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Photo by The U.S. Army/ CC BY 2.0

Donald Trump's latest attack on voting could undermine the right of many active-duty military members to have their votes counted in the 2020 elections.

On Tuesday, Trump again demanded that the election be decided on November 3, rather than waiting for all ballots to be received and counted. He falsely suggested that it is illegal to count any ballots received in the days following the election.

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Official White House photo by Tia Dufour

On Monday, Donald Trump blasted "suppression polls" for suggesting he could lose the state of Texas on Election Day.

At a rally in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, Trump said that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had personally called him up to assure him that presidential election polls showing Trump with only a narrow lead over former Vice President Joe Biden were wrong.

"So he goes — And then they say, 'President Trump is four points up in Texas.' And the governor calls me from Texas. Great guy, Greg. He said, 'Sir, that's not true. You're up a lot,'" Trump ranted. "But they don't say that. But think of it, you're against oil, we're in Texas, you're against oil, you're against God, you're against guns, in Texas, guns in Texas.'"

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