White Nationalists Love Trump’s Convention: ‘GOP Is Becoming The De Facto White Party’

White Nationalists Love Trump’s Convention: ‘GOP Is Becoming The De Facto White Party’

Published with permission from Media Matters for America.

White Nationalists Have Endorsed Trump And His Policies. White nationalist groups and leaders have celebrated Trump’s presidential campaign and used his candidacy to recruit followers, fundraise, and spread their message. The Trump campaign has had a series of troubling interactions with the white nationalist movement, including giving a white nationalist radio host press credentials, failing to condemn their support, and retweeting them. [Media Matters3/1/165/11/16]

VDare Celebrates Its Tweets Being Featured At RNC: “This Is Great Fun!” The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes VDare.com as “an anti-immigration hate website” with a white nationalist ideology. On its second day, the GOP convention displayed tweets from VDare on its ticker. VDare responded by calling it “great fun”:

I’m pleased to see Tweets from our @vdare Twitter account featured on GOP’s convention Twitter crawl, which is happening in real life.


It will be fun to see the SPLC’s head exploding, and them trying to “guilt-by-association”  Trump for something Sam Francis said in a speech before the SPLC staffers were born. I just imagine Trump or his staff explaining slowly “It’s a Tweet. Off the Internet. Because of a Hashtag. Grow up!


And here’s a wider picture of the crowd–this is great fun! [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 7/20/16Media Matters7/19/16; VDare, 7/19/16, emphasis in original]

VDare Writer: “The Trump Convention Has Its Thumbs On The Evil Party’s Jugular.” VDare writer James Kirkpatrick praised Republicans for “focusing on the theme of ‘Make America Safe Again’—a variation Trump sometimes uses as an alternative to use signature #MAGA slogan. As the simmering Fourth Generation Warfare that is Black Lives Matter shows no sign of receding, Trump is betting that his message of ‘law and order’ will work as effectively for him as did for Richard Nixon.” He wrote that “the Trump convention has its thumbs on the Evil Party’s jugular” and “there’s no reason to believe that the violence has ended. Indeed, as America continues its descent into the Third World, it seems far more likely this just the beginning.” [VDare, 7/19/16]

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Responds To Criticism That GOP Is Too White: “Why Shouldn’t We Have A Party?” Richard Spencer is a white nationalist writer who heads the National Policy Institute. On his Twitter account, he defended the convention from accusations it is too white and praised Trump:

[Twitter, 7/18/167/19/16]

White Nationalist Video Blogger Ramzpaul: “GOP Is Becoming The De Facto White Party. Nothing Wrong With That.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has called video blogger Paul Ray Ramsey (aka Ramzpaul) a white nationalist who “has emerged as the hottest right-wing video blogger this side of former Klansman David Duke.” He responded to criticisms that the convention was too white by tweeting, “The GOP is becoming the de facto White party. Nothing wrong with that.”

[Southern Poverty Law Center, 8/21/13, Twitter, 7/19/16]

Daily Stormer: “Purpose Of The Convention” Is To Crush Trump’s “Internal Enemies” And Then Focus On “Clinton And The Jew-Communist Democrat Party.” The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi website that has endorsed Trump for president and organizes anti-Semitic online attacks. Publisher Andrew Anglin wrote in a post about day two of the convention:

It’s looking like after this convention, the internal enemies of Trump will be crushed entirely, and we will be able to focus on the external enemy that is Hillary Clinton and the Jew-communist Democrat party.

That is the purpose of the convention, and it’s going well so far. #NeverTrump was crushed on the first day.

It’s looking very good. [Daily Stormer, 7/19/16]

Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin On GOP Convention: “On The Inside, The Whole Thing Is Very White. It’s Deeply Refreshing.” [Daily Stormer, 7/20/16]

White Nationalists Blame “Filthy Jews” And “Filthy Kike Media” For Melania Trump Plagiarism Scandal

Daily Stormer On Melania Trump Criticism: “The Filthy Jews Will Always Pounce On The Aryan Female.” The Daily Stormer’s Anglin responded to Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama during her convention speech by attacking Jewish people and calling the first lady a “manlike ape”:

However, the filthy Jews will always pounce on the Aryan female. And so they have done.

The top story is that Melania stole the Black inventions of the manlike ape Michelle Obama.

The kikes of Vox have put together a side-by-side comparison, showing that one passage from the speech was similar to the gigantic brown bimbo Michelle’s 2008 convention speech.


Attacking the Empress over this is simply proof that these Jews have hoaxed their alleged care for the wellbeing of women. Women are not naturally writers, or creative, but Melania put her heart into this and came up with a beautiful speech, which was presented with extreme grace and elegance, and they find one little quirk and attack and berate her, accusing her of “plagiarism.”

By the way, for anyone keeping score, there is no way that this meets the definition of plagiarism by academic or journalistic standards, and the lying Jews know this. [Daily Stormer, 7/19/16]

Daily Stormer: The “Filthy Kike Media” Has Been Obsessing Over “A Few Lines From Melania’s Speech Which These Jews Claim She Stole From Monkey Michelle.” Daily Stormer’s Anglin wrote in a post about day two of the convention:

The biggest story in the filthy kike media has been a few lines from Melania’s speech which these Jews claim she stole from monkey Michelle.

It is absolutely sickening the way these Christ-killing monsters go after this woman, demonstrating their hatred for the beauty of the Aryan woman. [Daily Stormer, 7/19/16]

David Duke Defends Melania Trump By Attacking “Jewish Media Insiders.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has called David Duke “the most recognizable figure of the American radical right, a neo-Nazi, longtime Klan leader and now international spokesman for Holocaust denial.” The pro-Trump writer responded to the Trump plagiarism controversy by attacking Jewish people:

We know the Jewish establishment of both the NeoCon right and Democratic Left despise Donald Trump. Jewish pollster Finkelstein says that Donald Trump is the most unpopular candidate for President among Jews since David Duke’s race of 1992!

Nobody could have been so stupid as to make about five or six common quotes out of Michele Obama’s Demo convention speech just a few years before and put it Melania Trump’s speech and not think it would get exposed!

This is a con job, sabotage, political character assassination plan from the get go!

Also, it seems as though the operative set up Melania, by leaking it to other Jewish media insiders who repeatedly asked her about the speech before she gave it prodding her to suggest that she came up with most of it but was helped a little by the speechwriter.

I would bet a gefilte fish that this was sabotage. I would also bet a bagel it was orchestrated by an Israel Firster who wanted to damage the American Firster. [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 7/20/16; DavidDuke.com, 7/19/16; ThinkProgress, 7/19/16]

Stormfront’s Don Black: Melania Trump Speech Controversy Helps Trump Because Michelle Obama Is Black. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Don Black as a “former Klan state leader and long-time white supremacist” who “is best known for creating Stormfront.org, the first major Internet hate site.” During Stormfront’s radio program, Black said white people are “being subject to genocide” while the media is covering Melania’s speech. Black later suggested the controversy actually helps Donald Trump, explaining that psychological tests that compare pictures of black and white strangers show that “invariably even the completely brainwashed white people tend to trust the white stranger more than the black stranger. So at that level it certainly does help Trump to compare the two wives.” Black’s co-host Roy responded, “Definitely.”


Photo A worker walks across the stage of the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland July 13, 2016.  REUTERS/Rick Wilking

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