Late Night Roundup: Our Commander-In-Trump

Late Night Roundup: Our Commander-In-Trump

Jon Stewart almost quit The Daily Show early, walking dramatically off the set in a fit — until he got the news to confirm that Donald Trump really did file his paperwork to run for president. And what’s more, The Donald is ready to insult just about every other candidate — and every other country — until he gets what he wants.

Larry Wilmore looked at Don Lemon’s recent appearance on CNN with a large sign of a certain racial epithet: “Wow — you went literal race-card, Don.”

Larry and his team also staged a reenactment of what it must have been like for the intern who had to go to a local copying store to get that sign made.

Conan O’Brien weighed in on the downfall of the Confederate flag, from state capitols to sales by major retailers: “So now Amazon no longer has to use the phrase, ‘You may also like — slavery.'”


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