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Ted Nugent responded to those calling for a boycott of his upcoming show in New Haven on the nationally syndicated radio show The Weekend by renewing his attacks on Trayvon Martin.

“I use the terms that came from the forensic evidence: a dope smoking, gangster wannabe,” Nugent said. “I mean, everybody knows it’s true. And ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you might want to write this down. Trayvon got justice. George Zimmerman got a sliver of justice, even though he was bankrupted. Now he’s been targeted by what appears to be Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s best friends, the Black Panthers. I mean, stop and think for a minute, Joe. I mean, the president of the United States and the top law enforcement official in the United States of America sides with the Black Panthers. Are you kidding me?”

The show’s host, Joe Pagliarulo, said that it “wasn’t the first time” that Holder had sided with the New Black Panthers in deciding that the group didn’t intimidate voters.

This is a well-traveled right-wing lie, as it was when the Bush administration’s Justice Department decided not to prosecute the so-called “intimidation” that became famous when Fox News reported two members of the group shouting near a polling place in Pennsylvania, approximately 95 times.

“The people who hate Ted Nugent hate freedom,” Nugent said, before he explained that his “humor meter” was very sharp after 65 years of being clean and sober.

“For instance, I can close my eyes and see Richard Pryor on fire,” he said, baffling even the show’s host. Nugent went on to reminisce about how the comedian almost died while smoking crack cocaine as a lesson not to use drugs, as an example of sharp humor.

Recently Nugent accused Stevie Wonder of being on drugs because Wonder vowed to boycott Florida until the Stand Your Ground law was repealed.

Hmmm. Trayvon Martin, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Richard Pryor and Stevie Wonder. What do they all have in common?

I would guess Nugent would say they all used drugs. But there’s probably something else that comes to mind.

This is the point in every Ted Nugent article when I remind you that though Nugent is “sober,” he reportedly soiled himself to avoid the draft, fathered multiple children out of wedlock and received oral sex from Courtney Love when she was only 12 years old, according to Ms. Love.




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