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Listening to Trump on the stump in Louisiana, Jimmy Kimmel can’t help remarking on the president’s primitive speaking style with appropriate snark: “He’s really the Abraham Lincoln of our time, isn’t he?”

Does that speech improve when Kimmel slows the tape for a fresh rendering of “Drunk Donald Trump”? Judge for yourself.

Meanwhile, Jimmy reviews the progress of impeachment, which leaves Trump “melting down like a Creamsicle in July.” He’s such a snowflake, in fact, that he’s even angry at Fox News. So Kimmel imagines what might happen if the man started his own Trump America News Network — or TANN — featuring shows like “Broads on a Couch.”

It’s all too plausible but still hilarious. Just click.

Photo by Mike MacKenzie/ CC BY 2.0

Marjorie Taylor Greene — a Republican who embraces the widely debunked and dangerous QAnon conspiracy theory that the FBI has labeled as a domestic terrorism threat — won a runoff election for Georgia's 14th District on Tuesday night.

With the district a deep red stronghold, Greene is all but guaranteed a spot in the House of Representatives now.

With nearly all precincts reporting, Greene won 57.2 percentto 42.8 percent of the vote over conservative physician John Cowan.

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