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WATCH: The GOP Has A Brand Problem, And It’s Getting Worse


WATCH: The GOP Has A Brand Problem, And It’s Getting Worse


In our latest video, James and I discuss the challenges facing the Republican Party on the eve of critical debates over the budget and the debt ceiling. The Republican Party has a serious brand problem, and it keeps getting worse. The GOP is viewed unbelievably negatively, and even Republicans themselves agree that it is deeply divided.

Polls show the Republican brand problem manifesting itself in the Virginia gubernatorial race, and in Senate races across the country.  And if Republicans damage their brand even worse by shutting down the government, we think they could trigger a revolt that might even imperil their House majority in 2014:



  1. Tomron Wallen September 18, 2013

    I certainly don’t desire or advocate the shutdown of government and the default of the US as a result of Republican intransigence, and the terrible consequences those two situations would bring. But, it brings to mind that if I were Mary Sunshine, I’d be saying “with all things bad, a little good also comes about”. I wish the American voting public would look beyond that scandalously gerymandered chopping up of the congressional districts, and see what all clear headed Americans should be able to see.

  2. Bill September 18, 2013

    How can anyone doubt what the GOP is about, they brag about every day. Tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class. All they want to do is cut Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and all other programs that benefit ordinary people while protecting Government Subsidizes for the rich. Trickle Down has never worked and it never will, there is just too much greed at the top.

    1. hgdownunder September 18, 2013
    2. stcroixcarp March 11, 2014

      Paul Ryan is now going after school lunch programs!

  3. howa4x September 18, 2013

    If the republicans keep being led around by the nose by the tealiban, then soon they will be a gerrymandered regional party incapable of winning a national election

    1. Michael Linus Pedersen March 8, 2014

      They already are.,

    2. Annemb March 11, 2014


      I telephoned John Boehner three weeks ago, to remind him to stop allowing the TP to lead him around by the nose!

    3. Jerry June 14, 2014

      They already have done themselves for national elections, but have also deeply entrenched themselves in solid RED states enough to control many state governments and also put enough representatives in Washington to obstruct anything the Dems want to do. I believe we have enough good people in this country to overcome this, but we have to get them to the polls and vote out these tealibans, as you call them (a great name, btw), and vote in enough rational thinking House of Representatives candidates to put them where they should be now–in such a low percentage that nothing they desire to do can be done in either house of Congress. We must also see to it that the Democrats gain a few seats in the Senate to be able to have a 60 vote majority there to keep them from blocking nominations and appointments, and to be able to bring to the floor for a vote the bills in committees.

  4. Beaulieu6 September 18, 2013

    Washington obstructionist the Republicans are getting much worst every single day, the latest they are threating to shut the government down on September 30, 2013, they want to cut Seniors Social Security, they want to cut Food Stamps to the poor, they want to turn Medicare into a voucher they simply don’t understand and they don’t get it.
    I’m a 63 year old senior standing with other seniors in America in strong support to expand Social Security to current seniors and future generation. Social Security is a government program but it’s the workers money as many seniors have worked hard a lifetime to saved for retirement, as many seniors today are relying on their Social Security benefit either to make end meet.
    We simply cannot let the Republicans hold the Middle-Class 98% percent hostage by cutting programs they need as it’s not acceptable.
    We have to Replace the Obstructionist in the next election in November 2014 with Democrats but in the mean time we must take a stand.

    1. Annemb March 11, 2014

      Great post!

      Yes, and we need to push the Democrats to break their silence, to speak out and take a stand, and be on the offensive! By their silence they are “sitting ducks” and easy marks, for the TGOPs. It’s about time we got out to vote for them to do what they were elected to do! If not, we’ll have a repeat of 2010 which President warned us about that same year.


  5. JohnnyP September 18, 2013

    Enough talk!! We all know what the problem is….let’s DO something about it!! Stan and Jim, there are too many groups just griping about things. We need YOU guys to lead the charge to change things….I think you have many lieutenants and sarges just willing to to fight…but we need some leadership!!

    I’m a lieutenant with MoveOn.Org, but I’m tired of getting emails from them, DCCC, OFA……ad infinitum, all with their pitches on how to fix this, but we need two guys with B*lls to take charge and bring us together to fight as a single team. In my opinion, you guys have earned the right to lead, AND WE NEED YOU!!

    Do we just keep griping, or do we join together and fight as a team. I know I would be proud to be a member and soldier of the Greenberg/Carville army!!

  6. William Donelson September 19, 2013

    If you carefully listen to what Republicans say, you will realise the truth:

    EVERYTHING that Republican “leaders” say is smoke. You are being misled by “listening to the message”, which is what they want.

    Their “message” is just a screen to confuse you, to keep their super-rich masters happy, to keep the gravy train of campaign donations rolling, and to protect the $1.1 trillion in tax cuts and loopholes that allow the rich to invest in China and other competitors overseas.

    Remember: Republican paymasters want less government the same way burglars want fewer police.

    The real Republican message is this: Shut Up and Take It; We are busy being poodles to the rich, because otherwise we have to work for a living.

    1. RSDrake September 27, 2013

      That “police” line is great!

  7. Arturo Cortez September 19, 2013

    On the 19th day of August,2013

    By Arturo Cortez

    Fools of American leadership,

    Like many of you I to must wonder what is wrong with the Republican leaders of today, of course social political democratic partisan party politics dose have it‘s extremes, which the Republican Party is willing to tolerate as political moral virtue in conflict with it’s historical past.

    It is for the middle class Republican people/voters of this land to do the right thing for America today by taking names and start Recall/and Replace (R and R) petitions on Republican and leaders who have betrayed Republican virtues of responsible humane social interest in leadership of and for the American human of mankind .

    Change is here now, and the Republican Party must now fine itself within American society of today; “who will give a rat’s ass” to any political party will to disrupt and/or shut down our government off and for the nation of the United States of North America, me the centralist American right thing to do voter v the Republican Corporate Human of the capitalist type, fools of American political popular ideology, who betray their communities for the dollar in covenant consistent with capitalist milking of American society of today,

    America has now changed and we will vote the American right thing to do for we the American people as one nation of today for tomorrow. Que viva la gente, Si se Puede, Texas

    1. Dominick Vila September 20, 2013

      Most of the 70 to 80 Tea Party members who are proposing a government shutdown if ACA is not defunded are from RED states or districts. The citizens in those districts are not going to recall them. They are the reason the TP prostitutes have taken the position they have taken. That is, they are trying to please their ignorant flock to stay in office.

      1. Arturo Cortez September 20, 2013

        On this the 20th day of September, 2013
        By Arturo Cortez
        “A human right to exist”
        Texas Canadian Batista immigrant to Texas leading the way to defund the US Affordable Care Act on behave of the Texano people of North America, Whereas, the Texas US Senator Ted Cruz, a political teapublican coconut has now accumulated over 3 million uninsured first American Tejanos in his own state of Texas.
        Whereas, medicine is not a human right but instead Medical capitalist death panels of the conservative extreme Republican right as politic agents of capitalist corporate humans of the capital profit type,
        “Shame” on alyouall who voted the coconut into political office, it is for you to Remove & Replace (R&R) the idiot you voted for before alyouall also end up in Batista style shackles and chains as well,
        Texas has now lost and failed to evolve around the business end of Medicare by ignoring the rule of US law in the Affordable Care Act.
        Whereas, the mandate of the Affordable Care Act is to make health care affordable to all Americas as a government of and for it’s citizens first as a American human right to exist,
        Whereas, in Texas money talks and bullshit walks, it is for we the American Texano of today to turn the State of Texas into the true blue Texano nation with in, Si se Puede, Tejas Que viva la gente Texana

      2. Jerry June 14, 2014

        You are right, Dominick; I live in one of those districts and states. The Republicans have control of our state government, too, and have made a mockery of common sense as a result yet still a majority in our state and a vast majority in this district believe they are doing the right thing in opposing anything and everything the Left Wing extremists propose (the Left Wing extremists being anyone who disagrees with their agenda). I am still waiting to hear what they think are legitimate ideas to IMPROVE our state and country, but have so far only heard of what they OPPOSE, not PROPOSE. Of course, they say they want taxes to be eliminated (w/o realizing what kind of effect that would truly have in our state and country), and are opposed to abortion and for the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens to arm themselves, but beyond that, there doesn’t seem to be any agenda they have other than to be against everything President Obama is for, and against anything the Democrats propose, or even the Republicans propose if it involves spending in any way. It’s crazy, I know people who I have always respected that are now so blind that they don’t see that by merely being against everything, they are ruining our nation and state. It’s like, if we can just get Obama out of office, then everything will be better–but they don’t really have anyone in mind with whom they want to replace him with, or offer any ideas of what needs to be done to improve things. For now, they just seem content to opposition w/o any remedies.

  8. Mark September 19, 2013

    To Arturo Cortez…if you can find a moderate Republican anywhere in this country, you will have to coax him out of hiding. Moderate Republicans are on the verge of extinction these days, and will be until the Koch brothers die or self-destruct, whichever comes first.

    1. Lisztman September 21, 2013

      Although I am a diehard, left-of-center, registered Democrat, I beg to differ, sir. There are moderate Republicans. The problem lies with the Republican leadership. They feel that if they do not listen to the extremist voice of the Tea Party, they will lose their leadership positions to someone farther to the right.

      The problem within the GOP is that the moderates, the merely-to-the-right-of-center Republicans (or even the reasonable number of centrists) is that they have allowed their voices to be trampled. When was the last time you heard a moderate Republican stand up and say, straight out, that the TP position is just so much useless BS; that you cannot disenfranchise retirees by withholding their hard-saved, hard-earned, Social Security; that you cannot count our courageous military personnel as “moochers” because they don’t directly pay Federal income taxes; that you can’t viably turn Medicare into a voucher program because you’ll introduce a layer of fees to the middlemen that will reduce the benefits; and on, and on, and on…?

      The “leadership” (and I use the term loosely) of the GOP has allowed itself to be railroaded by a small (10%?) percentage of the citizenry. Until it reclaims some moral high ground; until it resumes honest negotiations with the left wing; until it treats the integrity of the US dollar as a prime consideration; not only will the GOP continue to lose support, but the inmates of the nuthouse will push it into obscurity.

      I generally disagree with the GOP. But there are conservative perspectives worthy, at least, of consideration. Unfortunately, the rational voices in the GOP are all too willing to play sheep to Boehner and Company, and the latter are all too frightened of the right to tell them to stuff it — that they do not have a monopoly on the direction of the Nation.

      1. Annemb March 11, 2014

        Great post!

        About three or so years ago, I wrote a 3-page letter to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell with copies to my Congressional Delegation (Maine) and Senator Reid … informing them that they, pseudo-representatives, “sold their souls to the tea party.” Today’s GOP is no longer a “valid” party, but has allowed themselves to be taken over by “pseudo-patriots” while they suffocate and die and by their negligence, allow our country continue its downslide!

        We cannot allow this to continue but must stop it in its tracks, before it’s too late, and the USA is obliterated!

      2. Jerry June 14, 2014

        Agreed, except unfortunately, they DO have a current monopoly on the direction of the nation. With majority control of the House, and enough in the Senate to keep many bills from being voted on by coming out of committee, they have managed to keep any significant legislation from being passed for the good of our country since 2010 and also were allowed too much latitude in the language of legislation passed in the two years prior to then. What is scandalous and almost unbelievable is the number of people in the nation who still don’t see, or understand that. Most understand and see that we are not recovering from the last recession as fast as they would like, and are teetering again on the edge of another one if things don’t change in Washington. The trouble is that they watch Fox and listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Couter and others who are brainwashing them into believing it is ALL Obama’s fault and that he is continually breaking the law and doing things that are unconstitutional so much that they don’t realize that it is Congress that has brought the nation to a virtual standstill and that the president can’t get anything done because Congress won’t pass anything he proposes, or his party proposes. He has to resort to executive action to do anything, and that is limited and isn’t always a popular alternative. So, we are stuck in obstructionism on a scale never before seen in this country and will be if a majority of Republicans are re-elected/elected for the House again in November, and a sufficient number of Republicans regain, or pick up Senate seats to keep that house from doing anything much, too. If the Republicans gain control of both houses as is possible, we are doomed not only for the rest of Obama’s Administration, but for the next president’s first two years as well if a Democrat is elected, and God forbid what it will be like if they gain control of Congress and the White House, too, in 2016. If we wind up facing a Tea Party agenda as the rule of law for even two years w/o any obstruction to them, we will fall into the worst recession, if not depression, we have ever experienced. Sadly, far too many citizens, and voters, don’t realize just how bad it is and will be if we keep the status quo or turn everything over to the Republicans for even two years. The super rich will be happy, even happier than they are now, but the rest of us will suffer even more than we do now. Possibly, our nation as we have known it will cease to be, also. We need to get out the vote and vote out all of the Republicans we can this November to avoid these things. I’m not sure we can stand another two years of the current status in Washington, and certain we can’t stand 4 years of total Republican control. VOTE America; vote for our survival as a nation.

  9. Mark September 19, 2013

    I trust the DCCC these days as much as I trust Ted Cruz to tell me the truth.

  10. Beaulieu6 September 19, 2013

    The Republicans doesen’t care about the Middle-Class 98% percent, they doesn’t care about Seniors, and they doesen’t care about the poor living below poverty line, they only care about the wealthiest 2% percent such as the Knoch brothers, and they care about themselves. Now, they want to cut Food Stamps to those who need it the most in which to me it’s not acceptable.
    I have signed many petition to Democrat Congressman, Congresswoman, and Senator that are working hard to expand Social Security to current Seniors and future generations, I have also signed petition to avoid a a goverment shut down and even to save Obamacare in which I have took those stand through petition.
    The hard working Middle-Class 98% percent men and women are the engine and backbone of our economy, this is what the Republicans doesn’t understand why they don’t understand because they doesen’t care about the hard working Middle-Class.
    We must take a stand through petition to let our voice heard to let the Republicans know that we mean business, the GOP “OBSTRUCTION” is no longer acceptable as they have to be replace in November 2014, by Democrats in which Speaker Boehner must give back the gavel to Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D-California.
    On a scale 1 to 10 I give the Republicans a 2 and on their report card I give them an F for failure.

    1. dpaano September 26, 2013

      Beaulieu6: What’s really sad is that the states that have the most hungriest people that need food stamps are all run, I believe, by GOP mayors. The states are North Carolina (17%); Alabama (17.9%), Texas (18.4%); Arkansas (19.7%); and Mississippi (20.9%). The percentage is the percentage of “low food security.” These are the five states that need food stamps more than any others…..and these are the ones that continually re-elect Republican Senators, etc.

      1. STMBT March 12, 2014

        I checked and the states with the most people on welfare, food stamps, etc are the red states! go figure!! they vote against there own interests

  11. Beaulieu6 September 19, 2013

    We all know that the Republicans cannot accept the truth simply because it hurt as when we listen to the Republicans speak we are not hearing the truth, we are hearing lies after lies.
    Recently the Republicans came up with Republicare to replace Obamacare but we know it’s a lie, because they know well the President would veto it.
    We all know that the Republicans agenda is to “OBSTRUCT” and to “DESTROY” everything in their path they don’t like, we got fool by the GOP to many time before we will never get fool again, as we are a lot smarter than they are as they don’t understand the word “COMMON-SENSE”

  12. Skyline43 September 20, 2013

    My question!! How can so many Republican men and women in congress have such elementary, destructive views regarding the middle class, social security, medicare, gun control, the poor, healthcare, etc? Is there not one among them who can say, enough? Let’s work for the Good of the American people rather then what is in it for me politically. They get “paid off” for their vote by some insurance company, oil company,etc. Money can create corruption and I am afraid that congress has made “pay offs” by companies and lobbyists their gods and little thought who they are there to serve. Do you know any Congressman who left Washington poor? They are good at lip service and think the American people don’t see through this. It’s time the American people, in each state, start paying more attention to their representatives in Washington and hold them responsible by voting them out if they do not do their job. Furthermore, we all worked for Social Security and Medicare and we are entitled to that benefit when we are older. How dare them to meddle in these programs. Democrats and Republicans have provided very well for themselves. Congress does not pay into Social Security because they set up a retirement just for them. Do they plan on cutting that too!!!? Also, the debt ceiling now in debate. Guess who does not get hurt by this? You are right, Congress still goes home with a pay check!! How fair is that.

  13. Dominick Vila September 20, 2013

    The GOP has a lot more than a “brand” problem. Their biggest problems include the fact that they have lost their identity, that their policies and proposals are inconsistent with traditional conservative values, that their extremism has all but destroyed their credibility, and that they have been unable to offer credible alternatives to the programs they oppose.
    There is nothing wrong with opposing an initiative we believe is wrong, as long as we offer an alternative to that initiative. When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, the de facto alternative is the old system. The most expensive medical system in the world, a system so unaffordable that over 20 million fellow Americans had to go without preventive medical care because they could not afford the insurance company premiums, a system that denied fellow citizens, including children, the medical care they needed to survive if their illness was a pre-existing condition, and a system that forced millions of Americans to pay for the care they needed to survive after decades of paying premiums because they had reached an artificial “cap”.
    The Tea Party opposition to ACA is so sanguine and irrational, that I would not be surprised if the real target is to derail the economic recovery and create another recession to improve the GOP chances in 2014 and 2016. It is up to us, the voters, to give the party of “no” a resounding NO!

    1. Osvaldo Smash September 21, 2013

      GOP’s biggest problem is that they have lost their damn minds!

    2. Lisztman September 21, 2013

      I’ve been saying all along to anyone who will listen that the alternative to the ACA is the “old” system (as you just eloquently stated, sir). Our problem is that all too many in this Nation saw nothing wrong with the old system. As long as they receive care when they go to a hospital, they don’t care who pays for it (as long as it doesn’t come directly out of their pocket, of course).

      I’ve also said all along — if the GOP, or the Tea Party, or anyone else, has a problem with the existing legal code in this Nation — including the ACA — it behooves them, as legislative leaders, to propose viable alternatives. Simply saying “let’s cut food stamps” doesn’t solve anything. Too many within the GOP forget that they are, overall, the minority party, and are not in a position to dictate doing anything. The only thing that they can do, controlling only the House, is oppose doing anything — and they’ve proven themselves extraordinarily adroit at accomplishing just that. The worst of it is that they somehow believe that this is helping the USA and that, somehow, this will improve their chances of re-election.

      1. Sand_Cat March 11, 2014

        But all too often, they do in fact “dictate.”
        The Dems cut food stamps; maybe not as much as the GOP wanted, but they should never have agreed to it at all. They have done this repeatedly over the last few years, to the point that there is justification for saying the Republicans run Washington, despite their minority status in the Senate.

  14. Allan Richardson September 20, 2013

    Republicans watch “A Christmas Carol” every year and complain because Scrooge did NOT stay the course and remain evil and stingy! Damn those liberal ghosts!

  15. Arturo Cortez September 20, 2013

    On this the 20th day of September, 2013

    By Arturo Cortez

    “A human right to exist”

    Texas Canadian Batista immigrant to Texas leading the way to defund the US Affordable Care Act on behave of the Texano people of North America,

    Whereas, the Texas US Senator Ted Cruz, a political teapublican coconut has now accumulated over 3 million uninsured first American Tejanos in his own state of Texas.

    Whereas, medicine is not a human right but instead Medical capitalist death panels of the conservative extreme Republican right as politic agents of capitalist corporate humans of the capital profit type,

    “Shame” on alyouall who voted the coconut into political office, it is for you to Remove & Replace (R&R) the idiot you voted for before alyouall also end up in Batista style shackles and chains as well,

    Texas has now lost and failed to evolve around the business end of Medicare by ignoring the rule of US law in the Affordable Care Act.

    Whereas, the mandate of the Affordable Care Act is to make health care affordable to all Americas as a government of and for it’s citizens first as a American human right to exist,

    Whereas, in Texas money talks and bullshit walks, it is for we the American Texano of today to turn the State of Texas into the true blue Texano nation with in, Si se Puede, Tejas Que viva la gente Texana

  16. Susan Love September 20, 2013

    Repubs should read their history, both Greek and Roman. It scares me that we are following in their footsteps. Both had the same government, both fell when they destroyed the middle class.

  17. Quack September 20, 2013

    The Pope and the Catholic Church learned to evolve in order to survive, but lets face it folks the GOP will not and this will be their demise, which is fine with me.

  18. robertbenefiel@att.net September 20, 2013

    I believe the essence of the battle relates to older white males who feel deeply threatened by the changing demographics of the United States. They wish to hold on to their power. The Federal government, in my view, is influenced more by minorities, which includes, blacks, Hispanics, woman, and immigrants. In order to retain power, the Republicans want to return political power to the local states, so that they feel compelled to weaken the Federal government and return the political power to the state level where due to gerrymandering the white male still retains the power. The issue is not too much spending but that these so called entitlements are increasingly going to those “other people.” The Republican Party is increasingly becoming the bastion of older, white males, while America is becomes increasingly browner and less white.

  19. sleeprn01 September 20, 2013

    THE GOP has gone thru. a process that started during the Reagan years and has now reached it’s culmination. It has become the party of the rich, being bought by the the likes of the Koch brothers and Adelson. The party has developed into a group that is mean spirited, biased, racist, and one where lying has become an art form. I would like it if Speaker Boehner could just explain to me how the Affordable Care Act has hurt the American public when it hasn’t even been fully implemented. I also find it ironic that the new advertizement paid for by the Koch brothers plays on the fear that the government will be in your doctors office while your are being seen by the doctor. Medicare, a full government benefit doesn’t have Uncle Sam in every doctors office. Why would the government be involved in a patients care when insurance companies are still ruling the roost, with limits placed on the insurance companies dictating that they can’t deny you coverage if you have a pre-existing condition, or if you would develop a chronic disease while insured by said company. I also find it ironic that the party that doesn’t want the government in the exam room, they sure don’t having a mandate that dictates that ultra-sound probes be placed in women’s vaginas even if they are not medically required. I guess I could add one more characteristic of the GOP, hypocrisy.

    1. Jerry June 14, 2014

      That’s not a new characteristic of the GOP; they have been hypocrites for decades. They say they oppose abortion, for example, but they have had the White House for all but 14 of the last 34 years that it has really been an issue and have nothing to see Roe vs. Wade overturned. Instead, they have resorted to having state governments in RED states close down as many family health clinics in their states as they possibly can which does more to deny needed healthcare for women and children than it does for eliminating abortions (women can still go to hospitals for those, or have their doctors do it–of course, many still don’t have insurance to cover it). They have done almost everything they can do to put more people into poverty than ever before, and then propose more legislation to deny, or totally eliminate benefits to those same people in poverty in order to protect the ultra income of the super rich and record profits of major corporations while saying that they are the ones who support the middle class and we should believe that. They have trotted out imaginary scandals to embarrass the president, or their fellow Democratic officials to divert our attention from what they are really doing. They campaign on fear tactics, not concrete proposals and try to win their elections by essentially saying that they are not nearly as bad as their opponents are, so vote for us. Finally, they still are holding on to their “trickle down economics” despite decades now of how it has proved to be a myth because it only provides the rich with more money and takes more money out of the pockets of the rest of us. Yes, hypocrisy is definitely a GOP characteristic.

  20. Genevievev September 21, 2013

    The GOP is killing itself. They misuse our tax revenue and give it to the wealthy. They attack the poor, women, veterans, elderly, etc. They are acting like the school yard bully.

    1. Beaulieu6 September 21, 2013

      Not only the Republicans is killing itself they are influence by the Tea Party, the Koch Brother, and the Special Interest.

    2. Jerry June 14, 2014

      You are correct, but as long as they can “say” they oppose abortion and are in favor of the 2nd Amendment, they will stay in power in the House of Representatives until more Americans see through those issues to how much other stuff they do is ruining our nation. For now, not enough do; we are too equally divided, and these two issues are the ones that will sway enough voters being screwed by them to vote for them. Crazy as it seems, it is a fact.

  21. Beaulieu6 September 21, 2013

    The Republicans plan is to cut $40 billion in Food Stamps to the poor when they are so many in America that are living below poverty line, in which those are the most vulnerable that need it the most.
    In my home State of Florida Governor Rick Scott R-Florida as made abundantly clear he will stop at nothing to sabotage the new federal health-care law. And so doing, he’s putting at risk some of the very residents he was elected to serve.
    The majority of the Republicans are Wealthy they have a nice house and car but they don’t have a heart, as they simply doesen’t care if an American child goes hungry.
    We must held the Republicans accountable for their inaction on issue that matter the most to the Middle-Class, as the one to blame for our nation deficit and debt are the Republicans no one else.
    The Republicans must understand that a government shut down is bad for our economy it would slow down our economic recovery, and they be holding the Middle-Class 98% percent hostage.
    Speaker John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Ran Paul and their Republicans coleagues only care about themselves, and the wealthiest 2% percent the millionaire and billionaire.
    The Republicans believe that their agenda will get them re-elected in 2014 as they are putting politics above the Middle-Class, Seniors, and their country, but we all know that their agenda is to “OBSTRUCT” “OBSTRUCT” nothing else well they are in for a suprise when they will be replace by Democrats in the 2014 mid-term election, as many would not be re-elected.
    Right now, we must all take a stand in showing the Republicans that we mean business and that their “OBSTRUCTION” and “GRIDLOCK” are no longer acceptable to us.
    I’m standing strong with President Obama agenda as it is leading America “FORWARD” toward a lasting prosperity to all Americans as early 2015, we must keep fighting as we can and will win.

    1. Jerry June 14, 2014

      I hope you are right, but fear that in districts like I live in, they will only be re-elected and continue to do as they are now while the nation suffers as a whole and their rich buddies continue to get wealthier. I don’t see anything changing much in the House of Representatives except that Eric Cantor will now be replaced with an even more extreme representative from his district. The Democrats should by common sense win House seats, but with the gerrymanded districts that we currently have, it isn’t likely to happen. The Dems do have a good chance to maintain a majority in the Senate, but even that is in jeopardy, and they will not likely have a 60 vote majority to be able to confirm appointments the president has nominated over the next couple of years. I wish it wasn’t true, but I don’t see many Republicans being defeated in their current districts.

  22. Mark September 22, 2013

    Point taken. The question is, can the GOP moderates ever regain control of the party, or are things permanently out of control? These days, it is almost impossible to unseat an incumbent, regardless of which party you’re talking about, and believe me there are a few Democrats who need to go. No balls Harry Reid is at the front of the line!

  23. Beaulieu6 September 22, 2013

    The Republicans are already gearing up for the 2014 mid-term election but we must be aware of their political ad as the Koch brothers will spend milllions in political ad for the Republicans, some of those ads will be deceiving as they will tried hard to sell it to you just like a car dealer ad on T.V. trying to sell you a car.
    The Republicans are focus more on scoring political point than telling their agenda what they would do but we all know their agenda is nothing more than “OBSTRUCTION” and attacking their opponent.
    In the 2010 mid-term election the Republicans have made a plege that they would work together and that they would create jobs, but they haven’t create a single jobs they failed to pass President Obama Americans Jobs Act, who could had created million of jobs and would had brought the unemployment rate at 5.6% percent.
    The Republicans are not focus on the Middle-Class, Seniors, and the poor living below poverty line, they are more focus on scoring political point for the next election, than anything else.
    In 2014 we have to give Congress back to Democrats and the gavel back to Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D-California, to pass legislation that would benefit the Middle-Class and Seniors.
    I believe strongly that we can lift the poor living below poverty line out of poverty in moving them to the Middle-Class 98% percent by giving them a job, with a decent wage.
    90% percent of the American people are standing with President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Newton, and Gabby Gifford in strong support of a Universal Background Check, in reducing gun violence in America. It is time for the Republicans to Act immediately and pass the law in reducing gun violence in America.
    The Republicans are trying to scare us with their speech they are not telling the truth what they are telling us is nothing but lies one after another, as the Republicans cannot handle the truth as the truth hurt, but the truth need to be told.
    We cannot be fool by the Republicans as they have fooled us before but we are to smart to ever be fool again.
    I’m very optimistic and confident about our economy going forward as with the strong leadership of President Obama who is leading America “FORWARD” toward a lasting prosperity as early 2015.

    1. Annemb March 11, 2014

      Great post!

      “…In 2014 we have to give Congress back to Democrats and the gavel back to Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D-California, to pass legislation that would benefit the Middle-Class and Seniors…”

      I totally agree, but once in Congress we must keep after them to do their job or remove them!

      Also, we need to get rid of the 2006 mandate to the USPS. We should have no doubt, that the Treasury Dept. has its eye on this money!

  24. robertbenefiel@att.net September 22, 2013

    My question is this and I have been trying to answer it but have been unable to do so, so maybe someone out there can answer this question. Why are so many people who are Republicans talking so crazy ? I can remember when Dems and Repub were at least in the same universe but now it like they are in a parallel universe. Can anyone believe that Nixon created the EPA and passed the clean water act for one example. This would never happen today. So what is going on with the Republicans??

    1. Beaulieu6 September 22, 2013

      The Tea Party, the Koch brothers, and the Special Interest are a big influence on the Republicans in which they favor the Wealthiest 2% percent the Millionaire and Billionaire like the Koch brothers, who are spending millions on political ads for the GOP.
      The GOP don’t care about the Middle-Class, Seniors, and the poor living below poverty line, they only care about themselves, and the wealthiest 2% percent this what is going on with the Republicans.

    2. y.Slobodin March 7, 2014

      I think money in politics has moved the entire party to the right. Not just in terms of ads and political donations, but in buying entire television stations, to use as propaganda. They’ve manipulated their core average joe Republicans to follow the party lines of a handful of wealthy wingnut individuals.

    3. Jerry June 14, 2014

      Robert, it is pretty simple if you think about. How long has the Fox Network and conservative talk radio shows been in existence? Have you ever listened to what is being said and broadcasted on these two media entities? Fox has the largest percentage viewership of any television network in the country, and rural congressional districts all over the nation are bombarded with conservative talk shows on the radio. Simply stated, in the past three decades, these two things have brainwashed nearly half the nation with their conspiracy theories, outright lies, and biased reporting. Sad, but true.

  25. Beaulieu6 September 26, 2013

    A government shutdown what does it mean for America? It mean the closing of our national park, the delay in mail delivery, the delay in Social Security benefit checks, it would have an effect on our economy.
    Rather than debating a government shutdown or defunding Obamacare, the Republicans should be focusing on the Middle-Class, creating jobs, a comprehensive immigration reform bill, A Universal Background Check in reducing gun violence in America.
    The Republicans Obstruction and Gridlock are not acceptable in which they should be working with Democrats and the President on bipartisan issues that matter the most to the Middle-Class.
    The blame of a government shutdown will be on the Republicans shoulder in which they would be held accountable for their action.
    Here are the Republicans that should be removed from office immediately:
    1. John Boehner
    2. Eric Cantor
    3. Paul Ryan
    4.Michelle Backman
    5. Ran Paul
    6. Marco Rubio

  26. Beaulieu6 September 28, 2013

    Not only the Republicans cannot handle the truth they cannot tell the truth Senator Cruz as lied repetidly about the Affordable Care Act, in which he is using scare tactics to scare the people.
    The one to held responsible if they shutdown the government are the Republicans themselves no one else.

  27. MOOSE4U2 February 7, 2014

    Both parties suck anyone who votes for a party is not playing with a full deck. Instead vote for a person who is for the country & most important for the good of the people not for the good of the party .Most voters vote for the big names such as the Kennedys & thats the problem do some research on the person before you pull that handle .As far as Obama he has broken the law more than 7 or 8 times bypassing congress & senate if he doesn’t get what he wants , thats being a dictator & in a free country there is no room for a person like that .A lot of young men & woman gave their lives for our freedom through the ages so we could have our freedom not a king or dictator .LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING !!!

    1. Sand_Cat February 10, 2014

      You’re still an idiot, friend. And you’re also grossly ignorant if you think Obama even begins to match the alternatives.

      What’s your suiggestion? Quote Fox Noise and right-wing looney sites and vote for some neo-Nazi scumbag because you think Obama breaks the law? How about the other guys? They make him look like a saint. So go ahead; elect somebody who REALLY wants to be a dictator. I’ll take Obama, phoney scandals and real warts and all, and be grateful we don’t have another Bush-Cheney for at least a couple more years.

  28. melinda Goldman March 8, 2014

    OMG the CPAC was a disaster ! The clown car is full , and the crazy train has pulled into the station !

  29. howa4x March 10, 2014

    Republicans seem more worried than democrats. This is why there was no showdown on raising the debt ceiling this year. The GOP had to avoid the perception that they can’t govern and are only interested in appealing to the tea party. The tea party candidates are trailing in Texas and Kentucky and incumbents are holding the lead. What this says in the TP is loosing ground amongst voters and I don’t know why potential presidential candidates are standing in front of CPAC making statements that will repel moderate, independent,Latino and women voters. We live in a moderate country that tolerates minor tilts to left and right. The TP has shown a harsh brand of radical government that is mean spirited, offensive, and repulsive, and will only survive in states where the population is easily led and god fearing.
    Right now the republicans in the house are considering fixes to Obamacare to make it work better and gone is any talk of repeal. Only self deluded people like Cruz are still carrying that battle and if he turns his wrath on RINO’s who are trying to make the law work then that will only hurt the entire GOP brand.
    The Right wing is not giving up and is desperately trying to pull the GOP candidates into their special band of quicksand. That fight between the ultra right and center of the GOP will determine their fate

  30. terry b March 11, 2014

    I sure hope that these to are correct. If not than I will be forced to lose faith in God and country. Only a lack of intelligence coupled with a failure to vote will allow the horrible GOP to win at anything.

  31. ExRadioGuy15 March 11, 2014

    Again, Mr. Vila “nails it” with another cogent analysis. Nicely done, Dominick.
    The simple facts: even with gerrymandering, only the so-called “Suicide Caucus”, those 80 GOP Congresscritters who were elected/re-elected with margins of 20 percentage points or more in their districts in 2012, are truly “safe”. That means that the 150 or so Republicans left in the House CAN be defeated. Without the gerrymandering after the 2010 midterms, the GOP would have, perhaps, 40% of the House seats right now. And that’s a generous estimate. The GOP knew very well that they’d lose the House quickly if they didn’t use their advantage to gerrymander the districts. But, even that effort can be nullified. But, that’ll only happen if GOP Progressives and Moderates finally wake up to the reality of their party and vote for today’s version of the GOP Progressives and Moderates of yesteryear: Democrats. Both parties have went to the right, which is why Democrats are now the GOP “Progs” and “Mods” of old and the GOP have gone certifiably insane.
    Senate elections are different, of course, because the whole state votes for Senators. The “doom and gloom” prophesies of “Red state” Democrats not being re-elected is a fallacy. Enough GOP Progressives and Moderates voted for them to get elected and I don’t see that changing much. Sure, with re-elections and retirements, the Demos have 21 seats to defend. However, the 15 Republicans whose seats are up this year face a tough road and two different opponents: the Tea Party or Conservative challenge in the primary (yes, I’m talking about you, Sen. McConnell) and the Democrat in the general election. There’s one fact that should scare the bejeezus out of the senior Senator of Kentucky: a statewide election put a DEMOCRAT into the Governor’s mansion in his state. Yes, Steve Beshear, the Governor of Kentucky, one of the reddest states in this country, is a DEMOCRAT! Two other states in the “red” area of this country also have Democratic Governors.

  32. Eric D March 12, 2014

    Majority of voters VOTES on what they hear frm the candidate. Thereafter, voters fail 2watch the Reps voting on laws that moves the $ where.

  33. Eric D March 12, 2014

    Republicans are involved wherever the money is. Therefore, it’s imperative the argument for the Democrats MUST show the movement of the money. If a candidate is out there giving all negatives to get the constituent to hate the ACA law, so he can vote to repeal the law with constituent support, then the MOVEMENT of the money will go back to the private insurers in the tune of 80cents off the dollar and 20cents off the dollar to you for medical care. Whatever the Republican is in favor of voting for, I guarantee you, the movement of the money will NOT be in YOUR favor. Until the disgusting Democrats understand this technique,the polls will show neck in neck when it shouldn’t. I’ve tested this technique here in Nashville, TN a number of times. When I hear negatives spewing from a Republican/Conservatives mouth against the ACA, I say ok, therefore your advocating GIVING the private insurers 80cents off the dollar back to private industry.RIGHT? I get some that will try to jump the question by reiterating the negatives. I then DEMAND to answer the specific question. Well I get I didn’t know that. http://tinyurl.com/p83n8be “So you’ve turned me to support FIXING the dam thing. Until the Democrats UNDERSTAND that their framing of the messages must be pointing out the MOVEMENT of the money, we will continue to stay where we are.

  34. Bud Friend May 29, 2014

    For the mid-term elections, I would do a side-side comparison showing 2008 numbers vs 2014 numbers in every category that reflects significant improvements. There are many: jobs lost/gains, DOW then/now, war casualties then/now, war spenditures then/now.

    Others off the top: deficit, ACA, # filibusters by republicans, gun control and don’t give up. Keep pounding it until it becomes second nature during every campaign and campaign speech.


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