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Weekend Reader: What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About The Next American Revolution

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Weekend Reader: What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About The Next American Revolution


This week, Weekend Reader brings you an excerpt from Gar Alperovitz’s recently released book, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About The Next American Revolution. While fixing the economy is the most important issue to Americans, how to do so is still being hotly debated. Thus far, despite the urgency, Washington has been completely unsuccessful in working together to create jobs and reduce the deficit. Alperovitz, a political economist and historian, proposes an entirely new, pragmatic, step-by-step concrete approach to fixing the economy that would completely revolutionize our broken democratic-capitalist system. 

You can purchase the book here.

Chapter One:
How to Detect a System Problem Without Really Trying

People toss around the phrase It’s the system pretty loosely in everyday language. Usually they mean that things are sort of set up, by either design or accident, to run the way they run—and that the game is pretty well rigged so that those at the top (and their organizations) control the action. You can’t really buck the system: Too much power, too much red tape, too much bureaucracy—they’ll wear you down.

And so on.

That’s not a bad way to start thinking about the big system that defines the overarching contours of our national life—namely, the large corporate-dominated economic system and the heavily constrained political system that set the terms of reference for almost everything else.

I want to push a bit deeper, however. Here’s the essential point: A system problem—as opposed to your usual garden-variety political problem—is one that isn’t going to go away through politics as usual. It will require somehow changing the way things are rigged deeper down in the machinery of institutions, corporations, bureaucracy, and all the other elements of the system that produce the outcomes we experience.

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A system problem is difficult. It runs deep.

Everyone knows we have problems in the United States: unemployment, poverty, environmental decay, global warming—to say nothing of whole cities like Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, and many others that have essentially been thrown away. If you are black or brown, your prospects are far worse. And wars keep happening, with little positive outcome and lots of dead American kids (to say nothing of dead Iraqis, Afghanis, and others). Civil liberties decay, day by day, year by year.

So much is obvious. Moreover, this wealthiest of all wealthy nations has been steadily falling behind many other nations of the world. Consider just a few wake-up-call facts from a long and dreary list: The United States now ranks lowest or close to lowest among advanced “affluent” nations in connection with inequality (21st out of 21), poverty (21st out of 21), life expectancy (21st out of 21), infant mortality (21st out of 21), mental health (18th out of 20), obesity (18th out of 18), public spending on social programs as a percentage of GDP (19th out of 21), maternity leave (21st out of 21), paid annual leave (20th out of 20), the “material well-being of children” (19th out of 21), and overall environmental performance (21st out of 21).

Add in low scores for student performance in math (17th out of 21), one of the highest school dropout rates (14th out of 16), the second-highest per capita carbon dioxide emissions (2nd out of 21), and the third-highest ecological footprint (3rd out of 20).

Also for the record: We have the worst score on the UN’s gender inequality index (21st out of 21), one of the highest rates of failing to ratify international agreements, the highest military spending as a portion of GDP (1st out of 21), and among the lowest spending on international development and humanitarian assistance as a percentage of GDP.1


  1. Dominick Vila June 1, 2013

    Our long term problems are not going to manifest themselves next year or the next, they will become obvious in one or two decades from now. We are going to pay dearly for our unwillingness to pay for what we need, for the way we have neglected our infrastructure during the past several decades, for our reluctance to invest at home, for our indifference to problems affecting the environment and reluctance to invest in R&D, new technologies and concepts. Above all, we are going to pay a heavy price for the dismal state of our education system. The impact of the latter on oour well being and national security, considering the technological and industrial revolution that is underway, is likely to be the worst problem of all.

    1. tobewan June 1, 2013

      Thanks Dominick for your sensibleness. Over the past five years, the Republicnuts have started a war, a CIVIL WAR against tne Democratic Party, the President, and the American people. They have financially deserted America by shifting their wealth to off-shore accounts and/or seeking to pay no taxes on all the money they’ve made on the backs of Americans – in the work place and in the market place. Republicnut sympathizers are willing to spend huge sums of money and say and do anything, continually targeting the Presidency in unloyal, unpatriotic, and immoral fashion, and won’t be happy until they are the dictators they, the GOP/Tea-Poopers, want to be.

      The only RIGHT government fit to rule is the Kingdom that will never be destroyed per Dan. 2:44 now being established over the kings of finance and politics, as we see their ‘kingdom’ ending during these times of trouble ‘such as never has been’ AND, when accomplished, never will be again.

      Kings of finance = Corporations, Industrialists, Insurance, Banking, Stock Markets, and all that monopolizes the welfare of the common people here and abroad.

      Rulers are finding it difficult to rule beneficially, nor can he figure out a way to do so and is coming to see that he can’t. We need the rule of the highest power and intellect. HE has heard the cries of the people under modern day bondage, struggling to bear-up under the burdens imposed on them by the wealthy Pharaoh’s of our day in an ever increasing fashion.

      The.Lord’s Prayer is in the state of being accomplished. That kingdom is incorruptible and not, will not co-exist with the corruptible powers that be now. The blogging that shows up here on NM is good indication the unstable corruption that exists just here in the USA. Hang on to your faith in HIM and continue to pray for HIS Kingdom, HIS incoming kingdom.

      1. Allan Richardson June 1, 2013

        A hymn that was popular during World War II was titled “Praise God and Pass the Ammunition.” I believe the system can be changed with the non-violent type of “ammunition” because violence always causes a great deal of collateral damage, i.e. killing the innocent. But this will require changing our collective CONSCIOUSNESS. For example, even though we know that extreme wealth/poverty inequality is evil, we still have a tendency to respect and idolize wealthy people JUST for being wealthy, regardless of HOW they gained it and WHAT they are doing with it. We must change that consciousness and, for example, honor those without money who are doing good (and of course, those with money who use it for good).

        The kingdom is within the consciousness of each of us. Everything is in God’s hands, but WE are God’s hands.

        1. rustacus21 June 1, 2013

          … & yet, in a civilized society, our greatest ‘ammunition’ is our combined, consolidated, collective intellect!!! USE IT! We are NOT ‘descended from cowardly men & women…’ goes a quote I like to use when reminding people of our Liberal/Progressive resistance that led to the Revolution that BUILT this nation! Remember, it was conservatives that opposed a republic based on Democratic principles. What has changed is citizens distancing themselves from those principles & values, in exchange for self-serving, self-enriching, plain SELFISH values of conservatives. Propaganda works, obviously, when considering the state of the nation & the opposition voters’ state of mind. We are head & shoulders above where they are & its well past time we show it. Unlike them, we don’t need approval…

      2. tax payer June 1, 2013

        None of the two Parties is trying to do anything positive for us, so why have these two to betray us?

    2. I Zheet M'Drawz June 2, 2013

      I disagree, our long term problems are on US now.
      The longer we allow the two parties control over the US gov’t the more destitute the nation will become.
      This is one of those situations where in business we’d terminate all the players, move the Company & start anew.
      But I do foresee a major shift in the US as time goes on. The North & South are bad for each other.
      The North provides the financing to run the world, they have the medical, educational & technological elements that have contributed to the past success of this nation.
      The South brings to the table…NASCAR, moonshine, right wing religious zealots, gun nuts & football.
      If they want their own separate nation let them have it.

      1. tz June 2, 2013

        Perhaps the North should secede this time.

      2. Michael Kollmorgen June 2, 2013

        I would love to see the south secede from the union and then the north join with Canada.

        I wonder, would Canada even want us? I wouldn’t.

  2. Archie's Boy June 1, 2013

    Buying the book will certainly be good for *Alperovitz* anyway…

  3. rustacus21 June 1, 2013

    Job number one must now & forever be non-stop education. Not propaganda. Not infomercials. Not ‘corporatized’ media. Somehow, life-long education “MUST” be made a requirement, as well as providing a “lucrative benefit for being a responsible ‘co-manager’, along w/the rest of the citizenry”, of our Democracy. It took 40 years to degenerate to this point, politically. It was 40 years ago that students, armed w/their civics education/knowledge – acquired in H.S. & college, realizing they were unfairly being used, in fighting a war they neither understood nor agreed with. The conservative response? Remove the threat – i.e., civics education!!! W/out a coherent understanding of what benefits are derived from broad, expansive democracy – as opposed to our current state of catastrophic, chaotic anarchy, where money rules over our Democracy (in spite of our better judgement) & both citizens & legislators are HELPLESS to stir even a single brain cell in opposition to its demise, no action is forthcoming – as we see. This is where the ‘system’ is showing greatest stress, where citizens can’t see thru the various component parts making up media messaging, propaganda & actual mind control devices. But the question boils down to this – whose benefit is it that the citizen majority is & remain divided? Red state voter ‘logic’ & Citizens United are the 2 best supportive factors for my proposition… Think America!!! We don’t have long B4 the ’14 election & obviously, by looking at conservative propaganda outlets, they’ve been reading mine (on wordpressdotcom)/others comments/blogs & are gearing up for an all-out assault. Lying to match their money advantage will only benefit them as long as Americans remain as stupid as our weakest links – conservative voters! They aren’t operating in real-time, so it’s up to those of us w/an awareness & functional (at the very least) intellect to make the decisions they’re unable to, by way of our Liberal/Progressive Democratic & Independent party majorities – along w/Liberal/Progressive Republican’s, who are definitely the minority of their party. But that shouldn’t stop them from doing right by their Republic in the meantime… which is all our Constitution requires of We, the People…

    1. FredAppell June 1, 2013

      We need the numbers before we can implement such a plan. It’s useless trying to overcome ignorance with reason when their hatred and mistrust runs so deep. If President Obama attempts to put forth that kind of legislation, it most assuredly would be defeated. All the right wing hypocrisy over the years has taught me that it is less about the message and more about the messenger.
      It’s also possible that while we were all busy pointing fingers, we as a nation have missed some golden opportunities to push through useful legislation. We have another chance in 2014, I hope we don’t blow it.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen June 1, 2013

        I hope your right………………..

        1. FredAppell June 1, 2013

          About which part?

          1. Dominick Vila June 2, 2013

            I agree with everything said, but the key to change course is 2014.

    2. Michael Kollmorgen June 1, 2013

      It used to be when you left High School, you went to work at a factory where your father worked or family member, worked there until retirement.

      Now, all of sudden, a high school diploma is not good enough. Now, the Coropratist need a college degree to wash bathrooms.

      Now, its Lifelong Learning? Huh, I though only engineers and doctors had to do that.

      You see, what is “really” going on is that Corporations have manipulated the government and us into believing you need education throughout your life in order to compete. Well, they might be true IF you need to find a job every few years, which they have brought employment in this country down to.

      Not only that but a college degree isn’t worth what it used to be just 10 years ago. Way too many people with degrees are looking for the same position, thereby driving down wages and earning prospects, which colleges and universities are more than happy to have you go to college for, only to find your chosen field is already filled to the brim with workers.

      1. FredAppell June 1, 2013

        I agree, we must stop teaching kids that college is the only answer. It should always remain an option like it was in the past. A lot of trades may ultimately suffer because of a lack of interest and knowledge. We may end up with a shortage of tradesmen. Forgive me if I sound like Rick Perry but he is right at least about that, though i’m sure my reasoning is much different than his. We need to develop a culture where every job
        is respected and has merit.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen June 2, 2013

          I’ve always said, doing something is more honorable than not doing anything at all.

          I don’t think we glamorize certain careers. But, the college, universities and tech schools sure do. Look at all the ADDs you see on TV talking about how wonderful this or that career is going to be IF you go to “their” school.

          In all due respect for these halls of learning, most companies only take the cream of the crop. Probably 80% of the graduating class is stuck oweing bills galore for their classes in the field they were brainwashed into believing they will get after 4 years, in which case they finally had to work at McDs instead.

          Shortage of Trademen?, that is happening right now. My trade, being a manual machinist is getting harder to find qualified people. We’re all deing off and no one is replacing us. And, most of us who have families usually advise their kids not to go into the trade because of all the BS companies put us through for years.

          1. rustacus21 June 3, 2013

            … & I believe I addressed every point U mention. By ‘life-long’ education, it means just that. Do U know any journeymen? Do U know any teachers? Lawyers? How about chefs? Chain store managers? They all need additional, on-going training in order to remain viable, but MOST importantly – to keep their jobs (as have U surely)! A ‘vocation’ (I’ll let U look that up) is a best start along a ‘career’ path, that doesn’t necessarily require a college degree. But an absolute requirement is to ‘SELF-ENLIGHTEN’. The majority of the Signers of the Declaration & the Constitution, as well as one Abraham Lincoln & the greater populous of the time, were not college educated. But they were recipients of the most remarkable advance in knowledge-transfer ever: the printing press (invented in 1440). They were voracious readers. We, in this age, are merely ‘mass-media’ consumers & are obviously paying the price, w/mass ignorance. Granted college isn’t the ‘do-all, end-all’, but provides an import set of intellect-expanding components that can ALWAYS be built upon. The government, at one time, controlled the cost by issue grants & VERY low-cost loans to anyone desiring to attend college. Now the banks have put their ‘private sector’ alchemy to work & what do U know? NOW, the cost of college makes it not worthwhile to go! But the college graduated bankers have mfg’d a way to earn billions in their lifetimes, while students w/out even so much as a start on life owe their ‘iives’ to some bank. Our local community college trains machinists & also how to start their own machine shop (as part of a normal curriculum). But the money has to come from somewhere & government ‘was’ doing great w/it. This is what we need to reclaim, among many other initiatives, in the 2014 election. & YES – we already HAVE the numbers. But it doesn’t do much good if propaganda continues coercing its unread, unEnlightened audience to vote for ‘monarchy’ instead of ‘polyarchy’ (rule by the many) – as in Democracy…

  4. Michael Kollmorgen June 1, 2013

    We will NEVER change the “system” from within. Our system of government was never designed “for the people”. Your Vote never meant a dam thing. Even more today, it means less and less. We pick the least worst of two evils. That’s one hell of a bad way to run a government. Our elected officials are bought and paid for by the time they get elected, even before a election.

    Finally, which I’m surprised didn’t happen years ago, was our Supreme Court giving Corporations Human Rights. Evidently, they’ve finally got enough balls to admit it, meaning, Corporations is what this country has stood for all along.

    There is nothing we can do about all these above-mentioned problems? Of course there is. Change the form of our government to reflect the needs of our people, not big business.

    Capitalism and the very structure of our government must be eliminated or changed as a model for our country. I only see one way of doing this, hopefully peaceful, violent if necessary. And, we all know what I mean without me even mentioning what THAT process must be.

    As with all governments, they all fall eventually. I’m surprised our country has lasted as long as it has.

    1. tz June 2, 2013

      I know it is in grander scheme of this article and thread, this point is minor. However it is relevant. Just as I was beginning to buy into the “My vote does not mean a damn thing”, Colorado & Washington voters have given rise to change no chicken shit politician dared to. That would be to legalize cannabis, and thus chip away at all of the degenerative and socially destructive consequences of its being formerly outlawed.
      It is conceivable that We The People can cognitively use elections to our advantage.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen June 2, 2013

        I suppose you are right, votes do count. But with a Drug? We DO have way more serious problems to consider first.

        I think it was just sort of a feel-good vote – Comfortably Numb:)

        1. RobGinChicago June 3, 2013

          Without change (legalization) at the Federal level, state initiatives are just a gentle, if ineffective reminder of the direction and trends of public sentiment. Change will come at the federal level only if and when Monsanto sees a controlable profit to be made, and allows their gelded stable of political animals to write and pass the necessary legislation.

          1. Michael Kollmorgen June 3, 2013

            Actually, I consider the States to be more corrupt than the Feds.

            If you take a look at all the taxes, levies, fees, fines, etc. we pay at the state level, what we pay at the fed level is a drop in a bucket.

            And, most of our problems are being generated at the state level, not the federal level.

      2. rustacus21 June 3, 2013

        … & cannibis smokers contribute what to society? But, the gun legislation just passed in CO, NY & other states, is significant. Next, tackling the cost of education & giving back to the govt. Then we can get ‘clear’ minds working on ‘inventing’ energy solutions that will once & for all, retire the dirty, filthy legacy of the carbon-based economy of the ‘Industrial Revolution’ that now is responsible for the current & greatest mass extinction of life in the planets history. If it tops the Permian extinction, that means humans will be victims as well. But the ‘people’, as the ‘fountain’ of THIS Democracy’s authority (see essay 51 of the Federalist Papers) must be obedient to the Constitutions commandments, that we ‘responsibly preside’ over THIS government of OURS, so ignorance, laziness & ‘fanctionalisms’ (see Federalist #10) doesn’t create a worse crisis than was the case at the outset in 1776…

  5. tdm3624 June 1, 2013

    Just because the United States has the highest rate of failing to ratify UN agreements isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Further, although I do think our military is too big, there is something to be said about the role the US plays in keeping world markets open to trade. And without the US, what nation would step forward to keep the North Koreas and Chinas in check?

    1. Michael Kollmorgen June 2, 2013

      Who ever said the Chinese are in Check?

      They might be in “check” after all. They don’t want to loose their second largest trading partner – Wallmart.

  6. howa4x June 1, 2013

    With the destruction of unions there is nothing to hedge against the corporate rule. Now corporations have their lobbyists write the legislation for the elected officials. There is no pretense anymore. The republicans have successfully cut the middleclass away from unions, and made them think that the welfare of the wealthiest is more important than any other group. The 1% supports this by funding candidates that pledge to support them and their ability to accumulate more and more wealth, and destroying ones that try to speak the truth. Until we say everyone matters then nothing will change.

  7. Knight Moonsuga June 2, 2013

    uncontrolled, untethered capitalism running wild. corporations with the sole intent of growing larger, by any means necessary, even killing us quicker.

  8. Germey June 2, 2013

    Nobody wants to discuss that this nation continues to decline as we replace the core population with immigrants from the “Third World”? Its all very obvious and simple, you guys. Third World populations do not continue “western” or first world ways. They simply aren’t capable. Denying this reality doesn’t change it.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen June 2, 2013

      I tend to agree with your comment.

      But, I will say, during the Dark Ages, Europe would have been considered Third World as in comparison to the Middle East and Asia. The Middle East and Asia were at the height of their civilizations during this time period.

      Every society that does not improve itself, for lack of better words, modernizes, falls from its own weight. Education declines, infrastructure needs more maintaining, conservative agendas takes the place of progressive liberal agendas. These all spell disaster for a civilization.

      And, this is exactly what is happening with OUR civilization now.

      It’s not the immigrant problem, they should adapt if given the chance. They want to live in a modernized society the same as any one of us. If not, they would have stayed where they came from – third world countries.

  9. Oxyco June 2, 2013


  10. cr0ft June 2, 2013

    It’s really not complicated. America is the least cooperation-focused of the industrialized nations, and competition – an incredibly damaging force, really – is enshrined. When you want a nation that’s run on the principle of “every man for himself”, the only obvious result of that is that the men who are already in charge by virtue of “owning” the most “money” will garner most of the resource access and write laws that benefit them – ultra-low taxes to the wealthy, and a constant relentless assault on anything that has to do with helping the most vulnerable in society, because that sort of thing might actually lead to the wealthy having to pay a sensible level of taxes.

    Social mobility is going to be extremely low in a nation that makes it brutally hard for its citizens to even get educated, which is why America indeed has far less social mobility than the more social-democratic nations in Europe. The for-profit competition-focused approach to health care doesn’t help, of course, nor does spending well over 50% of the entire federal budget on war-related spending if you actually do the math and look at more than the Pentagon budget and include “black” spending and costs for earlier wars still being paid.

    Bottom line – the less cooperation- and sharing-focused the nation becomes, the worse the overall situation gets. And unfortunately, America is set to drag the rest of the world down with it in today’s interconnected world.

    1. sigrid28 June 3, 2013

      The domination of competition is indeed “enshrined,” as you say, while these competitors at the same time seek to rig the competition. I’ve grown to view the right’s refusal “to be dictated to by fact-checkers” as a rebuke to the capacity to make distinctions altogether. Blurring the line between truth and lies makes it impossible to identify a real winner–or loser, for that matter. Take for example the question of climate change, which Republicans declare impossible to “answer.” They MAKE the question of climate change impossible to answer by suspending belief in the scientific measurements that would answer the question, “change or not change.”

      From the point of view of neuroscience, in abandoning truth as a given Republicans seem to want to cause society to regress in the same way that some forms of autism cause regression in the individual. In autism, some neurological conditions cause the brain to receive too much unfiltered data, overloading the brain’s capacity to create understanding about what is occurring. Other neurological conditions associated with autism can cause the brain to blur distinctions that once made sense, as in regressive forms of autism, in which infants learning to speak suddenly lose all capacity to communicate verbally, then might lose the ability even to sign, then might lose the function of communicating altogether–leaving parents in the unenviable role of having to interpret what is going on with a child who has wants and needs but no way to express them.

      When Republicans seek force the American pubic to deny truth, they weaken society in such a way as to make competition of any kind meaningless. Democracies once functioning on a high level, let’s say like athletes in the Olympics. Take away winning and losing at the highest level, and what you have are democracies coping with serious disabilities in the Para Olympics or Special Olympics. The next stage of degradation of democracy would be competitions like those featured on the reality TV program “Toddlers and Tiaras,” where all competitors get trophies as big as they are and tiaras too enormous to stay on their heads, with winners bearing titles like “supreme princess” and “ultimate grand supreme queen.” And another note about this final devolution of democracy, on “Toddlers and Tiaras” no matter whether a dolled up little girls wins or loses, she always cries.

  11. Chris Carpenter June 2, 2013

    No wonder you gun grabbing libs are loosing steam, this entire thread is depressing. If this is your message, good luck with that. I am an eternally optimistic conservative who enjoys life and the people in it.

    Don’t be a stool. Get out there and do something. Work hard and get the things you enjoy and share with the people you enjoy. A clean simple life is vastly underrated. I actually look forward to tomorrow.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen June 2, 2013

      Conservatives are NEVER optimistic about the future, unless they are looking for god to come down from on high and start the End Times.

      At least us liberals I will admit, sometimes are pessimistic But, we never use a god to try and create more doom and gloom than conservatives have already created.

      We only like to point how freakish your predictions really are.


      1. Chris Carpenter June 3, 2013

        That is a lie. I am conservative and I do look forward to the future. As do most of my conservative friends. We are optimist who believe if you work hard and are responsible, you will get rewarded.

        I enjoy and appreciate every day. Most liberals seem to just grovel and complain that things are not happening for them. Pitiful. Get off your azzes and do something. Don’t just sit there waiting for handouts.

        1. rustacus21 June 3, 2013

          Ok, so vote as if U love U’r country the same way we Liberals – who coincidentally invented it – love this nations Democracy. That’s the greatest proof – to have equality of taxation (end tax-avoidance in the Camans & other offshore havens), invest in education, science & tech, but most important, get to work on energy alternatives to fossil fuels IMMEDIATELY – or there won’t be a future for any of US to look forward to (see my response 2day, to Michael K. above). Its not about the ‘factions’ of “conservatives” or “Liberals”. We Liberals have carried the burden long enuff & as usual, will continue to do so. 2014 is the test for everyone else, as to their devotion to their ‘faction’ or their planet? & YES, its THIS critical…

          1. Michael Kollmorgen June 3, 2013

            I do believe the climate is our #1 concern for a viable future.

            Countries below the Himalayan Mountain Chain are starting to get concerned about its glaciers melting all too early. Massive flooding is being predicted.

            Greenlands Ice Cap is a third less than what it was just 10 years ago. Some of the Glaciers we love to tour in Alaska are now a mile or more back from the sea.

            At the rate of this trend, even IF we do succeed to solve global warning, it might be too late. We may be in the first phase of a run away climate change now. The “solution” might be beyond our ability to implement.

            Of course it won’t matter to those who are waiting for the end times to happen. They’re looking forward to it anyway.

            The rich will just keep getting richer. The poor will keep getting poorer, more wars will occur due to less and less food sources. Eventually, money won’t mean a thing because no one will be able to grow anything, let alone buy whatever is left.

            I also firmly believe mankind is not a natural product of this planet. Mankind is a freak of nature, a misfit. There is no other species on this planet that is so destructive to its own environment and of its own kind. Mankind is a unchained Monster.

            I don’t believe there is a god. IF there is, its earthy representation is the all mighty Dollar Bill, or whatever currently it’s called in its host country.

            This is the Global Picture!

            As far as our own country, we won’t last another 100 years due to political infighting, greed and corruption. This country is not designed to last. We all are experiencing what is called, Planned Obsolesce. It is planned to fail. Don’t believe me?, where is all our wealth going now?, China of course.

            The ONLY way we’re going to reverse this trend in this country is a full revolution. We need to change the entire structure of our government, its politics in particular. We also need to change what we value the most. We must value human life along with ALL other life, value our fragile environment rather than the profit margin. Capitalism must go! Our Political System must go!

            If we don’t change, we don’t stand a chance.

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