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WATCH: Happy One-Week Shutdown Anniversary From Stephen Colbert

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WATCH: Happy One-Week Shutdown Anniversary From Stephen Colbert


The Colbert Report
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The government has now been closed for more than a week, and The Colbert Report celebrated on Monday night by playing a game called “Not A Game.”

Not A Game

It’s from the makers of “Not Sorry” and “Operation Denied To Pre-Existing Condition.”

Not Sorry and Operation

Because what insurance company would cover a guy born with a lightbulb for a nose?

Lightbulb for a nose

Colbert also pointed out that the president is refusing to give in to the GOP, even though their demand to delay Obamacare is a compromise from their original offer of making Mitt Romney president.

(h/t Little Green Footballs)


  1. Sand_Cat October 8, 2013

    He’s one the battle of wits with his opponents, but they’re too witless to realize it.

  2. Elisabeth Gordon October 9, 2013

    In these times of fear and loathing of the TEA baggers that are holding the US hostage, I think it is important to step back and find a little humor…well, that and thanking GOD that we will NEVER have to say President Romney….whew….

    1. ralphkr October 9, 2013

      If there is a God who cares at all about USA then we shall definitely never, NEVER have to say President Ryan.

  3. july860 October 11, 2013

    I personally am very sick and tired of the republicans continually laying this at the president’s door; for God’s sake, even an idiot (other than a tea bagger idiot, that is) can see that the president is being placed in an untenable position-repeal or delay the ACA and MAYBE we’ll let the shut down end. I am hoping against hope that Obama does not give in to these thugs, because it would set such a horrific precedent for future presidents. Just let these egomaniacs hold their breaths until they turn blue and pass out; I doubt it, but there is a chance that maybe they will see their tantrumming and three-year old tactics just don’t cut it. And I do not mean any offense to the three-year olds out there.


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