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WATCH: Senator Joe Manchin Calls NRA Attack ‘A Lie’

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WATCH: Senator Joe Manchin Calls NRA Attack ‘A Lie’


Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has called the National Rifle Association (NRA) to correct misinformation about the background check amendment he’s co-sponsoring with Pat Toomey (R-PA), which is likely to be filibustered in the Senate on Wednesday.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the senator — who has an A rating from the NRA — cited a statement from the organization that says his amendment would “criminalize the private transfer of firearms by honest citizens.”

“It’s a lie,” host Joe Scarborough said.

“It’s a lie,” Manchin agreed.

The amendment would expand background checks to guns sold at gun shows and online. Private sales would be exempt.

The language of the law also specifically bars any creation of a national registry of gun owners. Despite this, Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) used the specter of such a registry to oppose the amendment. Heller joins Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) as swing votes who have come out against cloture, depriving the majority of the 60 votes necessary for an actual vote. A total of six of the 55 senators who caucus as Democrats oppose the amendment.

Machin has said that he expects the amendment to fail but the White House refuses to say it is dead.

Family members of the Newtown massacre will reportedly be in the Senate today to watch the vote.

That the NRA and the legislation’s opponents are inventing things to oppose that aren’t actually in the legislation shows they recognize how popular expanding background checks is with the public. In national polls, 80-90 percent of Americans support closing loopholes in background checks.

Republicans say they will offer an alternative bill, Grassley-Cruz, but only the fact sheet below has been released thus far.



  1. johninPCFL April 17, 2013

    I guess it’s OK that the NRA has decided that their lapdogs in Congress will continue letting criminals, crazies, and terrorists keep buying guns at gun shows.

  2. Dominick Vila April 17, 2013

    The intent of this charade is to give the impression that there are moderate legislators in Congress willing to do what most Americans want, and just a few are rejecting compromise because of constitutional concerns. Effective gun control is not going anywhere, the best we can hope for is some save face gesture to give the illusion that President Obama’s initiative was not a total failure.
    The NRA managed to change the debate from a ban on assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and more effective gun control to total disarmament and nefarious records on innocent Americans who are just trying to defend themselves and keep tyranny at check. The problem is not the Second Amendment which, while ambiguous it clearly refers to having a well regulated militia, the problem is that the arms industry remains determined to keep and, if possible, increase sales by convincing naive Americans that they must have an arsenal stored at home and carry concealed weapons to defend themselves against fellow Americans. Clearly, they succeeded.
    The problem is not that there are crazy people in this world, the problem is our insistence on making weapons of mass destruction available to them so that they can carry out their crimes. Add legislature such as Florida’s Stand Your Ground and every nut in the country can, literally, get away with murder.

    1. CPAinNewYork April 23, 2013

      They may be able to commit murder, but hopefully, they won’t get away with it. I say “hopefully,” but I agree that there’s little hope when you see what inhabits the legislatures of states like Florida.

  3. Mike McKoy April 17, 2013

    The republican alternative doesn’t seem to address background checks, increases prosecution, and increases the the folks that can buy guns. Currently military age men can’t buy hanguns if they are below the age of 21. This should stay the same…I was a Marine and I was younger than 21. I wasn’t mature enough to handle weapons without orders on when to engage and other things. I was a teen with tactical skills and not much else.

  4. tobewan April 17, 2013

    The ruler of the universe has decreed through prophecy that the time will come when weapons will be willing transformed to peaceful instruments to be productive for all.

    No matter if those of ill-will and aims are currently allowed to succeed, it’s temporary.

    The Heavenly prayer for HIS WILL to be done on earth, is a sure thing! Patience!

  5. Kurt CPI April 17, 2013

    It’s a shame politics has to take an uncomplicated thing and turn it into a ream of frenzied, incoherent paper. By adding language they open the door for loads of interpretation. Just look at the second amendment itself. It consists of 27 words and yet requires an army of lawyers and justices to interpret. It’s pretty straightforward to me. Nutcases, psycopaths, suicidal, homicidal and, as far as I’m concerned, just plain mean people oughtn’t be permitted to own or carry a gun. We’re not talking about people who get upset if their pizza is burned. We’re talking about wife-beaters, armed robbers, and, unfortunately, people with mental disorders that cause them a distorted view of reality. Why not make a law that says:
    1) You have to have a background check before you can buy a gun.
    2) You have to require a current background check verification from anyone attempting to purchase a gun befor you can sell them one.
    Forget about the registry. Forget about the intra-state concealed weapon permits. Those are another fight. It should have as minimal an impact on the Constitution as possible and be so simple a caveman could read and understand it. Maybe we should hire cavemen as politicians and court justices.

  6. Michael Stoll April 17, 2013

    Finally some common sense from some Dems . If Obama would stop pandering to his low information base he would realize that talking rights away from law abiding citizens and taking away their ability to defend themselves doesn’t work . I am ex law enforcement from Chicago and can tell you we had an all out gun ban for over three decades .it was an abject failure and we are the Murder Capital of America . Seeing as Obama lived in Chicago ( we don’t claim him and please don’t blame us ) he knows this . Yet he pursues that type of policy for the whole Country . You have to wonder if he really wants America to fail . He knows just as well as anyone with common sense that the keys to stopping gun violence is way tougher sentencing and keeping them out of the hands of criminals and nut jobs .

    1. Joe Carlin April 18, 2013

      Because you just run a few minutes across the border to indiana or outside the city to buy a gun. Guh. You think there’s some kind of border control between the states? Of course not.

  7. Pamby50 April 17, 2013

    They just won’t let anyone have a vote. This time they had to go on record saying no to the vote. I hope they all get challenged.

  8. Robert Cruder April 17, 2013

    Complaining about private sales displays the hipocracy of the NRA.

    Both their spokesmen and their lapdogs repeat the mantra that we need to keep better track of the mentally ill and others who pose a high risk of violence (such as domestic abusers who have been convicted or under court order).

    Preventative detention and 24-hour surveilance conflict more with the Constitution than any gun bill ever suggested. Absent one of those interventions a person who poses a high risk of violence can buy a firearm on a street corner with no background check and no records and put it to use immediately.

    The solution that the NRA pretends to support requires the universal background check that they oppose.
    To go a step farther, how does one know whether a newly-diagnosed nutjob or a newly-convicted felon already has firearms if there is no registration? A search of primary residence may not suffice. A search warrant will not be granted on the mere suspicion that the person has firearms and a warrantless search is less constitutional than gun registration.
    Truth is that the NRA does not actually care what is constitutional and their teabag supporters cannot comprehend one right taking precedence over another.

  9. Grady Mackey April 17, 2013

    This isn’t about guns. This is about money and a steady flow of blacks and browns into that slaving prison system. Anyone who can shoot worth a darn doesn’t need clips with 962 bullets in it. He needs a bullet for each target. Assault weapons to assault who? Another citizen? Neighbors? This “BS”! The NRA is full of “BS”! Why in heck is the NRA into politics? Money! Private prisons make money and people who sell guns make money. Children get killed by crazies with guns and clips who should not even have a freakin’ water pistol! These proponents of assault weapons are as misguided as those fools who went across the sea to bring back people to work for them for nothing. Yep, it is the same stupid *#@ clowns!

  10. Betta April 18, 2013

    Maybe you guys better read the 2nd Amendment to understand why this bill did an epic FAIL in the Senate. You all just don’t get it, do you?

    The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Real patriots want the Constitution followed. Period. End of story. In no way, shape or form will We The People of this Constitutional Republic allow our Constitutional rights to be usurped by any tyrannical and corrupt government.

    Let this be a notice to you all. We the People of the USA, a Constitutional Republic, are standing up and fighting back for our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms and everything else our Constitution provides. PERIOD!

    Your president has threatened to go around congress to make unconstitutional laws, which he has NO authority to do. We The People will not allow it. Anything he does without congress when it is required to do so makes him a TYRANNICAL DICTATOR and law breaker. This is nothing new to us patriots. You low information voters don’t have a clue what is happening to you. True Patriots will not stand for it!

    In case you guys can’t tell, We The People are getting sick of his BS. He is killing our economy while hefting heavy new taxes on us. If you guys can’t see where all this leads and support him then you are enemies of the US. In addition, his sickening use of grieving families to further his agenda is an outrage and an insult.

    The GOOD news is his charade is beginning to crumble around him. Looking forward to the day when his handlers throw him under the bus. He is becoming a liability instead of an asset.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker April 19, 2013

    The best we can hope for is to call the NRA’s bluff. They claim we already have gun control laws that are too tough? Wait till the existing gun control laws are fine tooth combed and implemented to the letter of these gun control laws. How will the Big Bad NRA wussies like it when we demand a limit on the number of guns that can be manufactured annually in the US or when we demand legislation that insures that gun seller or dealer licenses are jacked high enough to be “unaffordable?”

    We limit the manufacture of dangerous chemicals all the time…why wouldn’t we do the same with lethal weapons? We throw pharmacists in jail all the time for refusing to adhere to existing compliance regulations …why not the gun dealers and sellers?

    Time to jack the cost of a license too ….high enough to compete with the cost of licenses to sell liquor and legal drugs. Higher if possible.

    Options my friends….options…No human is EVER without them. The NRA bullies just think they can ram their guns down our throats everywhere we go in this country. It’s only states’ rights in red states who call themselves “dry state” and prohibit the sale of alcohol…so they get White Lightnin’ made in DogPatch and drunks armed to the teeth who kills innocent people.

  12. CPAinNewYork April 23, 2013

    The only thing that counts with the gun lobby and its Congressional minions is money. A thousand people could be murdered today and those bastards would find some weasel words to defend gun ownership by psychotics.


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