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In 2001, just six days after the September 11th attacks, the FBI raided a “sleeper cell” in Detroit, finding evidence that led two North African immigrants to be convicted on terrorism charges. The bust was hailed as the first major victory in the newly launched War on Terror. But there was one problem: the “terrorists” were innocent.

The Retro Report, a documentary news organization that re-examines some of the most perplexing news stories of the past, recently took another look at this startling miscarriage of justice. How could our justice system have failed so badly? Could it happen again? Their findings can be seen below:

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

The Trump campaign focused its digital efforts on 3.5 million Black American voters in 2016, targeting them in an effort to deter them from voting.

A new report from the UK's Channel 4, which also helped expose how Cambridge Analytica precisely targeted voters for the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, makes the stunning revelation.

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