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Everyone who voted in the 2020 presidential election should understand what the hierarchy of the Republican Party is doing right now. It is seeking to thwart the decision of the American electorate, expressed in a substantial majority vote for Joe Biden, with full consciousness of their own dishonesty. The Republicans are following directives from President Donald Trump that they know are based in falsehood, violate constitutional order and threaten to destroy democracy. They are elevating the warped impulses of one man above any moral or political value they once swore to uphold.

What the Republicans are so cravenly enacting is known in German as the Fuhrerprinzip. Enunciated by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf — one of very few books Trump has ever been accused of reading — it means "leadership principle"; it demands that every public official kneel in cowering debasement before the boss and abandon any pretense of intellectual independence. It is the method by which the "Big Lie" — in this case, the claim of massive nationwide election fraud — gains acceptance even though everyone is aware of its factual emptiness.

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There is no penalty for lying on television, as anyone who watches cable news already knows. It is considered normal today when Fox News personalities — to name one prominent group of habitual liars — repeat absurd falsehoods, even if the result is that people contract the coronavirus and die.

There is no penalty for lying on the radio, as everyone has known for decades. It is a highly lucrative daily routine for talk jocks such as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage — among the most successful of their ilk — who are often exposed but never feel embarrassed.

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