WATCH: Conservative Says <em>Family Guy</em> Is Destroying The GOP

Why has the Republican Party lost the popular vote in 5 out of the last 6 presidential elections? Why is it growing smaller every day?

Could it be two failed wars? A lost decade for jobs and wages? An agenda that only involves minorities when it comes to making it harder for them to marry or vote?

No, says conservative blogger Bill Whittle. The answer is much simpler. It’s Family Guy’s fault.

At the Right Online conference this weekend — where conservative activists were treated to a free night at Universal Studios thanks to the Koch brothers — Whittle explained how Hollywood is systematically destroying the Republican Party:

Any audience of people that grew up with classical Superman automatically love this country, because Superman is about the best America we can be. When Superman was all over the pop culture, we were a nation that loved this country. Now, twenty years after the peak of Superman‘s popularity, along comes Gilligan’s Island. That’s pretty neutral in terms of politics. Really about the only message you can get from Gilligan’s Island is if you want to get off the island all you have to do is kill Gilligan.

But if you’re a young person out there today and you can finish the theme song from Family Guy, then all the anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-morality messages of Family Guy are in your head as completely and thoroughly as that theme song is.

You’re programmed by the pop culture, you’re programed by story. It’s all about stories, and if we’re the villain in all of the stories that are told we’re never going to win another election again.

Is this cartoon for adults purposely sabotaging the GOP, another cartoon for adults? Maybe!

Last year, right-wing site accused the show of doing an “entire episode trashing the Tea Party as racist anarchists destined to destroy America.”

The show’s dad once described the two symbols of the Republican Party as “an elephant, and a big fat white guy who is threatened by change.”

Or maybe Republicans are just really easy to mock.

The best part of the accusation that Family Guy is destroying the GOP is that the network that airs the show, of course, is Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Broadcasting Company.

Family Guy screenshot


Photo: Screenshot of Family Guy


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