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White Racist Kills Two Cops In Iowa And Fox News Goes Quiet

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White Racist Kills Two Cops In Iowa And Fox News Goes Quiet

Fox News ignoring story on white racist shooting cops

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters

We can almost pinpoint the exact moment on Wednesday when Fox News mostly lost interest in the tragic breaking news out of Des Moines, IA, about two police officers who were killed in separate ambush attacks.

Previously, news of ambush attacks on law enforcement was often treated as a top priority at Fox News, which typically shifted into overdrive in not only devoting time and attention to the senseless killings, but also to instantly assigning political blame, with President Obama often starring as the main villain.

Recall that in July, there were two high-profile attacks on law enforcement: one in Dallas, TX, where five officers were killed when a gunman opened fired on a peaceful protest, and one in Baton Rouge, LA, where three officers were killed.

In both instances, the gunmen were black, and in both instances, Fox News worked overtime assigning partisan blame.

At the time, Fox’s Tucker Carlson immediately, and falsely, claimed Obama had routinely labeled police “racist” (he never did) and said that the president had created “an environment where something like this is absolutely inevitable.” The rest of the right-wing media piled on as well: Someone must have radicalized the gunmen, the line of thinking went, and that someone was Obama.

The exact same finger-pointing pattern of relentless politicization played out 10 days later in Louisiana. Following the ambush, “conservative media immediately blamed President Obama, claiming that he has added ‘fuel to the flame of racism,’” Media Matters reported.

And when not casting collective blame on Obama, Fox talkers and other right-wing media commentators targeted Black Lives Matter activists for supposedly cultivating ambush shootings — shootings that had been denounced by Black Lives Matter leaders.

That’s the background. Now back to the deadly news from Iowa on Wednesday. Fox News appeared to lose interest in the story the moment that law enforcement announced that Scott Michael Greene had been arrested and charged with the deaths of the policemen. Fox News’ enthusiasm for the breaking news seems to have flagged not only because Greene is a white man who lives in a house with a Trump-Pence sign out front, but also because the gunman is a racist whose behavior had previously gotten him in trouble with the law.

Just weeks before the killings, Greene was removed by officers from a local high school football game after he started waving around a confederate flag in front of a group of African-American fans.

Following the confrontation, Greene posted a YouTube video depicting the altercation, including his run-in with local police officers who demanded that he leave the game. In a comment below his video, Green wrote that he “was offended by the blacks sitting through our anthem. Thousands more whites fought and died for their freedom.”

Note that social justice activists who have recently begun sitting or kneeling through the national anthem have become the target of withering criticism from Fox News hosts and guests. (Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has also attacked activists for their national anthem protests.)

Two years earlier, Greene was also arrested after he allegedly threatened to a kill a man and called him the N-word in the parking lot of a local apartment complex.

From The Des Moines Register:

In that incident, Greene was accused of approaching a man in the parking lot and shining a flashlight in his eyes.

Greene, who lived in the apartments, called the man the N-word and told the man “I will kill you, (expletive) kill you,” according to the complaint. Greene pleaded guilty to a lesser harassment charge on June 30, 2014, and was sentenced to one year of probation.

So yes, Fox News quickly lost interest in the cop-killing story and covered it only in passing.

Hosting Special Report, Bret Baier gave the ambush story a few sentences on Wednesday night. He provided a skeletal outline and reported that the gunman had “a history of confrontation with police and others.” But Baier didn’t show Greene’s picture, identify him as white, or report on his racist past.

As for the channel’s prime-time lineup of hosts who previously devoted hours and hours to covering ambush police attacks, denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement as a terrorist organization, and blaming Obama for supporting anti-police rhetoric? Those Fox hosts on Wednesday didn’t care about the Iowa ambush story.

The killings actually join the list of other high-profile police attacks that Fox News has had to look away from, for political reasons.

The Associated Press reported that on June 8, 2014, a “man and a woman ambushed two police officers eating lunch at a Las Vegas restaurant, fatally shooting them at point-blank range before fleeing to a nearby Wal-Mart where they killed a third person and then themselves in an apparent suicide pact.” Two months earlier, the killers had traveled to Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch to join the militia protests against the federal government.

Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity both ignored the cop-killer story the night after it happened; Megyn Kelly devoted four sentences to the ambush attack.

Back on September 16, 2014“survivalist” Eric Frein shot two Pennsylvania state troopers outside their barracks and then disappeared into the Pocono Mountains for weeks. The shooter had a “long-standing grudge against law enforcement and government in general,” according to one law enforcement official. And one friend told CNN that the gunman “was obviously a big critic of the federal government.”

Again, Fox feigned interest. As Media Matters noted at the time, “In general, Fox has provided almost no commentary, no context, and certainly no collective blame for the [trooper] execution.”

Let’s state the obvious: If a black activist had ambushed and killed two police officers this week, and if it was reported that the gunman had a Hillary-Kaine sign outside his house, Fox News would have to add more hours to the day to fit in all the guttural outrage.

But a white cop killer with racist leanings and an apparent affinity for Trump? Fox doesn’t think that’s news at the height of this campaign season.

IMAGE: Scott Michael Greene, 46, being sought by Des Moines and Urbandale Police Departments investigators for two Iowa police officers shot dead in separate “ambush-style” killings as they sat in their patrol cars, is seen in this photo released by Urbandale Police Departments in Iowa, U.S., November 2, 2016.  Courtesy Urbandale Police Department/Handout via REUTERS



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 4, 2016

    A portrait of a miserable human being wrecked by the disease of racialism, hostility, and a neglected upbringing. Another Dorian Gray canvass painting twisted beyond recognition.

  2. dbtheonly November 4, 2016

    Just goes to prove that calling itself “Fox News” is false advertising.

    1. darlene.bernier November 4, 2016

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  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 4, 2016

    Why are we not surprised. FOX will try its best to implicate President Obama or Hillary Clinton somehow. Maybe the email server was hacked to send an email to the killer suggesting he do something like this.
    In the meantime, FOX is perplexed—“IT DOES NOT COMPUTE”.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 5, 2016

    This story and all the other shenanigans, obsessions, the Right Wings generally morose and cheerless nature would suggest that the GOP and its followers show signs of being clinically depressed as a group.
    On a tip about Wayne Alyn Root(sp?), I decided to check in on his TOWN HALL website and immediately one can sense from a cursory survey of the tone of comments that there was a group of whiners bitching among themselves about everyone else who views the world differently than they. It’s as though FOX, Trump, the GOP, are all addicted to being miserable and wanting others to be miserable like them. After leaving a few what I thought would be thoughtful and alternative views, several became very agitated that someone would have the nerve to bring some light to their dreary Mope-Fest. For Trump, perhaps he’s feeling at last that material wealth and money don’t guarantee lasting happiness, and that’s why he has to be a jerk to find some way to get happy. AgLander, Box, InformedVoter, Patrick Henry, and others probably feel obliged to hang around in a more enlightened environment like this forum because they know there is something here that they’re missing, but they have to keep acting like asses because that’s what’s normal for them. The thought of being happy and upbeat is an anathema—so accustomed to moaning, whining, and subsisting on conspiracies has become that breaking away from misery would bring on withdrawal symptoms.

    No earthly agency can relieve that level of tedium, despondency, and frustration they feel—and it effects especially a particular slice of American society—a slice that is lost in a world undergoing necessary changes which they haven’t figured out how to adapt to. The GOP has this same cloud of depression hanging over it and which bodes ill for being upbeat about life—Misery and anger are the Right Wing’s opiate addiction substances.

    1. CrankyToo November 5, 2016

      Interesting perspective, AoP. Keep up the good work.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 5, 2016

        Thanks–I’ll try my best.

  5. Theodora30 November 5, 2016

    It’s not like the mainstream media covers these killings with the intensity and frequency they use to cover police shootings like the one in Dallas. They also ignore or downplay a lot of right wing acts of terrorism in contrast to instances of Islamic terrorism or even failed attempts. We are repeatedly reminded of 9-11 but Tim McVeigh has been disappeared.

    1. charleo1 November 5, 2016

      The mainstream media have been browbeat, and cowed into bending over backward by the constant hammering of what is a concerted, and collaborated message from the Right. In which Fox has played an enormous role in continually making the claim that all others in the press are biased Liberal as the reason for its existence. That the mainstream media’s college trained journalists are all Liberals by indoctrination. Thus, are carrying water for the rich elite liberals in NY and Hollywood. Those latte drinking, East, and West Coasters. Who don’t know, and don’t care about how things really are in what they call, “fly over country.” That legendary place in the heart of a freedom loving America. The place a liberal big city press is ignoring, and disenfranchising. Fox touts itself as the place where “real heartland Americans,” can have their own set of facts too! And frankly they are not all that comfortable about remembering Tim Mcveigh. Or hearing much background on a Confederate Flag waving racist, going off his nut, and assassinating police officers with a firearm he clearly had no business possessing. It questions so much of the narrative. Which is not why they tune in. If they wanted to be questioned, I imagine they would finish their drinks, and go home to face their wives.

  6. charleo1 November 5, 2016

    That phony Fox news receives a lot of criticism, and rightly so with the damage and divisiveness their distorted data imposes on the Country is no secret. Even their most loyal viewers know, although they probably wouldn’t admit it. They know Fox is in the entertainment business, merely posing as a news operation. And as such, their audiences don’t turn to them for information per say. But more for confirmation of conclusions they already had the second they first heard the news. Fox also helpfully extents that to confirmation of things they would like to believe are true, but need a few more “Foxfacts,” to get their viewers over what is a very low threshold. Thus we have the fantasyland feel of a safe neighborhood drug hole. Where smug White Right Wingers are never disappointed in the product. A 24/7 sanctuary where bigots, racists, homophobes, and other angry anti social malcontents, freely mingle with the fringe wackos. Knowing if they listen long enough to their precious Fox, they can each get their big time fix of whatever pops their stingy hateful corks.

  7. Dan S November 5, 2016

    I’m stunned absolutely shocked ???? Fox says their news is fair & balanced but gives unequal treatment to cop shootings. I grant you the news is slanted at times but in Foxs case they’re off the cliff ????

  8. itsfun November 5, 2016

    What were the races of the two cops killed in Iowa by this racist?

    1. CrankyToo November 5, 2016

      Why do you ask? Is that germane to this issue?

      1. charleo1 November 5, 2016

        He likes to get smacked around. We don’t need to understand it. We only need to keep an open mind about such things, and accommodate him.

        1. CrankyToo November 5, 2016

          Itsfun, Itsdumb, Itsamasochist?

          All this time, I thought “It” was just a moron.

          1. itsfun November 5, 2016

            You are such a high class person.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 5, 2016

            Which is far more than we will ever be able to say about you.

          3. itsfun November 5, 2016

            what would you know about have class? It obvious you have none.

          4. I Am Helpy November 6, 2016

            What would be classy is if you admitted you were wrong about the FBI not being part of the DOJ, and wrote a nice apology to all the people you relentlessly insulted for telling you the truth.

            Until you do that, you are in absolutely no position to call other people out for their supposed failings.

            I hope that helps!

        2. itsfun November 5, 2016

          Does that mean its okay for a white to murder white cops, but not okay to kill black cops?

          1. charleo1 November 5, 2016

            Well, heck yeah that’s what it means. What did you think I meant?
            I meant that it’s evidently okay to put a Black killing cops on a 24/7 cable loop. Then go on to falsely accuse the President, who is Black of inciting it. Or blame a Black Civil Rights Movement for giving permission for it. But hardly give mention when a Confederate Flag waving, loser racist bum. Gone insane by any measure. Grabs his gun he’s been allowed to get his hands on under any circumstance. Then, when he uses it to ambush, and slaughter two Policemen for daring to stand up to him, and protect the Black people he was attempting to bully, say nothing. Simply note the event and move on. That’s what I meant. That’s what the article is about.

          2. itsfun November 5, 2016

            You do have to admin that Obama has jumped to conclusions in the black and white shootings without knowing any of the facts. Look at Baltimore where all the cops were released of any crimes. Look at Ferguson. Look at Florida. The country and he would look better if they wait until all the evidence is in and the court cases are completed.

          3. I Am Helpy November 5, 2016

            No we don’t have to admit that the dumb racist claims you’ve invented have any validity at all. That’s not how facts work – you should be familiar with this concept from that time where you kept claiming for hours that the FBI wasn’t part of the DOJ while literally everyone pointed out you were wrong.

          4. Joan November 6, 2016

            You know who might not know that the FBI was part of the DOJ – Russian trolls

          5. I Am Helpy November 6, 2016

            While I have to allow that would be a good explanation, itsfun is just plain stupid and belligerent.

          6. Sand_Cat November 6, 2016

            No one has to admit that ANY of your lies about Obama are anything but the rantings and lies of another white racist who hates the black president and wants “his” country “back.”

          7. Thoughtopsy November 6, 2016

            It means that Fox masturbates itself all over your news time when a black person does anything violent, and ascribes their motivation to damage anyone they like… Democrats, Liberal, Black Lives Matter etc…
            They spend hours and hours and hours whining, lying, screaming, and moaning about the death of their country due to angry brown skinned people and continually “explore” the “reasons for the senseless violence” ad nauseum.

            But when a racist white Trump supporter goes and kills people all you get is crickets.
            They say nothing. They do nothing. And you realise that all the justifications they give for their sh!tty news coverage is complete cr@p. Essentially they are a racist propaganda machine for a racist political party.
            And situations like this prove it simply and effectively.

            It’s beyond belief that you can’t understand this. Its literally written in the article above.
            Have you seen a mental health professional?

          8. itsfun November 6, 2016

            Its not beyond belief that all you can do is whine and yell racism over everything imaginable. It takes a real genius to say stupid things like a racist white Trump supporter as if there is no such thing as a racist white Hillary supporter. Black lives matters is no less than a terrorist group. They couldn’t care less about black, white, yellow, green, purple or anybody or thing except their senseless terrorist actions. Those kinds of groups only promote more hate and racism. You must watch FOX for hours and hours to know everything they air is racist. You make no sense, have no credible argument on any thing you say, its just crap from you.

          9. Thoughtopsy November 7, 2016

            Oh goodie… lets dissect your … well… I’ll call it an “answer” I guess.

            “Its not beyond belief that all you can do is whine and yell racism over everything imaginable.”
            – Irrelevant and stupid. I was specifically explaining the point of the article that you are obviously too stupid to understand for yourself. This is definitively not “everything imaginable”. For bonus points, the actual article was about racism. I assume you expected me to talk about… cooking?

            “It takes a real genius to say stupid things like a racist white Trump supporter as if there is no such thing as a racist white Hillary supporter.”
            – Irrelevant and desperate diversion. Your opinion of who is a genius or what is stupid is suspect because you’re self-demonstrably a moron in multiple successive posts (We all recall the recent “FBI is not part of the DOJ debacle”. It a desperate diversion because no-one mentioned Hillary supporters (or the attempted Straw Man of Trump Supporters)… the article is about Fox News and their racism. And the GOP they regularly “blow” with their coverage.

            “Black lives matters is no less than a terrorist group.”
            – LOL Irrelevant, not mentioned in the article or my answer, and I think you’re just randomly saying topics now without any sort of guiding rationale or logic. A bit like Trump word salad. For a bonus if you are going to claim a movement that has publicly stated that it is against ALL violence as a terrorist group you need some evidence you moron. I can save you the trouble by stating your evidence for you: “A black guy did something violent ergo: Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group.” (Of course you wouldn’t have used “ergo” you’re too thick. But you get the idea. This is about as sane as saying that because a white guys shot two police officers, then all Republicans are violent terrorists. i.e. You’re a moron. And a fact-free moron at that.

            “They couldn’t care less about black, white, yellow, green, purple or anybody or thing except their senseless terrorist actions. Those kinds of groups only promote more hate and racism.”
            – Irrelevant again, fact-free, evidence free… and a further diversion. Look at the mentally unbalanced person busy displacing his own beliefs onto everyone he hates.
            The BLM movement has publicly stated its principles and goals. It has backed these up with concrete action against violence. They are strongly for fairness and safety for all colors and groups. Including the redneck f**ktard subset you belong to.
            You on the other hand obviously “couldn’t care less about black, white, yellow, green, purple or anybody or thing except white people” and you “only promote more hate and racism.”. See how your projection works?
            If the shoe fits…

            “You must watch FOX for hours and hours to know everything they air is racist.”
            – More projection, unfounded assumption and mis-stating my argument. You could select 5 mins of Fox at RANDOM and know Fox is racist. If you really want to double down you could watch any single episode of it’s highest rated show “The O’Reilly Factard”. Or you could watch Fox & Friends bumble their idiot way through misogyny, racist dog whistles and abject stupidity.
            However the point was they only cover Blacks doing violent things with excessive hand wringing and attribution to liberal, Obama, and anyone else they hate. White violent Trump supporters get a footnote and a pass. Maybe you’ll understand it this time?

            “You make no sense, have no credible argument on any thing you say, its just crap from you.”
            – My argument was well structured, indicated I’d read and understood the article, and made cogent points backed up by reasonable logic and argument.

            Your reply is an angry grab bag of randomly connected hate speech, with no evidence, no logic, and no structure. Several things you bring up were not even mentioned by the article or my own answer.
            Speaking generally, I think a computer that randomly pulled phrases from alt-right websites and just strung them together to create a post would make more sense than the drivel you write in these forums.

            If an article is like an exam questions, and each post is the answer proposed by the individual… then your answer here is the equivalent of scrawling random words in crayon, then getting up and taking a dump on your page.

            You’re a fool. And worse than that, you’re too stupid to understand how much of a fool you are.
            You are the ideal Trump supporter.

      2. itsfun November 5, 2016

        A white racist murders 2 cops and somehow this creates a article about white cops killing blacks. Just wondering if the white racist murdered 2 white cops or black cops or a combination of the races. If he shot white cops, how can that make it a race issue.

        1. CrankyToo November 5, 2016

          You’re such a phucking idiot…

          1. itsfun November 5, 2016

            How is that a race issue? You are just using one of the progressive 5 again. You only know: calling racist, bigot, hater or other names or blame George Bush.

          2. Sand_Cat November 6, 2016

            All of which are true in most cases, which is why you and your friends resent them so much.

          3. Thoughtopsy November 6, 2016

            I don’t blame Bush for your stupidity.
            That one sits with you.

          4. charleo1 November 5, 2016

            This is how it goes in Trumplandia. He’s, “just wondering.”

        2. I Am Helpy November 5, 2016

          I’m sure that you think you’re making some sort of point? Reminder, though: you’re so dumb that you wouldn’t believe the FBI is part of the DOJ.

        3. Sand_Cat November 6, 2016

          Everyone but you missed the fact that this article was about “white cops killing blacks.”

        4. Thoughtopsy November 6, 2016

          Thanks for utterly failing to get the point of the article.

      3. 788eddie November 5, 2016

        I think “itsfun” needs to get out of the Foxhole.

  9. stsintl November 5, 2016

    Is this guy a White Christian State Terrorist, or just an NRA Terrorist?

    1. FireBaron November 7, 2016

      Given his earlier encounters, I would say the former even though it bears no resemblance to any Christianity the vast majority of us are familiar with.

      1. stsintl November 7, 2016

        I agree with you. Terrorists have no religion. There are four groups of people.
        Most people live BY their religion
        Fundamentalists live FOR their religion
        Extremists want everyone to live for their [extremists’] religion
        Terrorists kill and use religion as an excuse.

  10. Jon November 5, 2016

    Fox News has never been anything more than a right propaganda outlet. They can’t and don’t bother pretending they are a legitimate news source. I watch it at times just to see what the distortions and conspiracy theories they are selling their dimwitted audience. Fox can be called a lot of things but news isn’t one of them.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 5, 2016

      Yes, FOX is a comedy routine, but one with a sinister edge to it.

  11. cutter November 6, 2016

    Fox news in it current format and right wing racist approach will be gone in 2 years.. The reasons are: Over 70% of Americans think that trump is not fit to be elected; approximately 5% of Foxes’s viewer;ship will die each year from old age/dementia;fewer sports bars and gyms will have Fox blaring in your face especially at gyms in the men’ locker room talking about grabbing..; and finally and most important the Murdock sons are more modern in their thinking than their dad.

    1. black.glenda November 6, 2016

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  12. FireBaron November 7, 2016

    Why didn’t they cover it as completely as others? That’s because it did not fit their “Fair and Balanced” agenda.


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