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The Trumps: ‘An Incestuous Intertwining with Organized Crime’

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The Trumps: ‘An Incestuous Intertwining with Organized Crime’

Trump, King Henry VIII

As an Italian-American and a former staff member for Mario Cuomo, I’ve been wrestling with how best to express my outrage over the fact that if Donald Trump’s name contained six vowels — like say, Mario Cuomo’s — his Presidential candidacy would be swimming with the fishes; Trump has been in bed with mobsters for his entire professional life.

The list of the Trump family’s — both Fred Trump, who left his son $200 million dollars and a legacy of lying about his wealth and businesses, and Donald’s — ties to organized crime, or “Mob-Nobbing” as Wayne Barrett aptly named it in his book Trump: The Deals & the Downfall, reads like a Who’s Who of Mafioso in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Metropolitan Areas over the past 45 years. Here are just a few of the law-breaking luminaries or their mob-fronted companies, who can easily be found in Barrett’s book, who either did business with the Trumps, served as their partners (secret or otherwise), or made labor or building problems go away in exchange for cash:

  • Manny Ciminello; construction contractor, racketeer, tied to S & A Concrete;
  • Paul Castellano; head of Gambino Mob; secret owner of S & A Concrete;
  • Fat Tony Salerno; head of Genovese Mob; secret owner of S & A Concrete;
  • S & A Concrete; Mob-front concrete company, run by Nick Auletta; built Trump Tower and Trump Plaza;
  • Willie Tomasello; Fred Trump’s partner on Beach Haven; Genovese associate;
  • Nicky Scarfo; Atlantic City/Philadelphia Crime Boss; Cleveland Wrecking Co;
  • Cleveland Wrecking Company; mob-front demolition co., hired by Trump;
  • Wachtel Plumbing; mob-front co.; hired by Trump in Atlantic City & NYC;
  • Teddy Maritas; mobbed-up head of Carpenters Union; NYC Trump contract;
  • Circle Industries; Maritas’ mobbed up Drywall Co; Trump hired, NYC;
  • John Cody; mobbed-up head of Teamsters Local 282; jailed for racketeering; bragged that “Donald liked to deal with me through Roy Cohn.”
  • Nick Auletta: President of S & A Concrete, mob-controlled cement company;
  • Joe DePaolo; President of Dic Underhill Co; company with alleged mob connections; helped build Trump Village with Fred Trump;
  • Danny Sullivan; partner in SSG, Inc; deal-making arm of Scarfo Mob, negotiated with Trump on land in Atlantic City;
  • Kenny Shapiro; scrap-metal dealer, partner SSG; principle financier for Scarfo’s Philadelphia Crime Organization.

Writing in Politico just last week, David Cay Johnston, a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter whose book Temples of Chance: How America Inc. Bought Out Murder Inc. to Win Control of the Casino Business carefully details Trump’s ties with organized crime, stating:

“No other candidate for the White House this year has anything close to Trump’s record of repeated social and business dealings with mobsters, swindlers, and other crooks. Professor Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian, said the closest historical example would be President Warren G. Harding and Teapot Dome, a bribery and bid-rigging scandal in which the interior secretary went to prison. But even that has a key difference: Harding’s associates were corrupt but otherwise legitimate businessmen, not mobsters and drug dealers.”

The torrent of thugs, terrible people, and mob-front businesses Trump and his father were involved with going back more than 45 years permeates every present-day action Donald Trump takes. If Mario Cuomo was in the same room with just one of the mobsters that Donald Trump did business with daily, his political career would have been finished. Instead, Trump shrugs it all off; an amoral actor playing among amoral peers.

Imagine, for a moment, if Cuomo — anytime between 1985-1991 — had gone to a private meeting in a posh New York townhouse with the boss of one of New York’s biggest crime families under investigation by the FBI, the way Wayne Barrett’s book recounts a meeting between Trump and Genovese Crime Boss “Fat Tony” Salerno, who controlled the cement industry in New York. Would the media be silent about such a meeting? Would Cuomo be given a free pass because he was just doing business with New Yorkers?

Even a Mob/Trump meeting broker as unsavory as Roy Cohn, whose long list of organized crime clients were clearly of financial value to Trump, would have been cited as proof that there were Mafia “skeletons” in Cuomo’s closet. The lame argument that “everybody was doing it” in the business would have been no defense for Cuomo, just as it should not be for Trump, especially since other major New York City real estate developers like LeFrak were not doing it, and were, instead, pleading with the FBI to free them of mob’s control of the concrete business. Trump, no friend of law enforcement authorities, just kept quiet and paid his tithe. Such silence would have sentenced Mario Cuomo to political death by insinuation.

Stick a vowel at the end of Trump’s name, and see if his family’s decades-long “incestuous intertwining with organized crime,” as Barrett described the many Trump/Mafia marriages of convenience, would go unnoticed. Does any American who believes in the rule of law and justice really want someone so cozy with Mobsters to have power over the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and every other federal law enforcement entity?

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for a photo after an interview with Reuters in his office in Trump Tower, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., May 17, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson 



  1. Dominick Vila May 31, 2016

    The list of mobsters included in this article is like a blue print for The Donald’s cabinet. Not only do they get things done, literally, they also know how to cut a deal. The Russian mafia may appreciate the change to greatness, but I doubt Kim Jong Un will play ball with Trump’s buddies.

    1. AgLander May 31, 2016

      “Box’s” comment pretty much cancels yours out 10x over…..nice try.

      1. Dominick Vila May 31, 2016

        Criminal elements and organizations have existed since the beginning of mankind. That does not mean we have to do business with them, even when they dominate certain sectors of our economy. As a minimum, Trump should acknowledge that he had no choice but to do business with shady characters because of the conditions that prevail in some of the places where he does business.

        1. AgLander May 31, 2016

          New York would be a series of one story buildings if the city’s developers had followed your silly and self righteous comment….there would not be one high rise on the Manhattan skyline.

          1. Dominick Vila May 31, 2016

            My comment refers to the fact that if Trump did not have a choice but to deal with mobsters to get things done because, according to you, New York City is dominated by mafiosi, he should acknowledge that fact.

          2. JMMII May 31, 2016

            You waste breath. Explanations of the obvious serve no purpose with species AgLanders.

          3. AgLander May 31, 2016

            …more hissing sounds from the bag of wind.

          4. AgLander May 31, 2016

            Your suggestion is misdirected as to whom should be making that admission. Trump is but one developer among many operating in a city where the construction industry is influenced by the mob. It should by the mayor who acknowledges that all developers in his city have no choice but to deal with shady characters if they wish to successfully obtain construction materials and project labor. Why single out Trump? He’s just a single customer forced to deal within the environment he has no control over.
            That makes no sense whatsoever.

          5. Dominick Vila May 31, 2016

            Why single him out? Because he is running for President, and because he has made accusations of wrongdoing by his opponents the centerpiece of his campaign strategy.
            Most of us are well aware of the existence of crime syndicates, and most of us understand why a lot of investors, especially in the construction sector, have no choice but to do business with the shady characters that dominate the industry in so many American cities. Perhaps Trump and his supporters should have the same level of understanding when they attack their opponents for things they are not directly involved in or responsible for.

          6. AgLander May 31, 2016

            It makes no difference what he is running for……NY is a cesspool of organized crime. Any citizen of NY is assumed to have bought from a mobster whether it be construction material or his weekly groceries. You fail to see that the government of NY City, led by liberal Democrats, is the problem and THEY are the ones who should acknowledge that due to their ineptness in curbing corruption (they themselves are corrupt), their citizens have no choice but to deal with unsavory vendors for their daily sustenance. Your arrows need to be aimed at Mayor deBlabbero!

          7. Dominick Vila May 31, 2016

            Accusing Mayor De Blazio for the existence of crime syndicates in most major U.S. citizens during, at least, the last century, is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? The same goes for accusing the entire population of NYC for it.
            Having said that, I think there are plenty of other areas that deserve, and are likely to get, a lot more scrutiny than this. Don’t be surprised if the media that contributed to Trump’s rise, is the same institution that brings him down.

          8. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

            You are delusional.
            Trump’s own business dealings and choices have nothing to do with him.

            You, sir, have zero grasp of reality.

          9. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

            So because all developers do it (Not true by the way), then we have to elect one of the President?

            Troll logic.

      2. jmprint May 31, 2016

        Only for a trumpster.

      3. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

        I’m yet to see you make an actual point.

    2. JMMII May 31, 2016

      Trump will only surround himself with the smartest, very best “deal-makers”–The Who’s Who of the bidness world; “Incredible people, that I can tell you”. He’ll make us an offer we can’t refuse.

      1. AgLander May 31, 2016

        You profess specific inside knowledge of Trump’s upcoming decisions. Are you an insider with his campaign staff or, as we all suspect, just a big bag of hot air who enjoys the hissing sound of it being released?

        1. JMMII May 31, 2016

          Do you have ears? All one need do is listen to Trump for less than five minutes to know that he is unfit for the office he seeks.

          Then there’s you and people like you.

          1. AgLander May 31, 2016

            Your ears are heavily filtered by wing nut ideology and only receive a small portion of inputs directed. The rest is blocked.

          2. JMMII May 31, 2016

            “…heavily filtered by wing nut ideology…”

            This, from someone who can so assiduously defend an odious character like Drumpf. You continue to self-assess in your pitiful attacks. Your projection is par for the course for the hopelessly deluded.

          3. AgLander May 31, 2016

            If that’s all ya got, I accept your conceding of the point. Thank you.

          4. JMMII May 31, 2016

            Perfect. Someone so bereft of “points” fancies himself the arbiter of content. I’d ask you to keep proving my observations, but it’s not necessary.

          5. AgLander May 31, 2016

            Not an arbiter, but one who recognizes a “post turtle” like yourself and how to deal with it.

          6. JMMII May 31, 2016

            Yes, you’re doing smashingly well at “recognizing” and “dealing”. Quit while you’re behind.

          7. AgLander May 31, 2016

            And I’m willing to help you down from that post before you fall, but you have to first realize the need for help, so I’ll just continue to look on in bemusement at your condition.

          8. JMMII May 31, 2016

            I’d thank you for your “concerns”, but any form of action on your part would be impossible, since the idiot post planted firmly up your posterior prevents all movement with the exception of your flapping gums. All you can do is “look on in bemusement”.

          9. AgLander May 31, 2016

            yep….I find you to be an excellent court jester. Carry on.

          10. JMMII May 31, 2016

            If you weren’t such a genuine idiot, you’d have realized that the jesters were Fools in name only. But you’re not that smart. Pity.

          11. AgLander May 31, 2016

            Are you really as insane as you seem to be?

          12. JMMII May 31, 2016

            I won’t ask if you are really as infantile as you seem to be. The question is moot.

          13. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

            Oooh displacement.

        2. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

          Try 30 years of Trump doing exactly that.

          Are you retarded? I’m beginning to get the feeling that you aren’t able to process reality very well. It is well established, including by Trump himself, that he is a liar, a conman, regularly screws people he is in business with, threatens to sue to reduce the amounts he has to pay, and isn’t actually a Republican. He stated on the court record that he impersonated a fictitious publicist in order to threaten rivals and fluff his own ego. None of this is theory or hearsay. It is all established fact.

          Is your argument that A Trump president will do things completely differently in every way from Trump prior to the Presidency?
          Yet you give this leniency to no other candidate… curious.

      2. Elizabethhbormann4 June 1, 2016

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  2. Box May 31, 2016

    The article is grotesque for its aim. Is it Trumps fault that organized failed to be crushed by any former White House, that mob controls all significant construction in NYC and significant portions of NY life? Who would Trump go to to build Trump Tower, for example? Who? There is no place else to go except the mob. Notice the list is full of construction groups. You dont want S and A Concrete? You might never get your building up. In fact you wont. And its Trumps fault? And not only is it his fault but that all the so-called mob villains are licking their chops because they will get “Two -fingers” Salerno in as Secretary of Commerce? You fools truly think that? If you are in NYC you might very well be paying your rent or mortgage to a mob group. So we should cause you to lose your job because you deal with the mob? But this isnt about the mob, its about Obamas children refusing a change of agenda, simple as that and everyone knows it. You had your eight years, now its the next guys turn for eight years. You literally beg equality, right?

    1. JMMII May 31, 2016

      The article Trump is grotesque for its his aim. FIFY

      Forget his mob ties.

      1. AgLander May 31, 2016

        Reading comprehension problems are no excuse for you failing to grasp the points “Box” so accurately made.

        1. JMMII May 31, 2016

          Back for more drubbing, I see.

          Speaking of “reading comprehension”, if you had any notion of what that was, you’d realize I conceded all of his points to him.

          But keep embarrassing yourself. You succeed every time you try.

          1. AgLander May 31, 2016

            Good morning, my mental masturbating friend! The sleep you received last night had no effect I see…..you woke up still firmly locked in the self delusion that you are somehow competent and received as you would like to be!

    2. AgLander May 31, 2016

      You hit the bulls eye…..well stated and accurate.

      1. charleo1 May 31, 2016

        How would you know if he bull’s eye, or your rear end?

        1. AgLander May 31, 2016

          Weren’t you the character that was lecturing me about ad hominem? At least you’re consistent in your hypocrisy!

          1. charleo1 May 31, 2016

            Since you have no logic, or statements of fact, you leave me little else but paltry ad hominem for a target.

    3. Dominick Vila May 31, 2016

      Obama’s children refuse a change of agenda? Would you mind elaborating?

    4. charleo1 May 31, 2016

      I believe what you’re saying is we need more parasitic elements in government, not less. So the NY Mob is a natural fit. Along with Wall Street lobbyists, and oil company trough feeders, ALEC, and other like tax dodgers. And, before too long at all we should have the real creators of wealth, the American work force, the People in all this, happily slaving away for the cons, grifters, and organized crime bosses. In other words, the gutter thieving underbellies of our society. Sounds about right to me.

    5. jmprint May 31, 2016

      Well lucky for us, Trump will not make it to the white house. His presidency will so sure enhance their (the mob and KKK) objectives.

      1. AgLander May 31, 2016

        race card……to the liberal filled penalty box with you!

        1. jmprint May 31, 2016

          as the trumpster’s right wing nut box keeper is upset that no more BS fits in Trump’s box of treasures.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

            but knowing the DONNY DUMPSTER he would get his contractors buddy’s to build him some more concrete B/S boxes for he knows his B/S will never stop running

        2. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

          Trump courts the KKK. Established fact.
          I assume this means you’re a racist as well.

          1. AgLander May 31, 2016

            ….race pimp on the loose alert .

    6. Joan May 31, 2016

      Are you calling all of the people who voted for our current President children? You are absolutely right about needing an agenda change – but not to a Trump agenda. Political parties do not take ” turns” at the White House. It is not, now the GOP’s turn. Who ever is elected will have to convince a majority of adults that they are the best person running for the job. If you are ok with Mr Trump who went along consorting with and paying off mobsters that is your choice. Mr Trump eliminated himself as a viable choice to me, before he even started his bid.

    7. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

      but then again with one year with DONNY DUMP could very well be the end of the USA as we know it never mind even making it to the 4 years . then the country could get lucky and with DONNY DUMP’s big blow-hard mouth he can put his foot in it and say something to teee the MOB off and thy give him swimming lesson with the fish’s or even just the cross-hairs with a shot between his beedie eyes one prob. 2 (to make sure ) 9mm

  3. AgLander May 31, 2016

    Looking forward to National Memo’s multi part investigative report on the Clinton Crime Syndicate that is has been operating unimpeded for 45 years and counting. However, the FBI may very soon have something to do with interrupting the longest running mafia like operation in American history!

    1. jmprint May 31, 2016

      Only in your dreams.

      1. AgLander May 31, 2016

        Look up the acronym “FBI” and what they do, big boy….if you dare. They don’t mess around investigating parking tickets!

        1. jmprint May 31, 2016

          Just like the FBI investigated in the Benghazi and Whitewater, Comey knows the Clintons better then anyone. I still think if something was there, it would be out already.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

            that whole thing was (admitted ) by the GOP gang of idiots just to try to make Hillary look bad

        2. JMMII May 31, 2016

          Your protracted attempts at sarcasm continue their pitiful, unfunny course. Another conservative “…great Natural, that runs lolling up and down to hide his bauble in a hole.”

        3. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

          Oh… and you’re a bigot as well as desperate and gullible.
          Should’ve guessed with a handle like “AgLander”.
          Do you hate the “blacks” too, boy?

          1. AgLander May 31, 2016

            …..race pimp alert.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

      is and wont that be more of the GOP gang of idiots just wasting more of the country’s time and big $$$ MONEY then again that what thy do best

    3. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

      That’s it baby… keep raising those Clinton Zombie Lies after a Trump corruption article in the desperate hope it distracts people from the retarded, evil, orange-faced word-salad.

  4. AgLander May 31, 2016

    Any American who has voted for either Bill or Hillary Clinton should be required to reveal that, by virtue of that vote, they are in bed and dealing with mobsters.

    1. jmprint May 31, 2016

      That’s like saying anyone who voted for Bush is responsible for the economy and the war.

      1. AgLander May 31, 2016

        You argue political decisions…..I’m talking about the Clinton Foundation, the worldwide money laundering and influence/favor peddling operation that has allowed the two Mafioso bosses, Bill and Hillary, to enrich themselves beyond imagination…(Not to mention their daughter)

        1. jmprint May 31, 2016

          Time will tell, and I don’t think your accusations will come to a full bloom, they will wilt with lack of evidence.

          1. AgLander May 31, 2016

            o.k…..but I hear the sounds of someone whistling nervously while walking through the graveyard.

          2. jmprint May 31, 2016

            Then stay out, and calm down. Till then NEVER TRUMP!

          3. kalpal May 31, 2016

            That is you treading in fear and no one else.

          4. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

            You mean like you derailing the entire Trump article, which focused exclusively on Trump’s sizable pile of corruption and Mob connections… to raise the standard Clinton Zombie Lies?

            Could you be less intellectually honest?

          5. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

            but with or without the evidence one will still know in their hearts

        2. charleo1 May 31, 2016

          There is absolutely zero basis to make such a claim about the Clinton Foundation, other than purely dishonest political hackery. It is interesting though, how the Right would pick a charity of all things, to attempt to impugn the efforts of those who continue to try to make the lot of the least among the World’s population a bit better. While they themselves crawl daily into bed in servitude to a corporate culture that has shown time, and again that it could not care less about the plight of anything, save only that next quarter’s profits be larger, regardless the cost. It is a moral-less preoccupation.

        3. kalpal May 31, 2016

          You need to take the evidence in your possession and go visit the DOJ.

          If you only have suspicions, you are a troll, a liar and a cheat.

        4. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

          Which posts it’s tax returns and financials…
          Unlike Trump.

          Your frothing is getting frantic.
          Link your evidence please…
          You don’t have any?

          Then I suggest you go back on your meds.

    2. fortunev May 31, 2016

      Trolls need to pull their head out of their nether regions. And wipe the crap off your lip afterward.

    3. Paul Bass May 31, 2016

      Paid troll say what?

      Wow, in an article ABOUT the TRUMP dealing with MOBSTERS? Te he, ha ha ,ho ho, TROLL, stop claiming “I see no BS” in a FIELD of cow flop!

    4. kalpal May 31, 2016

      Any American who voted for Reagan and both Bushes is a traitor and must be hanged by the neck till dead.

    5. Insinnergy May 31, 2016

      Except… pinhead… There’s ample evidence that Trump is still in bed with the mob.
      Can you post anything linking the Clintons to mob connections that has panned out? After decades of investigation?

      Smell the stink of desperation completely avoiding the article topic to bring up the Clintons…
      “Quick… look over there!!! Its a shiny thing!!”

      What a retard.

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

    I can only see more of the BRAIN DEAD DONNY DUMP followers thinking this is ok for their DONNY MASTER=batter POS then again I can see these same brain dead people having one of their love ones shot in the head by DONNY DUMP and thy would feel its ok if the DONNY DUMP did it then it has to been ok

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

    too funny reading some of the post from the brain dead follower of the DONNY DUMP clown show . these are the people that the country should be looking out for with DONNY DUMP thy should be in the LOONY BIN and given heavy meds

    1. John Webb May 31, 2016

      ivory, you’ve written many comments, I hope that reduces your amount of stress. Donny RUMP is another example of another election year, lesser of two evils. Which party has the lesser of the two evils? Both have too many skeletons in the closet. We are stuck again with going into the election booth to vote for the, “LESSER OF TWO EVILS.”

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

        as I agree with you John (and nothing will reduce my stress until this is over and DONNY DUMP isn’t in the house ) as agreeing with you the lesser of the 2 evils ive stated this point many times in post . one side one I feel has to look at every thing and most importantly facts and not witch hunts (set up by the GOP gang of idiots and admitting it ) facts are all seen it on tv with DONNY DUMP bad mouthing VETS John McCain (and him being a 5 time draft dodger this fact is there for ones that want to see it IF THY WANT TO SEE IT ) also bad mouth women . race’s and faiths . now these are all FACTS . with the cherry on top with the mob ties I feel he is truly the worse of 2 evils . then one still has to look at the other( so called evil Hillary ) compared to the facts with DONNY DUMP and the facts of the GOP gang of idiots stating that thy did what thy did JUST TO MAKE HER LOOK BAD the whole BENGARZIYBULLCRAP . just a waste of time and money . and what became of it all ? NOTHING . so to you John what and who do you feel is the lesser of the 2 evils ?

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

        be it as it may John if I was to find as much evil on either side id go over it and then post it after I formed my opinion

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

    enough heavy meds to kill them for it would be doing them a favor

    1. John Webb May 31, 2016

      Responses are simply but results are usually out of our hands, electoral votes are the ones that count. Now I am not a TRUMP SUPPORTER AND ALL OF YOU GET IT RIGHT, TRUMP WITHOUT A T SPELLS. AND THAT’S WHAT SHOULD BE DONNY DONE, KNOCK HM ON HIS _RUMP.:-)

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

        I agree once again with you John . but to knock DONNY DUMP on his rump I feel that knocking him down on his head the same . for no other reason but he talks out his rump so much I feel that’s where his head also is up the rumpster’s butt

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

    if ever DONNY DUMP means for-never the country and the world and more like the ANTI-CRIST is here and its the end as we know it

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

    thy can come up with a tape and a video of DONNY DUMP shooting someone in the head and the brain dead followers will say it was the right thing that DONNY DUMP did

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 31, 2016

    i get response for people that cant seem to get it through their thick DONNY DUMP following empty heads thy say this B/S thy say that B/S all leading right to the GOP gang of idiots with their (ADMITTING ) B/S thy have done . and even after thy admitting things thy still don’t want to see the truth . keep following the pie pipper and he will lead you right off the cliff

  11. RobertCHastings May 31, 2016

    Well, I would say that this probably should give those who are still interested some insight into the location some missing public figures.

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