forever.

          1. dpaano December 22, 2016

            It’s the GOP’s dream of an “imperial presidency” and they’ll fight to keep it that way, you can guarantee that. The most we can hope for is that Trump and his billionaire cronies will screw up enough that people will finally come to their senses in 2020 and the Democrats will find a very good candidate to run against him…..like Biden (who, BTW, has already said that, if possible, he will run in 2020)!

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 22, 2016

            and that’s how the DUMPSTER would like to do it be the lead clown to the ending of the world

      3. dpaano December 20, 2016

        I don’t believe he has the right to get rid of the Secret Service….I think there’s a mandate somewhere in the Constitution for them to protect the president and his family. He can’t just willy nilly do away with them without a Constitutional Amendment. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. Plus, I’m sure he’ll attempt to charge the U.S. Government for the use of his own “thugs.” I think that’s called “conflict of interest.”

      4. dpaano December 20, 2016

        China is already almost ahead of the U.S. in solar power and solar energy, so you’re probably right. Pretty soon no one will need oil or coal and the so-called “promises” he made in the Rust Belt will be for naught!

        1. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

          China is also probably equal or ahead of the US in biotech, which is going to be The Next Big Thing according to experts (me).

  15. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

    Some very very very foolish men in this country eat, sleep and breathe ego. So, what to do? What to do? Let ’em fail. They always do. And usually in record time. Remember when Warren Harding and his boy Secy of the Interior Fall, thought they’d pull over a fast one and sell off public lands to oil barrons for pennies on the dollar? Fall fell and went to prison. Course now that presupposes the government in those days actually PUNISHED the boys who knew it all. Then, there was Herbert Hoover, a man who couldn’t be told a single ounce of advice. HE was SMART. So, by the end of his presidency, Wall Street came crashing down and Hoover suffered the ignominy of owning the Great Depression.

    Nixon? Now there was a man who REALLY knew it all. His Plumbers, smart boys all, broke into the WaterGate Hotel and the DNC offices. We know how that worked out for Mr. Nixon Knows All.

    Comes Reagan and his IranGate. Well, you just have to figure his back room knew a guy with 1st stage Alzheimers as Gov. of CA had a progressive disease. So, they made all his decisions for him. Next came Bush ’41. By then, Americans had about had it with Republican Recessions every time a Republican was president. Bush ’41 didn’t escape HIS scandal of selling arms to the Contras. Course now, Gingy the other Mr. Knows All knew all about it and like our Kentucky Bourbon Boy, McConnell, Gingy didn’t want to “disturb” that “process” either.

    By the time we get to Bush ’43, you can almost see the dark shadow of one evil SOB, Dickhead Cheney, Nixon’s chief advisor, again in the Reagan administration with his wife, Lynn, also a Reaganite and his best buddy Bush ’41 then head of the CIA. By the time Cheney realized his dream of a White Office office, even though it was only as VP, this evil SOB has masterminded nearly every back room presidency there has been since Nixon.

    1. mike December 20, 2016

      More Bull s_ _ t from the misandrist Eleanore.
      You ignore the incompetence of Hillary in a election campaign. She couldn’t beat the most vulnerable candidate ever in a presidental election. The smartest most qualified(in your eyes only) women in the world ever can’t even reach her predecessors number of votes, even after he campaigns for her.
      What a joke you continue to be and exhibit.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 20, 2016

        I always know when middle aged fat guts like you can’t stand facts and truth. It’s “BS”…just not the kind you fat gut middle aged angry white MEN with limp balls dish out.

        You are the one who ignores that you can’t pass a legal bar exam like Hillary did. You are the one who indulges yourself in 15 minutes of work and then rips off people by charging them what is their week’s salary. You are a crook. Admit it MIKEEEEEE…When did you move out of McMommy and McDaddy’s mansion? At age 45?

        Trump only won the EC vote and only because the majority of EC electors are Republicans. Now if you can stow your stupid for a few minutes…you’ll see how easy it is to bribe these GOP electors in the EC. First of all they are ALL appointed by state LEGISLATORS. The very same BS boys of the GOP who rigged this election.

        Keep up the Hillary bashing and you might just end up with women lynching you and doing a Lorena Bobbit on your family jewels. Men like you never do know when to shut those fat holes in your fat faces.

        1. mike December 20, 2016

          Wrong again my brain dead misandrist. Keep that hatred up it just makes you less credible and even more delusional.
          You seem to have forgotten Hillary flunked the bar exam in DC.
          Of course there were more republicans in the EC. Trump won you! Duh!
          Rigged election by GOP boys! You’re an imbecile.
          Now when’s the Coronation? You were wrong, much like Hillary, you misjudged the women of American, who did not vote in lockstep as you said they would.
          Keep that irrational tone going it makes me laugh at you even more.

          1. I Am Helpy December 20, 2016

            Wow she failed an exam in 1973??? Stop the presses!

            Trump sexually assaulted underage women.

          2. idamag December 21, 2016

            Trump ;laughed when they told him he could not just stroll into Miss Teen America’s dressing room. He told them he owned the pageant. He also said (and I heard the words from his mouth) that he could grab women’t pussies. A failed exam is big news? Geez, I am above average intelligence and I failed a driver’s license test once.

          3. Andor Trayven December 20, 2016

            mike…. go back and suck on your Reagan statue a bit more, wing nut. You are clearly too stupid to comprehend basic history.

          4. mike December 20, 2016

            I see you too have lost rational thought since trump won. You too have joined the many with Trump Derangement syndrome.

      2. yabbed December 20, 2016

        There is no incompetence in Hillary Clinton. She is the most qualified candidate ever to enter the presidential race and her policies were sound, decent, and doable. She won 3 mil more popular votes than Trump so more Americans voted for her than they did for the con man. It’s not a fault in a person not to be a bigger liar and cheat than the opposing person. She held to her good character and I’m proud of her for doing so. Stupid is as stupid does. If lowlife crass bigots wanted affirmation of their racism they were not going to get it from HRC or the Democratic Party. You people can live with the consequences. If you’re not a lily white Christian and piled high with assets and $$ you are going to be in the proverbial hell of your own making. Learn to live with it.

        1. Gerry Francis December 21, 2016

          Problem is – those gullible enough to vote for the con man are going to have us all live with it.

        2. mike December 21, 2016

          Bull Roar! Hillary and her staff were incompetent this election cycle. Popular vote has nothing to do with who is the next president, she knew that. She never went to “wisconsin” after June, Michigan only twice and ignored the middle of the country and felt so confident the other swing states would fall in line she wasted her time going to AZ and other states that still went Trump. It was based on the old rules of the road and she totally missed the importance of change in Washington.
          Her belief in identity politics blew up in her face. Bigger yet she got fewer women votes than Obama. We difinitely know she was unqualified to run a campaign.
          Your superior complex is live and well. Unfortuately also very stupid.
          Your anger is breathtaking.

          1. yabbed December 21, 2016

            Can you say Putin?

            I don’t really care what happens to Trump voters. They are going to suffer by their own doings. I will do okay because I have a professional career and plenty of assets to survive another Republican economic debacle. But I’m sad for my country. I hate seeing our democracy attacked by an enemy foreign country to the point of installing an incompetent trash talking con man with very obvious obligations to a foreign power.

          2. mike December 21, 2016

            Can you say delusional. That’s the only to describe your post.

          3. idamag December 21, 2016

            If trump pulled down his pants and defecated on the White House Lawn, you would think him great. It is a matter of prejudice that you cannot see any good in his adversary.

          4. mike December 21, 2016

            Your first line proves you’re an imbecile.
            You said “any good in his adversary” You mean Hillary? No Prejudice I just knew the proven fact she was a liar, untrustworthy, a very poor candidate, a poor campaignor, out of touch with the mood of her base not wanting to continue the failed policies of the Obama.

          5. idamag December 21, 2016

            I am blocking you. You are not a well read person. You are prejudiced and possibly a racist. You are not smart enough to prove your points. Stupidity is not a virtue. It is destroying this country. George Washington had reservations about letting back country yeomen vote.

          6. mike December 21, 2016

            Another deranged post from you.
            Mery Christmas!

          7. dpaano December 22, 2016

            I blocked him and his troll cronies long ago!!! You can’t change the minds of brainwashed idiots!

          8. yabbed December 21, 2016

            You bought it, you live it. No one is going to take pity on you.

          9. mike December 21, 2016

            No, you bought into Hillary, the loser, you will have live with it, the right is not going to take any pity on you. You bought into the invincible one under federal investigation for her stupid actions and watched her implode politically.
            End of story!
            Looking forward to her slithering away.

          10. yabbed December 21, 2016

            You are mentally ill. No more talking to you.

          11. mike December 21, 2016

            Promise? Oh delusional one.

        3. idamag December 21, 2016

          Yes, the fact that she got 2.8 million more votes than trump, tells us a lot. It tells us that most of us are smarter than the uninformed and we have been shafted.

      3. charleo1 December 21, 2016

        The election of a well known con-shyster Trump over Hillary Clinton, a far more honest, and qualified candidate. Primarily proves, when stupidity, and a certain type of willful ignorance reaches critical mass, it can’t be fixed. No matter the competency of the individual trying to do so. So, yuck it up while you can, Mike. Your education, along with your sobriety is just around the corner.

        1. mike December 21, 2016

          We will see!
          I see the Trump Derangement Syndrome has you also by the balls.
          Only the left thinks the ignorance is on the right. Look in the mirror, the critical mass of ignorance fits you on the left. To not know that the Hillary/Obama policies are unsustainable is breathtaking.
          Merry Christmas!

        2. idamag December 21, 2016

          Without real journalism, trump had a lot of help from the media. During the previous ten years, 19 of our diplomatic facilities were attacked. As real Americans (we were then) we came together in outrage. Not with the present teafascist congress. They politicized it and held 8 hearings at 40 million dollars a hearing. This imprinted in the less informed that Hiliary was wrong. Then came the e-mails. Right or wrong, it had been the practice for generations. One FBI agent said her e-mails consisted mostly of sending newspaper articles and planning her daughter’s wedding. The teafascists were foaming at the mouth to discredit her for anything. Seems like they also own the FBI. The FBI dropped in my eyes to a real low.

          1. dpaano December 22, 2016

            Yeah, I noticed that the FBI and the CIA are not doing well in the polls as far as confidence ratings go, but they are STILL ahead of the current Congress!!! What does THAT tell you?

    2. dpaano December 20, 2016

      And, speaking of Reagan, about 100 of his top dogs ended up being indicted for one thing or the other! I can see that happening with Trump’s cronies sometime down the line. And, for GWB and his gang of warmongers…..they are not allowed in many countries because of their war crimes in the Iraqi war. Without that war, I doubt we’d see the Middle East in such turmoil as it is now….at least not as serious as it currently is! Everyone wants to blame President Obama for ISIS, et al, but it was actually GWB and his unnecessary war on Iraq that started what is now ISIS and the other groups (Taliban, Al Quada, etc.). When you start a war and alienate one party (the Sh’ites vs. the others), one of the parties starts their own “revenge” wars and become ISIS, etc.

      1. idamag December 21, 2016

        ISIS was born of the war criminals’ actions.

  16. dpaano December 20, 2016

    Don’t you just LOVE the smirk on Ryan (standing behind the jerk)? What a jackass….and that’s not just MY opinion. But, apparently, most of the Trump followers don’t seem to realize that people without insurance that go to the ER and can’t pay will end up costing them more money. If they are ill and don’t have insurance, they go to the ER even if their illness is minor. Whatever they can’t pay, the state has to pay…..that means it comes out of the State’s budget, which is made up by the state’s taxpayers. So, it’s an interesting conundrum that the Trump followers apparently just don’t seem to understand! They are going to end up paying more taxes to cover the uninsured in their respective states! I can’t think of any better way than that to make them realize that their “leader” is a total con artist and is going to raise their taxes one way or the other despite all his BS promises!!!

    1. bobo65 December 20, 2016

      This isn’t really about money. It’s about power over employees. People responsible for their children’s and parents’ health care are very hesitant to stand up to their employers. It’s just the old “company store” scam. Too bad more Democrats don’t understand it enough to call the spokes-models out on their treachery.

      1. sigrid28 December 21, 2016

        Such a good point. I think the Dems who wanted single-payer saw this but had to settle for a half-measure, based on the Heritage Foundation model via RomneyCare, #1) because it worked well in Massachusetts and #2) because the votes weren’t there to pass single-payer. Maybe more people will recognize the “company store” scam now that so many have to work several part-time jobs to get by: such a tarnished silver lining. I hope rampant part-time employment also makes regular people look at the Social Security and Medicare deductions that come out of each paycheck and connect these amounts with Ryan’s plan to deny simple folk the benefits they are counting on.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

      That smirk on Ryan’s face triggers a instinctive feeling of revulsion, not unlike the feeling one gets hearing Trump’s whiny voice whenever he speaks, or seeing that silly smile of his as he looks out at the audience.

      1. dpaano December 20, 2016

        I agree….the thought of looking at Trump for the next 4 years every time I turn on the TV or open a newspaper or magazine makes me sick to my stomach!! He’s so creepy….not sure how Melania can stand him (well money helps, right?).

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 20, 2016

          Well, we all are going to need antacids after browsing the magazines in book stores and coming across some with his mug on them, standing in line at the supermarket looking at the mags at check out, and a supply of cotton for the earplugs whenever he gets in front of a microphone. It’ll all be over—just hang in there, take plenty of walks, watch Marx Bros., or listen to “Bob and Ray” CD’s.

          1. dpaano December 21, 2016

            That might be a good idea, but I DO have to go to the grocery store from time to time. The funny part is that I see the National Enquirer and realize that this is the only newspaper that Trump reads…..it’s so full of BS that it’s not even funny! It’s the epitome of false news, and if this is ALL he reads, everyone is in serious trouble! But, then again, those of us with intelligence have already have surmised this!

          2. idamag December 21, 2016

            I was talking to my daughter in another city. I heard a rip. Then I could tell she was doing something active, I asked, “What are you doing?” She said she was burning the front page of her newspaper in her fireplace because trump’s face was on it.

        2. mike December 21, 2016

          Every time Trump is on TV I will think of you and will picture your head exploding. How delightful.
          What a sight.
          Quite frankly I don’t think their marriage is that strong.
          Merry Christmas!

    3. sigrid28 December 21, 2016

      One of the way Trump’s deceived masses will be at risk is through the loss of affordable mental health treatment and diagnosis. A little known provision of the ACA made mental health coverage treated the same, in insurance parlance, as medical coverage (treatment for a broken leg or cancer treatment). Families of children with developmental disabilities, of seniors with dementia, and if veterans with PTSD (committing 22 suicides daily) now have more health professionals available to provide expert treatment and insurance that pays for it. Ironically, the NRA, which has been all in for Republicans and vice versa, argues that mental health treatment is the most ready means to preventing mass murders and gun violence. End the ACA and their one line of defense in our gun culture falls apart.

      1. charleo1 December 21, 2016

        My bet is the NRA will stand up for anything that increases gun sales.
        I think the sense from the NRA, and the powerful gun lobby is, the more likely it becomes of falling victim to a deranged homicidal lunatic, the more guns that will fly off the shelf. And the more that fly, the larger the chance we’ll all have of becoming victims. Realizing this, and after abandoning all hope of sensible gun reform. The hope is, we’ll all come to consider having a gun within reaching distance a must. So there’ll be one beside the bed, one for the wife, one in each car, one for the workplace, and that spare one in the ankle holster, just in case. It becomes its own kind of spiraling mental illness that often only ends with a bang, and a cloud of smoke. Plus, those huge profits for the gun companies, of course.

        1. sigrid28 December 21, 2016

          Welcome back, the Age of Anxiety–with a difference: Mommy’s little helper now requires ammunition.

      2. dpaano December 21, 2016

        Yes, but now you’re bringing “logic” into the equation…..Republicans don’t know HOW to think logically…..they don’t see all the problems that they are going to stir up if they repeal the ACA! As for the NRA….just another bunch of idiots except for this one thing. If their lobbyists are as strong as they say they are, they might have something to say about repealing the ACA and will get our congressmen/women to go against Trump’s request (IF he decides to try to repeal all of it)!

    4. idamag December 21, 2016

      If trumpeteers were that smart, they wouldn’t be trumpeteers.

  17. yabbed December 20, 2016

    Well, guys, that’s what happens when you fall for a con man.

  18. Andor Trayven December 20, 2016

    WHICH broken promise? The Russian Poodle has broken almost ALL of them so far…

  19. zorro037 December 20, 2016

    I try to understand those guys who didn’t like Obama because the guy is not what they have in mind a U.S. President should be and looks. They never pay attention to that part of repeal, they heard: replace. But they’re on the way to discover that you should never buy the Brooklyn Bridge no matter what a good business the seller tell to you it is. Trump sold the Brooklyn Bridge to those persons and they got what they bought.

    1. Gerry Francis December 21, 2016

      WRONG! We ALL got what they bought.

    2. idamag December 21, 2016

      I remember Obama selecting 6 persons from each party to come up with a health care plan. It didn’t work. The big business patsies are never going to come up with a health care plan.

  20. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 20, 2016

    We have a better chance of getting single-payer health care from Trump’s administration than we would have had from Hillary, and that is certainly my hope. The ACA is of negative value and I do believe that anything is better than it is.

    1. FireBaron December 21, 2016

      Actually, you don’t. His HHS designee wants to revert to Insurance Company controlled systems, were denial of care due to preexisting conditions and lifetime caps are the norm. Also, consider that 90% of Trump’s own employees in his various companies were not eligible for the health care programs they offered, and were forced to go to the ACA for insurance.

      1. charleo1 December 21, 2016

        Exactly! Where do these people get the ideas about how Trump is going to do all this wonderful crap for them? Oh I forgot, he told them he would! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha……Oh good Lord, we’re in so much trouble!!!

        1. dpaano December 21, 2016

          Definitely, considering he’s already told his followers during a recent rally that he basically lied about several things that he promised just to get elected….the stupid part is that they STILL don’t realize that they were conned! I wonder how long it’ll take before they actually see the light….if they EVER do! Maybe when they realize that he can’t put them back to work because most of the jobs they held are no longer there or have gone robotic! Or, if they realize that stopping companies from going to Mexico or other overseas areas will end up costing consumers MORE money for the same products? No one will be able to afford many of the items that we now enjoy if they are made in the U.S. Apparently, they are so enamored with this idiot that they can’t tell a lie from a truth even when he comes out and tells them he lied!

          1. iamproteus December 21, 2016

            Well, you see, Trump was being truthful and completely honest then but he’s lying now because he is so modest and doesn’t want to appear arrogant. You just don’t understand how wonderful he is! You’ll see soon enough though when he brings peace and prosperity to the whole world and forgives you for ever doubting him! We’ll all be singing “kumbaya” and roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Hallelujah!

          2. dpaano December 22, 2016


          3. idamag December 25, 2016

            huh? Trump modest?

          4. iamproteus December 25, 2016

            Do you doubt me? Just ask him. You know HE would never lie to you, right? I’m surprised that we can’t see the beautiful halo that must assuredly surround his angelic face! All hail our Savior and his helper, Putin the Great!

        2. Jim Samaras December 22, 2016

          I’ve asked repeatedly charleo, what if he DOES accomplish those things he’s promised? What will be said by you and the many haters on this board? Not asking you to answer for them but what say you?

          1. Sand_Cat December 22, 2016

            We’ve asked you many times to show how it is you can style yourself “a thinker”; you’re in no position to demand answers from anyone.
            Since you Trump trolls all failed to name a single actual crime committed by Hillary, why don’t you take the reverse of your challenge here: what are you going to say when he DOESN’T even try to accomplish the things he promised? You’ve already said you’re “damned proud” of his appointments to every cabinet or other government position so far of people who will fight to the death everything he “promised” to accomplish . Why don’t you finally actually attempt some thinking – I know this will be very difficult for you – about how to explain these appointments in view of what he promised to accomplish?

          2. Jim Samaras December 22, 2016

            I wouldn’t even think of asking a dickhead like you anything! I’ve already stated that if he doesn’t come through I would be here exalting my disappointment with him so GFY you non thinking moron!

          3. Sand_Cat December 22, 2016

            Have you indeed? You’ll understand if I don’t believe you. Too many lies already.

          4. charleo1 December 22, 2016

            I promise you, when pigs fly, I’ll be the first in line to say I was wrong about pigs.

          5. Jim Samaras December 22, 2016

            Was I wrong in believing you to be an open minded fair individual?

          6. PrecipitousDrop December 22, 2016

            Trump isn’t going to accomplish ANY of the things he talked about during the campaign, Jim.
            He’s already given up on “Lock her up!”, The Wall, Draining the Swamp, producing his tax returns, and divesting his business interests — and he hasn’t even sworn the oath yet.

            The man is a documented liar, cheat, and sexual predator. You let him stoke your hatred, and your cowardice, and now he will rob us blind.

          7. dpaano December 22, 2016

            True, and he even admitted all these things were lies that he told his followers to get their vote…..he told them this in a recent rally and they STILL are on his side! I wonder how many more promises/lies that he’s going to admit to before they finally realize that they’ve been conned! It’s amazing to me that, despite all that he’s done, all the lies that he’s told and admitted to, etc., that they STILL think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! What does it take for them to see the light…..apparently, they’ve been blinded as well as brainwashed!

          8. Eleanore Whitaker December 22, 2016

            You have to be the most uneducated guy in the world if you think Trump can do in government what he managed to do in business. In business, all he had to do was point and delegate. He won’t get to do that in government.

            I hate Trump because he gets away with all manner of illegal activities. Why do you support a man you know allowed his Middle Eastern high rollers to launder money to terrorists in his Atlantic City Casinos? It didn’t get much better when he and his Russian pimp rigged the election. Go ahead, deny it Rock Star. I have something you never do: Substantiation of what I post. All you have is BS lies and distortions you hope will keep your big haired rock star image going. Guess you’ll be doing the Wango Tango with Ted the Stugent? Or will you be jigging to “I am the BullGod?” with Kid Rock? This is all you have? These are your rock stars? Has beens just like you.

      2. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 21, 2016

        My understanding is that Donald Trump himself does not have health insurance and pays for service. I think that is a good alternative to a ravenous middleman health insurance company that should be outlawed.

        1. dpaano December 21, 2016

          Donald Trump can afford to pay for his own healthcare….he and his cronies can afford to get sick or have surgery without having to worry about how to pay for it or having to file bankruptcy because of a sudden surgery. I don’t think we can every get out of the health insurance racket even if we have to pay out of pocket for each visit or surgery. Most people don’t have that kind of money up front.

          1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 21, 2016

            If there were no health insurance and every household had to pay for its own care, costs would go down faster than any other way. One big reason prices are so high is because health insurance companies exist. But even insured people can go bankrupt or lose their homes and everything they own to the medical system. The insured and not the insurance company is 100% responsible for all medical charges, therefore when the insurance company denies a claim/claims, the insurance is worthless to the insured. Insurance is for unusual events, like car insurance, homeowners insurance and life insurance. Medical care is an ongoing service; most people want to use it more than they get their carpets cleaned. Don’t forget that the medical system *needs* customers, and has no shortage of them since people generally believe that it dispenses life itself. If there were no insurance, maybe the system would have to provide something for the money, and maybe they would have to make the services accessible to everyone – *for their own survival*. I’m more than willing to take a chance, obviously. I am downright eager to see the individual mandate to provide welfare checks to health insurance CEOs go away. If Trump can get this done, he will have more value in my eyes than merely not being Hillary.

          2. iamproteus December 21, 2016

            This post makes no sense whatsoever. Please read what you write and try to understand it before you hit “post”.

      3. idamag December 21, 2016

        I don’t care if they wear Gucci shoes, carry Hermes hankies and scarves, and wear Armani suits. any person who gets rich off of other people’s illnesses are barely above a grave robber.

    2. yabbed December 21, 2016

      GOP is thinking of putting Medicare recipients on Obamacare, haven’t you heard? They want to end Medicare and they think turning it over to private insurance companies is the way to go.

      1. dpaano December 21, 2016

        Idiots…..they have absolutely NO logical sense!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 21, 2016

          How do they figure after I paid 44 years for Medicare they can do as they please with that before I demand my state AG sue their butts?

          1. dpaano December 21, 2016

            I totally agree!!! We’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare for our entire business careers……these are NOT entitlements….they are monies owed to us that we paid in!

          2. idamag December 25, 2016

            It is also money that the greedy want-it-all-crowd wants to get their hands on.

          3. idamag December 21, 2016

            Their plan is to give you a grant to pay insurance premiums with. When that is gone, it is gone. You would have to get insurance from the private sector. This means paying huge administrative costs to the private sector so they can pay their stockholders and CEO’s obscene amounts of money. There will no longer be rules to stop capitation, existing conditions, etc. In fact, we will have no protection from the healthcare industry.

          4. dpaano December 22, 2016

            Agreed, and no one knows how much the grant or voucher would be and how much each individual would get. I’m sure it won’t be nearly enough to pay the entire insurance bill and individuals will end up having to pay a bunch out of pocket to get any decent insurance.

        2. Robert A. Clemons December 26, 2016


          1. PrecipitousDrop December 26, 2016

            “Leftist elites” aren’t trying to eliminate Medicare, Social Security, and guaranteed issue health insurance, BigBadBob. “Leftist elites” are not trying to reduce funding for veterans’ hospitals and clinics. “Leftist elites” are not trying to privatize veterans’ medical treatment, or reduce disability payments, or limit education benefits.
            Republicans want to do these things, and more, during the Trump administration. “Liberal elites” will fight them every step of the way — no matter how many capital letters you use.

      2. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 21, 2016

        The aim is to repeal the ACA. I would like Medicare and social security preserved, and health insurance companies completely abolished and made illegal. We’ll see how this all works out, but just the utter destruction of the ACA seems a good start to me. It also looks like the only thing that has a chance of *working* is single-payer health care, which is why I can imagine it happening.

        1. idamag December 25, 2016

          No, if you repeal the ACA act, you will have nothing and you will get nothing. If you have Medicare, why have the attitude, “I got mine, to hell with you?” If you haven’t been paying attention: Paul Ryan wants to privatize Social Security and give a voucher to pay for your insurance in lieu of Medicare. If you repeal the ACA, that means that insurance companies will be allowed to deny your insurance if you have a pre-existing condition. No, the ACA is not the perfect plan. It was all Obama could get. It is something we can make better. Single payer? It won’t happen. It takes votes and members of Congress get big donations from the health care industry. We would be better off if insurance companies were abolished, but that will not happen.

          1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 25, 2016

            For my household, the ACA is worse than nothing – we paid the penalty for last year, but did eventually get it refunded last month through an amended return. I didn’t get Medicare or anything else, and we have nothing to lose and only hope from the repeal of the ACA. I don’t like Paul Ryan or his ideas, read the pdf of “A Better Way”. The only better way is universal health care, but I realize the current administration might devise a plan under a different name than “single-payer” that works virtually the same way. I don’t doubt that they would let people die, but they won’t let the health care industry suffer. I will find it frustrating if unworkable (in the long run) ideas are implemented instead of just doing what should have been done during Obama’s terms – universal health care & no insurance company gluttons.

    3. dpaano December 21, 2016

      Do you REALLY know what single-payer health care is? You will have to pay for this through your taxes, and I can guarantee you that it’ll be more than you’re currently paying for your healthcare! Do you think the French get this for free without having to pay for it somehow…..they pay for it with their taxes, and we’ll have to do the same.

      1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 21, 2016

        I think I know more than you do, only because you made me a guarantee about my personal business. I guarantee you know nothing about my business. It sounds like you are against paying for health care via taxes, which might mean you do not wish to pay for health care at all. I can understand that. Yes, we have to pay for health care, and the only way I am willing to do so is through taxes. I am completely unwilling to pay health insurance company CEO salaries or company administration.

        1. dpaano December 21, 2016

          I have NO problems paying for healthcare whether it’s in taxes or otherwise…..but, most people don’t understand the concept of a single-pay system, and this is what I was saying. They don’t realize that they would have to pay for it through their taxes rather than separately. For some people, this would mean they pay more than what they might currently be paying. I agree with you about not wanting to pay health insurance company CEO’s salaries, etc.

          1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 21, 2016

            There’s no way any of us can know ahead of time how single-payer would work in the USA. The only assumptions I make are that it would be paid for through taxes, and beyond that there would be no additional costs to the citizens. Since all health care is paid for, there are no insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and no collection agencies, bankruptcies or losses of homes/property. Some people have made wild claims/comparisons with other countries such as Canada, saying that taxation would be 53%. I could only wonder how anyone could make such a claim. I am not concerned with other countries, their systems and taxation. Does every Canadian pay the same tax percentage? We in the USA do not. If our tax system is changed, that is a separate topic than the health system.

          2. dpaano December 22, 2016

            I agree to some extent. It would require more investigation to see how our government would handle it, and with the incoming administration, I don’t see any of that happening even if they repeal Obamacare!

          3. idamag December 25, 2016

            Yes, there is a way. Medicare is a single payer insurance. The insured pays $120 month as compared to 1200. The difference is in administrative costs. The government does not have big million dollar bonuses to pay to CEO’s. They also do not have to pay stockholders. Medicare is efficient. It pays 80% of medical costs. 100 percent of testing such as mammograms and colonoscopies. On top of that, a Medicare insured person opts to get a medigap and drug insurance at an addition cost of 250 dollars which picks up the remaining 20 percent and the larger part of the drug costs.

        2. idamag December 21, 2016

          Whether we pay more in taxes or more in our medical bills to cover those who don’t, can’t or won’t pay for theirs. I would rather pay more in taxes. One of my spouse’s hospital bills was $800,000. We did not have to pay the entire amount as we had insurance. For everyone, it would be less painful to pay 1% more in taxes than to try and pay off the entire amount of the 20% the insurance did not cover. A good documentary to watch on the logistics of this is “Where to Invade Next” by Michael Moore. He has the facts and figures.

          1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 21, 2016

            Thanks, I had not heard of “Where to Invade Next”. Whenever I hear that we pay for others’ care (which is what we do with health insurance after the CEOs & adminstration are paid, from the “pot” of what’s left), I have the idea it’s an excuse to divert rage from those who are actually exploiting us. I also don’t mean this in regards to your reference to it, but it reminded me because I hear it all the time – usually against immigrants in ER. If we are paying for others who don’t pay, then there is no such thing as uncompensated care. It would also seem like paying a hospital bill might constitute paying twice, since somebody else already paid the bill. Having a single-payer system might stop this type of misdirected anger, as it would be clear that prices could not be artificially raised as though an individual bill covers more than the individual.

          2. dpaano December 22, 2016

            Before we had ACA, whenever someone without insurance came to the ER, the government was billed one way or the other or the hospital had to “eat” a good portion of it. But, they didn’t actually “eat” it…..they just charged those of us WITH insurance more whenever we went to the hospital….this is why an aspirin costs in the $100 range! There was an awesome article in Time Magazine either late last year or early this year about why hospital costs are so high. It was very detailed, many pages, and was extremely informative. I may have kept the article, and if I did, I will link it here later. If not, go on the Time Magazine website and see if you can locate it. Well worth the time to read it and is VERY informative!

          3. idamag December 25, 2016

            When I worked at a hospital many many years ago, For every 2500 dollars you paid for healthcare, 800 dollars went to pay for those who can’t, don’t or won’t. I remember a case where a drunk driver killed a car load of people. He survived and was in the hospital for several months. He had no insurance. We pay for that. I’d rather see them be required to have insurance as a rate they could afford.

          4. dpaano January 13, 2017

            Apparently, what you don’t understand is that WE, the taxpayer, pay for the uninsured people who come into the ER and can’t pay their bills. We pay this by being charged more than necessary by a hospital to make up for the monies they lose by these patients. If everyone had health insurance, hospitals could lower their costs to us because they would NOT have to recompensate themselves on our backs!

          5. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ January 13, 2017

            In my own household, we don’t consider ourselves as paying for “other people’s” care. We literally pay taxes, since we arrange not to get refunds and owe instead. Since we do not have health insurance and do not access health care, we aren’t paying for health care (from the medical system) at all. Not ours and not anyone else’s. If people want to hate on innocents instead of the vile profiteers, well – that’s freedom of thought and belief. Your excusing of hospital pricing is sickening, and what a fantasy to think they *could* lower their costs, and would – the costs that are the fault of other than the ones charging them! As though they have a shred or morals or integrity.

            I can’t wait to see what happens as far as “repeal and replace”. Have only heard there will be no mandate and no tax penalty, which we got refunded from the last time at the end of 2016. So that alone is an improvement for us.

          6. Robert A. Clemons December 25, 2016


          7. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

            Look who’s here!
            It’s BigBadBob and his busted caps key.
            How’s your boyfriend, GI Joe, BigBadBob?

          8. idamag December 25, 2016

            Your screaming in caps says a lot about you, Your name calling is typical and I didn’t see any facts from a credible source proving that Michael Moore is a liar. But, lying is a feature of the back woods right wingers. I am blocking you. I don’t like to waste time with dropouts,

          9. Robert A. Clemons December 26, 2016


          10. PrecipitousDrop December 26, 2016

            Did BagBadBob get stung?

        3. Sand_Cat December 27, 2016

          That’s what you get for thinking when you’re not used to it.

      2. idamag December 21, 2016

        When I was visiting in Germany, I compared our taxes with theirs. They do not have to pay anything for healthcare. My friend, whose income was close to mine, paid 1% more in taxes than I did. It would be easier to pay more taxes if one did not have big medical bills.

        1. dpaano December 22, 2016

          You may be right because I have no idea what many other countries do for their single-pay healthcare…..some pay it in add’l taxes. I agree with you, however, it would be easier to pay it through taxes than to have to pay it every month to an insurance company!

    4. idamag December 21, 2016

      Oh, yeah, let’s watch what happens to that any the other safety nets.

    5. Sand_Cat December 22, 2016

      You have a better chance of going to the moon than of Trump’s administration doing anything that might benefit ordinary people. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a85843545c7ef88ef58d356d2c263faf72669f4d32af63612daa5047e7a33a46.jpg

      1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 22, 2016

        Fake quote meme, lol

          1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ December 22, 2016

            We’re on the same page, then…

          2. idamag December 25, 2016


    6. dpaano January 13, 2017

      Interesting….if Obamacare is of “negative value,” why are there record numbers of people signing up for it this year? Can you perhaps come up with a viable answer to THAT question? I sincerely doubt it!

      1. ✰ Sibylrose ✰ January 13, 2017

        You’re right on that one! I can’t explain why others do what they do. But I am so sick of those who use the ACA and subsidize the health insurance companies with big fat welfare checks, and think they are getting something of positive value, that my darker side almost makes me wish that they had a choice – keep their insurance with no option of changing to whatever the Trump administration comes up with. Let them remain ignorant victims of a most despicable system, and let them wake up to their own exploitation – for a minute, before they lose their very lives because we have the ravenous middleman instead of humane universal health care.

  21. secondclassguy December 20, 2016

    The most troubling thing about this is all the new protections for patients are at risk. I mean even if republicans allow those covered to stay covered it’s not worth spit if the coverage can be taken when most needed.

    The most generous protections i heard from them is saying you must not let your insurance lapse for more than 2 months, if you do and buy it again it can’t be used for 18 months. Now i can think of many hardships that can let your insurance lapse, especially if your sick.

    So you will not have insurance, you might be sick and have to wait 18 months. There’s a good chance you will be dead in 18 months. I really think this is why their “protection” law is written like this

  22. Christinajramirez December 21, 2016

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  23. FireBaron December 21, 2016

    OK, folks, your guy won. Now get over it.
    Waitaminit! Isn’t that what you have been saying to us since November 9th? Yep. And here is why.
    Teflon Donnie’s pick for Secretary of Labor is a notorious union
    buster. This is the guy who is going to be in charge of worker
    protections. So you can kiss all the benefits your grandfathers and
    great-grandfathers fought for against companies like his. He has already
    promised to ease up on the Overtime regulations allowing many people’s
    jobs to be reclassified so they don’t have to be paid for all the hours
    they work. Retirement? Not a problem as long as you have saved your own
    money securely. Otherwise this guy will push more for company controlled
    contributory plans with no oversight from the government to make sure
    the investments are being maintained in the workers best interests. Need
    time off? Fugedaboudit! Roll backs on the maternity leave and FMLA
    protections. Got a problem with unsafe work environments? Nope. OSHA is
    going to be defanged and declawed. Don’t like it? Get a job at Micky D’s
    flipping burgers. And if you try to be a whistle blower, well the new
    Labor Board member – Linda McMahon – will think you are starting a
    wrestling match with her.
    Next, his new EPA director is a bestie with
    the biggest polluters, including the pipeline company up in North
    Dakota. By the way, you may not have heard, but that same pipeline had
    about a 100,000 gallon leak two weeks ago. Anyway, kiss goodbye to clean
    water and air regulations. Flint will have clean water in comparison to
    what these guys will allow.
    Another prize is his Energy Secretary.
    This is the former governor of Texas who majored in Veterinary Science.
    Look for more coal and more tar sand oil coming your way. Look for more
    fracking and the resultant earthquakes.
    Defense is one department
    that I have no problem with the nominee. However, Teflon Donnie’s
    statement about the F-35 is gonna impact you very badly. One reason for
    the expense is Congress made sure that at least one contractor in every
    state is responsible for some component. OK, so our President-elect
    wants to cut costs? Sure. Locate them to common areas and shut down the
    local factory employing a couple of hundred people that only produce
    that part. I am sure your states can support the additional unemployment
    Education is being headed up by an advocate for Charter
    Schools (of which she owns the largest private company providing them in
    the US). She also believes state and community education boards should
    not be allowed to have oversight over them to ensure they are producing
    the curriculum your children will need to fill out job applications for
    McDonald’s and Jiffy Lube.

    Next we have our new Secretary of
    State. Vladimir Vladimirovich’s best bud! This is another guy who is
    willing to support the former KGB agent’s land grabs in the former SSRs,
    in his strangling European energy needs, and his objections to NATO
    expansion. As Stan Lee used to say, “Nuff Said”.
    Finally our new AG.
    This is a guy who, as a state judge, did everything he could to
    undermine the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and the 15th and
    24th Amendments, and believes the NAACP, CORE, Urban League and UNCF are
    terrorist organizations. Yep. It’s gonna be 1876 all over again!
    Welcome back Jim Crow!

    Like I said. You voted for him. Get over it.

    1. charleo1 December 21, 2016

      You nailed it! Thank you!

    2. Eleanore Whitaker December 21, 2016

      My Dad way back when was a Long Shoreman. My ex was a Teamster. Trump and his “pick” get under the skin of union members and they will turn them into cement bridge supports like they did to Hoffa.

      1. dpaano December 21, 2016

        What a swell idea….but they’d probably weaken the concrete and cause the bridge to fall into the ocean or wherever!

    3. marriea December 21, 2016

      Love ya. Thank you for saying what I couldn’t find the words to say.
      But it might be two or three years before his supporters get it.
      They will probably end up blaming Obama for their stupidy.
      Trump handpicked these idiots for obvious reasons.

      1. dpaano December 22, 2016

        The main reason he picked these people is because they made “bigly” donations to his campaign…..other than that, none of them are qualified for the jobs that he’s nominated them for! It’s “pay to play” on steroids much like he kept blaming Hillary for doing! He’s such a hypocrite!

        1. marriea December 22, 2016

          I know, but the killing part is, he’s pretty much said as much and yet his supporters keep saying OK.
          I don’t know what these people think being president is all about, but apparently they think it’s like the ones on T V.
          And Trump is trying his best to play that part.
          What happens when he has no script? and the REEL part has to be traded for the REAL part.

    4. idamag December 25, 2016

      The forty hour weeks, with overtime over forty and time and a half for holdiay work – goodbye.

  24. nutbar December 21, 2016

    If they kill off that many of their supporters, the repugnantcans will have to rely even more on pooty to help rig the election. Hopefully, the geniuses who wrote the Lock her Up chant can come up with an equally catchy and profound statement to celebrate voting themselves into third world status.

    1. marriea December 21, 2016

      No kidding.
      Just read that Trump is changing his rhetoric ‘ draining the swamp’,
      I guess it will now be stocking the swamp.
      But it’s what his supporters wanted.
      I’m almost glad he won.
      In about a year there will be coverage of all these people saying ‘he lied’, he promised this and that.
      Actually he didn’t promise anything.
      He always stopped short of a full grown promise.
      He just used a bunch of adjectives and the people themselves filled the dotted line.
      There is a huge difference between what he said and what they heard.
      That’s a typical con trademark.
      It’s almost like he was playing that ‘Simon said’ game.
      Oh well, we are stuck with him now.

      1. Sand_Cat December 22, 2016

        Can’t agree with your statement about https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6f5c5b09591b583803b38da759b61e03d9b09d7f7920e0c5e167e04fcb5b0e25.png “coverage of all these people saying ‘he lied’ “; you give them entirely too much credit. Even with GOP control of both houses and the presidency, it will be “the liberals’ fault.”
        The campaign – and the troll comments on this site – more than made it clear what kind of people believed all that crap.

        1. marriea December 22, 2016

          So you voted for him, because?
          Are you inplying that you didn’t believe him.
          Ok, I’ll bite.
          There are many who did believe him.

          1. Sand_Cat December 22, 2016

            Guess you didn’t read what I wrote.

          2. dpaano December 22, 2016

            Another example of how someone reads or hears something and takes it out of context.

          3. idamag December 25, 2016

            I had a sign on my desk that read, “I know you think you heard what I said, but what I said is not what I meant at all.”

      2. dpaano December 22, 2016

        He already came out during a recent rally and told them that he lied about several things just so he could get voted in; i.e., prosecuting Hillary, building a wall, etc. Unfortunately, they are still too stupid to realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lies (promises?) that he made during the campaign! I wonder how many more lies he’s going to admit to before some of these people realize they were conned!

        1. marriea December 22, 2016

          dpaano, I just don’t know.
          They seemingly would rather die and go to hell than admit they were conned.
          I me over 3 million people fell for this.
          I can only imagine what the historians will say.
          One thing, Obama’s legacy is very much intact.
          It’s going to point out that their is nothing no leader can do or say about stupid.

          1. Robert A. Clemons December 26, 2016


          2. PrecipitousDrop December 26, 2016

            Your assessment is wrong BigBadBob, but you know that already.
            I guess it won’t matter much after January 20th, when Trump initiates nuclear war.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 22, 2016

      and now is the time you see just how much the GOP gang of pinhead idiots made this B/S plan to make Hillary look bad . you wont see or hear nothing about it again . only if she was to run again NG OF PINHEADS will bring it all back up like it was all started yesterday . but for now there will be not a thing about it . if I was Hillary id be bring it up like hell now telling all those GOP clown more so the pathetic and pathological liar DONNY DUMP come on clown car driver you said you was going to do this so do it you POS liar . he wont do it nor with the GAN G OF PINHEADS because thy will get the same thing NOTHING .MILLARY should be pushing it all every thing between emails and Benghazi B/S bring i8t all out Hillary now call out all those butt holes and tell them to find something . in time she could clean up all the GOP’S b/s

  25. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 24, 2016

    Since winning the election, Trump has seemed to revel in tossing firecrackers/// more like a deranged child with heavy mental disorders and is been off his meds way too long . on the way to make sure this CLOWN himself wants to be the last president of the USA by starting a NUKE ARMS RACE to the bottom and the end of the world .

  26. greenlantern1 December 25, 2016

    Release Trump’s tax returns?
    Release Trump’s ACTUAL budget?

  27. Robert A. Clemons December 25, 2016


    1. PrecipitousDrop December 25, 2016

      Democrats haven’t lost anything, BigBadBob.
      We’re still here.
      We still pay the taxes that support red states.
      We still file suits to protect the rights of women to health care, to protect the rights of non-heterosexuals from housing and employment discrimination, and to protect the rights of citizens to vote.
      We continue to read, write, and teach.
      P.S. When our computers are broken — like when the caps key gets stuck — we repair them.

    2. dpaano January 13, 2017

      No, it’s a crying shame that YOU cannot admit that Obamacare has done much for the health of this country. You and your ilk need to be the ones to grow up and face reality. The Democrats did NOT lose….Hillary won the popular vote by 3M more votes that Trump got. So, he won the Electoral College, but that’s a farce as it is! Get over it and go back into your hole!

  28. kemp.dennis@mail.ru March 19, 2017

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