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WATCH: It’s Easy To Forget Just How Insane The Bush Administration Was

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WATCH: It’s Easy To Forget Just How Insane The Bush Administration Was


George W. Bush claimed that he answered to “a higher father” as he plotted his Middle East policy, and much of that policy seemed as if it might bring the end times. Now it seems the end of the world was actual policy for the adminstration.

Later this month, Bush is speaking at a fundraiser for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, a “Jewish” group that is trying to get the Jews to return to Israel so this world can end, as the New Testament allegedly foretells.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and journalist Sarah Posner made the connection between Bush’s foreign policy and the far right’s obsession with the “restoration of Israel” on Friday. And the story involves a pastor who believes God sent Hitler to get the Jews back to Israel.

You’ve got to see this to believe it.

End Times Maddow


  1. infadelicious November 12, 2013

    To say it’s Bush’s fault 5 years later? THAT’S insane.

    1. John Kruger November 12, 2013

      You might want to actually read the article before commenting on it, but who could argue with your point about the puppet (whatever that might be)?

      1. infadelicious November 12, 2013

        I did read the article! zzzzz more leftist crap! I knew you liberal freaks didn’t want to talk about Obozo’s religious beliefs and how they are guiding him to destroy the country ,right? So, knowing how Bush hits a nerve with you guys and how much you miss him because you sure can’t stop talking about him I thought I’d give you a nice picture of him.. You’re welcome.’-)

        1. John Kruger November 12, 2013

          If Obama had major policy advisers consulting with people about how to bring on the rapture with foreign policy, I am pretty sure the Memo would have an article about it. That was what the article was about, by the way, not how anything was Bush’s fault.

          Do you have any pictures with Obama as a Muslim, maybe with a clown nose? That would be really convincing, I would know I am wrong if I see that.

          1. infadelicious November 12, 2013

            my my my! you might want to read my posts before you comment on them! Did I say Obama was a Muslim???? NO! You said that! yep! that was you , not me! nice try at spinning it that way though, thanks for showing us what’s on your mind… bottom line is obama is liar and possibly the worst president America has ever had. You may take your foot out of your mouth now……Shalom

          2. John Kruger November 12, 2013

            Aw, no more pictures? Do you have the one with him smoking? One of him smiling with poor people in the background?
            I was so impressed with the puppet, I thought you might win me over with a few more.

            The irony of accusing Obama of being the worst president ever in an article about how the Bush administration was trying to bring on the Rapture has made my morning. Continue to embarrass yourself, I love it.

          3. infadelicious November 12, 2013

            nice try deflecting away from your previous post which showed where you are coming from and is the reason it it useless talking to you. It is you embarassing yourself. That is a breathtakingly beautiful baby in your avatar pic If it is your child, do the world a favor and do NOT homeschool it. And for the love of pete, don’t bring it up to be a bigot like you. Have a nice day. No need to reply, i’ve done enough charity work/pity replies on bleating blindly obedient obama sheep today thanks.

          4. John Kruger November 12, 2013

            Was I deflecting from my first post about your posted picture and what the article was actually about, or the second post I made about your posted picture and what the article was about? I guess you are right in that you have not posted anything about what the article actually says, so I haven’t replied to you in that way.

            I can stop replying if I am making your brain hurt. Your insults might make me feel bad, if you hurl enough of them, don’t quit now!

          5. Jimmy Cahill November 12, 2013

            I don’t understand how Obama could possibly be the worse president ever. He didn’t sell us out to the Fed 100 yrs ago, he didn’t lead us deep into a depression like Herbert Hoover, he didn’t spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on frivolous wars that lined his and his cronies’ pockets like Bush. He might not be a GOOD president, but far from the worse.

          6. Michael Kollmorgen November 12, 2013

            Obama is as good as the Republicans are letting him be.

            I am saying “letting him be” is because IF the Republicans would stop trying to torpedo everything Obama does, he’d be one of the best Presidents this country has ever elected.

            I know this is causing Republicans multitudes of Ear Aches:)

            Probably history will show Bush 2 to be one of the top 10 worst presidents this country has seen.

            And, I don’t think that much of Reagan either. A half-ass class B actor at best. Then too, the public elects these idiots. That’s not saying much about the public in the end………

          7. Jimmy Cahill November 12, 2013

            See, now I’m under the impression that Obama is just as crooked as everyone else in DC. He is a Goldman Sachs puppet. Most of the stuff he is trying to get passed, it’s not because he wants to do the right thing, it’s because he wants to try to build his own reputation. Not saying he’s a bad guy, but I honestly don’t think anyone in DC has the people’s best interests in mind when he makes any decision.

          8. Michael Kollmorgen November 12, 2013

            I’ll play the Devil’s Advocate on this one.

            I’d rather build up my reputation on doing good deeds rather than trying to destroy our country, no matter who is backing me.

            If, say for instance, even if the Devil is backing Obama, I’d rather have the Devil back me as long as I do good deeds, rather than have a christian god backing me to destroy everything we’ve built.

            And, that is exactly what the christian right wing has been trying to do ever since the Reagan Administration.

            So, do you see what I mean? It don’t really matter who is backing who as long as the result is good. So far, I haven’t seen anything that Obama has done that hasn’t been for the people in general. His ideals are noble if anything else.

          9. infadelicious November 13, 2013

            it does matter who is backing you. If it is the devil backing you and your “good intentions” would you not question what his motives are? We all know that’s what the road to hell is paved with. ex: if you are arming and funding the muslim brotherhood, who we know are hellbent on converting and or killing all infidels in the west and their allies, you are being used as a useful idiot. know anyone like that? Yes, it does matter who is backing you. That is ridiculous.

          10. Michael Kollmorgen November 13, 2013

            I never said you shouldn’t question what our leaders do. Rightfully so, they should be severely questioned of the motives.

            But, as most conspiracy theorist are, as you are, you and your ilk blow everything way out of proportion to make a point which is usually not a valid one in any stretch of the imagination.

            You would do the country a greater service by investigating what the Bush Administration did to get us involved with two wars none of us wanted that drained our national wealth and killed thousands of our soldiers.

            But, as usual, the Republican Party would rather have us forget that part of history and just sweep it under the rug.

            That I won’t willingly allow to happen, as I would with anything our government does, especially what any Republican gets involved with.

          11. infadelicious November 13, 2013

            nice how you sashay right back to Bush who is gone by the way. So I am a conspiracy theorist? Sounds like you do a little “blowing things out of proportion ” yourself. The left needs to quit having to put people into categories and labelling them. I know it’s convenient for them to put everyone into a little special interest group box to pander to for votes in exchange for entitlement freebies but it needs to be stopped. Take off the blinders and ask what the president’s motivations are. It is NOT ok to be backed by the devil -not in any way. HIstory won’t forget obama’s part in killing innocent people with drones and his arming the muslim brotherhood and standing by while they slaughter Christians and threaten to annihilate Israel.History won’t forget Benghazi, or the IRS or NSA “made up” scandals and it sure as heck won’t forget the “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” LIE said over and over again. Nope! We won’t forget Bush- the memory of his bungles and buffoonery is dwarfed by that of Obama, but I don’t know why we expected more of him. He was after all a community organizer and when I think of a great community led by really great leaders, I always think of Chicago. (eyeroll) If he wasn’t making such a mess, I might go easy on him , it is his first real job.

          12. Michael Kollmorgen November 13, 2013

            “The left needs to quit having to put people into categories and labelling them. I know it’s convenient for them to put everyone into a little special interest group box to pander to for votes in exchange for entitlement freebies but it needs to be stopped.”???????

            Let’s get a grip on reality for once.

            It has been Republicans, especially the far right that as far back as I can think that put people into categories to use as SCAPEGOATS!

            Us Democrats certainly put people into categories. After all, people are different in many perspectives and will be in their respective groups. But, we work to include all groups of people under the tent of equality, equal treatment and equal pay. And, we don’t use groups of people as scapegoats, other than of course the top 10%, which they sorely deserve to be pointed out as economic vultures.

            You Republicans work to disenfranchise groups of people from the voting process, from being treated equally and in all facets of society.

            Yes, we both put people in categories. I will not deny that fact. But, Democrats include them in all the activities of society.

            IF we don’t remember our history and criticize it heavily when it’s warranted, we are bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. And, with Bush 2 it is warranted. He should have been impeached when he was President. We should try him for Treason now. But, in the history of this country NO former president has ever been changed with an actual crime. The way it looks, no president will ever be charged.

            Maybe so, in a few years Obama might be painted as a bad president. History will be the judge of that.

            But, until I see something so bad that my opinion of him would change dramatically, I will back him completely, as I would any Democratic candidate, member of congress or President.

          13. infadelicious November 13, 2013

            the top 10% all stole that money right? demonize success much:? Not all those people stole that money or had tony rezko make them sweet real estate deals. Besides, it’s the middle class that is getting crucified. And in a few years obama will be painted as a bad president? in a few years? omg! Some people view him that way now. I know you don’t, that doesn’t make you right or them wrong ok? Let’s just wait and see on that one. You back him blindly and obediently even if he makes a deal with the devil or is backed by the devil. I will not back anyone who supports a group of people that want to destroy America and/or it’s allies. that sounds like treason to me. PERIOD! i have never told you I was Republican, but there you go putting me in a box all nice and neat., I could care less about Bush, he’s gone and Obama promised to fix all the mistakes made and clean up the mess. He has put his foot on the accelerator of some of the very programs started by others that he claimed to hate. Well 5 years later he’s still whining about Bush, the ACA is an epic fail so far, and we have no jobs, the economy sucks and there is a long long list of “made up scandals” some of them with not so made up America deaths. We’ll see how well he does as the dems turn on him to protect their own jobs in 2014. Should be an interestng 3 years coming upl Good luck to you and God Bless America

          14. Michael Kollmorgen November 13, 2013

            ACA hasn’t even had the full chance to even work, thanks to a botched website and Republicans doing all they can to interfere with its operation and implementation. They need to close the loophole where an insurance company can cancel a policy for having pre-conditions and no rate hikes.

            These insurance companies are probably doing this thinking they can get away it for the time being. Insurance companies are very much like a Casino. A Casino as well as the insurance companies have the odds on their side.

            I don’t know what the entire thing is going to look like. And, I doubt anyone else does either.

            If it sounds like a Republican, it probably is. So, yep, I put you in the box. Or, should I put you in a Tea Party Box?

            Thank the former Bush Administration for ruining our economy which layed the final foundations for it in his administration. This is not all Bush’s fault either. This all started way back in the Nixon Administration when he went to China and opened, rather “tuned” them into to Corporate Greed.

            You are aware I presume that Ross Perot warned us when he was running for President about that “great sucking sound from the south”. NAFTA! Yea, Clinton signed it, big mistake on his part. But, Bush 1 would have signed it as well if he was still in office at that time.

            Hilarious really, it’s even backfiring on Mexico. China is now that great sucker as well as Vietnam, India, Indonesia, etc., etc.

            We will NEVER get back those well-paying industrial jobs we once had. Our Heavy Industry is gone for good. Good Luck if we ever have to fight a real war. We’d loose. Something tells me we better start stocking up on the Little Red Book. We’re gonna need it.

          15. Jimmy Cahill November 14, 2013

            Yeah, many many problems with this statement. I’ll take it from the top. You say we sashay back to Bush but he’s gone. He detonated a metaphoric nuclear bomb on our economy. Now, its 5 years later and we see the remnants of what he created. These nuclear remnants were there because of him, so yes, we must keep bringing him up when people want to talk about the root of this collapse. It happened on his watch.

            Now, both sides label everything, its all about “special interest group boxes” as you put it. But then you mention freebies. Every article I’ve read in the last 4-5 yrs says Red Republican states get more welfare and food stamps, and the red states receive more gov $ than they pay in taxes compared to blue states. Also, the GOP gives handouts and freebies too, but they give em to billionaires and corporations. so there goes that myth.

            Now, I agree. I question Obama’s motivation. Anyone who is that tight with the bankster cartels scares me, which is why I never voted for him. But please, remember that the drone program has been around for almost 20yrs now, since Clinton was in office. It was a neocon movement pushed forward by people like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz. We know Presidents are puppets and have no real power. If Bush wanted to stop it, he didn’t have the power to, neither does Obama. It’s over their heads. Same thing with the NSA thing, accept it was Bush signing Patriot Act into law that made that legal.

            Benghazi is ridiculous at this point, because I can give examples of something just like this happening to just about every president in the last 50 yrs. Bush had embassies bombed and people killed under his watch. Clinton too. Reagan had his Beirut incident. Learn your history my friend. This always happens, to every president. But nobody ever made a stink about it until it happened to Obama.

            Now, let’s talk about arming our enemies, or what some might consider terrorists. Two words. Iran Contra. Also, who gave Saddam the Sarin gas he used to kill people? Clinton and George W both armed rebels and terrorists as well. Cheney’s company was selling weapons to the terrorists while we were at war w/ them. If that’s not a crime I don’t know what is.

            As for the craziness that ensues whenever a conservative talks about Islam, you should stop, because it sounds biggoted. Every religion has a group of dangerous extremist, ad yes that includes Christianity. I have hundreds of thousands of examples. Christianity has been responsible for more deaths than any other religion, by a wide margin. I know, you will say “That’s all in the past” but its not. It still happens, even in this country, where a religious nut will go blow up a clinic or sacrifice their children because they say God told them too or some nonsense. The majority of religious people in this world, of any religion, are good people. But every group has its extremists.

            As for Israel, I know I will get called an anti-Semite, as anyone who questions Israel does. We need to stop helping them, we have wasted too much of our Nation’s time, money, and military lives defending Israel. We displaced the Palestinian people to give them a home, and they have continued to take more land. Neither party has a direct right to the land, I don’t care what the bible says. We had no right taking it and giving it to them in the 1st place. it would be like if people from halfway across the world came and took over our country to give it back to the American Indians, accept the Indians would have more claim to this land than Jews to that land.

            I still insist that while Obama may not be a good President, he is far from the worst, and much better than Georgie boy.

        2. Daniel Jones November 13, 2013

          Screw. You. I know we’re always supposed to forgive and forget all the havoc, robbery, desecration, despair, dissolution, death, and depravity inflicted on us by lying punks calling themselves Republicans time and time again, but we can’t AFFORD you anymore.

          So just–Screw. You.

          1. infadelicious November 13, 2013

            can’t afford me anymore? I have worked since I was 14. I can’t afford paying for obama’s low info gimme stuff i am entitled to for doing nothing voters. You have assumed I am republican and that I don’t work. You got these facts from a cartoon i posted? duh! Why do cartoons get you guys so worked up and angry that you spout off vulgar language and even death wishes on someone? Reminds me of another group of intolerant people who threaten death if their prophet is mocked. It’s ridiculous. The left can bash conservatives on here 24 hours a day and find that funny, but if you dare say anything against the messiah or his rotten policies or blatant lying, the left tells you to shut up. Always trying to silence everyone who disagrees.
            “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”
            Hillary Clinton said that.
            I won’t say screw you, I’ll just say, try to focus..easing up on the koolaid may help. 😉

  2. theoldsheepherder November 13, 2013

    Where are all the right wing TV and radio entertainers who whip up their listeners with fear about caliphate and conspiracies? Having Dominionist zealots run the White House for eight years is the reality that’s scarier than any of the slander Beck has been able to invent so far. Bush paints and tries to bring about the Rapture while Carter and Clinton work in their foundations to end poverty and disease. I figure I’ll keep voting and donating Democratic for the foreseeable future!!!


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