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Alec Baldwin returned to the set of Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump, facing an invasion of real aliens in a sketch drawn from the movie Independence Day. Clad in a flight jacket, he gives an impression of wartime presidential leadership — until he opens his mouth.

An aggressive species from the planet Zorblat-9, armed with invisible ships and advanced weapons, has already taken over most of the country — and as Trump addresses a ragtag remnant of SNL cast members, costumed as American soldiers, his shortcomings swiftly become all too obvious. Informed by officer Kenan Thompson that the aliens have vaporized the state of California already, he brightens: “Does that mean I won the popular vote?”

Typically, he has his own farfetched theories about the crisis — citing Alex Jones and Infowars — and doesn’t believe that Zorblat-9 is necessarily hostile.  “We don’t know that they’re actually from Zorblat Nine,” he says of the invaders. “I’ve actually heard Zorblat-9 is very beautiful, very fantastic.”

“Oh my God,” whispers one soldier to another. “Does he have business ties on Zorblat-9?”



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The political world is still digesting Tuesday’s referendum vote in Kansas, where voters resoundingly rejected a proposed amendment that would have removed constitutional protections for abortion rights in this Republican-dominated state. The final result was not even close, with the pro-choice side winning 59 percent of the vote in the first direct political test of abortion rights since the Republican appointees on the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade over a month ago.

The referendum received high turnout despite being scheduled during a summer primary, which typically should have favored conservatives in this red state. In fact, a large number of independent voters participated in the referendum outside of the party primaries, while NBC News elections expert Steve Kornacki has estimated that at least 20 percent of Republican voters opposed the amendment. The referendum’s defeat also occurred despite weeks of national and local media coverage that has often platformed anti-abortion advocates with little pushback.

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Attorneys for Donald Trump, the former president, are now in direct talks with officials from the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

CNN calls it “the first sign of talks between the two sides as the criminal probe into January 6, 2021, accelerates.”

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