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Why Sane Bargaining Looks Strange

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Why Sane Bargaining Looks Strange


WASHINGTON — An entirely new political narrative is taking shape before our eyes, yet many here are still stuck in the old one.

President Obama’s victory blew up the framework created by the 2010 elections, which forced him to play defense. Now, he finally has room to move. That’s the only way to understand the ongoing budget talks.

This has several implications. First, why was anyone surprised that Obama’s initial offer to the Republicans was a compendium of what he’d actually prefer? We became so accustomed to Obama’s earlier habit of making pre-emptive concessions that the very idea he’d negotiate in a perfectly normal way amazed much of Washington. Rule No. 1 is that you shouldn’t start bargaining by giving stuff away when the other side has not even made concrete demands.

Second, Obama made clear that he will not allow the fiscal calendar to set his priorities. Past actions by Congress established this wacky set of deadlines requiring frenzied decision making. This does not mean the deficit is the nation’s highest priority. It isn’t. Speeding up economic growth is the most important thing now.

Thus did Obama’s opening proposal call for measures to boost the recovery, including an infrastructure bank, a public-private partnership that ought to appeal to Republicans. And he was right to insist upon an extension of unemployment insurance and another year of the payroll tax holiday or some equivalent way to keep middle-class purchasing power up. Raising taxes on the wealthy won’t damage the economy. A sudden drop in the take-home pay of the vast majority of American consumers would.

Third, House Republicans have, so far, been unwilling to assume any risk to get what they claim to want. They seem to hope a deal will be born by way of immaculate conception, with Obama taking ownership of all the hard stuff while they innocently look on.

Obama went that route in 2011 when he feared that Republicans would bring down the nation’s economic house by failing to pass an increase in the debt ceiling. This time, he doesn’t face that risk.

If we go past the so-called fiscal cliff deadlines and all the resulting budget cuts and tax increases come into force, the administration can minimize the damage. It can delay the implementation of new tax tables so billions of dollars are not suddenly sucked out of the economy. There is no law requiring that budget cuts be implemented upfront or spread equally across the year. Obama can publicly announce he is delaying any cuts, on the theory that Congress will eventually vitiate some of them. And he can make sure the bond markets know of his plans well in advance.

E. J. Dionne

Besides contributing to The National Memo, E.J. Dionne, Jr. is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, and a university professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture at Georgetown University.

His most recent book is Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent (2013).

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  1. Dominick Vila December 3, 2012

    I support President Obama’s decision to bring the fiscal cliff issue, and his proposals to avoid a major problem, to the attention of the people. Nobody can put more pressure and influence the decision making processs of a politician than his/her constituencies. However, at this late stage of the process I believe quiet, behind close doors, negotiations, with focus on allowing both parties to claim victory, is the way to go. Negotiations, by their very nature, are not a winner takes all event. They require compromise, respect for the opinions of others, and willingness to reach consensus.
    I believe President Obama should meet with Congressional leaders in the Capitol, if nothing else to demonstrate his commitment and highlight the criticality of this issue, and follow up by sending high level Cabinet leaders to work out the details with congressional leaders.
    The time for political posturing, pointing fingers, and meaningless rhetoric is over.

    1. Jim Myers December 3, 2012

      The rhetoric on the right amuses me. The leaders of both houses are crying because President Obama hasn’t decided to allow the WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY to continue dragging the United States down the rabbit hole.

      They accuse President Obama of not being willing to offer “ANY FORM OF COMPROMISE”, when they were the ones who refused to even raise the debt limit without protecting their wealthy “Saints.”

      It’s time for both of them to realize that the American public gave President Obama a MANDATE to end the favored treatment of the wealthy. They need to man up, and accept the fact that President Obama is not going to be a pushover this time around.

      1. CPANewYork December 3, 2012

        Having lost the war, the GOP is now engaging is guerrilla tactics to thwart the desires of the American people. They’re all like John Schnatter, Robert Murray and the other scumbags who are going to try to penalize their nonunion employees for Obama’s vistory.

        John Schnatter has announced that he’s going to put all of his employees on a part time basis to avoid providing any health benefits fir them. Schnatter owns Papa John’s Pizza.

        1. idamag December 3, 2012

          This is one way that all of us can bring decency to our country again. We can refuse to trade in those businesses that stiff thier employees.
          I would make an effor to buy at Cosco. We don’t have one in our community, but I just might drive to where one is.

          With the tea party trying to take over our country, we need to look out for each other.

        2. Dominick Vila December 3, 2012

          I think some Republicans are still in denial. They don’t seem to understand that Romney-Ryan lost, and that they lost seats in the Senate and the House. When Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and was selected thanks to his brother delivering Florida to him, he claimed a mandate and governed accordingly. He transformed himself into a war President and managed to convince a bunch of hapless Democrats that anyone who challenged his whims would pay a price at the polls.
          Now, a Democratic President won both the popular vote by a comfortable margin and the electoral college vote by a huge margin, and what do we hear from the GOP? They have a mandate becaused they managed to hang on to the House. Let’s send them an unmistakable message in 2014, and let’s start by playing back excerpts of Boehner’s interview on FOX when he declared that it didn’t matter to him if the new revenues came from the top 2% or the bottom 98%. To his credit, he must have passed basic arithmetic in elementary school, alas, he managed to go from 47% to 98%. Hopefully Mitt is paying attention…

          1. amarquez647 December 3, 2012

            Let’s diligently work at cleaning house. It need a liberal dose of reality.

          2. larry king January 3, 2013

            Dominick Vila – you are part of the problem, as you don’t understand the crap that comes out of your mouth.

            It was the Supreme Court that made the 2000 election decision, not Bush’s brother.

            And it was done at the request of Al Gores campaign that it even got to the Supreme Court – you ignorant drone

        3. Dol5 December 3, 2012

          I agree with you. Again, it’s like the neighborhood kid who won’t play ball with his ball. He would rather stop playing , than help in any way. Poor sports. All of them! President Obama is right to continue what he is doing. I will continue to boycot any and all those business owners who try these controlling games.

        4. JSquercia December 3, 2012

          What is TRULY despicable is that the part of the law he is complaining about doesn’t kick in until NEXT year

        5. Dave_dido December 4, 2012

          Schnatter and Murray will soon find out that good employees will move on to employers who provide a decent wage and/or decent benefits. Right now the employers have it their way because there are many unemployed Americans. That situation won’t last forever, and even if it does last a lot longer, employers who don’t take care of good workers will see their businesses decline in time. All these guys who say they are going to stop giving their employees health care are just blowing smoke. And if they’re not blowing smoke, they’re about to sabotage their own business.

        6. Charles December 4, 2012

          No more Papa John’s Pizza for my family and friends. So sad employees must suffer for the ignorance of their employer. I would not have minded paying a couple dollars more for pizza if it benefits the employees.

      2. Dominick Vila December 3, 2012

        I listened to an interesting program on NPR this morning in which the hosts discussed the potential impact of taxation on small businesses. The business owners that were interviewed highlighted the impact of paying taxes on their ability to invest and grow, the unfairness of demanding higher taxes from those with a taxable income higher than $250K, and a claim that those who support higher taxes for the wealthy are simply envious of their success. Nothing can be farther from the truth.
        Most Americans admire success and don’t have a problem with those who because of their innovative ideas, entrepreneurship and hard work amassed a fortune and enjoy the bounty of their labor. We are not demanding going back to the tax rates that were in place when Eisenhower, or even Reagan, were in office. What is being proposed is a 3.6% increase in the tax rate of families with a taxable income higher than $250K, which would bring their contributions back to Clinton era levels, when all segments of our society did very well.
        What we have today is a widening schism between the wealthy and the middle class, to the point that if left unchecked there may not be a middle class in the United States within the next couple of decades.
        I think it is also important to note, for those who rely on draconian impacts to small businesses to support their no-new tax pledge, that 97% of small businesses are exempt from new taxes in the legislation proposed by President Obama. The likely “victims” are Hollywood stars, trial lawyers, Wall Street brokers and investors like Mitt Romney who don’t contribute to job creation.
        The bottom line is this: we either pay for the things we need and benefit from, or we have to do without. We can’t have it both ways. Our government needs additional revenues to function and reduce its dependence on borrowed money, and we must find ways to reduce spending without impacting our most vulnerable citizens and the economy. Solving our problems is not rocket science, the only thing we need is leadership and willingness to put country ahead of ideology and party loyalty.

        1. Canistercook December 3, 2012

          And we have a campaigner running our country not a leaders. A leader can get people to follow him, but Obama has convinced only half of the people, mostly those that don’t pick up the tab.

          1. darkagesbegin December 3, 2012

            What are you doing here? You should be watching fox news to see if the sky is falling today. You should be keeping an eye out to let us know whether fox says the sun rises in the west…

            That way you’ll free us 47% to call the president and ask for more free stuff at the expense of the 1% who are holding up the firmiment

          2. old_blu December 3, 2012

            You do know that the red states take out more than they pay in, and the blue states pay in more than they take out, right?

          3. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            Seems like California is blue and broke!

          4. old_blu December 3, 2012

            What does the state have to do with the federal spending, jeeez do some research.

          5. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            Where does the Federal get its money if not from the ‘United “States”?

          6. old_blu December 3, 2012

            It gets most of it from the blue states.

          7. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            And I guess they grow most of our food too! And provide most of our oil and minerals too! You have been brain washed.

          8. old_blu December 3, 2012

            Do you get drunk before you post on here?

          9. idamag December 4, 2012

            Actually, they do. In Imperial Valley and they grow most of ours, too.

          10. stoptheinsanity December 3, 2012

            Canistercook, you are so bitter and filled with anger and rage that your party’s terrible candidate MittWitt Romney, who RethugLIARcons didn’t like themselves, lost the election. That old, outdated crap that you extreme right-wing trolls love to spew out against President Obama hasn’t worked in the past and certainly won’t work now. If any party has given us the most horrible presidents and presidential candidates ever, it definitely is the RethugLIARcon party. Your party gave us Nixon, Ford, George H. W. Bush, George W.Bush, and MittWitt Romney, all losers. If MittWitt was such a leader, why didn’t he get the majority of Americans to vote for him even with all of the voter suppression and vote buying by RethugLIARcons? You are a delusional right-wing troll living in LaLa land. Continue to believe all the lies that Faux News, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, and the rest of the right-wing media propaganda feeds you? That worked really well for you during this past election, didn’t it?

          11. Charles December 4, 2012

            2008 when your party pledge to make President Obama a one term president, were they even considering giving him a chance to succeed. No, they shut the door before he could even get started. You and you only know why you are against this president. But that only if you are honest with yourself. Just like almost all sore loser republicans you’ll blame his policy that you never gave a chance. But each of you know within yourselves it’s not his policies you dislike and it’s not because he’s not intelligent. He passed on making more money to fight for the likes of you. You’re Welcome!!!

          12. Canistercook December 4, 2012

            As an independent all I want is a leader not a campaigner. Leaders succeed, campaigners sell their wish to succeed. Any loss will be to America’s future. His intelligence is not under question, he appears to be normally intelligent but I question his ability to lead the entire country not just the so called 47%.

          13. idamag December 4, 2012

            You are not an Independent.

          14. idamag December 4, 2012

            Charles and that was one of the most unAmerican congresses I ever saw.

          15. idamag December 4, 2012

            Watch behind you,they are coming to get you.

        2. flyfshr1cd December 3, 2012

          Well said. After 12 years of insufficient taxation that has added about 10 trillion to the National Debt, while at the same time Americans have rang up their own mountains of personal debt, it’s time to pay the piper. Reduce spending? We can start with NASA, corporate welfare, and all the political pork that Congressmen have added through special interest groups.

        3. Dave_dido December 4, 2012

          Grover Nordquist and his Republican devotees are outraged that we want to raise taxes on the super rich by 3.6%. Yet they have no problem with reducing the Social Security benefits of grandma who is scrounging to pay for groceries and basic necessities on $1000/mo. I guess Grover didn’t take any ethics courses at Harvard.

      3. onedonewong December 3, 2012

        Guess what that debt ceiling will have to rise in Feb, think the House will vote on it without significant entitlement spending reductions?? Barak better start to work with the House or resign

        1. faxt42 December 4, 2012

          where were you onedonewong, change your name to alwaysdonewrong, we have President Obama here who won the election not Mit Romney for money with Bain but not Brain and Paul The Lyon Liar , tell the Boehner to work with the President to serve the country not the wealthy group and don’t act as he (Boehner) has no brain just like a puppet, look like he is controled by some invisible group.

          1. onedonewong December 4, 2012

            As McConnell said when barak offered up his proposal he laughed and said he can’t be serious. Barak won the presidency he’s not a dictator and he needs to grow up and understand that he may the messiah in his mind and his followers but he’s not with the republicans that control the House.
            Time for barak to grow up and start acting like a grown up rather than some welfare junkie

          2. idamag December 4, 2012

            Fax, onedone is a racist. He let it slip on another board.

      4. larry king January 3, 2013

        @Jim Myers:
        Why don’t you tell us how much dough our gov’t would receive if they confiscated all the money earned from the top 2%, and then tell us how many hours this would run our gov’t?

        Yeah I know Jim, you’ll be stuck for a proper answer – as you’re just a liberal elitist drone that can’t think for himself or is it herself!

    2. old_blu December 3, 2012

      I also support the President on this, I hope he stands his ground, I will run and jump off the fiscal cliff with him and all of America.

      I think Boehner wants to work with Preident Obama but the tea baggers are holding a gun to his back so he can’t.

      I wish they would just come up with something they don’t ever put anything on the table. What are they doing waiting for Obama to come up with what they want?

      And how dare Obama act like he won the election? : ))

      1. CPANewYork December 3, 2012

        I think that John Boehner is as dumb as a rock and doesn’t do anything but kiss his millionnaire backers’ asses.

        The GOP will never put anything on the table, because what they want is so self-seeking and repugnant to decent people that they’ll look like fools. As they did last year, they’ll just obstruct whatever Obama wants to do.

        1. Canistercook December 3, 2012

          And only a fool would write such nonsense as you do.

          1. CPANewYork December 3, 2012

            No rejoinder? No deft verbal thrust that counters what I said? Your name-calling fits in with my view of thec present Republican leadership as a pack of unimaginative clods.

          2. William December 3, 2012

            Why don’t you take your head out of the sand?

      2. Canistercook December 3, 2012

        Just what has Obama put on the table? More free lunch for his supporter at someone else’s expense.

        1. old_blu December 3, 2012

          The administration’s latest proposal includes roughly $600 billion in spending cuts. Those cuts, however, would be offset by $200 billion in proposed stimulus and other spending programs. The multi-year stimulus program would include at least $50 billion in fiscal 2013 alone; the administration also wants an extension of unemployment aid.

          The Republicans haven’t made a counter offer they just stand there somewhat like you with that dumb look on your face.

          1. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            Watched how quick a relative of mine got a job when her unemployment ran out!

    3. CPANewYork December 3, 2012

      Mr. Vila:

      I have to take issue with one thing that you said: “The time for political posturing, pointing fingers, and meaningless rhetoric is over.”

      We’re dealing with politicians here. For them, the time for political posturing, pointing fingers and meaningless rhetoric is never over. Those things define their very existence. Many of them entered politics because they failed at being lawyers. Our legislatures are filled with the dregs of the legal profession.

      1. sigrid28 December 3, 2012

        Instead of statesmen–er, states-persons–alas.

        1. CPANewYork December 3, 2012

          I don’t think that failed women lawyers would be any better than failed men lawyers.

    4. rl December 3, 2012

      I whole heartly agree with you. I think that the President should meet with Bonher and his gan of America destroyers, but the President should stick with what his commitment to the American people is. He was re-elected on it and the Senate majority enlarged ont, and except for gerrymandering, the Hose would have turned over to the Democrats on it.

    5. sigrid28 December 3, 2012

      DV: I think you are particularly right in specifying that negotiations should involve the president, members of his cabinet, and congressional leaders meeting face to face. I think this is one time when “behind closed doors” also makes sense: as you say, then both parties can claim victory.

      Further support for your idea–private meetings, joint victory– is Grover Norquist’s unhelpful proposal, on “Meet the Press” Sunday, for all negotiations to take place publicly on C-Span. He thinks once the public realizes that Republicans are caving on his pledge, he will be vindicated. He probably just wants to drag the whole thing out and collect video evidence to use in trying to defeat Republicans who go back on their pledges once they are up for re-election. The White House should give him no quarter.

      Another privilege of the executive branch, besides acting on a clear mandate, is to decide when, where, and how the president’s proposals will be set forth. Like you, I think President Obama and the administration will gain more by dispatching these Fiscal Cliff negotiations quickly, decisively–and quietly. After all is said and done, there will be plenty of time for the shouting.

      1. idamag December 3, 2012

        sig, they turned their back on the American people to sign the godfather’s pledge.

      2. Canistercook December 3, 2012

        Perhaps the 47 or so million who did not vote for Obama have some rights in a true democracy or do we still have one?

        1. old_blu December 3, 2012

          You have representatives that should look out for you but unless you are one of the top one percent they won’t, you voted them in.

          Sorry next time think before you vote, and shut off Rush Limbuger.

          1. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            Have never listened to Rush but have been to Greece.

          2. idamag December 4, 2012

            And, of course, that makes you an expert on Greece. I’ve been to 17 foriegn countries.

        2. William December 3, 2012

          When your taxes go up because because the Rep Party only care about the rich you’ll probably still be blaming the Dem Party for all of your problems. Will people like you ever wake up?

          1. BDC_57 December 3, 2012

            They will never wake up till the country in the tolit.

          2. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            Strange that Republicans sought to free the slaves and George Bush put in the new Drug Program to help the sick isn’t it?

          3. neeceoooo December 3, 2012

            Your drug program put Medicare patients in the red and cost them thousands of dollars.

          4. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            Its not MY drug program it was Bush’s and like Obamacare another gift to a big industry. Obamacare is a big gift to health insurers and $400,000 a year doctors. Its time to realize there is no free lunch just because you think it is coming out of someone else’s pocket! How do you think these people get the money to brainwash us with their campaigns! We are destroying our economy and Obama is doing it faster than anyone yet.

          5. idamag December 4, 2012

            Abraham Lincoln and teddy Roosevelt were great men and Republicans. Your hateful tea party would not accept either of them, should they run today. You areb’t decent enough to talk about those two wonderful people.

        3. stoptheinsanity December 3, 2012

          You and you RethugLIARcon party weren’t saying that when George W. Bush, the state of Florida, the SCOTUS, and other Rethug entitites stole the presidency in 2000 and 2004. Your party’s response to Democrats during those election cycles were “GET OVER IT! YOU LOST!” and “AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!” Now, all of a sudden, your party which so demonized, dehumanized, and degraded the 47%, also suppressed , disenfranchised, and threatened minority and Democratic voters from casting ballots, wants Democrats to empathize with you while you and your party continue to stab us in the back. This country is not a democracy. It is a republic. You and your kind need to follow the same advice you gave us while idiot Bush was in office.

          1. Canistercook December 3, 2012

            I criticize Obama’s policy but have more respect for our country than to call the elected President or past President an ‘idiot’. Perhaps that shows the level many of our electorate has stooped to. I do not belong to a party as I choose to think for myself and not be brainwashed by a party platform. I recall that the Nazi party chose Hitler and found a scapegoat in the Jews and the Bankers. I also recall that for many Hitler was their hero so I avoid getting caught up in hero worship.

        4. tobewan December 4, 2012

          Democracy? NOT if the Republicons can help it – THEY still want an ARISTOCRACY. Big ‘ I ‘ and little ‘you.’
          Why must THEY treat America as though it is here just to make THEM rich-er? THEY’VE done a lot of, way too much of, TAKING. It is NOW time to GIVE-BACK! Time to take away their ‘milking-machine.’

          1. Canistercook December 4, 2012

            47 million milkers I guess.

    6. BradLewis December 3, 2012

      My strong impression is that right after the election Obama did meet with Congressional leaders on the right and then both sides. Few details were given, only they all would “play nice”.

      1. idamag December 4, 2012

        yeah, right.

    7. flyfshr1cd December 3, 2012

      You have a game plan for Obama to force such a meeting with Repug Congressional leaders after they laugh out loud about his proposal? ” Negotiations, by their very nature, are not a winner takes all event. They require compromise, respect for the opinions of others, and willingness to reach consensus.” Do you know something about the Norquist Pledge that I don’t?

      1. William December 3, 2012

        Don’t forget to include the GOP in that statement.

    8. onedonewong December 3, 2012

      This jerk just issue ultimatums and then goes on shopping trips or vacations. Time for barak to man up something he’s never been comfortable about doing

      1. tobewan December 4, 2012

        And now its time for the Republicon’s to own up to something they are uncomfortable about doing – LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.
        They didn’t vote for the same-o, same-o from the GOP.

    9. Fern Woodfork December 4, 2012

      We Will Never Have Another 2010 Again In Life!!! Now That The We The People See That EVERY ELECTION IS IMPORTANT AND ALL VOTES COUNTS!!!!

  2. docb December 3, 2012

    The repub baggers brought this mess to the table by threatening a DEFAULT on our debt and causing the credit rating downgrade..They own it! The President put it on the table from the get go…
    The repubs continue to DO NOTHING and whine.

    We could have taken the option the repubs are offering to support the 2% which includes most of the repubs in Congress at the expense of the 98% …WE SAID NO!

    1. lana ward December 3, 2012

      Lets have meetings live on tv and see who really is serious about the fiscal cliff, and who isn’t

      1. docb December 3, 2012

        Grover- is that you under a nom de plume? Not even all the repub baggers are going for your routine any more! We have had that debate and the voter SAID NO!

      2. sigrid28 December 3, 2012

        We know the players and their level of seriousness. If these negotiations can take place in private, the results might be better for the country as a whole, because concessions will be made privately–perhaps far more amicably than they would have been made on TV. Sometimes legislators on opposite sides can give-and-take more effectively in private, so something they might do that riles their constituents–in the short run–can take effect for the good of all, sometime in the future. On the other hand, I think the public and all the members of the Senate should be forced to watch interminable, talking filibusters during prime time on Super Bowl Sunday, to put an end to that procedural abuse once and for all.

        1. lana ward December 3, 2012

          Nothing is getting done in private. The American people need to see what the problem is

      3. idamag December 3, 2012

        lana, poor uninformed lana who reads hate blogs to get her information, the people spoke at the polls.

        1. lana ward December 3, 2012

          The people spoke two and three times, the dead spoke, voter machines changed Romney votes to Obama votes, yea, the people spoke alright. Half of the Military didn’t speak because they didn’t get ballots on time, which always happens when a Dem is President

      4. Muriel Schlecht December 3, 2012

        You must be joking, or fooling yourself, if you think a live TV debate would reveal who really is serious, and who isn’t. Do you ever listen to the televised congressional sessions? Probably not, or you’d know better.
        Being a “fly on the wall” in secluded meetings is the ONLY way the public could EVER hear the truth, and that ain’t gonna happen. The TRUTH will be evident in the results, and in the voting record.

        These guys, “locked” in private session is the only way. They CAN’T lie to, and deceive each other like they did with the public watching during the election, before and after. One could really scream, yell, and say what they really think of another’s point of view or suggestion without risking manipulation or grandstanding by some idiotic news reporter, TV channel, blogger, or the likes of Fox News, Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh. Besides, they have “too much crap” on each other which could work to advantage or disadvantage. With the public watching it would be just more “posturing” and attempted “showmanship”. We don’t have time for that or the desire to listen to the same ole’ crap over again.

  3. chisolm December 3, 2012

    President Obama has no interest in solving the fiscal cliff issue. More revenue for the government is his solution to every issue and Democrats are all on board. If it is bigger government and less freedom you favor the fiscal issue will move us further in that direction. What an ideal situation the president finds himself; he gets to raise taxes on all of us and blame Republicans.

    1. Jim Myers December 3, 2012

      I suppose you would prefer to see George the Second, or his clones, in the White House.

    2. johninPCFL December 3, 2012

      Well, that certainly explains the $716B in Medicare payment reductions that the GOP was complaining about during the election. And the $400B per year he just put on the table. Yeah, he’s all about raising revenue without any cuts at all.

      /sarc off

    3. William Quigley December 3, 2012

      You need to be more objective in your assessment of the current situation. No reasonable solution is possible without some tax increases. You can cut out the entire federal budget except, defense (which the Republicans want increase), interest on the debt, social security, medicare, and medicare and the budget will still be in the red without a tax increase. What Obama is suggesting is a tax rate on the wealthy similar to the rates that existed during the Reagan and Clinton Administrations, 39.6%. The current tax rates are the lowest since the Second World War!!! Raising these rates will not negativelt affect the economy as Bill Crystal of the Weekly Standard has said. All President Obama has asked the Republicans do, is come up with a list of suggested cuts in entitlements that will pass muster with the American people and accept a small increase in taxes for the wealthy (from a maximum rate of 35% to 39.6%). No one has suggested an increase in taxes for everyone else, not Republicans or Democrats!!!
      As far as big goverment goes, the biggest increase in federal spending since 2000 has been in two unnessary and unfunded wars, a new department of Homeland Security, medicare, madicade, and defense spending. The cost of the medicare program doubled and the medicade program tripled bewteen 2000 and 2010, most of that increase occcuring during the GW Bush Administration. Obama has neither asked for or suggested increases in these two programs. These programs go back to the middle 60’s and have nothing to do with the current administration.
      When one gets elected to public office, one has to take some responsibility for the decisions being made. Naturally Republicans in the house and senate will share the credit if a budget compromise is reached, and conversely share the blame if one is not reached! That’s the way the system works. If they can’t accept that, they get out of the way let someone with the fortitude do the job.

    4. latebloomingrandma December 3, 2012

      I’m still trying to figure out how President Obama has been impeding my freedoms that the Republicans are always yammering about. If I was a young woman, I would be happy that he is pushing back on Republican efforts to impede reproductive freedom; if I had a foreign accent, I would be happy that he supports pushing back on state legislatures run by Republicans to impede my ability to cast a vote. Otherwise, I’m good–a free woman. OK, I get Social Security. I’m still waiting for all the free stuff Romney says Obama gave us and wondering what it is.

    5. idamag December 3, 2012

      He hasn’t imeded my freedoms. The people have spoken.

      1. BDC_57 December 3, 2012

        They have.

    6. Muriel Schlecht December 3, 2012

      You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
      ………Eric Hoffer (1902 – 1983)

      Consider yourself “frightened by your “enemy” and try to figure out why you fell for it.

  4. 1AmericanHoney27 December 3, 2012

    I’m elated that President Obama was re-elected to a 2nd term and realize he very much still needs our backing to continue to remove us from the cesspool that the Bush Administration pushed us into for 8 years. The Greedy Fat Cat Republi-pricks continue to take care of themselves while pushing the middle class farther down the ladder…. I pray in 2014 everyone again turns out to vote & remove all that aren’t sincerely committed to helping everyone not just themselves… While it’s seemingly unfair to group individuals as bad omens it appears the Right is just a cup of bad medicine…. Voodoo….. A hard pill to swallow… just to put it politely. People such as Howdy Doody ( Boehner) & Yertl the turtle ( O’Connell ) should be the first to hit the unemployment line..This country n it’s people need to once again LIVE and not just to exist…. So in closing I remind you “United we stand & divided we fall”… This should NEVER happen again… GOD BLESS AMERICA AND EVERYONE THAT BELIEVES IN WHAT SHE STANDS FOR!

  5. nobsartist December 3, 2012

    Once again, President Obama has made enough concessions to republiCONs. To “solve” the entitlements issue, simply tax ALL income, earned and investment, 6% with NO ceiling.

    Thats simple.

    Next, refuse to negotiate any “debt ceiling” until both houses pass a bill that creates 100% employment for all American citizens.

    But if the felons insist on “entitlement reform”, lets cut retirements to all “public servants”. It looks like municipalities have created retirement systems that are nothing short of criminal.

  6. lana ward December 3, 2012

    Meetings between Obama and republicans over the fiscal cliff, NEED to be shown on tv so America can see who it is that won’t negotiate. Republicans would agree. Would Obama?

    1. old_blu December 3, 2012

      Hey that’s the first semi intelligent thing I have ever heard you say, but the Republicans aren’t going to let that happen cuz then they would have to come up with an answer to the question where and what do they want to cut and they can’t. (they couldn’t even do that to win the election what makes you think they can now)?

      1. lana ward December 3, 2012

        Republicans WILL do this. Obama won’t. He won’t have any cover from the MSM. He won’t have a teleprompter either. And you know he sticks his foot in his mouth without that thing telling him what to say. Obama stole the election. America lost.

        1. Jim Myers December 3, 2012

          President Obama won a mandate from the majority of the American voting public.

          Your George/Dick clones LOST. Get over it.

          1. lana ward December 3, 2012

            America lost, you brainwashed fool

          2. idamag December 3, 2012

            lana, at least Jim sounds like he has a brain to be washed.

          3. Elisabeth Gordon December 3, 2012

            The more you show your stripes, the more we can see that they are the same stripes you had before the election ~ when you were SO convinced that your ridiculous candidates were going to win in a landslide….face facts, the majority of Americans are smarter than you and they proved it on November 6th…go wrap some presents!…and stop worrying your pretty little head over topics you can’t understand.

          4. lana ward December 3, 2012

            Speaking of stripes, did you see Obamas’ blood stripe flag? Check out “Obamas’ blood stripe flag’. He had it on his web site until people compared it to Benghazi. People voted two and three times, dead people voted, voting machines turned Romney votes to Obama votes, the Military were denied their vote. You won’t feel so smart when you see what a fool Obama made of all of you!!

          5. Jim Myers December 3, 2012

            Replying to lana ward –

            You pay WAY too much attention to Faux News, Rush, Glenn, Laura, Ann, and all the other slimeballs on the extreme right.

            Too bad you have given up your God-given right to think for yourself.

            BTW, Rush said he would move overseas if Obama won the election in 2008. And the windbag is still spewing hot sewage all over the airwaves.

            Not that I blame him. If I had a bunch of idiots who would pay me millions of dollars to spread garbage, I would probably be tempted to do it also.

            But it just goes to show how good his word is.

          6. old_blu December 3, 2012

            And when any of those right wingers like Rush Breibart WND get got in a lie they just say I’m an entertainer.

          7. lana ward December 3, 2012

            Alex Baldwin said he’d move if Bush won too, and that nasty blowhard is still here. Did you see Obamas’ blood flag?

          8. tobewan December 4, 2012

            You LOST Lana! Get over it!

          9. lana ward December 4, 2012

            America lost! You’re part of America, you lost too!!

          10. idamag December 3, 2012

            Jim, exactly. When they accuse people of stealing the elections, it is really, “Waaaa, you didn’t let me win.”

        2. old_blu December 3, 2012

          Ahh, good there you are back with your WND crap.

          1. lana ward December 3, 2012

            How do you know WND is crap? The National Memo is crap

          2. old_blu December 3, 2012

            I think you know WND is too, but just too stuck to admit it.

          3. lana ward December 3, 2012

            So that means Breitbart, Pat Dollard, Ace of Spades, News Busters, The Blaze and many others are wrong. Why doesn’t Obama sue them for slander? Check out “The Down Low Club”

          4. idamag December 3, 2012

            Then don’t waste your Harvard summa cum laud on it.

          5. lana ward December 3, 2012

            Skanky, Godless Dem

          6. old_blu December 3, 2012

            Really? Lana.

          7. lana ward December 3, 2012

            Apparently you didn’t see what she wrote to me???? Are all those sites wrong?

          8. old_blu December 3, 2012

            Most of them are just for entertainment, just because you and others think they are news don’t make it so, it’s just like The Big Bang Theory (one of my favorite shows) it’s not really true, just entertainment.

          9. lana ward December 3, 2012

            The Memo is just for entertainment, FOR REAL. Have you seen Obamas’ blood flag?

          10. old_blu December 3, 2012

            Yes and don’t disrespect those four Americans anymore it’s just a coincident.

          11. lana ward December 3, 2012

            Me disrespect our 4 heroes? I honor them and think about this everyday. Obama wouldn’t send them more security when they begged for more– he MURDERED all 4 of them!!

          12. lana ward December 3, 2012

            If you would believe “Asia Times online-The post-US world” our country is going down

          13. Jim Myers December 3, 2012

            Replying to lana ward –

            If the National Memo is crap, why do you spend so much time ranting and raving on its pages?

          14. lana ward December 3, 2012

            I go lots of places to see what they say. You must stay right here at the Memo- too funny

        3. idamag December 3, 2012

          lana, if you weren’t so backward, you would know that all public speakers use notes. I use note cards. But if I were speaking in a place where they had a teleprompter I would use it. Obama is a very good speaker. So, I use notes, he uses a teleprompter and some people write on their hands.

        4. Elisabeth Gordon December 3, 2012

          You, ma’am are an id jit!

        5. tobewan December 4, 2012

          Lana, you’re caught in your own words, “Republicans WILL do this” so you are admitting they haven’t yet. All they have done so far is finger point, away from themselves and what they haven’t done, by Boehner keeps chirping saying Obama hasn’t, when he has and they just won’t accept it, because it isn’t to their liking, and evidently not to yours either.
          And there is NO “Fiscal Cliff” – its just a phrase for what the GOP and league are afraid it will be if the wealth-making Tax-cuts STOP.

          1. lana ward December 4, 2012

            Republicans WILL have fiscal cliff negociations on tv, is what that comment is. Dems won’t. Obama won’t budge, then he blames Repubicans. This is what he ALWAYS does. He’s a little, evil, coward bitch

    2. CPANewYork December 3, 2012


      What kuind of funny cigarettes are you smoking? The Republicans aren’t going to engage in a knockdown fight. They’re going to just try to obstruct anything that the Democrats propose.

      1. lana ward December 3, 2012

        Where have you been? Obama is the biggest obstructionest ever. He’s a Chicago thug PRO at blaming others

        1. ryueire December 3, 2012

          Making accusations without factual evidence to back up what you say does not make for a convincing argument, especially to anyone who has cognitive logic. Your tirade against our President is typical of a biased voluntarily ignorant Republican extremist who is angry, bitter and wants to take his/her ball and go home; except the ball is no longer in your court.

          1. lana ward December 3, 2012

            You’ll never hear evidence because the MSM never have and never will report ANYTHING that is true but bad about Obama!! To them he’s Jesus Christ, don’t you know. Obama told his supporters NOT to watch Fox News. He doesn’t want them to hear some ugly truth about him. He punishes Fox News reporters for telling the truth!!

        2. idamag December 3, 2012

          Lana, and you are a liar.

          1. Elisabeth Gordon December 3, 2012

            Just ignore Lana….she is still pouting because her useless puppet plutocrat was not elected… and she can’t fathom or accept having a black president…just more of the same from the GOP….arrghhhh….won’t they just go away please!

          2. lana ward December 3, 2012

            And you are an uninformed sap. A liar and don’t even know it–sad

          3. idamag December 4, 2012

            lana, I am gong to profile you. See how well I do. You are always dressed neat and clean and your appearance is very important to you. Your children are always well dressed and cared for. You come from a broken home. Your parents were opiniated and rigid and did not tolerage opinions different from their own.

            You either did not finish high school or did not get spectacular grades.

            You had a baby when you were quite young. You might have been a single mother. You went on welfare and they sent you to get trained to get a job.

            You have been married more than once.

            If you find yourself in a group of educated people, what they say goes over your head. You like country music. If you do much reading, you lean toward romance novels.

            If you find yourself in a group of people who hate the president, you feel more comfortable than if you found yourself in a group of learned people.

        3. faxt42 December 4, 2012

          You need to take a break and listen to all news from many sources. President Obama is a man who works for the people including those two percents , he wants to make sure that the tax is being paid fair, while he has to solve many problems that were left for him. The majority of the americans voted for him to lead forward. If there was the cheating or machines converted the vote to favor the President, I would say that even the machines vote for him but i want you to do the search and find out the majority of the machine used for voting selled by whom.

          Remember the Florida voting count, the republicans did not want to accept the first recount , kept requesting until after many recount, throwing out couunts that the republican claimed not clear until they got some votes more than Al Gore so they stop requesting. The republican acts so childish, blames anything until they got what they want then they stop, never take responsibility, no leadership, like to bullish I will never vote for republican.

        4. tobewan December 4, 2012

          “They’re going to just try to obstruct anything that the Democrats propose.”
          Lana, how is that a neighborly American way to be? At least Obama and the democrats are for the American people, by and large, Not just for the upper 2% you seem so hot for.
          Obama is progressive, NOT obstructionist! The old feudal system you cherish should have been relegated to the dust-bin long ago!

          1. lana ward December 4, 2012

            Obama HATES small business. We will have no middle class when he’s done with us. Just wealthy and poor who have to depend on Gov to survive and have no self-respect

    3. idamag December 3, 2012

      It probably will be if you know where to look.

  7. Bill Plisko Jr. December 3, 2012

    Why can’t our congress think about the mass instead of the 2%. Tax cuts for the top didn’t do much for job creation during G. Bush’s 8 years. Let the top share even though it won’t hurt their life style,they will still be rich. Ask your self who came out ahead in this recession.

  8. Bruce A McIntyre December 3, 2012

    Recent economic analysis shows that perhaps the best solution to a Congress that can’t do anything is to just do nothing, and the result, after a year, would be the best economic growth, lowering of unemployment, and the stability of the debt if not the reduction of it. I say, let it happen, manage the transition, and let my children have a future.

    1. CPANewYork December 3, 2012

      In 1948, Harry Truman labelled the Republican congress the “do nothing congress.” All they did was to block Truman’s initiatives. They were voted out of office by the populace and the Democrats took over.

      This Republican House is also a do nothing group. It’s going to take time to get rid of them, but eventually they’ll go into oblivion.

      I think that the GOP is the brooding party of petulance. They’re angery because they lost the election and now they’re going to pout. They’ll pout themselves into oblivion.

      1. old_blu December 3, 2012

        I agree let them pout themselves out of a job.

        1. Muriel Schlecht December 3, 2012

          Yes they will, for sure….and start collecting their lifetime retirement benfits at OUR expense…..these hypocritical one- or two- term “wonders”. My retirement benefits, if they’re still there when I retire, require a specific number of years of service.

          1. old_blu December 3, 2012

            What’s sad is most of them (republicans) didn’t do much while they were there.

            What are they now 9% approval rating?

  9. howa4x December 3, 2012

    Republicans are in a corner and they know it. This is why there is no counter offer coming from them. Boehner has a wild horse to ride in his own caucas and he is not sure he has votes for anything. He also needs to placate Grover Norquist who has been allowed to have far more influence than him with in his party. Grover speaks for the priviledged class and everyone but the republicans knows this. In the past they have been able to hold hostage any benefits for the middle class till there was a cave in on the rich. This time it will not be easy. Obama ran on tax fairness and won, as well as defending his health reform plan. This came as a shock to republicans who had midterm success in blasting it with tealiban support, and also defending the wealthy with ease. Trouble for them this time was Romney’s 47% comment and the fact that he was worth 1/4 billion. This issue galvanized the left and they are ready for a fight and are not going to roll over like before. All of this puts the republicans in a state of shock. This time the democrats are more than willing to go over the so called cliff, which will mean that the tax break for the rich will disappear instantly. Obama can then put forward legislation to restore the middleclass tax break, the payroll tax break and unemployment benefits. Then the republicans will really be at the wall. If they try to hold them hostage for the wealthy then everyone will see what they are doing since everything will be expired. Then the bond markets and retailers will really be breathing down the republicans necks. The military needs to be cut. We spend more than all the countries in the world combined with no clearly defined enemy. We will be out of afganistan in 2014 or sooner if their army keeps killing our troops instead of the taliban so we will save about 1 billion a day. Once the final war, and the tax cuts expire then all the damage that Bush 2 caused will beover, and we can start to economically heal. This is not a great time to be speaker of the house, and time is not on their side.

    1. Jim Myers December 3, 2012

      Replying to howa4x –

      Although I agree with you on most of your comments, the existing debt that we all incurred during the rein of George the Second will remain on the books for decades to come.

      That means we will be saddled with increases in the interest on the debt until we can actually balance the budget and bring the debt down.

      History has shown us a few facts. Mainly, that decreases in the National Debt will NEVER happen under a Republican administration. It also will not happen quickly under a Democratic administration.

      1. howa4x December 3, 2012

        I agree

    2. BDD1951 December 3, 2012

      To HELL with Grover Norquist!!!

      1. howa4x December 3, 2012


  10. Bruce A McIntyre December 3, 2012

    Another GOP fantasy… if they are so ready to negotiate, let them respond to the Obama plan with one of their own… It ain’t gonna happen, especially in public, since they would have to specify which ‘entitlement’ cuts that they would need to balance the budget to give the top 2% the tax benefits they want.

  11. Bruce A McIntyre December 3, 2012

    Lana, you really live in a fantasy world. Obama has a plan on the table, but the GOP only says that they don’t like it, and won’t show a plan of their own.. They say that the Dems ‘know what they want, but should just agree with it before the GOP has to specify it in public.’ I say, go over the ‘cliff’ and we wll all benefit.

    1. lana ward December 3, 2012

      We’re going to go over the cliff. That’s what Red Rag wants. Just something for him to hurt the American people more.

    2. idamag December 3, 2012

      Bruce, whatever happens in Congress is public. You can see it on C-span or look up any day that Congress meets. You can see who voted for what. You could even hear Mitch McConnell saying, “The Republicans number one goal is to make Obama a one-term president.”

  12. William Deutschlander December 3, 2012

    The Republican Cartel has taken the position that COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (negotiation & compromise) is evil, the truth however is that COLLECTIVE BARGAINING, NEGOTIATION and COMPROMISE are the very central TENANT of DEMOCRACY which is MAJORITY RULES, of, by and for ALL the people.

    The rational, moderate Eisenhower Republicans have vanished and now it appears that the Republican Cartel of the 21st century, will also cease to exist since it is not relevant or coherent.

    1. Sand_Cat December 3, 2012

      Let’s condense that down: The current Republicans are the ones who hate America.

      They despise the electorate, they hate the Bill of Rights, and they oppose having everyone pay a fair share to support it, while constantly running up further expenses.

      1. idamag December 4, 2012

        That is why I will never vote Republcian until the real Republicans take their party back.

  13. elw December 3, 2012

    I support President Obama’s in going over the Cliff if the Republican refuse to allow Tax increase for the 2%. I do it for two reasons; One I trust the President motives over those of the Republicans and two, what the Republican want will not help the economy. How do I know that? Simple, I remember Reagan and the two Bushes and their give-aways to the Rich and what it does each time. I have lived through it all. I know it has never help make me richer, in fact each time it did the opposite – set me back. Go for it President Obama, I got your back.

    1. BDD1951 December 3, 2012

      That’s what I say. Let’s go back to the Clinton tax rates. Everyone prospered then. I know people will say that was the beginning of the tech period, but we would still have needed to work those jobs that were created by the tech era.

  14. Michael Mitchell December 3, 2012

    We already know what they want. The Ryan budget.

  15. quasm December 3, 2012

    Mr. Dionne;

    There is only one problem with Pres. Obama’s plan to raise rates on top taxpayers. It will reduce tax revenue. These people who produce new jobs will have less money to do so. They will legally reduce their tax burden through non-productive means. This will result in less cash into the treasury. Revenge has its consequences.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    1. idamag December 3, 2012

      quasm, if cutting taxes for the so called “job creators” worked we wouldn’t have any problems, would we? The tax reductions are still in place for those “job creators” and have been since 2001.

    2. Elisabeth Gordon December 3, 2012

      “These people” do NOT produce new jobs….they outsource them….remember?

    3. Sand_Cat December 3, 2012

      What have you been smoking? Does Fox sell Pot and LSD along with its lies?

    4. tobewan December 4, 2012

      SORRY Quasm, you bought into the wrong argument. Check our history, TRICKLE-DOWN economy hasn’t and doesn’t work. Besides, it isn’t the jobs the 2% would provide less of, it’s the expensive stuff they have and do – Yatching, Bahamas trips, Mansions, Golfing Club Memberships, high-priced autos, etc, etc. They’ll scare you with the Jobs bit, but it’s really their Lifestyle they are worried about.

  16. idamag December 3, 2012

    It is about time Obama realizes that the tea party will not support anything the country needs. It is all about anti-government. People with that ideology should not be in the government, they are more hindrance than help.

    1. darkagesbegin December 3, 2012

      I always said that if the people who are running against government so much don’t like it, why are they spending millions to get elected? Stay out of washington and let serious -minded people do the work they were elected to do. And, if they do go to washington, don’t be feeding at the public trough, turn down all pay and benefits if you really believe washington is the problem…

  17. BDD1951 December 3, 2012

    This whole thing is just so the republicans can keep their donors happy. They need them to get re-elected.

    1. BDC_57 December 3, 2012

      Their donors didn’t get the rubicons in cause the poeple have spoken.

  18. Happy2bback December 3, 2012

    The media is hyping this as much as the did when the computers would fail at the turn of the millinium. The thought that Obama has the best hand is reason to hold back and let things take their course. If I do end up having to pay a little more in taxes to make the rich and corporations pay their fair share so be it. The people who elected our president need to stand firm with our President and believe in the man we cast our votes for.

  19. gargray December 3, 2012

    Boehner won’t say what the republicans want, They want what they wanted before, a complete shut down of this country. There are very few working people that can work until they are 75. Arthritus back problems and other things take their toll on the working class, we can not function like we were 45. Most of us haven’t set behind a desk we have done the heavy work all our life. All of us paid into Social Security and we pay Medicare and supplemental insurance to. Many do not get to use Social Security, they die to soon. Read the obituary every morning. Social Security is not a entitlement it is a insurance program set up by Rooselvelt. Don’t give in stay pat Obama.

  20. Sand_Cat December 3, 2012

    That’s what I’m afraid of: no real negotiation has started, but Obama is showing his willingness to make concessions. Likely result: with the help of Dem cowards in the Senate, another stampede into more destructive Republican policies. It’s time to end their “reign of terror,” not further enable it.

  21. arch725 December 3, 2012

    AMEN, BROTHER!!!!!!!

  22. Jack Hughes December 3, 2012

    Rule number one when dealing with Republicans: Treat them with contempt.

    They’ve earned it.

  23. Sundancer December 3, 2012

    I totally agree with you Dominick Vila.

  24. disqus_K9DumnVTB3 December 3, 2012

    No deal if obumer won’t name specific spending cuts then the GOP should hold out.

  25. onedonewong December 3, 2012

    Lets see the Pres offers a RIDICULOUS budget bill that adds more spending and taxes the rich, net result MORE red Ink. The more he talks about budgets its becoming more and more obvious that he lacks the ability to add and subtract. I guess when you go through life having the govt providing everything free of charge you never develop those 3rd grade skills.
    Its not 2010??? Really the republicans added to their majority in the House and are at NO risk of losing that majority thru the rest of baraks term.
    So far Barak has refused to offer up 1 penny of reductions to the federal give away programs even though they consume 65% of Allll federal spending.
    Barak has a short memory because the debt ceiling will have to raised again in Feb and with out a deal on spending the taxpayers would love to see the govt shut down indefinitely

  26. Eva December 4, 2012

    congress should get on the good foot because ther terms will be up for bargin or re-election.

  27. Eva December 4, 2012

    I am for getting the old congress out and electing a new one if they cannot get their jobs done!!

  28. seethroughurlies December 4, 2012

    Buy American made. Boycott the companies that take our jobs out of this country by NOT BUYING THEIR MERCHANDIZE. Any company that pulls some nonsense because Obama got re-elected should have protesters out front with signs that read “This BUSINESS OWNER IS COMMITTING TREASON!” Get tough people. You want to fight for your country, then fight for it before we all end up in sweat shops again.

  29. tobewan December 4, 2012

    We shouldn’t mind if THEY cut Medical benefits and retirement pay, so long as it is THEIR’s that they cut!!! AND NOT OURS. Let them ‘privatize’ THEIR retirement…come to think of it…maybe they have already have, with all their Wall St investments and manipulations.
    Lets hope Obama can continue to UNDO their GET-RICH AND STAY RICH schemes.
    Sure appreciated how Obama smartly did an ‘end-run’ around balky Congress to get JOBS to the American people. We may count on him to continue to do so – to do whatever is necessary to create jobs to the Working Class. Obviously the 47% count to him, and the other 53% as well – yes, the 2% count to him – he just believes in their neighborly contributing to America – that has provided such great wealth to them.
    Boehner seems to represent a STINGY class of ELITISTS. Lets hope the next four years will see a continued UNDOING of their STINGINESS and a decrease in the Deficit.
    The World is moving through a TRANSITION period, and our President is proving to be part of bettering the conditions for America.

  30. montanabill December 4, 2012

    It is truly amazing that E.J. will accept an ‘outline’ from the President but wants full details from the Republicans. I guess it makes his story theses of a ‘moderate man’ sound almost plausible. The President will not put forth any details on real spending cuts or entitlement reforms because he knows it would immediately alienate his base. He’ll do as he always does, talk in high sounding generalities. But sooner or later, we are all going to have to pay the piper, not just the high income people. That is going to be truly a shock to those of you living in the fantasy land of endless entitlements and welfare.
    I have an ‘outline’ for star travel too. Just working on the details.

  31. IAMSICKOFIT December 4, 2012

    I say lets fall off the cliff. If the Republicans can not get off their back ends & do their jobs & stop playing their “we hate the black man game” (they’d love to say the N word) then all the Bush’s tax breaks will just come to an end & the President can work on helping the middle-class ( something the Republicans are not interested in). And srcew the Republicans

  32. imabrummie December 4, 2012

    Sorry to say that with cretins such as Bonehead Boehner involved in this matter the chance of us going over that fiscal cliff is great! In the event that does happen, let’s hope that voters remember who was responsible when 2014 comes around.

    1. Jim Myers December 4, 2012

      Unfortunately, it seems that a large swath of America forgot about that during the last election.


  33. Robert December 5, 2012

    Thats right go on and be the President. the people of the US got you! “we got you”.

  34. Samuel December 6, 2012

    Why are Republicans in Washington still demanding their way as if they are speaking for all america as if we are on one accord with them? I think they should make some adjustments in their demands to please all americans, not just their club.

  35. larry king January 3, 2013

    The president didn’t score any major victory in defeating Romney – as he won by a few points

    And now he’ll dictate what’s good for us, while he’s relaxing in Hawaii spending over 5 million dollars of our money

    and his wife is a pig too!


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