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Trump’s Son: ‘My Father Is A Patriot, And He’s An American’

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Trump’s Son: ‘My Father Is A Patriot, And He’s An American’


Donald Trump is in hot water for calling for mass deportations, and for fondly recalling during Tuesday night’s debate the good old days of “Operation Wetback” under President Eisenhower. On Thursday, his son Eric Trump launched a vociferous defense of his father’s character.

“I don’t think there’s anything inhumane about it,” Trump the Younger declared, in an appearance on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, displaying the trademark Trump bluster. “The reality is we have 102 million Americans that don’t have work — and my father is a patriot, and he’s an American, and he thinks the citizens of this country should have a job waiting for them.”

Note: Trump and his campaign often make astronomical claims about the number of Americans who can’t find work. PolitiFact has drilled into these numbers, and shown that in order to get there from the working-age population, Trump must count a whole lot of demographics that don’t normally work on a regular basis.

This would include such categories as: senior citizens, the disabled, stay-at-home moms and dads, high school students, full-time college students, and people still in job training. But hey — let’s Make America Great Again, and get the old folks back on the assembly lines!

Eric Trump continued: “And you see all these college students out there right now — and many graduate from the best colleges, and they literally can’t find work. Yet there are people coming across the border illegally — despite the fact that there are literally millions of people signed up, and trying to get into this country legally — they’re coming across illegally, and no one’s doing anything about it.”

It does seem kind of odd to imagine the white-collar job searches of college graduates being confounded by the manual laborers crossing the Mexican border.



  1. Independent1 November 12, 2015

    Well, like father like son; looks like Eric Trump is as delusional as his father. What hogwash – 102 million Americans who don’t have work. Who ever dreamed up that absurdity??

    All any 1/2 brain has to do is subtract the numbers and the 102 million is clearly a total absurdity. 315 or so million total Americans – 150 million already in the work force leaves 165 million who possibly not have a job. 165 million minus 80 million Americans who are too young to work because they’re under 16 equals 85 million Americans who may not have a job. 85 million minus 45 million Americans who are at or passed retirement age equals 40 million Americans who maybe don’t have a job. 40 Million Americans minus 30 million Americans going to college leaves 10 million Americans WHO MAYBE don’t have a job. 10 Million Americans minus 5 million Americans who are either too wealthy to need to work or whose partners work so they don’t have to, leaves about 5 million Americans who don’t have a job.

    And yes, the above numbers are not precise but they’re close making it abundantly clear that only a totally clueless idiot would believe that there are 102 million Americans or even 50 million or even 15 million Americans who really would like to work and MAYBE DON’T HAVE A JOB.

    Could it be close to the 8 million Americans the BLS says are possibly looking for work with an unemployment rate of 5% ABSOLUTELY!!

    As I said, like father like son – ONE CLUELESS IDIOT FOLLOWING THE OTHER!!!

    1. Max_ November 12, 2015

      Is that common core math? You people are the delusional ones, we have a country teetering on disaster and you are all screaming what a success it is, you believe all the Government propaganda numbers designed to keep the sheeple from panicking, we have had zero % interest rates at the FED for the first and longest time in history, that is not indicative of a healthy economy no matter how delusional you are you should be able to see that, Its all smoke and mirrors, but then again so is just about everything modern Liberals believe in… Let the propaganda flow, if it makes you feel better..

      1. charlie468 November 12, 2015

        “we have a country teetering on disaster” OMG run.

      2. Independent1 November 13, 2015

        Couldn’t be because only 7 years ago, the GOP during their watch allowed actually the greatest disaster to ever hit our economy happen, could it?? Even Ben Bernanke and numerous other economists have said that the Great Recession was a far greater economic calamity than the Great Depression. It just so happened that America was in a much better situation to get through that calamity.

        But it was a calamity, and do you even have an inkling as to how long that it took America to recover from the Great Depression?? Over 13 years and that was with a World War to spur our economy. We’re only 7 years passed a greater calamity that took 13 years to recover from. Wake up clueless!! Like so many other mindless RWNJs you have your head buried in the sand!!!

        And by the way, the economy would have recovered to a far greater extent if the GOP hadn’t spent the passed 7 years working 24/7 to do everything they could as a political party to try and slow down and make our economy fail!!!!!!! The fact that we’re where we are today is an absolute miracle given how hard the GOP has worked to block and progress that Obama has tried to bring about!!!

        Go stuff your head in the sand somewhere LOWLIFE!!!

        1. Max_ November 13, 2015

          All this financial calamity is and was by design and you ain’t seen nothing yet you fcking idiot, there is no recovery and there will be no recovery, not until we get rid of the FED and the multinational corporate control of this country and its puppet leaders that FOOLS like you anoint as Gods the Bush crime family the Clinton crime family and now Obama with all his cronies, You people are just a bunch of drooling moron followers that just can’t see that they are all working for the same people and it’s not the American people, mark my words you’re going to get just what you deserve, RUIN…

          1. Independent1 November 13, 2015

            Like I’ve told you a few times, you really need to go see someone about the hatred you have for all folks in government today. You really need to learn to target your animosity for the ones who have been proven to be as crooked as you seem to think everyone is. I’m not suggesting that all the folks in our political system are saints, but you’re going a bit overboard with your accusations. Accusations in many cases that constant scrutiny has not been able to prove – they’re figments of your wild imagination. And spending too much time believing all the BS that you come across on youtube, faux news and that’s spewed by all the RWNJ propaganda makers.

          2. Max_ November 13, 2015

            Look up democide you fcking idiot…

            You don’t believe anything but propaganda, you even denied the fact that Rachel Maddow said something truthful for once about your fuhrer… You’re so in denial you say this is some how a concocted video..
            Ha ha ha


          3. jmprint November 13, 2015

            And you will be voting for TRUMP I’m assuming, please do tell.

      3. jmprint November 13, 2015

        Right so we should just believe that the feds are controlling all the economy. You guys are on overdrive when it comes to scare mongering. Nobody is saying the economy is where it should be, but it is definitely not where was in 2008. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ADMIT THAT.

        1. Max_ November 13, 2015

          Yeah its a thousand times worse you fcking moron, have you ever heard of bubbles, And I am talking about the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank and the World wide central banking system, Its really hard to have a intelligent conversation with someone who can only repeat party line talking points, and has no real knowledge of reality and just how dire things really are.. Go blue team!! Go red team!! straight to hell.. Fcking GodDamnedIdiots…

    2. charlie468 November 12, 2015

      Hey Eric, what is 5.5% of 325 mill?

      1. Independent1 November 12, 2015

        What has that got to do with anything? The BLS says the unemployment rate is about 5.0% and they project that there are 190,000,000 Americans who should be ’employable’. So the BLS is saying that 5.0 of those 190,000,000 or about 9.5 million Americans could be employed – but are not.

        But the BLS is over estimating the number of Americans who are ’employable’. Since Reagan taught business people that employees don’t matter, that it’s investors, or stock holders, that businesses should be worrying about; companies over the past 30 plus years have created a large block of ‘unemployable Americans’. People who have been let go in their 40s and 50s so companies could replace them with younger workers they could shove more work on and pay less. So there’s a block of virtually unemployable Americans in their late 40s and 50s who companies simply will not hire because their income demands are too high given that have large homes and were accustomed to better life styles. That block could be as many as 10 million Americans who have had to find some way to keep their heads above water without being in the labor force. .

  2. Otto Greif November 12, 2015

    Keep telling yourselves the economy is doing great.

    1. Daniel Jones November 13, 2015

      LOOK, Grumpy McLyingShit, it’s time to face facts; despite all the fat catsa did to take ALL the money made by anyone doing anything for any reason, the economy is finally recovering from your last Conservawanker, and may even pave the way to a brighter future if we manage to avoid electing the next one!

  3. charlie468 November 12, 2015

    Trump should keep the kid off tv. He makes me want to puke.

  4. Lynda Groom November 12, 2015

    I’m an American and so are hundreds of millions of others. In my case I find that unlike your daddy, I don’t want to take away the birthright of millions of my fellow citizens fortunate enough to have been born in this country. Does that mean I, and those like minded, are not ‘patriots?’

    1. Daniel Jones November 13, 2015

      According to Rump, Jr., you aren’t even an American–because you don’t back his father.

      1. jmprint November 13, 2015

        Good one.

  5. greenlantern1 November 13, 2015

    Was it patriotic, for Trump’s TAJ MAHAL, to pay a $10,000,000 fine because it was used, by terrorists, to launder money?

  6. kimbanyc November 13, 2015

    Six bankruptcies …..four wives…..global derision….No wonder Thr Repugnants

  7. kimbanyc November 13, 2015

    Six bankruptcies …..four wives…..global derision….No wonder the Republican’ts like him so much

  8. FireBaron November 13, 2015

    Maybe they should go overseas and work in one of the sweatshops that produces his Name Brand Schlock sold for exorbitant prices needed to keep him in hair spray and gel.

  9. I of John November 13, 2015

    You know, i think silver spoons cause brain damage in the high born.

  10. jmprint November 13, 2015

    Well I would really want to know the ratio of jobs that are taken by these illegals, that required a college education. Because if you go down to main street in any city you will see that restaurants are always hiring, there is a manufacturing company that brings in a whole lot of vietnamese on visas, but can still use a few more Americans. Point is our college students want those jobs that are taken, by legal immigrants, but brought in on visas to take our high tech jobs. They are crying about the wrong bad. Which means they, father and son are clueless.


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