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WATCH: Organizing For Action Defends Obamacare In New Ad

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WATCH: Organizing For Action Defends Obamacare In New Ad


Organizing for Action, the 501(c)(4) advocacy group built from the remnants of President Barack Obama’s campaign infrastructure, has released a new ad highlighting the benefits of Obama’s health care reform law:

According to Time, OFA is spending more than $1,000,000 on the ad, which is just one part of a “major education campaign” aimed at improving Obamacare’s popular image. With just over five months until some of the law’s most controversial aspects — such as the health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion — are implemented, the three-year-old Affordable Care Act remains unpopular among a plurality of Americans.

Democrats have often been accused of failing to adequately explain and defend the law in the immediate aftermath of its passage, contributing to huge Republican gains in the 2010 midterm elections. As Republicans gear up to focus their campaigns on Obamacare again in 2014, OFA’s big ad buy signals that the president and his allies don’t intend to be caught flat-footed again.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Lynda Groom June 17, 2013

    The push back against the new health care program will strong, hard and relentless. The powers that wish to maintain the status quo will not let the Supreme Courts decision or the law of the land stop them from pushing for repeal. That push will become harder and harder to sell as the citizens begin to see the positive results in the improved health care delivery system. Over time the new program will become clear and the dishonest attacks will lose their effectiveness.

    1. montanabill June 18, 2013

      Perhaps you would like to share with all of us the ‘positive’ results that we can expect from Obamacare. It has already been proven that the majority of us will not get lower cost health insurance, a large percentage of us will not get to keep the insurance we liked and an equally large percentage of us will not get to keep our doctor. The program will also not cost less than the $1 trillion promised.

      1. DetroitSam June 18, 2013

        Stop lying and look stuff up. Or you could cite your evidence.

        1. montanabill June 18, 2013

          I deal in the real world with real experience. I’m also in the health care business and have to deal with consequences of this horrible act every day.

          1. Lynda Groom June 19, 2013

            Please proceed.

      2. DetroitSam June 18, 2013

        Revealed: Letters From Republicans Seeking Obamacare Money | The Nation

        1. montanabill June 18, 2013

          And that proves what?

      3. Lynda Groom June 19, 2013

        Number one Bill, my grandson who has a rare bone disorder is now covered in California. I know nobody in my circle of friends, from both right and the left, who has had any negative experience since the passage of the bill. There has been very little change in our group plans beyond the normal annual increases that have been talking place for decades. Both of my nephews are covered again on their fathers health care plan since they are yet to reach the age of 26. BTW, just who is that large percentage that will lose their present insurance you are talking about? Do you have any figures to back up such a claim? Nobody, including the CBO knows how much the program will cost over the next 10 years. To pretend you do is just dishonest.

        1. montanabill June 19, 2013

          www dot forbes dot com/sites/peterferrara/2013/04/07/look-out-below-the-obamacare-chaos-is-coming/

  2. docb June 17, 2013

    It is about time they defend what they voted for…$475 million spent on adverts on Obamacare…$400 MILLION WERE AGAINST IT!

    Great take on the $2,500 promise of Obama in 2008..It is happening:


    1. montanabill June 18, 2013

      Let me know when you get your $2500 savings.

      1. docb June 19, 2013

        Nothing like an educated guess paying off. Seems it has already happened, bill.


        1. montanabill June 19, 2013

          I call BS

          1. docb June 20, 2013

            Denial is your only comeback,bill>..Why so obvious when faced with facts… It proves the point!

  3. Dominick Vila June 18, 2013

    I support a robust defense of Obamacare focused on educating the people on the benefits of that program. My family, and millions of other American families have already benefitted from the parts of Obamacare that have already been deployed. One of my grandchildren is severely handicapped and thanks to Obamacare he is no longer prevented from getting insurance coverage because of his pre-existing condition. I was not affected by insurance caps when I had my two surgeries. Dependents under age 26 can remain in their parents’ insurance. Just as importantly, people who are uninsured, or who are paying astronomical insurance premiums because they are self-employed or own a small business, will be able to join exchanges and negotiate better rates as part of a large pool rather than as individuals.
    Needless to say, those who have been profiting by claiming outlandish amounts of money for routine procedures or tests are adamantly against Obamacare. Those who have engaged in fraudulent activities hate it. And those who have been using Reagan’s socialist ER freebies hate the idea of getting insurance coverage and paying insurance premiums like the rest of us do.

    1. montanabill June 18, 2013

      There are, however, a majority of us who are paying significantly more for insurance. Many are losing their chosen physicians, just to name a couple of things that are occurring while you are claiming to be getting a good deal.
      ‘Dependents under age 26’? Looks to me like you are still a dependent.

      1. Dominick Vila June 18, 2013

        This “dependent” has been paying $370 a month in MEDICARE fees for my wife and I since I retired, plus dental and RX insurance premiums. Yes, people have been paying – and continue to pay – astronomical insurance premiums, that will be one of the benefits of Obamacare when it is fully implemented next year. My eldest son incorporated and owns a small computer networking company a few months ago. He pays over $1,300 in COBRA insurance. Next year he, and many others like him, will be able to join exchanges that, at least theoretically, will allow them to pay lower premiums by bargaining as large pools of applicants instead of as individuals.
        Is Obamacare perfect? Not really, but for the average American it is a heck of a lot better than the mess we have been dealing with for decades.

        1. montanabill June 18, 2013

          Except for people like my employees. Our costs have escalated enormously since Obamacare passed. Now I am faced with an additional tax on that insurance I pay for them. Do you think they will get better coverage if I say, “to heck with it” and force them to buy insurance from these ‘exchanges’ or pay the penalty for not having insurance? It is people like my employees who may have pay the ultimate penalty for this bit of nonsense when it becomes economically infeasible for me to continue paying for their coverage.

          1. Dominick Vila June 19, 2013

            Healthcare costs have been rising for decades, that’s one of the reasons for the creation of Obamacare. When I retired about a decade ago and went on MEDICARE my wife was ineligible for it because of her age. I had to pay $700 a month in COBRA insurance until she became eligible for Medicare so that she could have access to adequate healthcare.
            By the way, ACA will not be fully implemented until next year, and that includes the establishment of mandatory insurance coverage and the exchanges. The fact that the insurance premiums you pay for yourself and your employees continues to go up is, again, one of the reasons ACA needs to be implemented.

          2. montanabill June 19, 2013

            Unfortunately, you are so wrong, unless you think I should simply cut my costs by dumping them on the exchanges. FYI: I’m in the health care business so I have a pretty clear window into this situation.

          3. Dominick Vila June 19, 2013

            The reason insurance premiums are increasing at a faster rate than before is not because ACA stipulates or influences those increases, but because insurance companies know they will not be able to abuse their customers the way they did before and they are raising premiums before Obamacare is fully implemented to bargain from a position of strength. The problem is not Obamacare, but the greedy and unscrupulous insurance industry that only thinks about the bottom line and could care less about the misery they are causing to their customers and the American people at large. The pre-emptive moves they are taking confirm why so many of us would have preferred a Single Payer System that got rid of the middle man – the insurance companies – in their entirety. They are the cancer that afflicts our healthcare system and the main reason for the out of control costs that affect not only the average American, but our corporations as well.

          4. montanabill June 19, 2013

            That is your personal opinion with no basis in fact. If you think a single payer system is the salvation, look to the VA. Yes, they provide service to a lot of veterans, but they also are responsible for occasional bad care, rationed care and bureaucracy foul-ups with no oversight. We have a lot of current examples of government running amuck with no one taking responsibility and no way to insure problems won’t happen again. Government, which seems to have no accountability, is certainly not the answer to any problem.

          5. Dominick Vila June 19, 2013

            Obviously, that is my personal opinion. In the absence of an alternative the only option we have to ensure our national security and standard of living are maintained, is the government. Anarchy is not an option, and considering that most foreign governments are much worse than ours, I accept what we have until a more viable and effective option is available. Our government works fairly well, considering all the efforts by Congress to undermine its effectiveness. Our government oversight functions are more effective than most and, certainly, much more effective than corporate management oversight, which is usually limited to sales, profits, and meeting shareholder expectations.

          6. montanabill June 19, 2013

            To the contrary, it is Congress, in particular the House, that is investigating the imperious actions of other branches of government. It is most unfortunate that they do not have the legal means necessary to force cooperation and honest answering of questions. The only alternative is independent prosecutors, but DOJ heavily controls that process and time is on the side of the perpetrators.

          7. Dominick Vila June 19, 2013

            I spent 40 years at NASA, and I can tell you, categorically, that the Inspector Generals do monitor the activities of every Federal Government department and agency, and that all branches of the Federal government are very much aware of that fact.

      2. DetroitSam June 18, 2013

        This is a bald faced lie and you know it. Insurance premiums have been going up for the past 12 or more years and the ACA has nothing to do with it. My BC premiums have been going up each year for more that 20 years.

        If you really are losing health benefits because of the ACA which hasn’t been fully implemented may be you should have a talk with your employer and your insurance company.

        But don’t lie about it.

        1. montanabill June 18, 2013

          Premiums have been going up, but they took a giant step with Obamacare. It is not me losing benefits, I don’t depend on insurance. However, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to pay for the insurance for my employees and their families. It is becoming economically infeasible, especially with added taxes for a quality plan. Why do you think the unions want to be left out?

          1. Lynda Groom June 19, 2013

            According to the Kaiser Foundation the rates of increase (up to 9%) have been due to increased cost of providing care. Perhaps as much as 2 or 3% can be directly connected to certain changes to the insurance companies by ObamaCare. Certainly you are aware of these numbers. BTW, the answer to your question re the unions is Jan 1 of next year. That is when the temporary exemptions run out. Certainly you are aware of that fact.

          2. montanabill June 19, 2013

            Sorry, but those numbers don’t match my companies real world experience. Speaking of Kaiser, I refer you to:
            www dot kaiserhealthnews dor org/stories/2013/march/28/actuary-insurance-claim-cost-study.aspx

            The correct answer re: unions. The AFL-CIO, Teamsters, and IRS employees (not to mention Congressional Democrats) and others are now finding out what is in the bill and want out. Unions also want their lower paid members to be government subsidized for their increased insurance costs.

  4. shays01 June 18, 2013

    Organizing for Action is, indeed, a tax-exempt non-profit “social welfare” 501(c)(4) organization, but unlike others in that category that may use the classification to hide donor lists, OFA reports EVERY contribution over $250. It is therefore not a “dark-money” organization. On another note, as Obamacare rolls out, people will discover that it has been whitewashed with years of deceptive advertising by those who oppose it. It is certainly not a panacea for our broken health care system (and is more of a health insurance reform effort than a health care reform effort), but it is an effective first step that more and more people are already beginning to understand. OFA has one primary goal (of which defending Obamacare is but one part): to make sure that the president’s agenda, which a clear majority of Americans voted for on November 6, 2012, is implemented.

  5. Allan Richardson June 18, 2013

    The only reason a plurality is against it in the polls is because those polls combine the people who (for selfish reasons or because they have been brainwashed to support someone ELSE’s selfish reasons) want the pre-ACA status quo (rule by insurance companies, including LETHAL denial of care), and the people who would like it to go FURTHER and benefit MORE people, rather than remove it. Every other WEALTHY country spends HALF what we spend per person to get BETTER care, as shown by health and mortality statistics. The OTHER half of our health care spending is going to the people BEHIND THE CURTAIN who want to go back to 2008 health care conditions.


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