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WATCH: Obama Asks If Trayvon Martin Could Have ‘Stood His Ground’

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WATCH: Obama Asks If Trayvon Martin Could Have ‘Stood His Ground’


President Obama made an unexpected appearance in the White House briefing room on Friday to comment on the result of the George Zimmerman trial. In a somber and reflective tone, he made some of his most profound — and likely controversial — comments on race since he was first elected president in 2008.

The president sent his condolences to the Martin family, then commended the judge and jurors who decided that Zimmerman was not guilty of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. After stating that he respected the verdict, he added, “But I did want to just talk a little bit about context and how people have responded to it and how people are feeling.”

For the president, the feelings around the case are obviously personal.

“When Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said this ‘could’ve been my son,'” he said. “Another way of saying that is, a Trayvon Martin could’ve been me 35 years ago.”

He tried to place this in a context that he, as the first African-American president, can uniquely express.

“There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store,” he said. “That includes me.”

Showing a subtle command of the nuance surrounding the discussion of the case, he explained that African-Americans understood that Martin was statistically more likely to be shot by one of his peers.

“A lot of African-American boys are painted with a broad brush. And the excuse is given that, well, there are these statistics out there that show African-American boys are more violent, using that as an excuse to then see sons treated differently causes pain.”

The president asked Americans to think about the role race played in the application of justice.

“Folks understand the challenges that exist for African-American boys,” he said. “But they get frustrated that they feel that there’s no context for them, that that context is being denied. And that all contributes to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, that from top to bottom both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different.”

Obama pointed out that conservatives believe that the “Stand Your Ground” law played no role in the Zimmerman case, despite clear evidence that it did, but he echoed his attorney general Eric Holder in calling for a review of these laws.

“If Trayvon Martin was of age and was armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk?” he asked. “If the answer to that question is at least ambiguous, then it seems to me that we should examine those laws.”


  1. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2013

    Yeah… Obozo could have been Trayvon Martin… yeah, right… sure, sure. Maybe there’s some truth to that. Obozo was drug infested little maggot at 17, as well.

    Have a nice day!

    Excerpted from ABC News: Obozo And His Pot Smoking Choom Gang”, Jonathan Karl, May 25, 2012

    In his 1995 memoir “Dreams from My Father,” Obama writes about smoking pot almost like Dr. Seuss wrote about eating green eggs and ham. As a high school kid, Obama wrote, he would smoke “in a white classmate’s sparkling new van,” he would smoke “in the dorm room of some brother” and he would smoke “on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids.”

    He would smoke it here and there. He would smoke it anywhere.

    Now a soon-to-be published biography by David Maraniss entitled “Barack Obama: The Story” gives more detail on Obama’s pot-smoking days, complete with testimonials from young Barry Obama’s high school buddies, a group that went by the name “the Choom Gang.” Choom was slang for smoking marijuana.

    Maraniss portrays the teenage Obama as not just a pot smoker, but a pot-smoking innovator.

    “As a member of the Choom Gang,” Maraniss writes, “Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends.”

    1. johninPCFL July 19, 2013

      At least he wasn’t a wife-beating maggot like Zimmerman.

      1. sikathelibsheet July 19, 2013

        Ooooooooooooooo!!!! Good come back, and this pertains HOW?

        1. johninPCFL July 19, 2013

          You must have missed the lead-in from OMG-the-troll.

    2. 1standlastword July 19, 2013

      I’ve been reading your comments with one eye open for awhile and I would honestly like to know if your have any trenchant philosophical thoughts to convey?
      I interpret this event differently than most all people on this site. And, while my posts are mostly voted up, I’ve been voted down for my position on the GZ TM mess
      Philosophically, I appreciated what Obama said about our children and how they are better than we are and where. It’s true that our children are more tolerant in ways most of us are perfectly hardened and jaded. My fear for our children is that some of them if not most of them will loose their innocents and tolerance when they grow up and have to compete for resources in the feral world we live in. What are your thoughts on our children?

      1. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2013

        1st…. my thoughts on children? First off, they are not OUR children. They are the children of individual parents and are therefore a parent’s responsibility, NOT the government’s. The premise of your question leads me to conlude that you might think like that pig Melissa Harris Perry who said;

        “We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children: your kid is yours and totally your responsibility. We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children.”

        “So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities,” said Harris-Perry, a professor of political science at Tulane University and host of the Melissa Harris-Perry show on Saturday and Sunday mornings on MSNBC.“Once it’s everybody’s responsibility and not just the household’s, then we start making better investments,” Harris-Perry added.

        If you think like she does, and I will admit that I do not know, then there is NOTHING you and I have in common. However if you don’t I can then answer your question. First off… DON’T murder them in the womb. Love your children and gently discipline them out of love. Take them to church and teach them about God and the fact that this world does not revolve around them. That there is something greater than themselves out there. Teach them pride in themselves but humility and respect for others and politeness. Spend time with them… they’re gone too quickly. And some of that time needs to be in education and recreation. There is no such thing as quality time over quantity time. Quantity is everything. Do those things and, though there is no guarantee, you’re likely to raise successful adults.

        Government has nothing to do with it, and the more government is involved in anything, the more government fluks it up. Bureaucrats can NEVER feel about your kids the way you do. To them, a child is a number. A child is a mind that is needed to be indoctrinated to consider himself less than the state. Have you ever noticed that in every single case of tyrannical governments that at the heart of what they do regarding children is to deligitimize parents and start very early with indoctrination efforts? Hitler did it. Stalin did it. Mao did it. Castro did it. They all did. They all had their own childhood indotrination camps. This is a hallmark of the radical leftist thinking that results from the elitist belief that they know better for you than you know for yourself. They’re so much smarter than you. If only you just do as they say, everything will be just perfect. In truth, none of them follows their own philosophy. They just sucker useful idiots into it so that they can live huge lives while the masses are stuck in misery.

        Have a nice day!

        “Individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.” ~ Barrack Hussein Obozo in a 1995 interview with a now defunct leftist Chicago journal

        1. smilee July 19, 2013

          We the people are the government so your hatred of the government is the equivalent of self hatred and hatred of others. We are in this life together and you want us to believe your religious but Jesus always preached to look out for your brother and lend him a hand. You preach the opposite. I believe your hatred of Obama is why you so wrongly characterize him and how you describe him is totally inaccurate and not real.

          1. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2013

            Not true smilee…. the government is NOT we the people, per se. That’s a contextual lie from Obozo’s fetid pie hole that morons on the left keep repeating. Just because we elect politicians does not mean that the bureacrats they appoint and the powers they grant themselves are unlimited. In fact, the Constitution IS the rule book for our Federal government. Too bad they have not been following the rule book for 100 plus years, and that dummies like you now think there is no limit to what government can do and cannot do. Including taking over the role as partent in raising children.

            No… we are NOT in this life together. You have yours. I have mine. They are NOT the same.

            Love how you leftist freaks love to twist the teachings of Christ into your socialist goals. Not true. In fact, just the opposite. Christ’s teachings are about INDIVIDUAL salvation, NOT collective salvation. You have an individual responsibility to help those less fortunate than you. He did not tell the parable of the Good Samaritan to suggest that the Samaritan tell the wounded man that “someone from the government will be here to help him”, did he? Of course not. And Christ NEVER taught that is was OK for you to vote for politicians the enable you to force me into your chosen charities that you seek to outsource and finance with the earnings of other people. Especially when those chose charities of yours include financing baby murdering mills like Planned BabyMurderhood.
            You stand corrected. Thank me very much.
            Have a nice weekend!

          2. smilee July 19, 2013

            We the people did not come from Obama but from the preamble of the US Constitution where it defined whom was the government!! So what you are saying then is the founding fathers were liberals because they were the first to say it. WE have our own lives but we are also in this life together, this world does not belong to either you or me alone.Yes salvation is about individual salvation but he also taught us how to interact while on this earth together and never said we had to do it individually but could also collectively and never said anything to the contrary that is a concept of your anti government bias he also said give onto ceaser what is ceaser’s and unto god what is gods.

          3. charleo1 July 20, 2013

            He don’t believe in none of it. And, there have been some
            like him lately, we haven’t heard of before. Mainly, because talking like that in public was more shunned than cussing a
            blue streak at your four year olds’ birthday party. These folk
            will tell you, their freedom of speech will not be sacrificed by
            the false limitations of political correctness. Which is their
            way of dispensing with usual respect we allow the other
            fellow, if we wanted the same from him. Now we get whatever
            comes out of their mouth, in any form they decide to let it fly.
            You’re exactly right. He’s exactly wrong. And you didn’t need
            me to tell you that. But I think people sticking together, ticks
            the Obozos of the world off. Don’t you?

          4. smilee July 20, 2013

            Are you drunk your silly rambling makes no sense whatsoever/

          5. charleo1 July 20, 2013

            I was just commenting on the loss of civility, and the belief
            by some in working together for a common goal. The he I was referring to is the obozo, character you were setting straight.
            So, no I wasn’t drunk. I was agreeing with you. And I will try
            and be more clear, if I have other comments in the future
            on your posts.

          6. smilee July 21, 2013

            Sorry I put the wrong response to your post , it was meant for someone else

          7. charleo1 July 21, 2013

            Done it myself! I’m glad to hear it. Because, I really did
            agree with your comment! Thanks!

          8. WhutHeSaid July 20, 2013

            Please spare us your hypocritical blather about Christ. Bigots and racists have nothing in common with Christian teachings, and have all earned a one-way express ticket to Hell. If Jesus was here today he would kick every bigot’s ass right quick — starting with the slobbering Obama bashers who do nothing but spend every waking moment trying to belittle the first African American President simply because he’s black.

            No matter how much you lie, every post you write is just dripping with racist slime. You’d better get used to dealing with minorities, because every day brings you closer to the day that Caucasian people will become a minority in this country. Most of them will deal with this fact just fine, but the drooling bigots like you will have to get used to being slapped down the way you deserve.

            Oh yes — Obama is STILL black, STILL more famous than you, STILL wealthier than you, STILL more respected than you, and STILL more popular than you. Every bigoted post from you just serves to illuminate the fact that this black man is better than you in every possible way.

            Have a nice day!

          9. BillP July 20, 2013

            There is no use trying to reason with Bozo. In a prior Memo article he acting all nice and stating that there is no racism in this country. In his above comments he is showing his true self, a racist, ignorant lowlife. He calls this site a sewer many times but keeps posting his useless quotes and cartoons. He has on a number of occasions called President Obama a racist for things like no giving aid to the white people of Long Island and Coney Island after superstore Sandy. I guess Bozo knows something about these areas that everyone else doesn’t, that there are no nonwhite people living in these areas. I could list any number of comments made by Bozo calling the president a Nazi, questioning his birth place and grades at Columbia but it would be a waste of time. Bozo is a little coward who hides behind an alias who doesn’t have the balls to put his name to his comments

          10. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2013

            What’s up whut, you racist pig?

        2. jointerjohn July 19, 2013

          You named off those who practiced low-level indoctrination of children. You did not mention those who invented it, perfected it and persist in it to the world’s detriment, churches.

          1. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2013

            didn’t take long for a militant anti religious leftist freak to poke his head out from underneath a rock, did it?

          2. jointerjohn July 19, 2013

            You took the bait! It is almost embarrassingly easy to get you guys to do that! I understand where you got the “anti-religious” charge, (thank you very much by the way), but “militant” and “leftist”? Nothing in my reply revealed my politics nor my demeanor.

            You probably don’t even realize that in one short afternoon today you have revealed yourself before everyone here to be assumptive, presumptive, insecure, frightened of intellectuals, and with a mental bandwidth too narrow to even survive long. Nice job Mr./Ms. “shoot from the bushes”, you just outed yourself. Hooking clowns like you is like fishing in a rain-barrel, kinda fun, but just too easy to ever brag about.

            Oh, and about that being under a rock thing, I have been a working productive citizen since I was thirteen years old, 1967 and had to go to work upon the untimely death of my father. Never took welfare, never took food stamps, lived in leaky old slumlord houses without hot water, but never took a Federal Housing Choice Voucher.

            Punched a clock every day for now forty-six years Mr/Ms arrogant smart mouth.

            I earned my status as a revered community member over forty years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

            My political and religious views are widely known in my City. I was elected four times to my City Council and am now serving my fifth term on my County Board of Commissioners.

            This is going to scare you right back into that thumb-sucking and bed-wetting thing you would like to escape;

            I am so trusted in my City the Salvation Army elected me Chairman of their Board of Advisors despite the fact that I am an atheist.

            I give heartily to charities, serve on local not-for-profit boards, and am a respected member of my community.

            Can you claim anything even close to that without lying again?

          3. kmkirb July 20, 2013

            @jointerjohn… Bravo! Although, you said, “You probably don’t even realize that in one short afternoon today you have revealed yourself before everyone here to be assumptive, presumptive, insecure, frightened of intellectuals, and with a mental bandwidth too narrow to even survive long.”

            I have to disagree on the “one short afternoon today” part, as Mr./Ms. has been showing this attitude for a very, very long time!

          4. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2013

            you’re in government? Ohhh sheesh! Figures. You’re responsible for the mess we’re in. The criminal class of politicians robbing the citizens blind all the while smiling and telling them you’re here to help them by confiscating their private property. Not so sure that’s something to be proud of, John.

            By the way, which city is it that you’ve been bankrupting all these years?

            Have a nice weekend!

            “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself.” — Mark Twain

        3. stcroixcarp July 19, 2013

          Melissa Harris-Perry is correct. In my community we lost two toddlers in two weeks. One accidentally drowned after wandering away. A second one was found dead in a car trunk after wandering away. Our community is in shock and greiving for these young lives. Hundreds of people volunteered to hunt for these kids. You might smuggly spout that it was the parents’ responsibility to watch their own kids, but what parent hasn’t had a child get away from them? As a community we care about children, and mourn the loss. We know the value of all our children, even teens.

        4. 1standlastword July 20, 2013

          Thanks for a very thoughtful reply.

          You make some interesting points albeit some peculiar inconsistencies.

          First I agree with you that it is chiefly the responsibility of parents to inculcate their “own” children with pro-social values that shape individuals who can become responsible law abiding members of the collective.

          I think you would agree with me that when parents fail to impart good values, ethics and morals it is at that juncture when their children become the responsibility of the state–including adult-children who enter the penal system (habitually) and thus become the responsibility of the state i.e., taxpayers.

          You almost sound like a proponent of “rugged individualism” until you mention “taking children to church and teaching them about God” The family of the faithful believe in a community influence and responsibility for their fellow humans and to my recollection the church has always been supportive of investing in public education.

          Sadly, I happen to know some very competent young teachers who complain that they are currently hamstrung by the policies of so called focus-on-the-family-faux-Christians who of the conservative free-market orientation would rather give tax breaks to big business, de-regulated almost everything, and muscle up the (potentially corrupt) profit motive by the privatization of schools and many other functions or elements that comprise the social safety net. I think we need to repair our public education programs and part of that means investing more but without forgiving parents their foundational responsibility. Good and well funded public school administrations do involve parents as well as provide services to ensure a child’s success (school lunch programs, head start programs, after school learning and activity programs: these are components that build community and responsible citizens…I attended one!!!)

          I agree with you that government can be a problem. And that government is given to over-reach.

          You said “don’t kill children in the womb” neither you nor I can decide that personal matter for other people and neither should government…don’t you agree?! That said, government should the funds of the citizens to serve the citizens. If a woman wants a procedure she should have the state sponsored facility that assures her safety in her healthcare decision.

          But, those who worship a “small god” think that they need to interfere with women’s rights to choose how they want manage their bodies. Rick Perry’ government with its most strict abortion laws now have the potential to spawn a huge healthcare crisis for women (let’s stay tuned).
          Ricky should mind his own business and stick to working out his “own” salvation. If abortion is an abomination to God can’t God take care of that? Aren’t all people subject to God’s fair judgment?

          I think many of the conservative Christians of today should take heed to remember that Jesus rejected the Pharisees.

          Finally, I’m aware of your poignant hatred of Obama and that’ s ok because I had about as much love for Bush. But your sentiment towards responsibility are shared by this president. Don’t you think he made some comments that your could agree with?

    3. Mikey7a July 19, 2013

      Why do you miss the point of anything any Democrat ever says OMG? How can you act like even today, in every city in America, that young Black males are not being profiled, stereotyped, and set upon by law enforcement?
      Anyway, as you are big on quotes, I have a couple for you.

      “Ecclesiastes 7:20 Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins.”

      “Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”

      Oh, have a nice day!

      1. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2013

        Mikey…. I don’t miss the point of anything any DemonRAT says. I think all of you supporters of Obozo MISS the point of what he says, and think everything is flowery and wonderful. I read between the lines of what comes from that piece of garbage Obozo’s fetid pie hole. His ideology is sqaurely socialist/Marxist. And anyone with a socialist ideology is an absolute, no question, enemy of mine. And should be an enemy of every American, except those stupid enough to be suckered by the socialist lies.
        What Obozo is doing here is sounding the dog whistle of racial unrest. He knows it and is doing this deliberately. In the week the TM was killed, 48 black kids were killed in Obozo’s home town. I don’t hear his outrage. I don’t see the protests. I don’t hear Obozo saying “such and such a kid could be my kid” or “that dead kid looked like me”. Why not? Because doing so for them does not further a political agenda. All leftists use all events to further their political agendas. Obozo is no different. He’s just good at sounding authoritative and pretending to have empathy. That’s how you guys get fooled.

        Keep the bible quotes coming. I like them.

        Have a nice day!

        “Individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.” ~ Barrack Hussein Obozo in a 1995 interview with a leftist Chicago journal

        1. smilee July 19, 2013

          Reading between the lines is the equivalent of making assumptions and that is making conclusions not based on fact so it is you who missed the point when your read between the lines and read your own biases into the equation.

        2. charleo1 July 20, 2013

          What the f**K do you believe Franklin was talking about
          when he said, “If we don’t hang together, we’ll all surely hang separately?” I guess we can reach no other conclusion, using your irrefutable logic. Ben Franklin was not only an early member of the lame stream media. He was also, a Marxist spouting Communist, and propagandist, to the framers of the Constitution, long before Marx, or the Liberal Commie DemoRats! I’m making a list of all the the things the new converted Conservatives, like yourself, claim they no longer care to see in the Country anymore. “United we stand,” has become some Communist Manifesto promoting Collectivism. Right Einstein? No divide and conquer strategy going on here. Corporations are not collective anythings. Right, Colossus Brain? They are just individual people, sitting around in their own little cubicles, talking to no one. Making their own little American Dreams happen all by themselves. Tell me, is there any crap so blatantly stupid, you wouldn’t gobble up, if it came with an insult to Obama tied to it?

    4. stcroixcarp July 19, 2013

      Have you ever smoked pot, taken illegal drugs, legal prescription drugs or plain old booze? Have you ever been drunk? Glad to know you are sinlees while throwing stones.

      1. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2013

        carp…. those are Obozo’s own words from his own book, not mine. He’s admitted to being a heavy pot and cocaine user. I did not make that up. Too bad for you.
        Have a nice day!
        Quote for you carp…. “The fist rots from the head.” – I think it was James Carville tha said it.

  2. tax payer July 19, 2013

    Zimmerman was curious as to why Martin was in the neighborhood, but something happen and Zimmerman was close to death, so he did something about it or die right there on the ground. Now, he has to live with the verdict ( Zimmerman ) received from a Fair Trial, but we know he won’t live a Private Life from now on thanks to Jackson and Sharpton.

    1. 1standlastword July 19, 2013

      I agree that he won’t live a private life but he doesn’t deserve to live a private life. I wrote a post that illustrated how he could have conducted himself in a professional manner that would certainly have resulted in a better outcome.
      Moreover, as a person involved in legal carry, I have was in one situation where I couldn’t retreat and was getting fronted off by some dude that looked like a cage fighter. I knew I had the power to destroy his life hanging under my shirt and since I take that very seriously I quickly determined that this was not a life threatening situation. He wasn’t armed and I”m sure he could have kicked my ass but I remained composed and with convincing speech rousted him awake out of his foolishness and I went home to my wife that night and we had cold drinks poolside

    2. Mikey7a July 19, 2013

      Curious? Zimmerman was hell bent on a confrontation, even after being advised to let the REAL Police handle the situation. Why do all of you that feel this was a case of “self defense” absolutely refuse to acknowledge this indisputable fact? Had Zimmerman done as he was asked, there never would have been ANY violence.

      1. bikejedi July 19, 2013

        As ex law enforcement I can answer that . Zimmerman was on Neighborhood watch and saw a person acting suspiciously . Yes the dispatcher ( not the Police )suggested he wait . Have you ever waited for the Police to respond especially to a non emergency ?? So Zimm made the decision to follow and observe to keep him in sight in case he did commit a crime or so he could point them out when the police did arrive .While you have a point that had he not gotten out of the car the confrontation probably never happens he was on a Neighborhood watch and there had been break ins . For those reasons he got out to observe . He was well with in his rights to do so and just because you are following someone In a complex you live in , does not mean the other person should attack you for that …maybe stop and ask ….Hey man why the hell are you following me but not attack .

        1. Mikey7a July 19, 2013

          911 did not “suggest”, she specifically said “you’re following him?” ” We don’t need you to do that, the Police will handle it”. as far as the hey man part….ONLY Zimmerman says Trayvon attacked him unprovoked. Never was there any proof that was true. Come on man, admit that the prosecutor botched the trial…whether he did so purposely or not, we will never know.

          I’m Miami born, and lived most of my life in Florida, from North of Tampa…..racism is alive and well, I see it…..hell I hear it almost every day. You’ll never convince me the death was justified….never!

          1. bikejedi July 19, 2013

            That is all that happened . The dispatcher” suggested” he didn’t have to do that . That doesn’t mean he didn’t have the legal right to do so . In this case Zimm ignored that suggestion as he probably figured the Police would take a while to get there . And you are right we only have Zimm saying that Martin attacked him but the only witnesses said that Martin was on top of him ..
            Yes the prosecution sucked but the only reason the case was even EVER brought was the Public pressure brought By Obama’s racially charged rhetoric and the media totally and irresponsibly reporting the case . Angela Corley’s own assistant DA admitted that and said they NEVER had the evidence to bring charges or a case and then Angela purposely and illegally withheld evidence . She then punitively fired the assistant . Most people in the legal community are calling for Angelas dismissal for these errors . It seems they never had the evidence for a case but screwed up Zimms life forever to bow to public pressure because of the racially charged rhetoric of Obama …and now he’s doing it again

          2. Vazir Mukhtar July 19, 2013

            All along I have maintained that the prosecution’s case was weak and poorly presented. I have no quarrel with the verdict; for I believe the jury followed the judge’s instructions: decide on the basis of evidence presented at trial.

            Why won’t we follow Dr King’s injunction and judge people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character?

          3. Chuck Ulbricht July 20, 2013

            Racism is alive because black people insist it be kept alive! Obama is black, and he did a great job of dividing this country racially! He is part of the problem, just like many in the black community are part of the problem! I NEVER hear any white people saying ANYTHING racially until they are provoked by a black person…GET REAL!

          4. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            I agree with most of that but don’t agree that whites don’t make racial comments either …Its usually out of anger but that doesn’t make it right

        2. GJohn July 20, 2013

          I can see why you are an ex enforcent whatever, does walking down a street make a person suspicious?, only if he is black. Maybe Zimmerman didn’t give Martin the chance to ask why are you following me. We can only go by what Zimmerman says.

          1. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            I don’t understand your attempt to denigrate me as ex anything based on anything I stated ..No walking down the street shouldn’t necessarily make a person suspicious …but the fact that there were break ins and he was a visitor might make someone watch him . Blacks do get looked at harder and draw that kind of suspicion more . You also have to admit that Blacks do a lot of crime so if you were fair you might at least acknowledge that might contribute to that . And yes we only have Zimmermans words …Backed up by the witnesses and evidence ..but yes Zimmerman is the only one here so I get that .

          2. GJohn July 22, 2013

            How did Zimmerman know he hadn’t just moved there. His father lived there and that was enough reason for Martin to be there. As for crimes, there are more whites in this country then blacks, the news just don’t say that whites are commiting crimes, they just leave the race out when reporting news. As with using and dealing drugs.

          3. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            Good points . But also please remember that almost half of the prison population in America is Black and they only make up about 14% of the population . Now before anyone thinks that I think that is fair studies show that judges are more harsh on Black defendents at sentencing . Since most of the judges in the big cities are Liberals maybe we should ask them why they are so prejudiced …Really I think it involves the fact that most Black defendents cant afford good legal representation but I just thought I would throw that out there ..You made some good points GJohn

          4. GJohn July 22, 2013

            The reason for that is how blacks are charged for using crack and whites get a slap on the hand for using herion. The reason the judges give sentances like that is because the laws congress passed. It’s not that the judges are hard, their hands are tied.

          5. bikejedi July 23, 2013

            Gjohn …You realy should stop posting because you are so poorly informed you are proving all the stereotypes of the low information left . They changed those sentencing guidelines ….you didn’t get the memo ? No its Liberal Judges who are imposing these harsher sentence on Black …take it up with your racist judges

      2. Chuck Ulbricht July 20, 2013

        This is Not the issue! We are discussing why the President felt he had to give his input, which was an abomination! he has divided this country because he couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut! Now every time I run into a black person, they scoul or act indifferent because of this shit! They are the racists!

        1. bikejedi July 21, 2013

          My point exactly . TY

    3. GJohn July 19, 2013

      Did Zimmerman really have a fair trial? Five white women, and one something, found him quilty. Most of them believed in the gun rule in Fl. As a result, Big bad Zimmerman persude Martin and killed him. Would he had gone after the kid if he didn’t have that gun? If he was so afraid, ha, ha, I doubt if he would have. It’s a shame we don’t know what Zimmerman said to Martin at first to provoke Martin into knocking him down. I did the same thing years ago when someone pulled a gun on me, and instead of doing nothing, I went after him, we were close like them. Yes, I got shot, but I also knocked the other person down and took the gun away from him. If I hadn’t, the joker would surely have killed me.

      On top of it all, why didn’t the information come out about Zimmerman’s past? Fighting with a policeman several years before, beating up his girlfriend, and possible more. They brought out Martin’s past. Even tlhough Zimmerman got off with those incidents, they did happen.

      1. tax payer July 19, 2013

        It’s over and let it rest or will this continue even after Zimmerman dies of old age.

      2. Germansmith July 19, 2013

        Zimmerman got as fair a trial as it was available anywhere in the world shown in living color to every TV in the nation.
        Trayvon’s past “indiscretions” were not to be brought to the trial as long as the same respect was given to Zimmerman (anyway usually Judges do not allow prior records of a defendant to be privy to the jury).

        Nobody is ever going to be happy about the trial. If you are black or a lefty desperate to show we are a colorblind society, them Zimmerman is guilty no matter what. If you are righty , then there should have never been a trial because Zimmerman acted in self defense against an angry black man that got furious because he was followed and profiled by a neighborhood watch creepy cracker.

        What really happened we would never know, but in my opinion, it is time we let it go and move on. If they have a problem with Stand your Ground Laws (not an issue in this trial, since it was a self defense defense) then bring it to a vote in a democratic manner.
        I am not an aggressive person, but personally I like the idea that I do not have to run away from protecting family and property because of fear of prosecution and it is a bad world out there.

      3. tax payer July 19, 2013

        Did you expect Jackson, Sharpton and four of their followers to be part of the Jury? They would have come out with a guilty verdict in one minute or less.

        1. GJohn July 20, 2013

          No, but I expected or hoped that the jury would not be all white, and one whatever.

          1. tax payer July 20, 2013

            The Attorneys do the choosing and they must have felt ( on both sides ) that Race didn’t count as to being a juror. I have been part of a jury selection process myself and have been chosen to be a juror, and they question each potential juror, so they decide who they don’t want to be part of the jury.

      4. sigrid28 July 20, 2013

        The defense asked the judge to exclude this evidence from the trial and she agreed, that is why information about Zimmerman’s past brushes with the law and all of his vigilante phone calls were not covered in the trial (just six calls out of forty-six were included).

        And by the way, I wish Zimmerman were more like you. Thanks for offering an example of one of the ways he could have avoided killing Trayvon Martin.

    4. stcroixcarp July 19, 2013

      Zimmerman and his violent behavior should be shunned. His name should never be mentioned again. Let his memory pass into nothingness.

      1. bikejedi July 19, 2013

        And what about Martins violent behavior ? And his history of violent behavior ??

        1. stcroixcarp July 19, 2013

          The boy did not rob the convenience store. There is no proof that he had committed any violence prior to being stalked by an armed and dangerous strange man. If you were being stalked by a gun toting nut case, wouldn’t you try to defend yourself by neutralizing the threat?. Well. that is what young Martin did. He fought back, defending himself with his fists. He was just standing his ground, or do you need a gun to claim self-defense, stand your ground as a legal ploy? Zimmerman, went looking for trouble, and he found it. Zimmerman may have been a neighborhood watch captain, but it did not give him the authority to arrest, detain, stalk, attack or shoot an unarmed child. Zimmerman was not a judge or jury or designated executioner. If Martin assaulted Zimmerman, it may have been a felony subject to years in prison, but it was not a capital offence. If I had been stalked by this creepy guy I would have kicked him in the groin. Does that action deserve death?

          1. bikejedi July 20, 2013

            Who said anything about a convenience store ? Also Martin had no knowledge Zimm was carrying and probably didn’t think he was or he wouldn’t have turned to confront him .I mean who purposely goes to confront someone who has a gun when they don’t have one . The stalking comment is inflammatory and was disproved by the evidence . To fight back means you are making the assumption that Zimmerman started a fight with him and the trial evidence nor the witnesses support that . In fact they support just the opposite as Martin was on top of Zimm pummeling him . Rachel Janteel ( did I spell that right ) stated just yesterday she believes Martin threw the first punch . If anyone knew his tempermant it would be her . Zimmerman didn’t arrest detain stalk or any of that stuff s that is just the inflammatory and the evidence doesn’t support your claims . See how the Obama’ comments have fired all of the left up to hate a man who was found innocent ? Don’t you find that odd that a President would incite that ? If you want to incite racial divisiveness you can keep that up and then I guess Obama’s comment had the desired divisive effect on you .
            And Finally Stand Your Ground Was Not applicable to the case legally . It wasn’t even brought up in the trial by the prosecution nor the defense because it wasn’t . Obama knew that when he made those comments so there can be only one reason he made them .That would be to incite this kind of hate . He also judged that his voters would not know that Stand your ground was not relevant but that his supporters would tout that lie anyway .

          2. stcroixcarp July 20, 2013

            Just a technicality. Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY, there is a huge difference between not guilty and innocent. If you watched the interview with juror #37 and the statement from the four others jurors, they were not allowed to hear what the general public was shown and did consider the restrictions of the stand your ground law, so yes, the stand your ground law did play a part of this trial as well as the entire incident. I am glad that the President had the courage to tell white America what it is like to be a black man in America. What he described happened to my son when he was a teen. Like Obama, my son survived, got an education is is successful, but many black kids don’t. You seem to be the one consumed by hate. I pray that you will let your heart and mind open to the truth. You will sleep better if you let go of your fear and anger. Peace to you.

          3. bikejedi July 20, 2013

            Yeah tell that to Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson …Wow remember the President coming out after that and making a Racially divisive and counter productive speech ? Or White Activists protesting ???? yeah me neither …By the way I commend most of the Blacks in America . I understand they don’t like the verdict but most have remained peaceful .
            As for you contention that the verdict was just a technicality and that Zimm is guilty …well that is a very enlightened view ..not …The evidence I this case is that a trial never should;ve happened . Angela Coreys own assistant stated that and was punished by her . Most Legal Scholars as well as Durshowitz from the ACLU wanted her removed for even bringing the case …But don’t let the facts get in the way of your hate and bigotry of Zimmerman and also of fanning the flames …Just as Obama wanted

          4. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            First your comments prove the point I originally made . That point was that Obama’s comments were designed to racially divide . Case in point… you just cited the “Stand your ground ” law as a legal defense . Obama is a lawyer so he KNOWS that the Stand You Ground Law wasn’t applicable to this case .In fact it wasn’t brought up be EITHER legal team in the case because it did not apply nor was it needed to prove innocence in the case . Obama rightly gambled his base would not know this and yet it would make people THINK and feel that Zimm only got off on a technicality . I have seen you post before so I know you to be intelligent so I have to assume you don’t know that …in regards to this case anyway …On the other hand most of Obama’s supporters don’t know this , it did inflame them , and their comments of hate directed at Zimmerman over Obama mentioning that proves that out .
            Next , when you call following someone stalking them.. then you are just using inflammatory language .Zimmerman followed him . You say ” If I had been stalked by this creepy guy I would have kicked him in the groin. Does that action deserve death?” . Once again if I were being followed it might cause me to ask him …Why are you following me ? I don’t think a kick to the nads would be called for…. and what makes you call Zimmerman a creepy guy . He looks pretty normal to me ? And thank you for a civil conversation

        2. GJohn July 20, 2013

          Did he kill someone?

          1. bikejedi July 20, 2013

            He had not

    5. charleo1 July 19, 2013

      Shame on you. Or, shame on nature. Or whatever caused the missing gene
      in your DNA, that determines your ability to tell the instigator from the victim.
      Have you ever drank any water in Sanford Fl.? Perhaps your Mother was a
      juror, that said the same thing. George, (she called him,) confronted Travon,
      Martin, (Both first, and sir name used.) Or, Travon Martin confronted George. Then, “whatever happened, happened,” She said. “And, I believe George feared for his life.” Excuse me! Who else has to live with that verdict? Yes,
      Mr. Taxpayer, Shame on you. But, you are not alone in that it never so much
      as crossed your mind, a Mother lost a Son, a Father lost his, Baby Tray.”
      And you’re certainly not the first, “free speech,” advocate to change your
      opinion on that Right, when it comes to the Black man. Or, the leaders
      in the Black community, like Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson. Even the
      President of the Country, and the Attorney General, should have kept their mouths shut on this one. Isn’t that what they’re saying on your side of the
      fence? I wouldn’t feel too bad for George. He’s alive. Right? As an
      unintended result of Revs. Sharpton, and Jackson’s doing what their
      community expected them to do. The attention their presence brought,
      will soon make George Zimmerman a rich man. Some writer will do what writers do, and George will put his name on it. He’ll be on GMA, and The
      View, and the late night circuit. And hopefully, from this tragic,and senseless
      waste of young life, we can all manage to learn something. But, it will never
      be worth the loss.

      1. tax payer July 19, 2013

        Tell that to the families that lost their sons in Vietnam. I lost many of my buddies in Vietnam, so tell that to the mothers and fathers of these soldiers. You can’t tell them because they died with a Broken Heart years ago. Teens are dying everyday in this country and not one word comes out in the Media because it’s Blacks dying at the hand of other Blacks. If they were killed by Hispanics or Anglos it would be news.

        1. charleo1 July 20, 2013

          What is it you would have me tell the Mothers, and Fathers
          that lost sons to Vietnam? Was there a public hearing to
          determine if the government, by using faulty assumptions,
          backed by over zealotry, and miscalculation, wrongly caused
          their sons deaths? If so, did the hearings find that the gov’t
          acted within the law. Because, they found that by the sons
          actions, and given the absence of any testimony from any
          of them. We determined the Gov’t was justified, due to the
          part they played in the circumstances leading to their deaths.
          I would tell them, just as in Travon Martin’s death. The law
          is an ass. It let their sons down, just as it let justice down
          for Travon Martin, and his parents.

      2. bikejedi July 19, 2013

        Yes a mother lost a son and a father too . And yes that is a shame and a tragedy but a wrong verdict would have exasperated that .

    6. bikejedi July 19, 2013

      And now Obama …I think Zimmerman should sue Obama at this point for violating HIS civil rights

      1. hamster999 July 19, 2013

        And how, precisely, did Obama violate Zimmerman’s civil rights? By calling for calm? By speaking out against violence?

        1. bikejedi July 19, 2013

          He called for calm after the fact and after he incited the racial divide once again when he didn’t have to . Look at all the people on here getting ready to storm Zimmerman and hunt him down with pitchforks . Look at the intolerant rhetoric and hate aimed at a man who was found innocent already . Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty . When this case originally came to light by a media who sensationalized it and misidentified Zimmerman as white a President who was a uniter would have urged calm and asked that people let the authorities do their jobs . In this case Obama inflamed that with his” if I had son” comments . Because of that racially charged rhetoric most on the left had Zimmerman guilty before the case even came to trial .
          The first thing he did today was to open those wounds again just as the story was going away . He trotted out the” If I had a son” line and then doubled down by saying the same thing could’ve possibly happened to him .Ask yourself why he would say that if not to incite those who don’t understand the law or didn’t follow the trial ? Once again judging by the people commenting on here….. they are all shouting for his head …So that is where Zimms civil rights are being violated . You have a man who was found innocent and will never be able to go anywhere without looking over his shoulder and you have Obama stirring that pot again for what purpose ???? The only conclusion one could make is that he wants to divide the Nation on this racially charged issue .
          The Next thing he did was to bring up the Stand your ground law …Why do that when it wasn’t even applicable to the case . Neither the Prosecution nor the Defense brought that up at trial and if they did the judge would have stricken it from the record . It simple wasn’t applicable under law for this case . Obama should know that as he is a Lawyer . So why did he bring that up ? Probably to incite his low information base that still believes this was part of the case . If you can think of another reason for bringing that up I sure would love to hear the liberal spin and hypocrisy on that whopper because it would have to be almost as big a whopper as the You Tube LIE /EXCUSE he sold to you lefty’s on Benghazi … The point is that he is at it again by bringing up the Stand your ground law in regards to this . He is either gambling that you are all so stupid you wont know that Stand your ground is not applicable or that you will know that and will usurp your own self respect to tout that line . Either way the only reason to bring that up is for pure evil
          After inciting the left he then urged calm ..If I were Zimm I would sue him just to stop his irresponsible racially divisive ass from inciting hos cult like base even further …I mean this has gone from being guilty before being judged innocent in court to being found innocent and Obama basically saying he is still guilty

          1. charleo1 July 20, 2013

            Do you hear yourself? My God, I’m ashamed for my race
            sometimes. I’ve never witnessed the amount of self exoneration, as has been the case by a coalition of mostly, bigoted White males, who would like nothing better than to have racism pronounced dead. So they could continue their version of practicing it, since, “we’re all equal now”.
            I’ve never heard so many lame excuses, and fig leaf arguments, as to why this is not racial at all. Why, Racism is dead. Didn’t they get their Black President?
            So, if some people see race, in what was a simple common street killing, as one commenter described it. Well, that’s because of Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson, or President Obama, fueled, the once seamlessly closed, and non-extent, racial divide. Just stirring up trouble, that was heretofore, all in the past. No one, they claim even thought it was racial, until these uppity Blacks, started running their mouths!
            What else can we call that kind of Bullshit, but bullshit, writ
            White, and racially large? Or, there’s the Zimmerman isn’t even White, in the Whites are no longer racists, denials.
            He’s Hispanic! Looks like, they say, in a most post racial way. The Black President, and Sharpton, and the rest, decided to use this as an excuse to pick on White people! And, we are deeply hurt, and offended. Sure are! And besides, what about Black gangs? And Blacks killing Blacks? Nobody’s making a
            Federal Case out of that. And it happens all the time!
            Was it just because, another waned to know, it was a non-
            white involved, that’s caused all the stink? Whites have a history of being accused of racism. And it’s not fair! What’s,
            all the fuss? Let’s move on! Since it wasn’t a White person involved. Like we said, racism is dead! Wow! I made none of that up. Zero. Check out the Yahoo board, if you think I’m
            exaggerating for effect. It’s all came out of the mouths of people who claim the whole thing has been blown entirely
            out of proportion, and used as a convenient excuse to bash White people. So, get it? Whites are the victims here!
            I’ve read more than a few poor George comments.
            So is it any wonder Black people are concerned for their safety? Now that race figures so prominently into the White defendant’s state of mind? It’s practically a license for the
            Skin Heads, to go stalking, confronting, and suddenly, developing a fear for their lives. The, “thug,” in the hoodie, jumped me, officer! I had to shoot him! The gun was his.
            He was about to mug me! Look, my head’s bleeding!

          2. bikejedi July 20, 2013

            I think , and so do the majority of Americans , that there was no good reason for the President to inject himself , race , or Stand your Ground into this discussion…Unless you can show why any of that was a good idea why be mad at the right and call them bigots ?
            I never said racism didn’t exist nor am I some bigoted white male . All of that is hyperbole of the left and has nothing do with an honest discussion of this issue or that the Presidents comments we largely designed to inflame the racial divide . After he made those comments he threw in the comments about being peaceful . No one has been abe to show me or anyone else why those comments can be taken any other way by reasonable people . Instead you just want to label people who agreed with the verdict for legal reasons , as bigots .As in all those Conservatives just hate the President because he is black or don’t support Trayvon because he was Black . That is a cheap way of playing the race card and will be counterproductive to any conversation . I date Black women and lived with one for 4 years . . So once again I don’t hate Obama because he is half white . That would be bigotry towards my own race . I think and so do the majority of Americans that there was no good reason for the President to inject himself , race , or Stand your Ground into this discussion…Unless you can show why any of that was a good idea why be mad at the right and call them bigots ?

          3. GJohn July 20, 2013

            Now you are included the majority of Americans, how do you know how the majority of us think and feel?

          4. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            I saw that on CNN . They said reports from a variety of social media were trending the same way I feel . They said that most of the view points disagreed with his comments …Also I am currently discussing this on several sites and that’s the way it seems

          5. GJohn July 22, 2013

            You must be watching fox news. I doubt CNN, CBS, and some of the other networks would be making the comments to said. In fact some think that his speech was one of the best he has made.

          6. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            I do watch a lot of news but that was on CNN . I see that a lot on the left are spinning that as his finest speech … Well If that’s the best I don’t think it will stand with…. Tear down this wall . This is a message to terrorists every where you can run but you ant hide Or they counted on America to be Passive and they counted wrong or any number by Reagan and Ask not what your Country can do for you or It is our goal to put a man on the moon within this decade by Kennedy . Look GJohn I understand the pride that blacks have for Obama . I understand that a lot on the left idolize him and Im not here to pick a fight so if you liked it that’s fine . I just don’t think they rank with comments other Presidents have made . I did like the Yes we can speech by Obama wriiten by Favrou… I may have spelled that wrong

          7. charleo1 July 20, 2013

            First of all, the majority of people in the Country understand
            full well why it was necessary for the President to comment
            on this incident. It really doesn’t take a deep social thinker
            to see that Barack Obama represents more to the African American community, than just a President. This feeling of
            triumph over adversity, felt by minorities, in seeing the
            election of, “one of their own,” to the highest office in the
            land. And the pride, and expectations, that come with that,
            is not a new phenomenon in this Country. As much was celebrated with the election of John Kennedy. The first Irish Catholic President. When no one a generation ago, would
            have given a snowball’s chance to either an Irish, or Catholic. Barack Obama is but the latest, in a long line of Presidents, that in a very real way, affirms not the disappearance of our
            differences in race, incomes, and backgrounds, But that reaffirms the equality of each. And our belief in America of the importance of the principal, that we have no aristocracy
            here. Going as far back as Andrew Jackson. The Battle of New Orleans made him famous. But his background as an orphan, soldier, self trained lawyer, bottom up kind of a guy, Americans elect every so often, when we need assurances it’s still possible to pick one of our own. A man of the less rich, less powerful people, and put him in the White House.
            I think we need to do that every so often. And, so we have.
            But to say President Obama should have not commented.
            I think to the extent he understand the White audience, he didn’t comment as President. He spoke to the Country, as Barack Obama, an African American male. He reminded
            his Black constituencies, that consider him their personal
            leader, that indeed, he understands of their feelings, and
            the importance, and validity of them is recognized at the
            highest levels of American society. And they, the Black
            Community, want their fellow Americans to hear that. And
            try to understand it. It is important. To say, well, he should have let these Americans down, to placate these others,
            is, well you put the word in. I’m all out of superlatives that
            fit the bill.

          8. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            You made some good points as far as him speaking as a Black man ( or half white to be more accurate ) to the Black community .and to the country to give some perspective …and those points that he covered I was fine with . I just think some of the comments were meant to incite . Otherwise why bring up Stand your ground in his comments . You would be surprised how many people I see commenting now about that because of his comments . It has stirred up this whole line of thought that Zimmerman got off because of that law . You don’t know the resistance I face when I try to calmly explain to these people that the stand your ground law wasn’t even applicable in this case and was brought up by either legal team because of that …These people want to see a man who was found innocent dead . that is where I have a problem …What you said about his perspective , the pride the black community feels and all of that is valid in my mind .

          9. charleo1 July 21, 2013

            About 18 years ago now, a little boy was abducted as
            he stepped off his school bus. in deep S. Dade, Florida.
            Jimmy Ryce was only a half block from his home, when he
            was abducted, and killed by a sexual predator who is still awaiting his execution. In the aftermath, of this horrific event, there were lots of, “experts,” on child abductions. What to tell your child, if a stranger tries to inter- act with them. Tries to detain them. What does this have to do with the Zimmerman/
            Martin case? A lot, I think. The thing that leaves many felling
            so dissatisfied about this incident is, that even after the investigation, and trial. We will never know for sure what really happened here. Did Trayvon try to walk away? Did Zimmerman then try to detain him, and that started the fight? Claudine Ryce, Jimmy’s Mother said, that her, and Jimmy’s Father Don, believed every person was born with a purpose. And not having discovered their own purpose, in any concrete way she said. (they were lawyers.) She said, they
            had concluded, that the reason for their own existence, must
            be so Jimmy could be born. So, they wanted to make his life, by his death then, mean something, stand for something, Perhaps save some other child’s life. And by that child living, give meaning to their own son’s death. I think any parents,
            including Trayvon’s, that lose their child in such an unfair
            way. Not doing anything wrong, being where he was supposed to be. As parents they think let’s work to make our
            child’s life, make the taking of another life in such a manner,
            something that doesn’t happen again. So, please. Let’s not
            start with the misinformation. Of course, the Stand Your Ground Law, was the law that set the burden of proof, the
            State was required to meet for unjustifiable homicide. Don’t glom onto more fallacious excuses. There has been precious
            little truth revealed at best, by this trial. But the one undeniable truth is the law under which George Zimmerman
            was exonerated, was Stand You Ground. It is the law that
            underpins all such cases in Fl. Be they 7/11 robberies, bar
            fights, domestic disputes, road rage, or a school stabbing,
            of which we have had a few. Barring obvious evidence,
            witness testimony, usually determines the aggressor, or the interloper as the suspect party. But less certain circumstances, reveals a flaw that asks Police, Prosecutors
            and Juries alike to do the the near impossible. Determine the
            inner workings of the suspect’s, or defendant’s mind, beyond
            a reasonable doubt, when he/she committed the killing?
            So, don’t say, I tried to explain calmly, the law didn’t apply.
            It is the only law Florida has to apply in determining guilt or
            innocence. Willful death, or justifiable homicide, by reason
            of self defense. And the workings of that law, were explained
            in detail, by the Judge prior to their release for deliberations.

      2. GJohn July 20, 2013

        What happened to freedom of speech that so many of you are always yelling about?

        1. bikejedi July 21, 2013

          Well that is valid , but think about this . You had a man who because of the News media falsely reporting on it and then altering audio and video tape with the sole intention of trying to portray Zimm as a racist . Then Obama came out with the If I had a son comments and the next thing you know public pressure led to the DA bringing a case that almost every legal expert in the country said never should have been brought . So he was convicted before he even went to trial by a lot of people . Now he was found innocent and Obama is inflaming people again to believe he got off and it has something to do with Stand your ground . Stand your ground was not applicable to this case . Obama knows that and he also calculated rightly that a lot of his supporters don’t know that. That was purposeful on Obama’s part and was meant to incite . All you have to do is see some of the threats already on this site as well as others . To see it had its desired effect ..Hence I feel Zimmermans civil rights are being denied by Obama’s rhetoric …That is all ..I don’t hate Obama Im just stating what is going on since his comments and why .

          1. GJohn July 22, 2013

            All the president was saying was the same thing could have happened to him when he was Martin’s age. Had nothing to do with being a racist. He was saying that this could happen to any black male. You don’t hear much about white teenagers being shot just for walking down a street except for these crazy gang shootings. The president hasn’t said anything to inflame no one. Just remember the stand your ground can go both ways, blacks owning guns can apply the same rules.

          2. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            First I understand the President only wants people to think of him as Black and never mention that he I half white . 2nd I do understand the pride the black community has for him . I understand that he was trying to make that comparison but lets face it , he never had that Black experience . He was raised by whites with whites and Hawaiians . From the prom pictures and such it didn’t seem he was facing much of what he spoke of . Who knows though besides himself
            Also Obama asked what would happen if the roles are reversed . We don’t have to wonder as there was almost an identical situation . Roderick Scott a Black Neighborhood Watchman shot and killed an unarmed 17 yr old white teen . the News media didn’t alter audio and video of that to make it look lke Mr Scott was a racist predator . The White President did not insert himself in it with an If I had a Son speech to also sensationalize the story . The President also did not do that too create racial tension and divisiveness for his own political gain . White people didn’t protest when Mr Scott was found innocent even though some of the forensic experts testified this White teen was shot at a distance ad most likely in the back . So that’s been asked and answered . We also don’t have to wonder because a Black teen shot a Baby in a stroller and did it in a premeditated manner . There was no If I had a son speech on that etc etc . The media buried the story etc etc ..

  3. vickie July 19, 2013

    loved every word he said thank you mr president

    1. bikejedi July 19, 2013

      I don’t know what happened to the comment I posted but I will try again . Why did you love every word ? Do you like a President to stir up the racial divide right when this seemed to be dying down ?

      I have several mixed feelings on his comments . 1 why pull out he ” If I had a son rhetoric that racially charged this story from jump ? 2 why double down and follow that with ” It just as easily could’ve been himself in his younger days ” If you aren’t trying to fuel the racial divide ? What were those comments meant to do if not that ? Those comments were calculated and rehearsed so you have to ask why even make them ? And you loved every word ? Are you too trying to inflame the racial divide ? If Obama were a real leader and Uniter he might have urged calm and non violence as a way to honor Trayvons memory . I bet that’s what Dr King would’ve done .
      The next thing he did was to mention the Stand you ground law . Ask yourself what the possible reason for that was ? Maybe its because most of his Obama’s voters might believe that was relevant to the case . IT WAS NOT . The Stand your ground law was not a legal component in the case as it was no relevant to the Prosecution . I was not brought up in the trial by either the Prosecution or the Defense . So you have to ask yourself why a Lawyer like Obama who knows it wasn’t relevant to the case even brought that up ??? Im guessing that he was playing to his base. A base which he correctly gambled is so lowly informed they would not know this and that he could use the false argument to further fan the racial divide by making people think that is the reason Zimmerman was acquitted …..You do know that is NOT THE TRUTH …right ? You Do know Obama was purposely trying to deceive right ? So armed with that you have to ask yourself what was his reason ? Why would a President purposely fan the flames of a racial divide ? So excuse me if I ask why you are proud of him ? Are you also trying to divide the country on race ? And wasn’t Obama going to be the President to improve race relations ? Not so much I guess huh ?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 20, 2013

        Do you like to continue the ignernce of the the bigots just so you don’t have to admit your own racism? Every time I hear someone blast this president, it is never for any reason other than he is not the color these racists hate most. The President has EVERY right to defend his race. How many good ole good ole good ole bois did that during the Civil War and it wasn’t even a matter of race but owning free slave labor?

        Your kind always want to perpetuate your ignorance to your own racism to soothe your souls from what you know deep down inside is bigotry. Try again.

        1. bikejedi July 20, 2013

          Elaenore . Why are you people on the let so fearful of anyone criticizing the President ? Especially when that criticism is totally valid ? I am not a racist I date and lived with a Black Woman for 4 yrs …So please get that weak sh1t Race Card out of here .I Notice that you didn’t even try to dispute what I posted you just don’t like that it is factual and logical so you played the Race Card ..By the way it was a Republican President who fought that Civil War and most of the people in the South were Democrats After the Civil War the Dems started the KKK and enacted the Jim Crow laws . DR King was a Republican who would’ve been appalled by Obama’s purposely divisive and counter productive comments

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 20, 2013

            bikejedi…Why are you people on the right so bitchy? Why are you people on the right never satisfied with one single thing this president does? Why are you people on the right so hot to impeach another Democrat? Why are you people on the right acting like a bunch of two year old tyrants?

            There wouldn’t have to BE a race card if some on the right didn’t go around hoping and praying for the “South to Rise Again.” Dr. King would not have been appalled at anything this president has done. Stop putting words in Dr. King’s mouth.

            We know why your kind hate this president. It’s bred in the bones and will not out no matter how much the rest of us try to make you understand that your hatred and constant UNFOUNDED criticisms of President Obama is unfair at best and disgusting at worst?

            This president could have proved what you Great White Angry Fat Gut MIddle Aged Males all hoped he’d prove…a bi-racial (in your eyes…black) man who is inept, corrupt and immoral. Didn’t happen for you hotsy totsies did it? Stow that grossly insecure attitude. You may have lived with a black woman for 4 years…but that doesn’t give you license to malign a president who is trying to do his job. Anymore of the boi genius platitudes you want to try and use for your excuses for right wing bitching?

          2. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            It seems you are the one bitching . You have offered no defense for his comments as to whether they were inflammatory . Judging by the level of hate you have for others it seems his rhetoric worked and I was right . His comments were made to incite . You are whack as hell if you think that everyone who disagrees with Obama hates him or is racist …but keep festering in that and blaming that instead of listening to why people feel the way they do

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 22, 2013

            bike…Grow up. You can’t have YOUR way and then tell the rest of the people who have valid reasons not to agree with narrow minded ideologues like you “The Highway”…First of all, the president of the United States is the President….when do you bull headed males so envious of a bi-racial president get that? I don’t hate anything but “ignernce.” When Americans show such intolerable, insufferable “ignernce” that they seek to destroy the country and our potential progress, you are the one who needs a full examination of your true motives.
            I do blame those who deserve blame. Or, do you suggest we release all of those in prisons so we don’t have to hold them accountable for the blame THEY deserve? You phonies of the right make me laugh…You’ll go to the enth degree of sanity to avoid accountability…With your kind, there’s always someone else YOU can blame…Just never take blame when you deserve it? Is that what they teach these days in red state schools? And you don’t think that’s “ignernce?”

          4. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            Did you read your comment ? Can you read you comment ? I’m guessing you were typing that in a fit of hate and rage . 1st I am very secure in myself and would never be envious of the President because he is Bi racial . If I was narrow minded I wouldn’t be on a Liberal site trying to engage people in dialogue . You say you don’t hate anything but ignernce …If that is the case you must be self loathing as you are too Ignorant to know how to spell that word . As someone who leans right by very definition I am for Personal Responsibility and Accountability . No I don’t advocate emptying prisons . Just the opposite I advocate for much tougher sentencing

          5. GJohn July 22, 2013

            bikejedi, you are here to try and get those of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves and have more than a first grade reading ability join you and your redneck right wingers in their stupid quest to make the president look back, just like the congress is doing. It’s a shame we can’t hold back their paychecks for doing nothing in the last five years, like the governor of IL did.

          6. bikejedi July 23, 2013

            No such thing as redneck right wingers b fester in your hate and labeling ..and you mean the Dem Gov of the most broke Dem Union State holding back the checks of other Dems hahahahahhaha

          7. GJohn July 23, 2013

            That is right stupid, our governor had the b—s to hold back the paychecks. I can say one thing, at least we don’t have all the stupid rednecks here in IL, although there are a few.
            As for the president playing golf and taking vacations, he has only taken 8 since being in office. I do believe George W. Bush spent more time on his ranch then that.
            The problem with you stupid racist right winger rednecks, is you can’t read and when those of you who can, they always get things wrong.

          8. bikejedi July 24, 2013

            Hey intolerant dude . I live in Chicago . Most of the rednecks I know a DEMS up here . You go on to say we cant read while you don’t even know proper sentence structure or how to spell . Sweet .

          9. GJohn July 25, 2013

            Well I was born and raised in Chicago and just live southeast of it now. I will be the first to say I am a bad speller, but I received A’s in college in my english class, although that has been many moons ago. You must have lived on the far north side, I know you wouldn’t be making all the comments you are making on here on the south or west side.

          10. bikejedi July 25, 2013

            Well I know Vice Lords on the west side and GD’s on the south side . I wouldn’t be afraid to speak my mind anywhere .

          11. GJohn July 22, 2013

            Ms Whitaker doesn’t have to offer any defense for what the president said, only you right wing racist have a problem with what he said.

          12. bikejedi July 23, 2013

            She cant form coherent sentences so its probably for the best. I am not a racist by the way .

          13. GJohn July 22, 2013

            what happen, did your black girlfriend kick you out so now you are showning your hatred for blacks?

        2. GJohn July 20, 2013

          God bless you.

        3. bikejedi July 21, 2013

          I notice that you wont even attempt to debate what I posted so you know its true . I understand that those truths bother you but that doesn’t make me a racist . It does make you look small for playing that race card . As I stated I have dated Black Girls and lived with one for 4yrs . You need to examine your hate . Not everyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist . I pointed out valid reasons why I disagreed with him . That doesn’t make one a racist it just means they have common sense .

          1. GJohn July 22, 2013

            bikejedi, slave owners forced themselves on their female slaves, and then turned around when their own wife couldn’t milk her baby had a slave do it. A lot of black gens were sucked by in those days. You may have some of those genes in your body, ha, ha.

          2. bikejedi July 23, 2013

            You really don’t have a concept of medical science and principles , do you ?

          3. GJohn July 23, 2013

            Sorry, bikejedi, I have a degree in morturary science, which covers a lot of medical science. As for repling the drug laws, you had better bone up on your information. The laws still stand.

          4. bikejedi July 24, 2013

            So they don’t teach you the difference between DNA and inherited Genes ? And to your other point I am ex law enforcement and can tell you it isn’t the law its the judges . In the Chi all of those are Dems and Liberals so they all must be racist then .

          5. GJohn July 25, 2013

            bikejedi, you said it, EX. What were you a Walmart security guard, and it was to much for you? As for the laws, congress sets the laws, some are mandatory sentences and others have proposed sentences. As for the crack it is a set sentence, and those using heiron are not. That is why there are so many more blacks behind bars then white. Even Zimmerman probably knows that.

          6. bikejedi July 25, 2013

            A lot of Blacks do Dope too . The point is that a lot of blacks also have priors that effect their sentences . I also pointed out that all those Dem Liberal Judges must be racist .

      2. GJohn July 20, 2013

        The president doesn’t have to fuel any racial divide, people like you and the NRA are doing a good enough job. You must be white because otherwise you wouldn’t have made the statements you did. When you walk down the street, do the police stop you and question you or search you, although you weren’t doing anything? I am multi racial, and very light. I have been walking with friends and they were stopped and questioned and the police would tell me to keep moving. I have been in stores with my wife and she has been followed around the store. Gone into banks and be with someone, and the bank people would come over to me first and you would think they were bending over backwards to assist me. It seemed like we were heading in the right direction after the 50s, but people like you keep popping their urgly heads up.

        1. bikejedi July 20, 2013

          1st I agree that Black men are looked at differently when they walk into a store . My good friend Harold who is black , doesn’t blame whites for that he blames some of the people of his own race for causing that . Please get that weak race card out of here . I date and lived with a Black girl for 4 years . I notice that none of you care to dispute mine and most of Americas view on the topic of Obama’s comments , but since you don’t like tat people found the Presidents comments divisive and counter productive you just chose to play the Race Card yourself . Why don’t you ask yourself why he made the comments he made and what was the purpose for them . If you examine them factually and logically you will come to the same conclusion most of America has . And that is the comments were designed to inflame racial divisiveness . Dr. King is rolling over in his grave

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 20, 2013

            You must really not know why your black friend agrees with you…you are white…You know any black man who would stand toe to toe with a white bully and dare to disagree? He was patronizing you. He had too…he’s the one who has the history of being treated like he is your inferior….you aren’t.

          2. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            Elaenore you make some wild assumptions and are so intolerant it is unfruitful to discuss anything further with you . You are consumed with hate so my points about Obama’s comments are born out by you hate . Harold doesn’t have to patronize me because we are friends . It sounds like you probably don’t have any Black friends so you probably don’t understand that ….oh and as for bullying him ..first I don’t do that ( it seems you do however ) and two he is 6 ‘ 4″ and about 280 lbs . I also don’t treat him as an inferior . I treat him as a friend

          3. Anonymous July 20, 2013

            Your friend Harold is a self-loathing simpleton. The woman you dated almost certainly was too.

      3. FredAppell July 20, 2013

        Are you saying that America doesn’t need to have the race discussion…on the one hand, you don’t appear to be part of the problem seeing as how you’re dating a black girl and befriending a
        black man but why do we keep avoiding the real heart of the problem?
        I’m white and I freely admit that I can’t possibly begin to understand the dynamics of the problem but the assertion that the onus is on blacks to change perceptions is absurd. Both sides share equal responsibility and both sides need to be culpable. The notion that racism will simply go away on it’s own if we just change our behavior is nothing more than pure fantasy.

        Don’t get me wrong, the discussion could only work if we agree to put it all on the table. Blacks are not without fault but they are not entirely to blame either. I don’t believe Zimmerman is a racist but there will always be a lot of unanswered questions such as, what if the roles were reversed, can you be honest enough with yourself to try to understand that? I don’t believe President Obama is responsible for dividing us or fanning the flames. I believe he has a unique perspective that the white community wants to ignore. It’s one of the greatest blights facing the human race.

        1. bikejedi July 21, 2013

          I don’t have a problem with a dialogue on race . And I agree that Obama may have unique perspective being half white …See what I did there I pointed out what no one ever states about him nor what he never admits .He is half white and was raised by whites …And yes he probably does have a unique perspective . And yes I think all sides share the blame . I understand the unanswered questions on Zimmerman…and at least you and I are having a discussion on this issue ..

          1. FredAppell July 21, 2013

            I’m glad you took my comment in the proper context. I’m not out to start an argument. You did bring up an interesting point about President Obama. He is half white and he seems to self identify with his black roots but you sound as if that bothers you on some level. I think it bothers many Americans, however, it doesn’t bother me. Let us not forget, we whites have a terrible history of racism and many of those old wounds haven’t healed
            yet. Hell, there’s still wounds between the North and South that haven’t healed yet and that has nothing to do with racism. I myself still tend to have bias towards some things but I don’t shy away from it because it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient, I work on it and try to change. I don’t see that in many Americans.

          2. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            Yes I too am not here to argue and the only reason I brought up Obama’s white half is because he never does and neither do his supporters . It only bothers me on the level that I think that’s a little small considering he was raised by white people in a white world and never acknowledges that . Those Grand Parents loved him too . Also it isn’t only we whites who have a terrible history of racism that is on all sides . I get what you are saying though

          3. FredAppell July 21, 2013

            Thanks for your honesty. Truthfully, all the drama will only stop once everyone stops pointing fingers at each other. We all do a good job of putting each other on the defensive and that causes more grief. Much respect to you man!

          4. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            And much respect to you as well . Maybe if we can remain civil to each other our leaders can learn from us .

          5. FredAppell July 21, 2013

            I read a lot of the back and forth between you and some of the others and you were pissing me off but I have a credo, I will tell you what I told a good friend of mine on here, I never post when I’m mad. After I calmed down, I was able to understand the point you were trying to make…you seemed much less hostile than before. I am always open to an honest and sincere dialogue with you and everyone else but don’t hold your breath for our leaders to do the same thing.

          6. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            Some of that was my fault I got snarky with some of them , and some if them were just trying to provoke . I got into discussions with a few people and when things went south I should of just got off rather then taking it to where they wanted it to go . Those discussions just devolve

          7. FredAppell July 21, 2013

            The computer can also make every comment sound aloof. It’s the downside to posting. I’m slowly learning to be more deliberate so my posts aren’t misinterpreted. My mind wanders so it takes me awhile. Now are you referring to the arguments getting hostile? I see it all the time…I’m the opposite, I usually start off with something provocative and the next thing I know I’m having conversations just like this one. Pretty cool huh! This helps me not to lose perspective of what is really important, all of us!

          8. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            That is a short coming of Social forums via the internet . So much we type is open to interpretation of whoever is reading it . I like your strategy though , maybe Ill try that .

          9. FredAppell July 22, 2013

            Actually man, it’s genuine. I don’t play head games, they’re a waste of time and it solves nothing. I post here because I want to discuss real solutions with like-minded people. We may all sound like we’re in lockstep but we do differ on opinion about some stuff. Each one of us brings our own bias’s and life experiences.
            No two people have exactly the same perspective because of it. Not everyone will be a nasty f*ck to you either, it depends on who you engage.

          10. bikejedi July 22, 2013


          11. GJohn July 23, 2013

            Man, what do you read? Obama has mentioned his mother and grandparents so many times. You need to stop watchning Fox.

          12. bikejedi July 24, 2013

            Are you delusional ? He NEVER mentions his white heritage and only wants people to think of him as Black . The very very few times he has mentioned anything about being white was to score votes with people like you who hate your own color ( I’m assuming you are white )

          13. GJohn July 25, 2013

            As I have said in the past but have fallen on yur deaf ears, the president talks about his mother and grandparents all the time, or someone mentions it on TV or in the paper. Besides being stupid, you have tunnel vision, you can’t understand what you do read, and you either can’t hear and use hearing aids, but pull them out whenever the president speaks or try to read with your eyes closed. What really makes it bad is when your buddies try to explain something either they can’t understand the words or can’t read either, The stupid leading the stupid.

          14. bikejedi July 25, 2013

            Look pal I haven’t called you a name , and for someone who cant spell or properly parse a sentence you have a lot of nerve to call someone stupid . Besides that , your posts show you are totally uninformed and I have been nice enough to show you that without insulting you . The fact that I am on this site shows I don’t have tunnel vision and that I consider all sources even those I may not agree with . You on the other hand have proven your ignorance and the fact that you have a closed mind by not even looking at the other side . You have proven beyond a doubt and without any help from me that you are intolerant misinformed and childish . I mean the first thing you did when you couldn’t debate on merit is play the Race Card and now you resort to name calling . You do much more to ruin your own posts then I ever could .

      4. The Real Advocate July 21, 2013

        bkejedi, President is not stirring up anything that is not already there and been here for years and is not going any where. The reason he said that in the way that he did is because some people don’t comprehend like yourself. President did say that everyone should be calm and respect the ruling that was handed down. He did right to mention the Stand Your Ground Law because it not there for everyone. Just like the young lady right there in Florida shot a warning shot over her abusive husband head to keep him from beating up on her and what happen. These people gave this woman 20 years in prison. President are letting us all know that stand your ground law is BS and is one side it. To let you know President and no one else have to motivate anyone to believe that racism is still alive. Anyone with one eye and a hearing problem can see and hear that racism is still alive. As for you it doesn’t matter how many black women you date or marry it do not change the fact that it is alive. Not that we want it here but it is. I hate talking about because it is a hurtful thing to even think that GOD children can think that way about the other. So let’s not try to sugar coat this issue and look at it for what it is. Only a small minded person would think that the President was trying to deceived any one.

        1. bikejedi July 21, 2013

          Well we see his comments a little differently then . I think he should of simply stated that he didn’t like the verdict but that we should respect the jury who found that verdict . I think he should of said he feels for black people and all others who don’t like the verdict but that we should all remain calm . Violence to others over this would just dishonor Trayvon and this whole issue . I tink injecting himself into it and playing the If I had a Son card again was counterproductive to race relations . Mentioning the Stand your ground was another counter productive statement as that law was not even applicable to the case . It wasn’t nor could it have been cited in the case and was irrelevant to it . Obama knew that most of the people don’t know the case or law well enough and that would fire up people into thinking that Trayvon was somehow denied justice because of that . Obama brought that up and now look at all the people on the left who want a man that was fund innocent to die . That was counter productive and hurts race relations …I agree with you that racism is alive and that he didn’t start that and I agree that as President and as someone the Black Community looks up to he should of made some comments ..I just didn’t like those things that I pointed out ..And thank you for being civil and GOD BLESS

          1. bhaggen July 22, 2013

            Interesting fact on the stand your ground issue. Florida records show that 32% of the time it has been used successfully by African Americans….Your friend Harold must be like Larry Elder on KABC AM talk radio. They represent the true minority in this country who end up being labeled “sell-outs” or “Uncle Toms”. “Someone” on CNBC called Larry “A slave to his white masters” Nice huh.

          2. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            bhaggen . Love the profile pic ..my heritage is 50% of that …and yes it is a wonderfully selective form of tolerance they practice . Or intolerance may be a better description . For a current example I would refer you to the tolerance and love on display here on this very site by Eleanore

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 22, 2013

            I’ll bet you would “see things differently” if this president was Mitch McConnell, that racist bigot from KY wouldn’t you? Or that other bigot, Paul Ryan? You bois fool no one with your refusal to admit to yourselves most of all the real reasons you’ve been on a hatchet job with this president. How is it you have now become a minority of bigots and now that the shoe is on your foot, you’re the one with the blisters?

          4. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            Boy you really are misinformed and intolerant . While I can see why you see McConnell as a bigot ( because of one comment ) and then use that against him forever ..How can you even think to call Ryan a bigot . It just shows your level of hate and intolerance . As I pointed out I am no racist or bigot myself and don’t hate Obama because he is black because he is also half white . You will have a hard time getting him to admit that however so maybe you might want to ask him why he is bigoted against his own race ?

          5. GJohn July 23, 2013

            Ryan is one of those sneeky bigots, you have to listen to some of his hiden words, you know what I am talking about, those that all you racist use these days.

          6. bikejedi July 23, 2013

            So I give you factual information about Obama’s speech that show what his intent was ( The fact that he brought up Stand Your Ground ) and you counter that with you believe that Ryan is a bigot because of things he hasn’t said ….Sweet mother of Liberal hypocrisy

          7. GJohn July 23, 2013

            bikejedi, I love it when someone like you spu out so much hatred and then turn around and say they have a black frien, that is going to change anything.
            I am so sorry to eveyone on here for being drawn into you stupid comments, “I HAVE SO MANY WHITE FRIENDS”.

          8. bikejedi July 24, 2013

            First it is spew not spu and it is school not skoo …and I’m happy for you for having White friends …

          9. GJohn July 25, 2013

            You have me there. I have a bad habit when typing fast to spell a word the way I say it. At least I know and immediate my faults. Yes, I have white friends, it would be hard for me not to since my mother was white and I have family members on her side.

          10. GJohn July 22, 2013

            bikejedi, it’s funny that more whites voted for the president both times, I wonder why?

          11. bikejedi July 23, 2013

            and that has what to do with what ?????????? Blacks voted for him at over 96% and that wasn’t considered racist …If whites had voted for Romney at that rate it would have been called racist ..see the liberal double standard and hypocrisy ? Ok all what you stated proves is that

          12. GJohn July 23, 2013

            Stupid, there are actually more white voters in this country then black. Where the difference shows up is between the red and blue states.

          13. GJohn July 23, 2013

            Tell me bikejedi, did the rest of the stupid rightwingers make you their spokmen, to show how stupid all of you are?

          14. bikejedi July 24, 2013

            Well one thing is certain . One of us is representing the right in a great fashion and one of us is validating everything about the stereo type of the left being intolerant and uninformed

      5. GJohn July 22, 2013

        bikejedi, you are a hopeless mess.

    2. Vazir Mukhtar July 19, 2013

      I thought many of the President’s remarks were appropriate. I do urge you and others reading these comments to take a look at http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Obama-Trayvon-Martin/2013/07/19/id/516038
      where the person slain was a young white child.

      1. bikejedi July 20, 2013

        Asked and answered ……We don’t even have to suppose any of that …What about that white BABY who was shot in the head by the Black kid who pointed a gun at that BABY before he shot it and demanded money from the mother ? He threatened to shoot that BABY and did even though the mother had no money and begged him not to …..Wow where was Obama’s outrage . Where was your media …asked and answered . That little Baby had no chance …You people are so ignorant to rely on the race card . Obama really stoked that one up and you people are falling for it . The biggest argument that can be made that Obama’s comments were purposely meant to be racially divisive and fan the flames of that…. are posts like yours that don’t even take into account that the incidences of Black on White crime far outnumber and are way worse . But he has you all feeling that misplaced white guilt . What do you have to feel guilty for and why would you let anyone put that on you ?

        1. Vazir Mukhtar July 20, 2013

          You infer far too much from my post. There is no race card in the deck I use, unless you want to think of the joker as the race card. The sins that I feel guilty about are covered in the General Confession: … we have erred and strayed from Thy ways like lost sheep. We have done the things we ought not to have done and have left undone the things we ought to have done and there is no health in us….

          May you have as few flats as possible.

          1. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            Sorry about that . I thought that you may not have known about the incident with the Baby …Peace to you as well

        2. GJohn July 22, 2013

          Is the president suppose to comment on every killing in this country? When would he do his job?

          1. bikejedi July 23, 2013

            Since he chose to interject himself in this one just to divide us on race he maybe should’ve also said something for that little baby . The reason he didn’t is because he couldn’t make dumb white liberals feel misplaced white guilt over that one …I guess if he didn’t take as many vacations and play as much golf he might have found the time to comment on that one since he did it to indict Zimmerman before a trial was even held …and look at how it affected you ????? feeling all guilty and wanting to kill Zimmerman over it … Great love and tolerance from the left as usual

  4. CJR July 19, 2013

    It seems to me that Trayvon may very WELL have stood his ground.
    I have not heard an answer yet as to whether Trayvon, a boy who was being followed first in a car, then on foot, by an unknown adult through a dark neighborhood, had legal justification to defend himself against someone he saw to be a threat to his safety.
    The threat was proven accurate enough, as Zimmerman was carrying a gun.

    1. JohnRNC July 19, 2013

      I think Martin tried to stand his ground and failed. I don’t think Zimmerman was “close to death” otherwise how was he able to fire his weapon and walk away from the incident. If Martin had successfully defended himself against this armed attacker, it is unlikely that he would have been acquitted.

      1. bikejedi July 19, 2013

        Well there are a lot of people commenting about the case that obviously didn’t follow it or don’t understand how the law applies . Ill bet you are happy the President made the race comments he did and also played the Stand you ground card …You do realize he was playing that to inflame people who are so lowly informed that they don’t realize or understand that the Stand your ground law had nothing to do with the case and that the prosecution nor the defense brought it up …right

        1. JohnRNC July 20, 2013

          I understand the difference between “Stand Your Ground” and a “self-defense” defense strategy. My point was to underscore the self-defense component of Martin’s reaction to being pursued by an armed civilian. Nobody witnessed the confrontation between Martin & Zimmerman. So, the only thing we know was that at some point Martin briefly had the upper hand before being fatally shot. This, according to the jury, introduced sufficient “reasonable doubt” to prevent a guilty verdict. The question that remains in my mind is: Was Martin acting in self-defense as well? Being dead, he has no opportunity to claim self-defense from the threat posed by a confrontation with an armed civilian. Z chose not to wait for police assistance (as he was advised), nor did he observe long enough for any “illegal behavior” to occur – not surprising given his lack of professional training. He chose to confront Martin alone.

          I am actually not happy that the President of the United States felt compelled to comment on a street killing in Florida. What it speaks to is a powerful sense of injustice that continues to shadow this case (that an unarmed teenager can be killed in the street and the killer go free and un-reprimanded for his conduct and poor judgment). At this point we can only hope that the states will carefully consider the messages they send with laws that embolden civilians to take the law into their own hands and kill people that “look suspicious”. Last time I checked that was not a crime worthy of the death penalty.

          1. bikejedi July 20, 2013

            Very good comments and observations . I can only take exception to one thing .No one knows who “chose ” to start the confrontation

          2. GJohn July 20, 2013

            Thank you, well said.

        2. GJohn July 20, 2013

          Bikejedi, why don’t you bury your head back in the ground, because you don’t hear very good or understand english. The president didn’t say one racial word. You have tunnel vision, you hear what you want to, not what is being said.

          1. bikejedi July 21, 2013

            Or you could unbury your head and see that the ” If I had son ” stuff is racially charged and divisive . The same goes for when he doubled down and said that it just as easily could have been himself when he were younger . On top of that he brought up the Stand your ground law in his comments . Ask yourself why a man who is a lawyer and KNOWS the Stand Your Ground Law is NOT applicable to the case nor was it brought up in the trial ….would say that ? Well he rightly gambled that his base is not informed well enough to know that and that it would incite them ….It has had it’s desired effect ..Look at all the people on the left who want Zimmerman dead again …All this after the whole thing as dying down …So Gjohn…can you tell me a good explanation for any of that or would you just prefer to try to tell me I have tunnel vision . I think I’ve made a valid case for my position . If you can tell me where that assessment is wrong I am willing to listen…… because I think I just made a case that not only did I hear him right but the reaction to his comments from the left prove my point . It has fired the left up in a racially charged way

          2. GJohn July 22, 2013

            Sorry, but only people with small minds that look for bad things to say about the president see what they want to see rather than what he really is saying.

          3. bikejedi July 22, 2013

            That may be true of some but I think that I myself made the case that not only did I hear what he was saying but also understood his intent . As I pointed out to even mention the Stand Your Ground Law which was not applicable to this case nor brought into the trial is proof that he had an agenda with his comments .

    2. Lynda Groom July 19, 2013

      I won’t pretend to fully understand what happened that night. However, the idea that young Mr. Martin may have been fighting for his life always seemed just as plausible as Zimmerman’s story. The President has asked an important question, but unfortunately far too many are already taking him to task for having the temerity to ask the question.

      1. sigrid28 July 20, 2013

        Many who are taking the president to task for “asking the question” are from the Republican party, replete with many members who like to ask questions as a way of tossing out accusations. So of course they accuse the president of taking a page from their playbook, when he is not. His question is genuine, setting out the parameters of a problem that needs to be solved. In real life (not Republican fantasy life), the one who sets out the dimensions of a problem often plays the biggest role in solving it. This task is ideally suited to the president. His critics probably don’t like that either.

  5. GJohn July 19, 2013

    I see people calling the president a pot head, but you never heard that much about past presidents drinking or smoking. The president did what a lot of college students did back then, and even now. I know and knew people who smoked pot back in the 50s that are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and just everyday folks. That was then, and this is now.

    1. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz July 20, 2013

      Oh, really? We never heard of George Bush’s alcoholism and cocaine use?

      1. GJohn July 20, 2013

        How about George W. Bush? He was a drunk for years.

  6. Germansmith July 19, 2013

    Well, Mr. Obama, welcome to the world of racial politics.

    Trayvon Martin was a single teenager that was shot and killed. His shooter was tried by a jury (not of his peers since there were 6 women) and found not guilty. Now you are using Zimmerman (who also have a African Peruvian ancestor and a prior history of NOT being a racist) to stir up your base for the upcoming elections and to distract them from your own backing away from that monstrosity of law people call “Obamacare”)….I guess this is your own version of Wag the Dog….The problem I see here is that in this process, you are also stirring up your many opponents.

    If I was a black President (or a President of any race) I would be far more worry about the killings of hundreds of young African American men and women in his hometown of Chicago and why nothing is been done to curtail that violence.

    I would be worry about why so many AA children grow in dysfunctional households with only one parent or no parent at all, a climate that is fertile for the development of thugs and gang members glorifying weapons and violence. Have you ever wonder if you would have grown in that environment, if you would have even made it to Harvard (much less becoming a Senator or President)…but you would not know about that because you grew in a loving white household given plenty of support and guidance.

    The process that you are following is NOT going to create better race relations, is going to set them back. You want to stop the killing or incarcerations of young black males, you want to stop the profiling of black males(or latin young males) as potential criminals?, then you have to go to the root of the problem, the fact that young black males commits a disproportionate amount of violent crimes and this is shown on the news EVERY DAY.

    We are not RACISTS. We elected you President over the whitest dude I have ever seen…Now, do your job to work on the BIG PICTURE and if you must, send that idiot of Holder to investigate if there was a Civil Rights violation quietly without stirring up the pot. Do not go down the path of Jackson or Sharpton, those racism drum beaters never got elected to anything and for good reason.

    1. hamster999 July 19, 2013

      Watch the video again. I believe he covered all of the points you raised.

      1. Germansmith July 20, 2013

        Yes he did, nevertheless
        The big picture is the structure and culture of a great percentage of African American families.
        Lots of people did not died in the Titanic because there were not enough life boats or because the Titanic was poorly constructed. They died because it hit an iceberg.
        When I was a young man in the 80’s as a Latin male I was constantly stopped by police , sometimes with guns drawn because I fit the profile and look of a drug dealer. I am still alive because I acted calmly and did not resented the police because I was being profile, took it in stride and I knew that my self respect did not depended of lashing out to “the man”
        It would be lapse of me if I also do not point out that this is not a problem that is also not prevalent in many immigrant Latin families of little education or resources as they get contaminated by the ghetto culture.

  7. bikejedi July 19, 2013

    Ok I’m not here to argue but I will point a few things out . What was the purpose of Obama’s comments if not to stir the racial divide again ? Why didn’t just say while he doesn’t agree with the verdict he wants to urge everyone to remain calm and peaceful . Instead of that we get the race card again and the ” If I had a son ” comments . Then he doubled down and said it could have just as easily have been himself at a younger age . He went on to say that he had been followed in stores as an example . I have many Black friends that I grew up with who also were followed. They didn’t call that racial profiling they called it common sense for loss prevention to look more closely at them and quote frankly they had more common sense then Obama because when we used to talk about these issues their attitude was that I some of their brothers weren’t stealing in these stores then they wouldn’t be getting the extra scrutiny . They just didn’t go for the cheap out of saying that was based solely on race and realized there were other factors involved .
    The next thing he did to inflame the racial divide was to mention the Stand your ground law . That law didn’t even play a part in the prosecution or the defense of this case so the only reason to even bring it up is to play to the low information people who are mad at the verdict and give them something to fester their anger on . I mean Obama has to know Stand your ground was not part of this case right ? So if you go on the premise that Obama , a lawyer himself understands that , then why bring it up unless he is trying to divide the Nation on race ?

  8. emadis41 July 19, 2013

    If we say that it is not race, what was it, George Zimmerman’s 911 call sure indicate that he followed Tryvone Martin because of his color. I also believe that it was Tryvone who was prosecuted, not Zimmerman.. that is what “Stand Your Ground Law” means: to get a “Not Guilty” verdict you have to kill the other guy, dead victim is considered guilty until proven innocent and he cannot testify; the result may be different if the victim of the shooting did not die and could challenge you in court. According to Fl law you will get 10-20 years for discharging your gun.

  9. dreamch8ser July 19, 2013

    the jury made a decision and we are to respect that decision for all cases not just some

  10. FT66 July 20, 2013

    All in all Zimmerman is stupid. He had no clue how the work he assigned for himself should had been done. He should not come closer to Trayvon Martin or even show him he is following him. Martin could had gone straight home. If Martin could had attempted to break someone’s house that was the time to take action and not shooting straight to Martin, BUT only in the air. Martin could had run away, Zimmerman could not had been hurt by anyone. All the troubles he is in now or he has been in, could had been avoided.

    1. Lynda Groom July 20, 2013

      Zimmerman also was not able to follow simple instructions. Stay in the car and stop following the young man. If he had used his head the young man would still be with his family and nobody would know what a Zimmerman was.

  11. FT66 July 20, 2013

    Anyone who is thinking can see through especially watching/listening Fox News. Why always Sean Hannity is against whatever the President says and not people like Chris Wallace. What IQ Sean Hannity has which is over and above of that of Chris Wallace. To my observation, Sean Hannity is a hate person, never reasons out and he is always there to make sure the hatred continues and playing to those who are not thinking for themselves.

  12. Eleanore Whitaker July 20, 2013

    This president has had to walk a fine line no other president in US history has. And, despite all of the constant criticisms and stereotyping of hardliners of the right, he has managed to retain his self-confidence.

    So let’s lay the cards on the table. If the president shows too much self-confidence…the right stereotypes him as an “arrogant black man.” This one goes back to the famous stereotype the white males lobbed on the famous boxer, Jack Johnson.

    If the president shows too little self-confident, he’s labeled “inept,” by righties. If he leans too close to his own race, the righties gang up and go ballistic with more criticism. If distances himself from his race, the right jumps on that too and labels him an “Oreo,” a black man who wants to be white.

    If the president is a decent, honest family man, these jerks of the right go out of their way to dredge up some lurid detail they can explode into another MonicaGate. If he did step out of “their” line…they’d impeach him as fast as they tried with Clinton…no …faster.

    See the “Damned if he does” and “Damned if he doesn’t” BS these righties hold this president to? Yet, Bush had a worse prior history than any other US president….a boozer in college who was arrested in Princeton NJ which…Big Daddy bailed him out of and hushed up. Bankrupted his own Arbusto Oil Company and lobbed the cost of the bankruptcy on taxpayers. Had a 6 mo. stint in the TX Air National guard where he only showed up for training for 6 weeks and then left to work on his father’s “campaign.” Next on the list of failures? Bankrupting the TX sports team and dumping that cost on taxpayers too. Gee….I’m guessing the righties would love to shove these things under the rug too. Here was a Harvard MBA by his own admission, who couldn’t have the wherewithal to see a Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown coming?

    The tally against GOP bull males continues to grow higher and higher and higher…All while our wonderful, intelligent hugely capable president enjoys his presidency.

  13. Bob Williams July 21, 2013

    I must take issue with Barack Obama. He said that he could have been Trayvon 35 years ago. Sorry, Mr. President, but this isn’t true. Trayvon had a real birth certificate, and didn’t seal his school records.

    1. brian whittle July 23, 2013

      Really!! you are still banging what drum.

      President Obama was clearly born in Hawaii in 1961 which by then was a USA state.

      As for his school records who gives a fuck, he clearly has the brain power to be president unlike Bozo Bush

  14. The Real Advocate July 21, 2013

    No Dik, she is saying that you can’t think one is better than the other which is absolutely correct. Get your head out the sand and face the facts. By the way he is agreeing that racial motives was happening then and they are still happening. Understand the conversation before jumping in on it ok.


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