Six Things Paul Ryan Didn’t Mention In His Convention Speech

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Paul Ryan – who began his career in politics as a speechwriter for Congressman Jack Kemp – proudly penned his own convention speech. Taking on this responsibility saved him from having to discuss the touchy subjects he probably isn’t comfortable mentioning.

But since Ryan is the ideological leader of the party who practically forced Mitt Romney to accept all of his ideas before he was even selected to be on the ticket, it’s important that we get to the heart of who he really is.

No one expects Paul Ryan to be the only Republican to mention Osama bin Laden at the convention. But here are six things Paul Ryan won’t tell you because he they don’t quite fit with the image he’s trying to project.

Social Security Paid For His College Education 

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Paul Ryan was born into a wealthy family, so when his father passed away, he could afford to save the Social Security survivor benefits the government sent him. He used the money to pay for college. How does he want to return the favor? He’d like to cut billions from the program and privatize Social Security. His plan would decimate the payments of survivor benefits that account for about a third of the program’s expenses.

He Thinks Mitt Romney Should Pay Almost No Taxes

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Based on Ryan’s budget plan, he’d like to eliminate nearly all taxes on any money earned as capital gains. This failed theory of rewarding investors more than workers supposedly encourages risk. However, Romney’s income comes entirely from investment in a retirement fund from which he merely collects the proceeds. Even Mitt hasn’t proposed giving himself this much of a tax break, yet.

President Obama Has Signed Bills That Cut Five Trillion From The Deficit

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Paul Ryan’s favorite attack is that we’re facing the most predictable debt crisis in history. How does he propose dealing with it? Massive tax cuts, mostly benefiting the rich. He’d also increase defense spending. All of his cuts come from programs that benefit working people and their kids. He continually calls out the president for failing to deal with the nation’s mounting debt – as he did last night again. Yet he knows that Obama pushed through actual savings in Medicare that extend the life of the program. The president also signed a debt agreement, which Ryan supported, that would cut four trillion dollars from the deficit. Of course Ryan now opposes that same deal.

Paul Ryan Voted For Virtually Everything George W. Bush Proposed

From the massive tax breaks that blew the surplus to the unfunded Medicare drug benefit to the Iraq war to the bank bailouts, Ryan reliably voted “Yea” That’s why George W. Bush was one of the first to congratulate Mitt Romney for choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate. “This is a strong pick,” said Bush. It’s hard not to love someone who thinks you’re perfect.

Paul Ryan Thinks of Rape As “A Method Of Conception”

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Paul Ryan’s views perfectly match the Republican platform, which opposes abortion in every circumstance. He recently referred to rape as “a method of conception” in an interview, revealing his belief that a woman should be forced to give birth to a rapist’s baby. He didn’t say whether he believes a woman’s body has “a way of shutting that whole thing down.”

Paul Ryan Thinks We’re Living In An Ayn Rand Novel

Reconciling the selfish beliefs of Ayn Rand and the altruistic beliefs of Jesus Christ should make a human being bi-polar. Ryan has said that Rand was the reason he got into politics and reportedly had his interns read her novels. Since then, he’s backed away from Rand – who was an avowed champion of abortion rights — and claimed he’s more of a Thomas Aquinas guy. The sainted Aquinas said that “whatever a man has in superabundance is owed, of natural right, to the poor for their sustenance.” Which in the view of today’s Republicans must make Aquinas — and by extension Ryan — socialist!


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