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WATCH: Ann Romney Compares Mormon Missions To Military Service

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WATCH: Ann Romney Compares Mormon Missions To Military Service


During a Thursday morning appearance on “The View,” Ann Romney compared her five sons’ Mormon missions to serving in the military.

When co-host Whoopi Goldberg — who Mitt Romney singled out as particularly “sharp-tongued and not conservative” while discussing the risks of appearing on “The View” during his infamous “47 percent” fundraiser — asked Ann Romney about her husband and sons’ lack of military service, Mrs. Romney replied:

He was serving his mission, and my five sons have also served missions. None served in the military, but I do have one son that feels that he’s giving back to his country in a significant way where he is now a doctor and he is taking care of veterans. So, you know, we find different ways of serving. And my husband and my five boys did serve missions, did not serve in the military.

Romney later elaborated:

And my boys all did serve missions, and they went away for two years, and I sent them away boys, and they came back men. And what the difference was, and I think this is where military service is so extraordinary too, where you literally do something where you’re helping someone else, you’re going outside of yourself and you’re working and helping others, and that changes you.

Video of the interview is below; the conversation turns to the Romney sons’ missions at the 4:50 mark.

It’s difficult to emphasize how off-base Romney’s comparison is. Although Mitt Romney once claimed that his mission in France was a “lower middle income” existence, in reality he literally lived in a palace, complete with stained glass windows, chandeliers, and a full-time chef (among other amenities). While his sons’ may not have proselytized in such posh conditions, it’s a safe bet that their experience was closer to Romney’s in France than a soldier’s in Afghanistan.

Shockingly, Ann Romney’s off-base comparison is not even the most offensive excuse that the family has made to explain the fact that the Romney boys did not serve. That dubious honor goes to Mitt Romney, who once quipped that, instead of enlisting, “One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected.”

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Baron Cormac October 19, 2012

    Excuse the living bejeezus out of me, but I served with a bunch of Mormons back when I was in the Navy. Many of them were looking forward to doing their missionary work and some had already completed it. They in no way considered it the equivalent of serving in the military.

    1. Ed October 20, 2012

      Good for them, I am proud of them.

      1. Joseph October 20, 2012

        you can lie your way out off serving

        1. JAYROSE October 20, 2012


      2. Samuel Maurice October 20, 2012

        Proud of unpatriotic satanic cultists that spent their 2 year conversion stint trying to convert those who had the same faith as our forefathers. Are you proud of his bullying a fellow student with a gang and cutting his hair. Are you proud of his weekly bullying his wife by discarding her to the back of the church because woman are inferior and unworthy in Romneys Church?
        People will put up with some real deranged behaviour as long as they put the black president in his place?
        Mormons have historically believed that black mormons will be slaves in the lower heaven (telestial)…this should make you happy

      3. Gusto4 October 20, 2012

        Proud of what. These boys don’t think that have to serve this coutry in any capacity because they know well that they are the priviledge type and those in wealth don’t feel a need to sacrifice for this country. They truly believe that only the middle class and the poor need to serve in our armed forces, but, yet they will be the first to talk touch about invding other countries to protect their economic interest.

        1. Scott1204T October 20, 2012

          Good grief !! it’s true what you said “Gusto4” did he let any of his sons servred in the nation’s military ?

        2. Dianna S October 20, 2012

          Although, one would think at least one son would have sought a militery career, it is not above the rich to serve. Most of the Kennedy family served in some capacity, Joe Kennedy giving his life, while JFK almost died and was severely burned. We do know that George was able to escape overseas duty during some trying times due to his father’s ability to place him somewhere else……not that the National Guard was able to locate him on a regular basis. I am always in awe as how the grandsons of the Queen of England, even in this day and time, continue to not only serve in the militery, but serve in combat. I did not have sons, but do have three grandsons, who may at some point be faced with a militery decision. It isn’t whether they serve or not that is the issue. It is the comparison to the military to a missionary’s life. We do know that religious ministers are a necessary part of the military, giving solence on the battlefield and that is certainly respectable. But they also are in harm’s way at every point. Mormon missionarys are not and are paired in groups and are sent for one purpose, to convert others to their religion. I don’t disagree with their service, but it isn’t Afghanistan. And we know that there are several religions that offer missionary service, but not mandatory. But until Ann Romney speaks to a Marine who has done ten missions, as I recently spoke with, you cannot compare it in the least. Maybe if they had served in Africa with the Peace Corp drilling wells……….well, still not Afghanistan, but definitely service to America, as well as service to the under priviledge.

        3. 1bythebrooks2 October 21, 2012

          I think you misunderstood who Ed is proud of. It isn’t the Romney boys, it was being proud of the Mormans who served with Baron Cormac in the Navy!

        4. ASSSC720 October 21, 2012

          Gusto4, I have to disagree on two aspects and speaking from experience. I am a former Marine 23 years of service to this GREAT COUNTRY of the USA, I served 5 tours to Iraq, Invasion of Panama and Desert Storm. I don’t believe all the wealthy are this way. Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, son served with me in the Marine Corps and they are filty rich. There service is different and I don’t take away, but service is giving up things you enjoy to serve another purpose, no matter what it is. If you go and look at what they “Mormons” do when they on a mission, its not war but it is not a cake walk, it is a sacrifice for others. None of my business, but what have you done for your Country or other cause they required selflessness? I’m just saying, not trying to start a tit for tat, just being fair. In my honest opinion, just like the Israelies, I believe all Americans should serve a minimum of two years between the ages of 18-20 in the military, and we might have more loyal Americans that truly understand what it means when you stand tall in front of our Flag.

          1. Judy October 22, 2012

            Until your service involves bullets being shot at you and you were called to go and you go off to France instead to recruit some Mormons,Your “service” was a very convenient means to ddge the draft. This is why we honor those who werve in the military. They put their lives on the line to protect this country. I don’t think this country has ever had any danger from there not being enough Mormons in France, and there certainly was no draft in place to address such a danger.I’ve seen pictures of Mitt telling all the anti-war kids staging sit-ins on his college campus that he supported the war in southeast Asia, probably all the while knowing he was exempt as a mormon missionary. Pretty easy to rattle that saber as long as you are not going to be the one wielding it on a battlefield against your enemy, eh? I call that a hypocrite and a phoney.

      4. Bill October 20, 2012

        Ed what are you proud of, there doing work for their church and comparing it those who served in the military especially those who have been in battle??? I was ant altar boy for several years can I count that as a replacement for military service. And Ann Romney complains too much. When republicans were criticizing Romney she told them to “STOP IT” like she was chastising one of her spoiled little boys. She has also complained that th Democratic machine was running negative ads against her hubby (Can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!!) but never said a word when John Sununu called the President of the United States unamerican. I guess that’s not being negative. She should also teach her children to not threaten to ake a swing at the president, they just might wind up on thier butt.

        1. Judy October 22, 2012

          I was astounded when that happened, too. If my son ever had said he wanted to take a swing at the sitting president of the United States, I would grab him by his ear and make him publiclly apologize. Well, when you have that much money, I guess you live in a cocoon where your household servants have to kiss your behind, and your workers all kiss your behind, and you start thinking that your behind really is something specisl, I suppose. they forget they all have to visit the loo every morning, too, just like all the regular folks do, too, and roses don’t come pouring out fortwith.

      5. Alice Johnson October 20, 2012

        Proud of what? Proselytizing? I see no similarities whatsoever between preaching and supporting your country through military service. None whatsoever.
        I think Gusto is right. I’m sure all of the Romneys, including Anne (“you people”) believe they are entitled to do whatever they want. Sort of like George Bush just not showing up for induction – and instead of being arrested, gets his daddy to fix it so he can join the coast guard because that wasn’t as hard to do. I’m certain that the Romneys believe they have bought and paid for their privilege of not having to do military service.
        Yes, of course, it’s voluntary. But bragging about their missions as if they were similar to military service is incredibly arrogant. Arrogant that they seem to believe that they’ve served the country in their own special way and get credit for that.
        Maybe you’re proud because you believe it’s hard to preach to hostile listeners? That it’s a difficult job? It does require diligence, doesn’t it? But in no way do people on religious missions get any credit from me that has anything to do with doing good for your country. They’re doing good for their CHURCH, which is quite different.

        1. Judy October 22, 2012

          It wasn’t voluntary when Mitt was supposed to go. The Vietnam war was in full swing. He is a draft dodger and it is being glossed over for him, but wow, this same group certainly made an issue of it for Clinton, and acted like Kerry was not even deserving of his medals. Funny how these things go, isn’t it?

      6. Janet October 21, 2012

        You sound like a non thinker. Exactly what Romney/Ryan want.

    2. Sandra October 20, 2012

      This woman is an insult to decent intelligent people. How can one equate trying to convert people to your cult with risking your life in the battlefield. She’s as nuts as her husband. Please GOTV and send these two and their kids into obscurity where they can do no futher harm.

      1. ASSSC720 October 21, 2012

        Sandra, being a Mormon isn’t a cult. It’s apparent you lack education. I once met a girl who thought Catholics weren’t Christian. I was dumb founded that someone could be so ignorant, but they are out there. I hope this isn’t the case with you. I went on to tell her Christians are people who believe in Jesus and God, and Catholics, like Lutherans, Episcopalians, Baptist etc.,. are all Christians…Poor girl, she just didn’t know.

        1. JAYROSE October 21, 2012


        2. Judy October 22, 2012

          I have a lot of education, and Mormonism IS NOT mainstream Christianity. From Moroni to the Gold Plates to all the glaring grammatical errors that show that whoever wrote the book of mormon just thought adding -eth to words gave them some authentic antiquity and would fool folks into believing it was a genuine article. From plural marriage to celestial marraige to suddenly changing their theology and saying it’s ok to have black folks in the church, they certainly aren’t normal Christians. Jesus said He gave Hsi self once, died and God and His word does not change. Mormons by their very core beliefs say that there are new revelations from God to His saints. Just because Mormons tend to be nice, clean living people doesn’t mean they are Christian. Most Moonies are pretty nice, too, and they believe in Christ, too- they just think it is Rev. Moon. You can call it what you want, but it is a religion believes what Joseph Smith says about Jesus and God, not what the Bible says. I call that a cult, too. But that is a subject for another day.

          1. Edward Berry October 22, 2012

            All religions started out as cults. The ones that were more successful at proselytizing became “mainstream”. I don’t see any reason why a civilized person today needs to be familiar with the details of various religions in order to be deemed “educated”. and I don’t see how can one equate trying to convert people to your cultxxxx religion with risking your life in the battlefield.

          2. elw October 22, 2012

            Mormons are no different than any other people belonging to a Chruch. Some take it too far and others just live their lives the best they can. If a persons feels they are a Christian, they are. It is not for you or me to say who is and who is not. Ultimately we all have to face death, everyone walks the road there in their own way. I do not Judge Mitt for his choice of religion. I judge for his actions, attitude and how he has lived his life. He has little to proud of. He gives only to people like himself, takes for himself before he gives to others and apparentlly does not know who he is and what he stands for. That is easy to see and hear, just follow the changing policies he keeps announcing. He does not have the clarity of vision, ethics or morality to be President.

        3. joyscarbo October 23, 2012

          It IS a cult

    3. Janet Zumba October 20, 2012

      Well, Baron, why would Ann Romney think serving mormon church is the same as serving in Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force?
      Having lived overseas, I have seen Latter Day Saint recruiters walking in pairs in Aberdeen, and Port of Spain, looking for conversational opportunities. It wasn’t really putting themselves at risk. These young neck-tied gentlemen do have a presence around the globe; however, it is not even vaguely comparable to serving in the military. Is it possible that Ann Romney is “out of touch”?

      On Whoopi’s twitter Ann Romney’s fans were quite belligerent toward her for having asked that question. I find that inexcusable. Whoopi was very professional.

  2. Robert J October 19, 2012

    WTF! these morons as out of touch with reality as their far out sect of so-called Christinity is with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, as a veteran nothing but nothing compares with actually serving in the military and the sub branches i.e. Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves! Eat defecation and die you stupid beach!!!

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      Oh, you’re being so mean to Queen Ann, Robert J! Better watch it, or Tagg or whatever his name is, might just get those little fists of fury balled up in a preppy little rage and teach you a lesson!

  3. Super Nick October 19, 2012

    Romney as President would be horrible for this country!

    1. DurdyDawg October 20, 2012

      For one.. The U.S. is NOT a corporation!.. We need an over-bloated capitalist shark for president like we needed a ‘B’ movie, had been actor. And the worst villain is the party he represents..

  4. Charles Ranier October 19, 2012

    Not just NO, HELL no. And you insult our armed servicemen and women by suggesting it. When your sons went away to stump for your religion they didn’t go out every day wondering if this was the day an IAD would blow up their bicycles.

  5. Alpine_Joy October 19, 2012

    Oh Boy. I’d like to say that with a little more bile in my voice: Agh Boiy. Talk about trying to dance around the issue!

    1. wesley rasmussen October 20, 2012

      Sorta reminds you of the song about the vagabond at the banquet – I CAN DANCE!!!

    2. Ed October 20, 2012

      The sad part is she actually BELIEVES that crap.

  6. Lynda October 20, 2012

    It is hard to believe that this women really believes that her sons taking part on religious missions designed to convert folks to their religion is somehow equivalent to military service. She certainly seems to which is very revealing…and not in a good way. Shame on you lady.

    1. DurdyDawg October 20, 2012

      If you think that’s atrocious, check out the quoted statement below.

      1. Judy October 22, 2012

        Well, you know how bad she and poor Mitt had it during his college days. Gosh! they actually had to dip into their substantial savings account and spend some of their own money! And then later they just had that lil’ole $350,000 house. Such hardship!

        The woman should just shut up if all that she’s going to be able to talk about is stupidity.

    2. Judy October 22, 2012

      She would think taking them on a shopping spree would be the same thing- they were ‘stimulating the economy” or some such nonsense.

      What an insult to anyone who ever served in the military.

  7. bcarreiro October 20, 2012

    its nice to know that someone else taught them how to be men……….they should speak for themselves and the only comparison is you served the people, for you did not fight for them.

  8. Dominick Vila October 20, 2012

    What else can she say to justify the decision made by her husband when he spent the Vietnam war enjoying himself in Paris preaching the virtues of Joseph Smith? What can she say when the closest her 5 sons came to serving was playing action video games?

    1. wesley rasmussen October 20, 2012

      Actually, they all served. At the Supreme Tennis Court.

      1. Judy October 22, 2012

        Well, no, I believe it was the Supreme Polo Court. You know, the sport of Kings.
        Much like Ann’s dressage horse, which is tax deductable, btw., probably kept in a stable with a horse elevator or some such nonsense.

  9. adler56 October 20, 2012

    The more she talks the more she seems like an airhead- one of those fox opinion reader airheads.

    1. DurdyDawg October 20, 2012

      Ah, give her a break.. After All (see below)

  10. ARepublicanNorthlandGrad October 20, 2012

    This decided my view on Romney last election.

  11. Lynda Wilson October 20, 2012

    Well…there you go now you know how very tiny their brains are OR just how far above we the 47% they are.

  12. Eric October 20, 2012

    gee is brie cheese and perrier water like military MRE (meals, ready- to- eat)

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      You mean that isn’t what the waiter serves you in the trenches? 😉

  13. Canistercook October 20, 2012

    We have a volunteer military. It is up to the individual if they choose to volunteer. Trying to make whether an individual they did or did not volunteer to fight wars is an evil issue and not worthy of being involved in. I am disgusted that the some of the so called ‘peacemakers’ criticize those who choose to not join military groups. Perhaps this determines how low some will go in selecting individuals to run our country. Hopefully a man or woman’s ability is not determined by if they want to join a military group and ‘fight’.

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      Someone who goes to demonstrations and supports the war and then when push comes to shove hies off to france is not someone I want to be as my Commander in Chief. It was phoney, fake, and a piss poor excuse to not suit up and defend your country.

      His sons, I do not expect them to be in the military, but for someone like Mitt who talks so much about how we have to keep the military strong, it seems odd that not even ONE of his children were willing to put on the uniform and defend this country their father claims they love so much.

      1. Canistercook October 22, 2012

        And Obama’s dad and family have been great fighters for the US I guess! His Dad didn’t even raise his own son, the boy’s grandmother had to.

  14. Canistercook October 20, 2012

    Where did you get the word ‘compared’ from. I think Ann Romney merely answered the question and said what her boys did. Some can find evil in every word or deed I guess.
    No apparently Ann Romney’s sons chose not to VOLUNTEER for the military which was their right. VOLUNTEER means to choose doesn’t it? Do we criticize all individuals who choose not to VOLUNTEER?

    1. Dominick Vila October 20, 2012

      Most people would not have a problem with Mitt and his sons not serving because of their faith. What some of us have problems with is Mitt’s determination to get us involved in a war with Iran and getting us involved in the Syrian civil war. Volunteering our children and grandchildren to do the dirty work for his donors, while his sons play hero at Dave & Buster is sickening.

      1. Canistercook October 20, 2012

        Trouble is if Iran gets the A-bomb we will be in a war no matter who is in the White House! The Syrian war will help determine much of the future of the Middle East which will determine much of who has the power over much of the world’s known energy.
        Energy fuels production and productivity fuels jobs. Romney has never said he would or would not get into that war, only that he would talk with our allies instead of running around campaigning.

    2. Judy October 22, 2012

      The Military was drafting men in Mitt’s time. so yeah, they sure found a different way to get out of serving! One that didn’t involve defending their country or live ammo!

      1. Canistercook October 22, 2012

        So! They did not ‘draft’ everyone and some were in National Guard etc. Do you have facts or just want to make them up!

  15. daffodilly October 20, 2012

    This woman married in to the Romney family in her late teens and there is no part of her adult life that wasn’t observed or experienced filtered through extreme wealth. Woopi’s question was valid. Ann Romney is better able to empathize with her 70,000. horse than with the parent or spouse of an American serving in a war. The Romneys (parents and kids) need to stop pretending to be just folks. They just ain’t pulling it off very well.

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      that $70,000 horse is a $70,000 tax deduction, in case you didn’t know. Must be nice.

  16. dggrundhoffer October 20, 2012

    Ann you were born in a faith that does not allow women to think any different than the man wants you to. Good for you Milt trained you well you bore him 5 sons just like his father. Sons who thinks it is ok to force there will on anyone they choose without concern for there rights or feelings. Good track record for Morman faith. But not to lead the country. Five sons I sure will exploit the American people and produce profits to the weathy. And marry and produce more good sons who will carry on Milts legacy. Who will forget and will not pay there fair share of taxes and say it is ok. Some things live on but ssome things should never happen. And that one thing is to let Milt Romney lead America in the destruction of the middle class. He has shown he will play politics with his lies , half lies and his CEO mentality.. Which is I take and profit from the sweat of my workers and there are many more out there. I can discard them without concern for they will come back . And more will serve me for I am the KIng.

    1. Sandra October 20, 2012

      Actually she wan’t a mormon when she met romney. She converted at 15 while he was in France living the high life to avoid the Vietnam War and his father brainwashed her as per published articles. She then converted her brother and her mother converted before she died. Her father was an atheist who she converted after he died. So much for respecting a parent.

      1. dggrundhoffer October 20, 2012

        In the end she is the perfect Morman wife now. Her past is the past. She and Milt now embrace the Morman faith. It is not about reilgion, but ideals. Milts Ideals are out of toch with middle class. He has embraced the wealth and is bought by the wealth will support him. In the end he must pay back ad in doing so will destroy the middle class. For he is bought and paid for. To pay back he must allow the weathy class to profit from his policies. In the final chapter we will go back to what almost destroyed us The Bush plan is his and the same plan. We do not see this for he is the CEO and the bully of the block He will use all his supporters money to buy the the office. Beware I warned you. Now think if you can. I beleive you are not yet bought!!!!

      2. Judy October 22, 2012

        Thanks for passing on that information. It is good to know.

    2. DurdyDawg October 20, 2012

      And the scariest part of it all if the Robman gets in is if he decides to pass the Bush? You know, from father to dummy, and there’s five of these idiots, making it an entire generation of control.. (shiver!!)..

  17. jellis October 20, 2012

    No, Mrs. Romney did not say her family’s missions were “equivilent” to military service only that her sons had not (like millions of young americans do not) served in the volunteer military. She went on to say they served (as do millions of young americans) in other ways – thru their church, or in the case of one son as a doctor.

    I will lend more credibility to these lame attempts to paint the Romney’s as unpatriotic ‘draft-dodgers’ when you show me Mr. Obama’s military service record.

    And just for the record … Whoopi’s question was not only misinformed it was disrepectful and ignorant (and not surprising considering the source)

    1. docb October 20, 2012

      This is IGNORANT disconnected and deluded of the romney spouse!

      How dare she compare military service to religious proselytizing! She was not even borne to the mormon cult but converted!

      She may be worse than the vacuous liar that is her husband!

    2. johninPCFL October 20, 2012

      ” So, you know, we find different ways of serving. ” sounds a lot like direct equivalence to me on her part.

    3. Sandra October 20, 2012

      You stated in your post ‘she went on to say they served in other ways.’ Served who and what? Isn’t that statement comparing their missionary work then to serving their country which most posting here find insulting? Serving ones religion/cult cannot be compared to serving ones country in uniform Stop trying to make excuses for this stupid, useless woman. PO was 2 years old when Vietnam war started and he was against the Iraq war and stated it publicly for years, and was at the age 42? I think which makes him too old to join the military from what I have read re. cut off age.

    4. Judy October 22, 2012

      There was a draft in effect during Romney’s time. There was no such thing when Obama came of age. Obama did not parade around with a sign saying he supported the war in southeast asia and then not go when it was his time. Romney DID. If you think the war is a good thing, you should go fight it, right? Not truck yourself off to France.

      There is no requirement that presidents have military service. However, when one dodges serving in the military when a draft is in effect, that is an entirely different thing. It speaks to a person’s character. It’s pretty darn easy to send someone else’s kids into harms way. It’s easy to say, hey, we need to kick that country in the butt, but to actually be one of the people out there getting shot at and doing the face to face butt kicking, well, anyone can talk a good game. Romney like to talk like a bada$$, just like his son Tagg, but I’m pretty sure that just like in his draft dodging past, he’s all talk and nothing else.

  18. nobsartist October 20, 2012

    republiCONs –
    sold weapons to Iran
    sold weapons to Iraq
    sold nukes to israel
    gave the chinese a top secret spy plane
    lied us into 2 wars
    trampled the Constitution
    trampled the Geneva Convention
    made it legal to spy on Americans with no warrant
    created 9/11
    collapsed the economy
    and now, want to elect a president in business with the red chinese army

  19. nobsartist October 20, 2012

    what about willard evading the draft by moving to france for 5 years?

    the whole family are cowards.

    ann is the product of a war profiteer herself, just like the bush crime family.

    where are the tax returns?

    willard is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY.

    mccain knows, thats why he picked an idiot like palin.

  20. Hillbilly October 20, 2012

    How dare Ann Romney compare her five sons Mormon missionary work to our military personnel work. The two are as different as night and day. She never had to lose sleep and worry about the safety of her five sons, if they were going to come home alive and with all their limbs and if their mental health would be alright. This shows once again that the Romneys have no idea what the real world is like. She is as uncaring as her husband about the men and women who risk their lives every day to keep this country secure. We do not need these smug snobs in the White House.

  21. Samuel Maurice October 20, 2012

    Complete unpatriotic dribble..Mitt and the boys decided it was more important to commit to a mission that had its prime objective to prozelytize and convert mainstrem christian followers to a cult. Patriot Americans serve to protect the country whilst the Romney gang want to discredit the faith of the founding fathers (christians) by converting them to a Satanic Cult. Then Romney last week commits another hypocritical act by asking a Christian Statesman,Billy Graham,to pray for him…while he believes that Billy is part of a false faith..Gross Hypocrisy…Unfortunately Billy could not see through the political manure and removed the Label of Cult( description of mormonism) from his website,even though he has spoken and written about the cult mormonism during his entire life. this is what Satanic Cults can do,because they embrace a real demonic spirit of deception.

    1. Cairndance October 20, 2012

      Can you imagine him in France trying to convert a culture of wine drinkers?

    2. Judy October 22, 2012

      I was very disappointed in Billy Graham and was sad to see him be deceived in such a way. Mormonism is a cult with Christian overtones or hallmarks, but it is not Christian. It’s got some wacky stuff in it. People are free to believe in it, but don’t try to tell me it’s a manistream denomination.

  22. Bluebaer22 October 20, 2012

    The Mormon missionaries do not live in palaces. They live in a barracks like environment but it is nothing like the military. The missionaries the last I heard could not ride in cars, and had to ride bikes. They had to cook meals and share in the cleanup! It is supposed to be more like the Amish way of living. There were many mormons in the military, and to use a mormon mission in the place of military service is just plain wrong! That was shirking his duty to his country, and to his church!

    1. Sandra October 20, 2012

      BS, Romney lived in a very lovely house with stained glass windows and had a great time there, and yes he also drove a car and was involved in a car accident in which a fellow mormon was killed. Romney was hospitalized. He didn’t convert anyone in France, it’s a Roman Catholic country for God’s sake. You think any Catholic would convert to that cult? Please. His father sent him there to avoid serving in Vietnam after he got 3-4 deferrals because he was in College.

      1. Brian October 20, 2012

        I’ve heard that the real reason he was sent to France was to get him into rehab. No time to convert when you’re drying out. Apparently he wasn’t dried out at the time of the auto accident

      2. Judy October 22, 2012

        Whenever Mormons knock on my door, I just tell them I’m Catholic and they leave right away, even though I am not Catholic, My friend is and it worked so well for her I thought I try it. I don’t want any body proseletizing at my front door- I can find a church myself, thanks.

  23. john October 20, 2012

    Im sure the people the boys were being missionaries too were shooting at them and planting roadside bombs. You know, just like serving in the military. *rolling eyes*

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      I’m certain that must be what happened. Can’t wait to read the book! ‘Mormons and Molotovs-My time as a Missionary’

      Probably the scariest thing that happened to them was knocking on the door of a true Christian!

  24. joseph October 20, 2012

    As I understand it, romoney did not make one convert in his mission over the years while in France. He did take a nice picture on the beach.

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      Wow. That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that.

  25. Richie T October 20, 2012

    The last President of the United States that ACTUALLY severed in the military. George H. W. Bush. Put off going to college and signed up with United States Navy on his 18 Birthday. It was the earliest he could after Japan hit Pearl Harbor. Check out his military records.
    My father was on a ship that landed on a beach in Normandy on “D” Day.
    My grandfather, Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII.

    George Bush, Was in the Air Force reserves. He barely put in enough time to be credited for service. At one point, he was grounded because he didn’t show-up for an annual physical.
    Look up his records.
    I respect George. H. W. Bush for what he did for his country.
    He’s the last Republican I did, and ever will, vote for.

    1. nobsartist October 20, 2012

      And they were both cowards.

    2. Judy October 22, 2012

      And he called this trite, worn out deal Romney and ryan are trying to continue to sell us “VooDoo Economics”. Yes, he went along with it, but he knew it was not going to be good for the country in the long haul. Nope, un uh, wouldn’t be prudent.

      But at least he was willing to put his butt on the line when push came to shove. His children, no, just privileged little rich kids.

  26. Gusto4 October 20, 2012

    They are arrogant rich kids that really feel and believe that serving in the military is below their status. They truly believe that serving in the military is for middle class and poor people not them, they are above that. That is the reason why Mrs Romney refer to people as “You People” or “Those people”.

    1. ExPAVIC October 20, 2012

      Best Said

      This explains what this writer observed as a boots in the mud Vietnam War Veteran.

      And that is precisely why this former Republican became a Democrat.

    2. Judy October 22, 2012

      God Bless the 53% of America! Those that Mitt Loves! Stand beside them, and guide them, to the House with the tax breaks from Above! Screw the Mountains! Screw the Prairies. Fill the Oceans with coal slag foam! God Bless the 53% of America, the only ones deserving a Home!

      ( My aapologies to Kate Smith and Irving Berlin)

  27. Scott1204T October 20, 2012

    Their missions are creating wives from one generation to the next generation in one family.In their church women are inferiors, they then abandon them as sex slaves in garbs.

  28. Scott1204T October 20, 2012

    Take a thought back at the most recent Mormon incident liken Waco. Who in their right thinking would like having a Mormon run as AMERICA President ? would other nations accept us as whom we are ? Then the hate would be largely wide spread.

  29. ExPAVIC October 20, 2012


    Now for what office is Ann Romney running? As a Mormon wife, I don’t detect her qualifications to even make comments about the current political race.

    A Mormon wife doesn’t even have much posture in the Mormon Culture.

    1. Sandra October 20, 2012

      Can you imagine this silly cow as your First Lady? I wonder what foreign leaders spouces will make of her. Michelle Obama is educated, smart, elegant and filled with love and the human touch which is recripoated around the world even by Queen Elizabeth who admires her and PO. My God, I hope Americans wake up. Every American who has family serving their country should take umbrage at this outrageous comment, comparing missionary work of a cult to serving your country and being in danger on a daily basis and not knowing if your loved one will return home safe and sound.

  30. elw October 20, 2012

    Yes, now someone asked her how that is the equivalent of serving in the military? No Romney has served in the military in four generations. Four generations! What does that tell you about the Romney men and women? Yet, Mitt – like Bush before him- threatens Libya, China with US actions for every silly reason he can. What does he care, it is not his sons or grandchildren he put at risk; they will go on a Mormon mission. It the 47% of American that he so easily disregarded that will go fight his wars. A vote for Obama is a vote for the Middle Class.

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      Not to mention that his grandfather fled this great country because we ban that crazy Mormon doctrine that says you can have a bunch or wives. You have to wonder what kind of family get together conversations went on about THAT! Rich and weird-just the qualities you want in a president. Where was Mitt’s dad born, by the way? Is he actually an American citizen? Just wondering, because Lord knows they took up a good two years of Obama’s presidency saying he wasn’t-some still saying he isn’t. Would like to see if Romney’s ducks are all in row.

      1. elw October 22, 2012

        I have sometimes wondered if the Romneys watch the “Big Love.” They say they like Abby Row, a English series that pits the Lord and Ladies against the Servants. The servant of course are the “bad guys”

  31. Jack Wormer October 20, 2012

    “Ann Romney Compares Mormon Missions To Military Service”

    …With one difference: the military does NOT have “DON’T ASK – DON’T TELL!” anymore….

  32. harrietbenjamin October 20, 2012

    How dare Mrs. Romney compare the “missions” her sons served to a mother who has sons in the military.
    Mr. Romney if elected from what I have seen and heard will have no problem sending others to dodge bullets.
    Good heavens the worse the Romney sons could get on a “mission” is a door shut in their face.

  33. ExPAVIC October 20, 2012

    Honest to Goodness

    Ann’s mile high pile of male equine fecal matter rightfully deserves a full minute campaign ad by the Obama Camp. This woman and these people are so far off the mark as to make them weird, or at least very unusual.

  34. William Deutschlander October 20, 2012

    Ann Romney is a testament to the fact that they have no clue as regards the 99%, she and her husband are a disgrace to our country and we the people.

  35. Carol Jeanneret October 20, 2012

    Amazing! So this is how the Romney’s explain how the males in there family stay out of the military! This is the most stupid thing they could say! Do they not see our veterans coming back from war without arms, legs, mental problems, etc? That family is so out of touch with, not only middle class, poor and the elderly, they don’t have a clue about our wonderful military men, women and their families! Thank you vets and vet families everywhere….we love you!!!!!!

  36. Landsende October 20, 2012

    Ann Romney’s statement comparing Mitt and her sons missions trying to convert others to mormonism as serving the country is ludicrous. How does this help the country? Were they being shot at or worrying about losing a limb from an IED or burned over 90% of their body? Did she worry at night whether they would come home safe and whole? I wish Whoopie had asked her if Mitt gets us into another war is she willing to let her sons or grandchildren serve. She probably would have said “you people just don’t understand”. Michele Obama and Jill Biden have devoted the last four years to helping our military men and women while they are in the service and when they are out by helping to reduce the hurdles they face after leaving the service. Has she ever done anything to help our military service people?

  37. Patrick Stevens October 20, 2012

    Yup, uh-huh…exactly like the military. You betcha, Mitt. Three years in Europe during the Vietnam years. A whole lot like DaNang, fer sure!

    And your boys off a on a two year jaunt prostilatizing for the church. Wow, what cajones! What spunk! How patriotic!

    Just like the military, sure. Got it. Where’s the DD-214?

    1. David October 20, 2012

      also, while my grandfather was in France during WWI, fighting Germans in trench warfare , getting gassed (PURPLE HEART) Mittens granpappie was bangin his 14 year old wife(s) in Mexico….

      1. Judy October 22, 2012

        Just imagine if this had been, oh, say Bill Clinton or John Kerry or Barack Obama’s family story. O-M-G!!! Fox news would have caught my tv on fire!

  38. james October 20, 2012

    I believe Ann has a right to say stupid things. I do not know how many Morman die fighting during the VietNam war in France? Can you name just 1? I am a vet.

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      I believe that during the vietnam war, Mormons had a draft exemption for missionary work. I don’t know if they had to serve afterwards, or what. I don’t think the Mormon religion prohibits military service.

  39. BW63 October 20, 2012

    Another peak into their alternate world. Why is women even on tv, she will not ever
    convince women that think for themselves to vote her lying husband

  40. miamom October 20, 2012

    As a mother of two soldiers, I am insulted by her callousness. Her love for her sons does not exceed mine. My 18 and 19 year old sons (the age when they volunteered) were already men. They didn’t need to knock on doors and recruit people in France to their religion to become “men”.

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      Thank you and your sons for their service and sacrifice for this nation.

  41. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 20, 2012

    She puts Sarah Palin and the idiot from Minnesota to shame. How can reasonable people give these people any credence? Well, I guess I just answered that one myself – the operative term being “reasonable.”

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      hey, when it comes to keeping your millions of dollars all for yourself, they’d put the Great Pumpkin up as a candidate if they thought it’d get elected. Remember, they said early on that they weren’t going to worry about facts in this campaign.

  42. Dianna S October 20, 2012

    The Coast Guard is a part of the Navy. George was “in” the National Guard…..somewhere……hard to say where. The National Guard has been called into many worthy places to serve both foreign as well as here in the States. George was out of pocket most of the time, not like his father who flew combat missions during WWII.

  43. Dianna S October 20, 2012

    It is also evident that Anne hates all this time away from home, on the campaign trail. Does she think the life of a First Lady is sitting at home serving tea and cookies to diplomat’s wives is the role of a First Lady these days? We know that just isn’t the case for most First Ladies. Hillary definitely was a part of Bill Clinton’s politics and now is serving as Secretary of State, away from home and family daily in many hot spots of the world. Mrs. Obama is always on the road promoting her Get Moving and her service to returning soldiers’ families, visiting hospitals and fortunately, has her mother to be with her daughters when she can’t. Being the First Grandma is a unique job, too. Michelle is a great speaker as noted at the Democratic Convention. But far from sitting at home serving tea and cookies. I think Anne is in for a surprise if she becomes First Lady. We expect more from our First Ladies in today’s world. Much more. It definitely is a partnership.

  44. Dianna S October 20, 2012

    Coming home from one’s mission with all limbs intact, mental normalcy, non-drug, non-alchoholic problems, employed or back at home, returning to their past life to attend college, etc. is 99.99% a guarantee. Not so with the military. There is no comparison, whatsoever. Anne needs to get out more. She is in the dark about life in general.

  45. Janet Zumba October 20, 2012

    If she has a hard time going through the “campaign”, as she says, then she would have a much harder time as First Lady. Actually being under public scrutiny everyday of her life for four years may not be her cup of tea. I don’t know. Just saying that’s the impression she gives me from what she just said.

  46. Dianna S October 20, 2012

    Many Mormon missionarys go to Mexico to convert others. Mexico is a Roman Catholic country, but so poor that they will accept a lot of things thrown at them. Many Mexicans have converted to Mormonism as well as Jehova Witnesses. But the Mexican government is well known not to give their people any attention and keeps the majority in poverty and uneducated, leaving them open to drug smuggling and fleeing to America to feed their starving families or staying and hosting the missionaries who want to convert them. But Mexico is a Roman Catholic country……at last check.

  47. nomaster October 20, 2012

    What can you expect from the rich and shameless. Deny until you think someone has believed you. Sometimes it works. Willard the Ratman and his wife go on.

  48. Dol5 October 20, 2012

    Yes, they did serve some mission time in France. But there were no bullets flying nor bombs being dropped near them. I am really tired of hearing that this type of service excuses them or ant others from military service. I am aware that not all service people serve in war situations but at least they are in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard.

  49. Dol5 October 20, 2012

    Why is serving Mission time the same as Military Service? This service they are doing is because of their belief, nothing else. The two things are not the same. And serving in France is really a piece of cake in comparison to being in any of the Military Services. When was the last time bombs were being dropped in France? Oh yes, WWII.

  50. Janet October 21, 2012

    And this is what some people want for a President and first family! Perhaps the people who will vote for Romney/Ryan are of the same mentality as R/R, and would not serve our country when needed. Shame on all of you!

  51. Ford Truck October 21, 2012

    Ann Romney is as F–king stupid as Bachmann and Palin. As a 6 year Marine veteran who did 2 tours in ‘Nam, I can assure you, serving an a Mormon mission is not the same as military service. To claim such a thing is an insult on every military person who ever put on a uniform, whether in war time, or peacetime.

    If things would get to “hot” at a Mormon mission, they get to come home. On the other hand, when things get to hot somewhere, its the members of the military that get set INTO the heat.

    Ann Romney is just saying that to defend her cowardly sons who tremble at the thought of military service!!

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      Oh, but Ford Truck, Mitt’s son Tagg is a bada$$. he wanted to just get up and punch the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IN THE MOUTH. Apparently, the lil’ prince was a tad upset that someone might challenge or question the King.

      Tagg is a bada$$ whammajamma. what would a silly ole Marine like you know about service to your country, or respect for the office of the President? tagg served his country as a He must have learned this behavior in his ‘service to the country’ because his mom says he ‘left a boy and came back a man’. Funny, sounds like a spoiled brat to me.

      Gee, what a nice royal family.

  52. Sandy Heisey October 21, 2012

    I don’t see how any current serviceperson or veteran can vote for Mitt Romney. That picture of him, lazing on the French sand, with his “sweetheart” message to Ann, while our guys were fighting, bleeding and DYING for HIS freedom, is appalling, and ANY veteran or current military service personnel should find it offensive! It’s the typical, “do as I say, not as I do” Republican rhetoric, because when Mitt was eligible to serve in the Military, he actually supported the Vietnam War, yet “served” his church and dodged the draft. The only difference was, he didn’t burn his draft card. I’m not a Mormon, but I think you can
    be a missionary anytime, but when your country calls you, if you’re TRULY A PATRIOT,
    you serve your country. Don’t tell me about freedom, Mr. Romney, you didn’t help to earn it; yes, you didn’t build it, Sir!

    1. ASSSC720 October 21, 2012

      Sandy, Obama didn’t serve, did you? If you didn’t you have no room to talk…..by the way I did, 23 years, USMC, honorable discharge, 5 tours to Iraq, 1 tour to Afghanistan, Desert Storm, I can talk and I can tell you the democrats have weakend our country….At this rate, you might be speaking Arabic or Chinese, if we keep getting weaker.

      1. Judy October 22, 2012

        There was no longer a war and no longer a draft when Obama came of age. how do I know? I am one month older than he is. the draft had been done away with and the all volunteer Army was begun. If the military is not sending you a draft notice in the mail, and we are no longer in Vietnam, there is no longer a pressing need for somone to join up as there was just 5 years before. Apples and oranges, buddy.

        Gee, Democrats were in charge of the country when we won WWII and a democrat made the decision to drop the atomic bomba. sounds pretty bada$$ to me

  53. Dredycal October 21, 2012

    Be real. In the military, when need to be, you kill, blow up and torture others. You destroy nations, homes, families, and individuals are changed forever for the sake of a whole country. How is that compare to a religious mission?

    1. Judy October 22, 2012

      Well, it is going to destroy the middle class if he gets in. And listening to Ann is kind of like torture. maybe that is what she meant when she was doing her comparison. Lol

  54. Cookie Pacheco October 21, 2012

    Sorry to be the one to break it to you Ann and Mitt, but, it is not the same thing. Out men and women in the military put their lives on the line every single day while Mitt and your sins were busy recruiting members. And, since your son is “taking care of veterans”. I bet he gets paid. So rethink what you have said and get over yourself.

  55. Kathryn Grace October 21, 2012

    This whole idea is so offensive. These people have no idea what it costs our men and women in uniform to defend the ambitions of the very wealthy, which is what our wars are really all about it, whenever one digs deep enough. Reading this, I suddenly feel I may lose my dinner.

  56. Judy October 22, 2012

    Sorry, but I don’t think any Mormon missonaries came back from France during Mitt’s days there in body bags. But an awful lot of other guys did. My neighbor just got the remains of his brother, killed in Vietnam, back in 1970, back a few years ago. his mother died a long time ago, always hoping Tom was just maybe in some hidden place there trying to get back here. There is no comparison to getting the bone of a pinky finger back 40+ years later of your brother who went down in a chopper crash and calling Mormon missionary work in France instead of doing your military duty service to your country. What the hell does Ann think she is talking about? How does going to France to convert some people to Mormonism count as service to the USA? Mitt-just another plutocrat hat got out of serving his country that he claims to love so much. What a boatload of malarkey!

  57. joyscarbo October 23, 2012

    Going on a mormon mission is in NO WAY like being part of a military mission. Mormons don’t come back with PTSD, shell shocked and with traumatic brain injuries. I don’t get this comparison. There is no comparison. And Mitt going to the perilous streets of Paris to convert the French to mormons is insulting to our troops. Excuse me if I’m underwhelmed by the stresses Mitty had to feel. What to have for breakfast in a little bistro? Cuppiccino? Or Latte’? Brioche’ or Croissant?? Camambere’ or cavier with toast points? Give me a break!!!


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