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Why Is Trump Still Talking?

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Why Is Trump Still Talking?

Donald Trump making someone small

When the Republican presidential debate began Tuesday evening in Milwaukee, I was still in my car heading home, so I listened to the first part on satellite radio.

As Richard Nixon learned after his 1960 televised debate with Jack Kennedy, listening to a debate without the distraction of participants’ facial expressions changes how we hear them. We tend to focus more on substance. For Nixon, this was a good thing. For Donald Trump, not so much.

A quick aside for political junkies: In 2006, Meet the Press host Tim Russert walked into the show’s greenroom and told my husband and me why Nixon had become such a wet mop of a mess in that same studio during that debate. Bobby Kennedy, knowing of Nixon’s propensity for sweating, arrived early to the studio to turn up the thermostat. Nixon didn’t stand a chance. Remember that story the next time someone goes on and on about how debates were always such an honorable tradition before this circus came to town.

Driving along the streets of Cleveland, I heard Trump without seeing the usual pouty expressions and ubiquitous shrugging of his shoulders. Whenever he spouted in his meandering know-it-all voice, I thought, “Whom does he remind me of?”

I didn’t have the answer until after I walked through the door and made it to the TV in time to catch Trump complaining about Carly Fiorina. She had interjected her opinion about Ronald Reagan and Reykjavik before Rand Paul had finished talking. Her repeated behavior of stepping on the comments of others was no different from that of her male colleagues on the stage. Trump singled her out anyway.

“Why does she keep interrupting everybody?” he said, waving his left arm in her direction. “Boy, terrible.”

A smattering of laughter and applause preceded loud booing from the audience, and for a fleeting moment, I identified with Fiorina. That feeling quickly passed, but I had finally figured out whom — or, more accurately, what — Trump represents to a lot of his fans. He’s that other Donald, albeit a less classy and certainly less sophisticated version of him. He’s the Mad Men throwback, a Donald Draper wannabe.

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of the AMC show, if you are over 50 or wish we still lived in the ’50s, you know the type I mean. He’s the guy who thinks women are either a prop or a problem, and he is incapable of hiding his contempt for women who think otherwise.

His comments about Rosie O’Donnell in the first debate were such an egregious example of misogyny that it was easy for some to dismiss him as a dinosaur. His public display of disgust for fellow presidential candidate Fiorina, however, revealed a more sinister side. Not only does he think it’s ridiculous that he has to compete with this, this woman but also he assumes plenty of others agree with him.

If this were Trump in a vacuum, we could dismiss him as the summer replacement for the prime-time show returning this fall. But he continues to poll as one of the top two presidential candidates for Republican voters, which means a lot of people are, at the very least, getting a kick out of him. They either share or don’t care about Trump’s attitudes toward women.

This doesn’t surprise a lot of women in my generation, who long ago lost count of how many times we’ve been told to pipe down. Certainly, it’s no news to my daughters’ generation, either. The stories they tell.

Our youngest daughter is weeks away from giving birth. She has started sharing with me comments from male strangers and men she barely knows. They point to her belly and let her know she’s pregnant and feel free to tell her she should be napping, not working at her job. They feel free to ask her whether she’s going to nurse, too, as if her pregnancy has given them permission to discuss her breasts.

These men are old enough to know better and way too young to claim an elderly generation’s habits. This is all part and parcel of the same thing. They are Trump, multiplied, and to them, he is a godsend. He’s rich and powerful, and he’s made it popular again to say it out loud — to treat women as nothing more than a distraction and an invitation to misbehave. In that way, we women are no different to Trump from the 11 million Mexicans he wants to march right out of here.

As we lean in to the 2016 campaign, I leave you with this, from Don Draper: “Get out of here and move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened.”

From your lips, mad man.

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist. She is the author of two books, including …and His Lovely Wife, which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate. To find out more about Connie Schultz (con.schultz@yahoo.com) and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at www.creators.com. COPYRIGHT 2015 CREATORS.COM

Connie Schultz

Connie Schultz is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicated. Schultz won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for commentary and was a finalist for the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. She has also published two books: Life Happens: And Other Unavoidable Truths -- a collection of her previously published columns -- and ...and His Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man, which chronicled her experiences on the campaign trail with her husband, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

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  1. Dominick Vila November 12, 2015

    Why is Trump still talking? Because of hundreds of thousands of Republicans share his opinion on issues such as illegal immigration, same sex marriage, abortion, and women rights…or their audacity to run for office and be successful. He, and his intellectually – and morally – deprived supporters, represent the worst our society has to offer, and the U.S. media remains determined to provide him the medium he needs to convey his neanderthal message and succeed in his quest.

    1. latebloomingrandma November 12, 2015

      Yes, and all the while bragging that he’s paying his own way, but paying little to nothing for airtime. The networks and cable news are falling allover him. By continuing to play in The Donald show just allows the susceptible reality show viewers/morons to keep this round robin game going. What candidate ever just called in to a “news” show and kept talking for 10 minutes?
      TV is his Superpac.

      1. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

        Most of the money he is putting into his campaign is in the form of loans to it. That way he can get his money back when he walks away from it. One thing you can say from Donald, he loves the handicapped since most of his supporters are blind or mentally challenged.

        1. Polana November 12, 2015

          He will take it off on his taxes, because that’s business expenses and we will pay for it. In reality he is making money, so is the media. Catching!

          1. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

            The thing people forget is where do all those campaign dollars go is to the media. Big time. Many stations make their money in election years and if it wasn’t for the campaign dollars they would go broke. This is going be a great year for the media.

    2. jmprint November 12, 2015

      The right is configured of three levels of human grade and like oil and water they don’t mix, so it brings about unhealthy fumes. The white supremacists, the religion factor and ultra rich greedy bastards. It’s a boiling pot.

      1. Paul Bass November 12, 2015

        “there are two kinds of Republicans, millionaires and suckers”

        1. paulyz November 13, 2015

          Check out the facts, more Democrat-Socialists are millionaires than Republicans. But they have you believing that the cause of income-inequality, is the wealth of others. In reality, most anyone in our system of government, can also become wealthy, why in order to break it down, they must use deception to deceive you. To get power, those leftists must have scapegoats to further their Socialism. It is the old strategy of rich vs poor, haves vs have nots, social injustice, anything to get their gullible followers, usually by sounding “moderate” at first in order to infiltrate the government & system to get the desired results. Hard to do this in a Country as ours, because Millions HAVE succeeded under it, of all races, genders, & ethnic groups.

    3. @HawaiianTater November 12, 2015

      That’s a good thing. He knows what he’s doing. Trump is our savior.

  2. charleo1 November 12, 2015

    One big reason Trump is talking, still a frontrunner, is the Right’s slavish devotion to the rich. This almost inexplicable exalted/special place, so many of those that consider themselves, “Conservatives,” reserve for the super wealthy. Who by the way, aren’t all as disappointed in a big bloated, tin eared government, as their paid mouthpieces running for office let on. How could they be? At this point, and for the last several decades, the super wealthy have generally had their way with government at all levels. Yet the Trump rich, are held above reproach. Ironically, by a constituency that holds in contempt almost everything else from the 14th Amend., to the Pope. Allowing Trump a target rich environment on which to spread his unabashed, and often sophomoric disrespect. Women, the poor, Gays, the exploited disenfranchised immigrant, or the minimum wage uninsured, He is given full license by the idea that anything that practices due regard for the feelings, rights, and traditions of others would be politically correct, and therefore ruining the nation. It’s become so ubiquitous on the Right, this kind of mean-spirited embarrassing buffoonery. That those Americans who’s morals, values, and respect for themselves, hold them above such behavior. Still leave this great majority constantly feeling as though sincere apologies must be made. But where to begin?

    1. Cloudherder November 12, 2015

      Have you noticed a new pattern on the right? Anything that would be concidered good manners and niceness is now termed as being “PC” / politically correct, and is to be shunned. I bet their own ancestors are rolling in their graves.

      1. charleo1 November 12, 2015

        Yes, I have noticed this. A few years ago there was a group out of Miami Fl. that recorded an album called, “Nasty as you want to be.” They should adopt this ‘2 Live Crew,’ party song as their anthem!

      2. Irishgrammy November 12, 2015

        Boy howdy do I agree with that! Apparently being “politically correct” in right wing speech is basically “go ahead be rude as Hell and throw in some racist, xenophobic and/or misogynist insults whenever the mood hits”……just completely out of control as Trump et al, revert back to the knuckle dragging Neanderthals (primitive, unenlightened or reactionary: culturally or intellectually backward….love the definition of Neanderthals, explains the clown car occupants perfectly) they truly are and of course the GOPTP base loves it, ya know “like minds” and all that……

        1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

          Hmmmm, your party has no diversity. You call Ben Carson an ‘uncle Tom’ and Ted Cruz and Donald Trump raging lunatics. Honestly, the rest of the world really doesn’t give a sh*t about manners or being polite. Look what’s happening to Europe. Maners are for the weak. Time to toughen up our game….

      3. joe schmo November 12, 2015

        Everything anyone says is discredited. What used to be tolerance is now advocated by activists. Pleeeeaaaassseee. Manners? Nice? Nooooo, activism, Bolshevism, communism. We are soooo tired of it!

        I bet our forefathers are rolling in theirs.

        1. Cloudherder November 15, 2015

          Mostly they are rolling in their graves over you and people like you and your blossoming fascism.

    2. Otto Greif November 12, 2015

      You won’t be voting for Hillary, I take it.

  3. The lucky one November 12, 2015

    Why is Trump still talking? Well, that’s what blowhards do!

    1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

      Why is Hillary still laughing. That’s what fake people and liars do…

      1. The lucky one November 13, 2015

        No, real laughter comes from the heart but I don’t disagree with your assessment of Hilary except that she is much smarter than the Duck as you will see should it come down to a debate between the two. I won’t be laughing though because if we have to choose between those two it won’t be a laughing matter.

  4. joe schmo November 12, 2015

    Trump is RIGHT ON THE MARK!

    So the liberals have a new title. The ‘Anarchy Party.’ Just got a letter from a highly educated family member who is going through our painful immigration procedure, honestly, while others waltz into this country simply because they are dummies and BTW this person has to pay through the nose.

    This is the situation in Europe due to the migrants according to other family members who live there.

    Here is a snippet of what they wrote:

    My mom has handed in her paperwork for early retirement (she is a teacher).
    They have put so many migrants into the school she taught at who behave
    so terribly, especially towards her as a woman, it was just too much. Basically a
    woman is like a worthless animal to them. In the camps, they refuse to
    take free food from the hands of female aid workers because it is
    “unclean”. There are also Europeans who voluntarily go to the camps to
    teach free language lessons. If they are female, they always have to be
    accompanied by at least one man because otherwise… The EU
    government pays for the trains to pick them up in Austria and the
    Balkans, they are bringing in around 8000 per DAY.

    Again, Trump is right. Get a clue before it’s too late…… Stop being part of the ‘collective.’

    1. The lucky one November 12, 2015

      “Basically a woman is like a worthless animal to them.” So then they are right in line with your hero, The Duck.

      1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

        Guess you didn’t know that he has more women CEO’s working for him than men and they all are well paid:) You need to do your research.

        1. The lucky one November 13, 2015

          You’re right, I should have said “useful” animals.

    2. latebloomingrandma November 12, 2015

      Migration patterns are only going to get worse when climate change causes unbelievable heat,drought, and subsequent famine. Add into that a clash of cultures which we are seeing now, and,well—use your imagination.

      1. Dominick Vila November 12, 2015

        Thank you for bringing up a topic the global warming deniers are ignoring.

        1. 2ThinkN_Do2 November 12, 2015

          It’s not whether it’s warming, it’s how and why it is happening, and if minuscule mankind can do anything to prevent it or slow it down; that is a large part of the dispute. However, the majority refuses to hear what is really being said, so they just to continue on with their incorrect commentary about the debate; similar to the debate over firearms.

          1. Dominick Vila November 12, 2015

            With the exception of our oil industry “scientists”, scientists world agree that carbon emissions are, as a minimum, contributing to the melting of the polar caps, melting of glaciers, droughts, major changes in weather patterns, and will contribute to water shortages and loss of fertile, agricultural, land. We cannot change natural phenomena, but we can change contributing factors that are accelerating and aggravating problems that threaten life on Earth.

          2. joe schmo November 12, 2015


        2. joe schmo November 12, 2015
          1. Dominick Vila November 13, 2015

            California has suffered from droughts throughout recorded history, and as the article you provided points out, for thousands of years. There are other parts of the world with similar climatic problems. That, however, has nothing to do with the global warming that is taking place throughout the world, including places that have not seen such high temperatures in centuries. Most importantly, regardless of whether global warming is influenced by a natural, cyclical, phenomena or not, the fact is that carbon emissions are thinning the ozone layer, and accelerating the process. It is also important to understand that regardless of whether or not we can stop or even slow down the process, we have an obligation to take steps to protect our coastal areas, improve potable water management, reduce air pollution, and protect our environment. Refusing to invest in infrastructure and alternative energy sources borders on criminality.

      2. Jim Samaras November 12, 2015

        Climate change? You mean what used to be global warming till facts have shown it’s actually getting cooler? The new Y2K imo.

      3. joe schmo November 12, 2015

        OMG…..climate change:( No, no no….Aside from the mention of the stupid terms ‘climate change’ at the end of this article there is no evidence that we are not going through a ‘CYCLIC’ mega drought…SCIENCE PROVES IT!


        1. latebloomingrandma November 12, 2015

          The article “proves” very little besides patterns of climate across the millennia. There was no mention of what substance s humans put into the atmosphere now as compared to middle-ages they referenced. No factoring the enormous amount of people living now as compared to centuries ago. Very incomplete data if this is what you’re basing your opinion on.

    3. jmprint November 12, 2015

      So please explain what is it that he is right about? Because I am definitely not hearing it.

      1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

        Immigration stupid…. According to family, Europe started out the same way:) IT’S A CATASTROPHE. Don’t want it here…. Just a little tidbit of info for your slow brain….

    4. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

      BS I got my son in law in with little problems. Yes there forms and interviews but painful? The cost of the airplane ticket was more then the fee and lawyer.

      1. Dominick Vila November 12, 2015

        The spouse of one of my cousins, and their two adult daughters, had no problems getting an entry visa and are currently working in the USA. All three have Masters degrees in engineering.
        The reason our illegal immigration problem has not been solved is because the special interests that are profiting from this situation don’t want it solved. It has nothing to do with deportations, walls, criminals, or rapists. Interestingly, EU countries signed an agreement today designed to invest heavily in Sub-Saharan countries to create jobs in Black African countries and slow down the migratory trends they have experienced in recent years. Some people seem to have a greater understanding of the problems they face and instead of shooting from the hip, they focus on the root cause of the problem and address it in a humane, civilized, manner.

        1. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

          FAFTA is in fact doing that. Create jobs in their homeland so they don’t have to leave.

          1. Dominick Vila November 12, 2015

            A facet of this issue that is almost never mentioned is that most of the 11 million undocumented immigrants entered the USA many years ago. Most of them came shortly after Reagan’s amnesty, many came during Clinton’s economic boom, and during the sympathetic Bush I and II administrations. Illegal immigration is down to a trickle, in part because economic conditions in Mexico and Central America have improved in recent years. I think it is also important to remember that about one third of the so called “illegal” immigrants entered the USA legally, with an entry visa (typically a student or tourist visa) and never left. Most of them are from Asian and European countries, and some of Caribbean islands such as Haiti and Jamaica.
            I doubt a wall will do much to keep tourists and foreign students to enter the USA via our international airports…

          2. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

            Hush! We aren’t supposed to notice that. They want use to believe that they all come in over the southern border and are all drug dealers, rapists or Muslims terrorists.

          3. Dominick Vila November 12, 2015

            …or terrorists. Either of those conditions would justify an act similar to those employed by Hitler, Stalin, Milosevic, and a few others whose memory should be confined to the annals of history.

          4. joe schmo November 12, 2015

            How dumb you are. Walking around with eyes wired shut is really not all that wise….. Just an opinion…..

          5. paulyz November 13, 2015

            No, not all of them, just enough to cause serious problems. But the problem of Millions of Illegals isn’t just about crime, it is about the enormous burdens they place upon American Citizens & LEGAL Immigrants. Such as healthcare, education, welfare, unemployment, lower wages, etc. But Amnesty after Amnesty = Open Borders, while ignoring our Laws. As I mentioned, ALL the Illegals that entered our Country here now, entered AFTER the so-called Reagan Amnesty of 1986. This certainly shows that “another” Amnesty will never solve this problem, because without real enforcement & real Border security, within a few years after the ink is dry on this “new” Amnesty, again we will hear, “We can’t round up & deport Millions of Illegals, they just came for a better life (illegally), we can’t break up their families, we must be compassionate. ” And on and on it goes. America’s Laws are on the books, we must enforce them, not play the deceptive Liberal & cheap labor game.

          6. paulyz November 12, 2015

            Yes, that was exactly what I was thinking when Kasich mentioned the 1986 Amnesty, all the Illegals him & Bush want to give another Amnesty to, entered Illegally AFTER that (one-time, final) Amnesty. Then Kasich went on to say with his “new” Amnesty, anyone entering AFTER will be deported? Really Kasich, you would “break up their families & round them up?” LMAO.

          7. joe schmo November 12, 2015

            Blah….Bush and Kasich are on their way out, but that little motor-mouthed Rubio….. The media is once again pushing their agenda on who we should be voting for. NO THANKS! Liberals have no choice and always follow along like good little sheep. We on the other hand are freer thinkers. We get it. They don’t.

          8. paulyz November 13, 2015

            Rubio lost all credibility when he naively joined the Gang of 8 “comprehensive Amnesty clowns. He is the new establishment’s hope, but won’t go far. Besides, wonder why the pundits ignore Rubio being born to non-Citizens, (becoming Citizens after Marco was born), making Marco ineligible to be President. (Cruz, on the other hand, was born to an American Cituzen, making him eligible. )

          9. joe schmo November 12, 2015

            Trump suggests setting up safe zones in the ME and flying in provisions until the violence in their countries subside. I agree. I think that is humane, and caring. At least they stay there.

          10. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

            Just how are we going to pay for all the thing Trump wants to do? Those countries haven’t had peace in decades. I guess he thinks he can barrow it like does for everything else he does, if it goes bad he will just walk away from it and blame someone else.

        2. joe schmo November 12, 2015

          Vila or something contrary I suspect, of course….. bobnstuff….where did your son-in-law come from? I also have a friend with a British fiance…same issues. They have to do the 9 month fiance thingy…. Its tough for Euros. They should bet political asylum because their countries are getting that bad.

          Vila….China is already doing that. It’s the torture and violence going on. It’s the religion, dude. By the way, these people are neither humane, or civilized. Why should we be. They don’t understand that. It is not working in EU and it is not working here. What a disaster!

          1. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

            Russia. He was going to school in Germany when he first applied but was interviewed in Moscow.

          2. joe schmo November 12, 2015

            Of course:)

    5. Independent1 November 12, 2015

      I’ve been wondering – does Bellview Sanatorium know you’ve been broken out the past few weeks?? With every post you prove you’re insanity is getting worse and worse!! Somebody better alert them before you really go over the deep end SPEWING ALL THAT BS!!!!

      1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

        Awww, liberals just can’t handle what we say. You say we are attacking you…. Boohoohooo…. Like I really care. You’ve been attacking us now for 7+ years and, frankly, the cat has been let out of the bag. Guess you can’t handle it when we assert ourselves. Just like you always have.

    6. Daniel Jones November 13, 2015

      Joe, Anarchists are by definition not collectivists.

      You’re so far off base it’s impossible to describe.

  5. Wayne Thorson November 12, 2015

    Trump’s worst enemy is his big mouth. He will eventually talk his way out of being a presidential contender.

  6. Buford2k11 November 12, 2015

    Hmm…If ya think about it, in the Religion of the Republican Party, GOD IS MONEY, MONEY IS GOD…Trump is but the High Priest of Greed…Bennie the Blade is the Soul of Souls Guardian of the Grain…what ever that means…but the Consul of Theology, Huckabuck, Blue Schmoo Sanatorum, and of course Cruz the Christ, are on the verge of “Discovering Evil”…anyway ya’ll have a nice day…

  7. FT66 November 12, 2015

    Love Trump or hate him, I think he was right to shut Carly Fiorina up, and he was successful. Just imagine if she was the one being interrupted every now and then. How the screaming would had been from her. The chainsaw cuts both sides.

    1. Cloudherder November 12, 2015

      So next time she can shut him up? Yep, that old chain saw. Frankly, can we shut them ALL up?

  8. Jerpell November 12, 2015

    Could you imagine the conversation if Trump were as dirty and corrupt as Hillary Clinton….
    I don’t think the left wing rag media would give him a pass as they are giving to the corrupt one, Hillary Clinton!
    The greatest threat to this country is our own left wing rag media!
    Report news the way it is, no one is above the law….Not even the corrupt Hillary Clinton!

    1. CrankyToo November 12, 2015

      Hey Jerp-off. What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton corrupt?

      1. greenlantern1 November 13, 2015

        Compared to Nixon?

    2. Cloudherder November 12, 2015

      Oh please tell us, Repug sheeple Jerp Jerp, how Hillary Clinton is corrupt? No one, absolutely no one, has been as examined and investigated as much as her by your frightened GOPers, and she is clean. Now let’s talk about your Republican clown car shall we? You project everything that is true about the Republican “presidential” candidates upon Hillary. You know in your deep down gut this is true.

      1. Otto Greif November 12, 2015

        She’s made millions of dollars influence peddling.

        1. greenlantern1 November 12, 2015

          Herbert Hoover oversaw the FOOD FOR BELGIUM program!
          Margaret Hoover sat on a Belgian panel!
          Influence peddling?

          1. Otto Greif November 12, 2015

            Are you 102 years old?

          2. Paul Bass November 12, 2015

            Holey Moley Otto, I agree with 100% on this comment!

            I’m not near a window, are pigs flying, has hell frozen over? 🙂

            You have a great day, thanks for the laugh.

          3. greenlantern1 November 13, 2015

            !02 years old?
            Trump’s TAJ MAHAL just paid, a $10,000,00 fine, because it was used by terrorists to launder money!
            It paid a $40,000 fine because it used illegal slot machines!
            Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
            They were gunned down by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
            Their gang leader was Cliven Bundy!
            Was Trump angry when Rand Paul met with him?
            Remember when G. Gordon Liddy called for “headshots” to murder policemen wearing bulletproof vests?
            Ever hear of Pastor [?] Terry Jones?
            He was already tried, convicted and sentenced to death because of the MURDERS at Benghazi!
            Why weren’t his e-mails asked for?
            Rush Limbaugh CLAIMS to have stand down cables.
            Why weren’t they asked for?

          4. The lucky one November 13, 2015

            Are you 2 years old?

        2. Cloudherder November 15, 2015

          Unlike every single Republican in the US? Republican politicians have made a career out of running for president of the US just for the notoriety and monetary gain. For the most part, they don’t even want to be president. Do you see that on the Democrat side? Noooo. But you do see professional politicians like Huckabee, Santorum, Palin, Cheney!! etc with their Super Pacs and their influence peddling every time.
          And as usual, what Repubs are most guilty of, they accuse Democrats of being. And the world turns.

          1. Otto Greif November 15, 2015

            Huckabee, Santorum, Cheney and Palin don’t have any influence to peddle. Stop defending corruption and gross hypocrisy.

    3. Jinmichigan November 12, 2015

      I can imagine a world where fools like you are slapped hard for saying stupid chit.

      1. greenlantern1 November 12, 2015

        Count me as ONE of his friends!
        IF he is hurt; I will do a lot more than slap!
        Perfectly clear??

        1. Jinmichigan November 12, 2015

          Yes, sir. You go ahead and proceed saying stupid chit too.

    4. Bob Eddy November 12, 2015

      “Dirty and corrupt,” and yet the right wing has come up with zero proof of your assertions. The greatest threat to this country is the ignorance, hatred and dishonesty from people like you who apparently view the Constitution the same way George Bus did…”it’s just a piece of paper” and are willing to dismiss one if the important contributions to a just society–the presumption of innocence, probably because you are blinded BT that ignorance, hatred and dishonesty.

      1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

        Boy, another Marxist in the making aren’t you…… You haven’t left Obama’s bottom side.

        Constitution? You don’t know a damn thing about what made America great. You are so blinded by stooges….

        1. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

          At what point in history was America Great, I would like to know your view. When did we keep the constitution pure? Trump keeps saying he is going to make America Great again but he never says when it was great.

          1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

            Before Johnson, after Carter and before Clinton. Since then it has been downhill. Pride in America started to die with the Clintonians.

          2. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

            90% top tax bracket with Ike. You liked the cold war and McCarthyism? Many of our problem in the world today
            got their start in the fifties including Iran, Iraq, Vietnam etc.
            You do know JFK made Bill look like a saint when it came to women.
            You also picked Reagan, deficits don’t matter. Star Wars defense
            system, Iran Contra, amnesty for illegals and astrologist helping
            make distinctions. Reagan used to fall asleep in meetings. As far as pride, that started going down hill with Vietnam and really got bad when people in the media started tell people how bad our president was, thank Rush and Glenn for that one.

          3. The lucky one November 13, 2015

            Reagan years were great??? Wow get a grip Josephine.

        2. The lucky one November 13, 2015

          What would that be, extermination Native Americans or enslavement of Africans?

    5. greenlantern1 November 12, 2015

      Hillary Clinton runs the TAJ MAHAL?
      Isn’t that being used fro money-laundering by terrorists?
      Ever hear of Pastor [?] Terry Jones?
      Why was he sentenced to death?
      Why was his e-mail NEVER asked for?

    6. charleo1 November 12, 2015

      Trump’s problem is not so much being dirty or corrupt. Although crawling into bed with the NY Mob might make some think him so. No, Trump’s big problem is he is basically a thru, and thru idiot, and totally unqualified to be President. And, that’s just for starters. However what I can’t imagine is, if he were as corrupt as you claim HC is, is any investigations on it coming out of this GOP run all politics, all the time, Congress. Or, you think Hillary has gotten a pass there too?

    7. joe schmo November 12, 2015

      Yup, I don’t even call them Democrats any longer. They are the ‘anarchy party.’

      1. The lucky one November 13, 2015

        Do you even know the meaning of the word?

  9. Paul Bass November 12, 2015

    Egos so big, they commission life-size oil portraits of themselves on the right hand of Jesus.

    The answer to the Jeopardy question of why Trump and Carson are still talking.

    1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

      Egos so big they thought that they could get away with using a server at home and do some dirty dealing behind the scenes. Tell me? What has this moronic woman done that was SO great?

      1. Böcker November 13, 2015

        Who else has a personal server? Trey Gowdy!

  10. OHGirl November 12, 2015

    I didn’t see the debate so can’t comment on the specifics between Trump and Fiorina. To be fair though, the Democrats did the same things to Hillary in 2008. With Trump specifically, any woman who would vote for Trump either hates herself, her sex, or is just completely deaf to his comments. To my mind, any man who treats women like he does has his own set of issues with self-esteem. That may sound crazy considering what a blustering self-promoter Trump is; but then again, who needs to be like that if he is truly comfortable in his own skin.

    1. 11thStPopulist November 12, 2015

      He has had 3 wives, all super model/fashionistas. Two were foreign born and raised then became citizens after marrying him. Multiple affairs. He married Marla Maples after their child was born, then cheated on her. I am wondering who the “moral majority” are likely to support when he wins the primary? Maybe they will just stay home and not vote – including all those evangelical TP women.

      1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

        So what! Since when is it wrong for people to have one partner in a lifetime. What about that Hillary. How many crimes has she committed and gotten away with. She SHOULD be going to prison. Not running for office.

        1. 11thStPopulist November 12, 2015

          Any evidence of any crime? No, I didn’t think so. Just a bunch of false innuendos from a bunch of gas bags!!!!!

          1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

            That’s because we have a crook in office at the moment. There’s no honesty anyway. Wrong is right and right is wrong. Gangstas looking after gangstas….

        2. The lucky one November 13, 2015

          If your boy had been investigated as intensely as Clinton he would be in prison.

    2. joe schmo November 12, 2015

      Seriously? A woman who votes for Hillary has just one thing in mind. To vote for her just because she will be a first. How STUPID is that. Forget about being principled or having integrity. Let’s throw values out the window in exchange for anarchy because being a crook is good and being a proud honest patriot is bad. I never figured I’d see the day. Frankly, I think liberal women are the dumbest on the planet. When I look at Europe and the Muslim influx (by the way, I have family there. 8000 Muslim’s a day are coming in and what do they do to the Euro women? Demean them. Women serving the migrants are not allowed. A man must serve them because a woman is thought to be ‘unclean.’ She must also be accompanied by men for fear of being raped or worse. A friend of mine’s mom who has been teaching in Europe for 25 years is being forced out because the migrants do not want to be taught by a Euro. Honey, your stupid!

      I’m a woman. I’m for Trump. I DO NOT want to see my country die! You idiots seem bent on it. Tolerance and CoExist my a**. You really need to think about what you are doing. Either you want a strange form of Marxism mixed with Sharia Law where you are forced and suppressed or you want the free country we started out with. What an idiot!

      1. The lucky one November 13, 2015

        How can you possibly see the Duck as “a proud honest patriot”? What patriotic act has he ever performed? Anyone can shoot off their mouth.

  11. Otto Greif November 12, 2015

    The times, they are a changin.

  12. greenlantern1 November 12, 2015

    Why did Trump’s TAJ MAHAL pay a fine for money laundering for terrorists?
    Why did his TAJ MAHAL pay a fine for using illegal slot machines?
    How come Trump is silent about murderers like Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller?
    Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not?

  13. Böcker November 12, 2015

    It’s because the corporate media is still willing to give this clown a microphone that why! He has nothing to offer but a load of BS.

    1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

      Hillary has nothing to offer but ‘anarchy.’

      1. Böcker November 13, 2015

        Hillary isn’t my choice but she has more smarts on any topic then this clown.

  14. @HawaiianTater November 12, 2015

    Why is Trump still talking?

    A better question is why would anyone want him to shut up?! lol

    I hope that man never shuts up.

    1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

      Yah, I hope Hillary stops laughing. Just about makes me want to puke. So unnatural and unreal…. Phony crook. Blah!

      1. @HawaiianTater November 12, 2015

        Hillary doesn’t laugh. Hillary cackles. GET IT RIGHT, JOE.

        1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

          That’s why she’s known as cankles on line.? Now I get it. LOL gotcha…

          1. @HawaiianTater November 12, 2015

            Cackling is what Hillary does when she tries to laugh. She’s known as Cankles because she has fat calf ankles. GET IT RIGHT, JOE.

          2. Daniel Jones November 13, 2015

            *I* got a question, why is joe still talking? He’s trolled so hard he’d turn to stone if he ever wound up on Middle Earth.

          3. @HawaiianTater November 13, 2015

            We keep Joe Schmuck around to amuse us. We’re kind-hearted like that.

          4. The lucky one November 13, 2015

            The next time Joe gets anything right it will be the first time.

          5. @HawaiianTater November 13, 2015

            There is a certain irony to the fact that the people who are so far right are so completely wrong.

    2. The lucky one November 13, 2015

      Don’t worry he won’t, he’s a classic narcissist.

  15. Whatmeworry November 12, 2015

    Compared to Bill Clinton he’s a motivated

    1. joe schmo November 12, 2015

      He would be one of the best leaders in my lifetime:)

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