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Did you hear the big news? Wendy Davis wasn’t divorced at age 19.

She was only separated and briefly living alone with her daughter in a trailer before she was divorced at 21. OMG. It gets worse! It turns out she had a pretty great ex-husband who supported her and her child as she went to law school. OMFG!

For some reason, Republicans think this is a huge story and a great excuse to call the likely Democratic nominee for governor in Texas a “bad mom.”

At least one conservative recognizes this attempt to shame a young female law student as ominously similar to the attack on another young female law student — which helped galvanize women in support of President Obama.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.38.40 AM

Gabriel Malor, who posted the tweet above, is certainly no mild-mannered moderate. He’s a contributor to the virulently anti-Democratic site Ace of Spades, and his commentary has been cited positively by Glenn Beck and Twitchy.

When Red State’s Erick Erickson posted about how Davis’ child support agreement said she couldn’t use drugs before seeing her kids, Malor — an attorney, according to his Twitter profile — pointed out that this was a “boilerplate” custody agreement.

So why is Erickson going after Davis in such a haphazard, easy-to-classify-as-misognynist way? It could be that it’s just how he rolls. Or maybe he recognizes that her candidacy, even if it isn’t successful, could build up the registration of the exact voters who could turn Texas purple.

Malor has his own hypothesis: “Erickson needs clicks?”

And for his sanity, Malor was attacked by noted right-wing troll/nobody Todd Kincannon.


Photo: The Texas Tribune via Flickr

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