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This Week In Crazy: It’s Time To Execute The President (Again), And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

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This Week In Crazy: It’s Time To Execute The President (Again), And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right


Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, who is apparently no longer concerned about tearing the country apart, checks in at number five this week for his latest in a long series of warnings that we’re all going to end up in internment camps.

On the Wednesday edition of his radio show, Beck explained that — just as Native Americans were imprisoned in the name of manifest destiny — so too will those who don’t support Obamacare and abortion rights end up in government camps:

He didn’t stop there; on Thursday, Beck dove into a theory about how a movement to boycott Israel was actually orchestrated by the White House — in a thinly veiled attempt to invade Jerusalem, and round up all of the American Jews who support Israel.

You know it’s a classic Beck conspiracy when both George Soros and a blackboard are involved.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Daniel Jones February 7, 2014

    Aren’t the American Jews *in America*? God, Glenn, grow a brain cell.

  2. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh February 7, 2014

    Sometimes I really have to wonder if Glenn Beck actually believes the tripe he spews. Granted, the rest of the mooks on this week’s list actually believe their own press releases, but I wonder is Beck is trying to position himself as the P.T. Barnum of the 21st Century?

    1. latebloomingrandma February 7, 2014

      While many of the far righties have their own motives, usually related to enriching themselves, I truly believe that Beck is just certifiably nuts!

    2. idamag February 7, 2014

      Way back when, beck would have been institutionalized or at best the laughing stock of the village.

      1. old_blu February 7, 2014

        Or in stocks.

  3. Liberalal February 7, 2014

    Glenn is the modern P.T.Barnum, only he sells fear and hate. His followers are no more than a cult, that follow a Charismatic and distrust those on the outside. Glenn just babbles on, but he is the leader and the leader is never wrong. One of his best was the control agent that master minded the Boston Bombing with President Obama’s knowledge.

    1. idamag February 7, 2014

      The only thing I disagree with that you said, is charismatic. There is nothing charismatic about glenn beck. He is loud and seems forceful. This appeals to people who are withdrawn.

      1. Liberalal February 8, 2014

        It is a very interesting phenomenon how someone like Glenn
        goes from “a sick twisted freak” (His words) to a leader that people follow and
        believe just about anything he says. I
        see it as just another cult. Apparently there are a lot of people that need to
        have a leader. The leadership in all these cults always claim to be doing what
        is best for the followers, when in reality they are exploiting them. It’s like
        the fox guarding the hen house. The leader claims to be protecting the
        followers from the enemy on the outside, when in fact he is the enemy.

        1. idamag February 8, 2014

          Cults and fox news appeal to those who flounder without leadership.

          1. joe schmo February 9, 2014

            You all feed into the biggest cult leadership of them all, Obama and Holder……

            At least, we have the voice we never used to and you can’t take it. Always being in the shadows having to abide by Liberal points of views through a Bias media for decades, sucked.

          2. idamag February 9, 2014

            You are full of it. Nowhere have I ever said I am a Democrat, nor will I ever. Since all of you have the same talking points, I would say you are in a cult.

          3. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            If you are not a Democrat or a Conservative (which you definitely are not) then what are you? An anarchist?

            I am not a Republican rather I am a Conservative because many Conservatives feel that they no longer like what is happening with our end of the party. It has gotten way to Liberal for many of us.

            Maybe then you are part of the ‘mob?’

            “The biggest mischief in the past century has been perpetrated by Rousseau with his doctrine of the goodness of human nature. The mob and the intellectuals derived from it the vision of a Golden Age which would arrive without fail once the noble human race could act according to its whims.” – Jakob Burckhardt

            No cult, just a citizen with the fore thought to think for myself. A person who takes from the wisdom of the elderly and the life experience of others I have met. A person who lives a principled and moral life.

          4. old_blu February 10, 2014

            I want to know where it’s written you have to be one or the other. I like to study each candidate and decide who is best for the job, and vote for them.
            Although since the Tea Party hijacked the Republican party I haven’t seen too many Republicans worth voting for lately, but as soon as they eradicate the Tea Party I’ll start giving them a chance again.

          5. idamag February 10, 2014

            Yes. The likes of Tom Cruz, et al, have driven me away from voting Republican, also. Joe Schmo and his name calling tells me “This is what Republicans have become.”

          6. idamag February 10, 2014

            You know what, dipped in, I don’t need a label nor a party, nor a church to do my thinking. I have a triple digit I.Q. and can actually think.

  4. Dominick Vila February 7, 2014

    I couldn’t help feeling sorry for our society as I read this article. As offensive and bizarre as the statements made by these opportunists are, the worst part is that millions of Americans listen to them, believe them, and act upon their proposals. The examples of opportunism, hatred, and violence cited in this article are very much in line with what is going on all around us. An armed vigilante kills an African American teenager whose only weapon was an iced tea and a bag of Skittles because the teenager refused to be manhandled and stood his ground. A man shot and killed another African American teenager because he and his friends were playing music too loud. An imbecile shot and killed a man because he was texting a babysitter to make sure his daughter was OK. An armed man shot and killed an innocent person armed only with a bag of popcorn. And most of our friends and neighbors continue to defend the right to kill, while arming themselves to the teeth because they are terrified insane, heavily armed, crazies will come after them and harmed them. I guess it must be something in the water or in the air…

    1. Bill Boltz February 7, 2014

      Dominick….because of these imbeciles…our country is the laughing-stock of the world…if not the universe. What country on this planet will ever take us seriously about anything with all the dumbasses we seem to have here? Intellect is being squeezed-out.

      1. idamag February 7, 2014

        Bush wanted to spread democracy. At least that is what he said. The way to spread democracy is by example. Why would any country want to be like our country?

      2. joe schmo February 9, 2014

        OMG, just look who’s talking. It’s your man that is making a mockery of this country… It starts at the top.

        It just keeps getting better. The AP just posted this article:


        Europe is a cesspool…..and here he would allow people in this country that have terrorist roots….and this coming from the AP not Fox News or Beck or Limbaugh

        You people are in the DARK! When will you wake up? I guess you no longer want an ‘AMERICA.’ Well you are getting your wish…..

        1. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014

          “thank you for your point of view”

        2. Bill Boltz February 10, 2014

          Joe…you’re wrong about no longer wanting an America. I grew-up in an America post WW2 with Eisenhower as president. I’d love to have that America, but I can’t go back. Most of the time whomever is president….they’re going to catch flack from the “other” party. It’s normal and it happens all the time. George W. was accused of “making a mockery of this country” as well. So my friend….I’m not putting much stock in those comments. Did you find out who fed that story to the Associated Press? I’m fed-up with all this negative press and innuendo. If our current president is guilty of High Crimes and Mis-demeaners, then impeach him. Otherwise, get back to the work for which they were elected.

    2. plc97477 February 7, 2014

      I assume you live in a red state because my friends and neighbors are not armed to the teeth and the homes with guns in them are actually going down. The blue states still seem to have some sanity in them.

      1. jmprint February 7, 2014

        Yes it is difficult living in a red state. It’s scary, a lot of people have their blinders on. They are so hooked up on religion and the preachers are preaching for the republicans, and against the democrats all because the majority believe in women’s rights.

        1. joe schmo February 9, 2014

          Print, why don’t you just leave your red state and leave them to protect their interests. The more Blues leave Red states the better off those states will be and the more conservative they will become. Maybe then the Red and Blue states can separate amicably. Good luck protecting yourself when that happens.

          We live in a blue and can’t wait to leave. There is more crime here than you can shake a stick at. There is more incentive to kill people. Who will protect you at your front door when a criminal points a gun in your face? Who will protect you when someone kicks in your front door to burglarize you such as happened to us in broad daylight. Luckily weren’t home. Good luck on that one…. There are no blinders on. It just makes sense and in included in the constitution

          “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and
          bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in

          Thomas Jefferson

          How unAmerican can you get. Why don’t you just move out of your Red ‘scary’ state….better yet, since you want to change the laws of the land, move out of the country and find a new home in a place like Cuba!

          1. old_blu February 9, 2014

            “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”-Unproven! This quote was not found in the Jeffersonian Cyclopedia but several websites have attributed this to Jefferson.

            If you have to make shit up to prove your point maybe you should rethink your point. That’s a real quote from old_blu. You’re welcome.

          2. joe schmo February 9, 2014

            Dude, the 2nd amendment is the 2nd amendment. It was not written into the Constitution to be taken out. Why should we change everything around in the Constitution just to meet your needs. That is basically changing what America is. We have rights too. I’m not making up crap.

            Second Amendment states:
            ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
            State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be

            What’s to interpret? It is what it is. ‘If you don’t like it leave it.’

          3. old_blu February 10, 2014

            “Dude” WTH are you talking about? Spin it up anyway you want, but I just pointed out that your quote from Jefferson was a lie, there’s nothing to interpret about a lie. Right?

          4. Independent1 February 9, 2014

            Blue states pale in comparison to red states when it comes to violence – all 5 states with the most violence are RED STATES. Here are some stats for you to chew on for alwhile:

            § 11 of the 12 states with the highest firearms mortality rates are GOP-RUN STATES.

            -Firearms Mortality per 100,000 – 2010


            23 of the 25 states with the highest auto fatality rates are Red States.
            Here’s a list of the 1st 10:

            Auto Fatalities per One Million Miles Driven – 2010


            Based on 2009 statistics

            -11 of the 12 states that have the highest infant
            mortality rates in the nation are GOP-RUN STATES? With Mississippi having the highest infant mortality followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, S. Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana & Ohio.

            -20 of the 23 states that have more than 15% of their population struggling with incomes below the poverty level (the states that need the most welfare assistance) are GOP-RUN STATES. The only Blue States in the top 23 are California, New Mexico, and New York. While for 2013, the 8 states with the highest average incomes, including the 3 with the highest minimum wage standard, are all Blue States.

            – 15 of the 20 states with the highest average rates of homicide over the past 5 years are GOP-RUN STATES. With Louisiana being by far the murder capital of America followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama,
            Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, N. Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

            -23 of the 25 states in the nation with the highest highway fatality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Montana having the most fatalities followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, S. Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona,
            Nevada, Alaska, N. Carolina, S. Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida…

            -19 of the 20 states with the highest firearms mortality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Louisiana leading the nation in firearms mortality followed by yoming, Alabama, Montana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Alaska,
            New Mexico, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, W. Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia, Idaho, Florida and N. Carolina

            -9 of the 12 states with 6 or more public servants per 10,000 public employees convicted of
            corruption are GOP-RUN STATES: led by Louisiana with 10.5, Kentucky – 8.5; S. Dakota – 7.5, Delaware – 7.2; Mississippi – 7.1; Alabama – 7.1; Pennsylvania – 7.1; N. Dakota – 6.9; New Jersey; 6.7; Montana – 6.5; Ohio – 6.3 and Tennessee
            – 6.0.

            -12 of the 15 states that get back the most federal aid for the tax dollars they send to Washington are GOP-RUN STATES; And all 10 that get more than $1.75 back for each $1 they send to Washington in tax revenues are red states. Of the 17 states that get back less tax dollars in federal aid than they send to Washington in tax revenues, ONLY 3 OF THEM ARE GOP RUN STATES. All 10 of the
            states that get the least federal aid for the taxes they pay (less than .75/$1) are BLUE STATES.

            – More than 75% of food stamp recipients live in GOP-RUN STATES. Six of the top 10 food stamp-using states are GOP-RUN states and beyond that the greatest food stamp using states are the sparsely populated red states. And of the 456
            counties in America that use more than 90% of all food stamps, 421 of those counties (92%) voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

            – the GOP-RUN STATE most Republicans probably look to as a shining light for the GOP, Texas, which is the second largest economy in America behind California, compares very poorly to other states in America. Texas ranks in the bottom 5 in more than 90% of 23 subjective measures when compared to other American states! Even though the GOP has had 20 plus years to turn it into something other than a job creation machine, Texas continues to
            shortchange its residents living standards and exposes them to many hazards; including living in the most polluted environment in America.

            – The five most violent states in the nation are all
            GOP-run states, led by Tennessee then S. Carolina, Louisiana, Florida and Nevada.

            -Finally, all 15 of the states with the lowest life
            expectancy in the U.S. are GOP-RUN STATES?? Such that there is a large disparity in longevity between Red States and Blue States: on average,
            residents of blue states live 2 years longer than residents of red states. To the extreme, the Blue State residents of 9 states with longevity projected to 80 and older, live as much as 5-6 years longer than the residents of the 4 shortest-lived GOP-RUN STATES of MS,WV,AL & LA. Follow this: starting with longevity projections for red states of 75 in: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA.; to 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee to 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina; while no Blue State has a longevity projection
            of less than 78, and many Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y., Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii; Only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2), while 2 Blue States have longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii)

          5. idamag February 10, 2014

            Maybe that is why those red staters are so paranoid. There are some states I won’t visit and I have been in a lot of states.

          6. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Good for you, the better for the Conservatives. We don’t want you all coming in and changing the Constitution in those states anyway. Stay away……

          7. Independent1 February 10, 2014

            Given the fact that Red States BY FAR suck more welfare dollars than Blue States (13 of the 15 states that suck the most welfare dollars from Washington are RED STATES), if the Red States seceded from the union, virtually all of them would collapse under their own mismanagement and the Blue States would end up having to pay much less in taxes (all 10 of the states that get the least welfare per dollar of taxes they send to Washington are all BLUE STATES).

            The only reason many Red States have such low tax burdens is because they intentionally set up their budgets assuming the federal government will subsidize their budgets and those of their citizens – many Red States actually hold classes for their citizens on how to apply for Federal Benefits. And like Texas which has low taxes, many Red States compare very poorly on almost any socio-economic measure. (Texas is in the bottom 5 in 90% of 23 different socio-economic measures).

          8. idamag February 10, 2014

            I worked for H & W in my red state and you are right about the classes.

          9. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Really, I think California with 4 of the 10 cities in the US just about ready to declare bankruptcy has those Red States beat;)

          10. idamag February 10, 2014

            You poor ignoramus. It is the t-party cult that is trying to change the constitution. If you read up all the arguments presented by our founding fathers when they wrote the constitution, you would understand it better, instead of letting some radical interpret it for you.

          11. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Really, do you really believe in the Constitution? I ponder to think how. Please explain to me which part and I don’t want to see any misinterpretation thereof.

            What the left fundamentally objects to, though, is not the language of the Constitution.

            “Democrats want to police speech, for instance, but are hindered by the First Amendment that guarantees we are free to speak our minds. They
            also want to restrict firearm ownership, but the Second Amendment says they can’t. The left lives to redistribute wealth and punish the rich, though the Constitution says everyone must be treated equally under the law.

            President Obama himself has lamented that the Warren Court failed to “break free from the essential constraints” of the Constitution. He has complained, as well, that it has restricted his ability to carry out hisauthoritarian urges because of the checks placed on the executive office by the other branches of government.

            The Constitution isn’t perfect, but we can’t give up on it. If we do,we also give up on the great American experiment in liberty. That would
            be a profound tragedy.”

            Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/010213-639109-left-sees-constitution-as-archaic-evil.htm#ixzz2sz26nt8t

            You people are the most unAmerican lunatics I can even think of. The founding fathers would be turning over in their graves if they could see where we are at this point and time in history. One step away from the very thing they did not want for this country. They fought against Imperialism in every form. They were not aware of Communism at that point. Your ignorance and arrogance leaps forward like a revolutionary soldat. You march in form towards the dream of a Utopian Marxist regime that sucks the innards out of the middle class plaguing the masses with poverty while the bloodsucking Government which you worship slowly leaches the very life out of your being and you don’t even see it.
            Now who’s the ignoramus

          12. idamag February 10, 2014

            BTW, tell me which state you live in so I can stay away. I don’t want to go to a paranoid state where I might get shot for some nut perceiving me to be a threat.

          13. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            LOL, you would love this state because it is one of the most Liberal in the nation. A true manifestation. Communism at it’s finest….and don’t worry about the nut jobs….in this state. There are plenty of fruits and nuts here. It has the most murders per capita in relationship to the rest of the country and the strictest gun laws. Would love to see you walk carefree down the streets of Compton, unarmed. Good luck in staying alive because even when honest gun owners are no longer able to have guns, the criminal element will still have them and knives and bats too. Now I think you can guess where I reside….

          14. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Eight of the 10 states with the highest rates of violent crime have lower rates of adult citizens with bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, more than half of the 10 states with the highest rates of violent crime
            have median income levels below the national average.

            The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States: Top 10:

            Camden, New Jersey
            Flint, Michigan
            Detroit, Michigan
            Oakland, California
            St. Louis, Missouri
            Cleveland, Ohio
            Gary, Indiana
            Newark, New Jersey
            Bridgeport, Connecticut
            Birmingham, Alabama

            This also shows you the most violence by state:

            1) District of Columbia most gun violence

            2) California has the most murders


          15. Independent1 February 10, 2014

            Most of the stats you’re quoting are based on numbers, not percentages of each state’s population which makes absolutely no sense. For example, you’re last fact that California has the most murders: Fact is that if you take Texas out of the Red State mix, California has a larger population than a great many of the other Red States combined. California is the 9th largest economy on the planet.

            Another fact is that Louisiana is the only state in the nation with more than 10 murders/100,000 population and it averages between 12 and 14 murders/100,000 each year while Mississippi has the second highest murder rate per 100,000/yr at close to 9/100,000. Given that Blue States on the norm have much larger populations than Red States which are mostly rural sparsely populated states quoting violence stats by totally violence/murder occurences makes absolutely no sense.

          16. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            You have to look at the educational standards of those states to make a proper assesment. There are many factors involved…….Not just the fact that it is a RED state…. District of Columbia for example is quite small yet the murder rates are through the roof……

          17. neeceoooo February 10, 2014

            That is what we love are actual numbers.

          18. idamag February 9, 2014

            You know, if a person is smart enough to present an intelligent point of view different from mine. I will ponder it. You do nothing, but throw out canned and scripted rhetoric. Why don’t you lock all your doors, never venture out in the dangerous world, you see, arm yourself with flame throwers, semi automatic weapons and above all, don’t let your family out in the perilous outside. They are out to get you.

          19. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Intelligent to you makes no sense at all. It lacks common sense because you are looking for me to go along with your idea. Intelligence means being able to think for yourself which is what I am doing. I don’t live in a fantasy land.

            Let me ask you something. How bout driving to the local bad side of town and take a stroll by yourself at night. Why don’t you go jogging down a lonely country road by yourself and have 3 black guys drive on by and kill you because they are bored. Why don’t you walk alone as a 15 year old girl on a quiet road or in a park by yourself at night. Tell me….do you feel safe?

            I know of a country back in the 40’s and 50’s that had no crime. A woman could walk the streets by herself at midnight without worrying about carrying a weapon. I personally know that person. She was my mother. Why could people walk with no fear. All criminals were either killed or incarcerated.

            There are three reasons why I do not want firearms illiminated.
            1) Criminals will still have guns, HELLO…..
            2 ) It is in the Constitution. It is part of our heritage.
            3) A government can control you more easily.

            Until I can see we have a handle on criminals, crime and killing, I will not feel safe and my ‘common sense’ opinion will not change whatsoever.

          20. neeceoooo February 10, 2014

            The fact that you had to reference 3 black guys in your description says all we need to know about where your minds sits. Enough Said.

          21. jmprint February 10, 2014


          22. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Jesus Christ are you bigots. Sorry if the truth hurts. I go mainly by stats and factual information.

            Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

            When Blacks commit crimes of
            violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-Blacks to use
            a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

            Hispanics commit violent
            crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent
            crimes at about one quarter the White rate.

            The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is Black and Hispanic.

            Of the nearly 770,000 violent
            interracial crimes committed every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85 percent and Whites commit 15 percent.

            Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are Black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When Whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are Black.

            -Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a White than vice
            versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

            -Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.

            -Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.

            -Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times
            more likely.

            -Between 1980 and 2003 the US
            ncarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and
            the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.

            -Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than Whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.


            The truth of the matter is that ethnics commit 3/4 more crime than whites. Any black, hispanic, Asian or any other ethnic group for that matter that does not abide by your standards is harassed to death.

            One thing is for sure….Any other ethnic group but especially Blacks who are Conservative have more common sense than most white Conservatives or Liverals put together. You own the ethnic groups because of your perverse policies that keeps them dumb and under control….. That’s not a Conservative problem. It is solely yours and it is one you created and one you cannot figure out how to resolve….

          23. jmprint February 11, 2014

            NO, IT IS ONE YOU HAVE CREATED, THERE ARE MORE BLACK AND HISPANICS INCARCERATED DUE SOLELY TO PREJUDICE 10-20 YEARS LATER THEY ARE FREED, BECAUSE THEY WERE FALSLY ACCUSED. Remember the rich gut that got off because he was too rich to know better. The laws are different for the rich. If you think that it is bad now, wait until poverty gets worse. . .and this is how the republican are working on that.

            1) minimum wage will stay where it’s at.
            2) food stamps will be cut even more
            3) jobs will continue to decline
            4) all while congress continues to give themselves raises.
            5) subsidies for the rich will continue at the expense of the elderly and the poor.

            Are you bot a christian person?

          24. joe schmo February 11, 2014

            OMG, I have been alive long enough to know that what you are saying is very untrue. I can upload statistics over statistics disclaiming your statement. Try to prove me wrong. Don’t think you can. We have an African American president for crying out loud. Blacks have more opportunities now than they ever have. As a result, what do they do, continue to blame the crackers when, in reality, it is their liberal government who keeps them suppressed. Society has given them every chance they can to get ahead. As far as your other comments. No No No No No.

            1)THE MINIMUM WAGE/Living Wage: What could be wrong with making sure that everyone makes at least a certain minimal amount for any work he does? After all, shouldn’t everyone make enough to support a family off his wages? That’s a nice idea, but the problem with it is that businesses aren’t charities and when you force them to pay employees more per hour than they’re worth, the company is probably going to react either by cutting their work force, replacing them with machinery, technology or outsourcing, or by hiring a smaller number of higher quality workers that are worth the money. In other words, minimum wages and living wages create unemployment. A great example of how this works recently happened in D.C. A law was passed targeting Wal-Mart which would have forced the retailer to pay its workers 50% more than the minimum wage. Wal-Mart’s response was to cancel the opening of six stores in the area. The liberal argument is that the thousands of people who would have voluntarily chosen to work for Wal-Mart will be better off unemployed. The conservative argument is that they should be allowed to make their own choice about whether the pay, health care, skills, and potential for advancement in the job are worth it.

            2)FOOD STAMPS The Republicans are being portrayed as heartless, simply for wanting to ensure that food stamps go to the truly needy and that families who might be struggling to put food on the table are not underwriting dependency and fraud. But the critics do not want to debate; they want to slime. So we have silly stories like the one in the Los Angeles Times the other day that was headlined: “What would Jesus say about Republican attacks on food stamps?”

            Like the majority of Americans, we believe food stamps serve as a vital bridge to help people who might otherwise have no way to feed their families in tough times. But when the program expands so rapidly, abuse is inevitable, and the fraud we see in those New York shipments to the Caribbean and the Walmart stampede tell us the social contract is frayed and we are losing our sense of ­personal responsibility.


            3) JOB DECLINE:

            Age and lack of technological education

            Bad economy is keeping people in school

            People going on disability.

            So why does the size of the labor force matter? For one, if people are leaving the labor force for economic reasons (and they’re not going back to school), it would mean the economy is in much worse shape than the official unemployment rate suggests.

            The size of the labor force also goes a long ways to determining America’s growth prospects. If, say, Baby Boomers are retiring faster than expected, then long-run U.S. economic growth will be lower than projected.
            Even worse, if discouraged workers are dropping out of the labor force entirely, they may never make their way back into jobs — they may become unemployable. That’s a massive human tragedy. It could also mean the U.S. economy will be significantly weaker in future.

            Jobs are basically declining because of the gap between the middle and those that are at the top.

            4) CONGRESS PAY RAISE.

            Remember you make the total fault fall on the Republicans and I am not saying that they are not somewhat at fault but what you don’t realize is the fact that Congress consists of two houses. The Senate and the House which, I’m sorry to say, includes the liberals. So they are included in that pay raise.


            5) SUBSIDIES FOR THE RICH:

            LOL, this one I have uploaded countless times. Most of the wealthy are rich Liberals. Rich Liberals are not job creators. They selfishly sit behind their desks making money the ‘easy’ way. They do not employ anyone.

            And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

            This runs contrary to the media fiction that the rich people in America are Republicans. This fiction is repeated over and over in the media in order to win over ignorant people to the Democrat party. And there are plenty of them, mostly among the angry, envious poor; in the agitated and shrinking middle class; and in the perpetually enraged labor union movement.

            “There are no solutions; there are only trade-offs.” — Thomas Sowell

            “In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle: There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, ‘I don’t see the use of this; let us clear it away.’ To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: ‘If you don’t see the use of it, I certainly won’t let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.’” — G.K. Chesterton

            The biggest problem with modern liberalism is that it has devolved into little more than childlike emotionalism applied to adult issues. A liberal picks which policies to support based on whether they make him feel “nice” or “mean” and then he declares a policy to be a moral imperative based on his emotional reaction to it. There’s no consideration put into whether the cost of a program is worth the benefits provided or whether the policy ultimately benefits more people than it harms; there’s just a wild lurch based on feelings. Unfortunately for liberals, governing in that fashion is not sustainable over the long haul and leads to the sort of disasters we’ve recently seen in Greece and Detroit. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the wheels of history turn slowly and at times, ambiguously, which means bad ideas can take a long time to prove their unworthiness — so long in fact, that there’s often someone trying the same failed idea under a new name by the time the old idea has been discredited.


            Imagine, if you will, the domino effect that would ensue if liberals and moderates simply tuned out the demagogues. Yes, they would still be able to manipulate their legions into endorsing cruel and self-defeating policies. But their voices would be sealed within the echo chamber of extremism and sealed off from the majority of Americans who honestly just want our common problems solved. They would be marginalized in the same way as activists who rant about racial purity or anarchy.

            My personal goal is simple: to go cold turkey on conservative wing nuts and instead take up the hard work of genuine political action. It’s time for all of us — liberal, conservative and otherwise — to define ourselves as Americans not by who we hate but by what we can do to strengthen our communities and country.


            And yes, I am a poor Christian Conservative who still believes in the American Dream.

            Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

          25. jmprint February 12, 2014

            1) I have owned a business for 33 years still in business, so don’t tell me what hurts a business. I have plenty of experience in that. Remember when America was prosperous? That’s when cost of living wages were increased yearly. When they stopped is when we started to see the gap (rich and middle class) getting larger, and larger and larger.

            2) Sure you look at the abuse that happens with food stamp, how about the abuse that happens with congress, ie Christi ring a bell. McDonald ring a bell, and on and on and on. Oh but lets just focus on the abuse that some people do with food stamps. The individual abuse is minuet compared to the abuse congress does on daily basis. It’s just a scam to keep hurting the poor, so that there is more money to give to the oil companies in a form of grants and subsidies.

            3) labor force, yes people are retiring early, so they don’t lose their retirement funds, threaten by employers for early retirement so that they can hire younger adults and pay them less, but do the increases on bonuses and severance packages on the corporate board ever get less, NO they don’t that is another reason the gap between the middle class and rich keeps getting smaller. I have seen Generals retire and take job with non-profit organizations and get paid large sums of money, a Generals can live comfortable on retirement fund instead of taking a position that an unemployed individual can get.

            The tea party is funded hold heartedly by the Kock brothers, if you support them you support their ideology, Our God is a very forgiving God, but I don’t think he would side with their ideology, the bible speak all against.

            No need to respond, I DON’T LIE, I speak the truth. I have experienced enough in life to know better also have listened and learned from honest, hard working elders.

            Matthew 6:19 – Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

          26. joe schmo February 13, 2014

            No, I honestly have to remark. For you see we are tired of the arrogance. In your opinion you think you speak the truth and I dare say you did not read everything I posted. Either that or, like most Liberals, you have chosen to turn a blind eye. I unlike your lot never stated that you lied. In most cases, you just have a different opinion than I do. …and, by the way, I have also learned from life experience and some very successful people that I respect. What they have told me, has come to pass time and time again.

            As far as Congress (Congress has two houses, the senate and the House. Remember the Liberals are included…) Christi, wow! What about Obama….. and on and on and on….. Most transparent president LOL Yah, right.

            I’m sorry but I tend to have a problem with minimum wage getting higher especially when the economy is in the tank. I can understand it in good times not bad. I also know how hard it is to get an education. The higher you go the more complex it gets. Unless you are self made, there’s a reason that most people who have educations get paid more. If you equalize everyone out and give them the same salary there will be no competition or incentive to innovate. I know this because I understand how the Communist system works. It spawns laziness. I feel that is what most Liberals want and I am telling you it will not work..

            You say you have been in business for 33 years. I wonder would you give all your employees the same wage as you? Especially if you have worked hard to maintain and keep a business going?

            Life is full of the haves and have nots. Not everyone can have or make a ton of money. Not everyone is equal when it comes to wages As expressed above, in many ways that would be unfair. I would agree with you in terms of retirement and the young. I feel that older adults are more than capable of doing a better job than some young adults. In my field I would definitely hire older adults because they are the masters of their craft….and much more responsible.

            Get off the Koch brother deal. You all are beating this dead horse to death. You probably didn’t even bother to read the article I uploaded about who the richest of the rich are. Besides, who would we have without the Koch brothers? Thank God.

            This article was written by a Liberal and, frankly, I think he is right….

            Imagine, if you will, the domino effect that would ensue if liberals
            and moderates simply tuned out the demagogues. Yes, they would still be
            able to manipulate their legions into endorsing cruel and self-defeating
            policies. But their voices would be sealed within the echo chamber of
            extremism and sealed off from the majority of Americans who honestly
            just want our common problems solved. They would be marginalized in the
            same way as activists who rant about racial purity or anarchy.

            My personal goal is simple: to go cold turkey on conservative wing
            nuts and instead take up the hard work of genuine political action. It’s
            time for all of us — liberal, conservative and otherwise — to define
            ourselves as Americans not by who we hate but by what we can do to
            strengthen our communities and country.


            Why are we at such odds? We never used to be. It was because we were comfortable. Being comfortable makes it easy for everyone to get along. But once the scales tip watch out. It is no secret that Obama hates the Conservatives. You are all just following his lead just like we are rebelling against laws that are being forced down our throats. Imperialist, yes….and getting worse. You all need to decide if Communism is really what you want.

          27. jmprint February 13, 2014

            What do you mean by WE are tired of arrogance, who is we? The truth is not opinion it is the truth. Let me explain: Bringing minimum wage up to $10.10 does not mean that we are paying all employee equal pay, it just mean that a person making enough to survive. And yes non of my employees make less then $10.00 an hour.

            Thank you for trying to educate me on The House and Senate and sorry if gave you the impression that I am ignorant about my government. But trust me when I say raising the minimum is not going to make this a communist country.

            The Kock brothers are pretty much alive, call them dead horses if you want, but follow the money, they are tied in to every non-profit organization that supports the tea party.


            You need to take your blinders off.

            Again no need to reply, I can never see through your fogged pupils.

          28. joe schmo February 13, 2014

            Yes, the arrogance of your side wanting it all, seeking to change it all and acting like they are the only people living in this land. Where does the Constitution figure into all of this. Whatever happened to team work. Oh, that’s right there is no such thing. Just both sides being selfish in fetishing their own agendas.

            What I mean by the wage increase is that like everything else it will keep changing and increasing until EVERYONE is making the same amount of money no matter how much education or know how that person has. (That is a Communist ideal) There will be no rewards for hard work and knowledge. As a result of this, there will be no competition or innovation. ‘Sharing the wealth at its finest.’ It’s already happening to some extent. Maybe your employees make more than $10.00 an hour but I am almost sure that you do not share your wealth with them? Don’t get Liberal business owners…

            DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT COMMUNISM IS? i don’t think so. My father lived under it and has stated that this is exactly what it was like when it came into Europe…. Sorry but that is how it looks to be at the moment.

            Like I said before, I do not think you are a Liar or Stupid just think different. Until you except me and my ideals for what they are (like it used to be) I cannot except yours and I will be quick to point out what is false in what is being fed your way.

            Koch Brothers, George Soros, Warren Buffet what’s the difference? All rich A’holes making a mockery of us all……

          29. Independent1 February 10, 2014

            You say you’re upset about the Blue State you live in and would like to move to red state. Well, tell you what, here’s the link to an article on a glorious Red State, North Carolina that I’m sure would just fit your fancy:

            Moral Monday gathering in North Carolina


          30. old_blu February 10, 2014

            That’s funny I like the sign “OMG GOP WTF.

          31. plc97477 February 10, 2014

            He needs to refit his foil hat it seems to be slipping.

          32. idamag February 10, 2014

            good one

          33. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            …and you never had a tin hat….so basically you don’t have a brain that allows you to think for yourself…..

          34. jmprint February 10, 2014


          35. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            ….and I bet you hate me more because of the color of my skin. You just won’t say it. My family is new to this country so you cannot blame them for slavery or the purchase of California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. That’s your problem. My family just jumped in came here LEGALLY, learned the language, learned the Constitution, worked hard, and made it.

            Not accepting other human beings…. LOL You want everyone to be equal. We are not all equal. We were all born uniquely different with varying traits and principles and morals set forth by other adults. We are not clones of one another and that is where the problem lies. You are not accepting me either. Don’t you think that is hypocritical. You stand so firmly on human rights. Where are my rights? Ethnics are not the only ones who need acceptance. We ALL do. No matter who we are but you are quick to judge because I come from the other side of the fence and because I believe in some issues that you do not. I bet if you put us in a room together we would find some common ground because, believe it or not I have quite a few Liberal friends.

            We cannot have peace in this world until we except each other for who we are and that includes religious and political affiliations. So in a way that is discrimination too. That is why I come to this site because you bash and bash and bash. You don’t like women, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc…. being derailed but in other instances you mean to condemn. You aim to change this nation and take it apart piece by piece. That is not what freedom was meant to do. By that I mean change into a second Mexico or second Africa or second Europe. America is America and used to be something special and unique. We see that being destroyed. Apparently, you don’t. How very sad….

          36. jmprint February 11, 2014

            I am not like you I don’t hate anyone at all, immigrants are immigrant no matter if they arrive legally or not. We are ALL God’s people. You must not read the bible. Human rights trump individual greediness. I never said I didn’t accept you, I don’t judge you, it’s not my job. I don’t understand where you read in any of my post that I am prejudice and don’t like other ethnic groups. I just don’t care for people to be judge for what other peers with the same color do. The only reason America is different is because the republican are creating a spread between the middle class and the 1 to 5 percent. We used to have three levels, Rich, Middle class and poor, now it is becoming poor and rich. THANK YOUR TEA-PARTY IDIOTS FOR GOING IN THIS DIRECTION.

          37. Independent1 February 10, 2014

            And if Jefferson did in fact make that statement, which he may have since he was one of the paranoids at the constitutional convention, here’s what the writer of the 2nd Amendment had to say about Jefferson’s belief that the federal government may try to subvert the powers of the states (he called Jefferson’s paranoid ideas ‘chimerical fears’ – wild fantasies of his immagination).

            Here’s the last 2 paragraphs of Madison’s Federalist #46 paper where he pokes fun at Jefferson and all the other paranoids at the convention – Madison DID NOT write the 2nd Amendment with ANY THOUGHT of government tyranny!!

            The argument under the present head may be put into a very concise form, which appears altogether conclusive. Either the mode in which the federal government is to be constructed will render it sufficiently dependent on the people, or it will not. On the first supposition, it will be restrained by that dependence from forming schemes obnoxious to their constituents. On the other supposition, it will not possess the confidence of the people, and its
            schemes of usurpation will be easily defeated by the State governments, who will be supported by the people.

            On summing up the considerations stated in this and the last paper, they seem to amount to the most convincing evidence, that the powers proposed to be lodged in the federal government are as little formidable to those reserved to the individual States, as they are indispensably necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Union; and that all those alarms which have been sounded, of a meditated and consequential
            annihilation of the State governments, must, on the most favorable interpretation, be ascribed to the chimerical fears of the authors of them.

          38. idamag February 10, 2014

            I read a biography of Jefferson. It is funny that quote was left out.

          39. jmprint February 11, 2014

            Oh, please don’t come to Texas, we already have enough idiots.

          40. joe schmo February 12, 2014

            Oh, that is just where we might be headed….or Utah. The more the merrier.

            Got an idea, why don’t we just trade places. You can live in California and we can move to Texas…. I think then we would both be happy. At least we won’t be taxed to death to help pay for all the fringe benefits. When the tax base is all gone….then what? Who’s gonna pay for all the freebies…..

            Oh, and don’t tell me let me guess? Probably Austin? I think I heard that is the Liberal hubbub.

          41. jmprint February 12, 2014

            Utah has their arms wide open for you. You would be very happy there. Go for it.

      2. neeceoooo February 10, 2014

        I live in a red state and my friends and neighbors are armed for the government take over and live and breath duck dynasty.

        1. Independent1 February 10, 2014

          Yeah! And the majority of these gun lovers in Red States have the notion that Madison included the right to bear arms in the 2nd Amendment because he feared a state takeover by the feds – when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Madison said those like Jefferson who believed the federal government would usurp the powers of the states were expressing only their ‘chimerical fears’, wild fantasies of their immaginations.

          Here’s the last paragraph of his Federalist #46 paper:

          On summing up the considerations stated in this and the last paper, they seem to amount to the most convincing evidence, that the powers
          proposed to be lodged in the federal government are as little formidable to those reserved to the individual States, as they are indispensably necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Union; and that all those alarms which have been
          sounded, of a meditated and consequential annihilation of the State governments, must, on the most favorable interpretation, be ascribed to the
          chimerical fears of the authors of them.

          1. neeceoooo February 10, 2014

            Again, thank you for the facts. I try to keep a low profile and not piss off my gun toten neighbors.

          2. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Oh, get over it already….

        2. joe schmo February 12, 2014

          Ummmm, are you a Conservative and you have all up votes? Hmmmmm……

    3. shawnthesheep February 7, 2014

      I agree with everything except the “most of our friends and neighbors” bit. It’s a common mistake to confuse those who shout the loudest with the majority.

      1. tobyspeeks February 7, 2014

        Exactly! Responsible firearm owners don’t advertise.

    4. idamag February 7, 2014

      You are right. How low can our society sink, before it starts up again?

      1. Independent1 February 8, 2014

        A lot of what you’re seeing from these crazies was started by an ex president whose birthday was a few days ago (2/6). Ronald Reagan. Here’s the link to an article comparing Ronnie to Obama that you may find of interest:


        1. joe schmo February 9, 2014

          …and a lot of the crimes created by misuse of weapons were committed by Liberals. No joke!

          1. Independent1 February 9, 2014

            Name one!!

          2. idamag February 10, 2014

            He is not intelligent enough to put out facts. He just spouts.

          3. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Wrong again, Conservatives tend to relate to stats and facts. You all hang on by emotional content. We can laugh at ourselves for being criticized. You all can’t handle it…….

          4. joe schmo February 10, 2014

            Big one…James Holmes

            The author of the Doo Doo Economics Blog cites Holmes as a member of the “black block” faction of the Occupy movement who left the group allegedly because it was not radical enough for him.

    5. Independent1 February 8, 2014

      Great post!! My sense is that a lot of what these crazies believe was started about 30 years ago when Ronald Reagan was president – a great deal of what he pushed on America were fantasies, just like much of what some of these crazies come out with – and they’re the ones who keep believing Ronnie was a great president – when nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s the link to an article comparing Ronnie to Obama that I think brings out some of Ronnie’s craziness which perpetuates even until today through the GOP sheep:


      1. nestazhe265 February 10, 2014

        my Aunty Arianna got a nearly new silver
        Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab by working part time off of a macbook air. try this

        1. old_blu February 10, 2014

          Hey you’re pretty hot, but way too young tell your Aunty to call me. 867-5309
          Oh I forgot Good-by

    6. Independent1 February 8, 2014

      Dominick, it was nice to see Charlie Crist taking it to Rick Scott on his decision to not push for expanding Medicaid as ending up costing Florida an estimated 6 lives per day. We need more Dems to be doing this.

      See article on Crist:


  5. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG February 7, 2014

    During an interview on Fox, Beck told Kelly: “I wish I could go back and be more uniting in my language because I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart and it’s not who we are and I didn’t realize how really fragile the people were. I thought we were kind of a little more in it together. Now I look back and I realize if we could have talked about the uniting principles a little bit more, instead of just the problems, I think I would look back on it a little more fondly.” So much for that phony Mea Culpa – he is the same talking head deliberately causing great harm, pain, and upset.

    1. latebloomingrandma February 7, 2014

      Maybe he was on meds for one day.

    2. tobyspeeks February 7, 2014

      He saw all the money to be made. Greed is a mental illness.

      1. idamag February 8, 2014

        Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Unfortunately, the religious nuts only focus on anything that has to do with sex. They never get sex off their brains.

      2. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014

        It is an imbalance in brain chemistry that causes an imbalance in endorphin receptors being over stimulated that create pleasure. In this case….greed is an aphrodisiac to all those that covet money at the expense of human beings. They are addicted…as most addicts are whether it is money, power, food, gambling drugs etc…the fundamental psychological underpinning is a narcissistic personality disorder.

        1. idamag February 10, 2014

          And the worst thing is that they think those of us, who do not worship money, are jealous.

  6. Buford2k11 February 7, 2014

    How did the insane get so many microphones????

  7. old_blu February 7, 2014

    Zimmerman in a boxing match? As bad as I don’t want to help promote the stupid antics of this guy I really do want to see him get his butt kicked, so I’ll probably watch that. In fact I might have like a Super Bowl party for it. We’ll call it the Zimmerman Whup Ass Bowl.

    1. idamag February 7, 2014

      Yes! Can a gun be hidden in boxing shorts? Will they make sure he doesn’t have one?

    2. Independent1 February 8, 2014

      Old-blu, here’s an article comparing Reagan to Obama just a few days after Reagan’s birthdate that I think you might enjoy seeing:


      1. old_blu February 8, 2014

        That’s very interesting Independent, it just about covers every talking point the far right has been regurgitating at us for the last five years doesn’t it? Thank you for that my friend I appreciate it. I’m going to save that and use it when necessary.

        1. Independent1 February 8, 2014

          I came across another article on the Dailykos that is encouraging – Charlie Crist in Fla taking it to Rick Scott about his decision to not expand Medicaid costing Florida an estimated 6 lives per day. That’s something we need more Demorats to do – start pointing out where the GOP’s governance is actually ending up costing people’s lives.

          And here’s something I plaigerized from one of the comments in Dailykos article for this link which I think is another great idea – in campaigning Democrats should start tying Republicans to the Koch Bros, Big Oil, Carl Rove and other big money sources.

          See this comment:

          Democrats won’t be able to match the Koch money. In some races, the ratio has been at least 10 to 1, sometimes 15 to 1.

          The only way to counter the effect of such “inequality” Is to make the inequality in money spent an argument in and of itself.

          When a candidate benefits from such a money advantage, just say he’s a Koch candidate. Or a Big Oil candidate, etc. Or a Karl Rove candidate. And keep repeating it.

          Make Koch money radioactive for a candidate. Make Big Oil money radioactive too. And so on.

          By: Lovepolitics2008 (I modified a little)
          Here’s the link to the article on Crist:


    3. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014

      The event has been cancelled…

      1. old_blu February 9, 2014

        Yeah I saw that Daniel, I also found it was on Trayvon’s birthday, and that is completely wrong, so it’s a good thing it was canceled.

        1. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014


      2. idamag February 10, 2014

        Why am I not surprised?

      3. plc97477 February 10, 2014

        I kinda figured it would. I didn’t think gz had the guts.

        1. idamag February 10, 2014

          You are right about that. Any bully who kills and unarmed teen is bound to be a coward.

  8. Lynda Groom February 7, 2014

    These crazies should be locked up in a padded room before them hurt themselves further or others.

  9. Duckbudder February 7, 2014

    It is unclear why Fox presented Roth as qualified to speak on the plus-size Disney princess issue — she does not appear to have degrees in the nutrition or medical field, but instead is known for body-shaming through her National Action Against Obesity website and personal blog which carries the tag-line “MeMe Roth: Reporting From FATOPOLIS.” She has compared obese people to sex criminals and advocated for nutrition plans that sound a lot like anorexia.

    Is she the fatass on the right?

    1. ralphkr February 7, 2014

      No,Roth is the Anorexic loudmouth on the left.

    2. idamag February 8, 2014

      Fox aslways picks some dipped-in-ignorance to speak on scientific matters.

    3. 4sanity4all February 9, 2014

      I suppose Fox got her because she agrees with their mindset. A person with a degree in nutrition would have pointed out that glorifying a too thin figure is not healthy. A person with knowledge might have pointed out that a size 14 woman is now considered plus size in this crazy culture, and years ago, that same size 14 woman, who by the way is average, would have been considered healthy and attractive.

  10. Kaitlin Rush February 9, 2014

    I have to say watching the fat-bashing segment on FOX with Hasselhoff or whatever her name is made me a better person. Skinny cow bullying is so unattractive. My boyfriend said, “The bigger woman is sexier” after watching this. After watching this as a skinny girl, I am never going to be the that Anti-Obesity woman. Too high-strung. She comes off as a nervous drug addict. (The darker side of thin.)

    1. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014

      “thank you for your point of view”.

      1. Guest February 9, 2014


  11. JD Mulvey February 9, 2014

    Dear National Memo:
    Spreading these over five pages, with an annoying popup on each one, just makes me stop reading.

    1. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014

      What pop ups?

  12. Kaitlin Rush February 9, 2014

    I think all cable should be on the subscriber model like HBO. I shouldn’t have to buy FOX with my cable package. As consumers we should be able to check a few boxes on our “On Demand” function and buy stations a la carte.

    If I only want HBO, Animal Planet and MSNBC, I should be able to get that alone. Why should I pay for more?

    Let FOX support itself if their viewership is so large. Why am I paying for it? That’s what pisses me off about FOX. I am forced to support them as a cable consumer. Soon enough, I’m going off the grid with my TV. Netflix, Youtube, and online news it is.

    1. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014

      What does this have to do with ”
      This Week In Crazy: It’s Time To Execute The President (Again), And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right”

      1. idamag February 10, 2014

        It is part of the worst of the right to force their political views on everyone else in doctors offices and other public places.

    2. daniel bostdorf February 9, 2014

      …….“thank you for your point of view”.

    3. idamag February 10, 2014

      My sentiments, exactly. I keep wondering if all the public places were given free cable with only one station on it. It is so rude to force your political opinions on everyone else.

  13. The_Magic_M February 10, 2014

    WND will probably claim Zimmerman lost because he feared to be called a racist when hitting a black guy…


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