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A possible title for this ongoing Republican primary race: “Fifty Shades of Crazy.”

While campaigning Wednesday morning in New Hampshire, Christie boasted of the threat that he would pose to Hillary Clinton in a general election debate.

“You know the last person she wants to see on that stage in September — you’re looking at him. You know why? She’s been running away from federal prosecutors for the last six months. Man, she sees a federal prosecutor on the stage — I’ll beat her rear end on that stage. And you know what, after I do, she’ll be relieved ’cause she’ll just be worried I was gonna serve her with a subpoena. It’ll be a relief just to lose the debate.”

This remark might sound familiar — because it perfectly resembles something Ted Cruz said a month ago while campaigning in Iowa.

“We do know that Hillary told her daughter Chelsea, ‘Well, gosh, I knew it was a terrorist attack while we were out telling the American people it wasn’t,'” Cruz said. (And no, that wasn’t an actual, direct quote from Hillary Clinton.)

He continued: “You know I’ll tell you in my house, if my daughter Catherine, the 5-year-old, says something she knows to be false, she gets a spanking. Well, in America the voters have a way of administering a spanking.”

Well, this campaign sure is striking the right tone.

Update: In fact, we at The National Memo have just obtained what we believe might be an exclusive video of Chris Christie attempting to make good on his threat against Hillary Clinton.

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