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This Week In Crazy: ‘Dr. Chaps’ Ruins The Ice Bucket Challenge, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

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This Week In Crazy: ‘Dr. Chaps’ Ruins The Ice Bucket Challenge, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right


Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Kimberly Guilfoyle

Like many Americans, the hosts of Fox News’ The Five are concerned about ISIS’ violent rampage across the Middle East.

Unlike any other Americans, however, their solution is to install Russian president Vladimir Putin as a temporary dictator to clean up the mess.

“In terms of making, like, decisive action” against ISIS, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle explaiend, she has a “special request.”

“Could we get, like, Netanyahu, or like, Putin in for 48 hours, as, you know, head of the United States?” she asked. “I don’t know, I just want somebody to get in here and get it done right, so that Americans don’t have to worry and wake up in the morning fearful of a group that’s murderous or horrific like ISIS.”

Because nobody in Israel or Russia ever has to worry about terrorism.

Of course, if the titular five think that Obama is a tyrant, they probably wouldn’t love temporary president Putin’s Federal Mass Media Inspection Service. But then again, they may be onboard with his conflict-resolution style.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 29, 2014

    It should be readily apparent by now that FOX commentators are in desperate need of a history lesson. In addition to the dichotomy of longing for the temporary installation of a tyrant as U.S. President, while supporting a lawsuit against an incumbent President they consider a tyrant; the same individuals who idolize the man who ordered the biggest cut and run in U.S. history after 278 U.S. Marines were slaughtered at the Beirut airport because “that was not our war”, are convinced that the President who ordered bombing ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria, and has ordered raids to rescue U.S. hostages and punish our enemies, is an appeaser! A little consistency would go a long way…
    As for “Reverend” Patterson, all I can say about him is that he has a fixation on “heathens”…especially those who don’t donate to his beloved Church of Greed. In any case, Haitians, and people in other parts of the world are benefiting from the help offered by people like Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, who seem to have a better understanding of what Christianity means than the merchants who have taken over the Temple, and most Americans will remember Robin Williams much longer than we will remember the likes of Pat Robertson.

    1. ps0rjl August 29, 2014

      Here’s a little truth about Pat Robertson and his 700 Club. My father-in-law had dementia and was a widower. One of his favorite shows was the 700Club. He spent a lot of money ordering their books and DVDs. Once he went to the nursing home, my wife took over his finances and immediately quit sending money to them. Once the money stopped, all communication and solicitations from the 700 Club stopped. They didn’t so much as send him a note asking about him or his health or even offering to pray for him. So much for their “Christian values”. Pat Robertson and his 700 Club can rot and die in hell for all I care.

      1. idamag August 29, 2014

        The same thing happened with my widowed mother.

      2. Allan Richardson August 30, 2014

        As P. T. Robertson probably says in private, “There’s a sucker born-again every minute.”

    2. latebloomingrandma August 29, 2014

      I think it is unprecedented in our history, not to mention un-American, during a time of world crisis, to denigrate our sitting president and actually wish to replace him with a well known bully and dictator. I f these yokels on Fox “News” think they are being cute or tongue-in-cheek, They must know that many people believe everything they say literally. Gasp! Don’t they know he was a major Communist? Where is Glenn Beck’s chalkboard when you need it?

      1. highpckts August 29, 2014

        Putting Putin in charge of the US isn’t even close to being funny! God, I wish we could send all these crazies over to Russia and let them live as commoners. They deserve Putin!!

      2. Dominick Vila August 29, 2014

        I can just imagine how the GOP would have reacted if Democrats had called Reagan or Bush II a liar, had insulted them publicly, and public figures had wished they had been replaced by tyrants.
        Honestly, I hope we don’t emulate their despicable behavior if they ever win the White House again, but it would be interesting to see what happens if someone dares come close to what Republicans did to Clinton and what they are doing to President Obama.

    3. Allan Richardson August 30, 2014

      To them, the contradiction is resolved by two facts: President Obama is a BLACK (or mixed race, which some of them think is worse) “tyrant,” while Putin is a WHITE tyrant. And besides, since Communism “died” in Russia, all the old atheistic commies in power are (in public at least) good Orthodox Christians (of course, why they take Putin’s outward Christianity at face value while insisting Obama is really a secret Muslim — AND a fascist AND a communist — is the big mystery).

      1. Dominick Vila August 31, 2014

        Allan, the need to transform successful Democrats like Obama and Clinton into monsters is not a mystery. All we have to do is to look at the Republican record on both domestic and foreign policies to understand why their only option is to discredit the opposition to remain viable.
        Honestly, the party of deficit spending, borrowing, accumulation of debt, dismal job creation, tax breaks for the wealthiest members of our society, unfunded wars, the party that was in charge of the WH and Congress when 9/11 occurred, and the party whose members continuously make the most bizarre and offensive statements a civilized person can make, has no alternative but to focus their strategy on constant attacks against those who saved the day and prevented the unthinkable. Incredibly, according to polls (which after the last election have less credibility than Sarah Palin) most Americans believe we are going in the wrong direction. Does that mean we should have preserved the policies that led to the near collapse of the U.S. economy? Does that mean we should have babysat Iraq forever? Does that mean we should have let GM and Chrysler fail? Does that mean we should not have implemented regulatory changes to prevent more ENRONs, AIGs, and other fiascoes? Does that mean we should have continued to use enhanced interrogation techniques? I wish the deniers would be a little more specific and cite a few examples to support their claims…

  2. charleo1 August 29, 2014

    Well look. I think we have to consider these people didn’t win anchor spots
    on Fox News, host a long running Evangelical T.V. show, or get elected by the Wing Nuts who live in those heavily gerrymandered districts, by talking over the heads of their target audience. It’s scrounge politics, and it’s necessary. Remember all those disaffected Republicans that were so disgusted by the Bush Administration, they are now Independents? And those women, who used to count themselves with the Conservative Right, until they started going after their reproductive Rights, and refusing to support them in the workplace? Or the 30% of the Latinos that voted for Bush in 2000? Well, those voters don’t replace themselves.

  3. adler56 August 29, 2014

    You’re right- no one could make up what these lunatics say- and they top each other week after week. Mental health exams should be mandatory for political candidates. Lock them all up in the biggest “we be crazy” hospital we have.

    1. idamag August 29, 2014

      Unfortunately, Reagan closed the mental hospitals and the inmates got sent to Washington.

      1. FT66 August 29, 2014

        What was Reagan thinking? Was he snille already that time?

  4. Grannysmovin August 29, 2014

    Kimberly Guilfoyle’s heros are Putin who is invading another country, does not permit freedom of the press and Netanyahu, who has a ranking member of his Administration who wants Israel to commit genocide.
    Pat Robinson is a sad old man who I believe is suffering from dementia.
    Fisher if only you and your conservative colleagues would research. At the same point in their Presidencies, Obama has taken fewer vacation days than Bush. I don’t care if the President is Democratic or Republican if playing golf helps keep the stress level down play away. Perhaps playing a round of golf or whatever enables them to think a little clearer. Stop holding this President to a higher standard than ANY other President.

    1. Independent1 August 29, 2014

      Granny, you sure got that last part right. Presidents don’t really get vacations, they just get a change of scenery. Whenever they go on “vacation”, not only do they pay for everything associated with that vacation except for the travel costs and housing the people needed to run the White House away from Washington, they’re just as accessible on vacation as they are in Washington; they have to maintain all their normal presidential duties.

      But see this about the last points you made in your post:

      2. Presidential vacations harm the national agenda.

      This past week, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank accused Obama of “tone deafness” for going forward with his vacation while the world was in crisis.

      But when is the world not in crisis? vacation can provide a president with that most precious and rare of commodities in the Oval Office: time to relax and think — including time to think about how to deal with a crisis.

      Shortly after his reelection to a third term in 1940, Roosevelt was criticized for taking a 10-day fishing trip in the Caribbean while Britain was under assault by Nazi Germany. But FDR used that rare opportunity for reflection to devise his ingenious Lend-Lease program, which would provide vital aid to Britain to stave off the Nazi attack.

      Presidents often feel the need to assure Americans that they’re using their vacations productively. Karl Rove, adviser to President George W. Bush, always alerted the media to the scholarly books the president intended to read while on vacation.

      It is also unlikely that Obama would have held a news conference on Iraqthis past week had he remained in Washington, but he did so while at Martha’s Vineyard to refute claims that he was seemingly “detached as the world burns.”

      For those interested in the 5 myths of presidential vacations, checkout this link:


      1. idamag August 29, 2014

        Good question: “When is the world not in crisis?”

        1. Independent1 August 29, 2014

          I can somewhat understand the average American not rationalizing that out, that there’s rarely a time that there isn’t some crisis going on in the world, but I’m always disappointed when a journalist, who should clearly know better, decides to make it a reason for ridiculing a sitting president for such a totally nonsense reason, as Dana Milbank recently did.

      2. BDC_57 August 30, 2014

        You got that right

    2. idamag August 29, 2014

      And the lie about him playing golf when Osama bin Ladin was taken out: We saw the tapes of him and his cabinet at the Whitehouse. Isn’t lying considered a sin anymore?

      1. Grannysmovin August 29, 2014

        One of the commandment is thou shalt not bear false witness….such Faux Christians

        1. BDC_57 August 30, 2014

          Good one

        2. dpaano September 17, 2014

          YEah, they give REAL Christians a very bad name! Real Christians do not believe in the same things that the GOP “Christians” believe in. Amazing! However, in the rapture…..they will all be the first to go to the pits of hell! Hope they have a great “vacation” themselves!

      2. Independent1 August 29, 2014

        Lying sure is a sin, a major one. See this from Revelation (note the “and all liars”):

        Revelation 21:8

        But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

        1. idamag August 29, 2014

          And the Bible says if you have broken one of the Commandments, you have broken them all.

          1. Independent1 August 29, 2014

            A truth which it appears that many of today’s mainstream religions like to forget about; because if church leaders kept that truth in mind, there’s no way any true Christian priest, pastor, elder, etc., would ever recommend to their congregation that they vote for a GOP politician.

            Jesus made the point and his brother James even more clearly that ‘the love of money’ is the root of all evil. And no one except for the totally blind could fail to see that the GOP LOVES money above everything else – hence the vow all GOP politicians make to their god Nordquist that they won’t ever vote to raise taxes on the wealthy by $1; or why their main solution to solving every problem America faces is to reduce spending and taxes so the already wealthy can keep even more MONEY in their greedy little pockets.

            The GOP’s love of money, negates everything any Christian may remotely consider is done right by the Devil’s Party.

          2. Allan Richardson August 30, 2014

            They aren’t Christians, they are Dowists and Nasdaqites, who practice the art of focusing their “chi” exclusively on making money at the expense of all other values: chi-ting.

    3. highpckts August 29, 2014

      True Asshats!!

    4. FT66 August 29, 2014

      I do not intend to pick on any woman, BUT this woman Kimberly Guilfoyle always talks nonsense. First of all I hate hearing her voice. Secondly, she thinks she is always right while she is not. Does she think when terrorists flex their muscles they choose who is Dem and who is republican??? Am happy am not republican and even more happier I will die as a Dem.

      1. Allan Richardson August 30, 2014

        And the sooner Democrats die, the better these folks like it.

  5. Mary C Legg August 29, 2014

    Nothing new the GOP has been on vacation for 8years except to whine. Probably if somebody checked Obama’s work hours or vacation hours, he’d probably have more work hours and less vacation time than his GOP predecessors. The guy never really seems to sleep or rest. If he’s on a golf course, so what? It doesn’t mean he’s not brain dead. His government is supposed to be supporting him and working around the clock an actually the GOP has been out for lunch for most of the last decade or longer.

    1. Independent1 August 29, 2014

      You sure got that right about Obama putting in far more work hours and less vacation time than any of our presidents in recent memory. Obama’s been in office almost 6 years and has amassed to this point about 150 days of vacation and 20 trips away from Washington. While in contrast, Reagan had taken well over 350 days vacation and Bush 1 well over 250 with Bush 2 leading the pack at over 400. And all three of those GOP Goof Offs had taken far more trips away than Obama with Bush 2 having taken about 3 times as many (around 60). At the end of his 8 yr term, Bush 2 had been on vacation almost 1/3 of his time in office – almost 900 days on vacation in 8 years.

      1. highpckts August 29, 2014

        If that isn’t bad enough. now they are cutting on a “tan” suit he wore to make a foreign policy announcement! Nothing about the announcement but plenty about his Goddamn suit! Where have all the true journalists gone! I am so tired of this pettiness!! In all my years, I don’t remember such pettiness and child like behavior!!

        1. Independent1 August 29, 2014

          I think it’s all part of the GOP’s treasonous efforts to fulfill the plot that a group of Republicans (mostly senators and representatives) concocted the night Obama was inaugurated; a plot for them to do everything in their power to make Obama fail – including sabotaging the U.S. economy and doing everything in their power to make him look bad.

          For anyone who isn’t familiar with that nefarious meetting, here’s a link you may want to check out:

          UPDATE: Eric Cantor Plotted to Sabotage US Economy in Secret Meeting with Hensarling & Luntz


          I really think what all those who the NM selects for the Week of Crazies, what Faux News harps on, Glenn Beck spews, etc. etc., is all part of the Republicans coordinated efforts to fulfill what the 14-15 Republicans plotted that January evening in 2009.

          1. BDC_57 August 30, 2014

            But they are not making him. look bad they hurting their chances to be voted in office again

          2. Independent1 August 30, 2014

            I’m sure the vast majority of us posting on the NM would love to see happen what you’re suggesting – that the GOP will lose more seats in Congress.

          3. old_blu August 31, 2014

            I sure hope you are right, but with all the gerrymandering I don’t think they’ll have to do anything right to get voted in again, I hope all of us “libtards” remember that and get out to vote it’s the only way we’ll be able to overcome that.
            Personal side note: Haven’t seen you for awhile my friend, hello to you.

    2. FT66 August 29, 2014

      I do not blame GOP per se, I blame Fox News which are feeding them News without thinking first. I have just finished watching Morning Joe. The man was like as if he was a fly on the wall when myself and others friends had a good discussion about Pres. Obama declaring yesterday, he had no strategy how to deal with ISIS. The man has strategy. How anyone with the right thinking would say openly what plans he has to tackle the enemy?? Whats wrong with Fox News and some of congresspeople insisting to know the strategy and that the President must lay it down. What about going back and think that the President had all informations and fully aware the day to take out bin Laden. The night before the incident the President was cracking jokes with journalists during the White House dinner as if there was nothing very major like that occupied his mind. These people are not thinking at all.

      1. Independent1 August 29, 2014

        Exactly!! Most Republicans and many in the media don’t seem to have one ounce of common sense. Not only are some of our congressional Republicans constantly wanting the White House to publicly divulge what amount to secret level or higher information, including what we’re planning which would make it easier for terrorists to get away with their nefarious plans (Issa for example is constantly doing that); even the media often publishes articles which in my mind should also be secret; articles which divulge what our government knows about the enemy and what options we may be taking to combat their terrorist activities. Often times it’s like our congressional people and the media are intentionally trying to give our enemies information they clearly shouldn’t have.

  6. David August 29, 2014

    George W was known to wax poetic time to time about how easy life would be if were a dictator. McCain has spent the last couple of years begging us to arm ISIS. I don’t think the GOP goal in the Middle East is the one they advertise, or else they have extreme short term memory loss. Arming Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden have all been spectacular failures and if you Google McCain speeches he just wants to arm anybody and everybody” .

    1. holyreality August 29, 2014

      Funny how the FOX gang forgets Duhbya as their preferred dictator.

  7. idamag August 29, 2014

    They call themselves Christians, but using Christ as a measuring stick. they are in the opposite camp. The Mideast has ISIS and we have the KKK.

    1. Allan Richardson August 30, 2014

      And if the KKK could get away with it, they would be beheading people. They used to get away with lynching in public and many other murders in private (because the cops, prosecutors, judges, and public “defenders” were all KKK back then). Even today, police have no sense of shame when it comes to dealing with non-white people. After they killed that boy in Ferguson, they left the body out in the street, and when his relatives and friends put flowers and memorial gifts by the body, they deliberately ran over them with the police truck, and instructed the police dog to urinate on them. What policing purpose did that serve? Absolutely none, just stepping on the grief this young man’s loved ones felt. Even if he was a robber, even if he was threatening the police officer, if that is how the investigation turns out, there is no excuse for desecrating the symbols of grief. It is like saying, not only did we have to shoot him, we are glad we did, he was not a human being and no one should be grieving over him, and those who loved him and grieve for him are no more human than he was. That is what this behavior on the part of the OTHER officers is saying.

      1. idamag August 30, 2014

        The lies, that were told by the police chief, tells a lot about the entire affair. As I understand, they didn’t even cover his body.

  8. idamag August 29, 2014

    How long before the nutcases come on here to diss the President without commenting on the people who made the week in crazy?

  9. JDavidS August 29, 2014

    This article, every Friday, is for me like an accident. You don’t want to look because you know if you do you’re going to feel a gamut of emotions…revulsion, sadness, anger, helplessness, frustration. But still I look, and run through all those emotions, and probably more that people could be so naive, stupid, gullible or in other cases (are ya listening Pat?) so bloody demented, mean, spiteful and vengeful. And the most disgusting thing of all is that Robertson professes to be a Christian.

    1. Independent1 August 30, 2014

      “And the most disgusting thing of all is that Robertson professes to be a Christian.”

      And that’s one of the most terrible things about the GOP and its supporters – that they purport to be Christian, when they and the GOP are clearly not Christians – giving millions upon millions of Americans the totally wrong picture of Christianity; to the point that many Americans are being driven away from religion completely.

      And sadly it’s not just the GOP and some selected supporters; it’s also a number of the mainstream religions who support the Devil’s party; church leaders that are corrupting their vast congregations. The blind leading the blind to damnation. It’s a truly sad and disgusting situation just as you say.

      1. dpaano September 17, 2014

        Independent1: You are SOO right! We have stopped going to our church because we got tired of hearing the anti-gay rhetoric from our pastor. He’d preach one thing; then preach something totally on the other side….total hypocracy! We’d rather pray to our God in our own home rather than have to listen to this on a weekly basis. I think a lot of people have stopped going to their churches for the same reason! The GOP have given Christians such a bad name…..it’s a sad thing!

  10. Thomas Martin August 29, 2014

    Putin is a disgrace as a world leader. For US media commentators and our own politicians to wish he was here is unprofessional, disrespectful and anti-American.

    1. Elliot J. Stamler August 30, 2014

      Pat Buchanan is an open and gushing admirer of Putin. Why should that surprise anyone? He is an open and gushing admirer of Hitler. The modern conservative Republican is an enemy of political democracy and if given the chance will end it in this country and force this land into a one-party nation.

      1. Thomas Martin September 3, 2014

        I agree, take at look at the number of “modern” conservatives in the red states. It is very difficult to get elected unless you “out conservative” other candidates. The the majority of the electorate of these states grew up republican and will die voting republican. I hold very little hope there will be any political balance in these states without major conflicts. Those of us who support humanity and the environment versus the current oligarchy will probably have to move to states where humanity counts.

      2. dpaano September 17, 2014

        That’s their goal….an imperial presidency! No congress, no senate, nothing…..let the president make ALL the decisions and we have nothing to say. Of course, it doesn’t matter that we pay his salary, I guess.

  11. cole3244 August 29, 2014

    chicken hawks always scream and yell the loudest but getting involved and actually fighting is never one of their solutions they leave that to the other person.

  12. D.Forrest August 30, 2014

    Shouldn’t there be back ground checks before soap boxes are issued?

  13. Elliot J. Stamler August 30, 2014

    If these Republican conservatives were beheaded by ISIS the heads wouldn’t fall to the ground..they would float off into the air like balloons.


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